Best Dental Xray Machine Portable

Dental 11 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. FLIR ONE Pro Professional Smartphones

FLIR ONE Pro Professional Smartphones

The ships are ready to assemble. FLIR ONE PRO: Powerful IR camera mobile accessary with one fit connector lets you find hidden electrical problems, energy loss, water damage, and other heat related issues. There is an image tail and clarity. The FLIR ONE Pro LT had a thermal sensitivity of 70 mK, but the FLIR ONE Pro is 4X better at it. It is expected that there will be an improved assessment. The FLIR ONE Pro LT has a maximum of 120 C and can measure temperatures up to 400 C. The image processing is visual. It is possible to catch potential problems early and reliably diagnose them with the use of image processing technology. The FLIR ONE Pro offers the best image quality for a mobile IR solution. Onefit connects you with people. You can secure your FLIR ONE Pro to your mobile device while it's still in the protective case with the extendable accessory.

Brand: Flir

👤It worked well until it didn't. Lightening component was pulled out of my phone. Had this camera for 33 days. Don't think you'll get a warranty. I followed the instructions. The product was registered only to be told that I would only get a $200 coupon after the camera. Not enough to replace the old product. I should have read more. They won't stand behind the product. The warranty department tried to sell me better units. I am in the service industry and they won't back the product. It's simply ridiculous...

👤I researched and considered one of the devices that was announced by Flir, but it had too many drawbacks for my needs. I pre-ordered the third generation, the Flir One, from the manufacturer and got one about a month before it was released to the public. I regretted buying the more basic of the two models they had at the time, but it has been useful to me. The thermal imagery is good, but the spatial relationship to the job or project wasn't that great. It was difficult to understand what I was working with. I waited to see what their next generation would bring, and didn't stay up to date on what they were doing until I saw an ad for the pro lite model, which came in a pro lite model. I asked what makes it different, and their answer was very simplistic. They said the PRO has a more powerful thermal sensor combined with advanced image processing, VividIR for crisper and clearer thermal images, more camera features including multiple spot meters, IR scale and scene dynamic rage of up to 400 C. I added more information on their answer. There are three features that compelled me to upgrade. It's better to have higher resolution than it is now. Enhanced circuitry helps me see the object I am looking at. This model is much more rugged than my older model, that was always a disappointment of my older model. The thermal resolution is 80 x 60. The object temperature range is one. C to 120 C (-4 F to 248 F) PRO -20C. To 400C (-4F to 752F) - Thermal Sensitivity. One is equal to 150. 70 mK is the amount of time it takes for the image enhancement to occur. No PRO is what it is. The image presentation is one of two ways. Only PRO is what it is. The app automatically recognizes when the FLIR ONE is on. Pro is attached instead of the more basic model and offers a host of pro- capable tools, including radiometry, and even multiple temperature spots for situations where determining temperature differences in a scene is critical. After taking an image or video, the FLIR ONE Pro allows users to analyze it and send it to their clients at the touch of a button, which will save time on the job site. I assume you know what this tool is and how to use it. I suggest that reviews are not the best place to learn. The manufacturer has a lot of information and it is a better place to learn than reading someone's opinion. The side-by-side difference between the basic model and the latest PRO model was not something I was impressed with. I don't have an everyday need for some of it's more advanced capabilities, but that doesn't mean I'm not glad they're there. I have bought too many tools that lacked features that I thought I would never use, and I was disappointed when the time came that I needed it just once. Everyone can see and appreciate how much better the image from the visual camera is so you can see the thermal image superimposed over it. This is an important feature and is worth at least part of the difference in price, whether you are using it for your own measurements or to show a client. The basic model feels very delicate in comparison to the PRO model, which is more rugged and not cheap. The PRO model automatically switches the app into high gear with a lot of features and options that the basic model doesn't lock out. You may not use them every day, but they are there for a reason and that helps make up the rest of the cost differential. If you are going to do it at all, I suggest you pay the extra hundred bucks.

2. CONTEC Veterinary Machine Ultrasound Scanner

CONTEC Veterinary Machine Ultrasound Scanner

The notebook veterinary B-ultrasound diagnostic system is called theCMS600P2VET. The device is applicable to the measurement and calculation of the fetus for animals. Realizing image real-time, freeze, memory, calling up and large capacity cine loop; having functions such as multi-level scanning depth, dynamic range, focus number, focus distance, focus position adjusting, etc. There is a display mode for the 10 inch display. B, 2B, 4B, BM, M. The probe has a 3.5Mhz probe.

Brand: Contec

👤The on/off switch stopped working after 30 days, but no response from the company.

👤I absolutely love it! I am on a budget and I am a newer ball Python breeder. I bought this and I absolutely love it. It gets the job done. It is as easy as plugging in. It is easy with a little common sense. You can buy future snakes at Impressive Ball Pythons.

👤I bought this to check my goats for pregnancies. It is easy to use and does the job. It is not the best quality of screen display, but it is good quality for the money. The bag was useful. It has worked well for me so far.

👤I breed Pomeranians and this helps me to see how many puppies my females will have.

👤Our dogs use this machine to confirm pregnancies. It's easy and user friendly.

👤It's hard to use with one person, but it's good for confirmation of pregnancies in animals. The instructions can be difficult to understand. They sent me the wrong probe and took a while to get it.

👤I was not sure. I have had bad experiences with low quality goods and no customer service in the past. This is an exception. The original ultra-sound had a problem. They determined it was a problem with the internal battery after a few emails. Inside The USA is a pre-paid return shipping label. I had a replacement within 2 weeks. They are too far away to take returns, so no haggling about taking a discount or complaining. The images are good and the ultra-sound is easy to figure out. We have 6 goats with great success. The machine has no problems with charging. I would highly recommend this seller.

3. Teslong Borescope Industrial Endoscope Waterproof

Teslong Borescope Industrial Endoscope Waterproof

Onefit connects you with people. You can secure your FLIR ONE Pro to your mobile device while it's still in the protective case with the extendable accessory. This is a great tool for saving time and money. The camera can easily pass through a spark plug hole to inspect the engine's combustion chamber. It's easier to drill a hole in the wall for viewing than it is to destroy it. See more! Two cameras are built into the end of the flexible probe. The side-view camera can be used to get a different view of the scene. There is no need for an extra mirror. This is the biggest handheld screen on the market at 5 inches with a 720p colorIPS screen and a high definition image. This screen is bright for outdoor use. The waterproof is ip67. The borescope is waterproof for wet environments. The snake camera probe uses a water-safe connection that can be used in pools, plumbing and the rain. The forward camera has a perfect view of the dark areas thanks to the six LEDs. The side camera has a light source. The endoscope is great for working in the dark. The memory card includes records audio and video. A built-in speaker and microphone make it convenient to record voices when shooting videos, and the inspection monitor has a micro-sd card that supports JPG image and AVI video recording. The rechargeable battery gives you 6-7 hours of working time depending on your usage. The NTS500 Endoscope Monitor, dual-camera probe, Type-C Charging Cable, 32G Micro SD Card, Hard Plastic Toolbox, User's Manual, and worry-free 12-month warranty are in the box.

Brand: Teslong

👤I am a Scope-a-holic. I have many different types ofusb scope that have proven to be more hassle than useful. They are collecting dust. I use optical endoscopes because of their clarity. It is still useful even though it won't focus closer than 1/2. The side camera caught my attention. You can get a mirror to slip over the camera. You lose light and image quality. The largest hole I have ever drilled is a small one. Since I don't have to put the mirror on, this 5.5 works. 4mm and closer focus are the only things that could be better. This is my first choice in my bag. I would like to get a second unit for a backup.

👤The Teslong NTS500 is a great tool to use. We've used it to diagnose several car issues and to identify an odor coming from a small hole in the siding of a home. It has proven to be very useful. When looking in dark areas, the dual camera has a bright light. It has the ability to take both photo and video, something you won't find on other similar devices. The Teslong NTS 500 took pictures of the diesel engine's piston, which is what we were looking at. The battery lasts a long time. The Teslong is superior to another brand of scope. The camera probe is very small and can fit into the smallest of areas, whereas the other probe is too large to fit into many of the spaces we need to see. If you do any car or home work, this is a great purchase. I am very happy to have this tool. When I showed my device to my friend who is a mechanic, he was amazed at the build and picture quality. You can see the video review for more information. I would recommend this to anyone.

👤Was very happy with the tool. Clear images work well. There is a big problem. If you try to move the sd card to another device to save them, there must be code on the card that makes all of them useless. I was Pissed off so bad. I was able to remove the files from the card using a PC. After trying the same thing a second time, files were destroyed. They never replied to me when I contacted Teslong. If I can, I'll return it and buy something else that isn't convoluted. It could be great.

👤I do home inspections for the purpose of identifying problems inside walls. I have been using borescopes for a long time and this one is by far the best. I have stopped using the other ones and become reliant on this one. The side camera on the end is useful when using inside walls and under appliances. With a touch of a button, I am able to look 90 degrees with the camera without having to use the end of the cable to get the view I am looking for. I want my crew to have one on their vehicle. Awesome product.

4. DEPSTECH Waterproof Inspection Megapixels Smartphone

DEPSTECH Waterproof Inspection Megapixels Smartphone

Also, note: Refer the User Manual and Guide before use. The intensity level can be adjusted from 0-100mA in 10mA increments by the knobs located at the top of the device. The device won't work if you use one electrode and the other one in pairs. The device will shut off after a certain time period, if treatment is timed with it. The wireless endoscope can be used with both the smart phone and the OS. All of your house can be extended with the help of the Snake cable. It's perfect for the person who wants to do inspection work. You can download and install the compatible app on your device. Just connect with your phone via the internet. Start the app to begin your inspection. The HD Inspection Camera has a 2.0MP borescope that allows you to capture a clear close range HD video in MP4 format and image in JPG format with different resolutions. This endoscope is suitable for a variety of environments, for example, low-light or dark area, damp or wet area, and so on. If you turn on the endoscope, it will start generating signals. You need to use the app "DEPSTECH" to open the WLAN settings on your phone. If it started with DEPSTECH, then you need to download the app. It will allow you to see the real-time image of the endoscope.

Brand: Depstech

👤Okay. I told this thing that I was in a mess. I would give it a positive review. A deal is a deal. I replaced the intake manifolds on my vehicle. The engine intakes had been covered with a towel to keep anything from falling into them, and I was just beginning re-assembly when I noticed that the mating surfaces were grungy. I put the towel off of the intake port and put a little solvent on the rag. After taking my finger off the spray nozzle, it slowly lifted up off of the can, and then dropped into the uncovered opening. Nothing but a net. I could not have made a better shot. There was. This was not a pencil-eraser sprayer, but a can of shaving cream, and it looked like it. I could not see it because I was standing on my head. I couldn't get to it. I tried with my finger and it was very helpful. I tried one of the little grabbers and it pushed it down further. I tried using a shop vac to get it out of there, but I was told there was someone holding it from the other side. I was able to pull the oil out of the crankcase but it wouldn't budge. While meditating on the meaning of life, I remembered that I had used a fiber-optic scope with a hook on the end to look at things. Where do you go to find something like that these days? Amazon. I decided on this little guy because it was the best fit between price, function and features. It arrived on time and in a smaller box than I had expected. The app is easy to use and setup was painless. I initially tried the camera on my phone, but realized that I wanted something bigger and easier to see, so I decided to use a larger camera. I installed the app onto an old device that worked just as well as my current phone, and it took off. The moment of truth had arrived. I threaded the hook attachment onto the front of the camera so that I could use the extra tools that were supplied. Some people are having issues with the camera. I found that if you turn off your cellular data, the connection stays solid. My guess is that the show won't be live-streamed because the transmitter isn't intended to let the neighbors down. If you have your phone set to auto-toggle between Cell and the internet, you'll get knocked off. Try turning off the Cell data and see if the problem disappears. It took me about ten minutes to orient the camera in a square hole 3D environment. The little devil was knocked down by my first attempt. It seemed like it had fallen off a cliff when you panicked. I was ready to try again after a few minutes of practice. I found that it was not easy, but I did find that I needed to change the light level to minimize reflections from the polished metal sections. I saw that the cap was moving as I began to withdraw the camera after about two minutes of rotating and lifting and corner turning. I had cleared the housing and had the cap in my hand, and I was very careful, very slowly, and offering prayers to pretty much every deity I could think of. I threw it and the can it came from as far as I could towards the back of the house after a few moments of rejoicing. I expected it to take a hook turn into one of the windows. It bounced off into the weeds after doing enough damage. This little camera did what I needed it to do, for a good price, with only a moderate learning curve, and plenty of extra cable, so I could find something further down. I am quite satisfied with both the product and the outcome of the purchase. It saved me more than it cost, and the additional parts that would have been required if I had to dismantle the motor would have been much more expensive. I think it was done well.

5. Rechargeable Wireless Box Winshine Sketching Animation

Rechargeable Wireless Box Winshine Sketching Animation

The NTS500 Endoscope Monitor, dual-camera probe, Type-C Charging Cable, 32G Micro SD Card, Hard Plastic Toolbox, User's Manual, and worry-free 12-month warranty are in the box. The Winshine light board has a built in battery that allows you to work for 5 hours with the lightest mode on. It's more convenient to use this light pad without having to bring a power bank, power cord, or any other accessories. Very fast charge. The brightness of the tracing light board can be adjusted by 5 different levels. The eyesight protected technology and dimmable function prevent your eyes from straining while you work. There was no buzzing or flickering. It's not easy to turn it off accidentally because the switch is hidden. The light box is less heavy than an iPad Pro and can be held on the surface with 2 margnetic pins. The rulers are built on the surface and measure in the centermeter. The tilt angle makes it easier to finish your artwork. It's ideal for stenciling, 2D animation, calligraphy, embrossing, scrapbooking, tattoo drawing, sketching & drawing, streaming, sewing projects, stained glass, quilting X-ray viewing etc. Birthdays, Christmas, or any other holidays are ideal for gifts. This gift is sure to please your kids, friends or families. The Long Life Light Board isReliable. The new generation light pad uses the latest lighting technique to extend the lifespan of the drawing board. The 1-year service agreement is for their products. 24 hours of customer service.

Brand: Winshine

👤Very convenient. I like that it doesn't have to have a cord attached while using.

👤I was not shopping for a tracing light-box. I found them searching through the Amazon deals and realized it was the perfect solution for tracing and designing my teddy bear clothing patterns. I'm happy I read the product descriptions. This one can be used without using a computer. If you don't want to be tethered to an outlet or dependent on a portable charger, this is really important. The different brightness options are great. I have been using regular copy paper. It's easy to change light options when working on my project. The magnets are very strong. I am afraid that the light-box might be damaged by clips over time. The paper doesn't stick, but it holds onto the light-box. I put the paper on top of the magnets to hold it in place.

👤I've been using this light board for about 2 months now and I'm very happy with it. When I received it, I gave it a full charge and have not had to re-charge it since. I like the shape of it and the light levels that it offers. The magnets are weak, they fall off easily, they don't hold papers in place well, and they stick up, so they get in the way of my hands while I'm drawing. I recommend using big sturdy clips.

👤I needed some light tablets to help students trace their drawings and designs for their projects. I wanted them to be lightweight and not have to be plugged in while in use. I want them to do everything. I like how lightweight they are. They charge quickly. The kids have only used them for a couple of class periods, so about 2 hours total, so I can't say how long the charge lasts. Even though they've been sitting unused since late November, they are still charged. Since I paid for them myself, I needed the best value for my money. If I decide I need more, I would buy these again.

👤I love the light pad. I have had people who have had to stay plugged into an outlet to turn on, which is inconvenient. You can bring this pad with you wherever you go. It's light weight and perfect size for coloring, which is what I wanted, so I could color at night when my daughter sleeps without waking her. It has more brightness levels than most light pads. The power button is located on the side of the pad. It's not right on the front or a sensitive area that you don't even know is there. The light pad is the best I have ever had. It's also cheap so you can't lose.

👤I do a lot of drawing and photography in my wheelchair. I had bought a different board to see if it would be useful and loved it but it had to be plugged into something so it was hard to take with me. This is the perfect lightboard for the amateur artist. The extra light settings were an added bonus. It can be used on the go. Would definitely buy again. Excellent condition, arrived very fast, well packaged, and very fast.

6. Dental Positioner Complete Holders Multi Color

Dental Positioner Complete Holders Multi Color

1 Denver Explorer Probe 5, 1 Minnesota Choke Retention 1 Denver Explorer Probe 18CC. Each stethoscope has a 5.5” diameter, 1 SCALPEL KNIFE HANDLE #3, 1 SCALPEL KNIFE HANDLE 4, 20 SCALPEL BLADES, and a fourth stethoscope. Dentists use positioner holders to improve the quality of x-ray photography. Cone cutting is prevented by Aligning film and preventing it from being cut. The technique reduces distortion. The patient will feel more comfortable if they use the Dental X-Ray Film Positioning System Kit. The aiming rings are compatible with the open-ended PIDs. It's great for dental assistants in school to use good tools for practice. It's enough to practice with. Solid metal and plastic are used in the Dental X-Ray Film Positioning System Kit. The new shorter arms fit all the x-ray units. It is easy to use, lightweight and user friendly.

Brand: Annwah

👤The old dip-tank technique and the SCANEX digital xray machine are both great. If you have a sensor, don't buy these. Thanks for the purchase! I bought two more.

👤No one uses the old type film.

👤I bought these and they were so happy. We use them at the dental assisting school. Will purchase more sets.

👤I have missing pieces after I got my order. Very angry.

👤They work well. I ordered these to practice at home. Great price!

👤Great set! I purchased them because they helped me study.

👤Works well for size 0 and 2 plates. Our new staff takes xrays without cone cuts and keeps contacts open.

7. Boss Office Products B245 BK Medical

Boss Office Products B245 BK Medical

The natural shape of the spine is mimicked by the ergonomics design. It is easy to maintain and clean the swastika in Caressoft vinyl. The seat height can be adjusted with a range of heights. The seat is 16 inches W x 16 inches D. There is a back cushion or no back cushion. No lock that is infinite. The chair base is chrome 25 inch and has attractive chrome finish on the base and gas lift. The weight capacity is 250 lbs. The ships are ready to assemble. The ships are ready to assemble.

Brand: Boss Office Products

👤What a great chair! This is for my kitchen table. For the last year and a half, I have been sitting in an old wooden chair, because it's where my laptop is. I have had two back surgeries and have titanium in my back, which can be a real pain. I found this chair at a great price. It took me 5 minutes to put it together, but I was a little worried. The chair is comfortable. The seat is well padded and the back rest is adjusted. I would work with this if I could. My husband wants one in our office.

👤The item appears to be used. There are dirty wheels, seats that are scratched and packaging that is retaped. The chair is wobbly and uncomfortable. It won't roll on the wooden floors because of the debris stuck to the wheels. Don't try to get a return. Return shipping would be more expensive than the item. The seat is very hard. There is no comfort. It's clearly used, but it's new.

👤I've had them for three weeks. I was thrilled when I put them together because they looked nice and were much less expensive than the professional stools I've been using for the last 30 years. The cushion is not maintaining it's consistent thickness as the vinyl is stretching or twisting. I bought four of them and they will keep my butt off the floor for a while. I don't think the seat cushion will last more than a year. I'm tall at 6'3" and 220 lbs. I'm big. They might last longer for a smaller person.

👤I am a tattoo artist. These types of chairs are good for sitting in all day. I was looking for something cheap but sturdy. The average price for a tattoo chair is 150-300 dollars. It's perfect for what I do and I bought it for 55 bucks. The large seat is comfortable. Nice back support. I was happy to find this here. Good price.

👤We got an electronic drum set for our teenage son and wanted a nice drum throne with back support but didn't want to spend another $150+. We tried this stool. We went to our local hardware store and picked up some anti-skid rubber chair caps/tips, they were only $3.18 for a 4 pack, but since we needed a total, we bought 2 of them. You can buy them on Amazon. We put the 5 caps in boiling water for about 5 minutes and I was able to fit them perfectly with a heat resistant glove, as if they came that way. When stool is pulled across the carpet, they don't come off. The seat height is now 24.5" with these caps. We went this route and it was so happy we did it.

👤When my stool arrived with the missing metal piece, I tried to reach out to the company. There was no response. I can't attach the rollers to the seat or the back of the seat because it's useless. I love these stools. There needs to be a better way to get in touch with the seller.

8. Positioning Complete Positioner Holders Multi Color

Positioning Complete Positioner Holders Multi Color

Aligns film and prevents cone cutting for perfect x-rays every time. The technique reduces distortion. The same arch bite technique is used for bite-wings with a more closed bite. The dental X-ray film positioning system kit is made of strong metal and high-quality plastic, aiming rings and lighter aiming rings. Rounded bite blocks with no sharp edges improve comfort, open bite blocks give a softer bite. The new shorter arms fit all the x-ray units. Direct shipping allows for a return within the states. This item has a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. If their product doesn't work well, there is a problem. Please contact customer service.

Brand: Jahyshow

👤The bars and rings were what I wanted. It's worth 25 bucks. The bars cost 30 bucks. The blocks were already for digital.

👤They were great to have at home to practice. They arrived as described. These are not for digital set up.

👤The metal hadles or the rings were not present. Can't take all the exrays. The handles and rings are shown in the picture. I didn't receive anything.

👤It came loose in a box without the nice storage container that comes with the pack.



The Long Life Light Board isReliable. The new generation light pad uses the latest lighting technique to extend the lifespan of the drawing board. The 1-year service agreement is for their products. 24 hours of customer service. The german 74 PC ORAL DENTAL SURGERY EXTRACTING ELEVATORS FORCEPS INSTRUMENT KIT SET IS Included. GERMAN PREMIUM GRADE UPPER PREMOLAR WISDOM & ROOTS. GERMAN PREMIUM GRADE UPPER PREMOLAR WISDOM & ROOTS. 1 IRIS Scrutiny 4.5" STRAIGHT 1 IRIS Scrutiny 4.5" CuRVED 1 Mosquito Hemo Stat Forceps 5" 1 GERMAN PERIOSTEAL ELEVATOR M9 1 GERMAN PERIOSTEAL ELEVATOR SELDIN S23 1 Denver Explorer Probe 5, 1 Minnesota Choke Retention 1 Denver Explorer Probe 18CC. Each stethoscope has a 5.5” diameter, 1 SCALPEL KNIFE HANDLE #3, 1 SCALPEL KNIFE HANDLE 4, 20 SCALPEL BLADES, and a fourth stethoscope.

Brand: Synamed Usa

👤You know that you've gone down the rabbit-hole when you're shopping for surgical equipment. I found myself studying dentistry in order to prepare for the ultimate scenario. After practicing other minor-major surgical procedures. I needed some quality tools for this. Leave it to the Germans to do this. I don't know how to use half of the stuff, but I can mess up someone's smile when I need to. This appears to be high quality equipment. I'm ready to fix the zombies' teeth.

👤La jeringa vena manchada, los mangos de los elevadores estn despintadas. The material is barato, pero la calidad is deficient.

👤The instruments have survived being sterized with no visible damage. Some of the instruments are not suitable for long term use in a dental office, but they are well constructed and functional. There have been no complaints so far. The elevators are more functional and less bulky than my brand name instruments. It seems to lend the instrument to better handle tough situations. I have been testing the steel quality with these since I bought them as a home kit.

👤The title is a lie and the product only contains 34 pieces.

👤Great communication as described.

👤Muy producto me mucho! Saludos in Ecuador.

10. Yogasleep Portable Soothing Rechargeable Baby Safe

Yogasleep Portable Soothing Rechargeable Baby Safe

There is an effective muzzle. The soothing ambient sounds of rushing air were created by Yogasleep, the leader in white noise machines. This light and portable design for babies has the sound of better sleep in it. The Hushh is able to cancel out noises that can cause sleep problems. There are three noises and a night light. Choose from bright white noise, deep white noise, or gentle surf, then set your volume anywhere from whisper-quiet to impressively robust. Hushh allows you to take control of the sound environment, mask background noise and allow for better sleep for kids and babies. A night light that is amber is gentle enough to see without causing wakefulness for a parent or baby. Spot or wipe clean is care and cleaning. It is possible to compare and portable. Hushh is small and easy to fit in a diaper bag or backpack and comes with a baby-safe clip for easy fastening to a stroller, car seat, or crib. Simple to use and child safe. Hushh can operate for 6+ hours on a single charge, and comes with a convenient cable for charging. The interface is easy to use and operate with one hand, and Hushh offers the ability to lock at a desired setting and volume to prevent younger hands from altering the sound or turning the unit off.

Brand: Marpac

👤I loved this sound machine when we got it. The sound quality is amazing, the volume levels are great, and the overall compact/portable function was exactly what I was looking for my baby. It just started turning off on its own, even when it was fully charged or plugged in. Whenever you increased the volume, it would turn off on its own. We found a noise machine that our baby loved, but we were so disappointed that we didn't find another one. It was a shame. I'm hoping it's a manufacturer's defect.

👤I think this is the best sound machine out there. I have gone through 7 of these models, the hushh and Rohm models. Hushh: Grey has a lock feature to avoid changing settings which is great for kids, and a light feature which I find difficult to use but nice as a nightlight. I have noticed some louder than others, but they are sufficient for an adult, child, and baby use. I have three children and one on the way. I sleep trained babies for a long time. White Noise is a must for me. In the past six years, I have gone through at least 10 different types of white noise machines. This product has a 12 hour battery life and can be plugged in, but it is also great in case our power goes out, and it can be accidentally unplugged by toddlers. I can't tell you how many times power has gone out in the middle of the night and the kids wake up, because the machines are plugged in. It is portable and I can hang it from a stroller or car seat handle. I cannot give it five stars because I have to return/replace three of them. One wouldn't stay on for long as soon as I got it and had charged it and it was plugged in. I think the charging port broke off in shipment, and the other died after a week, and the power button became jiggly. This is still the most superior white noise machine. It gets very loud. It has a 12 hour battery life and can still be plugged in. The price point is reasonable. Thankfully Amazon returns are easy, so I can exchange faulty products. I think I will use these for many years to come.

👤I feel like most of the positive reviews are from people who haven't used the sound machine in a while. I have gone through three of these and each one has stopped working. The first one worked well. I loved it until it stopped working. I stopped working after a month. I don't understand why I got a third but my third didn't work for a day. So. Yes. I am done with this machine and will be looking for a better one.

👤I bought two of these and one doesn't turn off and the other doesn't turn on. I think life expetancy on these things will be longer than 5 months. I can't find any techniques to fix it. I've been on and off with Amazon chat for a while, when they try to connect with Marpac customer support no one answers, forcing me to give an absolute 1 star review.

11. TENS 7000 Digital Unit Accessories

TENS 7000 Digital Unit Accessories

The new models of the Xbox are not compatible with the original one. Not included are console, remotes, and games. The case is fully loaded with 23-26 lbs. The case needs to be plugged into an external outlet to operate. 30 day warranty. Does not fit new consoles. Need prescription pain relief? A TENS unit muscle stimulator and electric massager that provides pain relief, acts as a muscle massager or shoulder massager, provides carpal tunnel relief, and acts as a muscle relaxer is great for muscle recovery. A consumer over the counter favorite back pain relief device and a leader in physical therapy equipment for providing immediate and lasting drug-free muscle pain relief from back pain, neck pain, tennis elbow, and bursitis. A leader since 2008. A TENS device is a favorite among medical professionals for delivering drug-free back pain relief as well as treating common ailments like neck pain, carpal tunnel relief, arthritis, shoulder, knee, elbow, leg and foot pain. ImMEDIATE PAIN. There is a sigh of relief. The TENS machine can provide instant muscle pain relief. A class leader in electric massagers for muscles, the machine has everything needed for TENS therapy. The intensity level can be adjusted from 0-100mA in 10mA increments, which is controlled by the respective knobs located at the top of the device. There is a dual cobra TENS unit. The TENS 7000 TENS unit has four TENS unit pads that can be used for targeted pain relief and is a muscle stimulator, nerve stimulator, and electric massager. Also, note: Refer the User Manual and Guide before use. The intensity level can be adjusted from 0-100mA in 10mA increments by the knobs located at the top of the device. The device won't work if you use one electrode and the other one in pairs. The device will shut off after a certain time period, if treatment is timed with it.

Brand: Tens 7000

👤I'm so thankful I bought this. Even though I had experience with a less powerful unit, it was helpful. I use the TENS unit to help manage my pain issues. You don't have to worry about settings being accidentally changed while wearing because there are safety covers that protect the unit. I wear it on continuous mode for hours, even leaving the house with it all strapped on and hidden under my clothing. It has been a blessing. This device is more effective than pain medications and muscle relaxers, and is less toxic to the system, for those of us who have built up a tolerance to medications. If you're wondering if this is powerful enough, this is a small unit that runs on a single 9 watt battery. I never set this higher than 3.5 and it goes up to 8. You can set it in any way you want. You have the option of choosing different modes and tweaking them. I can't believe how long the batteries last, I bought a set of 9 volt batteries with a small unit and I can't believe how long they last. I used this unit for 4 months and it helped me get through a really bad time where I was suffering from knots in my shoulders and trapezius. I felt like I needed rotator cuff surgery because of the pain in my upper arms. I took pain meds around the clock and sought massage therapy once a week. The only thing that helped break the cycle of pain and get me through the worst of it was the TENS machine. I can't recommend this unit enough for people who are suffering from pain. There was an update Sept. 2017: I had to buy another one to replace the unit that quit working before I left, so I was sad to see it go. The digital display works, but the wires and pads don't. I tried the wires and pads from my new unit, but they were not able to work. Although I had to wait a month to get my product from the manufacturer, I was fully refunded and my new one works great. The seller did take care of the issue and the new unit seems to be working well, so I am leaving it at 4 stars. I will keep an eye on it, but I still think it is a great unit when it works.

👤The machine stopped working after only 2 months. I put new batteries in it, but it was dead. I'm past the return date and it's just money lost.

👤This was bought in May of last year. It wasn't needed until a week ago. I changed the 9V battery because the low battery indicator illuminated. I know the batteries were old, but the same message appeared when I tried them in the unit. The same problem occurs when you go to buy a brand new one. A brand new unit won't hold a battery charge. The manual says a year warranty. I can't do anything via Amazon except write a poor review. I've left two messages for the manufacturer, but no one has returned my call. Customer service email is not provided in the product literature. A poor product and poor customer service. If the manufacturer ever calls me back, I will update this review.


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