Best Portable Ac Air Conditioner for Camping

Conditioner 8 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Portable Conditioner Personal Evaporative Humidifier

Portable Conditioner Personal Evaporative Humidifier

The control panel is simple to use. You can change settings up to 20 ft away with the remote control. 4 in 1 air conditioning unit. The powerful 4-in-1 function is small but powerful, it can keep the air moist and keep the skin dry. This small air conditioner will let you have a comfortable summer. There are 7 colors of lights and ultra-quiet. The Night light function can help you sleep better. The soft lights on the fan can help you fall asleep and bring you a good mood. The air cooler can work at a low noise level and make you enjoy a comfortable sleep all night. Energy saving and renewable energy are included. The personal air cooler has low energy consumption, it can reduce electricity energy, and is suitable for their low-carbon lifestyle. The small personal space air cooler can help you save at least 40% of your electric bill. The air cooler is easy to carry in the summer. It's suitable for homes, offices, outdoor. SAFETY & UNIQUE DESIGN The air conditioner fan is made of high quality material. No blades could hurt people or pets and are safe to use. The water tank can blow cool wind for 12 hours. It can be used as a personal air cooler, humidifier, conditioner fan, and many other things. Slow-noISE HUMIDIFIER. The atomization function is added on the basis of the air-conditioning fan to alleviate the dry air. Adding essential oils and fragrances to the air will make it fresh and pleasant. It can be used in the spring, autumn and winter to increase your comfort.

Brand: Pesonder

👤The portable fan is for our child who is going to summer camp. She wanted to be able to plug her power bank and solar panel into her computer easily. The fan was tested for several weeks and we understood it. I use it in the south facing kitchen because it is the hottest area in the house. The portable air conditioner isn't designed to cool the entire home. It's for a small area or room. Take out the rectangular curtain box and put it in the water for a few minutes. Add ice to the top tray after you put it back. The fan sucks dry air in and expels cooler air from the other side when it is turned on. The dry air moves through the wet curtain box. It adds humidity to the air and cools it, leading to cooler temperatures on the other side. When ice or cold water is added, we like it. This is a unique feature of this type of fan. The coolness is not as cool as ice, but it is still cooler than a traditional fan. We like to bring a mini fan whenever we go to the beach during the hot summer months. We have small fan toys, but this portable fan can replace them. It can be used for a few hours after being charged. The fan is light and portable, making it easy to carry around. I tried to convince our kid to bring an older fan to camp, but she said that the portable fan had lights. That is true! Our family will be without an air-conditioner fan while she is away. Parents tend to listen to their children. Wishing you a great summer, and hope you enjoy reading our review story.

👤I have an open cubicle in an old building with no air conditioning. In the winter it's cold and in the summer it's hot. I needed something on my desk that would keep me from dying in a puddle of sweat, and this is what I got. I've got it running away from me. The air coming out of this is more cold than the air coming from the fan. If you're hoping for something to cool off, this isn't it. This is the way to go if you want a cold jet of air blowing straight at your face.

👤I read lots of other reviews that said it cooled very well and the ratings were very high. You can barely feel it in my granddaughter's bedroom, which is a small 10x12 room. She is in a hot room.

👤This is a small air-conditioning unit. It's just a battery-operated device that you put in the water and it's ready to go. It is portable and can be taken anywhere in or out of the house. My roommates like it so much that I might buy them one. It's worth the money I paid.

👤I like how portable this AC is. It blows cool air that is strong for its size. It's small so it doesn't take up much space. The feature changes colors on the top. The buttons on the top of the device are easy to press. It gets cooler when you add water. I would recommend this AC as a personal AC for its size, Portability, and change of colors.

2. Tripp Lite SRCOOL12K Portable Conditioner

Tripp Lite SRCOOL12K Portable Conditioner

The electric air cooler is portable and lightweight. The built-in handle makes it easier to move. No matter where you need cool air, from the bedroom to dorm room to recreational trailer. Its small size can fit under the desk or dining table. When it's top of your mind, keep this portable air conditioner cooler in mind. The small portable air conditioner can be used as a personal air conditioner for residential applications, and it is self contained and portable. This AC unit has a cooling power of 12,000 btu and uses R410a to comply with worldwide standards. The air conditioning unit has no plumbing or special circuits, and a built in evaporator means there is no need to empty water collection tanks; the unit also dehumidifies and filters the air, and 100 percent duty cycle keeps your environment constantly cool with no downtime. The optional network module for monitoring and control can be installed to this space cooler to monitor temperatures, receive alerts, review logs, and control settings from anywhere, anytime, via snmp, web browser, or Telnet.

Brand: Tripp Lite

👤The general consensus is that this unit doesn't last very long. They all seem to fail after about 14 months, just beyond the warranty. I decided to disassemble the unit because I have experience in the construction and heating and cooling industry. I have experience with how we extended the life of this unit. The unit started to freeze up after 14 months of use. This happens because of dirty filters or low charge. The problem was not the clogged filter, it was the server room. We took the unit apart to find the problem. We made changes after the housing was removed. The unit is sealed. You would think that this would prevent the leaking of r410a, however these units come really low charged or they leak slightly. The freezing issue was resolved after we added about 4oz of charge to the unit. There is no fill valve because it is a sealed system. We had to add charge by tapping the low pressure side. The bullet taps should only be used on the low pressure side. You will have leaks if you tap the high pressure side of the line. The unit has a float. The tray that holds the water is in contact with the coil, which causes rust. If I purchase another one of these, I will probably seal the area along the side of the tray to prevent the metal coil from corroding. It would be better if you could use the drain. A bonus tip is that a unit is more likely to freeze over at low fan speeds. Most people would assume this is not true. The fan should be on high.

👤I bought this in May 2016 to cool a small 14 x 6 server room that has two ThinkServers and a few switches, but not enough to expect cooling to be a major problem. The first unit died in about 3 months, and Tripp lite support was able to ship a replacement unit. This cost me $50 in shipping and a week without cooling, but I learned some things which may help you. The unit is only designed to run for 3-6 hours per day. It's 100 degrees outside, the office A/C is off for the weekend, and the temp is set to 65 on the SRCOOL12k. The majority of the cooling work will still have to be done by the office A/C. Second lesson. I assumed that the thermostat would be set to a cooler temperature than the office A/C and that the unit would run intermittently after that. I was wrong. It ran all the time. I believe the issue is that it exhausts so much air from the room that it is constantly sucking in warmer air from the office and can never get ahead of itself. The fan seems to be doing a better job now that I have set it to low. The third lesson. Run the hose if you live in a humid area. We bought into the marketing that it would evaporate the humidity in the exhaust. It made a mess after overflowing on the weekend. We ran a drain hose after that. The fourth lesson is about learning. It was more complicated than it was worth because of the SNMP module. It seems to get confused after you get past the fact that you need an in-secure version of java to run it. Simple is better. The front panel controls are what I am using to run the SNMP kit. I'll find a way to keep an eye on the temp. The last recommendation is to buy the extended warranty if the first one dies after 3 months. I decided to go with this one because it seemed to be designed for the IT environment. I assumed that it would offer better reliability and better controls than the other A/C units. I was wrong. I have other equipment that works well, but this is tarnishing the brand. I think I would have been better off with a $400 unit from the big box store. It works well when it works. The documentation is average. Some best practices would have helped. The support was good. The tubing that they give to duct air into the cooling rack is likely worth something. If you are just cooling a room like me, you can get more cooling for your buck with a standard air conditioner. The replacement unit died in September. I filed a claim on the extended warranty because no one fixes them. Square Trade doesn't fix them either, but they did issue a check for the purchase price. I bought another room air conditioner at a local home improvement store for a couple hundred dollars less than this unit. The new one is doing a better job of cooling. We will see if it lasts longer.

3. Whynter ARC 14S Conditioner Dehumidifier Activated

Whynter ARC 14S Conditioner Dehumidifier Activated

The cooling capacity is 9,500 BTU. If you have a portable air conditioner that has a 5.9′′ diameter hose, you may need a 5.0′′ diameter hose. Measure your existing hose before ordering additional accessories. They don't recommend extending the exhaust hose more than 9 feet. Air flow is at high speed and can reach 430 m3/h. The maximum power consumption is 1300 W and the cooling capacity is 9500 BTU. The window kit has a minimum of 46′′ and a maximum of 19′′. D x 35.5′′ H. The sounds on the floor or wall can be louder than they are.

Brand: Whynter

👤I was excited to find this unit after reading a lot of reviews. After last summer, I decided this was the one to get. I put off my purchase until the end of February because summer was on the way. If I waited any longer, the price would go up. It did. The unit was delivered on March 6. Set up was not a problem. The air is not directed. It shoots straight up, but I have box fans to move the air where I want it. The air was not as cold as I wanted. I thought this would do. I'd used the unit intermittently without any real issues until a week ago. The unit warmed up after the first minute or two. The unit is useless now because it got worse. It's hot but it's moving a lot of air. I did have trouble shooting. The hoses and filters were free of obstructions, the setting was correct, and the desired temp setting was where it needed to be. Correct. I called the manufacturer because my return time with Amazon had expired. Customer service was friendly and wanted to help. She told me that the full warranty expired after 2 months. I have a limited warranty for a year after purchase. Money out of my pocket for shipping to and fro as well as any other bogus fee they make up is what that means. I have a $400 paperweight that will heat my house better than it will cool. If quality control is not good, their warranty would last less than 2 months. A full 2 month warranty is ridiculous. Customer reviews show a problem with quality control. This is one of the worst purchases I have ever made. I don't think it's a good idea. If you decide to purchase this product, make sure to get an extended warranty from the vender. I had to give it something to post a review so it got 1 star. Give the 12mn's a try.

👤This thing is terrible. I need the extra cooling power so I ordered a 14,000 btu unit. My last unit was 12,000 btu and worked well, but I wanted to take it to the next level. Did I mention that this thing is terrible? It stinks! In a large area. Ft. is a large area. It couldn't keep the temperature below 75 degrees. I let it sit for a day after it was received to let the freon settle. This thing is terrible. It sucks, it sucks. A lot of suckiness. Don't buy it! I wish I had.

👤This baby was installed and turned on for the first time. The temperature in San Francisco was 80 degrees. The window kit worked well for most of the time. We had to cut out some Styrofoam to get a custom window fit and also use window sealant to weatherstrip the small openings, but it was good to go. What is the bottom line? The air conditioning unit is very clean and cold. The thermostat was set to 72 degrees. The unit was relatively quiet in medium speed, but it had no problem reaching and maintaining this level. The living room and kitchen area was very comfortable throughout the afternoon, while the outside was baking at an extremely hot 95 degrees in San Francisco on September 13th, 2019. We are quite pleased with the unit's performance so far. The unit was delivered as advertised. The pictures were attached to our unit. Thank you best of luck.

4. Portable Electric Air Conditioner Unit

Portable Electric Air Conditioner Unit

There isANDY andABLE. The portable air conditioner system is designed to be used in the bedroom, living room or garage at home or office. It has rolling wheels that are easy to carry. The compact floor AC indoor cooler conditioning unit has three operating modes - cooling, dehumidifier and fan. Automatic swing mode and moving wind vent allow for maximum air circulation. A built-in dehumidifier helps reduce humidity levels, a huge financial and space saving benefit, and it also has the cooling effect of a portable AC. REMOTE CONTROL. The control panel has power, mode, timer, temperature, and fan speed settings. The included remote control can be used to adjust the sleep key. The cold air can cover a room of up to 215 square feet with the 8000 BTU cooling power. Ft. The air flow is rated at about 300 M3/hr. 2 liters per hour. The noise level is 55-57 decibels.

Brand: Serenelife

👤I live in South Carolina during the summer. I wanted this unit to be used in a bedroom at night. I read a lot of reviews for this product. I received the unit a day earlier than expected. There is no damage to the box in shipping. The window kit was the longest part of the installation. Our wind is larger than a normal wind. The room was cool after we turned it on. The remote works well and it cools a room quickly. It can get really cold quickly. We will see how it keeps up when we reach 100 degrees. Some people will find it loud. We sleep with box fans. The sound is not an issue for us. If you stayed in a hotel and ran the AC, it would be the same. It's big and we are confused. Again, it is not in. We just have a small space, so we don't have a reason to buy this product. I would not be able to stay warm. To have enough space. We have been running it for 3 weeks and have not had to stop it. It's still not yet. I have to give the product a 5 star review after being attentive and reading all the reviews. I have the best money.

👤The sitting room addition on the second floor of the master bedroom has a wall of windows on two sides. It is like having an attached greenhouse in the summer. Even with the central air running, it is uncomfortable. The room needs a supplemental AC unit. I like that this portable unit can roll away when not in use or be moved to a different window. I had to get some weather stripping to use with the window vent kit, but it is likely due to the way our window sills are made. It is better than the unit we bought a few years ago. I have not had to empty the water from the unit because it has an evaporative dry function. Our large bedroom is cool because of the mini greenhouse addition. This unit is very good.

👤I ordered the portable ac unit because it can be very hot in here. I wanted a portable thing that I could move from room to room when I need it. I fell in love when I opened the box. It blows air from a side vent. You can set this unit to do it on its own. It sounds like a regular old ac window unit. I turn the TV on and ignore it. There are wheels and finger grips so you can roll it or pick it up. It was very easy to set up the exhaust tubing and widow parts for this unit. I am happy with my purchase.

👤I use my room fan to circulate the air in the winter, but I also use the a/c unit to put out cold air. It says 10 thousand btu's, but it's more like 12000. I had to lift it to drain it. The seller told me that I should just change the mode from a/c to dry. My room is about 12 feet high and 8 feet wide, and I think it uses very little energy. It cools off quickly in my room.

5. Evaporative Air Cooler Conditioner 40°Oscillation

Evaporative Air Cooler Conditioner 40%C2%B0Oscillation

The cooling capacity is between 12,000 and 9,500 BTU. Fast and continuous cooling. The cooling effect of air cooler still concerns you? The AOLOS air cooler fan has a technology that allows it to achieve rapid cooling. It can work continuously for up to 16 hours without having to add water. The humidify feature is an added bonus. The AOLOS portable air cooler is very lightweight and easy to move around with, it has a lot of castor wheels and handles on both sides. No need to connect the water pipe to the window. You can avoid the trouble of installation while realizing the coolness. The portable air conditioner is windowless. The portable evaporative cooler is designed to help you achieve a more comfortable climate. You can change the wind speed and mode at any time. If you want to avoid getting cold during the night, you can use a sleep mode that will bring you a natural breeze. The timer and remote are 7H. If you don't want to blow the air all night, what should you do? The cooling tower fan has a 7-hour timer. It is possible to choose a fixed use time without having to turn it off. Quiet running makes a great bedroom addition. You can operate the fan without getting up. The AOLOS air cooler will help you fall asleep. The AOLOS evaporative air conditioner is perfect for rooms that don't need a window conditioner exhaust. The unit only consumed around 80 watt of power when it was running on the lowest fan speed. It is only one tenth of other cooling equipment. It's a more cost-saving and effective way to cool your room if you buy a portable air cooler. The AOLOS evaporative air conditioner is perfect for rooms that don't need a window conditioner exhaust. The unit only consumed around 80 watt of power when it was running on the lowest fan speed. It is only one tenth of other cooling equipment. It's a more cost-saving and effective way to cool your room if you buy a portable air cooler.

Brand: Aolos

👤In the Florida summer it can be unbearable if my garage is not heated. If we are working on a project at the workbench or exercising, we have a tower fan that we use. We didn't want to add an actual mini split or portable A/C unit that requires ducting, so we wanted to try out an evaporative cooler. You can operate a fan simply by adding water. Pick the fan speed, the oscillating mode, and the cooler option to engage the cooler function. I don't have a device to measure how much it is cooler than the ambient air. I am happy with the machine. I think it's the best solution for taking the edge off.

👤Fantastic air cooler! The highlights of the unit are shown in the video. It comes with ice packs that you can use to blow the cold air from the unit. It costs a fraction of the price of other air coolers that it is comparable to, and it is very quiet and draws very little power. I will be testing it out in the summer. It comes with everything you need to start and is backed by a great warranty. I would buy this product.

👤I was skeptical because I thought this item was not very cool. I was surprised that ice packs were included. The idea is to run a fan through ice. I'm very happy. It is portable and light. Does not use a lot of electricity since there is no refrigerant. Better for the environment is a huge plus for me. I might get another one in the future.

👤The small rooms work well with the evaporative air cooler unit. It's quiet and doesn't sound loud like a fan. It's easy to setup and comes with instructions. I am pleased with the purchase and would recommend it to others.

👤Today I got this unpackaged and started using it. It takes a few minutes to get the water tank filled up, but once that's done, there's not much to do. It makes the air smell like the rain by blowing cool air. I like it!

👤The cooler works great. The large tank size is convenient because I fill it up and leave it running, and have no problems with it running out. I can turn it down on nights when it isn't as dry. My room is fresh and cool in the morning. It is lightweight. It is easy to carry around. This was worth the money.

👤This is a really good air cooler. The operation is working as expected.

👤I love it! It's small and powerful. Thanks to its wheels, you can use it anywhere and move it quickly.

6. Portable Mini Air Conditioner Airconditioner

Portable Mini Air Conditioner Airconditioner

Slow-noISE HUMIDIFIER. The atomization function is added on the basis of the air-conditioning fan to alleviate the dry air. Adding essential oils and fragrances to the air will make it fresh and pleasant. It can be used in the spring, autumn and winter to increase your comfort. Save money and enjoy smaller bills with naturally cooling air from their energy efficient air cooler, and use convenient energy sources such as wall adapters, laptops, and portable power banks to help beat the heat wherever you are. White noise and long lasting is what their fan is tested and proven to be, helping you sleep more comfortably through hot nights, and set on a flat surface near your bedside, and theEZ Breeze can cool for up to 12 hours with easy to fill water reservoir that fits ice for extra Humidifies and Purifies Your Air comes with an easy to clean and replaceable filter tray that helps purify your air as it cools. It's great for cooling and humidifying personal spaces without affecting those around you, and it's also great for directing cooling air with extra precision. The easy to use design of the EZ Breeze makes it easy to use, no need to pull out the tools to assemble the air conditioner, just plug in to your power source of choice. The easy to use design of the EZ Breeze makes it easy to use, no need to pull out the tools to assemble the air conditioner, just plug in to your power source of choice.

Brand: Alda Products

👤The little fan worked better than expected. My family doesn't speak English, so I got a bilingual instruction manual for them. It's a really user friendly setup with just two buttons and a power source, but you need your own power source and block, as it didn't come with one. My family members borrowed it a lot after it was tested out for a few days. It's cool because I can use it in my room with my brother, and it's convenient. My brother likes it warmer at night than I do, and his side is only 5 feet away from me. Even on the highest fan setting, the sound is very low. It's like a white noise machine.

👤The air is cold. The box is large. I put my keys and wallet on top of the place holder on the top shelf of my desk so it doesn't take up a lot of space. It's perfect for me. There are 3 modes for the fan. I left it on size 2 because 3 is too strong. I keep my desk cool when my apartment is warm by turning the fan on around it. I don't have to turn my AC on. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to save money or live in a hot environment. The fan is very quiet.

👤I reached out to the support email on the website and they got back to me very quickly. I was sent a replacement after we tried working through the problem. The support was great for the fan.

👤This is one of the best portable/personal coolers on the market. Especially for an office. Convenientely can be powered with a computer. This cooler can go where other fans or cooling systems can't, since I work in a warehouse where I have to be mobile. There is a pro tip. For optimal cooling, freeze your filter for an hour.

👤The sun comes in and my office gets a bit warm. I was surprised that it actually cooled the room down. The extra step of freezing the filter made a huge difference.

👤The mini air conditioner is perfect for my desk. It keeps me cool while I work. The mini a/c is covered by a one year warranty from the seller. Shipping was fast. Highly recommend this seller!

👤This was bought for use in our garage and works great, doesn't take up a lot of space and is very efficient.

👤The size and performance were great. It's really worth it to have one. It is very easy to use.

7. Portable Electric Conditioner Unit 2 1 Kitchen

Portable Electric Conditioner Unit 2 1 Kitchen

The digital thermal system. Their thermostat helps you keep your temperature down. The portable air conditioner is easy to use. The side handle grooves make it easy to move and the moving casters make it flexible. The convenience of moving the air conditioner to the bedroom, living room, kitchen or even outdoors is more than the traditional air conditioners and fans. One machine has many pleasures. 1. Anhydrous state when the fan is used. When using the humidifier, add water state, use ice, and use as cool as an air conditioner. A 7L large water tank is cooler and lasts longer. The water level perspective window allows you to view the water level at any time, and it is a great way to control water addition. The air conditioner has three speeds and three wind speeds. The wind speed is fast, medium and slow. Normal, natural, sleep is the mode. You can change the mode according to the situation. The 12H timer switch allows you to sleep peacefully until dawn, and let you have a good night's sleep to accompany you through the hot summer; remote control, bid farewell to the troubles of getting up. The 5M remote control can be used to adjust the operating status of the air-conditioning fan without getting up. The 12H timer switch allows you to sleep peacefully until dawn, and let you have a good night's sleep to accompany you through the hot summer; remote control, bid farewell to the troubles of getting up. The 5M remote control can be used to adjust the operating status of the air-conditioning fan without getting up.

Brand: Antarctic Star

👤This air conditioner is really nice. It is very quiet and cool. The instructions are easy to follow. I like that I can put this anywhere in my home. This air conditioner is very good.

👤I am really happy with this purchase. It was very easy to put the tires in. It's easy to start. We put ice cubes and water in the tank. The room cooled off quickly. Water lasts all night. My son's room gets really hot, so this unit keeps it nice and cool. It's quiet and you can move it anywhere in the room. My son is very happy with the unit and how quickly his room cools off. We think this unit is very good.

👤I had a small office in my home and I was hoping that the unit would cool the small space but it just couldn't, even with plenty of ice cubes and ice packs. It was loud and large. I was very hopeful after reading reviews, but I hope this review will help you find something different.

👤I only used it for a few days. I like it so far. It was quite. I have it in the area.

👤I didn't think this thing would work, it was cheap and not really an AC. I needed this purchase for the summer heat, and I'm happy with it. If you need something to cool down your living room, you should buy this. I use water and half a bag of ice and it works great.

👤They defy the laws of nature. It may make your space feel a bit cooler because you fill it with cold water. The room will warm up once the water is cool and the fan motor is on. An air conditioner pushes heat out of the house. This thing blows air and it you set front of it, you experience the fan breeze and the body heat is lost. Don't wait for your money, ask other engineers. Tom H.

👤The air conditioner stopped working. It was still very hot even though summer was almost over. I bought this item to get me through the summer heat. The water cooler works well. Cool packs help to cool the rooms down quickly. It is easy to move from room to room with the wheels. Due to the current supply shortages, I recently purchased another a/c. I haven't had a chance to install the new a/c yet, but the "cooler" has risen to the challenge, because it's been really hot in California. It's "just-in-time" if you add water to the water-line and Ice pack. You have to keep an eye on the water line so it doesn't go too low. It needs to be refilled every 6 hours. It's a blessing to have ice and water in a cooler during a heat wave, even if one is sleeping through the night. Hope this helps!

👤I'm very disappointed in this item. The box would have been going back if my kids hadn't destroyed it. The water and ice was so cold I could not see it. I can't have it in my room at night because the sound is so loud and the bubbling of the water in the back is so annoying. I don't think my bedroom is cooler than my walmart fan.

8. Personal Portable Conditioner Capacity Cooling

Personal Portable Conditioner Capacity Cooling

A built-in evaporator removes most of the condensate. The personal air cooler has three-speed settings. To make the cooling effect, add ice water to the water tank and click the spray humidification button. It will not chill the area, but it will make you feel more at ease. It is ideal for use in homes and offices, as well as on outdoor picnics and camping trips, because it is portable and easy to use. The most recent cooling technology allows for a more efficient cooling system. Adding ice water to the water tank and turning on your portable air cooler will allow you to experience the fine misty air. The large water tank can be used for up to 6 hours. Cold air can be sprayed for several hours at a time to keep the body cold at night and promote sleep. Mini air conditioners give greater enjoyment of cool, crisp air. The pull-out design makes it easy to clean. The little air cooler saves money and protects your health. Mini air conditioners give greater enjoyment of cool, crisp air. The pull-out design makes it easy to clean. The little air cooler saves money and protects your health.

Brand: Precision Vip Products

👤You can take this air conditioner anywhere. It is very functional. It's ideal to take to camping, the beach, the office, or just your own air conditioner at home. Get charged well so that you can function during the day. Can be charged in the car if you are camping or on the road. It is quiet. It will be very useful in the hot day.

👤The seller was very fast in shipping and no issues were reported. Can't wait to use this summer!

👤My son is a fan of this product. It works great and is quiet. I wanted something that would help him with his asthma. He used it and didn't complain. It can be used as a night light. I highly recommend. This product. Every penny is worth it.

👤Don't expect cold air like a plug in the wall air conditioner, it's better than not having anything.

👤It doesn't take up much space, and gives off the right amount of air temperature that I like.

9. BLACK DECKER BPACT08WT Portable Conditioner

BLACK DECKER BPACT08WT Portable Conditioner

Quiet and powerful, their 4,000 BTU air conditioner will keep you cool and comfortable all summer. The fan speed can be adjusted to cool the air to 65F. It's extra quiet when you sleep mode. The floor-standing portable AC unit is perfect for rooms up to 150 sq. ft. It is the ideal small air conditioner for dorm, apartments, cabins, campers, offices, bedrooms, or living rooms. The portable air conditioner can be put into any room with a double hung or sliding window. Attach the included hose and plug it in to an outlet. Don't store at the end of the season. The control panel has anLED display. The air temperature can be precisely controlled with the simple remote control and top-mounted display. If you want to clean the filter, just slide it out twice a month. 3-in-1 function combines cooling, fan, and dehumidifying functions in one machine. The self-evaporating operation makes your living space cool and dry. The room is 15' x 20'.

Brand: Black+decker

👤The exhaust hose is too heavy. The instructions warn not to put the tube against the wall, it has to be in the middle of the room, or the hose will heat up. The exhaust pipe will come off the window fixture if you try to move the unit. There are huge gaps in the window fixture that allow light and air to enter the room. The hose is so opaque that it allows all the light into the room from the street and it glows brightly, making it look like a night light. The unit is so loud that it causes a sleepless night when it is put on lowest temperature. The thermostat on the unit can only be set to 64 degrees, which doesn't cool the room much. The plastic on the unit picks up dust. It picks up everything because it carries a static charge. I have had other portable air conditioner units that have not been this bad. If you must have a portable unit, look elsewhere. I will return this one and do the same thing.

👤I bought this portable a/c about a week ago and have only used it a few times, but I am very happy with it. All you need is a drop of elbow grease to install, it's very easy to do. The air was delivered in perfect conditions. The box was packaged in a way that protects it. I saw a lot of reviews before buying and there were a lot of issues with delivery and broken parts. The a/c is still running great. I have used it for 2 weeks without turning it off. The a/c works. But! Do not purchase this unit if you live in a humid area. The dehumidifier does not work. I had to manually tilt the unit to get the water to come out. There was a lot. Thank you very much, my room is at a normal 65% humidity. There are three damp rid hangers and a mini thermoelectric dehumidifier. My room stays cold because I have the exhaust hose outside. But, he. I was excited to see this unit dehumidifies. That is a lie. I had to open the unit to clean the inside, but it was easy to open and maintain. A/c works great. The unit should be cleaned from the inside for optimal performance.

👤The plug started smoking and had a hole in it. I'm glad I was home when it happened because it could've been a lot worse. If this is what it does, I don't recommend it. I have never had a problem with my wall plug.

👤It stopped draining the water into the resevoir after about 4 months. If you leave it for more than a day without emptying the bin, it will look like a waterfall. If you leave it for more than a day, you'll end up with a soaked ground. It's only 15%- 30% percent humidity where I live. The resevoir is bone dry, even though you can tip it over and it will pour out.

10. AIVANT Portable Evaporative Conditioner Oscillation

AIVANT Portable Evaporative Conditioner Oscillation

The easy to use design of the EZ Breeze makes it easy to use, no need to pull out the tools to assemble the air conditioner, just plug in to your power source of choice. Adding cold water or ice cubes on top of the three levels of airflow and cooling will help with the cold breeze. The supports of this cooler vary in temperature from 45 to 180 degrees, cooling your surrounding evenly, not just in one direction. If you want to add water from the top and check the capacity from the side, you can pull the small plastic tube out and drain the tank. The control button is easy to understand, just fill the water tank, press the ON button, and the light bar will show the remaining power and charging status. The hidden handle makes carrying the air cooler much easier. The air cooler comes with a 5000 mah battery, which can run for up to 9 hours after a fully charged battery, and it also comes with a microHDMI port so you can place it anywhere. The air cooler comes with a 5000 mah battery, which can run for up to 9 hours after a fully charged battery, and it also comes with a microHDMI port so you can place it anywhere.

Brand: Aivant

👤The air conditioner is not meant for cooling the entire room. It can not do that. It is more for it to be placed on the desk. The part that wind can get to will be cool. If you set the fan speed to the max, the wind is pretty strong, I can still feel the wind blowing at 50 cm of range, which is pretty good in my opinion. The rotation range is enough for the purpose it was designed for. I don't have a chance to test it with ice cube or ice water. For my experience with tap water in a room, it's cool. It isn't comparable to a real AC. It is definitely cooler than other smaller fans in its size category. There will be a small splash of water out of the air outlet. Don't put electronics in front of the air outlet. I will recommend this product to anyone who wants a small cooling system. It will get the job done.

👤My husband is taking shots for his cancer. He kept turning the AC down after they gave him hot flashes. I wore a jacket in the house. The device keeps the temp down in his chair. I don't have to wear a jacket because he's comfortable and my electric bill is low.

👤The fan is great. I've had a similar fan in the past and it didn't work well. Even though there is no water or ice in, this fan still blows cold. It blows cold air when you add ice and water to the easy till. It doesn't need a power source at all times. It is portable because it can charge and run for a while. The fan is not meant for an entire room but is great as a personal fan and to cool down quickly.

👤This item is perfect for my nightstand. I don't have to pay my utility bill.

👤Provides a baseline amount of noise to sleep with. It was a nice surprise that it was not very loud. It helps cool the area when it's hot and dry. The item is very small. It's great for directing the cooling to a different area. I love it!

👤We didn't expect much from them, but they are useless. We used the "coolers" in the bedrooms. One battery did not hold a charge and neither put out cooling air. I will return both and request a refund.

👤There are many different settings and long lasting batteries. I added a drop of essential oil to the water. It is great for small spaces and portable battery for when you don't have power but need to be cool. The fan speed needs to be close to you to feel the breeze.

👤This little unit is very cute. It has a limited range but the air is good and it can run for hours. Very happy.

11. Portable Conditioner Evaporative Personal Bedroom

Portable Conditioner Evaporative Personal Bedroom

Easy control with remote control. The control panel for the portable air conditioner has a power, mode, winding, swing, timer, up and down speeds button. You can easily set the time, temperature, mode, speed, and swing with the Remote Control included. The portable air conditioner has been improved to make it smaller and more powerful. You just need to turn on the portable ac air conditioner, pour some ice water into the water tank, and it will cool the hot air around you in a few seconds. The ideal size of the mini air conditioner is only about 6 feet by 6 feet and weighs 1.9 pounds. It is easy to carry. The small air conditioner can be used with a lot of things. The mini air conditioner has a lot of functions and is equipped with a light. The cooler can cool the air and keep the skin moist. Cotton filters are used to keep the cold air clean. The design of the pull-out makes it easy to remove the filter. The convenience of filling the topwater tank is increased. The tank can be used for 8 hours. The indoor air conditioner can work at low noise levels, and there are 3 wind speeds to choose from. The power supply and conversion circuit can save you money and protect the environment. The indoor air conditioner can work at low noise levels, and there are 3 wind speeds to choose from. The power supply and conversion circuit can save you money and protect the environment.

Brand: Mekomy

👤Works well. You can use ice cubes and filters out of the freezer at high speed. Would recommend it. Two of these are used together.

👤Cools fast when used correctly and is good for a desk or small room.


What is the best product for portable ac air conditioner for camping?

Portable ac air conditioner for camping products from Pesonder. In this article about portable ac air conditioner for camping you can see why people choose the product. Tripp Lite and Whynter are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable ac air conditioner for camping.

What are the best brands for portable ac air conditioner for camping?

Pesonder, Tripp Lite and Whynter are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable ac air conditioner for camping. Find the detail in this article. Serenelife, Aolos and Alda Products are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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