Best Portable Bidet for Women

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1. Portable Sprayer Personal Hygiene Elderly Green

Portable Sprayer Personal Hygiene Elderly Green

There is a large CAPACITY. The bottle holds 22.08 ounces. For more complete cleaning and less refill. A large capacity of 650ml for indoor use and more complete cleaning is included in the 2pack. Personal cleaning device that can be used by children, elderly and any use requiring personal hygiene care. No power, easy to use. There was no battery. It's perfect for when you're on the go and want to use a bidet. A straight and an angle nozzle are included to meet different situations. You can fill the bottle with either cold or warm water. The year can be used normally. You can fill the bottle with either cold or warm water. The year can be used normally.

Brand: Hibbent

👤This works well. I was going to have surgery and then be in a cast, so I decided to use this. All the toilet paper in the world disappeared after Covid hit. I had my bottle so it didn't matter. I felt prepared for the game. So, suck it, all TP obsessives!

👤It works well. I could get some good squeezes. The pressure is not as strong as the Neo 120, but it is better than the electric Bio Bidet. The directions are useless. Don't worry about covering the vent hole at the bottom, this is a useless step. I just filled the bidet to the rim, tightened the cover, and pulled the wand out to aim the nozzle up to the ceiling. It is held this way and does not leak. Then keep the noise up by moving your hand backwards. There are no leaks this way. Then fire away.

👤I was disappointed by the low pressure that the hand-held bidet produced. I took a chance that I would be able to generate far more pressure by hand than the electronic one did, because I had seen manual squeeze bottles during my original search for this kind of product. I was correct. I can get the same amount of pressure with this as I can with my home attachment. The only difference is that you have to keep letting the air out of the bottle to get a continuous stream. This isn't really a problem; you just keep squeezing. The bag it comes with is probably not going to last very long. The stitches are long and will break over time. I will use my sewing machine to reinforce the stitching, as I really like this bag. I am very satisfied with this product. I plan on taking it on trips once we can safely go places again, and I'm already using it at work. Get this if you need good pressure. You won't be disappointed.

👤I didn't think of needing one of these sooner. What a game-changing day, I got mine today. It's pretty expensive to go through tons of toilet paper. I won't have to use any paper in the future. I put one in my purse and the other in the service area next to the throne. There are a couple of reviews that say they only got one bottle. I got what I ordered, they were shrink wrapped together, so no complaints. Love. The product.

👤There were two sizes of the package, a large bottle with a hole in the bottom and a small bottle with no hole. The larger one leaks everywhere, so I'll only use the small one. This is a double review. The small version has no hole. I love it! I bought this to see if I liked the idea of a bidet without investing in new plumbing. When I traveled, I wanted something. This works well. The small version has enough capacity to do the cleaning. It is easy to aim, easy to squeeze and there is enough pressure. The large version failed. There are leaks. As you turn it upside down, covering the hole won't stop it from squirting water. It dribbles water onto the floor, the toilet seat, and anything else in the area. I've tried everything I can to prevent it from releasing before I uncover the hole, but it just doesn't work. The large version would get one star and the small version five stars. If it was possible, I would suggest buying the version without a hole.

2. Portable Handheld Personal Pointed Childbirth

Portable Handheld Personal Pointed Childbirth

No need to refill during use. The tip is slanted for ease of use. The valve is in the base. The retractable wand and softer body make squeezing the bottle easier. There is no batteries needed. There was no power or battery. This part is perfect for when you're on the go and want to use a bidet. Air lock technology for stronger spray and extra-long nozzle spray design for perfect aim. The user manual shows how to control the air lock function. Easy noZZle storage. The most convenient and single-tap retractable nozzle storage of any travel bidet is provided by this attachment. It's easy to curse. The portable bidet bottle is an easy way to refresh yourself after bath or toilet use, handheld size and easy to carry, it's perfect for personal care hygiene refresher at home, office, on vacation, travel, puerpera and more. There is a large CAPACITY. The bottle holds 22.08 ounces. For more complete cleaning and less refill. There is a large CAPACITY. The bottle holds 22.08 ounces. For more complete cleaning and less refill.

Brand: Hibbent

👤I bought this portable bottle for 3 reasons. I was prompted because of the extreme rush on toilet paper due to the new virus, I am transitioning to less waste, and my husband uses toilet paper like there's no tomorrow and I needed to counteract that in some way. I know, but it's funny. I only used it for a short time, but I can see that I will like using it. I prefer toilet paper. You feel refreshed after using it. It's important to use your finger to cover the hole in the bottom when the bottle is tilted to keep it from leaking. This is normal for any of the bottles with holes in them. If you want more pressure, the hole is needed. Even flow of the water is possible with this. For females, the long nozzle allows the water to reach both front and back areas when using the bottle only from the front. I was concerned about this when I bought it. It would make a mess if you tried to use the bottle from behind, as water would be sprayed everywhere except where you want it. It is easy to control where you spray by using the bottle only from the front. The top should be tightly screwed on so it won't leak when squeezed. It's easy to use, refreshing, and zero waste. I highly recommend!

👤I received this item. They said to place your finger over the air lock hole after reading the instructions. The air lock hole is supposed to be on the bottom of the device, but the one I received has no air lock hole, so it's useless when you turn it upside down. I was able to get it to work with minimal leaking because I played around with it. It works okay if you keep the nozzle fully extended. When the nozzle is pulled out all the way, it provides a seal to keep the water in until you position it and squeeze. The amount of spray can be adjusted. The thing will do the job if you ignore the printed directions.

👤I wanted to discreetly have a bidet at home so I could use it in public restrooms while traveling or in the woods where I can take my walker or wheelchair, but not far away from a restroom. If you don't pull the spout out, the water will pour out if it is tipped. You would need a deep bag to keep the spout from sticking out for everyone to see. The water pours out if you drop your bag. If I had access to fresh water, I would have no problems, but I would have to use a walker or chair to get from the sink to the toilet in public restrooms and it would be almost impossible to keep it upright. It's almost like they don't think about what a disabled person needs. I will keep looking for a solution.

👤The metal piece in the bottom of the bidet fell across the room and the rest of the water soaked my pants and underwear. The metal plug that was in the bottom of the bidet shot out a week ago. That's only two weeks of a clean butt. Back to baby wipes. I gave it three stars for being a great product, but it lost two stars for my wet pants and underwear.

3. 2PCS Pack Handheld Personal Bidet Easy

2PCS Pack Handheld Personal Bidet Easy

Toto Yew350. 2PCS-PACK is an easy way to refresh yourself after bath or toilet use. The portable bidet bottle is perfect for personal clean at home, office, on vacation, travel and more. The ERGONOMIC DESIGN, Lengthened pipe and detachable nozzle, allows easy use with minimum body movement and maximizes cleaning efficiency. You will get a new refreshing experience if you fill with Cool or Warm water and squeeze the bottles. Save toilet papers. Bigger is better. Extra capacity soft squeeze bottle with 7 increase nozzle holes ensures stronger pressure, enough water and a wider area of cleaning. It's easy to store and it's comfortable for everyone. It's easy to store and it's comfortable for everyone.

Brand: Tonelife

👤I told my friend Bob about this product. He asks, "a what?" Bob and I are older than most people, so our bodies and needs change as we get longer in the tooth. I told Bob that I wasn't feeling well down there. The funny looks in the store shopping for baby wipes were because they weren't doing the job with skin irritation. I kept hearing about the benefits of a portable bidet and decided to give it a try. Bob was asking me questions. Personal questions. How do you use it? I was compelled to take a picture of the directions and send them to Bob because he is sensitive about my use of the language. I will attach those directions later, so I can read them. Bob was laughing. He asked me about aiming the device and I said it is like seeing a gun. You just adjust if you are shooting too high or low. If the water is too cold, you could get hurt if youlevitate above the stool. I feel fresh! There is a learning curve. If I am going out, I will stick one in my pocket. "Are you excited to see me, or is that a portable bidet in your pocket?" will be asked by some. I don't put it in my pocket, but Bob insisted I put it in a review since he said that I should write one. Back to the device. I like it. It is easy to use the purple color that goes with the veins in my legs. I highly recommend. You should read the directions. I will try to attach pictures. I bought two more. The regular toilet seat requires more drying for me and the boys, so I prefer using the bidet seat. I have enough for both the north and south bathroom. I had to empty it before I took the trip.

👤I didn't think a plastic bottle with a sprayer attachment would become an important fixture in my life. We love the fact that we have a regular toilet and a bidet seat. The idea of using toilet paper is gross to us. We realized we were going on vacation and didn't know what to do. I don't think we'll bring our bidet toilet seat with us, although it crossed my mind, I can't go back to toilet paper. I found a portable bidet. My first thought was that it wouldn't have enough pressure to do the job. I was wrong. It does the job perfectly well, which is what matters, even though it does not offer as much pressure. I don't understand the review that said it didn't have enough pressure, it had plenty for both of us, and you have complete control of the aim. We are happy customers and you get two, one for her and one for him. I am writing a review from a tropical island. Never leave home without one.

👤The product is described. The purple bottle tip was hard to insert. If the bottle is disassembled, it will not fit into the bag. You can't carry water in it, and must fill it up before you use it. The information card is hilarious. Someone is not an English speaker. After stool, wash ass. Ladies are told to use this product to avoid a strange smell. The purchase was worth it.

4. Morpilot Orientation Postpartum Hemmoroid Treatment

Morpilot Orientation Postpartum Hemmoroid Treatment

Please make sure to instal a sealed ring and screw the cap tight before use with thicker O-rings. If you have a question, please contact them. The portable bidet sprayer is perfect for personal care hygiene refresher, and you can take it anywhere. The travel bidet sprayer is eco-friendly and will provide you with a new refreshing experience. There are no harsher toilet paper and shower toilets. Only comfortable, clean and pleasant. When the bidet is upside down, it will only be used to prevent spraying. The portable is easy to use and has 2 washing modes, "L" and "H". To start, you need one key. The design is designed for cleaning. The portable travel bidet is made of high-quality silicone and non-toxic material. The stability of water pressure is ensured by the decompression. The design is designed for cleaning. The portable travel bidet is made of high-quality silicone and non-toxic material. The stability of water pressure is ensured by the decompression.

Brand: Morpilot

👤This goes beyond brushing. The plaque is not able to be brushed. It was easy to control. I love that it can be charged once a week. I mix a solution of water and a product. It's great for people with braces or who are difficult to bridgework. I would buy this again and recommend it to my family and friends.

👤At my last dental checkup, I was told to add a water flosser to my dental routine. I love using the full-size flosser. I needed a portable flosser when I was away. I purchased the Morpilot Cordless Water Flosser after researching on Amazon. I don't have to refill the water once before I finish flossing because it is easy to do, but it is not a problem. The flosser is portable. It has a waterproof sac and is able to charge using ausb port. The Morpilot Cordless Water Flosser is a great choice for travelers.

👤My main use is at home. The company asked me to review it after buying it. I noticed that Amazon had suggestions of other products to consider. I bought a Vanity top unit. This portable unit can be set to less force than this other unit, which has a greater range of power settings. There are some different tips. A periodontal tip can deliver drugs to the gums. I just went through periodontal surgery which opens up the gums to clean below the gumline and I am hoping that I won't have to go through the expense, time and pain again. The portable unit holds less water than the counter top one. Each use requires me to fill the countertop unit once. I have to fill it three times. If you travel frequently, I believe this unit to be more effective than flossing with floss and would be a good purchase. If I had to do it over, I would only buy a countertop unit and floss when I travel as I'm not away from home that often. Those of you who are critical of reviews that aren't strictly about the product are sorry. I think this product is good for travelers.

👤My dentist was pleased with the results and this item is well-priced for what you get. I'm a fan of simplicity. Some people were upset that there were only 3 settings and one type of tip. I don't believe that I would ever use any of the 22 different settings and 8 different tip combinations that I have. If most of us were honest, we would probably admit that we're likely to find one or two settings that we like and use them all the time. The "Normal" setting is too strong for the interior portion of my mouth, and the "Soft" setting doesn't seem strong enough, which is why the third setting is called "Pulse". I went with the portable option because it can fit in a backpack and be used at work. etc... The water is too small. I have to fill it up a couple of times. This isn't a big deal, but I worry that I'm wearing the seal and eventually won't stay locked, spilling water out. I would recommend it, but wouldn't plan on buying it for a long time.

5. Portable Electric Atomizer Charging Postpartum

Portable Electric Atomizer Charging Postpartum

US-based Customer Support is easy to reach with the 3-year warranty. They care about your BMs and want you to feel confident when you do your business. The minimum clearance from mounting bolts is 40 50mm with flat back toilet bowls. Use portable bidet, no more rough toilet paper, and save toilet paper. The battery can be charged with theusb cable. When the water pressure starts to get low, charge it as soon as possible. It can be folded and has a low noise motor inside. Remove cover and fill with cold or hot water, flip, align and adjust 2 modes. The hand size fits into any backpack, it's very easy to carry and storage, work, on the road, travel, outdoor use. The hand size fits into any backpack, it's very easy to carry and storage, work, on the road, travel, outdoor use.

Brand: Foofoo

👤I use this at work. The toilet paper was disgusting. The handheld bidet does the trick. If you don't mind, you should have enough time to clean yourself because the water is small. I haven't tried the water bottle accessory that is available. I haven't charged it yet, but I've used it many times. It's simple: fill the reservoir, twist the top to it, flip up the wand, and press the button. When the water runs out, press the button to stop, then wipe the wand with a paper towel or toilet paper, fold the wand back down, and let the water dry. I will not work again if I don't have one of these.

👤It works like a charm. I like the attachment for the water bottle. Simple to use. High setting is very powerful.

👤I don't care if people go crazy and buy all the toilet paper again. The portable travel bidet has lowered my toilet paper costs. I don't have to worry about batteries since this product uses a cable to charge its own battery. I wanted to try this first because I never used a Bidet before. I will use this one on my out of town trips. I like it. It's very easy to use.

👤The only benefit of this device is that it is powered on. The stream is not as strong as a toilet seat attachment or a squeeze bottle variation of portable bidet. The attachment to hook up a water bottle does not fit anything because the reservoir is so small. I brought it to the grocery store to see if it matched, but I didn't find a matching bottle. Someone with clean bowel movements would be reasonable to use this bidet.

👤I wanted a sturdy, easy to use item. There were a lot of items that were less expensive. I wanted something that would last. I didn't want a squeeze bottle since my thumb joints are painful and I didn't think that would work for me I love this product and it was made by Moen.

👤This is not as good as my home one. I couldn't stand not having one when I traveled after having one at home. It is true that not all of the water bottles will fit. I got off to a good start. Both the Ice Mountain and the Ozarka water bottles work. The water chamber it comes with doesn't hold enough water to do anything, so you should use a water bottle that you attach with the adapter. It has two settings. I assume the front and back areas. The pressure is not strong enough. I did not charge this for a week. I put it on the charge because it didn't run out of juice. I was very happy with this. I thought about giving it 4 stars because of the little water chamber, but I am very pleased with it.

👤This item is amazing! This has changed the way I travel. I have a bidet in every bathroom in my house and have won over my family and friends with my use of it. What about when I travel? I thought I would have to deal with it because I don't have the money to stay at hotels with fancy bathroom facilities. I went to the Amazon rabbit hole after my husband said, "I wonder if they make one we can take with us..." This one seems to have all the options I want, two different speeds of stream and an attachment for a water bottle, if I get tired of having to constantly fill the small water bottle back up. $50 well spent!

6. BLAUX Electric Portable Bidet Sprayer

BLAUX Electric Portable Bidet Sprayer

The object and scope of use are for pregnant women, infants, bed-ridden patients, daily cleaning, bed rest and post-operative care cleaning. There is a cleaner, green alternative to toilet paper. A portable, portable travel bidet that keeps your behind and conscience clean. It's perfect for a travel bag. There is no need for a toilet seat. It is portable, travel size, and discreet. It can be put into your bag when you are on the go or blend in with your bathroom d├ęcor. You can use the portable toilet bidet for up to 100 uses on a single 2-hour charge. The mini shower has power. The port bid. The cleaning solution is sleek and sustainable. You can get a refreshing, eco-conscious clean wherever you go with the Blaux Portable Bidet. You can wash yourself with fresh water and reduce your toilet paper use. The portable bidet is perfect for travel and home use. It is better for your wallet and the planet. The Handheld bidet is named after him. The best way to clean yourself. It is more effective to wash with water than with toilet paper. Leave no trace by spraying it all away. You will feel cleaner and refreshed because of the Blaux Portable Bidet. The spray gun is for cleaning. The convenient easy clean toilet spray is designed for a comfortable cleaning. You just fill it up with water and spray yourself. You don't need a plumbing company to set up your home. It is ready to leave the box. The days of the toilet seat attachment are over. You keep clean wherever you go. The convenient easy clean toilet spray is designed for a comfortable cleaning. You just fill it up with water and spray yourself. You don't need a plumbing company to set up your home. It is ready to leave the box. The days of the toilet seat attachment are over. You keep clean wherever you go.

Brand: Blaux

👤You don't realize what you've been missing until you try this! No pun intended, use at home or on the go. It stays fresh wherever you put it in your bag. The cover holds enough water to give you a private shower. If you have the top brands with triple quilting delivered by angels or cute babies, you will never feel fresh by only using TP. If you have that diaper still there, you can thoroughly clean the bottoms of the babies. Your baby will thank you. Just wash and dry. If you are wondering if any water sprays away, it doesn't. This will be the first thing you put in your bag. It is difficult to not make a wisecrack. You know.

👤The review was updated from 5 to 1 stars. Don't buy this. Replacement cables are not available from the manufacturer or seller. You have a worthless device if you lose the cable. A brand with a standard charging cable is a good buy. Pick another brand and throw mine away. I won't be considering Blaux products in the future. The seller said that they don't sell magnetic cables only for the BLAUX Electric Portable Bidet Sprayer, but that they can only be ordered with a new BLAUX Electric Portable Bidet Sprayer. If you need one, you can visit our store. We appreciate your understanding. Thanks for your reply from the manufacturer. I would like to clarify that the issue is that we don't have your order on our system as it is on Amazon system, for you have placed it from them. We can't see any information about your order, or if we can reship tools for your device. I have bidets at home, but I miss them when I leave. I wondered if I could use public restrooms. The portable bidet is a wonderful invention. I carry it everywhere. The spray nozzle can be removed. The noze can face either the front or back depending on your preference. This thing is very attractive to use in a public restroom. I don't mind people asking for information. I want to keep a charging cable in my car. The problem is here. The water chamber is small and I wish it held more liquid. The low speed is not worth the time. This is a high priced product that is wonderful in the long run.

👤I returned it because I was let down by it. The way it is described is terrible and I should have known better. Thank you Amazon, I will say that you were prompt in refunding the outrageous price of 69.99.

👤It has to be returned. There was plastic between the two pieces that was supposed to keep them from sticking together. The latter didn't work. I never separated the 2 pieces. I decided to charge it so it would be usable when my son separated the parts. The charging cable was attached to my notebook. I'm not a fan of magnetic connections. The darned thing never charged. I tried to charge it again, but it wouldn't work. I got a lemon. I think it is a good product. It was nicely packaged. I'm giving it 2 stars for that. It was a dud. I sent it back after packing it up. It was easy. I'm disappointed but it happens. Maybe I'll change it.

7. Cynpel Peri Bottle Postpartum Care

Cynpel Peri Bottle Postpartum Care

Soothing peri cleaning for new mothers. The Cynpel Peri Bottle is an easy-to-use, portable bidet, complete with a retractable nozzle, nozzle cover and a waterproof travel bag. During those not-so- comfy moments in your first few months, fill with warm water, hold upside down and enjoy a refreshing spray of freshness. With an angle nozzle that features 10 holes instead of the average 6 you get precise relief, without the hassle of figuring out how to get it right. It is easy to clean with a single sponge. Their bottle has a special construction that makes it easy to squeeze, making it a breeze to use wherever you are. The 12 Oz size is the perfect size for a full single use, and it is easy to use, because you don't have to refill before being completely fresh. Complete with travel bag. Pack it and use it wherever you are. Their washer is a perfect addition to your hospital bag and a gift bound to loved at Baby Showers, because it comes with a waterproof travel bag for soothing cleansing anywhere you are.

Brand: Cynpel

👤This thing is great! The design is great, I don't have to open the lid or tube to refill it. The container has a tube in it that allows me to fill it with water while the tube and lid are in place. When I pull on the tube, it slides into place to create a waterproof seal. The retraction makes it 888-282-0465 to make it 888-282-0465 for travel. My daughter and I have been using cloth wipes to cut down on toilet paper consumption for months. We were low on TP when COVID 19 happened so I needed a way to clean the mess off before using a cloth wipe. I've used a bidet as a cloth diaper sprayer, and disliked it. The water is warm and this is more pleasant than a bidet. It fits nicely in my cloth wipe bucket.

👤I'm giving this product five stars, but wanted to put my review here because of someone's complaint I read before ordering it. The product leaked according to the review. When using this, you have to make sure the neck is up all the way. There is no problem with water leaking when this is done correctly. I use this as a way to wash my face. This is a great substitute for a Japanese style toilet with a built-in bidet.

👤I bought this for my elderly mother because she doesn't always have the energy to shower. She can squeeze the bottle with her arthritic hands. I used the cleanser with warm water. Excellent product, very pleased with it!

👤This was a good product for the price. The material is soft and squishy and easy to hold, and I love the little bag it came with. The only problem with it is that once it's filled with water, it leaks out of the screw top section as well as the nozzle end, so water tends to get everywhere. It would be five stars if there was a better way to seal it.

👤I did not buy this for post-partum use. I have to take medication that causes liquid stool. Wet wipes are great, but I prefer to clean my derriere between showers. I keep this next to the bathroom and fill it whenever I need it. The positioning of the top is genius, and it works well. I know it's a simple thing, but it's important. Highly recommended for anyone who deals with GI distress. Tushy sells something similar to this as a travel bidet. I was laughing at the idea that sent me to this product, so I can't complain. I think it does the same thing. It's easy to carry on trips and travel, and easy to clean.

👤I love everything about this product. It is easy to use, it is compact, and it has a carrying case. It is strong and sturdy. The nozzle does not feel loose at all. I don't think I will have any issues with this bottle. I am so happy I found it. The material is similar to silicone and has a nice pink hue. It's easy to squeeze and not hard. The size is just great, and it has a nice thickness. It doesn't say how much water it will hold on the box, but it seems large enough. When I know, I will update. I love that it has a nozzle cap. The tip of the nozzle will stay clean if this is allowed. I wish I had that with my first baby. I had to angle the hospital upward to get the spots which were needed the most. It looks and feels like a quality product, and it seems like it will get the job done. I spent my money on this instead of looking at another one. I was looking for a nozzle that was not too short and not too long. I was worried about some of the other ones, but this is correct. I will use it to update my review.

8. HappyPo Portable Travel Bidet Sensitive

HappyPo Portable Travel Bidet Sensitive

The Happypo Happiness Bidet is free from plastic and BPA. The Squirt Bottle Bidet works without batteries or connections. The chemical-free alternative to wet toilet paper is the Bidet portable. The HappyPo portable bidet spray bottle can reduce toilet paper waste by 50%. DOCTORS recommend water cleaning. In case of high hygiene demand or diseases. HappyPo created a portable bidet bottle for children with more sensitive skin. There is a portable bladder for post-partum care and a squirt bottle for post-birth injuries. The Menstrual Cup and the perineal bottle complement each other. It's perfect at home and on the go. The HappyPo Travel Bidet will be a game-changer. The HappyPo Bidet bottle is available in many different colors and sizes. Bring your personal hygiene with you.

Brand: Happypo

👤I wanted to try out different portable bidets. This one appealed to me because it had a wider shower-head that could deliver more water. It does deliver more water, which can be more refreshing in its intended use, but also makes it a bit messier, so something to keep in mind. It would be great if there was a way to connect the two pieces when not in use, so that it could be folded into the bottom or smth like that. If it could have a more discreet method of transport and also hold water at the same time, I would not have to fill up at the sink in the public bathroom. The less work you have to do to fill it with water and carry it around in public, the more likely it is to be used. Some people may want to use this at home. Know what you're looking for. If you're looking for a home one, there are cheaper ones out there.

👤This may be a bit of tmi but I am so happy with this device. I am unable to have a complete movement without aid because of my bladder and female parts. I have been waiting for a surgery and it has been messy and upsetting. This has changed my life. No TP or wet one is needed. If anyone suffers from this problem, they know how bad it is to just wipe and waste paper to get clean. You should use from behind for texting cleaning because this little guy cleaned me completely after two fills of water. This is going to change my daily routine by 100%. I believe it is made in Germany. There are no directions in English.

👤When you were a kid in Thailand, you used to think about the times when every toilet came with a basin of water or a bum gun, and you wanted to install one. It would be difficult to walk around with a wet stum at home. So you think about it? What are the alternatives? You decide to try it out after finding this thing. Even though it doesn't replace the paper completely, it's great. You remember approvingly that this thing was made in Germany, because you're pretty sure they're experts at hygiene, and you also remember that your German ceramics teacher once made a mug for your aunt, and he came over one day.

👤I didn't want to be without while traveling, so I started using a bidet at home. I bought a travel version from the company that advertised it and it was a neat design, but it did not have enough water pressure to do much cleaning. I tried a product called the nozzle top which is a piece of equipment that you attach to a bottle. It was difficult to aim. The Happypo works great for the third time. The amount of water in the included bottle is adequate for most situations. The larger Happypo uses the same spray piece as the smaller one, so it works great, and the bottle is much larger. The only downside to these is that they are not something you could walk into a public restroom with. I can pack these in my luggage and not have to deal with hotel quality toilet paper again. If you're looking for one for home, I'd go with the larger version since space isn't likely to be an issue. I highly recommend either one.

9. Brondell GS 70 Portable Convenient Capacity

Brondell GS 70 Portable Convenient Capacity

It's perfect at home and on the go. The HappyPo Travel Bidet will be a game-changer. The HappyPo Bidet bottle is available in many different colors and sizes. Bring your personal hygiene with you. The discreet travel bag included in the Easy NoZZle Storage provides the most convenient and mess-free nozzle storage of any travel bidet. The bottle is soft. The air lock allows for a consistent spray after each squeeze. The large capacity is full for effective cleansing. The spray design is designed to spray at an angle. The spray design is designed to spray at an angle.

Brand: Brondell

👤I was not sure what to buy because I wanted a simple travel bidet. Most people seemed to like this or hospital style peri-wash bottles, so I bought both. The travel bidet is better than the bottles. You just have to wait until the nozzle is between your legs to turn it upside down. I made a short video to show you how to use it. The "air hole" is a check valve on the bottom of the bottle that allows air in, but does not allow air or water out, so it's pointless. This isn't likely to be a problem if you don't have an extremely arthritic grip. I'm going to glue the bottle shut at some point.

👤This is a big deal for me. I'm 70 years old and this resolves a problem. Don't block the air hole on the bottom of the squeeze bottle, it's intuitive to find the right place for use. To get a good cleansing stream, squeeze the bottle hard. I am clean. That is a major blessing for some of us. I might be embarrassed to write this, but it might be for someone else. I was looking for something else when I stumbled across this product.

👤Whenever I left the house, I would always find myself missing my alternate cleaning solution, because I was a long-time home user of toilet-affixed bidets. The decision to buy a travel bidet became more important than a distant thought after a six day vacation without a bidet. I browsed the many options on Amazon and all looked the same. They are all almost the same. I decided to use the reviews as an accurate depiction of the device because more people had purchased it than others. Getting used to using the bidet takes a little while. I have found that I have to do two good sprays to get clean, though the bottle can probably do three or four good sprays before I run out. The bottle gets a small amount of water from the air intake valve, but it's not that big of a deal. The only thing the manufacturer should have done is to make a standard cap for the bottle so you can fill it up and store it in a bag. If you want to avoid spilling water in the included pouch, you need to fill up the bidet before each use. I'm glad to have a portable bidet, as it saves me a lot of time and effort, and sometimes pain in getting clean.

👤We cannot travel without each other. We go to a remote location in Central America for a surf trip every year. Ben cannot flush toilet paper. Which means? After a poo, the waste goes into a wastebasket beside the toilet. It's normal for sure. No one wants to smell poo until the trash is taken out, and what about organic matter? There are ants! Not the small ones. We brought our travel bidet. Put toilet tissue in the trash. The TP is clean. The bottom is clean. There was no poo smell. There were no ants. Who doesn't like a clean bottom? We love this so much that we bought one to take to work and the other to leave in our travel bag so it is never forgotten.

10. Handheld Toilet Adjustable Pressure Feminine Stainless

Handheld Toilet Adjustable Pressure Feminine Stainless

It's perfect for men, women, children, elders and more. The best way to improve personal hygiene is to use the bidet for the toilet. The Hand Held Bidet Sprayer is more sanitary than using toilet paper because of its one-hand design. The handheld bidet can be used as a cloth diaper sprayer, pet shower, car wash gun, flowers Sprayer, baby bathing shower,toilet sprayer washer, and especially for elderly adults who have limited mobility due to surgery, arthritis, or injuries. The kit is great for a whole family. Installation of the bidet sprayer holder is done by hook, saving space and tools. Depending on your requirement, wall mount installation can be used to supply other multiple use, such as pet shower, car washer, flower sprayer, baby shower. Water pressure control can be used to adjust the water pressure of a sprayer. There is a gentle press mode for feminine bottom cleaning. There is a spray for rinsing carpets and baby cloth diapers. Premium quality parts and healthy parts are easier to maintain and operate. The set includes a 304 steel nozzle, a brass valve, and a hose. The components of the sprayer kit are of the highest quality. Premium quality parts and healthy parts are easier to maintain and operate. The set includes a 304 steel nozzle, a brass valve, and a hose. The components of the sprayer kit are of the highest quality.

Brand: Arofa

👤I've been using a bidet for a long time. As a wheelchair user, it's important to me to be able to do as much personal care as possible, and a bidet allows me to do that. The last one I had was a very fancy model with all of the bells and whistles, but it cost a lot. I replaced it quickly because it was so expensive and there was so much that could go wrong. I originally thought I would use this one until I found another high end one, but I found another one. I like this one more because it is so easy. It was easy to install because I already had the T pipe thing in place. All I had to do was screw in the sprayer. I had to get a handy man to help me with the last one because I had to replace the seat on top of the toilet. I had to alter my handicapped rails because they took up too much space. That was not an issue with this one because it didn't need any more room. It doesn't have the features that I had before, like being able to adjust the temperature. I didn't really miss it. Maybe this could be an issue for you if you are in a very cold climate. I was able to change the water pressure, but it was much easier than I had thought. The pressure is determined by how hard you squeeze. I had to adjust 3 knobs with the other one. It has an added benefit for women. It's easy to spray off your lady bits, whereas most of the time they are pointed at the back area. It's not sanitary to go back to the front. This isn't an issue for everyone, but I think this would be a good option for people who need assistance in the bathroom. The person on the toilet is supposed to use regular bidets, whereas the person's caregivers can see what they are doing. This is important for parents to help a child. I think it is better financially, functionally, and aesthetically.

👤The valve is leaking. The rubber washer still leaks even after I added it. They sent me a replacement for free after reaching out. I haven't installed it yet. Once done, I will add an update.

👤This thing will flood your bathroom floor if you don't turn off the valve after every use. Everything looked good after this was installed. No leaks were found after I checked all the connections. I came back to show my wife how to use it and there was a puddle on the floor. I thought I had a problem. I couldn't find any water on any of them. It's a leak in Noodles. It's not a new part. All of that came together. I didn't touch it. They could either have sent me a faulty one or this is expected behavior. The seller knows if there is a leak. They expect you to turn off the valve when you use it. How did this happen in the world? How can I be sure that we always remember when the valve is turned off? If you forget, you'll find a huge puddle of water on the floor. The video shows it leaking. After you turn off the valve, there's still pressure in the hose so it will leak for a while. It's guaranteed to leak every time. Don't waste your time and money on this. It's a guarantee that you'll end up with a flooded floor.



The bottle has 8 ounces. Extra long Curved Nozzle for a longer reach. It is portable and ideal for travel. No harsher toilet paper. A form of personal hygiene. A form of personal hygiene.

Brand: Portable Bidet

👤My mother's life was saved by this device. My mother is very large and has mobility issues. She has severe arthritis and is very incontinent. She couldn't clean her self because of all the conditions. We couldn't keep her clean because she has an aide come a few hours daily. She started to get blisters on her legs last month. She was hospitalized due to an illness. She could lose her life due to the infections. We couldn't afford to pay an aide to be there all the time and my mother didn't want to discuss living in a facility. I don't believe that rest homes would accept her, so she would have to live with a colostomy and catheter for the rest of her life. There is a Thankfully with the Personal Portable Bidet and Juvo Products Self-Assist Toilet Aid for Range of Motion Assistance, White/Blue, Caddy. She can apply creams when she is alone. The people that thought up these things are so grateful. They literately improve the quality of life. The OT and Pt people are thrilled with these devices and were taking pictures to suggest them to other patients. I work in health care and will suggest these devices to my patients with the same issues. Most people that need these devices are limited income, so thank you for keeping them affordable. I can't thank you enough.

👤After a small change, the personal bidet serves my needs perfectly. The wand is long enough to allow me to reach difficult to reach areas, and the spray nozzle is fountain like in design, perfect for good coverage. I had to change the water container from small to large. The container that comes with the unit is too small. That was the only thing that disappointed me. The original container has been replaced with a 32 ounce container. I would like to see the manufacturer make a bigger container. Otherwise, I love it! Happy M!

👤I'll use a metaphor for a garden hose sprayer. This is fine if you want a gentle rain to wash off soap from your car. If you need a jet spray to blast the mud out of the wheel wells, this is not the tool for you.

👤This works well. I would recommend anyone with a bad back to purchase this. I am over 300 pounds and it is perfect for me. I don't like being independent. I will buy another one that I can carry with me when I am out. Sometimes it does leak, but it's usually when I haven't screwed the lid on tight enough. Hospitals use the no rinse soap method of using the vesta wash to put inside the bathroom.

👤It took a while to get the courage to use it, but once you push your ego aside, you'll be sitting pretty again, clean your butt with this easy to use smurf beats taking a shower 9 times a day, thanks butt cleaner! My second butt genie is buying incase I need a backup as the first one is still going though the jug is getting slack from use and needs to be bigger to enjoy it better. I couldn't live without this. If you fill it in the sink, 2 or 3 goes and you're clean. I like to use hot water, it feels amazing and I can reach behind aim and boom! Thanks!


What is the best product for portable bidet for women?

Portable bidet for women products from Hibbent. In this article about portable bidet for women you can see why people choose the product. Tonelife and Morpilot are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable bidet for women.

What are the best brands for portable bidet for women?

Hibbent, Tonelife and Morpilot are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable bidet for women. Find the detail in this article. Foofoo, Blaux and Cynpel are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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