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1. Bidet Bottle Portable Sprayer Large

Bidet Bottle Portable Sprayer Large

You can fill the bottle with either cold or warm water. The year can be used normally. Bigger is better. The upgraded bottle has a capacity of 18 ounces. It was large enough to clean thoroughly. The portable bidet has a retractable nozzle. The extra long nozzle makes it easy to use with minimum body movement. You can spray at an angle with the rotating nozzle design. There are 9 nozzles for a wider area of cleaning. Simply pressing the soft squeeze bottle will control the water flow. The bottle can be filled with either warm or cold water. Salt can be added as you please. If it leaks, please contact them for a placement. There is a personal bidet Sprayer for washing children, pregnant women, post-partum men and other people. There is a personal bidet Sprayer for washing children, pregnant women, post-partum men and other people.

Brand: Vowcarol

👤I wanted to install a semi-permanent bidet attachment to our master toilet, but our landlord wouldn't let us do it. I bought this as a compromise. I had ileostomy reversal surgeries this past summer, and like most ostomates who go back to using the bathroom normally, I suffer occasional bad burning sensations because of all the acids that don't have a colon to absorb or process them. My body is learning how to properly digest and pass food, and I don't feel comfortable using toilet paper anymore. The little squeeze bottle and long-necked attachment have made it very easy for me to thoroughly clean myself up after every restroom visit, and also have reduced the burning and injury to my skin from the stomach acids passed. It took a while to get used to the bottle positioning and how to apply pressure to keep control. I have to refill the bottle at the sink, but I get a few trips out of it. I keep it on the edge of my bathtub so I can reach for it while I sit. It looks like a squeeze bottle for water plants or dental cleaning, but it isn't obvious what it's for, so I don't recommend it. It is easy to keep clean. It can be emptied, collapsed and taken when you travel, so it is more versatile than the bidets you have to permanently attach to a toilet. I have never felt cleaner leaving the bathroom, even if you don't need it for any special medical issues like mine. I use less toilet paper as a result of the initial novel feeling of wetness on my backside being normalized, and I have been more comfortable overall. A couple folds just to dry and make sure it's all good to go. I was going through a lot of paper after my surgery. I am back to the consumption I had before my illness. If you already have a way to keep your mouth clean, and cut down on your dependence on things like toilet paper, this is a good option.

👤It was difficult to choose a similar item on Amazon. I ordered three different ones because I couldn't decide which one would work better and I didn't want to squeeze the bottle to push the knob on the bottom. I think this item is the best. The longer spout is an advantage. It's long enough that you can squeeze the bottle outside the toilet bowl. You don't need to refill the bottle because it has enough capacity. I think this is a good one.

👤I was really sad to learn that my new apartment wouldn't allow me to install the bidets that I've been using for years, I couldn't even turn the water off to my toilet to install one. I got this hand held one because of good reviews. The perfect size holds enough water without getting too large, and the stream is strong. People might wonder what you're doing in there when the air gets sucked in to provide more pressure for the next squeeze, because it's a little loud between squeezes. I'm not sure if I would be bold enough to bring it to the rest rooms since I'm not using it post-partum. I'll only change this if it wears out or breaks early, which I doubt, it looks really sturdy.

2. Bidet Attachment Non Electric Retractable Self Cleaning

Bidet Attachment Non Electric Retractable Self Cleaning

The state of Colorado has May Voluntary. A new color has been launched to match the woman. You're good to go if you receive a blue or pink bottle. High quality parts include a portable control panel, high-pressure faucet quality valves with metal/ceramic core, brass T-adapter, braided steel cold water hose, and a durable ABS material. There are two spray modes for front and rear cleaning, and the attachment features dual nozzles. Samodra has upgraded the knob switch to button design. Highly sanitary protection: self-cleaning feature, telescopic nozzles automatically retractable behind the guard gate, give you double sanitary guarantee, and easy maintenance. The water-pressure control knob allows you to adjust water pressure to create an experience that blends comfort and ease of use. Elderly and children can easily use bidets. It's easy to install, it's compatible with most toilets. Installation into your toilet is easy. Say goodbye to toilet paper and hello to a cleaner lifestyle. It's easy to install, it's compatible with most toilets. Installation into your toilet is easy. Say goodbye to toilet paper and hello to a cleaner lifestyle.

Brand: Samodra

👤Stick with the wet wipes. There is more on that in a bit. The product was in good condition. The install was done quickly. I was ready to roll in 10 minutes. The movements were hitting at work for a week so they sat inactive. It was business time when the planet aligned. This is what I found. You are a million times better off with this device than with toilet paper alone. If you're like me and you're serious about your clean game, it falls short. If you want to keep your back door ready for military inspection, the only thing you need is baby wipes. You can start with a squirt from this deal, but you still have to do some work. If you use wipes, it might make things more complicated. You just have to walk through it. See what I mean. There's a point to be made about saving trees. This is a positive. If you have lady business, this is great for a quick tune up. Maybe you want to make a good first impression on your friend? I can see this being very useful for the shela's. So over all that is a cool thing. It adds a fun element to your boudoir. It's not going to hurt a serious cleaner. It's a giant leap forward for most of you. I'm talking to you. You know who you are.

👤This is the strangest drinking fountain. I've used before. It is efficient and effective. I don't think it's smart to have it under the toilet seat. You pay for a drinking fountain in the bathroom. If you've had too many, this is useful. sodas that are grown up... The porcelain God's positioning under the toilet seat makes it ideal for rinsing your mouth out andhydrating for your second go around. It has two nozzles for different drinking positions and an option that just dribbles down, which I assume is for filling up cups. I'm getting a second one for the guest bathroom because I like it so much. I'm sure my guests will appreciate the fountain as much as I do.

👤In Japan, every toilet has a toilet seat bidet, so I knew the joys of it. There is a The layout of my bathroom makes it impractical to have a fancy electric washlet. After a few days, it seems like a good decision to choose the Samdora. You can install it yourself. The materials are of the highest quality. It was very easy to attach it to the toilet seat, but it is important to note that the attachment is thin and secure so it doesn't affect the seat. The controls are designed to make you feel like you are using them. There are two buttons in the back, one for male and one for female front washing. There's a cleaning button that runs water through to rinse it, and an off button in the center. When you press the button, the dial controls the water pressure, which is the way you want it. That's useful. It can be difficult to get a traditional brush behind the nozzles because they sit close to the back of the bowl. A toilet wand is helpful. The plumbing is not that difficult, you just have to know how to put the big black washer into the T-valve. Otherwise it will leak. You should tighten the T-valve more than you think. Ensuring that the washer is pressed down and waterproof is what you're doing. I had to tighten it more than I thought in order to make that seal. It worked perfectly once I did it. The service life of the bidet can be increased by turning off the water pressure knob after cleaning. Their email support is good and they responded to my questions within an hour. They don't get an immediate reply from their account number, so don't expect that.

3. BLAUX Electric Portable Bidet Sprayer

BLAUX Electric Portable Bidet Sprayer

The object and scope of use are for pregnant women, infants, bed-ridden patients, daily cleaning, bed rest and post-operative care cleaning. There is a cleaner, green alternative to toilet paper. A portable, portable travel bidet that keeps your behind and conscience clean. It's perfect for a travel bag. There is no need for a toilet seat. It is portable, travel size, and discreet. It can be put into your bag when you are on the go or blend in with your bathroom d├ęcor. You can use the portable toilet bidet for up to 100 uses on a single 2-hour charge. The mini shower has power. The port bid. The cleaning solution is sleek and sustainable. You can get a refreshing, eco-conscious clean wherever you go with the Blaux Portable Bidet. You can wash yourself with fresh water and reduce your toilet paper use. The portable bidet is perfect for travel and home use. It is better for your wallet and the planet. The Handheld bidet is named after him. The best way to clean yourself. It is more effective to wash with water than with toilet paper. Leave no trace by spraying it all away. You will feel cleaner and refreshed because of the Blaux Portable Bidet. The spray gun is for cleaning. The convenient easy clean toilet spray is designed for a comfortable cleaning. You just fill it up with water and spray yourself. You don't need a plumbing company to set up your home. It is ready to leave the box. The days of the toilet seat attachment are over. You keep clean wherever you go. The convenient easy clean toilet spray is designed for a comfortable cleaning. You just fill it up with water and spray yourself. You don't need a plumbing company to set up your home. It is ready to leave the box. The days of the toilet seat attachment are over. You keep clean wherever you go.

Brand: Blaux

👤You don't realize what you've been missing until you try this! No pun intended, use at home or on the go. It stays fresh wherever you put it in your bag. The cover holds enough water to give you a private shower. If you have the top brands with triple quilting delivered by angels or cute babies, you will never feel fresh by only using TP. If you have that diaper still there, you can thoroughly clean the bottoms of the babies. Your baby will thank you. Just wash and dry. If you are wondering if any water sprays away, it doesn't. This will be the first thing you put in your bag. It is difficult to not make a wisecrack. You know.

👤The review was updated from 5 to 1 stars. Don't buy this. Replacement cables are not available from the manufacturer or seller. You have a worthless device if you lose the cable. A brand with a standard charging cable is a good buy. Pick another brand and throw mine away. I won't be considering Blaux products in the future. The seller said that they don't sell magnetic cables only for the BLAUX Electric Portable Bidet Sprayer, but that they can only be ordered with a new BLAUX Electric Portable Bidet Sprayer. If you need one, you can visit our store. We appreciate your understanding. Thanks for your reply from the manufacturer. I would like to clarify that the issue is that we don't have your order on our system as it is on Amazon system, for you have placed it from them. We can't see any information about your order, or if we can reship tools for your device. I have bidets at home, but I miss them when I leave. I wondered if I could use public restrooms. The portable bidet is a wonderful invention. I carry it everywhere. The spray nozzle can be removed. The noze can face either the front or back depending on your preference. This thing is very attractive to use in a public restroom. I don't mind people asking for information. I want to keep a charging cable in my car. The problem is here. The water chamber is small and I wish it held more liquid. The low speed is not worth the time. This is a high priced product that is wonderful in the long run.

👤I returned it because I was let down by it. The way it is described is terrible and I should have known better. Thank you Amazon, I will say that you were prompt in refunding the outrageous price of 69.99.

👤It has to be returned. There was plastic between the two pieces that was supposed to keep them from sticking together. The latter didn't work. I never separated the 2 pieces. I decided to charge it so it would be usable when my son separated the parts. The charging cable was attached to my notebook. I'm not a fan of magnetic connections. The darned thing never charged. I tried to charge it again, but it wouldn't work. I got a lemon. I think it is a good product. It was nicely packaged. I'm giving it 2 stars for that. It was a dud. I sent it back after packing it up. It was easy. I'm disappointed but it happens. Maybe I'll change it.

4. BUTT BUDDY Spa Temperature Non Electric

BUTT BUDDY Spa Temperature Non Electric

The portable washlet is a way of helping you to enjoy the comforts of home even when you are not. If you want to save money, trees, and your health, you should stop wiping your butt with expensive toilet paper and start washing it with the Butt Buddy Spa fresh water bidet toilet attachment. Their bidet is very easy to install and even easier to use, coming with all the necessary parts and simple instructions to get started. The BUTT BUDDY Spa bidet is the perfect addition to a cleaner bathroom, better personal hygiene and a more sanitary lifestyle. The BUTT BUDDY Spa bidet is designed to fit every toilet and is built to last for years to come. Happy pooping! The BUTT BUDDY Spa has a manufacturer warranty, satisfaction guaranteed, dedicated customer support and many other benefits. You're always covered if you try it risk-free. The BUTT BUDDY Spa has a manufacturer warranty, satisfaction guaranteed, dedicated customer support and many other benefits. You're always covered if you try it risk-free.

Brand: In My Bathroom

👤It is easy to use and install butt Buddy. I don't like that I have to run the hot water for 1-2 minutes in my bathroom because the water from the hot water tap is cold until it warms up. I can run Butt Buddy until the hot water arrives. I know it reached Butt Buddy by using my hand. I just need to adjust it every time I use it. Thanks for the product.

👤I don't know why I waited so long to make the change to this unit, it was the one that didn't have the warm water feature. The fact that you only have one small lever to adjust is the second best feature. The temp and function adjustments should be left alone. You can save a tree by using toilet paper.

👤I don't write reviews but I have to let other know not to waste their money because I am so disappointed with this product. The gap between the toilet seat and the toilet bowl is very uncomfortable to sit in. The gap put pressure on the toilet seat and the bidet so that they couldn't be fixed in two months. The screws of the toilet seat fall off constantly, which is annoying, and I have to adjust the bidet every day. I don't think this is a good idea.

👤It was my first time using a bidet. It has a feminine feature that can be used for monthly visits. The water pressure is adjusted. The toilet seat is lifted. I figured it out by closing the toilet lid. I will be doing that from now on.

👤Adding a bidet seemed like a big project until I came across this little itlem. Attach the toilet seat mount to the toilet tank input. A novel idea! If you've ever used one at a European hotel or some of the older ones in resort locations, it's great, especially since the toilet paper crisis of a year ago.

👤I love this set. The name of the company is very funny. Butt Buddy. It's your butt buddy. The handy handle is very nifty. The leaf sticks out from the side of the toilet seat. After a lot of lifting and lowering of my toilet seat, the sticks on well and hasn't loosened up. I keep my butt and hands clean.

👤It was easy to hook up. I would say that it was worth it for my first experience with a bidet.

👤I will order another one for my other bathroom because it was easy to install.

5. Hibbent Portable Bidet Handy Toilette

Hibbent Portable Bidet Handy Toilette

Easy installation. TUSHY is compatible with all standard toilets and some one-piece toilets. It does not require plumbing or electricity. Remove the toilet seat, pop the TUSHY on, and you are done. Everything you need to install on your own is included in each TUSHY. The high spray for water jet and low spray for 1-2m works. Two styles of bottle can be used to connect to a larger container for cleaning. It is convenient for personal hygiene and clean for female wherever you go. There is a waterpoof and low noise motor inside. The battery has a duration of around 100 cycles. The battery has a duration of around 100 cycles.

Brand: Hibbent

👤I've had a few other models, including an older Palm BioBidet, a Toto portable washlet and now this. The Palm BioBidet was leaking. People in the puic stalls might have wondered why I had a sewing machine in there. At any rate, it sounded loud. It leaked badly. I had a portable washlet. Besign and execute better. It ate the batteries like Pac Man. The selling point was the water bottle attachment. The previous two models from the other companies didn't make it. The water bottle attachment made the bottle marginally better, but it also made the water bottle larger. It has a longer battery life than the AA battery and is much stronger than the other models so you can clean it up more easily. It was great for it's discretion when using a public restroom.

👤This is the first portable bidet I have ever used and it works better than I had expected. The container it comes with is too small, I have to refill it 3-4 times. I tried to use a smart water bottle as I use them in my boots to keep them propped up on display, however it was a completely different type of thread. I grabbed bottles that looked like they would work and went to wally world. The bigger bottle is the size of a smart water bottle but has a smaller lid, which is the same thread as the smaller bottles you get in the packs. I don't like the sound of the smaller bottle. The bigger one is unwieldy, but the amount of water seems endless when used, which is really nice. If I use an otg cable on my phone, I can plug the charging cable into the otg cable and use it to charge my phone. I don't know how many of these bottles I can empty before the battery is drained, but I'm going to top off my phone every time I use it, because it only takes a few minutes for my phone to top it off after each use with no drop in percentage on It seems that you can use it while it's charging, so in a pinch I can probably just hook it into my phone and keep using it. It does not leak so far. The only time water came out of it was when it was in the blue container. If the bidet was already used and didn't run dry before refilling the container, the air pressure causes the water to go through it. Remove the container and run it dry for a moment. It's not an issue and isn't a leak. The bottle adapter has the only downside of being very close to the air and water intake. The air coming out of the air return is sucked in by the water if you don't hold the bottle at the right angle or the water gets low. It would be great if the part that went onto the bidet was a bit deeper. I found that it worked well when I held it at any other angle than the one I would use when using the larger bottle. If the angle isn't with the water shooting upward at like a 45 degree angle then it might suck in its own air bubbles. That's not an issue. I think it's a great unit and will suite my needs very well. It has enough water pressure to get from one wall to the other. The stream is very small. It works well for what it is and is enough to get the job done. There is no way that anything of this size would ever fit in your house. When buying this, have realistic expectations.

6. Brondell GS 70BLK GoSpa Travel Midnight

Brondell GS 70BLK GoSpa Travel Midnight

We all go to the bathroom. Those who go with Charmin enjoy it. The discreet travel bag included in the Easy NoZZle Storage provides the most convenient and mess-free nozzle storage of any travel bidet. The bottle is soft. The air lock allows for a consistent spray after each squeeze. The large capacity is full for effective cleansing. The spray design is designed to spray at an angle. The spray design is designed to spray at an angle.

Brand: Brondell

👤I was not sure what to buy because I wanted a simple travel bidet. Most people seemed to like this or hospital style peri-wash bottles, so I bought both. The travel bidet is better than the bottles. You just have to wait until the nozzle is between your legs to turn it upside down. I made a short video to show you how to use it. The "air hole" is a check valve on the bottom of the bottle that allows air in, but does not allow air or water out, so it's pointless. This isn't likely to be a problem if you don't have an extremely arthritic grip. I'm going to glue the bottle shut at some point.

👤This is a big deal for me. I'm 70 years old and this resolves a problem. Don't block the air hole on the bottom of the squeeze bottle, it's intuitive to find the right place for use. To get a good cleansing stream, squeeze the bottle hard. I am clean. That is a major blessing for some of us. I might be embarrassed to write this, but it might be for someone else. I was looking for something else when I stumbled across this product.

👤Whenever I left the house, I would always find myself missing my alternate cleaning solution, because I was a long-time home user of toilet-affixed bidets. The decision to buy a travel bidet became more important than a distant thought after a six day vacation without a bidet. I browsed the many options on Amazon and all looked the same. They are all almost the same. I decided to use the reviews as an accurate depiction of the device because more people had purchased it than others. Getting used to using the bidet takes a little while. I have found that I have to do two good sprays to get clean, though the bottle can probably do three or four good sprays before I run out. The bottle gets a small amount of water from the air intake valve, but it's not that big of a deal. The only thing the manufacturer should have done is to make a standard cap for the bottle so you can fill it up and store it in a bag. If you want to avoid spilling water in the included pouch, you need to fill up the bidet before each use. I'm glad to have a portable bidet, as it saves me a lot of time and effort, and sometimes pain in getting clean.

👤We cannot travel without each other. We go to a remote location in Central America for a surf trip every year. Ben cannot flush toilet paper. Which means? After a poo, the waste goes into a wastebasket beside the toilet. It's normal for sure. No one wants to smell poo until the trash is taken out, and what about organic matter? There are ants! Not the small ones. We brought our travel bidet. Put toilet tissue in the trash. The TP is clean. The bottom is clean. There was no poo smell. There were no ants. Who doesn't like a clean bottom? We love this so much that we bought one to take to work and the other to leave in our travel bag so it is never forgotten.

7. 2PCS Pack Handheld Personal Bidet Easy

2PCS Pack Handheld Personal Bidet Easy

Toto Yew350. 2PCS-PACK is an easy way to refresh yourself after bath or toilet use. The portable bidet bottle is perfect for personal clean at home, office, on vacation, travel and more. The ERGONOMIC DESIGN, Lengthened pipe and detachable nozzle, allows easy use with minimum body movement and maximizes cleaning efficiency. You will get a new refreshing experience if you fill with Cool or Warm water and squeeze the bottles. Save toilet papers. Bigger is better. Extra capacity soft squeeze bottle with 7 increase nozzle holes ensures stronger pressure, enough water and a wider area of cleaning. It's easy to store and it's comfortable for everyone. It's easy to store and it's comfortable for everyone.

Brand: Tonelife

👤I told my friend Bob about this product. He asks, "a what?" Bob and I are older than most people, so our bodies and needs change as we get longer in the tooth. I told Bob that I wasn't feeling well down there. The funny looks in the store shopping for baby wipes were because they weren't doing the job with skin irritation. I kept hearing about the benefits of a portable bidet and decided to give it a try. Bob was asking me questions. Personal questions. How do you use it? I was compelled to take a picture of the directions and send them to Bob because he is sensitive about my use of the language. I will attach those directions later, so I can read them. Bob was laughing. He asked me about aiming the device and I said it is like seeing a gun. You just adjust if you are shooting too high or low. If the water is too cold, you could get hurt if youlevitate above the stool. I feel fresh! There is a learning curve. If I am going out, I will stick one in my pocket. "Are you excited to see me, or is that a portable bidet in your pocket?" will be asked by some. I don't put it in my pocket, but Bob insisted I put it in a review since he said that I should write one. Back to the device. I like it. It is easy to use the purple color that goes with the veins in my legs. I highly recommend. You should read the directions. I will try to attach pictures. I bought two more. The regular toilet seat requires more drying for me and the boys, so I prefer using the bidet seat. I have enough for both the north and south bathroom. I had to empty it before I took the trip.

👤I didn't think a plastic bottle with a sprayer attachment would become an important fixture in my life. We love the fact that we have a regular toilet and a bidet seat. The idea of using toilet paper is gross to us. We realized we were going on vacation and didn't know what to do. I don't think we'll bring our bidet toilet seat with us, although it crossed my mind, I can't go back to toilet paper. I found a portable bidet. My first thought was that it wouldn't have enough pressure to do the job. I was wrong. It does the job perfectly well, which is what matters, even though it does not offer as much pressure. I don't understand the review that said it didn't have enough pressure, it had plenty for both of us, and you have complete control of the aim. We are happy customers and you get two, one for her and one for him. I am writing a review from a tropical island. Never leave home without one.

👤The product is described. The purple bottle tip was hard to insert. If the bottle is disassembled, it will not fit into the bag. You can't carry water in it, and must fill it up before you use it. The information card is hilarious. Someone is not an English speaker. After stool, wash ass. Ladies are told to use this product to avoid a strange smell. The purchase was worth it.

8. Purrfectzone Sprayer Toilet Diaper Regular

Purrfectzone Sprayer Toilet Diaper Regular

We support no reason to return 60 days and 2 years. They will help you solve any problems if you contact them immediately. You can install the water sprayer in 10 minutes if you have everything you need. There was no more water on the floor. You can easily switch between two water pressure modes. You don't need a lever to adjust the pressure once you do. You can use this set to maintain a great personal hygiene, but also to wash the dog, clean the bathroom, cloth diaper spraying, baby diapers, Shattaf Muslim shower and many other things. Save money and save the planet? Yes- You can save money and protect the environment by using this portable hand held spray instead of using toilet paper. If you have any questions, please contact them. Save money and save the planet? Yes- You can save money and protect the environment by using this portable hand held spray instead of using toilet paper. If you have any questions, please contact them.

Brand: Purrfectzone

👤After the toilet paper shortage last year, I decided to buy a bidet. I tried a type that was attached under the toilet seat, but it didn't allow the seat to lower completely. I decided to try it after I found the PurrfectZone hose. I installed it in ten minutes after reading the instructions in the box. I used the tape on all the threaded fittings to tighten it with a wrench. It has not leaked a drop so far. I keep the little handle on the water valve in the off position, and push the button on the sprayer head when I am not using the bidet. I turn the handle to the ON position when I am ready to use it. The sprayer head is connected to my flush box. I could put it in the wall if I wanted to. I keep a hand towel on a hook to dry when I'm not using toilet paper. I used liquid soap with water and a squirt bottle to clean up. When my kids were small, toilet paper and wipes didn't always get the job done completely, so I wish I'd had this bidet. I am very pleased with the quality and price of this item. My mother has limited mobility and this will allow her to clean up without the risk of falling in the shower, so I will order one for her.

👤I had a bad experience with the leaking of the bidet in my old place. When we moved to a new place, I installed 3 of them and made sure to shut the T valve off after each use. The advantage of shutting the T valve is that you know when it starts leaking. 2 of. The 3 installed are leaking.

👤This may have to go back. The hose doesn't stay in the holder, it rests there. When we tested it, it came out like a super sprayer. Will probably mess with the knob on the attachment to see if that helps. It was quick to install. The handle doesn't fit into the holder, it's almost like they aren't matching. The handle rests on top so you have to make sure it's sitting right. It will get lesser stars if it gets too obnoxious. The on/off seems dumb, but this got better reviews than the ones with a better designed button. No idea why these things are so hard to make.

👤Don't ever stop using the Purrfectzone design. We bought this bidet in 2020 because it was obvious that TP would be out of stock for a long time. It's one of the best purchases we've ever made. It was easy to install. We've used it for 10 months without any problems. The design of this handle is very nice. The lever design that looks like a garden hose handle has a button that slides sideways that controls the spray. It's easier for injured or arthritic hands to use this button. Whenever the subject of paper shortages came up, I told my friends about this company and recommended this design.

9. Mighty Rock Postpartum Hemmoroid Treatment

Mighty Rock Postpartum Hemmoroid Treatment

It's easy to store and it's comfortable for everyone. The travel bidet is accessible. The portable size of the sprayer is 888-282-0465, which makes it 888-282-0465, which makes it 888-282-0465, which makes it 888-282-0465, which makes it 888-282-0465, which makes it 888-282-0465, which makes it 888-282-0465, which makes it 888-282-0465, which The grade equivalency experence is upGRADED. The portable bidet makes you feel comfortable and clean whenever you use it, which gives you a new refreshing feeling. The easy way to refresh yourself after bath or toilet use is to remove the cover and fill it with water, then point and press the H / L key. Two washing modes, "L" is gentle, "H" is strong, meet your different needs, and water spray is more stable. The portable travel bidet is made of high-quality silicone +ABS material, non-toxic and harmless, and it has a prism-shaped anti-skid design to make you feel more comfortable. The spout can achieve more accurately and thoroughly cleaning. 100% money back if you change your mind after receiving, if you encounter any problems. It is a perfect gift for children's ass washing, pregnant women cleaning, daily cleaning of women, hemorrhoids cleaning, patient's caring and elderly. 100% money back if you change your mind after receiving, if you encounter any problems. It is a perfect gift for children's ass washing, pregnant women cleaning, daily cleaning of women, hemorrhoids cleaning, patient's caring and elderly.

Brand: Mighty Rock

👤You probably miss it when you travel or are anywhere else without it. This is not a substitute. Wouldn't you rather have something than go back to the days of paper? This doesn't have the strength of the water or the capacity of the toilet. It's fine. I would rather have this than nothing. As this is a delicate subject, I just want to say that you can begin and end with this, using the stuff on a roll in between. If you are sitting near a sink, it's easy to refill. I took this on a hunting trip last week and I was so happy I did. It is small, can be carried in a backpack or hunting vest, and can be used by those who walk or hike a lot. Nuff said. Buy it if you know its limitations. It is better than nothing.

👤The reviews say the pressure is good. If you're lucky enough to make Teflon-coated rabbit pellets, this item will suffice. I produce industrial-grade sludge which could be used as mortar for bricklaying, but this item doesn't make a difference. The only positive thing it does is get the area wet. I really liked it. I bought new batteries to see if they would improve the pressure after I installed older batteries. There was no change at all. I decided to return it. I hope I can generate some serious pressure with the hand-squeeze bottle. I gave it two stars because it actually does what it says it does. It wasn't hard enough for me.

👤So far they have not found any dislikes. It's hard to travel when you can't wash your butt in public restrooms. When you have a lot of diarrhea, hemmroids stay irritative all the time. The problem has been solved by this little beauty. It's made very well and awesome to use. The Sprayer wand is easy to clean and use. It gives you enough water to get the job done. The batteries last a long time too. It's perfect for my needs.

👤I have a bathroom sink that has a handheld bidet/sprayer hooked to it. The portable version has the same spray strength as the home one. It does the job despite the fact that there isn't an endless supply of water. I will buy another one for my partner, I was very impressed with this item.

👤I had to put on my strong glasses to see the settings for battery insert. It lasts for a long time on the Heavy output setting. I carry a small bottle of warm water with me into the stall to refill it. It gets me clean, but it won't seem strong. The toilet paper needs to be dry off. The unit doesn't look like a medical device. I like that the spray arm folds into the unit, and that the unit slips into the water resivoir and locks into place. The little bag is discreet and easy to pack away. The units are the same and the price is about 12 what they sell for in on-line ads. I keep them in the car and suitcase.

10. Morpilot Orientation Postpartum Hemmoroid Treatment

Morpilot Orientation Postpartum Hemmoroid Treatment

Please make sure to instal a sealed ring and screw the cap tight before use with thicker O-rings. If you have a question, please contact them. The portable bidet sprayer is perfect for personal care hygiene refresher, and you can take it anywhere. The travel bidet sprayer is eco-friendly and will provide you with a new refreshing experience. There are no harsher toilet paper and shower toilets. Only comfortable, clean and pleasant. When the bidet is upside down, it will only be used to prevent spraying. The portable is easy to use and has 2 washing modes, "L" and "H". To start, you need one key. The design is designed for cleaning. The portable travel bidet is made of high-quality silicone and non-toxic material. The stability of water pressure is ensured by the decompression. The design is designed for cleaning. The portable travel bidet is made of high-quality silicone and non-toxic material. The stability of water pressure is ensured by the decompression.

Brand: Morpilot

👤This goes beyond brushing. The plaque is not able to be brushed. It was easy to control. I love that it can be charged once a week. I mix a solution of water and a product. It's great for people with braces or who are difficult to bridgework. I would buy this again and recommend it to my family and friends.

👤At my last dental checkup, I was told to add a water flosser to my dental routine. I love using the full-size flosser. I needed a portable flosser when I was away. I purchased the Morpilot Cordless Water Flosser after researching on Amazon. I don't have to refill the water once before I finish flossing because it is easy to do, but it is not a problem. The flosser is portable. It has a waterproof sac and is able to charge using ausb port. The Morpilot Cordless Water Flosser is a great choice for travelers.

👤My main use is at home. The company asked me to review it after buying it. I noticed that Amazon had suggestions of other products to consider. I bought a Vanity top unit. This portable unit can be set to less force than this other unit, which has a greater range of power settings. There are some different tips. A periodontal tip can deliver drugs to the gums. I just went through periodontal surgery which opens up the gums to clean below the gumline and I am hoping that I won't have to go through the expense, time and pain again. The portable unit holds less water than the counter top one. Each use requires me to fill the countertop unit once. I have to fill it three times. If you travel frequently, I believe this unit to be more effective than flossing with floss and would be a good purchase. If I had to do it over, I would only buy a countertop unit and floss when I travel as I'm not away from home that often. Those of you who are critical of reviews that aren't strictly about the product are sorry. I think this product is good for travelers.

👤My dentist was pleased with the results and this item is well-priced for what you get. I'm a fan of simplicity. Some people were upset that there were only 3 settings and one type of tip. I don't believe that I would ever use any of the 22 different settings and 8 different tip combinations that I have. If most of us were honest, we would probably admit that we're likely to find one or two settings that we like and use them all the time. The "Normal" setting is too strong for the interior portion of my mouth, and the "Soft" setting doesn't seem strong enough, which is why the third setting is called "Pulse". I went with the portable option because it can fit in a backpack and be used at work. etc... The water is too small. I have to fill it up a couple of times. This isn't a big deal, but I worry that I'm wearing the seal and eventually won't stay locked, spilling water out. I would recommend it, but wouldn't plan on buying it for a long time.

11. CuloClean Portable Compatible Discreet Ecological

CuloClean Portable Compatible Discreet Ecological

The retractable nozzle is easy to use and clean. The lowest travel bid on the market. The smallest, lightest and most discreet portable bidet on the market is called CuloClean. Any plastic bottle can be compatible with a handheld bidet. Only 0'42 ounces! It's perfect for hikers. It is easy to use prayer for toiLET. Turn the bottle cap upside down after filling the bottle. Add soap to the bottle to get a perfect result. Per I bottle for post care. For pregnant women and those who have given birth, the portable bidet is perfect. Put more or less pressure on the bottle to regulate water intensity. It's verydurable. It's ecological. The planet is polluted with waste from savesay CuloClean is made of high quality materials. Don't use toilet paper and wipes. 100% made in Europe. There are 10 pieces available in 1pcs, 2pcs, 4pcs, and 10 pieces. Individually packaged. There are different colors in their peri bottle. 100% made in Europe. There are 10 pieces available in 1pcs, 2pcs, 4pcs, and 10 pieces. Individually packaged. There are different colors in their peri bottle.


👤I gave this product a bad review, but now I understand it. You have your own bottle and water. The water comes out with enough force that you don't need a long nozzle, and I am ordering 2 more for my patients as it will help immensely with hygiene issues and especially with the virus going around. A person's hands are kept cleaner. The hole is hard to see with low lighting or bi- focals, so I added a spot of red finger nail polish to the spot. Love the way it works!

👤I have stomach issues. When my hands lose function, it's hard to ping. I don't want to use the bathroom at work. I carry it with me. Sometimes I refill the bottle and spray again, but otherwise it gets me so much cleaner and feels better. I really like this thing. It can be used as a mini-shower when camping. There's no reason not to have it with you. The quality of the experience depends on the bottle you use. I have good luck with Mt Dew bottles.

👤Most disposable water bottles fit. That's not water. bottles don't. A bottle will fit under the sink. I usually start with a full 700 liter bottle. The water comes out of a stream. If the water came out of little holes, you might lose more water than if you missed. You won't hurt yourself by squeezing hard. I wasn't sure if it blew away all the Klingons because it's a low pressure system, but my underwear didn't stink. It did the job. It works just fine with short bursts, relaxing between bursts to let air into the bottle for the next squeeze. It's a good way to end your life. I installed a cold water bidet at my home last summer. The tap water is really cold this time of year. I'm using it with warm water. I can't tell where the slot is because paint won't stick to it. I heated a screwdriver on the stove and made a small hole above the slot where paint won't rub off.

👤Backpackers are starting to use these because toilet paper must be packed out of national parks. It wasn't fun carrying used tp in your pack. You don't have a lot. I have used it for a week now and it is wonderful. There is a learning curve and it can be used differently. What works best for you is what you need to figure out. The best thing about using this portable bidet is how clean it is. It's like you just took a shower. You save money. There are a few negatives. You will use up water when backpacking. It's not an issue if there's plenty of water around, but in dry areas, you might want to stay with tp. There is a need to make visible marks around the water exit area. It would be easier to see and aim with this. I painted the side of the jet area that was white. The ability to carry things is a big plus. Use at home, at camp, at a hotel. Simple, portable, economical, earth-friendly, take the plunge!


What is the best product for portable bidet for travel rechargeable?

Portable bidet for travel rechargeable products from Vowcarol. In this article about portable bidet for travel rechargeable you can see why people choose the product. Samodra and Blaux are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable bidet for travel rechargeable.

What are the best brands for portable bidet for travel rechargeable?

Vowcarol, Samodra and Blaux are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable bidet for travel rechargeable. Find the detail in this article. In My Bathroom, Hibbent and Brondell are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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