Best Portable Battery Charger Automotive

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1. Starter Emergency 20000mAh Portable Lead Acid

Starter Emergency 20000mAh Portable Lead Acid

Over 10 million units have been sold by the company, they provide a safe and reliable product, 24 months of hassle-free warranty, and lifetime technical support. Any questions, contact them. The package includes a jump starter, jump starter carry case, user guide, and a user manual. The climber is not included in the package. It is designed for 12V vehicles with up to 6.0L gas and 6.0L diesel engines and has a 1200 Amp peak and 20000 mah capacity. The car battery charger can hold a charge for more than six months and provide up to 30 jump starts on a single charge. The car jump starter system has nine safety functions that ensure the safety of the user in all modes of operation and to protect the unit from damage that short-circuits protection, over-temperature protection, reverse connection protection, over-current protection, and over charge protection. There are malfunctioning car charges. A 12V/10A port can be used to power other vehicle devices. You can use the new dualUSB quick charge output ports to charge your electronic devices. The portable jump starter car battery has a built-in super bright flashlight so you can see it at night when you need it the most. They wanted their users to feel safe using the jump starter. Thanks to the Lead-Acid battery, the jump starter can survive challenging temperatures, no fear of freezing winter or hot summer. The complete package includes a jump-start power pack, an intelligent jumper cable set with a protection device, a wall charger, a car cigarette lighter, and a user's manual. If you have a problem with your portable car battery jump starter, please contact them. When traveling, please check the power level. The complete package includes a jump-start power pack, an intelligent jumper cable set with a protection device, a wall charger, a car cigarette lighter, and a user's manual. If you have a problem with your portable car battery jump starter, please contact them. When traveling, please check the power level.

Brand: Acetek

👤I bought this in December of 2020. I went to charge it for the first time because the battery was low and it wasn't working anymore. After 24 hours of charging, the battery will not hold a charge and will remain on the indicator level. I contacted the seller to inquire about the warranty but they completely ignored my question and told me to charge the product for 48 hours. I asked how long I had been charging. I have been charging for over 24 hours and it is not holding a charge. If it was charging at all, you would think it would have moved past yellow by now. It is not. The seller was not transparent when I asked about the warranty. Which leads me to believe there is no. Don't buy this product, it doesn't last a year. It appears to have no warranty or guarantee. I wish I went with a well known brand that backed their products up because it is not a cheap product.

👤This is the best jump starter I have ever purchased. I bought three other Jump Starters and they did not compare. I got my money back after taking them back. When I bought this one, I charged it up and it was dead two days later. I had a chance to see if this charger worked and I was able to start my car from a dead battery. This Jump Starter is the right one to buy. After six months, the lawn mower wouldn't start. There is no fire at the cable ends when the charging light on the jumper comes on. I am stuck with something I can't use because of the return time.

👤The car was in the garage with a dead battery. I didn't start the battery for more than 2 months. I tried to jump it with my other SUV, but it didn't work. I looked online for a jumper and found several, but this one got good reviews. There were a couple of others that got good reviews. The other functions of this one included a jump starter, a flash light, and ausb ports. I went for it. I got it from Amazon. The box already showed 100%. I plugged it in to charge it and within an hour the light went off indicating a full charge. It started clean after I hooked it up to my car. Without any stalling. I had to jump my Camry a second time and it did great. My car is dying because I work from home and don't use it often, and sometimes I forget to charge it up. This was very useful for me.

👤The reason we got this was to help jump our Suzuki 250, but the jumper is too fat to fit around the battery terminals. Someone asked if this would work for a motorcycle, and the manufacturer said yes. This is not accurate for all motorcycle batteries. We decided to keep it for our car, but had to buy another portable jumper for the bike's battery because we decided to keep it for our car.

2. NOCO GBX45 UltraSafe Powerbank 6 5 Liter

NOCO GBX45 UltraSafe Powerbank 6 5 Liter

In The Box is a collection of products including a battery jump starter pack, battery charging cable, and user guide. X for Extreme is a new design with extreme jump starting power. The portable car battery jump starter is rated at 1250-amps. This isn't an upgrade. The Extreme Series is a new series. The boost X is equipped with a power delivery system that gives you lightning-fast rechargings. Go from zero to 5 minutes of charge in 48 minutes. You have the power to charge almost everything with theusb-c power delivery. The internal power bank provides 60 watt of power to power your favorite devices, like phones, tablets, laptops, and more. UltraSafe 2.0 is better because they took their technology and made it better. It's still a simple design with spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection, but with enhanced thermal efficiency and power management to provide better performance and longer battery life. One of the most versatile jump starters is the Boost X. Jump start all vehicle types, including cars, motorcycles, trucks, ATVs, boats, RVs, vans, SUVs, and more for up to 6.5-liter gasoline and 4.0-liter diesel engines. Here's what you can get with the boost X - the battery booster jump starter pack, power bank, cable, and bag. Here's what you can get with the boost X - the battery booster jump starter pack, power bank, cable, and bag.

Brand: Noco

👤I tested it out with a few things. Will it run anything with a power input? Yes. Will it be able to charge your phone fast? Yes. Are you using your laptop? Yes. The battery in my truck died without warning. I don't think it was low on charge. The interior lights wouldn't illuminate anymore because it died. I assume something broke inside it. The Noco boost is entered. The truck started as if it had a brand new battery. Great! I think so. The engine dies if I close the hood and drive off. The battery is dead. The engine won't run without a booster connected. The Noco has an override button which will force it to keep supplying power. I was able to leave it hooked up in override and get a new battery, because I was able to drive with lights on long enough to get to a parts store. 100% from me.

👤I like the small ones. It's only good for a few starts. I used it twice with a 650 cca Amp battery and it used half the power as the led said. The first 450 Amp battery wouldn't start. It's well built, but the battery life isn't great. I have a tacklife that I use to start several cars, including the v8s. It's only rated for 800 peak. I want to like me, but it can't keep up. I will give it back for the 2000amp amplifier.

👤The NOCO product is not good. Amazon has ordered a replacement. I charged the device and went to open the dead battery on the engine. When I disconnected this unit, it was warm to the touch and the charge lights were not on. This showed to me that it was completely empty. One jump and then drained? I thought it needed a charge. Two hours with a 20W charge and only two red lights? I'll try a replacement but so far my experience with NOCO has been bad. I recommend that this product be removed if the replacement has the same results. I will write a stern letter to NOCO as to the product's deceptive capabilities. It won't fast charge my phone via the port before I start my car.

👤The picture is a little misleading as it states a 48 minute full charge time. If you don't have a 60W charger, that's all. The charging block is not for the price you think it would be. A cell phone charging block takes over eight hours to charge, but it is still a good thing since you only have to charge once every six months or so. It is easy to store with a small construction, and the light is bright.

👤The Li Ion batteries were not good. Will not charge. Amazon will not accept it. I switched the jump starter and kept my return. Amazon was changed from Hero to Zero.

👤I bought this to keep the Bronco in case the battery dies. The battery was fully flat. It took a minute to figure out the override mode, but this tiny thing fired that big engine better than a new full-size car battery does. I'm impressed! I started the car again with this booster after moving it. I don't know how many starts it has, but it's part of my kit now!

3. DEWALT DXAE20VBB Automotive Battery Booster

DEWALT DXAE20VBB Automotive Battery Booster

Automatic safety shut off. 20V tool batteries can be transformed into a portable automotive battery booster, as well as starting vehicles and charging personal electronics. You can boost 12V car and truck batteries with the press of a button. Features metal, plastic, and light; built to last while adding utility. The need to worry about charging and upkeep is eliminated with a booster and jump starter that comes with a 20V MAX DEWALT battery. For maximum flexibility, you can use FLEXVOLT and 20V MAX, which are compatible with all current DEWALT tool batteries. Personal electronics can be charged with dual 5V DC, 3.1A Maxusb ports. Personal electronics can be charged with dual 5V DC, 3.1A Maxusb ports.

Brand: Dewalt

👤If your battery holds a charge, you should believe this works. For ex. After you connect the device, wait for a few minutes, then turn it on, and start the car, because the device will blink green until it becomes a solid green. It did not start my car because the battery in it is dead and will not hold a charge. If it is able to charge your car battery to the point where it has enough juice to start the car, then it will work. This device will not start your car if the battery in your car is dead or damaged. This device won't be able to put a charge into the battery, and without a charge in the car battery, this device doesn't have the oomph to start the car. You would need a booster device that can start cars on its own.

👤Doesn't work. It did not work for me. I used my other jump pack and it fired right up. I'm a huge fan of dewalt and have a lot of their tools. Shame on you.

👤I bought this jumper because I could use it with my batteries. I work on small engines so I wanted to replace my big jumper that is getting old. This thing doesn't work. The jumper won't turn on if the car battery is dead. I tried to start my 6 cylinder truck but it wouldn't start. Most of the time it doesn't work on small equipment. I don't want to waste my time so I don't grab it. I own a lot of dewalt tools and this is not one of them.

👤I am a big fan of Dewalt. Have several tools, give them as gifts, and have grown with them from 18v to 40v chain saw. They have never had to call customer service because of their core quality. Hope you don't have to. They are open from 9 to 5. It's not convenient for the do it yourself person. The phone battery died the first time I called, but the music was good. The batter charger detente button did not work, the light did not work, and the phone charger did not work. After trying the first unit, I started my lawn tractor with the LiIon/capacitive discharge unit in my car. The effort to get a fix is back. The second call took about 20 minutes to connect. The service advisor was useless, helpless, and only busy thumbing through the advisory with no new suggestion for a fix. The only solution was to suggest that the batteries might be faulty or old, because I had no knowledge of the problem. He could arrange for me to purchase a 5 Amp battery for a couple of hundred dollars, which would probably work. If it was sent to Dewalt service, it would take a couple of weeks or so to get a solution, and they would not be able to provide a solution beyond returning it or replacing it. I have been bombarded with Milwaukee ads, and maybe it is time for a change, but I have a couple of corded tools. Don't waste your time or money on this point.

4. Schumacher SC1280 Charger Automotive Batteries

Schumacher SC1280 Charger Automotive Batteries

All types of vehicles are compatible with Charge and maintain. It can deliver 15 Amp rapid charge and 3 Amp maintain to automotive and marine batteries. Microprocessor-controlled automatic amperage rate adjustment and multi-stage charging for added precision, safety, and battery life are some of the benefits of smart charging. Simple button controls and a digital display make it easy to use. Votage degradation is a type of degradation. It will automatically detect 6V or 12V batteries. If the clamps are reversed, reverse hook-up protection prevents the charger from working. If the clamps are reversed, reverse hook-up protection prevents the charger from working.

Brand: Schumacher

👤I decided to pull the plug on this particular charger after reading a few reviews. After 15 minutes of run time, my project car battery wouldn't gain enough power to restart. I bought this because I wanted to trickle charge the battery to 100%. The same as the one I showed on my meter, it was out of the box. I love that feature. It figured out that it was connected to a car battery and had standard and 15 Amp displays. Cool. I pressed a random button to bring the display back up after 5 minutes. Success! It worked. I'm happy with it. I watched it for an hour and it went up to 53%. I decided to let it do what it does. It seemed to be stuck on 80% when I returned an hour later. The water/acid was bubbling inside the battery. I got a reading of 13 v on my meter and the charge gave me a reading of 13 v. That's incorrect in my book. The charge should have been indicated on the device and the charge should have been switched to float or maintain. It didn't. It kept on charging because it thought the battery was only 80% when it was fully charged. It could cause a serious problem if left unattended. The product will charge your battery, but there is a software glitch that needs to be fixed by the manufacturer.

👤Overcharging destroyed a 100AH deep cycle battery. The battery was very hot, the plastic was very hot, and the charge was still at 15A. Customer service was not very helpful so far, it was sent back over a week ago without any communication. I tried this on other batteries and it worked. schumacher will not stand behind their faulty products. They claim the battery was not overheated. The battery was ruined and only one charge was hooked to it. The battery was very hot and at full charge, yet they still deny the charger is to blame. I hope this will help someone else out. The company cannot explain why it got so hot. The internal short will be eliminated if the battery is shorted a month later. They will not pay for the battery, but will replace it. A new 100AH deep cycle that cost $200 was the result of dealing with schumacher. I will never deal with schumacher because their products are not good.

👤I tried 3 others but my battery was dead. I put this on the battery and left it on for the night. I have used the best.

👤It caused a new battery to swell in 30 minutes. I'm happy I checked it out. When I connected it, the battery was only at 81%. The battery was swollen so much that the fan of the charger was running very high, but it kept trying to charge. It smelled bad in my garage. I think it was going to explode. I will come back.

👤I used this to charge my car battery. It's pretty straight forward to use if you read the instructions. Hit the start button after hooking up the positive terminal first. The screen will show the current charge and voltage and this should increase over time. I think the screen will turn off at some point due to a power saving mode. You can get the screen to come back on if you hit "start" again, but don't trust the readings at this point. After turning the screen back on, I got stuck at 80%. I plugged it in the next morning and it was at 98%. A fan in the unit will run about 90 percent of the time after a few minutes. It's loud. This can't jump your car. I didn't see that advertised, so it's not a big deal, but some reviewers said they saw it advertised and got mad because it didn't have it. It took my battery from dead as a doornail, but it did not have a problem.

5. DEWALT DXAEJ14 Jump Starter Compressor

DEWALT DXAEJ14 Jump Starter Compressor

Works at night. Ultra-bright, energy-efficient, and bright LEDs ensure you can start your vehicle in dark conditions. Patented Alternator Check function; 1400 Peak Amp, 700 instant starting Amp. The digital compressor has an auto stop and a surefit nozzle. portable power for electronic devices is provided by the built-inusb port. Plug in an extension cord to get a built-in AC charger. The standard extension cord is not included in the charges. Up to 2 personal devices can be charged with the dualUSB Charging Ports. Universal fit is the fit type. Universal fit is the fit type.

Brand: Dewalt

👤It was actually made by Black & Decker. The package was well packaged and arrived on time. Remove it from the package and read the instructions. It was charged to full capacity and plugged into a power outlet in the truck. It was used to start a truck that had a dead battery. It worked out great. I grabbed the DEWALT DXAEJ14 because my riding lawn mower needed a jump start. The lawn mower wouldn't crank even though the charged screen reflected a full charge. Maybe not made for a riding lawn mower. I allowed my wife's car battery to drain with the headlights on overnight to test the Great Name Brand Product: Wouldn't restart the car, yet the battery charge bar on the DeWALT panel reflected fully charged. I used the air pump on the tire to use half the product. I began acting weird when I tried to use it. The pressure gauge fluctuated from 20 to 50 to 25 to 60 to 15. Without getting an accurate reading. I contacted DeWALT asking for technical support, customer service and even the CEO who referred me over to Black & Decker stated that DeWALT is actually a product of Black & Decker. I contacted Black & Decker five times and was told that someone would contact me soon. I haven't been contacted by anyone from Black & Decker or DeWALT in over a year. The best place to store the DEWALT. There is a digital air compressor in your garbage can. I threw it in the garbage. Don't buy this product. My assessments and reviews are based on verified purchases and use of products. The fact that this is a terrible product and should be pulled from sales to unwary potential customers does not make up for how you attempt to make this right with the customer. As long as Amazon allows it to be read, my assessment and review will remain.

👤We run an auto body shop and this is not an authentic DeWalt box. A third party buys the name. The warranty information posted to the description is junk and the rep stated they have never heard of the part number or the issue. The warranty number is a third party who makes air compressor. Don't buy.

👤The product wouldn't charge all the way. The charging device shuts off and doesn't work. It didn't qualify because of it's weight. Sorry Amazon. I have purchased 10's of thousands of dollars of merchandise from you and when I need to return something you shut me down. Poor form. Poor business. Not a happy customer. Hope this is not a sign of your future business model.

👤After barely a month of use, died. I am not sure what the problem is, if it is that battery, as soon as you disconnected it from the power source, it stopped working, and Amazon said "Return windows closed on 1/31/2018", I am not sure what that means.

👤It stopped holding a charge in less than 30 days, and it isn't returnable due to special shipping requirements. I made a mistake.

6. NOCO GB70 UltraSafe Lithium Gasoline

NOCO GB70 UltraSafe Lithium Gasoline

Power core 26800, 2X Microusb cable, Travel pouch, welcome guide, and 18-month customer service are what you get. The Usb-c cable and the Lightning cable are not sold together. 5V 4A The output is 5V. 6A (5V) 3A per port The 2000-amp portable car battery jump starter pack is rated for gasoline engines up to 8 liters and diesel engines up to 6 liters and can jump start a dead car battery in seconds. UltraSafe is a car battery jump starter pack that is easy to use. Their mistake-proof design features spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection, so you can safely connect to any 12-volt automotive car battery. It has a car jump starter, portable power bank, flashlight, and 12-volt portable power. You can charge the devices. It can be charged from any powered port in 6 hours. An integrated flashlight with seven light modes. A 15-amp outport port can be used to power any 12VDC devices. Their portable car battery jump starter is the most advanced ever. The high-discharge technology is used for safe operation in any climate. The enclosure is water resistant. A rubbery overmolded case to prevent scratching. The vehicles auxiliary port can be used for rapid charging. The ultra-compact and lightweight design is just 5 pounds. In The Box - UltraSafe portable car battery Jump Starter Pack, Needle-Nose battery Clamps, XGC Male and Female Connectors, XGC Cable, Microusb Charging Cable, Microfiber Storage Bag, User Guide, 1-year warranty, and Designed in the USA. In The Box - UltraSafe portable car battery Jump Starter Pack, Needle-Nose battery Clamps, XGC Male and Female Connectors, XGC Cable, Microusb Charging Cable, Microfiber Storage Bag, User Guide, 1-year warranty, and Designed in the USA.

Brand: Noco

👤I've been a pro auto tech for a long time now that all the normal tools have been paid for. You start looking for things that you don't want to spend your money on, but still irritate you when the shop you're at doesn't have one. I bought this because I was at a place that reconditions and resells used cars. We have anywhere from 2500-5000 cars at the facility. There are a lot of dead batteries. On a daily basis, I would need to jump start cars. There are cars ranging from tiny electric cars to diesel trucks. I've had to jump hundreds of cars, but only one would not let the Genius jump. The discharge was extreme and there was no access to the battery terminals. There were only tiny remote jump posts. The description claims that it will jump up to 20 cars. This is an under estimate. I could use this all week, jumping 30 or more cars. When it reaches 25%, I only plug it in. I jump electric cars on a regular basis. Electric cars have a regular 12V battery for starting, and a special battery for the motor. The 12V battery and the motor battery are dead more often than not. I would use the NOCO to start the car and leave it connected so I could drive it to the shop. The jump box will run the entire electric car for several minutes and barely deplete its charge. Doing this multiple times throughout the day will deplete it more quickly. The charge lasts forever if you jump start. It can be used on a gasoline engine to run a car when the alternator is bad. Only a few are very minor. The cables are not as long as I would like. It's more compact, but sometimes it's hard to get connected to a battery. The location of the light button makes it easy to turn it on. I accidentally turned the light on many times, and it stayed on for a long time until I noticed. It's a bit heavy to carry. I had to carry it around in a backpack with other tools and things I needed to do my job. The weight is not an issue for the normal person. The traditional jump box is much larger and heavier. It takes a long time to charge. The better part of the day is the last part. It's all done. The minor points should not deter you from buying this. I hate that I waited so long to buy this thing. Been using this for almost two years. Still going strong. Not jumping starting batteries every day is what I'm doing now. The charge is still there. Use to bench test starters. I charge it once a month. If I see the charge is low when I use it, I will throw it away. The best jump box I've ever used is still the best. I bought this in March of last year. I'm buying a second one. I'm getting a new one for work and taking the old one home because I want one for home now. I will still love this box. On the daily, I jump starting cars. The box is almost 5 years old and the battery needs to be charged more often. Think of your old phone. It's still kicking strong. The cables are not long. I use it daily, and charge it every few weeks. The rest of my review is still strong. I have to charge it more often because the battery is old. I'll have a new one for work now that it's perfect for home use.

7. FUMOSI Automotive Maintainer Motorcycle Batteries

FUMOSI Automotive Maintainer Motorcycle Batteries

Personal electronics can be charged with dual 5V DC, 3.1A Maxusb ports. The international standard copper wire is used in the Automatic Smart Car battery Charger. It is possible to automatically switch from fast charge to trickle charge. The poles are protected from sparks. Reliable, stable and safe to charge. The battery charger is designed for all types of batteries, including lead-Acid, GEL, and AGM batteries. It's suitable for Agricultural vehicles, car, motorcycle, lawn mower, boat. Take a single charge and serve all your batteries. Lithium battery is not allowed. It's easy to carry and store the trickle chargers on the go, it's not a car jump starter. The screen displays charging and battery status. Plug the battery into the power sockets, then connect the battery to the pole, it will charge and stop when fully charged. It was easy to charge, just hung it up. Design with an intelligent repair function. The battery will be repaired and charged if you press the smart repair button for 5 seconds. The intelligent control system and strong pulse repair technology have a desulphur cycle, repair damaged batteries and extend battery life. There are built-in circuit protection for the car battery. Quality Assurance is 15 years. Every battery maintainer is checked by aging test before packing, a factory with well-experienced engineers and skilled workers, international quality system certification, and every battery maintainer is checked by an experienced engineer. Their technical support and sale service will be here for you all the time, so please rest assured.

Brand: Fumosi

👤I bought this slow battery charge for our lawn mower, but it's also great for cars and motorcycles. It has a display that shows the battery percentage and more. It charges and gives a slow trickle charge which is a lot safer. The price and value is amazing. I'm very pleased with the price and value of it. It was very easy to use. Definitely recommend.

👤Next day, returning mine. The materials look questionable.

👤It doesn't charge a battery. I watched it charge a battery from 40% to 100% in about 5 minutes. This is impossible. It was very hot within 5 minutes of use. Stay away from it.

👤Does it say that it restored my 10 year old battery?

👤Compre el cargador. No funciona, conectarlo a la corriente. Un ilgico en una emergencia. Decepcionado.

👤My battery for the kia sedona came from walmart I was surprised that the cold cranking ampere before was 660, but still a good result, even though it depreciated down 500 CCA. I was surprised when I bought this trickle charger that it brought back to life more than a cold cranking ampere with 100% charge. The trickle charger can trickle to 8 amperes, but I trickle it using 4 amperes. It took almost 9 hours to get the car running again. I'm satisfied with the product. Hopefully it will last a long time. Time will tell!

8. NOCO GB40 UltraSafe Lithium Starter

NOCO GB40 UltraSafe Lithium Starter

Hardware for mounting This portable, 1000-amp portable car battery jump starter pack is rated for gasoline engines up to 6 liters and diesel engines up to 3 liters, and can jump start a dead battery in seconds. UltraSafe is a car battery jump starter pack that is easy to use. Their mistake-proof design features spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection, so you can safely connect to any 12-volt automotive car battery. It's a car jump starter, portable power bank, and flashlight. You can charge the devices. It can be charged from any powered port in 3 hours. There is an integrated flashlight with seven light modes. Their portable car battery jump starter is the most advanced ever. The high-discharge technology is used for safe operation in any climate. The enclosure is water resistant. A rubbery overmolded case to prevent scratching. The ultra-compact and lightweight design is just 2.4 pounds. In The Box is a collection of products, including the UltraSafe portable car battery Jump Starter Pack, Heavy-Duty battery Clamps, 12-Volt car charging cable, Microfiber Storage Bag, User Guide, 1-year warranty, and Designed in the USA. In The Box is a collection of products, including the UltraSafe portable car battery Jump Starter Pack, Heavy-Duty battery Clamps, 12-Volt car charging cable, Microfiber Storage Bag, User Guide, 1-year warranty, and Designed in the USA.

Brand: Noco

👤I have been using my Noco for over a year, but had to use it today. My car is notorious for being a battery-drainer and I knew I would need it one day. On Christmas Eve, I found a dead battery, but I am not going to get a new battery. It was no problem because this Noco had me up and running in mere seconds. I have only refreshed the charge every 4 months since I hadn't used it, and it has been a long time since I've used it. I gave one to each of my adult daughters this Christmas because I was so impressed that they could get going immediately if they were stuck. No more stringing jumper cables between strangers' cars on a dark night, no more trying to remember the order of connection between cars, and no fear of just getting out there and doing it on your own. Everyone should have a roadside kit.

👤It should be in the center console of my truck. I opened the console to get something out and it was dead and bloated. It looks like a classic battery failure. It did not set my track on fire.

👤Had high hopes. I kept the battery charged for a few months and it died. I tried to jump my car, but I didn't hit the key. I let the unit charge the battery for a while. The battery on the Noco unit is dead and I checked it out. The Noco boost is dead after I didn't start from my truck. I took the Noco unit home and tried to charge it after jumping from another car. The battery in the unit is only 25% charged after 2 days of being plugged in. I decided it wasn't reliable enough to try a replacement. There are several videos showing issues with this product, so I would highly suggest you look up this unit on YouTube.

👤I drained the battery on my Toyota 4Runner and it wouldn't start, but windows and radio still worked. It was a good chance to try the pack. All of the lights indicated it was ready to go. It was basically the same as not having it hooked up. It's going back because it was found out shortly after it was received. Disappointed but not surprised.

👤One of the top 10 vehicle gadgets I've ever purchased for my car or truck. It's a must have for roadtrips or if you have an older battery. This was bought for our Toyota 4Runner. We had to use this for six months every time we started the truck because the battery we wanted wasn't available. The NOCO was charged properly and never failed. There is a driving tip. For a long road trip, buy one of these. If they drive at night or when the clocks change, buy one for everyone you care about. You won't have to worry about their car battery dying and they sitting in a parking lot or side of the road. It's great for an emergency charge of your mobile device. It has a bright light and flasher. I don't recommend getting into the habit of using it for your mobile devices as you might just need it one day to jump start your car and not have time to charge it. Extra battery charge for your mobile and entertainment devices can be purchased. Just use it for emergencies. They have both small and large models. Bigger is better with this type of emergency device. I would love to try out the other NOCO products. This one is perfect.

9. Schumacher SC1309 Battery Charger Maintainer

Schumacher SC1309 Battery Charger Maintainer

Refer the User Manual before use. 40 Amp quick boost mode and 200 Amp engine start is compatible with standard and AGM batteries. A Microprocessor controlled to automatically adjust the amperage rate to charge and maintain. The built-in tester has a charge level and helps diagnose electrical problems. The Float Mode: The float mode monitoring maintains optimum battery charge. It is safe and reliable to reverse hook-up protection. It is safe and reliable to reverse hook-up protection.

Brand: Schumacher

👤The package arrived nicely packed and the unit was scratched up. The base feet were dirty. The top placard was coming off. The front placarding was full of human hair. It seems like someone used it and returned it.

👤This was the charge in December of 2018? I used it twice and it worked well. I used it three times and it wouldn't read the voltage of any batteries. I might have done something. I will belive so. I've been in and around the electrical field for most of my life. There is a It is out of a warranty period. I'm stuck with a 200 dollar charge after about 4 and half months. I would look elsewhere. Maybe there's a good reason that the sales are longer and better. There is an update. To be fair. I will not give up on getting a replacement. I called the company again. I have a different congressman. The issue was solved with a new one. There is a All in all. I would recommend it.

👤I had an emergency which required the use of it and would not work, and I had to pay for it for 24 hours. I am very disappointed. I came back.

👤This is missing several parts and is bent over. The handle is missing bolts that are needed to attach it to the charger.

👤It is simple to use. Light weight for a 200A battery. When you crank for too long but have a timer, you know when it will be ready again. I am very happy with the battery charge. The wheels are not big enough for anything that is expected to roll over a shop floor. Every company puts small wheels on these things, so I'm not holding that against the manufacturer. I haven't put it to the test yet because I have a lot of batteries with me. I work on diesel trucks. It won't be long before I start a log truck with dead batteries.

👤The indicators on the screen don't light up correctly. You can't tell if it's finished or charging.

👤It does the job if you charge a couple large batteries. I used it the other day to jump start my truck.

👤I didn't need it until the day after the return window, but I thought it was the 31st. I heard small pieces when I picked it up. There was no protection from shock because the shipping box was the same size as the product box. There were pieces of black broken plastic that were loose in the box and the main internals were rolling around inside the case. The plastic upper part is pushed away from the metal in the picture, because there are more than two dozen dents from the inside out. The price would have been great. It was shipped with no protection from shock and no warnings on the box at all. I want to warn people who are looking at the items for deals. Don't mess around and miss the deadline.

10. CTEK 40 206 5 0 12 Battery Charger

CTEK 40 206 5 0 12 Battery Charger

The warranty and friendly customer service are included in the iWALK 4800mAh power bank. The Most-Trusted 12V Battery Charger was awarded. Over 40 of the world's most prestigious vehicle manufacturers use technology from the company that created the 12v battery charger. The most efficient charging in hot or cold weather is ensured by built-in temperature compensation. The patented desulphation function and reconditioning mode shortens the life of unused batteries. The battery's power can be recovered if the charger can analyze the state of the battery. Reconditioning restores batteries that have been deeply discharged. The absorption and float voltages and stage timing are set in Dedicated AGM Mode so that they are optimal for AGM batteries. Simple plug and play operation. The program and mode should be selected and the rest left to the charger. Splash and dustproof are designed to protect vehicle electronics and non-sparking, reverse polarity protected, and short-circuit proof. The current and voltage are clean. The MXS 5.0 is designed to not damage electronic systems and there is no need to disconnected the battery. No undercharge or overcharge ever.

Brand: Ctek

👤I decided to try this one after reading the reviews. I wanted something that was smart and could put out some Amps for quicker charging than other smart chargers. I ran the battery down to zero and turned on the headlights of my car. I connected the CTEK MXS to my computer and it ran through it's diagnostics quickly, and then I bulk charged it. I checked on the charger an hour later and it was warm. I put a piece of wood under the cover of my tourneau. It was still very warm when I checked on it again. I used a temp gun to measure the temperature of the top part of the charger. The temperature was 128 degrees F. The bottom of the charger was exposed to the air. The top part was 98 degrees and the bottom was about 105. I woke up with a fully charged battery. The 50Ah battery was on the charge. The Ancel battery tester said the battery had 98% battery health. It would have taken three days for my son to do this. I'm pretty happy despite the temp issues. If you want to cook with a laptop computer, you should glue some feet onto the bottom of the charging port and put a cooling rack on top.

👤My cars are parked most of the time. Six months ago, I started using the CTEK MXS 5.0 to extend the life of an old battery and keep a new one. I've added a cig plug voltage reader to make sure I keep the charge. The new battery had a tenth of a volt added to it by this charger. I don't know if it was because of de-sulphate or re-condition, but I like it. The battery tester from CTEK should work for a normal battery. The battery is almost dead and it would always show needing a charge. The cig lighter voltage reader tells me a lot, like the battery will still turn on the engine even at a lower level of power. I can put off getting a new one until winter if I use the MXS 5.0. This is a great charging device! I just wanted to add that the Amazon says that the charger is not compatible with my cars. It's ridiculous! Someone needs to get them to fix that.

👤I was getting a low battery notification when I started my BMW M240i. I had a CTEK maintainer when I owned a C7 Corvette. I saw the MXS and ordered one. I looked at the model against other CTEK models that did not have this warning and found little difference in the specifications. I didn't want to wreck my battery or hurt my car's electronics, so I compared the online owners manual on the CTEK website, and didn't see anything that would make the MXS 5.0 incompatible with either of my cars. I called CTEK and was told that the Amazon website was incorrect and that the charging port would work with my cars. He told me that the charges are the same, but there are some that can handle larger batteries. All have the same safety features. He told me that CTEK is losing sales because of the error on Amazon's website and that he is having to respond to inquiries from Amazon customers regarding the MXS 5.0 compatibility with their cars. The BMW logo is on the CTEK charging point. One would have to think that CTEK's will not harm their cars. I have the MXS 5.0 installed on my car and it took 24 hours for the charging station to get to the 7th light. It took a long time to get to number 4. I plan to keep the CTEK on the car until I use it again, and then I will uninstall it when I park the car. When not in use, BMW's use battery power. If the car is locked, the car will go into sleep mode and conserve power. The maintainer was worth the investment because I don't lock the car when it's in the garage. Hope this helps other people that are considering the CTEK MXS. I spent a week researching online before finally calling CTEK.

11. Starter Compressor 10400mAh Portable Inflator

Starter Compressor 10400mAh Portable Inflator

There are 2 built-in 12V DC sockets. There is a shared port and air hose nozzle tips. A portable car jump starter with air compressor can jump start most 12V vehicles, suitable for 6.0L gasoline or 3.0 diesel. The battery jump starter uses high output Lithium battery technology, at a short instant the battery will generate up to 1000A peak current to awaken your disabled engine. The car jump starter will allow you to get back on the road. The tire pump can be operated with preset limits. There are four modes of transportation: car, motorcycle, bicycle and basketball. The battery air compressor can be used as a pressure gauge, once you have selected one mode, you can fine- tune the pressure to fit applications. It will function once this is set up. It's perfect for use when it's dark. The car jump starter air pump with 10400mAh battery has a power bank that can charge your portable electronics, including mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, car fan power supply and etc. You need to power the unit to use this feature. The portable jump starter has a built-in flashlight with 3 modes. The built-in glare system allows you to use it in emergency situations. You need to power on the unit, then press for 3 seconds. It will be turned into S.O.S flash mode if you press again. Long press will turn off the light. The portable battery jump starter with air compressor weighs 1.76lb and measures 6.47x3.89x 1.94inch. You can put it in your bag or pocket. If you have a problem with their jump starter, please contact them by email. Within 24 hours, they will reply to you. The portable battery jump starter with air compressor weighs 1.76lb and measures 6.47x3.89x 1.94inch. You can put it in your bag or pocket. If you have a problem with their jump starter, please contact them by email. Within 24 hours, they will reply to you.

Brand: Coolchong

👤I have tried the jump start and it works very well, I just purchased this prepare for on the go. I used the air compressor to pump my tire a couple times because one of the tires has slow leak. I have a wired portable air compressor that is very fast and works well, but this one is smaller and works better. I put this in my car so I can introduce it to my friends.

👤The weather is cold. The air pressure is not enough to start the car in the morning. I can inflate it at home. There are also lights. There are many functions.

👤The smallest jump start I've ever seen works well. It's a handy little thing. Fast shipping. I am ordering a second one for my other vehicle.

👤The tire was low on air pressure and the device was used. It is easy to use and results are excellent. This will prove to be a great tool for anyone.

👤I used to jump start two vehicles with dead batteries after purchasing this for inflating my motorcycle tires. I opened the booster and jumped. I had a chance to charge it. Everything should work at it.

👤A small product has a significant impact. I could inflate and deflate my tires if I used the starter component. The tire pressure indicator has been on for a while. It was easy to use and worth the money.

👤The product is very efficient and easy to use.

👤The portable, compact ones have not used the battery jumper yet.


What is the best product for portable battery charger automotive?

Portable battery charger automotive products from Acetek. In this article about portable battery charger automotive you can see why people choose the product. Noco and Dewalt are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable battery charger automotive.

What are the best brands for portable battery charger automotive?

Acetek, Noco and Dewalt are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable battery charger automotive. Find the detail in this article. Schumacher, Dewalt and Noco are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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