Best Portable Bidet for Travel

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1. Brondell GS 70GRN GoSpa Travel Bidet

Brondell GS 70GRN GoSpa Travel Bidet

Complete with travel bag. Pack it and use it wherever you are. Their washer is a perfect addition to your hospital bag and a gift bound to loved at Baby Showers, because it comes with a waterproof travel bag for soothing cleansing anywhere you are. The discreet travel bag included in the Easy NoZZle Storage provides the most convenient and mess-free nozzle storage of any travel bidet. The bottle is soft. The air lock allows for a consistent spray after each squeeze. The large capacity is full for effective cleansing. The spray design is designed to spray at an angle. The spray design is designed to spray at an angle.

Brand: Brondell

👤I was not sure what to buy because I wanted a simple travel bidet. Most people seemed to like this or hospital style peri-wash bottles, so I bought both. The travel bidet is better than the bottles. You just have to wait until the nozzle is between your legs to turn it upside down. I made a short video to show you how to use it. The "air hole" is a check valve on the bottom of the bottle that allows air in, but does not allow air or water out, so it's pointless. This isn't likely to be a problem if you don't have an extremely arthritic grip. I'm going to glue the bottle shut at some point.

👤This is a big deal for me. I'm 70 years old and this resolves a problem. Don't block the air hole on the bottom of the squeeze bottle, it's intuitive to find the right place for use. To get a good cleansing stream, squeeze the bottle hard. I am clean. That is a major blessing for some of us. I might be embarrassed to write this, but it might be for someone else. I was looking for something else when I stumbled across this product.

👤Whenever I left the house, I would always find myself missing my alternate cleaning solution, because I was a long-time home user of toilet-affixed bidets. The decision to buy a travel bidet became more important than a distant thought after a six day vacation without a bidet. I browsed the many options on Amazon and all looked the same. They are all almost the same. I decided to use the reviews as an accurate depiction of the device because more people had purchased it than others. Getting used to using the bidet takes a little while. I have found that I have to do two good sprays to get clean, though the bottle can probably do three or four good sprays before I run out. The bottle gets a small amount of water from the air intake valve, but it's not that big of a deal. The only thing the manufacturer should have done is to make a standard cap for the bottle so you can fill it up and store it in a bag. If you want to avoid spilling water in the included pouch, you need to fill up the bidet before each use. I'm glad to have a portable bidet, as it saves me a lot of time and effort, and sometimes pain in getting clean.

👤We cannot travel without each other. We go to a remote location in Central America for a surf trip every year. Ben cannot flush toilet paper. Which means? After a poo, the waste goes into a wastebasket beside the toilet. It's normal for sure. No one wants to smell poo until the trash is taken out, and what about organic matter? There are ants! Not the small ones. We brought our travel bidet. Put toilet tissue in the trash. The TP is clean. The bottom is clean. There was no poo smell. There were no ants. Who doesn't like a clean bottom? We love this so much that we bought one to take to work and the other to leave in our travel bag so it is never forgotten.

2. Original HAPPYPO Butt Shower Color

Original HAPPYPO Butt Shower Color

The Happypo Happiness Bidet is free from plastic and BPA. The Squirt Bottle Bidet works without batteries or connections. The chemical-free alternative to wet toilet paper is the Bidet portable. The HappyPo portable bidet spray bottle can reduce toilet paper waste by 50%. DOCTORS recommend water cleaning. In case of high hygiene demand or diseases. HappyPo created a portable bidet bottle for children with more sensitive skin. There is a portable bladder for pregnant women and a squirt bottle for post-partum injuries. The Menstrual Cup and the perineal bottle complement each other. It's perfect at home and on the go. The HappyPo Travel Bidet will be a game-changer. The HappyPo Bidet bottle is available in many different colors and sizes. Bring your personal hygiene with you.

Brand: Happypo

👤I wanted to find a solution that would decrease my paper consumption. Let's look at the fancy toilet seats and bidets. I chose this option because it was portable, inexpensive and most of all it allowed me to control the temperature of the water without a bathroom renovation - my hot water line is no where near my toilet in the master bath. I love it! It's a simple solution to a simple problem and leaves me feeling better than with TP alone. Consider me a convert if there is a toilet paper shortage.

👤The product works well. It is better to rinse the front than the back, as the spray is soft and takes me two bottles of water to clean the old bum. The sprayer head with fewer holes would probably work better on the backside. The product is easy to use and looks like it will last. It is not too loud.

👤It's too hard to squeeze after carpel tunnel surgery.

👤I bought this travel bidet in hopes that it would be an adequate substitute for my toilet bidets, which I love but I dread having to travel without them. I was skeptical that a squeeze bottle would be able to wash as effectively and cleanly as the pressure wash I use at home. I was surprised that the softer wash with only so much water as the bottle holds did the trick. It is easy to fill up in the sink of the restroom I am in. I will not leave home without it.

👤I have colorectal cancer and I'm on the treatment. This works well. I have been telling other patients about it. I can take it anywhere.

👤If you travel to countries where adventure awaits you, this is a standard travel item. It is easy to clean with warm water and it is easy to clean after number 2. It gives you a good experience if you are used to it. Even if you have to do it twice.

👤The portable squeeze bottle is helpful for cleaning when there is a scarcity of toilet paper. I would have liked the nozzle to stay on the bottle when in the bag.

👤I live and travel in a van with my husband, and sometimes it can get hot in those sacred places, so I have been hesitant on getting intimate with him, but this has been a game saver for me. It's highly recommended for those who want to feel clean after a pee. I think the only thing that would make it better is a bag that fits all the way around it with the top on for easy access.

👤I think I'm in the right place, I'm in the Produkt. Nicht, das Druck ist ausreicht. Neben das Produkt ist berteuert! Es besteht aus billigstem Plastik. The absolute frechheit ist dafr 20.

👤Ich bin erstaunt! Ich damals die "Hhle der Lwen" War ist mir rtselhaft. Im Gegensatz ist wenigstens das Material von qualitt und lsst. Druck aus der Flasche in the Toilette, und den Sitz, ist das Wasser. Doch lsen lassen, das msste. Ein Investor ist darber stolpern. Wer das Druck der Flasche erzeugt ist. 20 ist nun die Artikel.

3. Portable Sprayer Personal Hygiene Elderly Green

Portable Sprayer Personal Hygiene Elderly Green

There is a large CAPACITY. The bottle holds 22.08 ounces. For more complete cleaning and less refill. A large capacity of 650ml for indoor use and more complete cleaning is included in the 2pack. Personal cleaning device that can be used by children, elderly and any use requiring personal hygiene care. No power, easy to use. There was no battery. It's perfect for when you're on the go and want to use a bidet. A straight and an angle nozzle are included to meet different situations. You can fill the bottle with either cold or warm water. The year can be used normally. You can fill the bottle with either cold or warm water. The year can be used normally.

Brand: Hibbent

👤This works well. I was going to have surgery and then be in a cast, so I decided to use this. All the toilet paper in the world disappeared after Covid hit. I had my bottle so it didn't matter. I felt prepared for the game. So, suck it, all TP obsessives!

👤It works well. I could get some good squeezes. The pressure is not as strong as the Neo 120, but it is better than the electric Bio Bidet. The directions are useless. Don't worry about covering the vent hole at the bottom, this is a useless step. I just filled the bidet to the rim, tightened the cover, and pulled the wand out to aim the nozzle up to the ceiling. It is held this way and does not leak. Then keep the noise up by moving your hand backwards. There are no leaks this way. Then fire away.

👤I was disappointed by the low pressure that the hand-held bidet produced. I took a chance that I would be able to generate far more pressure by hand than the electronic one did, because I had seen manual squeeze bottles during my original search for this kind of product. I was correct. I can get the same amount of pressure with this as I can with my home attachment. The only difference is that you have to keep letting the air out of the bottle to get a continuous stream. This isn't really a problem; you just keep squeezing. The bag it comes with is probably not going to last very long. The stitches are long and will break over time. I will use my sewing machine to reinforce the stitching, as I really like this bag. I am very satisfied with this product. I plan on taking it on trips once we can safely go places again, and I'm already using it at work. Get this if you need good pressure. You won't be disappointed.

👤I didn't think of needing one of these sooner. What a game-changing day, I got mine today. It's pretty expensive to go through tons of toilet paper. I won't have to use any paper in the future. I put one in my purse and the other in the service area next to the throne. There are a couple of reviews that say they only got one bottle. I got what I ordered, they were shrink wrapped together, so no complaints. Love. The product.

👤There were two sizes of the package, a large bottle with a hole in the bottom and a small bottle with no hole. The larger one leaks everywhere, so I'll only use the small one. This is a double review. The small version has no hole. I love it! I bought this to see if I liked the idea of a bidet without investing in new plumbing. When I traveled, I wanted something. This works well. The small version has enough capacity to do the cleaning. It is easy to aim, easy to squeeze and there is enough pressure. The large version failed. There are leaks. As you turn it upside down, covering the hole won't stop it from squirting water. It dribbles water onto the floor, the toilet seat, and anything else in the area. I've tried everything I can to prevent it from releasing before I uncover the hole, but it just doesn't work. The large version would get one star and the small version five stars. If it was possible, I would suggest buying the version without a hole.

4. Hibbent Portable Bidet Handy Toilette

Hibbent Portable Bidet Handy Toilette

Easy installation. TUSHY is compatible with all standard toilets and some one-piece toilets. It does not require plumbing or electricity. Remove the toilet seat, pop the TUSHY on, and you are done. Everything you need to install on your own is included in each TUSHY. The high spray for water jet and low spray for 1-2m works. Two styles of bottle can be used to connect to a larger container for cleaning. It is convenient for personal hygiene and clean for female wherever you go. There is a waterpoof and low noise motor inside. The battery has a duration of around 100 cycles. The battery has a duration of around 100 cycles.

Brand: Hibbent

👤I've had a few other models, including an older Palm BioBidet, a Toto portable washlet and now this. The Palm BioBidet was leaking. People in the puic stalls might have wondered why I had a sewing machine in there. At any rate, it sounded loud. It leaked badly. I had a portable washlet. Besign and execute better. It ate the batteries like Pac Man. The selling point was the water bottle attachment. The previous two models from the other companies didn't make it. The water bottle attachment made the bottle marginally better, but it also made the water bottle larger. It has a longer battery life than the AA battery and is much stronger than the other models so you can clean it up more easily. It was great for it's discretion when using a public restroom.

👤This is the first portable bidet I have ever used and it works better than I had expected. The container it comes with is too small, I have to refill it 3-4 times. I tried to use a smart water bottle as I use them in my boots to keep them propped up on display, however it was a completely different type of thread. I grabbed bottles that looked like they would work and went to wally world. The bigger bottle is the size of a smart water bottle but has a smaller lid, which is the same thread as the smaller bottles you get in the packs. I don't like the sound of the smaller bottle. The bigger one is unwieldy, but the amount of water seems endless when used, which is really nice. If I use an otg cable on my phone, I can plug the charging cable into the otg cable and use it to charge my phone. I don't know how many of these bottles I can empty before the battery is drained, but I'm going to top off my phone every time I use it, because it only takes a few minutes for my phone to top it off after each use with no drop in percentage on It seems that you can use it while it's charging, so in a pinch I can probably just hook it into my phone and keep using it. It does not leak so far. The only time water came out of it was when it was in the blue container. If the bidet was already used and didn't run dry before refilling the container, the air pressure causes the water to go through it. Remove the container and run it dry for a moment. It's not an issue and isn't a leak. The bottle adapter has the only downside of being very close to the air and water intake. The air coming out of the air return is sucked in by the water if you don't hold the bottle at the right angle or the water gets low. It would be great if the part that went onto the bidet was a bit deeper. I found that it worked well when I held it at any other angle than the one I would use when using the larger bottle. If the angle isn't with the water shooting upward at like a 45 degree angle then it might suck in its own air bubbles. That's not an issue. I think it's a great unit and will suite my needs very well. It has enough water pressure to get from one wall to the other. The stream is very small. It works well for what it is and is enough to get the job done. There is no way that anything of this size would ever fit in your house. When buying this, have realistic expectations.

5. Portable Sprayer Travel Personal Cleansing

Portable Sprayer Travel Personal Cleansing

The max temperature rise is 47.8F. It is easy to fill a bottle with water and can be used anywhere. No batteries are required for fast and effective personal cleansing. Air lock technology for stronger spray is what the extra-long nozzle spray design is for. The bottle has a capacity of 21.8 ounces. For more complete cleaning. The retractable nozzle is easy to use and clean. The retractable nozzle is easy to use and clean.

Brand: Hibbent

👤Every woman needs this in between cleaning. If it will fit under your sink tap, I recommend the larger size. If your faucet doesn't have good clearance, go with the 420ml size. I have to bend the container in order to fill it because I got the larger one. I can't fill it to the top because it is soft. The extension on the arm and neck makes it easy to reach everything from the front. Makes a clean up quick.

👤It works great, and I am very impressed with the effectiveness of this portable device. I have had a very expensive toilet seat for over a decade. I used to have serious hemmoroid problems until I got a bidet toilet seat. Travel has always been problematic. Several battery operated portable bidets were all a waste of money. The largest size is available. The price has gone from 14 to 10. Great purchase.

👤I've been searching for products that will keep me pain-free while I try to live as normal a life as possible, since the only symptom of my spine surgery was chronic Pelvic Floor Pain. It can be 888-353-1299 A medical specialist recommended a sitz bath for me after every trip to the bathroom. I was hoping that the portable bidet Sprayer would shorten my time in the bathroom, and that it would be more efficient. I had no idea that the product's spray nozzle would produce a narrow, powerful flow of water even without squeezing the bottle. I experienced pain when I touched the nozzle with my hand and it came from the bidet. It was too much for me with this condition. If you're one of the 1 in 4 American women who suffer from neuropathic pain to the pelvic floor, you're looking at this product as a way to live more comfortably. The sitz bath is the only sanitary solution that keeps neuropathic pain as minimal as possible. The product is high-quality. It wasn't the answer to the problem I was dealing with.

👤We were always taught to wash with soap and water, without fancy style, with a little plastic bucket. Americans only use toilet paper. I love that most of the rest of the world uses some sort of washing technique. I had a hand held sprayer in my home toilet, but I needed something portable. I bought the largest one that was suggested by other reviewers. The hole at the bottom was not a problem. The retractable nozzle is easy to learn. The 620 size was too large in volume and not so discreet if you were to carry it to the bathroom. I mostly eat a clean diet so my second game is not messy. I only needed half the bottle's volume. I'm going to use a bottle that's more than 400ml. I think it will be better for my needs.

6. TOTO Travel Handy Washlet YEW350 WH

TOTO Travel Handy Washlet YEW350 WH

Doubles is a travel business. You can use this bottle as a hand shower and keep it clean. Toto Yew350. Toto Yew350.

Brand: Toto

👤This attracts the attention of the TSA at airport security screenings because of the way it works. Apparently, the fact that it has a battery and a container has them thinking it's a container for something more powerful than water. I've had fun talking to the agents who pull it out from my bag and think they've found something. What do we have here? One agent pulled the bidet out of my carry-on. I said it was a travel bidet. He was unaware, and asked "What's a bidet?". My reply was "it's a portable butt shower". The agent put the device in my bag and then shoved the bag back to me. :D Highly recommended!

👤I've used one daily at home or on the road since 2008 and only have to change the battery when needed. I bought this one for backup. This is the same as my original one except for the color and instructions that are not English. I still have my original English instructions and took pictures, hoping they will help people. If the photos don't work well, I welcome instructions to improve them. I have reduced my original 5-star rating because of the "button" failure issue that happened within too short of a time. My first one lasted almost 8 years. They don't make them like they used to.

👤There's no place like home, but this awesome TOTO washlet lets you feel fresh as if you were there. I wish this was less expensive. If you buy one of the cheaper ones, you will know why TOTO is the master of takin' care of business. I have bad hemorrhoids and I must be clean. I don't have an outlet near my bathroom. I wanted the bidet toilet seat, but I was not able to get it. I have two TOTO travel washlets that I use in my home. The washlet has better power than the one that I used in my first travel bidet. I don't have to refill my medication because I have my own. I use it both front and back. The reason I left the 5th star off is because I wish they would design it to fill from the side, like the vi vi, so you don't have to constantly close the sprayer in order to fill it up. When you get it, you'll see what I mean, but it's a minor annoyance compared to the positive aspects this little guy brings to your potty experience.

👤I wish I'd seen that in a review before buying. If you're a large or disabled person, you know what that is if you need an easy wipe tool. This is not a replacement. Not even close. The idea and execution are great, I may keep this for when traveling without a shower sprayer. No, if you need a deep car wash. This is similar to your wash sprayer. I tried a lot of maneuvers between the busted back and the large one, but it was futile.

7. CuloClean Portable Compatible Discreet Ecological

CuloClean Portable Compatible Discreet Ecological

100% money back if you change your mind after receiving, if you encounter any problems. It is a perfect gift for children's ass washing, pregnant women cleaning, daily cleaning of women, hemorrhoids cleaning, patient's caring and elderly. The lowest travel bid on the market. The smallest, lightest and most discreet portable bidet on the market is called CuloClean. Any plastic bottle can be compatible with a handheld bidet. Only 0'42 ounces! It's perfect for hikers. It is easy to use prayer for toiLET. Turn the bottle cap upside down after filling the bottle. Add soap to the bottle to get a perfect result. Per I bottle for post care. For pregnant women and those who have given birth, the portable bidet is perfect. Put more or less pressure on the bottle to regulate water intensity. It's verydurable. It's ecological. The planet is polluted with waste from savesay CuloClean is made of high quality materials. Don't use toilet paper and wipes. 100% made in Europe. There are 10 pieces available in 1pcs, 2pcs, 4pcs, and 10 pieces. Individually packaged. There are different colors in their peri bottle. 100% made in Europe. There are 10 pieces available in 1pcs, 2pcs, 4pcs, and 10 pieces. Individually packaged. There are different colors in their peri bottle.


👤Product can go onto the end of a water bottle and allow you to make a low pressure jet of water. All promises of "discreet" go out the window when you use up the bottle because the crackling noise of the bottle is very distinguishable. You end up using the same amount of tissue or wipes as before because the jet is not directed enough to clean you.

👤This is what I was looking for, the perfect portable bidet, what girl doesn't want to be fresh at all times. It is the perfect size and made very sturdy so it will fit in a small coin purse. You control the pressure, I am so excited. It seems like it will order two more.

👤In one of his shows, a young comedian from India/Pakistan said that toilet paper was gross and that water was used for personal cleansing. I went to Amazon to find nozzles that fit on water bottles. I wasn't trying to convert completely, but my 10 year colonoscopy was coming up. I dread the prep because last time I was bleeding and raw before I finished it. I washed everything with warm water after each call. There is water. Accept no substitute. The little nozzles and a water bottle made it happen because I survived that prep in better shape. It fits any bottle of water and directs the water where you need it.

👤This was bought for backpacking. It's easy to use and effective, I tried it out in the shower. I don't have to carry anything extra since I already have a water bottle. I tested it with a bottle that was more than enough water and power. The packaging was all paper and not plastic.

👤I tried it on two bottles and it wasn't compatible with them. I tried the first one and it was snug but then I tried the second one and it was too big for me.

👤I thought these would help since I have back issues. There is no way to use it with a small soda bottle as the water sprays out the wrong spot. The water is gone in a few squeezes. Even though I returned them, I was still charged for them because I was denied credit.

👤This works well and fits on a water bottle. I have used it many times and it still fits on the bottle. This is made of a type of plastic that is very strong and will not break if you step on it or jump on it. It weighs 18.7 grams on my scale. This will save me a lot of weight by not taking as much T.P.

👤I ordered this for travel and camping. I have been experimenting with it at home and I am certain it will fit the bill for what I need. It will fit in my bag without being noticed. I am very happy to find a small thing that works. Staying clean while away from home will be easier than ever. What a great product.

8. JP Bathroom Postpartum Perineal Cleansing

JP Bathroom Postpartum Perineal Cleansing

The male threaded adapter is for use with replaceable alabasters. If the included adapter is not compatible, additional adapters are free of charge. Please let them know! This won't work with shower heads, pump style and pull out style faucets. Refer to the images for clarification. There is a solution for new moms. New moms need all the help they can get, so they designed a portable bottle to help soothe their problems. This bottle is 100% free of toxins and other chemicals found in competing hygiene products. Useful for many medical conditions. The design of this bottle allows you to use it to treat hemorrhoids, clean during menstruation and help perineal recovery. Their washlet is perfect for taking with you anywhere, and it is easy to handle. Doubles is a travel business. You can use this bottle as a hand shower and keep it clean. Doubles is a travel business. You can use this bottle as a hand shower and keep it clean.

Brand: Jp Bathroom Master

👤It works great when there is no toilet paper. I am sure it is great for new mothers as well.

👤I use this daily and use some toilet paper but less than I used to. I spray myself before pooping to reduce sticking. I do not use my hand. I don't feel as bad from rubbing toilet paper.

👤I bought this because of a hemorrhoid problem. I decided to use a bidet for the first time. It worked out as I had hoped. Some people claim that the fully extended wand does not leak. The spray holes are small. It's a gentle spray, not shocking at all, and so focused you don't even need to dry yourself when done. It has enough water to get the job done.

👤I was skeptical when I bought it, but it does a great job. I've used a toilet. I can't attach my bathroom to the toilet in the room I'm renting. I wanted to try a portable. The other models have a little air-hole in the bottom that you have to put your finger over. If you stop squeezing for a second, the bottle will be full again and ready to squeeze. I didn't get one with that hole in the bottom. That would probably be a mess. I didn't think the water pressure was high enough. I was wrong. I have had perfect cleaning before. I didn't need to refill it to finish the job. It takes a little practice. It doesn't leak if you extend the wand correctly, but you need to hold it right when you tip it or water will come out the nozzle before you're ready. Over the sink is where you can experiment. After my first try, I figured it out. I only need toilet paper for a single wash to dry and to check the results. Would you use a paper towel to clean your hand?

👤I used this after I gave birth to my son, as the ones they give from the hospital were not cutting it. This works better. It's easy to use and hold a lot more water. I was worried that it would leak from the extendable nozzle. It does not. The spray works. Not too harsh. The price was good and the shipping was fast. I would recommend it.

👤I thought I could try this product when toilet paper and bidets were in high demand. I am embarrassed to say that I love it. It comes with a small bag and is very easy to use. I might have to try to take it on road trips. You know how the bathroom is. Well... You know.

👤I had internal hemmorhoid surgery and it made my life a lot less painful. The bottle bidet did a great job. The product worked perfectly and never leaked. The bottle was easy to squeeze and angle and the nozzle had enough holes in it to clean the area nicely. A great product.

👤The toilet seat is leaking and the water is all over it. The hospital shaped ones work better for me.

9. 2PCS Pack Handheld Personal Bidet Easy

2PCS Pack Handheld Personal Bidet Easy

Toto Yew350. 2PCS-PACK is an easy way to refresh yourself after bath or toilet use. The portable bidet bottle is perfect for personal clean at home, office, on vacation, travel and more. The ERGONOMIC DESIGN, Lengthened pipe and detachable nozzle, allows easy use with minimum body movement and maximizes cleaning efficiency. You will get a new refreshing experience if you fill with Cool or Warm water and squeeze the bottles. Save toilet papers. Bigger is better. Extra capacity soft squeeze bottle with 7 increase nozzle holes ensures stronger pressure, enough water and a wider area of cleaning. It's easy to store and it's comfortable for everyone. It's easy to store and it's comfortable for everyone.

Brand: Tonelife

👤I told my friend Bob about this product. He asks, "a what?" Bob and I are older than most people, so our bodies and needs change as we get longer in the tooth. I told Bob that I wasn't feeling well down there. The funny looks in the store shopping for baby wipes were because they weren't doing the job with skin irritation. I kept hearing about the benefits of a portable bidet and decided to give it a try. Bob was asking me questions. Personal questions. How do you use it? I was compelled to take a picture of the directions and send them to Bob because he is sensitive about my use of the language. I will attach those directions later, so I can read them. Bob was laughing. He asked me about aiming the device and I said it is like seeing a gun. You just adjust if you are shooting too high or low. If the water is too cold, you could get hurt if youlevitate above the stool. I feel fresh! There is a learning curve. If I am going out, I will stick one in my pocket. "Are you excited to see me, or is that a portable bidet in your pocket?" will be asked by some. I don't put it in my pocket, but Bob insisted I put it in a review since he said that I should write one. Back to the device. I like it. It is easy to use the purple color that goes with the veins in my legs. I highly recommend. You should read the directions. I will try to attach pictures. I bought two more. The regular toilet seat requires more drying for me and the boys, so I prefer using the bidet seat. I have enough for both the north and south bathroom. I had to empty it before I took the trip.

👤I didn't think a plastic bottle with a sprayer attachment would become an important fixture in my life. We love the fact that we have a regular toilet and a bidet seat. The idea of using toilet paper is gross to us. We realized we were going on vacation and didn't know what to do. I don't think we'll bring our bidet toilet seat with us, although it crossed my mind, I can't go back to toilet paper. I found a portable bidet. My first thought was that it wouldn't have enough pressure to do the job. I was wrong. It does the job perfectly well, which is what matters, even though it does not offer as much pressure. I don't understand the review that said it didn't have enough pressure, it had plenty for both of us, and you have complete control of the aim. We are happy customers and you get two, one for her and one for him. I am writing a review from a tropical island. Never leave home without one.

👤The product is described. The purple bottle tip was hard to insert. If the bottle is disassembled, it will not fit into the bag. You can't carry water in it, and must fill it up before you use it. The information card is hilarious. Someone is not an English speaker. After stool, wash ass. Ladies are told to use this product to avoid a strange smell. The purchase was worth it.

10. Portable Handheld Personal Pointed Childbirth

Portable Handheld Personal Pointed Childbirth

No need to refill during use. The tip is slanted for ease of use. The valve is in the base. The retractable wand and softer body make squeezing the bottle easier. There is no batteries needed. There was no power or battery. This part is perfect for when you're on the go and want to use a bidet. Air lock technology for stronger spray and extra-long nozzle spray design for perfect aim. The user manual shows how to control the air lock function. Easy noZZle storage. The most convenient and single-tap retractable nozzle storage of any travel bidet is provided by this attachment. It's easy to curse. The portable bidet bottle is an easy way to refresh yourself after bath or toilet use, handheld size and easy to carry, it's perfect for personal care hygiene refresher at home, office, on vacation, travel, puerpera and more. There is a large CAPACITY. The bottle holds 22.08 ounces. For more complete cleaning and less refill. There is a large CAPACITY. The bottle holds 22.08 ounces. For more complete cleaning and less refill.

Brand: Hibbent

👤I bought this portable bottle for 3 reasons. I was prompted because of the extreme rush on toilet paper due to the new virus, I am transitioning to less waste, and my husband uses toilet paper like there's no tomorrow and I needed to counteract that in some way. I know, but it's funny. I only used it for a short time, but I can see that I will like using it. I prefer toilet paper. You feel refreshed after using it. It's important to use your finger to cover the hole in the bottom when the bottle is tilted to keep it from leaking. This is normal for any of the bottles with holes in them. If you want more pressure, the hole is needed. Even flow of the water is possible with this. For females, the long nozzle allows the water to reach both front and back areas when using the bottle only from the front. I was concerned about this when I bought it. It would make a mess if you tried to use the bottle from behind, as water would be sprayed everywhere except where you want it. It is easy to control where you spray by using the bottle only from the front. The top should be tightly screwed on so it won't leak when squeezed. It's easy to use, refreshing, and zero waste. I highly recommend!

👤I received this item. They said to place your finger over the air lock hole after reading the instructions. The air lock hole is supposed to be on the bottom of the device, but the one I received has no air lock hole, so it's useless when you turn it upside down. I was able to get it to work with minimal leaking because I played around with it. It works okay if you keep the nozzle fully extended. When the nozzle is pulled out all the way, it provides a seal to keep the water in until you position it and squeeze. The amount of spray can be adjusted. The thing will do the job if you ignore the printed directions.

👤I wanted to discreetly have a bidet at home so I could use it in public restrooms while traveling or in the woods where I can take my walker or wheelchair, but not far away from a restroom. If you don't pull the spout out, the water will pour out if it is tipped. You would need a deep bag to keep the spout from sticking out for everyone to see. The water pours out if you drop your bag. If I had access to fresh water, I would have no problems, but I would have to use a walker or chair to get from the sink to the toilet in public restrooms and it would be almost impossible to keep it upright. It's almost like they don't think about what a disabled person needs. I will keep looking for a solution.

👤The metal piece in the bottom of the bidet fell across the room and the rest of the water soaked my pants and underwear. The metal plug that was in the bottom of the bidet shot out a week ago. That's only two weeks of a clean butt. Back to baby wipes. I gave it three stars for being a great product, but it lost two stars for my wet pants and underwear.

11. Cynpel Peri Bottle Postpartum Care

Cynpel Peri Bottle Postpartum Care

Soothing peri cleaning for new mothers. The Cynpel Peri Bottle is an easy-to-use, portable bidet, complete with a retractable nozzle, nozzle cover and a waterproof travel bag. During those not-so- comfy moments in your first few months, fill with warm water, hold upside down and enjoy a refreshing spray of freshness. With an angle nozzle that features 10 holes instead of the average 6 you get precise relief, without the hassle of figuring out how to get it right. It is easy to clean with a single sponge. Their bottle has a special construction that makes it easy to squeeze, making it a breeze to use wherever you are. The 12 Oz size is the perfect size for a full single use, and it is easy to use, because you don't have to refill before being completely fresh. Complete with travel bag. Pack it and use it wherever you are. Their washer is a perfect addition to your hospital bag and a gift bound to loved at Baby Showers, because it comes with a waterproof travel bag for soothing cleansing anywhere you are.

Brand: Cynpel

👤This thing is great! The design is great, I don't have to open the lid or tube to refill it. The container has a tube in it that allows me to fill it with water while the tube and lid are in place. When I pull on the tube, it slides into place to create a waterproof seal. The retraction makes it 888-282-0465 to make it 888-282-0465 for travel. My daughter and I have been using cloth wipes to cut down on toilet paper consumption for months. We were low on TP when COVID 19 happened so I needed a way to clean the mess off before using a cloth wipe. I've used a bidet as a cloth diaper sprayer, and disliked it. The water is warm and this is more pleasant than a bidet. It fits nicely in my cloth wipe bucket.

👤I'm giving this product five stars, but wanted to put my review here because of someone's complaint I read before ordering it. The product leaked according to the review. When using this, you have to make sure the neck is up all the way. There is no problem with water leaking when this is done correctly. I use this as a way to wash my face. This is a great substitute for a Japanese style toilet with a built-in bidet.

👤I bought this for my elderly mother because she doesn't always have the energy to shower. She can squeeze the bottle with her arthritic hands. I used the cleanser with warm water. Excellent product, very pleased with it!

👤This was a good product for the price. The material is soft and squishy and easy to hold, and I love the little bag it came with. The only problem with it is that once it's filled with water, it leaks out of the screw top section as well as the nozzle end, so water tends to get everywhere. It would be five stars if there was a better way to seal it.

👤I did not buy this for post-partum use. I have to take medication that causes liquid stool. Wet wipes are great, but I prefer to clean my derriere between showers. I keep this next to the bathroom and fill it whenever I need it. The positioning of the top is genius, and it works well. I know it's a simple thing, but it's important. Highly recommended for anyone who deals with GI distress. Tushy sells something similar to this as a travel bidet. I was laughing at the idea that sent me to this product, so I can't complain. I think it does the same thing. It's easy to carry on trips and travel, and easy to clean.

👤I love everything about this product. It is easy to use, it is compact, and it has a carrying case. It is strong and sturdy. The nozzle does not feel loose at all. I don't think I will have any issues with this bottle. I am so happy I found it. The material is similar to silicone and has a nice pink hue. It's easy to squeeze and not hard. The size is just great, and it has a nice thickness. It doesn't say how much water it will hold on the box, but it seems large enough. When I know, I will update. I love that it has a nozzle cap. The tip of the nozzle will stay clean if this is allowed. I wish I had that with my first baby. I had to angle the hospital upward to get the spots which were needed the most. It looks and feels like a quality product, and it seems like it will get the job done. I spent my money on this instead of looking at another one. I was looking for a nozzle that was not too short and not too long. I was worried about some of the other ones, but this is correct. I will use it to update my review.


What is the best product for portable bidet for travel?

Portable bidet for travel products from Brondell. In this article about portable bidet for travel you can see why people choose the product. Happypo and Hibbent are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable bidet for travel.

What are the best brands for portable bidet for travel?

Brondell, Happypo and Hibbent are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable bidet for travel. Find the detail in this article. Toto, and Jp Bathroom Master are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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