Best Portable Blender for Shakes and Smoothies Cordless

Smoothies 11 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. WATSMAR Portable Rechargeable Personal Smoothies

WATSMAR Portable Rechargeable Personal Smoothies

The small size blender has a 7.4V motor and 6 304 STAINLESS steel blades. Within 40 seconds, you can get delicious shakes, juices, and smoothies. The portable blender is a great gift. Bring drinks to your loved ones. Enjoy fresh nutrition and relax. When you have no access to AC power, traditional corded-electric blenders are not convenient to carry. The portable and rechargeable blender is designed to solve that problem. You can put it in a backpack, gym bag, and enjoy fresh juice when you travel. The portable blender can produce 15-20 cups of juices per charge, and you can charge it by AC, power bank, computer or other power source. BPA Free and Food-Grade Material They chose the raw materials of the portable blender and chose food-grade materials, so you can make baby food, fruit and vegetable juices, facial mask, and shakes with no worries. The blades allow you to crush through ice cube and frozen fruit within 35-40s, delicious smoothies have never been so easy! The built-in magnetic secure switch will stop the personal blender when the cup part and base are not assembled correctly. It has an overheating prevention.

Brand: Watsmar

👤I have used several blenders over the last year and while they were helpful in helping to prepare healthy smoothies and shakes, they were restricted to use in the kitchen and needed to be cleaned after each blend. The portable and stylish blender is a game-changer. It takes a few hours to charge fully, but I have been able to use it multiple times before I need a refill. There aren't many parts so cleaning is simple with a quick hand wash. I have only had mine for a week so I am unable to give an estimation on its lifespan.

👤The item is portable and easy to use.

👤The blender is pretty. It's large enough to fit in the car or at work. I like how small it is. Works well! Beautifully made sellers. Thank you!

👤This is an awesome blender. It is difficult to line up the bottom line at work, but it is perfect for the size and quick usage. If you need a small blend, I would recommend getting this.

👤The item is hard to use. You had the line up and it was frustrating to return.

👤The device never worked. The return date is a day past. I didn't need to use it until after I charged it.

👤Couldn't tell if it worked when it arrived.

👤This product is easy to use, and I am traveling through the airport.

2. PopBabies Portable Personal Rechargeable Smoothies

PopBabies Portable Personal Rechargeable Smoothies

The pump is not only for car tires. It has several accessories to cover your home and inflation needs. Bike tires? Check. Basketballs, footballs, and soccer balls? Check. That giant pink inflatable is a hit at pool parties. Check. Blend and drink from the 14 ounce container. Jar wherever you want! The personal designer is a company. It's the perfect size for home, office, or travel. A dishwasher safe smoothie ladle is perfect for shake and smoothie, baby food, and other drinks. Blending while charging is a unique function and gift. Powerful enough to crush ice cubes, frozen fruits and seeds. There are no plug issues when traveling to different countries.

Brand: Popbabies

👤I started making fruit smoothie for breakfast and lunch with my new blender. I'm down 5 lbs. I love this product. I'd love to try their products as well.

👤I really like this product and the company behind it. I admire the company's consumer product knowledge. I got my email within 24 hours explaining how to prep the bottle for efficient usage, and the smoothie and juice recipe book charging cord. The ice tray is made of flexible material that is easy to remove ice from. I didn't like the pour spout that you put on the cup. The material used on the ice tray is thinner and flimsier. This was a let down because I got this for powders that were like glue. I had an issue with the lid crossthreading. The product is good for those who want to make a smoothie or shake up their shakes more thoroughly. I was worried about the taste of the drink. It didn't change the taste at all. There are some general issues but they wouldn't prevent me from buying 3 more in different colors.

👤Anyone that drinks meal replacement shakes or smoothie should use the PopBabies Personal Blender. I was amazed at how effective this device is at mixing/blending my shake. It doesn't take much to blend milk and powder. I am here to tell you that the shakes I use must be sufficiently blended or it will taste like sand. It is important that my shakes are blended correctly. I took a trip to Hawaii and bought this. I took it through the airport with no questions or a bag search. The product was undamaged after traveling. This personal blender is a good one. It's the size of a water bottle. A little bigger when connected to the base. It's small and can fit in luggage. There are two more The blender is not loud. It is similar to the sound of an electric pencil sharpener. It stops after the push of a button. There are 3 more If using powder, this one comes with a silicone funnel. It packs easily because it's made of silicone. There are four You won't have to worry about shaking your arm because there's still a lot of powder to be incorporated. This does the job and does it quickly. They don't tell you this, but you will do it once, and never again. Milk and powder should be put in first. If you don't, you will be cleaning in hard to reach places. I would like to see a small brush cleaner in the package. It's very easy to rinse with water and soap when done properly. The opening of the funnel is small. Making the opening larger would eliminate the need for a funnel. I wish they had an option to choose one that came with ausb-c cord, as I don't have anything else that uses the old cords. This is an excellent product. During my travels, it worked well and made my shakes more enjoyable. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in a personal blender.

3. Portable Smoothies Convinient Rechargeable Batteries

Portable Smoothies Convinient Rechargeable Batteries

The juicer cup can't be started if it doesn't fit the machine's bottom. The machine stops working when the bottom of the machine is separated from the fuselage. 500ML PERFECT CAPACITY. The portable blender is perfect for home, office, sport and outdoors and has a large capacity of 17oz/500ml. After a full charge, the portable blender works 12-20 cycles. It is the best choice for making baby food and fresh juice. Powerful high-speed wheelbarrow. The only blender on the market that can puree carrots has a 304 STAINLESS STEEL blade. USB RECHARGEABLE MINI MIXER The magnetic charging cable is suitable for various charging methods with theusb interface. You can charge the blender anywhere. It takes about 3 hours to fully charge. SAFETY PORTABLE BLENDER It is very easy to double-click for start and avoid touching the switch. When making a drink, shake the cup upside down. The motor will stop after 40s if you click to stop. The blender has a safety system. When the indicator light is on, it starts. It's easy to clean a receptacle. The motor and bottle can be washed with running water. The hidden design of the blade helps you avoid being cut while cleaning. There are tips. When cleaning the juice cup, fill it with half a cup of water and then run the motor for 5 to 10 seconds. The package includes a Kognita portable blender, an ice cube tray, and a user manual.

Brand: Kognita

👤A few days ago, I received this. So far been enjoying it. The look and feel of this brand is top quality, that's why I chose it. I own the newest ninja blender and the largest cup size is the same as the portable blender which is a plus for me. Over the overs is something I would recommend.

👤The material of the cup is thick and in good quality and the noise is very little. I'm going to take it with me every day. It's convenient and portable. The machine is easy to operate and works well.

👤I was happy to find a portable blender that I could use on the go. I made a shake out of a banana. 2 seconds after turning it on, it shout down. The banana was a half old one and the person did it again. I went to the gym twice when I put it down. I have tried to buy things that don't work on Amazon. Sucks!

👤It is very easy to use. It is easy to carry and take care of.

4. Hamilton Beach 51131 Single Serve Raspberry

Hamilton Beach 51131 Single Serve Raspberry

There are a lot of things to do: outdoor barbecue, camping, tailgating, home bar, pool, beach, boating, picnic. slushies and shakes for the kids, a small personal blender for serving healthy smoothies and shakes, and blend your own baby food at home or on the go are great for Christmas gifts. The compact design is great for home, office and travel. The 14 ounce jar and lid are both dishwasher safe. One-touch Blending makes great smoothies, shakes, baby formula, marinades, salad dressing and more. A mild, non-abrasive cleanser is needed to remove stubborn spots. The blades are made ofstainless steel. Ice crushing power can make a difference. The 175 watt motor has all the power you need.

Brand: Hamilton Beach

👤The only thing that has worked for this blender is mixing in my powder. If you want this to double as anything, look somewhere else. I have pulled this out many times trying to get use out of it. When I tried pureeing super soft cooked veggies and water for my baby's food, I thought I had a stroke of genius. It didn't work. It's like the blades don't catch anything. Hope this helps someone.

👤I bought this nifty blender after reading all the 5-star reviews that said it was the mother of all cute-functional-blenders. I suspect that Amazon has more paid 5-star ratings than they are letting on. The blender is very weak. Do not try anything too complicated or crazy with it. It will do okay if you just stick to the powder. If you want to mix Tang with water or powdered iced teas, it's good to use it with it. I give this 2 stars. I rate it a 1 star. It is easy to use and clean. If they only mix Tang or powdered things with water, this would be the only reason one would want this. There are two more You live in a studio apartment with a galley and no room for a real blender. There are 3 more You like pink things.

👤Don't worry, if you're having doubts about this blender, don't! The cord is wrapped around the bottom, which is nice. It blends amazingly! It is not loud if you just press the button and it starts. It's easy to clean. It's great to blend frozen food. I had no issues making a smoothie with multiple fruits. The bottom doesn't dettach, but it does cake up at the bottom or in the blades after I used it. The color is pretty as well. If you have a small kitchen, it's a great buy.

👤I bought this to make fruit smoothie. I like that it is easy to store and that the top is a cup guard so I can drink my smoothie without spilling it. The actual quality of the blend is lacking. I have to take the top off and smash it all down because the fruit on top doesn't get blended. It takes a lot of effort to make a smoothie. A lot of blenders have a feature which pulls the produce on top down so everything gets blended easy, but this one just blends the stuff at the bottom and it is up to you to push the stuff on top down. I will upgrade this item soon because it does what you pay for.

👤I don't understand the negative reviews. I was skeptical about this blender, but I needed to get something cheap, but not great, and this one does the job perfectly. It is a tiny blender, so it can't get too hot or be used to blend something other than fruits and vegetables. I like to drink smoothies. I approve of this product for people who know how to handle small items. Don't put it in the dishwasher and don't ask why it flooded. It is a single cup blender. If you know how to maintain little electric products, you can buy a smoothie maker, but only if you want to drink healthy smoothies.

5. NutriBullet Portable Blender Smoothies NB50300

NutriBullet Portable Blender Smoothies NB50300

The portable juicer is lightweight and portable, and is a good gift for juice and travel enthusiasts. A blender for life on the go. 70W Motor Base and 2000mAh can provide up to 20 blending cycles. 13oz cup with to-go. The lid is the perfect size for personal drinks. The included items are: Motor Base, 13oz Cup, To Go Lid, and blade cover. Also, note: Refer to the User Manual before using. The product was built to North American and Canadian electrical standards.

Brand: Nutribullet

👤I have been using the products for over five years and have always been happy with them. The quality and utility have been good. I thought this would be a great addition to my travel kit since I use my Nutribullet every day. It's small so you can use it on the go, and it's battery-operated so you can charge with a USB cord in advance. It is portable, but not large enough to be useful. When I make a smoothie, I usually want at least 12-20 ounces, but this can only accommodate around 1-2 cups or around 10 ounces. I took a picture of the bottle next to my bottle to show how small it is. The blade is small and not great for cutting large pieces of fruit. You have to be careful when cleaning the blade since it is part of the unit. There is no way to clean it on its own. You can't use a small blender for hot liquids. It sounded like a good idea at the time I ordered, but definitely is not what I expected, it is too small and not as versatile as I expected.

👤I initially purchased this item because it was small and convenient, but I wanted one with less pieces. The battery drained when I used it a day or so later, but I charged it as it is. It took a few minutes more to get it to work. I had to press it multiple times for it to start because the machine indicated twice to start. After pressing the start button a number of times, my powder settled at the top of the cup and did not blend well. There isn't enough power to blend all ingredients.

👤This is a blender that doesn't blend anything. I tried to blend a frozen banana with an ice cube, but it didn't work. Poor charging is also a thing. I charged it all night and brought it with me to work so I could make a breakfast shake. I brought the charging cable with me because it was dead at noon. Very disappointed.

👤It stopped working before it was delivered on March 25, 2021. I don't recommend anyone wasting their money on this.

👤I bought this blender because I needed something that didn't require batteries or a wall to be plugged into. It is not my first smoothie blender, but it is my first portable one. It is much smaller than depicted. The angle of the pictures makes it seem bigger, but I take some responsibility for not paying more attention to the description. A picture has been included for reference. It doesn't blend the bananas completely and there are chunks left. I sliced the banana thinly. I should have known better about the amount of power. The ad says it will go for 20 cycles on a full charge. I get from 9 to 12 cycles. Will be looking for a better portable machine.

👤It will get the job done, but it is difficult to blend through frozen fruit. It still did it. I think it's meant for shakes that are on the go.

6. IOCSmart Portable Smoothies Rechargeable Batteries

IOCSmart Portable Smoothies Rechargeable Batteries

The 12-month warranty is offered by PAMVINT. If there is a problem, please contact them via Amazon. Even though you missed the Amazon Return Window, they still warrant the unit within the warranty period. A juice blender can be used for mixing fruit and vegetables, as well as for making tasty juice, smoothie and other baby food. It's lightweight design makes it perfect for traveling. It's important to be safe and prevent finger injury. Just blend and go with 400 cups. This single serve blender can be used as a power bank for your devices and support phone, as well as being able to be easily charged by power bank, laptop, computer or otherusb devices. A portable mixer blender is powerful enough to blend ice, fruits, vegetable, and seeds in 20 seconds. The portable juicer has power indicators that show the remaining capacity. Baby Food Grade Material is the only material used in the canned food ladle. The smoothie maker is perfect for making smoothie, juice, milkshake, salad or even baby food. Fresh vitamins and minerals can be found at any time. The 304stainless steel blade in 3D for Superb mixing can break down even the toughest fruits in a quiet way while retaining its nutrition values. 6 sawtooth blades can easily crush fruits, vegetables and other items into smoothie-sized pieces. It doesn't leave a lot of fruit and ice and it's not loud. Press down and twist it until you feel it click into the lock place. There is a cover to keep water stains out of the interface. The juicer cup's body and bottom can be separated, you can easily clean it with the smart protection device. Feel free to contact them with any questions.

Brand: Iocsmart

👤If all the portable blenders had a drink spout top with a finger loop, I would lose this one. It was a big consideration in choosing this one. If I don't get stuck with the cost, I will return it. Unless the company makes good on this, this review won't be changed. You advertise all of your blenders with a spouted top. False advertising!

👤I forgot about it after putting it in the cabinet. I opened it today and saw that the lid is missing and there is no space in the box for a lid. I tried to call iOCSmart customer service, but there is a 400 # on the back of the owners manual, that doesn't work. I thought it was a mistake to change the number to 800. That didn't work either. I called Amazon and they told me that they can't give me a refund because it's outside of the return/refund window, but they did give me a small credit. 7 months ago someone asked if it comes with a top, and the answer was that it comes with a list of other items. 3 months ago someone asked about the lid, and they said it doesn't come with a lid because it's not good for marketing. I let Amazon know that I think iOCSmart is false advertising and the pictures and video need to be changed if the description doesn't say that the lid is not included.

👤The product was not as large as I had expected. It's hard to get it to work. I blend by pressing the button. It doesn't always work when I start it. I have to try and start it multiple times. It comes with a sponge to clean the bottle and a straw to clean theusb cord. It doesn't have a lot of power. It will make a smoothie. I don't think it's a good idea to try to make a milkshake.

👤I was surprised by the Torque. A battery operated blender has a lot of power. I would recommend this product. I was trying to mix my own shakes. The battery lost power three times in a row. This is better than any of those cups. I could not be happier. It's simply awesome.

👤I have a small portable blender in my office that is easy to clean and use. I can use it as a butter.

👤The smaller blender is enough to make 1.75 cups. It doesn't completely blend out ginger but is still effective in terms of taste. The glass is easy to clean, but the base is difficult. Water can enter the electronic components. It can be used on more than one occasion. It's portable and useful.

👤The small machine has good blend power. It makes good shakes and smoothies.

👤Love it. It's easy to use and it's worth it for a fast single use.

7. Portable Personal Smoothies Powerful Rechargeable

Portable Personal Smoothies Powerful Rechargeable

The product was built to North American and Canadian electrical standards. The portable and rechargeable blender is very easy to carry, it can be put into a backpack, gym bag, or any other bag, and you can blend and enjoy fresh juice when you are travelling. The personal blender has a built-in battery that can be charged by a power bank, computer or other source of power. WATSMAR portable blender is made of food-grade materials, which means it can be used to make smoothie, fruit juice, baby food, and facial mask. This personal blender has 6 blades that can crush through ice cube and frozen fruit in less than 40 minutes. One-button Cleaning: Simply pour some water into a personal blender and then double click the ON/OFF button to start cleaning. You get 1x Juicer Blender, 1x Ice Tray, and 1x User Manual. The portable juicer is a great gift for juice and travel enthusiasts.

Brand: Votsupkitdinok

👤Whenever we travel, I have to carry basic cooking stuff with me because my son has food allergies. In our recent travel, this little blender was very useful. I was impressed by how strong it is. The blades are strong and sharp so be careful with them. I used it to make smoothie in the car. That is amazing. A fresh fruit smoothie with all the benefits of a fruit smoothie on the go. It's a good thing. No worries of crossContamination for my son. I used it to make pasta sauce for my son. Go for it if you can find use for it. Get it if you can't think of anything. It is cheap and small enough to be useful one day.

👤This is a great blender. I use ice, milk, fruit and yogurt. There were no fruit or ice chunks in the smoothie. There are a couple of suggestions. When users take the bottom off, it won't tip over. 2. If a user wants to drink from it but doesn't want the extra weight of the bottom with blades, add a flat cap. After using this product for a while, I wish it was bigger. It is great, except for that. Still working well.

👤I am disappointed. The blender can only smooth fresh fruits. I don't have a fridge with an ice maker. I smashed the ice cubes in the freezer bag and added them to the mini blender. Still couldn't make it. I worked for a short time after charging it all night. The start button has a mind of it's own.

👤This thing is amazing. I was looking for a small appliance that could fit in my cabinet. I thought this would be perfect because I only make single serving sizes at a time. I only had it for a day so I can't comment on how long it will last. So far, so good! I like how small it is and how easy it is to clean. It's great to have a portable charge.

👤I was a little skeptical but I was surprised by how much this small blender can do. Fruits, vegetables, and even ice. It's very useful. I blend and drink when I am ready for my smoothie.

👤If you have kids or for yourself after the gym or for a day of hiking, it's a very practical accessory to bring and it's easy to clean. There is plenty of power that will last all day. I recommend the mini bender to my friends and family because I like to blend and chop food and then add it to my mini bender at once. I was very happy with the purchase.

👤A small, compact blender. It is easy to clean. It's not huge but it's less than a beer and holds 350 liters. The ice cube tray is perfect for the blender, but I am not sure if all include it. I would recommend personal shakes on the go.

👤The blender doesn't blend ice or fresh fruit and doesn't stay charged for long. I'm not happy. A great smoothie can be made with this little blender. It took me a while to learn how to not overfill. I overfilled the instruction booklet because it told me what the flashing lights meant. The smoothie was great. Can't wait to make more smoothies.

8. TastLi Personal Portable Electric Smoothies

TastLi Personal Portable Electric Smoothies

Press the start button twice in a row, and then tilt the blender to 45 degree for complete mixing. The portable juicer is a great gift for juice and travel enthusiasts. TastLi portable blender is made from food grade and non toxic PCTG Baby bottles. It has a shock absorption base, magnetic induction, automatic stop, silicone charging port protection, and non-slip base. The unique safety design and eco-friendly material make you feel safe while enjoying juice. The TastLi small blend cup jet 2 portable blender has a powerful motor and can roll quickly. 30 seconds of ice cream juice. The big 6 blade personal blender has more power than the mini blade one. TastLi portable smoothie maker blender is portable and can be charged by a power bank or computer. The power can be fully charged in about 3 hours and can use up to 15 times. It's easy to carry around the 1 lbs of product weight in a blender bottle. Milk shakes and smoothies can be made with a mini blender. The button switch is easy to use. The cup is easy to clean. Adding water and starting the self-cleaning mode will make the mini blender easy to clean. The indication lighting design of the power button shows whether the product is ready to work. Don't wash or soak into the water. It is portable and multi-functional. The Cup Mixer bottle can crush frozen fruits, seeds, stem, vegetable, making smoothie shakes or Powder and Liquid Mixing. You can get a delicious smoothie in 30 seconds. The on the go blender is very portable and can be used for a lot of things.

Brand: Tastli

👤The lights flashed red while I was mixing my drink. I thought it had stopped working. I charged it but it won't come on. It's taking an entire month for them to send a replacement.

👤I don't like that the gasket can't be cleaned. It's got mold and the gasket broke.

👤I've tried to use this blender 3 times and it hasn't worked. The blend stops after 5 seconds when I try to use it. The charging light does not hold charge after I let it turn blue. I'm not sure if I received a faulty one. I haven't been able to make a smoothie with it.

👤The seal broke and now it leaks. Is it possible to get another seal?

👤I love this! I use it 2 or 3 times a day. I got my child one because she loves to make her own smoothies. She's 9 years old and loves making things and can make enough for herself instead of using a full blender.

👤The little blender is handy for mixing up juices. I wish it crushed ice.

👤The pier is strong for this. It is easy to clean, but I wish it held more water andprotein powder. I like the thick straws that came with it. The usb cord can be charged quickly.

👤J'ai recu le colis, je n'arrive pas retourner. I faire rembourser.

9. AIKIDS Portable Blender Smoothies Rechargeable

AIKIDS Portable Blender Smoothies Rechargeable

Powerful enough to crush ice cubes, frozen fruits and seeds. There are no plug issues when traveling to different countries. The updated juicer is equipped with 6 pieces 304stainless steel blades, high level of rotation 18000rpm, making juices, vegetables into amazing smoothies fastly, leaves no pieces of fruit and ice. A fully charged battery can produce 12 cups of juice. The portable juicer is made of food grade PCTG materials. When the cup body is not tightened to the base, the indicator light flickers, unable to start. The ring-shaped lid makes it easy to carry when working out, travelling, or picnicking. Just put a button to mix, for baby food, masks, and fresh juices. The mini blender is easy to clean in self-cleaning mode, you just have to press the button.

Brand: Aikids

👤Purchasing this was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I always skip breakfast in the morning because of the crazy commute hours. I have spent a lot of money on sandwiches that are expensive and not good for you. Thanks to this portable blender, my morning routine has changed. I would store the fruits in the fridge and put them in the blender the night before. Adding a bit of milk can be carried with me on the train and I can enjoy my smoothie on the way to work. I have been able to save money on breakfast and smoothie the past week. I am in love with the portable blender and will recommend it to all my friends who are struggling with the same issue.

👤I love the concept, the size, and the fact that it has ausb charging port. My experience is that it starts and stops a lot. I have to shake it and open it to stir the contents. It usually takes 3 or 4 tries before I stop it. I use almond milk, frozen berries, and a few slices of frozen bananas to make a smoothie. You have to be very precise in lining up the red arrow on the "cup body" with the lights on the base. It will not work if you are off. I like to drink out of the cup, but the bottom is rounded so it doesn't sit on a counter or refrigerator shelf. It misses the mark if it was only intended to be a juicer.

👤I use the blender every single day and I really enjoy it. I like to make my own smoothie ingredients. The blender is very easy to use, just push the bottom twice and blend in 20 seconds. I really recommend it.

👤I got this last night. I charged it all night and it still didn't work. All night long, charged again. It hasn't turned on yet. If you read and see a lot of good comments, then you should not buy this product.

👤I love this little thing. It is very easy to carry. It is easy to clean and perfect for daily use. The price is reasonable for that kind of quality. Highly recommended to everyone.

👤It was difficult to get to work after the night had ended. The base is hard to clean because it can't get wet. If it was full or not. I think I could have bought a better one for the same price. I was sad that it didn't work.

👤The first time it worked well. It's jams every time I put it in and I have to shake and stir it to get it blended. I only use room temperature bananas, water and powder. Maybe I got a lemon. I'm thinking about sending it back.

👤It is very convenient to have a portable blender. The small size is easy to carry. I used it to make fruit smoothie. It is easy to clean.

10. Portable Rechargeable Hotsch Personal Smoothies

Portable Rechargeable Hotsch Personal Smoothies

What you getGREECHO 12 oz. portable blender, Microusb cable, user manual, quick-start guide, and prompt friendly customer service. Theusb is a great portable device. The personal blender has a built-in rechargeable battery that can be charged by a power bank, computer or other source of power. Within 3 hours, the blender can serve up to 15 cups of drinks. The on the go blender is only 1 lbs and can fit in any kind of bag. It's easy to carry around in any situation. Powerful and effective. The juicer cup has 6 PCS 304stainless steel blades with a 150W rated power motor and 7.4 rated voltage. 35 seconds is all it takes to bring you fresh smoothie, baby food, masks, juices, and more. Cut fruits into small pieces for a better result. The ice cube will not work with the mini blender. Press the button for 2 seconds to turn on the blender. If you see the button blinking, make sure the bottle and base are tightened and make sure the blade is not stuck. To clean the mini blender, add water and press the power button. Don't put the whole blender in the water for safety reasons. Charge the blender after you receive it and always use it. Make sure you don't add more than 1/3 of the cup and don't add anything that's too heavy in the cup. After the blades start rotating, shake the bottle and flip the blender back. The correct operation can prevent blade stuck. The Hotsch portable blender is made from non-toxic PCTG materials. The base of the bottle is tightened before the personal blender can operate. The battery and blades are of the highest quality. Please follow the instruction book in their product to use their blender better. Hotsch has a 24 months warranty. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Hotsch

👤The plastic barrier at the bottom of the blender isn't enough to make sure water doesn't get into it, it also came off easily, and wasn't able to be put back on. After a few weeks, the battery couldn't hold a charge for the blender. I used it 12 times before it became useless. The crevices underneath the blades are hard to clean.

👤I bought this product because I like smoothies. Didn't know personal blenders exist. I filled half the container with frozen fruit and Body Armor "juice", and didn't pack it down. I had to shake theblender but it blended in under 30 seconds. I was impressed.

👤I had to get one of these. They're really over priced portable blenders. This is very easy to use and clean. Sonic ice or DQ is the best to use. In my opinion.

👤The power is reasonable, but not good, and the battery is a real con. It runs out after 30 seconds, which makes it usable for a shake. I'm looking for another brand, or maybe give up the idea of a corded product.

👤I like it and dislike it. If you add too much, it will kill the battery. It works well when I need it. It needs some fixes to work.

👤This isn't for people who prefer mixers with ounces. There's no generalized marks for the 236.58 liters to 8 ounces.

👤I love my portable blender. If you follow the instructions and learn what to do, it will work very well.

👤It doesn't blend well because it has low power to blend. I expected it to hold a charge.

11. Modquen Personal Portable Smoothies Cordless

Modquen Personal Portable Smoothies Cordless

You can get 17PinHut 14 oz. Life-time free dedicated customer service is available for the individual blender, micro-USB cable, user manual, 1-month return and replacement service. 6 blade design can cut most fruits, without leaving a trail, and provide fresh nutrition and delicate taste. Can make juices,milkshakes,salad dressings,smoothies. The quality of life can be improved by one machine for multiple uses. The speed is fast, the fastest can reach 18,000rpm,saving time and high efficiency. Safety protection. Double-click the button to turn it on to prevent accidental touch, the indicator light will prompt whether to tighten, the cup body and base will separate, and the base will stop running. The built-in battery can be used 10-18 times after three hours of charging, can be easily charged by mobile power,laptop or otherusb power sources, and the charging is complete and you can start.

Brand: Modquen

👤I like the size of the blender and can easily carry it around in my purse. I tried to blend cooked beets but I had to cut them down and I still bit into some chunks after two spin cycles. I have to charge it the same every day. I am happy with it. I couldn't make my smoothie at home because it woke my newborn and made him sleepy.

👤I bought this product to make my quick smoothie for school in the morning and it works great, it is easy to use and clean. I definitely gave a thumbs up.


What is the best product for portable blender for shakes and smoothies cordless?

Portable blender for shakes and smoothies cordless products from Watsmar. In this article about portable blender for shakes and smoothies cordless you can see why people choose the product. Popbabies and Kognita are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable blender for shakes and smoothies cordless.

What are the best brands for portable blender for shakes and smoothies cordless?

Watsmar, Popbabies and Kognita are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable blender for shakes and smoothies cordless. Find the detail in this article. Hamilton Beach, Nutribullet and Iocsmart are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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