Best Portable Battery Charger for Laptop

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1. ELECJET PowerPie 20000mAh External Nintendo

ELECJET PowerPie 20000mAh External Nintendo

There is a bright light. There is a bright led flashlight on the top of the power bank. Double click the button to turn the light on. TheTILE CHARGER: The charging bank works with a number of devices, including the S20 Ultra and the Note 10+. It works with a lot of devices, including MacBook, iPad Pro, Microsoft Surface Pro, and even drones. Fast charge: Their cell-phone power bank can charge your device from zero to 70% in 30 minutes, and can fully charge your device twice before needing to be charged. The proprietary technology ensures that the bank charges in 2.5 hours. Charge from anywhere and never get stuck with a dead device. The power bank is perfect for commuters. You can use the portable power bank to answer all of your emails and make calls at the same time. Their charging technology makes these devices safe and efficient. The power banks prolong and maintain the battery life. Elecjet has been committed to developing high-speed charging accessories for the past 11 years. JetSafe technology improves charging and discharging efficiency.

Brand: Elecjet

👤I was confused when I received the battery pack and it only charged my Note 10+ at 25w, as it was advertised to charge it at 45w speeds. The cable it came with doesn't support 45w charging. The Elecjet did charge faster when I used the cable that came with the official 45w charger. It's odd to package a 45w charge with a 25w cable. If they gave you a 45w capable cable, you would get 5 stars. Elecjet reached out to me and sent me a new cable for free. I tested it and it works at 45w speeds. It is also longer than the other cable. The 45w cable will be included in all future orders. It's great to see a company make an effort to make their customers happy.

👤I got this for my new phone and so far it has not disappointed. I was surprised to learn that it can add a boost to my MacBook Pro, as it charges the phone quickly. When I charge my laptop, it runs hot. Here are some charge examples so far, including the MacBook Pro and the S20 Ultra. Completely drained ELECJET was 45% to 98%. While surfing the web. Roughly 2 hours 20 minutes using a MacBook Pro power supply is what ELECJET Charging is completely drained of.

👤We went through 3 portable chargers through Amazon for my child's Chromebook. This is the best one I have ever seen. Absolutely worth the money. It got us through the cold in Houston. We took it on a vacation and charged 2 phones with it. My kid uses it at the end of the school day when the Chromebook is about to die, and then plugs it in and back in business. I think this is a great idea. It is a little heavy, but not too heavy. I recommend investing in a hard shell case to keep it from getting damaged. Unfortunately, it has stopped charging the device. It lasted 2 months. The return window has passed by a month. We followed the directions. It wasn't used often. For about 1 to 1.5 hours, most times, it is about 3-4 times a week. It was great when it worked. The stars went from 5 to 3 because of the product not lasting as it should.

👤This is fast. It charges my note quickly. I've been looking for a good charging point for my Note 10+ for a while and have gone through many different ones, but this one is the best. It is portable and fast to charge my devices. I prefer charging with this because it is quicker. The power bank can be fully charged in 2 hours. It only takes an hour to fully charge my Note 10+. It can only fully charge my note twice. I always charge it after the second full charge because it can charge up to 2.5 times. I thought it could last at least 3-4 times. I still recommend this despite that. This has true PPS andPD 3.0. It is a bit pricey, but you don't have other options in the market that are compatible with the Note 10+.

2. Portable Charger Camping 31200mAh Notebooks

Portable Charger Camping 31200mAh Notebooks

The large capacity and portable size is 31200mAh, with a weight of 2.1lb and a power bank of 100W. It's portable and easy to carry for a business trip or traveling indoors. There is an easy reconfiguration with 1 x AC outlet, 1 x Type-C output, and 1 xusb output. Multiple charging ports can be used for various devices. FCC, CE and RoHS certification ensure ultra- safety for you and your devices, and a built-in flashlight is perfect for a dark night in times of emergency. The power button can be pressed twice to turn on/off the light. The heat dispersal is strong. The low noise fan inside helps the charger evaporate heat and extend battery life. If you have a question about this portable generator, don't hesitate to email them. They will always try to find a solution that works for you.

Brand: Masaluo

👤The battery pack does everything I need it to. It has a small battery for my phone. I like this one because I can charge up the occasional AC item as well. My laptop requires an AC outlet to charge, so this is perfect for long car rides and camping trips. I like the idea of being able to plug in my shaver to charge, and in a short power outage, the air pump for our aquarium to keep the filter running. It's nice to know that I have the option of AC. If you only need a power bank, the AC makes it a worthwhile emergency item. Would buy again.

👤An impressive power bank. Not easy to find. This is great. I use it for portable oxygen if I need it. It is good for lap tops. It's great for traveling. Or a power failure. Someone invented this. The price is worth it. Keep it charged. Highly recommended.

👤It takes a while to charge up but it does the job. It's well built and heavy duty.

👤The price and value is amazing. Very powerful. A long lasting battery. Fast charging. It's great for traveling. Very happy. Definitely recommend.

👤The only thing that I dislike about this product is that it only works on low voltage laptops and shuts off automatically if you don't want to use it, it's a great product for your laptop or Chromebooks.

👤It didn't charge my laptop at all and the plug didn't work at all.

👤What is the point of having a battery that can't keep a lamp on. There is a lot of junk.

👤The product worked well, but I was expecting it to be able to charge my laptop more than once.

3. Wireless Charging Portable Battery Smartphones

Wireless Charging Portable Battery Smartphones

The power hub can keep your portable devices charged up. It is compact and functional. The 60WUSB-CPD for laptops, 10W Wireless charging, QC 3.0 and 60WUSB-A power most smart devices. 92wh (25600 mah) battery capacity is the maximum capacity. Charge safe and fast with their patented safety features. Carry one cable to charge your laptop and cell phone at the same time, and leave your bulky chargers at home. The Mobile XL includes a charging cable. Not included are the fast charger and DC cables for the PC laptops.

Brand: Omnicharge

👤The joy of prime was received in two days. It is about the size I was expecting but it is a little heavier than I thought. The build quality is pretty good, although it's just hard plastic with a slightly textured hard plastic on the rounded ends and on top of the wireless charging coil. I was going to buy it for a 12-hour flight. I go into the mountains for multiple days at a time so I wanted something that could charge my phone multiple times over long excursions. I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but after testing it the past day or so, I have two things I think might be worth sharing. I bought a large battery that has quick charge capability, but it came with no way to charge it. The two cables in the photo are included, but there is no power brick. If I didn't have a large power brick, I'd be stuck charging it slowly off my laptop'susb port. 2. The wireless charging didn't work when I tried it on the day the battery was delivered. I tried about 100 different positions to get my Note 8 to start charging. I tried to get the phone to move towards the back, but it didn't work. I couldn't get my phone to charge because I couldn't test the DC port. I tried it again the next day, and after rearranging my phone about five times, I found a spot where the phone would start charging. I haven't been in a position where I had to rely on this battery, so I will update my review after I've been able to test the full capacity of the battery. My 3-star review is based on build quality and wireless charging. Update : I took this out of the country on a 10-day trip and I have a few more things to share. 1. Is useless! I couldn't charge my Note 8 until the next day, but I was able to charge it the next day. I am still able to get my phone to start charging, but it stops charging randomly. I have tested it and it will sometimes stop charging after a few minutes. I will never use that feature because it left me with 5% battery one morning. 2. When I plug the battery into an outlet to charge itself, I have to plug it in twice to start charging. When you plug it into a power source, it would turn on and start flashing the lights to show the charge. It doesn't always turn on when I plug it in, so I put the charging cable back into the port and it will start charging. 3. There is a batteryy cancer. I didn't do any scientific testing but my gut tells me that the actual capacity is less than what is advertised. I used the Omni Mobile to charge my Note 8 five times. At the beginning of the trip, the Omni Mobile was fully charged, but at the end of the trip, it only showed one light. Each time I plugged my phone into the mobile device, it had 50% or more battery remaining. Maybe I don't understand the concept, but it's 5 * 1,600. 8,000 mAh is the amount of power that the mAh is. If I only used around 8,000 mAh of the mobile, it should have had around 17,600 mAh remaining or about 65% capacity. 4. The cause of the phone glitch is not known. When I plugged my Note 8 into the Omni Mobile, it lit up as it started to charge and then went black at the same time as the Omni Mobile shut down. I couldn't turn on my phone after that. Everything has been working since I hard restart it. 5. There is a free accessORY. There was a card in the box that explained how to get a free accessory if I wrote a review on Amazon. You can choose from 4 different accessories if you prove you wrote a review and fill out the necessary info. All of the accessories were for the Omni 20 or Omni 13 products. The case option didn't seem to work for the Omni Mobile that I purchased, so I chose the other option. I didn't think a battery pack could be unreliable, but this one has given me enough problems that I have to periodically check it to make sure it's actually charging my devices. I don't think I'd recommend it because it's a bigger hassle than a battery should be.

4. Portable Universal 31200mAh External Notebook

Portable Universal 31200mAh External Notebook

Multiple protection technologies can keep the power bank safe and reliable. Ultra- safety performance will be ensured when electronic devices surpass the AC power limit. The battery can provide enough juice to power a MacBook for 1.8 times, an iPad Mini 4 for 4 times, and an iPhone X for 8 times. The AC power bank can charge electronic gadgets and appliances. There is a portable power source with an AC outlet, a Type-C output and input. Multiple charging ports can be used for various devices. It's easy to carry a portable size in a backpack or suitcase. The emergency flashlight has a built-in flashlight to light your life in times of emergency. The power button can be pressed twice to turn on/off the light. If you have a question, please feel free to contact them.

Brand: Sikon

👤I get confused as to what to buy a battery bank that comes in so many different sizes. I can bring it around at the cost of battery life and practicality if I get a small form factor. There is no AC or usb C output. It's a lot more expensive to get a large one, travelling by air may be limited, and it's a lot more bulky and heavy to bring around. Going camping would be the ideal scenario where you can take full advantage of a larger power bank. I'm not going to be camping a lot. I will be taking transit and hanging out at Starbucks, I am a young person. It seems to work well, I finally settled on this. I don't want a small pocket version as it can't power my laptop which I use more frequently than my phone or tablets. One of the smaller units has a a/c plug that can do that. The lack of support for Power Delivery (PD) in theusb C means it cannot automatically detect your laptop and step up the voltage to 20v from 5v. At 3a it can charge up to 5v. The AC outlet is useful for low powered devices. I've tested this with my AA battery and DSLR camera battery. The outputs on the computer are not as useful. My camera, cell phone, and tablet are charged. I put this in my backpack because I don't have to worry about running out of power. The battery pack is not bulky or cumbersome to carry around all day.

👤I didn't know about laptop powerbanks until recently, when my boss recommended them to me to maximize my at home productivity, I have owned a couple of Anker powerbanks that I still use to this day for my mobile devices and tablets. I change the battery once a year, but it doesn't have the battery life needed for my new demands. I only get 2 hours on a full charge. This has been great for keeping my laptop charged while I'm driving or camping. There is a It charges very fast. The unit has an impressive charge as well. I had good power for 48 hours. It has made working easier. It has a lot of ports to charge anything from a US plug to a type C port. There is a It charges via microusb. I could do my hair even when we're camping. The reason I gave it a 5 star rating was the solid, durable, high quality look and feel of it. It's definitely worth every penny. The unit has saved me so much time that it has already paid for itself. Highly recommended.

👤I spoke too soon when I wrote the first review. The battery should be charged every 3 months. I think it's safe to assume that if I need this battery in 2 months, it will have charge to use. This has not been the case. I've had to charge it almost weekly, but for some reason it looses and charges quickly. Maybe I got the runt of the pack. Maybe it's a faulty battery. I can't give it a good rating when it's never supposed to be used. I can't say that the power went out. I want to be able to use it's flashlight or charge my phone so that I don't get quicker out of my zoom meeting. The purpose has been defeated. We live in an area where the power goes out often and without notice, so this has come in very handy. It can last over 10 hours with our internets alone connected. It still lasts a good 2 hours on a full charge with 2 internets, laptop, lamp, and monitor connected.

5. 65Watts Portable Charger Battery Notebooks

65Watts Portable Charger Battery Notebooks

One of the smallest and lightest portable power banks has a capacity of 24000mAh. An AC outlet is a great solution. Enough power is provided to most of your devices. It is perfect for travel and business trips. It takes less than 4 hours to charge with a high-speed DC15V/2A input. You can use the display to monitor the battery level. You can make SinKeu charge in your car with the car charging accessories. The product includes a 9v/2A and 5v/3A two-outputs, one AC outlet, and a DC output, which means it can power multiple devices at the same time. It can charge your Macbook up to 2 times. The battery pack is certified safe by the UL. SinKeu has a safety system that protects you and your devices. What you get is a SinKeu 24000mAh AC portable charger, a DC15V/2A (30W) input charge, a cigarette lighter, and a user manual. There is a 30-day free return and 7 x 24 friendly customer service.

Brand: Sinkeu

👤A location with no power was where our family took a week-long tent camping vacation. I had to have power for the whole week because I had to stay up-to-date on work emails. My phones and other devices were charged by this charger. I had to refill it a couple of times during the week, but that's to be expected. It was one of the few that had an A/C outlet, which I used for my flip phone, which only has a two-prong A/C adapter. During a power outage, I used it to power my wireless device. I would buy it again after having a good experience with it.

👤My laptop ran for 2.5 hours in AC mode after I connected it to this. The laptop still runs on its own battery after that. When I connected this back to its AC charging station, I didn't bother with it, but it was fully charged in about four hours. The battery pack is large and heavy, but it has a built-in inverter.

👤The battery will be used on the plane. I used it to test something. It looked okay. I put it in my bag. I didn't use in about 3-4 weeks. Went to use it after 4 weeks. The display on the battery continued to say zero even though theusb port charged the phone. I have two pictures of this. The AC outlet wouldn't charge at all. Do not trust travel. I missed my return window because I had tested to make sure it was good. If you want to take a chance on this product, do not assume that 1 test will suffice. After a full charge to test, make sure you return in 2wks. You can return within the window if it is a degraded battery. Chris.

👤I'm on the road a lot. I can charge my laptop and Nintendo switch at the same time. It takes 4 hours to charge, but it works 4 battery pack tools. I can charge mine within 2 hours. I have a Schneider 410 that I use in my truck that can be charged within 2 hours if I'm not driving, and I will probably charge it within the hour.

👤I have a lot of portable cell phone charging points, but have been wanting one for a while. I was able to get it at a really good price because I believe it was a flash sale on Amazon. I was surprised that it was possible to charge my laptop and run a light at the same time. It was powered by an LEDs light. This was able to run a box fan. I noticed that the box fan wasn't running as fast as it was in December. I was worried that it would be much bigger, but as you can see, it is fairly small. I wish she had a carry bag. I just use a crown bag, and if it's the power supply and the charger, I use it.

👤There is a powerbank for small devices. I've tried it with my laptop, and it used 20% of the charge to refill the laptop, which is great. I've tried it with both of them, and it drained very quickly, so forget it for big things, such as e bikes, scooters, etc. The E-bike has 500 and 350 watt capacities. It's useless for big electric stuff.

6. Wireless Charging Portable Battery Smartphones

Wireless Charging Portable Battery Smartphones

The power hub can keep your portable devices charged up. It is compact and functional. Most smart devices, including MacBook Pro and Surface Pro, can be powered by the 60W USB-CPD for laptops. 47wh (128000mah) battery capacity is high powered and fast charging. Fast and safe to charge. Most smart devices are powered by 60 wattusb-c. Carry one cable to charge your laptop and cell phone at the same time, and leave your bulky chargers at home. The accessories include a charging cable for both ausb and ausb-c. The fast charge is not included.

Brand: Omnicharge

👤I liked the idea of a battery with the flexibility to charge. The OmniCharge 12800 is a relatively small device that is light enough to carry in a work bag and meet most charging needs while traveling. There is a lot of potential here. The battery life appears to be good, but there is a little battery drain when stored, which takes 15-20 minutes to top off the device from a full charge. The wireless andPD charger doesn't seem to work. The power from my book seems to be pulled by the OmniCharge. I can't tell if something is wrong with the device or if I am doing something wrong because there is no product manual. There is no information on the website about the device that came with it. I tried to contact support a couple of weeks ago. The OmniCharge 12800 has a lot of potential, but is not up to par with capabilities and customer support.

👤The mobile powerbank is omni mobile. A perfect travel companion. I don't think the instructions are clear. My hope is that it will help you charge up to three devices at once. There are two types of charging: a quick charge and a wireless charging. Fast charges my phone. You have to power the device on and off to use the wireless charging. You only have 10 seconds to charge a device. SWITCH A DEVICE You have to turn it off and on again before wireless shuts off. In 10 second intervals, the Qi coil is above the marking on the top of the device and works for smaller devices. It should be at least 30 seconds. Maybe it is to save the battery. I am very picky and my first thought was to send it back because wireless charging wasn't working but after about 30 minutes of playing with it, I figured it out.

👤I connect it to my laptop and it takes care of it. I use this to charge my phone, headphones, and even my nintendo switch. I can leave it unattended for weeks at a time without use and it'll stay above 75%, making it very useful as an emergency power source for me, even if I forget to charge it. It weighs about 260g (0.64 lbs) when fully charged. This is light, but it feels heavy in the hand and I can feel its weight in my bag. I have a 22,800mAh battery that makes me more tired after riding my bike. This doesn't have a noticeable effect. It could be a good spot for me. Your mileage may be different. The most up-to-date portable battery that I have is this one. The other two are a 22,800mAh and a 8,000mAh hand warmer. I would go with this one if I had to.

👤Works well. It can do 60w for laptops or other devices that supportPD, but it is only 15w for the phones that usePPS, so if you don't have a chargers, you'll have to pay. The banks are great. 10w wireless charging is very fast and even 15w is very fast. You can use the 25w or 45w charger with it if you get the next step up, which has a power plug on it. I am very happy with it. The wireless can carry it without a plug.

7. Halo Portable Laptop Charger Starter

Halo Portable Laptop Charger Starter

Never run out of battery for your phone, tablets, and power bank. This portable charging unit can power multiple devices at the same time. You can keep your Bolt powered while you are in your car with the Car Charger. Keep your phone, laptop, and PC charged when traveling or use as a backup during a storm with the Universal Laptop and Phone Charger. You can power your laptop on the go with a 120V AC wall outlet. Enough charge for 7.9 hours of battery life for a Macbook Pro, 8.6 hours of iPad Air surfing, 19.9 hours on an iPad Mini, or 62.7 hours of talk time on an iPhone 7. See the picture chart for more information. When your universal power bank includes enough power to jump start your car, boat, motorcycle or lawn mower, there is no need for battery trouble. It is perfect for drivers who don't want to wait on the side of the road for a tow truck. Every portable charger has a stylish design that brings safety back. You can choose from a variety of patterns. Everyone chooses their flavor with this small unit. All in one car emergency kit includes a flood light, battery jump starter, jumper cables, AC wall charging, carrying pouch, and 2x phone charging. College students and teen drivers are safe.

Brand: Halo

👤It was charged for a camping trip. It remains at 50% battery after 4 hours of light use, 6 phone charges, a 10 minute charge for a chromebook and a jump start. I was glad I brought it. If I didn't have it, my family and I would be stranded in the wilderness without a car or a cell phone. So far, I have not had to complain about the use of my family update. The battery is in good shape, but I don't over charge my bolt. It is still going strong despite all the abuse. It will take care of you, your phone, and your car if you take care of it. I accidentally left it in my car in the second year, but it still works perfectly. The plastic is strong. The charger has seen it all from the beach to the desert. I decided to call it the brick because it is one. My friends always ask if I can use the brick. Here are some pictures of the scars from the battles over the years. I'm getting another wire soon. This thing took a beating. The battery is going to be replaced soon. What a savings! What a savings! Close One! There is a Whew. For 4 seconds, the chat is disabled.

👤The product is beautiful, well designed, and we own several of these types of products. I can't forgive the shady marketting strategy of using a mWh rating instead of the industry standard mAh rating. Most users will think that this product has 58k capacity as compared to other products when in fact it's more like 15k when using the mAh. The photo of the AC outlet looks like it has a maximum power of 165 watt, but it is only a tiny 65 watt max. This would be a great product if you wanted something that was visually pleasing but not strong. I returned the other one.

👤The charger stopped working. It charges my phone and then stops. I'm past the window. I have to deal with this paperweight. I have another one that works well, so I think this one is a dud.

👤To increase the number of units sold, the charge is labled in mWh. The rating can be used to convert to mAh and boost. Boosters for the same price or less are better. I am not impressed because I was fooled by their deciption.

👤If this had jumpstarted my car, it was a good concept. When this is delivered, how many people have a car to start? I did. I tried different things in my car. I followed the directions. This didn't do anything to my car. I tried a jump pack that I already had and the dash lights turned on and the car started. I don't understand why this got so many good reviews. I warned you!

👤I wanted to post this because I had a hard time comparing the capacity of this battery to others, and thought this might help. The battery is labeled as having a 58830 mWh capacity, however most other power banks measure capacity in mAh. I bought it because I wanted to try it out. The flashing light indicators only show how much charge the battery has. I decided to run a test with the 20,000 mAh battery. The percentage charged is listed in numbers. The 20,000 mAh battery was fully drained and the Halo bolt was fully charged when I started charging it. The 20,000 mAh battery was only read to be 49 percent charged a few hours later. I arrived at the conclusion that the Bolt has a 10,000 mAh capacity. It's disappointing that it's small given the fact that most 10,000 mAh power banks cost an average of $20 on Amazon. The safety claim of jumping car batteries and the 65V ac output are positives. You can drain the bank quickly with the 10,000 mAh capacity.

8. BatPower EX7L Ultrabook Rectangle Smartphone

BatPower EX7L Ultrabook Rectangle Smartphone

The DC output is 20V. The laptop power bank external battery notebook portable charge is compatible with the laptop power bank. Fast charging for table and phone. AC/DC Cables: 59 inch / 150 cm, weight: 15 ounces / 425 grams. The package includes a power bank, an ac adapter, a cable and a manual. 30 days money back or exchange, free 18 months warranty. 30 days money back or exchange, free 18 months warranty. Also, note: BatPower is not a laptop power bank.

Brand: Batpower

👤My daughter got a laptop for college and I bought a power bank for it. She can use her laptop in class, the library, or the coffee shop without worrying about the power being out. The outstanding customer service of BatPower is an extra feature. BatPower gave us two replacement tips for free after my daughter lost the tip that worked with the Flex. Very impressed!

👤I use this product for my Yoga. It works well for me. I use it to get consistent charging for my phone and laptop during class, because I am a college student. It hasn't let me down.

9. Anker PowerCore Portable Double Speed Recharging

Anker PowerCore Portable Double Speed Recharging

The 50 million+ powered by their leading technology is called the Anker Advantage. The cell capacity is 2,6800 mAh and can be used to charge most phones over 6 times, tablets at least 2 times and any other device multiple times. The ports are equipped with the powerIQ and voltage boost technology. It is recommended that high-speed charging be done for three devices. The dual Microusb (20W) input offers a faster way to charge up, with a full charge taking just over 6 hours. Power core 26800, 2X Microusb cable, Travel pouch, welcome guide, and 18-month customer service are what you get. The Usb-c cable and the Lightning cable are not sold together. 5V 4A The output is 5V. 6A (5V) 3A per port

Brand: Anker

👤The battery pack takes up to 12 hours to charge multiple devices, even when it's plugged into a double outlet. There is an update. 11-16-2017 Julia at Anker Customer Service Support immediately sent me an email after I posted this review. She asked if they could send a replacement unit for my trial after she verified my problem. I said yes. The replacement arrived quickly along with continued emails inquiring about progress and results. The new unit is great. It can be fully charged in less than six hours. I'm very happy with the product from Anker. It does everything they claim. Julia should get a raise and a promotion.

👤A 9-month review. I liked this portable charger very much. I have noticed a huge decrease in performance since 9 months ago. I charge it to full charge and it only charges my phone 3 times. I am lucky with 3 because before I was at least 7-9 charges away. It is ridiculous. It's definitely not reliable long term. They have sent me a new one. It is very easy to communicate and stand behind the product. I will update it after a few months.

👤It is history I have reviewed several products. Every product I buy from them, has been made with great features for the money. I've seen their posts on Amazon helping those in need with their device, and they have an excellent support staff. I've reviewed the Anker 15,000MAH battery, the 5-port wall charging, the 4-panel solar charging, and the 4 port data hub. I am going to look at the huge battery from Anker. There is packaging. One of the things that always impress me about Anker is that they don't try to spend a lot of money on fancy packaging. They invest in functional packaging that protects the product inside. You don't need a knife to open the box, it's just the protective plastic that needs to be removed. The battery is inside a foam bag which is located on top of a smaller box that has a protective meshed pouch with elastic closure and charging cables. The battery is 17 ounces and is huge. The dimensions of the battery are 7 inches long by 3.1 inches wide and 0.9 inches deep. The carry case has the battery in it. It's too big to be pocket-able and also too big for a fanny pack. This type of battery is best used by people who might experience power outages. It's best for people who like to travel or go hiking. Smaller batteries that weigh less, have less power capacity, but are more suited for portable on the go pocket-able types are made by Anker. The battery can be purchased with the case, but not the case. I have to recommend it as well because it is highly recommended by other's. The case is well made and comes with a carabiner so that you can hang it off your backpack while hiking. There are two slots inside the case. The bottom and top meshed slots are used for the battery and phone, respectively. I use it for my charging cables. CABLES: The cables that come with the battery are low quality, which is really surprising considering the price. I always listen to other people's recommendations. The twin pack of red braided cables was purchased along with the battery and case. The cables do not fight me as I am able to unhook them from their coiled state easily. I like that the cables use high quality plugs on them, and that they use a tie rap to secure them when coiled. The charging speed will be increased when using these cables, so they are a good buy. Quality: Excellent. This battery has many certifications, and is built in safety features so as to avoid certain inflammations, as seen from a popular phone maker, who's phone literally was fired up. The battery uses Japanese Capacitors on the PCB board. These are the same battery cells used in notebook battery packs as well as CREE flashlight batteries. The battery case is made of aluminum and plastic. I like the fact that aluminum is great forDurability and heat dissipation. There's a problem with civility. The FFA regulations state that you should bring the battery with you on a plane if it has a capacity of more than 100 watt hours. I've heard that China may still take it. The battery can be charged by one cable, but only provides a 2-AMP charge, and it would take 14-hours to charge. You will get a 4-AMP charge if you use two of the recommended red braided cables. It only took about an hour to top the battery off, as the factory charged 75% of the battery. The maximum output capacity of the battery is 6-AMPS, but it can only deliver 3-AMPS per port. Even the fanciest tablets don't need more then 3-AMPS to charge them. The battery charged my phone eight times. It can also charge my Dragontouch. You can expect the charge to last a week on average. The power is affected by power odor. People will use these as battery charging devices. Did you know that these can be used for power augmentation? The best battery in my tablets is not inside. Depending on what I am doing with the tablet, I can expect anywhere from 5 hours to 1 hour of use. I can get at least eight hours of use out of my tablets with this battery. I am not using a standard cable for hooking it up, I am using a mini jack. The reason for this is that my tablet limits the charge through theusb port, however, it allows for higher charge through the DC charge port. The battery in the tablet does not drop completely while connected to this. I bought the flagship battery pack because of power outages. During the winter time, we get wind storms in the Pacific North West. Every year, the power goes out. Sometimes the power will only be out for a short time. We don't live out in the wilderness anymore, we live in modern times. I live in the city and need my digital entertainment. I love playing Plants vs Zombies during a power outage. If you are in the dark, you can slay zombies with plants, waiting for the power to come back on. When the power comes back on, everything becomes lighted up like a baseball stadium, and you've just been returned to modern civilization, welcome back. The heat is high. When I charge my phone, tablets, or other devices, the battery doesn't get hot. It gets warm when it is used as augmented power. There are ports. The unit has a power switch on the side and a battery level indicator on the front of the battery. The twin cable charging system uses two of theusb ports to charge the battery. The other 3-ports are used to charge your devices. The maximum capacity of the battery is 6-AMPS. Each device will get 3-AMPS per device MAX if using two ports at the same time. The charge rate can be lowered to 2-AMPS MAX if you use all three ports. If you use an APP on your phone for detecting charge voltage and amperage, and you notice that your phone is only getting a 1-AMP charge, this is not the batteries fault, it's your phone's programming fault, preventing a higherAMP charge to the phone. I really like the safety features and technology that goes into making these battery packs. I don't have to turn on the battery to start charging it, that's one of the features that I love. Plug the cables into it, and it will turn on and show the level of charge all the time. I don't have to worry about the battery being turned off. When the battery is fully charged, it will shut itself off. It takes a lot of guess work to figure out how to charge. Press the power button once to turn it on, then hold it down for 6 seconds to turn it off. If no charging is being applied to a device for a certain amount of time, the battery has auto shutoff. Conclusions: This is the best battery I have ever owned. If you have a device that is thirsty for power, or a device that is power hungry, or you just want to brag about your friend, you will definitely want this battery pack. It has enough power to meet my needs. It has all the features I need out of a battery, and not useless ones like the one on previous years models. The twin pack of red braided cables is a must have for you. I highly recommend this battery from Anker. There is an update! I wanted to give you guys an update, since I've owned this battery for over a year. I've read reviews where people said their battery worked for a while, but then failed. A popular review stated that their battery failed after 9 months. Good on Anker for replacing their battery. I don't know what's going on, but I've never had any problems with my battery pack. It still takes a charge. Just as it did before, it still lasts as long. I used it a few months ago, and it was able to power my Tablet for up to three days before my battery ran out. When you see the charge indicator go down to a singleLED, stop using the battery and put it on a charge. There is a problem with Lead Acid batteries. If you let them sit dead for too long, they will go bad, so just keep them charged, and as long as your battery is not malfunctioning, should last you a long time. The battery pack looks the same as it did when I bought it, aside from being a bit dusty. The battery has never overheated, and there are no strange marks on it. The ports have no damage. The technology should last five years. Will have to wait and see if this battery will last for more than 5 years. So far, it has passed the test. I still stand by everything I said in the review. I highly recommend it, it's a quality battery pack, and it's 5 out of 5 stars! There is an update! It has been another year and my battery is three years old. If you lose power, these battery packs are the best option for keeping your phone charged. I consider my phone a life line if something goes wrong, but I don't know about you. During a power outage, these are great for keeping the tablet running. There are many no-name brands of battery packs that try to compete against the Anker. I wouldn't trust those battery packs because they have a short lifespan, or are faulty out of the box, which is why I buy my battery packs from Anker. You get what you pay for, even though the batteries cost more. You will be happy to know that my battery pack holds a good charge after all these years. I've rarely had to use it, mostly because I don't have an outlet to plug into. I never have any issues with it, it always performs perfectly whenever I use it. I got a Moto G6 phone, which has ausb-c port, but I don't like cheap things. I bought a set of high quality cables that function as well as they look, and allow me to get a full charging speed from my battery. I use a 60W 10-port wall charger from annker to charge my battery. I have to say that after a good 3 years, the quality of the products from Anker is unparalleled. I recommend the battery packs from Anker to everyone I know. I gave my old battery pack to a family member and they liked it so much that they wanted the newer 20,000MAH battery pack, so I will be doing a review on that soon. My rating is 5 out of 5 stars. It's a good thing.

10. Portable Capacity Charging External Compatible

Portable Capacity Charging External Compatible

The portable charge can provide enough juice to power a Macbook for 1.8 times, an iPad Mini 4 for 4 times, an iPhone X for 8 times, or a S9 for 5 times. The AC power bank is compatible with a wide variety of electronic gadgets. It's perfect for business and travel. The portable power bank has three outputs and can quickly charge multiple things at once. Awesome for working outside without power. The smart cooling system and charging indicator are built into the portable charger to balance the working temperature and prevent over-charging. The portable battery pack is about the size of a small car and has a weight of 2.1 lbs. It can be put in a briefcase, backpack, or carrying bag. When you're on the go, keep your laptops, phones, fans, and cameras. The flashlight built into the external battery power bank is perfect for a dark night in times of emergency. The EWEMOSI laptop power bank, portable case, type-C charging cable, and user manual are what you get. Please contact them if you have a question.

Brand: Ewemosi

👤I need a power bank of this size, but I don't know much about it. I wanted to make sure that it had enough power to take care of my lap top as needed. I looked at a bunch of these before making a decision. Even though many looked and sounded similar, the description made me comfortable ordering this one. The price point was within range. The price goes up if I want more features. I knew what I needed this for, and worked from there. Not bad for a newb. I think it has been a great choice. I'm happy with it. It took some getting used to, but the instructions are good. I can return here for more information. I am new to this size power bank and need something to keep my old device running. I don't always have an outlet for me to charge my tablets up, and my tablets don't hold a charge for long. I can take this bank with me wherever I go. There are many additional options, including regular plug in. I like that I can see how far along the power bank is when I charge it back up. No guessing. That helps me. It comes with a hard case. It has a mesh pocket for keeping cords and instructions organized. It's 2 lbs and isn't heavy to handle. The optional light is a bonus feature. The portable laptop power bank has an AC outlet, a portable case and a type-C charging cable.

👤I needed a power source for my laptop. I needed several hours of power and the source needed to be "RF quiet" so it wouldn't make a lot of noise in the radio equipment. I researched a lot of similar units, but this one fills the bill. I turn the unit on and it provides power to my laptop. The laptop battery is fully charged. I have run my laptop for more than 3 hours and the only light I see is from the battery. The fan in the opposite end of the AC mode is quiet and not distracts you when you start the charge. It comes in a good quality case that is easy to fit in and it has a good quality. The 4 stars in travel are due to the unit being heavy. That might be an issue in a carry-on. When the unit is received, it takes about 5 hours to fully charge, but after that, it takes less time. I haven't used the other modes but this unit solved a problem for me and did what I needed it to do. I used this charger in the field to fully charge my laptop in about an hour. The laptop could be charged multiple times because the charger had 4 of the 5 indicators. On two occasions the white "highlight"LED has been activated on its own. I believe it is from the carry case. The charge was almost zero when I opened the case today, indicating it had been on for a couple of days. The case was warm to the touch since it was an LEDs. It's not a good situation if it happens before you need it. For this, one star was removed.

11. Portable Charger Baseus 20000mAh Charging

Portable Charger Baseus 20000mAh Charging

It can charge your laptop "in a pinch" by using the 65W PD output. A 20,000mAh battery bank can power your phone from zero to full 2. 5 times, the S10 3. 4 times and a MacBook Pro. One time. It is perfect for travel and business trips. You can charge your laptop and phone at the same time with one 65WPD and two 30WQC ports. Simultaneous charging can affect charging speed. You can monitor the battery level with a numerically-coded charge indicator. The aluminum alloy housing helps to keep the charging process cool and it also protects you and your devices from overcharging. Peak performance with a 65W PD charging adapter is achieved in 2 hours, 3X faster than a 20W input power bank. It's compatible with wide devices thanks to the advanced charging protocols. It's possible to work with MacBook Pro, Chromebook, Dell XPS 13 and 15, and more. You will get a power bank, fast charging cable, and 18-month warranty. If you have a product problem, please contact them, they will solve it for you in a timely manner.

Brand: Baseus

👤This thing is not 20,000mAh. I have a 4650mAh laptop and it took 30% of the battery to charge it. The case says 20,000mAh. It says "Capacity 12,000mAh" and "Capacity 5000mAh". I'm calling BS because I don't know what kind of fantasy world they're in where they can call this a 20k mAh battery. It charges quickly, but it isn't worth the price for the size and capacity. Go get a legit product. After it was turned off, it charged my laptop from 2% to 68% before it ran out of power. It's not a 20,000mAh battery. It's not 12,000mAh, either. 5000mAh? Maybe. I returned it for a refund.

👤I didn't have to pay for this unit, it was sent to me for review purposes. Here are my thoughts. A 20,000 mAh unit has a fairly compact design. It's very easy to figure out what charge you have with the NumericalLED charge indicator, no guessing or flashing LEDs.

👤The ability to hold a charge over 90 day storage has been updated. I plugged this in and it showed 99%, which is fantastic! The build'sDurability of the build. This has not been an issue as of this writing. * The weight will make it difficult to carry. This has not been an issue as of this writing. I like this product, but it has some things that should be considered. I purchased this device to use the PD technology to quickly charge the device. I was looking for a device that could charge multiple devices at the same time. The device has 4 ports, including two that are out and one that is in. I don't think it was necessary for the heavy housing to have good build quality. Other devices using plastic are much lighter. It comes with a status screen, which is nice, but not accurate if it's in use. The good is that there is aPD in/out capabilities. * Charge multiple devices at the same time. This may affect your charge output. It's good for larger devices. I don't believe the capacity will fully charge a laptop unless it's a smaller laptop. * Charge output for smaller devices can be charged quickly. All quick charge technologies are supported. Charge input is good. You can charge this device quickly if you have a 60W (max)PD charger. It works well. * The build quality looks good so far. Needs work. * It is questionable if real capacity is real. The advertised capacity is 20,000, but the rating is 12,000. * This power bank is large for its rating. The form factor of this size is easy to achieve. * It's heavy. The form factor of this size is much lighter than other devices. Still need to be reviewed. * You have the ability to hold a charge for 90 days. 5% - 20% loss is reasonable from my previous research. The build'sDurability of the build. There is a * The weight will make it difficult to carry. This is a good product, but I don't think it's for everyone. It has the needed ports, technology, and capacity to be a good product. This is a heavy product. I can see this in my computer bag, but to carry it around in a purse would be heavier. The capacity and documentation is not clear. Is that correct? I can't recommend this product as there are some things that they didn't do well. If this would work for you, use the review to see if it would work for you.


What is the best product for portable battery charger for laptop?

Portable battery charger for laptop products from Elecjet. In this article about portable battery charger for laptop you can see why people choose the product. Masaluo and Omnicharge are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable battery charger for laptop.

What are the best brands for portable battery charger for laptop?

Elecjet, Masaluo and Omnicharge are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable battery charger for laptop. Find the detail in this article. Sikon, Sinkeu and Halo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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