Best Portable Ac Air Conditioner Mini

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1. BLACK DECKER Portable Conditioner Display

BLACK DECKER Portable Conditioner Display

The cafe unit is aABLE A/C HEATER COMBO. Their 7,700 BTU DOE (14,000 BTU ASHRAE) dual compact air conditioner and heater will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The fan speed can be adjusted to cool the air to 55F and heat it to 81F. The temperature is hot and the temperature is cool. The portable heat and AC unit provides fast cooling and heating for rooms up to 350 sq. ft. It is the perfect air conditioner for living rooms, apartments, cabins, offices, bedrooms, and more. Roll it into a room with a double hung or sliding window, it is simple and quick to install. Attach the included hose and plug it in to an outlet. A large, 4 Direction Vented Airflow Outlet has a slide out. The air temperature can be precisely controlled with the simple remote control and top-mounted display. If you want to clean the filter, just slide it out twice a month. Four energy efficient modes in one small unit meet all of your home cooling, heating, and ventilation needs. Control of airflow is accomplished by SLEEP, MAX, andAIR SWING. A room can be cooled to 25 feet and heated to 10 feet.

Brand: Black+decker

👤This portable AC unit is awesome. The upstairs master bedroom is 400 sq ft. It made sense to purchase this unit since I didn't want to run the Central AC unit for the house just for one room at night. Cools the room fast! Doesn't need to have the water emptied so often. During a hot season, maybe once or twice. It's easy to set up. I thought it was noisy. When the compressor kicks in, the fan is quiet and you don't bother me. Sounds like the AC units in Las Vegas. Exhaust hose and components seem to keep heat out of the house. The space between the unit and window should be small. Bright blue display lights will illuminate your entire room. I have to cover it with a magazine at night. The weather strips and seals are cheap and easy to tear. Make sure they are on correctly the first time. Prepare a trip to the hardware store. The 3 piece section that is put into your window isn't very large and has small spaces that allow hot air to enter. Duct tape can be used to seal it. PS 1. It should be left standing for 24 hours before it can be used. PS 2. The unit pulls 10.8 Amps. Make sure that the AC plug you are using doesn't cause your fuse box to trip. I used it in a place where there were other lights, TVs and a Playstation playing and it tripped my fuse box, which was rated for 15 Amps.

👤Terrible unit. Don't buy it. I've bought two of them. I'll be returning another one and going back to my window unit. If you get one of the working ones, it might work as a car AC unit. The 14000 btu model couldn't cool a 10x10' room. The first unit I bought burnt out and I had to replace it myself, it said it was a 15 Amp unit, but it fried a 20 Amp fuse. The down time for me has been a real problem, but Amazon was able to reimburse me for it. Both units violently shake and rattle before the air just completely shuts off in about 30 minutes. The person who created the Black + Decker Amazon account seems to have been buying trashed units from the real Black and Decker and fixing them in their garage. I received a unit like this two times and it came packed differently. The boxes were in bad shape. You are a fake account. I hope you stop ruining what used to be a reliable household name brand. Don't buy them.

👤Don't buy it. It broke within a month. I followed the instructions to keep the filters clean and the water pan empty. I made sure the wall was clear of it. It began to have problems after a month of use. The compressor stopped and it started to show 90 on the display. I stopped it. Let it rest. The filters were cleaned and the water pan emptied. It worked overnight but stopped in the morning. They told me that it overheated when I called the hotline. I let it sit. They told me to start it up again. Had it been set on a warmer setting. After 1.5 hours, it had stopped working and had a bad smell from the compressor. The repair line guy said that the compressor has to be replaced. It would take 48 hours for them to call me back. It would take a week for it to be shipped. It could take up to two weeks to get a new unit. This one might not work like that. I used to have a unit that never gave me problems. I used it in a room like this. It was used off of a generator. It was bumped around transporting it to and from different homes. Never had an issue. I replaced it with this one so that my parents wouldn't be confused. I should have replaced it with a new one. I will be in south Florida for two weeks until my Black and Decker is replaced, because it is useless. They won't give back the money. I either have to buy a new brand today or wait up to two weeks for the old one to be replaced. Don't get sucked into the positive reviews. It isn't worth it. But an Lg. This thing is terrible.

2. Portable Mini Air Conditioner Airconditioner

Portable Mini Air Conditioner Airconditioner

Slow-noISE HUMIDIFIER. The atomization function is added on the basis of the air-conditioning fan to alleviate the dry air. Adding essential oils and fragrances to the air will make it fresh and pleasant. It can be used in the spring, autumn and winter to increase your comfort. Save money and enjoy smaller bills with naturally cooling air from their energy efficient air cooler, and use convenient energy sources such as wall adapters, laptops, and portable power banks to help beat the heat wherever you are. White noise and long lasting is what their fan is tested and proven to be, helping you sleep more comfortably through hot nights, and set on a flat surface near your bedside, and theEZ Breeze can cool for up to 12 hours with easy to fill water reservoir that fits ice for extra Humidifies and Purifies Your Air comes with an easy to clean and replaceable filter tray that helps purify your air as it cools. It's great for cooling and humidifying personal spaces without affecting those around you, and it's also great for directing cooling air with extra precision. The easy to use design of the EZ Breeze makes it easy to use, no need to pull out the tools to assemble the air conditioner, just plug in to your power source of choice. The easy to use design of the EZ Breeze makes it easy to use, no need to pull out the tools to assemble the air conditioner, just plug in to your power source of choice.

Brand: Alda Products

👤The little fan worked better than expected. My family doesn't speak English, so I got a bilingual instruction manual for them. It's a really user friendly setup with just two buttons and a power source, but you need your own power source and block, as it didn't come with one. My family members borrowed it a lot after it was tested out for a few days. It's cool because I can use it in my room with my brother, and it's convenient. My brother likes it warmer at night than I do, and his side is only 5 feet away from me. Even on the highest fan setting, the sound is very low. It's like a white noise machine.

👤The air is cold. The box is large. I put my keys and wallet on top of the place holder on the top shelf of my desk so it doesn't take up a lot of space. It's perfect for me. There are 3 modes for the fan. I left it on size 2 because 3 is too strong. I keep my desk cool when my apartment is warm by turning the fan on around it. I don't have to turn my AC on. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to save money or live in a hot environment. The fan is very quiet.

👤I reached out to the support email on the website and they got back to me very quickly. I was sent a replacement after we tried working through the problem. The support was great for the fan.

👤This is one of the best portable/personal coolers on the market. Especially for an office. Convenientely can be powered with a computer. This cooler can go where other fans or cooling systems can't, since I work in a warehouse where I have to be mobile. There is a pro tip. For optimal cooling, freeze your filter for an hour.

👤The sun comes in and my office gets a bit warm. I was surprised that it actually cooled the room down. The extra step of freezing the filter made a huge difference.

👤The mini air conditioner is perfect for my desk. It keeps me cool while I work. The mini a/c is covered by a one year warranty from the seller. Shipping was fast. Highly recommend this seller!

👤This was bought for use in our garage and works great, doesn't take up a lot of space and is very efficient.

👤The size and performance were great. It's really worth it to have one. It is very easy to use.

3. Edola Personal Conditioner Rechargeable Adjustable

Edola Personal Conditioner Rechargeable Adjustable

This saves a lot of electricity because they use the whole AC unit in one room. It cools your room while consuming very little energy. Evaporative cooling is a natural way of cooling and their cooler is environment friendly. The small portable air conditioner is less noisy than other normal ac when sleeping or reading. The most ideal atmosphere for day and night can be found in stylish design. The led light can be turned on or off at night. The air cooler features a 180 degree stepless speed control knob, which is easy to adjust fan speed as you need. You can change the angle of the air outlet so you can direct the air wherever you need it. You can quickly cooling down air-cooling byFrozen the ice tray, wet the filter and put them into the air cooler's water tank, instantly delivering a comfortable cooling breeze. Extra ice tray helps them keep one in the fridge. The portable and wireless design of the air conditioner will not take up a lot of space and can be carried anywhere. The mini personal air-cooling can be charged with ausb. You can put it in your home. If you are looking for a room A/C or a swamp cooler, you will have to get something bigger and appropriate, because this is a personal cooler, not big enough to cool an entire room. If you are looking for a room A/C or a swamp cooler, you will have to get something bigger and appropriate, because this is a personal cooler, not big enough to cool an entire room.

Brand: Edola

👤I tried to cool my car. Plugging into a power source is necessary. It wasn't cool as long as advertised.

👤It's too small and underpowered to do anything, and a small amount of air below ambient temp is all you get out of it.

👤It's a great little unit that blows cool air in your small space. I use it on my bed.

4. Portable Conditioner Evaporative Personal Bedroom

Portable Conditioner Evaporative Personal Bedroom

Easy control with remote control. The control panel for the portable air conditioner has a power, mode, winding, swing, timer, up and down speeds button. You can easily set the time, temperature, mode, speed, and swing with the Remote Control included. The portable air conditioner has been improved to make it smaller and more powerful. You just need to turn on the portable ac air conditioner, pour some ice water into the water tank, and it will cool the hot air around you in a few seconds. The ideal size of the mini air conditioner is only about 6 feet by 6 feet and weighs 1.9 pounds. It is easy to carry. The small air conditioner can be used with a lot of things. The mini air conditioner has a lot of functions and is equipped with a light. The cooler can cool the air and keep the skin moist. Cotton filters are used to keep the cold air clean. The design of the pull-out makes it easy to remove the filter. The convenience of filling the topwater tank is increased. The tank can be used for 8 hours. The indoor air conditioner can work at low noise levels, and there are 3 wind speeds to choose from. The power supply and conversion circuit can save you money and protect the environment. The indoor air conditioner can work at low noise levels, and there are 3 wind speeds to choose from. The power supply and conversion circuit can save you money and protect the environment.

Brand: Mekomy

👤Works well. You can use ice cubes and filters out of the freezer at high speed. Would recommend it. Two of these are used together.

👤Cools fast when used correctly and is good for a desk or small room.

5. Portable Conditioner Evaporative Humidifier Circulator

Portable Conditioner Evaporative Humidifier Circulator

This small air conditioner is portable and power-saving, it only weighs in 1.98 lbs and has a handle to carry it anywhere, great for offices, table top, dens, reading nooks, dorms, home, campers, work spaces, and etc! Their air cooler has low energy consumption and is perfect for their low-carbon lifestyle. 2X Stronger Breeze with Plug-in Design The newest structure version of the personal air conditioner has a stronger breeze. The bigger Air-inlet design and outlet gives off more air volume than a portable ac with air vent. You can enjoy the breeze even at the distance of 10 feet with the highest speed up to 4.8m/s. The mist is ready for summer. The air conditioner uses hi-tech to atomize water. It can give you a chill wave of coolness, turning roasting temps to pleasant 75F. The 2-Gear Mist function can help you from instant-cold to constant-cooling, soothing every inch of your exposed hot skin. The water tank is bigger. You can drink 600ML of ice water, which will keep you cool for up to 6 hours. You can enjoy the colder breeze if you add more ice. You can use a 2/4H timer to make sure you don't get cold from all-night cold. It is your must-have mini ac. Simple and portable control. The air cooler has a display screen and push button. No more worry about touch screen failure and no extra tech needed. Plug it up and press it, you are ready to sit back and enjoy the breeze. The personal ac can be placed at any desk, coffee table or nightstand. Loud and stylish. The cooler is quieter than other normal ac when it comes to drifting off to dreamland or reading. Seven color back light and stylish design fit any interior, serving you the most ideal atmosphere for day and night. May this air cooler be with you. If you place the unit on a flat surface, do not lean it back-and-forth or left-and-right, it will lead to water leak. The customer should add water by cup into the water tank if they want to push out the reservoir. They provide a 1-year warranty and 60-days no-question refund for their customers. If you have a question, please contact them. They can give you a replacement or a refund.

Brand: Melophy

👤My house gets very hot in the summer and my room is always the hottest in the house, making matters worse. I can't stand the heat inside. If it's hot, it's impossible for me to sleep. I have been using this thing for two days now, and can honestly say I am very pleased with it. I had it running within two minutes of receiving it. To get the most cooling effect, you need to add ice cubes to the water tray, make sure the power is on the third mode, and click the cooling button twice. I feel really cool sitting in front of it, even though it is hot outside. I think I got one of the best nights I've had in a while with this cool air blowing on me, and I don't think there will be a single night this summer where I don't use this. The air is very cool and better than a normal fan. The fan sounds are loud enough to create an ambient fan noise for sleep, but quiet enough to not be a nuisance to others in the house. It's a smooth sound. The fan is very pleasing to the eye and the menu display makes it look expensive. The colored lights are pretty and can serve as a nightlight. I don't know what the UV light is for. The best part of this fan is the cooling and the aesthetic, while the worst is the price and the fact that this fan does not cool more than a few square feet. Overall, I am very happy with this purchase.

👤This cooler is cute. Since summer is coming and I need a cool fan for my hot fan inside my Mac, it needs to be small and not take too much space at my desk cooler, and is reasonable quiet, I found it while looking for a tiny fan for my Mac.

👤This is not an air conditioner. If you think it is, don't buy it. It is what I was looking for. An air cooler. I have a small office that is always hot. I've tried many fans and they don't cool anything. I am hooked after using this. I just have to fill the tank with ice and water and turn it on. Cool air! The fan is more powerful than I had thought. It is small and awesome. I would recommend a small office.

👤It can operate without a cord. This is not true. It must be plugged in to function. You can't use it at the beach or on the patio. It needs to be plugged in at a power outlet. I'm returning it.

👤I already had a similar device, but with less options, and I was missing many functions, so I bought this one and it was great. I don't have to worry about running out of power when it's hot. The design of the large water tank is optimal here. It can't hurt parts of the device if there is a flip over, and it's less prone to spill when it's on a lower position. The timer functions are useful for me during the night because they won't run the whole night after cooling down. It's not cooling down dramatically a large room, but my workplace and around the bed are enough to feel comfortable again and not produce too much humidity. It was designed for my needs.

6. NISPOTDOR Portable Conditioner Personal Evaporative

NISPOTDOR Portable Conditioner Personal Evaporative

You will get a portable air conditioner for small room, a gift box, and a User Manual. They will deal with any questions in 24 hours. Personal air cooler pulls warm air from the room through its evaporative water filter to create your personal space with cool air. Adding ice or ice water into the tank will help accelerate the cooling speed. There are portable and remote control. The mini air cooler is small and can be carried easily. It is very suitable for homes, offices, outdoor picnics, and replaces your regular fan to help keep the temperature cooler. It is so cool because you can bring it with you wherever you want, plug it in and have a cool air. It's easy to set up, just add water to the water tank, plug in and adjust the wind speeds with a touch screen. Adding ice or water will make the experience even cooler. If you need to adjust wind direction by hands, you can do it by vertical rotation. There are 7 different colors of night light, which can be used as a night light, and can help with the better sleep or other occasions. The color of the water is fun to play with. This saves a lot of electricity because they use the whole AC unit in one room. It cools your room while consuming very little energy. Evaporative cooling is a natural way of cooling and their cooler is environment friendly. This saves a lot of electricity because they use the whole AC unit in one room. It cools your room while consuming very little energy. Evaporative cooling is a natural way of cooling and their cooler is environment friendly.

Brand: Nispotdor

👤Aunque estoy en el Caribe, pero el calor es abrazador. Est para trabajar. hay a pendiente, pero para tenerlo.

👤I work well. I have it in my office and it is always very hot. The machine makes the office more pleasant. Within minutes, the cool air in the little compartment on top of the crashed ice blows and lasts a few hours. It was easy to use. The instruction sheet says you need to open the bottom to insert the filter, but it's confusing. There was no filter in the package. I think it is there. I don't need the control since you need this machine very close to you to feel the cool air. I will order again.

👤The air was cool when I put ice cold water and ice cube in it. There is some heat put off by the unit. The back of the unit is close to a wall, so it needs good circulating air around it. I ran it in my bathroom to see how it worked. It didn't work as well as I had hoped. The other reviews are correct. The lights are nice. I will use this as a night or mood light, so not a problem for me.

👤It works well for running almost night and day. Depending on use, the tank can only be refill 3 times. Drawbacks have no handle. There were no instructions for the remote. It's a good deal if it's a bargain.

👤This is wonderful. It is helpful and has great power.

👤I like sleeping in the night with the cool air in my face. This works well in Colorado, where it is a humidifier. The remote is easy to use and turn off during the night.

👤It works, keeps the area cool.

👤A little clunky. The desk top cooling unit was a welcome addition. It is noisy and has the world's smallest screws to hold it together, two of which we lost on the first attempt. It still works, but with ice cubes added, is it helping me deal with the weather?

👤The fan and wet foam add to the cooling effect. Unless your sat is hunched over it, it is not very effective. Not impressed with the money.

👤Quiet. Excellent value. This is something that I love. It helped cool my room when I needed it the most. Would definitely recommend. A great addition is remote control.

👤The only problem with this product is that it is loud. You can't complain about the price.

👤It's not a very strong air flow, but it cools quite well.

7. ZSHIKJ Conditioner Evaporative Portable Personal

ZSHIKJ Conditioner Evaporative Portable Personal

The air conditioner is portable. Their portable air conditioner is better at cooling than the traditional fan or room air conditioner. The mini air conditioner is great for small rooms. There are three modes for this personal air conditioner. The air cooler uses the air humidifying technology to raise the relative humidity. When you turn on the small air conditioner, you can feel the coolness. It's easy to use, you just need to connect the plug. The switch and cooling button should be pressed. You can change the direction of the wind with the help of the air conditioner fan. Adding ice cubes will make the portable air cooler cooler. The portable ac air conditioner is made of precious metals. The design makes it portable and cost-effective. It can make it cooler for 3-6 hours. Will be perfect for your desk, pets, living room, bedroom, kitchen, study, working, rest, or traveling. You will get a portable air conditioner for small room, a gift box, and a User Manual. They will deal with any questions in 24 hours. You will get a portable air conditioner for small room, a gift box, and a User Manual. They will deal with any questions in 24 hours.

Brand: Zshikj

👤This does what you would expect. You can see my video. I have a portable air conditioner that will keep it in the low 80s. I put some small ice cubes and water from the fridge into the fan and it has a nice cool breeze blowing right on me. After a few minutes, my temp gauge is now reading 80 next to me. If you have smaller ice cubes, you can fit them in the water tray. It's perfect for sitting on the couch, in bed, or at your desk. Don't expect more from it than that. It is quiet and has a nice fan speed. They are a low water level light on top and not sure how long the water will last. I was worried about the water leaking from the drips since it mists.

👤I like the unit. I fill it with ice and water and it makes a nice breeze. I want it to go toward my face so I can sleep better. The water is still there after being run over night. I have a brand that costs twice as much and is said to chill a room in minutes. No, it doesn't. The brand is easy to use and quiet. If you want to chill a room, buy an AC unit.

👤Cheap plastic, loud. The fan is running and the water is dripping. Unless you are sitting right in front of it, it doesn't do much. Is it worth $30? It is better than a regular fan but not sure how long it will last.

👤This was a joke. It was very thin. I know it is not meant to be an AC, but it did not push out any cold air. It seemed like a weird humidifier. It was very easy to use. Not worth the cost to me. I returned it. The box said it was black and white. That was also very strange.

👤You put cold water in a box. The fan makes you feel like it's working when it blows at you. It might be effective on warm days, but not hot ones. Get a fan. The one in this thing is weak.

👤It isn't very powerful. The mist doesn't cover a lot of ground. I wanted to place something near the table to keep us cool. I won't do that well.

👤If you have it on a desk for work or next to a bed, it will help take the edge off of the room.

👤Don't be surprised if you try to depend on it alone when it's 95F and up.

8. Black Decker Portable Conditioner Display

Black Decker Portable Conditioner Display

Quiet and power efficient, their 6,000 BTU DOE (10,000 BTU ASHRAE) compact air conditioner will keep you cool and comfortable all summer. The fan speed can be adjusted to cool the air to 65F. It's extra quiet when you sleep mode. The floor-standing portable AC unit is perfect for rooms up to 150 sq. ft. It is the ideal small air conditioner for dorm, apartments, cabins, campers, offices, bedrooms, or living rooms. The portable air conditioner can be put into any room with a double hung or sliding window. Attach the included hose and plug it in to an outlet. At the end of the season, unhook and store. The air temperature can be precisely controlled with the simple remote control and top-mounted display. If you want to clean the filter, just slide it out twice a month. 3-in-1 function combines cooling, fan, and dehumidifying functions in one machine. The self-evaporating operation makes your living space cool and dry. The sounds on the floor or wall can be louder than they are. Clean the air filters and add a minimum distance from the air intake. The length of the exhaust hose needs to be as short as possible. The unit should be set to cooling mode. Make sure the unit is leveled. The air conditioner has a drain plug.

Brand: Black+decker

👤It has been almost 2 years. I am still enjoying this a/c. In the winter, I remove the vent assembly. It's cool in my home. I would still recommend it. I ordered another one for my hot laundry room because reviews were all over the place. I bought this unit because I ignored the negative reviews. Is it quieter than having a central a/c? Absolutely not. You are not very bright if you think it will be. I don't have to change the volume for the television when it's running. Our window unit was so loud that we could barely hear each other. Don't listen to the tv. This was a pleasant surprise. It was noisy because I had read so many reviews. We put this in the corner of the living room so that it can be seen from the middle of the living room. The vent is hidden by my drapes and it's sea he vent. The room cooled down within 10 minutes after I set it to 74. The living room is larger than the rest of the house and we sit 20 feet away from the unit. I can feel it all the way in the dining room from the living room. I think it cools nicely. I thought about buying a second unit for the master bedroom, but decided I would just roll it in there. The window vent was too wide, so it was difficult to see out the window. It would be great if the manufacturer made a shorter panel. I am very pleased with this unit and would highly recommend it.

👤The central air in my house is not working. It would cost me over $6,000 to fix it. I decided to buy this portable air conditioner because it's cheap and it gets the job done. It has been a couple of days since I used it and it has been a life saver. The ac unit cools down my room in minutes when it gets up to 115F. I set it to go off after an hour. I always go to my room after work, even though I don't expect this thing to cool down my entire living room. I am satisfied so far. My only complaint is that the instructions are not very helpful, but the benefit far outweighs the negatives, and you can get an idea of how to install it from the video sharing website. It gets 5 stars in my book. If I encounter any problems, I will update my review, but as of now I think this is the best unit to beat the summer heat. It has been about 2 months since I bought the unit. I still stand by what I said about the device. The area has been consistently hot all summer. I never felt the summer heat inside. This is an amazing investment for future summers and was definitely worth the purchase. It has been 3 years since I bought this portable air conditioner and I believe it is one of my greatest investments. I have owned this AC unit for 3 years and it has saved my life. I don't regret buying this and I would buy a new one if it failed, I don't see it failing anytime soon!

9. Ontel Arctic Air Pure Chill

Ontel Arctic Air Pure Chill

Safe Durable & Guaranteed: Made with Li-ion battery cells and built in 6 security protection. They are the manufacturer and they keep developing and improving their products to give their customers the best products. Krisdonia customers get a 12-month 100% satisfaction warranty. The air cooler helps turn hot, dry air into cold, refreshing air. Quiet and lightweight, the air cooler is perfect to use overnight for a comfortable sleep. The hydro chill technology pulls in hot air through an air evaporative cooling filter and turns it into cool, refreshing air instantly. It's easy to set up and use, just pour water in the top fill tank, plug it in, and enjoy. Cool Air Wherever You Need It: The sleek, compact design fits nicely on your desk, nightstand, or coffee table wherever you need it, and it is even convenient for travel. Product packing may be different. Product packing may be different.

Brand: Ontel

👤I've tried everything to make this worth it. I used large ice cubes, crushed ice, froze the filter but it still puts out semi cold air, which is about as cool as a regular tiny fan but costs 3 times the price. I know it's small and not supposed to cool an entire room, but it doesn't blow out a lot of cool air or blow out very forcefully. You can sip ice water and sit next to a color changing nightlight if you get a tiny fan. I'm not sure how this product has so many positive reviews, either they are paid or the satisfied customers forgot to include that the air conditioner is a play toy for Barbie's Dreamhouse.

👤I ordered it because it offered cold air. The first time I used it, I put cold water and ice in it, but didn't get a chance to freeze it. It didn't go for 10 hours like it was supposed to, still doesn't. I went to use it the next day and it was leaking water and ice. I cleaned it up, dried it out and tried again, it seems like the more I use it the cooler the air gets. I am not happy with it, but it does make me feel better. Do not expect it to cool off a dorm room size space.

👤The product I received was on for 10 minutes. It's so loud that it sounds like a jet is about to take off. I only bought it for my night stand and there's no way I'd get any rest. It's a total waste of money to put ice cubes in a tiny tank of water. The machine is so small that there is no option to turn off the lights. It was an epic fail.

👤It was a waste of time. Intel said it comes with a power cord. It doesn't. They have given me the runaround all week. I bought another brand for less money.

👤The product is not good. The drawer has sticks. You have to pull from the top to open it. The unit at it's lowest setting is very loud and the water leaks out everywhere. It does meet the cooling capacity. I thought it was just the first day, but after a week, I'm not going to visit this brand again. I paid 40 dollars for a unit that is not worth it. It's not a good idea until they fix all the defects with it. The defects were there in the testing after I You-Tubed it. Not good at all. The man who was demonstrating it said you could get up to 6 hours of chilled air. The water is visible from the bottom of the unit. It's only good for a nightlight. I'm sure there are other brands that work well, but this isn't one of them.

👤I would love to give a single star. It is too loud even at the lowest speed. It's notusable. Amazon has another waste of money.

10. Portable Conditioner MAXROCK Personal Evaporative

Portable Conditioner MAXROCK Personal Evaporative

Remote control and 12 hours timing. The cooler is equipped with a remote control so that you can enjoy the cool on the sofa or on the bed without moving. Setting a 12-hour timer will help you save energy by turning the unit off. It has an audible low-water indicator that can be used to monitor the water level. It was a great companion for sleeping in the hot summer. The MAXROCK mini evaporative air cooler is portable and light. In the hot summer, bring you cool air. For personal space and a small room. 5 in 1 is a function. There is a mini personal air conditioner, small evaporative air cooler, portable ac and cool mist humidifier. There is a light in the air cooler. It can be used as a night light. The water tank has a wide mouth threaded water bottle cap. It's easy to clean. When it was full, it could work for up to 8 hours. When the water runs out you don't have to worry about it when you fall asleep. 3 speed wind and fast cooling are built with 2 fans and 3 modes of blowing air. High speed can reach 3m/s which can cool down the air quickly. You feel better after a long time use of theitating natural wind design. There is a black net in the air cooler that can be used to absorb odors and dust. The water drawer and sponge are designed to collect mist water so that you don't have to worry about it getting to your desk. There is a black net in the air cooler that can be used to absorb odors and dust. The water drawer and sponge are designed to collect mist water so that you don't have to worry about it getting to your desk.

Brand: Maxrock

👤I didn't think the air conditioner would do much, but I was wrong. Sometimes I have to turn this down because it can get too cold for me. The air conditioning unit fits on my desk without taking up a lot of space. I don't have to worry about it making a mess on my desk. When I choose the cooler air option, there is mist that comes out but it's so small that it doesn't bother me. I put ice inside of this and it makes the water cold and the air cold. It's really easy to use, as long as I have an air conditioning unit on my desk. I have a fan that blows out warm air, but this blows out cold air. The handle on this is strong and allows me to move it anywhere, so far it has not torn or shown signs of ripping. It's really easy to change the settings on this, just tap on the side. It keeps me cool but also around my area. It makes sitting next to a window more enjoyable.

👤The product was packaged well and arrived on time, but not directly to the address. I had to look for the building on the 12th floor. 2 stars for packaging and delivery. It makes sense that the craftsmanship is very light because it is made of thin plastic. Imagine if it got tipped over and you had water in your desk. It comes with a cable with no head sockets for the wall. You will need to set it up close to your computer. So, 1 for quality. If you need it close to you at work, you might speak louder on the phone. If it is in your bedroom. It will be relaxing. The level of noise can help you sleep. 3 for noise. It is okay. How close you are to it will be the biggest factor. Don't expect a blasting air to hit you at the highest setting. The manual explains the complaints about sweating. It will be dependent on the humidity of the room. Put a paper towel under it. If I say it will flood your surface, it is exaggerated. Unless you tip it over. 3 is for performance. What price? This should be around $20, no more than $30. The price is based on the craftsmanship and performance. It should be worth $30 if you don't have Amazon prime. For price is 2. It is a descent product. It was better than a regular fan. Life expectancy? I will find out after a few months. The 3 rate is right if it lasts through the fall.

👤You couldn't cool a small closet with this.

👤It works great in my patio, you can use it as a fan, or you can use it as a air conditioner, but there is not much noise, and you can add water and ice to it to keep you cool.

👤I will take this with me when I travel. It's easy to use. It is easy to fill and has a large water tank. It's quite when it's its own. I like the light. It's a night light. It's bright enough to see where you're walking at night, but not so bright that I can't see. It was worth the price. I will get another one. It is easy to travel with. I like that it has a handle. Its light weight. This is a good recommendation.

11. AIVANT Portable Evaporative Conditioner Oscillation

AIVANT Portable Evaporative Conditioner Oscillation

The easy to use design of the EZ Breeze makes it easy to use, no need to pull out the tools to assemble the air conditioner, just plug in to your power source of choice. Adding cold water or ice cubes on top of the three levels of airflow and cooling will help with the cold breeze. The supports of this cooler vary in temperature from 45 to 180 degrees, cooling your surrounding evenly, not just in one direction. If you want to add water from the top and check the capacity from the side, you can pull the small plastic tube out and drain the tank. The control button is easy to understand, just fill the water tank, press the ON button, and the light bar will show the remaining power and charging status. The hidden handle makes carrying the air cooler much easier. The air cooler comes with a 5000 mah battery, which can run for up to 9 hours after a fully charged battery, and it also comes with a microHDMI port so you can place it anywhere. The air cooler comes with a 5000 mah battery, which can run for up to 9 hours after a fully charged battery, and it also comes with a microHDMI port so you can place it anywhere.

Brand: Aivant

👤The air conditioner is not meant for cooling the entire room. It can not do that. It is more for it to be placed on the desk. The part that wind can get to will be cool. If you set the fan speed to the max, the wind is pretty strong, I can still feel the wind blowing at 50 cm of range, which is pretty good in my opinion. The rotation range is enough for the purpose it was designed for. I don't have a chance to test it with ice cube or ice water. For my experience with tap water in a room, it's cool. It isn't comparable to a real AC. It is definitely cooler than other smaller fans in its size category. There will be a small splash of water out of the air outlet. Don't put electronics in front of the air outlet. I will recommend this product to anyone who wants a small cooling system. It will get the job done.

👤My husband is taking shots for his cancer. He kept turning the AC down after they gave him hot flashes. I wore a jacket in the house. The device keeps the temp down in his chair. I don't have to wear a jacket because he's comfortable and my electric bill is low.

👤The fan is great. I've had a similar fan in the past and it didn't work well. Even though there is no water or ice in, this fan still blows cold. It blows cold air when you add ice and water to the easy till. It doesn't need a power source at all times. It is portable because it can charge and run for a while. The fan is not meant for an entire room but is great as a personal fan and to cool down quickly.

👤This item is perfect for my nightstand. I don't have to pay my utility bill.

👤Provides a baseline amount of noise to sleep with. It was a nice surprise that it was not very loud. It helps cool the area when it's hot and dry. The item is very small. It's great for directing the cooling to a different area. I love it!

👤We didn't expect much from them, but they are useless. We used the "coolers" in the bedrooms. One battery did not hold a charge and neither put out cooling air. I will return both and request a refund.

👤There are many different settings and long lasting batteries. I added a drop of essential oil to the water. It is great for small spaces and portable battery for when you don't have power but need to be cool. The fan speed needs to be close to you to feel the breeze.

👤This little unit is very cute. It has a limited range but the air is good and it can run for hours. Very happy.


What is the best product for portable ac air conditioner mini?

Portable ac air conditioner mini products from Black+decker. In this article about portable ac air conditioner mini you can see why people choose the product. Alda Products and Edola are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable ac air conditioner mini.

What are the best brands for portable ac air conditioner mini?

Black+decker, Alda Products and Edola are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable ac air conditioner mini. Find the detail in this article. Mekomy, Melophy and Nispotdor are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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