Best Portable Blender for Shakes and Smoothies with Cup

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1. Hamilton Beach 51131 Single Serve Raspberry

Hamilton Beach 51131 Single Serve Raspberry

There are a lot of things to do: outdoor barbecue, camping, tailgating, home bar, pool, beach, boating, picnic. slushies and shakes for the kids, a small personal blender for serving healthy smoothies and shakes, and blend your own baby food at home or on the go are great for Christmas gifts. The compact design is great for home, office and travel. The 14 ounce jar and lid are both dishwasher safe. One-touch Blending makes great smoothies, shakes, baby formula, marinades, salad dressing and more. A mild, non-abrasive cleanser is needed to remove stubborn spots. The blades are made ofstainless steel. Ice crushing power can make a difference. The 175 watt motor has all the power you need.

Brand: Hamilton Beach

👤The only thing that has worked for this blender is mixing in my powder. If you want this to double as anything, look somewhere else. I have pulled this out many times trying to get use out of it. When I tried pureeing super soft cooked veggies and water for my baby's food, I thought I had a stroke of genius. It didn't work. It's like the blades don't catch anything. Hope this helps someone.

👤I bought this nifty blender after reading all the 5-star reviews that said it was the mother of all cute-functional-blenders. I suspect that Amazon has more paid 5-star ratings than they are letting on. The blender is very weak. Do not try anything too complicated or crazy with it. It will do okay if you just stick to the powder. If you want to mix Tang with water or powdered iced teas, it's good to use it with it. I give this 2 stars. I rate it a 1 star. It is easy to use and clean. If they only mix Tang or powdered things with water, this would be the only reason one would want this. There are two more You live in a studio apartment with a galley and no room for a real blender. There are 3 more You like pink things.

👤Don't worry, if you're having doubts about this blender, don't! The cord is wrapped around the bottom, which is nice. It blends amazingly! It is not loud if you just press the button and it starts. It's easy to clean. It's great to blend frozen food. I had no issues making a smoothie with multiple fruits. The bottom doesn't dettach, but it does cake up at the bottom or in the blades after I used it. The color is pretty as well. If you have a small kitchen, it's a great buy.

👤I bought this to make fruit smoothie. I like that it is easy to store and that the top is a cup guard so I can drink my smoothie without spilling it. The actual quality of the blend is lacking. I have to take the top off and smash it all down because the fruit on top doesn't get blended. It takes a lot of effort to make a smoothie. A lot of blenders have a feature which pulls the produce on top down so everything gets blended easy, but this one just blends the stuff at the bottom and it is up to you to push the stuff on top down. I will upgrade this item soon because it does what you pay for.

👤I don't understand the negative reviews. I was skeptical about this blender, but I needed to get something cheap, but not great, and this one does the job perfectly. It is a tiny blender, so it can't get too hot or be used to blend something other than fruits and vegetables. I like to drink smoothies. I approve of this product for people who know how to handle small items. Don't put it in the dishwasher and don't ask why it flooded. It is a single cup blender. If you know how to maintain little electric products, you can buy a smoothie maker, but only if you want to drink healthy smoothies.

2. Smoovii Portable Blender Smoothies Seconds

Smoovii Portable Blender Smoothies Seconds

The Black blender is great for making healthy single-portion smoothie, juice blends, mix fruits and vegetables, coffee, milk powder, baby supplementary food. It can be used as a bottle. It's ideal for any kitchen, office or outdoor area. If there is a problem with the product, please contact them. This is the best blend experience ever created, because BlendWash technology auto- cleans the blender in just 30 seconds with a unique 2 piece design. The most powerful portable blade is 6 steel blades at 3 angles with a motor rotation of over 20,000rpm, which makes it easy to crush through ice and the largest chunks of frozen fruit. High quality materials. The cup is dishwasher safe and made from premium, food grade and durable borosilicate glass. More than double of other portable blenders, with up to 22 blends per charge. It's perfect for on the go. You can get the vitamins and minerals quickly. You can make a delicious drink in under a minute. Making smoothie and shakes easy helps boost your immune system and keeps you happy.

Brand: Smoovii

👤I love that this uses a power source other than a cable. I thought the power would be limited. I was impressed with the fruit or vegetable smoothie I was making. No issues were caused when I threw nuts, ice, and carrots in. It takes seconds to clean. Throw some water into the glass and give it a quick power surge. Hopefully the pictures say it all. It's sleek, high quality, and something I'm happy to leave on my kitchen counter for all to see.

👤When the improved Smoovii was released, I was excited. The first one I have used has been great. I have been able to make multiple smoothies at once with the new model because I have been able to interchange my 16 ounce glass jars with the new model. I have a smoothie for breakfast every day. And then freeze them. I can have the breakfast I enjoy with the Smoovii being small enough to carry with me. The new model of smoovii does not have a lid for the glass jar, but I have 16 ounce glass jars that fit the jar. Adding a photo didn't work, but I kept getting an error.

👤I was a little hesitant about buying a cordless blender, but I thought it would be a good solution for a road trip because my kids prefer fruit and veggies in a smoothie. I was blown away when we fired it up. The finish of the product is top-notch, with a high-quality glass container, and a base sturdy and strong enough to blend frozen fruit with ease. It makes a smoothie big enough for a hungry child. It's even easier to clean it, we put half a cup of water in the container, stuck it back together, and it cleans itself in seconds. It's so useful that we often use it in place of our Ninja blender at home, and the kids have started making their own smoothies. I would highly recommend it.

👤The portable,usb-rechargeable blenders are convenient, but they don't last very long. I've owned a few and after a while the battery just burns out and can no longer hold a charge. I wanted to replace a mini blender. You have to charge it when you first get it. It doesn't have to be charged. It takes several hours to charge. What is it about this tool that makes it good? I like the cup. The plastic cups are stained from food and juice. It's easier to keep glass clean. 2. The 2 color options for this blender are attractive and you can't go wrong with either of them. It's easy to operate. It's a one-button operation. It's easy to charge. 3. I find it easier to keep this blender clean than any of my other personal blenders. The way the lip is designed makes it easy to keep food out of the cup. Even though I use a lot of blueberries, it does not seem to stain. 4. A simple smoothie with fruit, nuts, and butter can be made with this blender. I haven't tried it with ice or frozen berries, but it doesn't seem powerful enough to handle them. What is not great about this tool? The glass cup makes this blender a little heavier than portable. 2. The glass cup has good capacity but I am finding that if you fill it more than 1/3 of the way, the motor can't handle things and shuts down after a few seconds. 3. The motor shuts off after 10 seconds when the cup is not overfilled. That isn't enough time. I have to press the "On" button a few times to make a smoothie. That is annoying. 4. There are no lights that show how much charge is left in the device. I could always tell when my iOCSmart mini blender needed to charge by looking at the bars that showed the charge level. This only has "Blue" for charged and "Red" for low power. I don't have a way of knowing when I need to charge the device and when I need to blend it out. Would I recommend this? I can't recommend this appliance at this price point. They will be at least $10 cheaper, although they will usually have plastic jars and not glass. I like the look, feel, and overall simplicity of the blender, but the issues outlined above make it a bit disappointing in terms of daily use. I will report back if the improvement or nose dive occurs.

3. Mueller Personal Smoothies Heavy Duty Stainless

Mueller Personal Smoothies Heavy Duty Stainless

One Touch Blending/Cleaning makes great smoothies, shakes, baby food, salad and more. Press the button to start the automatic cleaning when you put some water in the cup. Please make sure the red arrow on the cup line up with the switch. The perfect blender for shakes and smoothies, juices and more. This blender will blend fresh and frozen ingredients into a smooth mix. A healthy diet is hard to organize. Their custom designed drinking lid makes it easy to blend and enjoy your drinks. This versatile, all-in-one jar is made from premium food-grade, non-toxic ABS and has up to 2 cups capacity. Simply blend, lift, and go! One-Touch Power Blending allows you to blend your own smoothie. There are bigger and more elaborate blenders out there, but do you really need to spend more money for the same function? You can whip up drinks, dressings, and even baby food with this smoothie blender. Don't be fooled by the small size of this mini blender. The heavy-duty blades will crush ice, fruits, and veggies quickly so you can enjoy smooth results in a flash. They offer the best quality products designed to make your life easier. If you need assistance, please contact them. Their live telephone customer support is ready to assist you with anything you need.

Brand: Mueller Austria

👤I have been wanting a single serve blender for a long time. I decided to get one. It works well. It cuts through fruit. I have to mix up what I'm using to get it back on the blades, but I have never owned a blender that I didn't have to do that with. Make sure the cup is locked in and the blender works. I thought I had burned out the motor when I first used it. It's a great little blender for the price. I would definitely recommend it.

👤I like the way it works. It is very easy to use. The single serving size is perfect for a smoothie. I have been making a smoothie with chia seeds, and fresh and frozen fruits, and it has been easy to blend them up. It blends with the cup. It is immediately ready to go when I twist it off the base. It is easy to clean. I usually rinse the cup, put a drop of dish soap in with a cup of water, and then pulse it a few times to get the blades clean. It is very light and compact. It doesn't take up a lot of room in my cupboard because it's built into the base. This is the way to go for a quick smoothie.

👤Try a single service option for easy cleaning, and have a vitamix so you can use it high level. It has lead to disappointment. Not very versatile and just ok at blend. This unit is perfect for good people.

👤The item arrived 3 days late. Things happen. There were black marks on the base when I pulled it out. I decided to try it. It worked well. The biggest problem was when I tried to take the lid off. I couldn't. It has ridges that should screw, but they don't. My husband tried to get it off. The lid came off with force after he used his teeth to pry it off. It was all over him. The sliding section on the lid is cheap and can be used to drink out of. This piece is hard to move back and forth. I wouldn't recommend or buy again. I plan to return the money I requested. My husband told me, "you get what you pay for."

👤The smoothie maker has a mixing chamber that also serves as the cup. The mixing blades are inside the cup. It is small and easy to use, but it struggled with the frozen fruit I added in bulk. Add all the ice and frozen fruit separately and make them one at a time.

👤The instruction manual says that it is not rated for use over 1 minute and can not handle more than 2 standard ice cubes. If a smoothie is too thick, an air pocket forms, and the top ingredients don't mix, it works well. I was impressed that it was able to make a datememe using whole flax seeds and a small amount of milk. The sliding closure at the top does not seal well, which is a suggestion for improvement. It made a great smoothie from frozen fruit and milk. I will have to see how it works with pesto.

4. Personal Portable Smoothies One Button Operation

Personal Portable Smoothies One Button Operation

Thanks to their excellent designers, they have been able to design a practical and stylish blender, which has taken more time than anyone else to choose premium raw materials and the latest popular elements. Users praise popular styles and colors. They back this up with a lifetime guarantee, and they pride ourselves on their portable blenders. They will make it right if you contact them. A one-button action, 300 watt of power, 4 blades, and a one-TOUCH BLENDING is all you need. You can make smoothie, juices, and more in seconds. The bullet blender is portable for on-the-go smoothies and fits in most car cup holders. The smoothie cup is lightweight and easy to carry, perfect for both the indoors and outdoors. To clean, fill with water, a drop of soup, and hold down the button. The to-go lids are dishwasher safe. Give the gift of healthy eating to your family and friends. It's a great gift to take to the gym, to work, or just to relax. HEALTHY & SAFE. When the cup is locked onto the base, the machine will work. Enjoy a sip with a non-slip base.

Brand: Icucina

👤I needed a small 3 cup blender to make doctor ordered fiber and nutrition drinks. This was an adequate choice. You need to be either King Kong or Hulk Hogan to twist this thing into the on position according to other reviewers. I thought the button to push the interlock was in the wrong place, but after reading reviews and looking at the base, I decided to carve the small bumps off the ridges that go into the locking slots. The grip is tight enough to keep the cup in position even without the bumps. It will require a reasonable effort to twist the cup into the on position. I only use it with liquids and powders. I don't think it can handle ice. After I try it, I will make ice and update the review. The modification to the locking mechanism appears to make this an adequate blender. It was delivered with 2 cups and lids. I have added a star to the rating after a half dozen smoothies. The ice can be crushed by the blender. I am using it at home and will take it on the road with me, because it takes less counter space than my other one. If the blade base fit on the blender body, it would be a 5 star item. I recommend this blender to anyone who is willing to trim the blade base for 5 minutes.

👤Do not buy this appliance. I didn't get a chance to use it for my smoothies because the blade part fell apart when I put it together. The cups are great, but I wouldn't recommend the blender.

👤This unit is very similar to the GNC Bullet blender I have. The lids are interchangeable. The only nice thing about it is that it has more power than the GNC. There are several ways in which the design is bad. The part with the blender blades has a new gasket. You have to screw it snug to prevent leaking. To replace it with a drinking cap, the gasket comes out of the blender cap. It's too small to fit back into the grooves where it went, so it wouldn't be that much of a problem. It pops out of the opposite side if you put it in one side. The raised areas are supposed to keep the gasket down in place with use, but they don't prevent your fingers from being able to press the gasket fully down into the groves. This makes it more difficult to get the gasket to stay in the grove. The GNC unit has a design flaw that is different from the one in the blender, which is that when you try to remove or replace it, you press the on off button, which starts the unit up, while you hold the top and bottom for removal. It was not possible to turn it on accidentally because the GNC model had a dial that you had to turn to turn it off. To return a flawed design unit. I would have liked to read reviews first.

5. Portable Cavebit Personal Smoothie Rechargeable

Portable Cavebit Personal Smoothie Rechargeable

The Smoothie blender has a professional container which is sturdy and durable. It can be used as a sport bottle. The bag can be hung on the lid with a buckle, which will take it to the gym, school and office easily. The portable blender has 6 PCS 304 steel blades and a strong power system, which can easily make fruits, vegetables into smoothies in 1 minute. Safety and Health Made of high-quality borosilicate glass, food-grade material, and Silicone bottom, non-slip and shock absorption. The juicer cup has a 2200mAh battery that can be charged in a variety of ways, including by power bank, AC, and computer, and it can produce 15-20 cups of juice. The Blue blender is great for making smoothie, juice blends, mix fruits and vegetables, coffee, milk powder, and baby supplementary food. It can be used as a bottle. It's ideal for a kitchen, office, or outdoor. Press the start button twice in a row, and then tilt the blender to 45 degree for complete mixing. The portable juicer is a great gift for juice and travel enthusiasts.

Brand: Cavebit

👤I like this. They did a lot of things right. It's very easy to use, mixes well, and is very easy to clean. I like the ease of cleaning. The main body jar can be removed from the top and bottom. The lid is easy to clean. It is also very safe. I wondered if I would need to be careful with the blender part and keep it away from toddler, but you can't engage the workout with the vessel attached, which is an excellent safety feature! If you're just looking to mix a drink mix of some sort, this will do everything you need. There are two small complaints. If there's too much, it's hard to blend ice. I tried to make a slush with some ice and G-Fuel, but it was inconvenient. It can blend for a few seconds and then stop. I think it would struggle with a smoothie if you didn't have a lot of liquid. It's impossible to damage the motor because they built it in that shut down. When the Torque is too high, it shuts down. There are two more The regulator makes a high pitched whine when charging. I could hear it when I was close to it. It isn't an issue when far away. All in all, what I was looking for. Highly recommended!

👤It's easy to use and charge, it's durable and easy to clean, and it's not loud, so it's better for you. The charge lasts for a long time and it has a wrist tie to blend in. Drop in some water and dish soap, blend and dump, leave open to dry. I wish the mouth was a little bit wider for my large cubes of food, but I'm very pleased with this!

👤I bought this to take on our 50th anniversary trip to make my smoothies, I'm still recovering from throat cancer and can't always get enough calories from the food I can eat. I could not drink the smoothie because it was a mess. I would return it for my money back if I hadn't been on vacation. I may write a letter to Amazon about it. I should have tried it out before we left, but I didn't.

👤I keep health shake powder in my locker to make a quick lunch on the go, but the manual shake bottle does not mix the powder well, but this handy dandy mixer does.

👤The little blender is awesome. It makes a single serving of 16oz. I put in oats, peanut butter, banana, and milk and it blended to a nice thin consistency. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤Would highly recommend this appliance. It is light, easy to use and clean. If you blend and drink a little, then just add a bit more, I like to put a lot in my smoothies. I have made 6 smoothies in 3 days. I had to change my review. It stopped working after a few weeks. It would stop Blending when I had nothing in it. Zero ice and not even frozen fruit is what I am talking about. If it works, a blender is convenient.

6. TastLi Personal Portable Electric Smoothies

TastLi Personal Portable Electric Smoothies

Press the start button twice in a row, and then tilt the blender to 45 degree for complete mixing. The portable juicer is a great gift for juice and travel enthusiasts. TastLi portable blender is made from food grade and non toxic PCTG Baby bottles. It has a shock absorption base, magnetic induction, automatic stop, silicone charging port protection, and non-slip base. The unique safety design and eco-friendly material make you feel safe while enjoying juice. The TastLi small blend cup jet 2 portable blender has a powerful motor and can roll quickly. 30 seconds of ice cream juice. The big 6 blade personal blender has more power than the mini blade one. TastLi portable smoothie maker blender is portable and can be charged by a power bank or computer. The power can be fully charged in about 3 hours and can use up to 15 times. It's easy to carry around the 1 lbs of product weight in a blender bottle. Milk shakes and smoothies can be made with a mini blender. The button switch is easy to use. The cup is easy to clean. Adding water and starting the self-cleaning mode will make the mini blender easy to clean. The indication lighting design of the power button shows whether the product is ready to work. Don't wash or soak into the water. It is portable and multi-functional. The Cup Mixer bottle can crush frozen fruits, seeds, stem, vegetable, making smoothie shakes or Powder and Liquid Mixing. You can get a delicious smoothie in 30 seconds. The on the go blender is very portable and can be used for a lot of things.

Brand: Tastli

👤The lights flashed red while I was mixing my drink. I thought it had stopped working. I charged it but it won't come on. It's taking an entire month for them to send a replacement.

👤I don't like that the gasket can't be cleaned. It's got mold and the gasket broke.

👤I've tried to use this blender 3 times and it hasn't worked. The blend stops after 5 seconds when I try to use it. The charging light does not hold charge after I let it turn blue. I'm not sure if I received a faulty one. I haven't been able to make a smoothie with it.

👤The seal broke and now it leaks. Is it possible to get another seal?

👤I love this! I use it 2 or 3 times a day. I got my child one because she loves to make her own smoothies. She's 9 years old and loves making things and can make enough for herself instead of using a full blender.

👤The little blender is handy for mixing up juices. I wish it crushed ice.

👤The pier is strong for this. It is easy to clean, but I wish it held more water andprotein powder. I like the thick straws that came with it. The usb cord can be charged quickly.

👤J'ai recu le colis, je n'arrive pas retourner. I faire rembourser.

7. Upgraded Hotsch Portable Smoothies Rechargeable

Upgraded Hotsch Portable Smoothies Rechargeable

After use, fill the machine with water, press the start button twice in a row, 30 seconds to help you clean the mixer. The portable blenderusb rechargeable are easy to clean up. The hotsch portable blender is made from food grade and non-toxic PCTG materials and it is free of the harmful chemical brominatedominated flame retardants. It has a magnetic automatic stop design, silicone charging port protection, and shock absorption base. The unique safety design and eco-friendly material give you a duplicate protection and make you feel safe and reliable. The juicer cup has 6 PCS 304 steel blades with a 7.4 rated voltage. It only takes 45 seconds to bring you a cup of fresh smoothie, shakes, fresh juices, masks, baby food and other items with a higher level of rotation. The built-in 4000mAh battery can be charged by a power bank, computer or other source. The power can be fully charged in about 3 hours and can use up to 15 times. It's easy to carry around a 400ml capacity and only 1 lbs product weight in any situation. Simply long press the power button to start the self-cleaning mode and the mini blender is easy to clean. The indication lighting design of the power button shows whether the product is ready to work. It has a cleaning brush that you can use to clean the corner of the juicer cup. Don't wash or soak into the water. No other gift is better than bringing health to their family, friends and lovers. The Hotsch portable blender is a professional in making fruit smoothie, baby food and other drinks. It can be used as a common water bottle since it is lightweight and portable. Hotsch has a 24 months warranty. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Hotsch

👤Nothing is a good thing. It is very difficult to use. The cup leaked because you had to twist the cup while pushing the start button to get it to work. The power of the blender is not very strong. I put frozen strawberries and bananas in the smoothie and it jammed after two seconds. I used my hand mixer to mix the mixture in a different cup. I will try to chop nuts, but not sure that will work. I didn't pay the price because I got a discount and it was a blessing. Don't waste your money.

👤I have a Ninja already, but it's so loud in the morning that I don't want to disturb my neighbors. I work in Alaska. It's hard to make a smoothie when it's cold the night before. I use the blender to cut up my fruits and put them into small zip lock bags to freeze them. When I get to work, I put my liquids in my backpack and blend them in the morning. It's an awesome buy. Highly recommended.

👤I can think of a few things that would make it better. The lid should come with the screws. The power of the blend is weak. What can you expect for $20? I will use it for work. There is an update. After using this item many times... The charge is not much. It is dead if you use it one time. It takes 3-6 hours to charge and only works for 30 seconds. It only works for 30 seconds on the box, but not in the pictures or description. I have used my fruit in a smoothie twice, but neither time was it a smoothie. It only takes 45 seconds to bring you a cup of fresh smoothie, shakes, fresh juices, masks, baby food and more. The box says it only works for 30 seconds. How about that? It is now in the garbage. Don't buy this piece of paper.

👤The first second that you blend something, it all ends up in there and can't be blended without vigorous shaking, because there is an inch gap between the blades. The blades stop after 3 seconds if they are hitting something. It is a constant effort to get the s** out of the bottom and restart the blades before they fall down. If you pack it completely full, it will work, but it will miss everything in the gap. Very disappointing.

👤Couldn't have expected more. This is a pretty good deal. You can break ice cubes with this small but powerful blender. You won't need a lot of time to clean it. Just mix it with water. If some fruits get stuck on the blade, use the enclosed brush. The machine is locked up so you don't have to worry about the safety issue. It looks perfect on my INS.

👤I have to charge it after every use. If you have powder and frozen fruit, give it a little help. I tried to blend ice once, but it didn't work out. I leave work and it does what I need it to do.

8. Smoothie Herrchef Personal Smoothies Vegetables

Smoothie Herrchef Personal Smoothies Vegetables

The VOLTRX VortexBoost is in the box with a Microusb charging cable and specially designed packaging. The smoothie blender has a 350W powerful motor, Max rotating speed of 23000rpm, 4 ultra-sharp steel blades, and can make healthy and silky shakes and smoothies in as little as 10 seconds. A small compact blender is an ideal small one for home, office and home use. The hoop handle is easy to carry with the silicone seal ring under the lid. It is easy to use and clean with a one-touch operation, plug and play, without settings, as for kids or the elderly, manufacture the favorite smoothie for themselves will become easy. The smoothie cup and blade base can be cleaned with water or put in the dishwasher. The blender is stable enough with 4 silicone feet. The personal blender only works when the bottle is locked. It will stop automatically when the motor's temperature gets too high, protect users and keep it cool. A 350W motor smoothie blender fuselage, 2 replacement 20 oz portable bottles, steel blade base, and user manual are what you get.

Brand: Herrchef

👤For the most part, this is a great little blender. It is easy to clean. The issue appears to be that the blade apparatus screws into the motor of the blender. The screw threads all go in the same direction. I had to turn the whole thing upside down to get the blade off the motor, and then I had to remove the bottle from the motor. The easy part was that. The blender blade section tends to be tightened as the action occurs. I mean TIGHTEN when I say tighten. The bottle was attached to the blender blades and I had to use it. One guy asked if he could try anything after drafting help from almost everyone. Nothing else had worked. He took a small hammer and beat the bottom edge of the bottle with it. I was able to eat breakfast after it was released. The guys are very impressed that I was able to get it tight. I have pulled it off the motor several times while I blend to loosen it. I had to pull out the hammer a few times because this approach had gotten to the point. I'm sure I'll have to get another one. I can't see this working long term, so I'll likely try a different brand.

👤Wife's review. I own a Vitamix. I realized that most of the time, I am only making a smoothie for one or two, and the Vitamix is a lot more trouble than this little guy. There are 2 bottles, 2 drink tops, and a piece with the blades. There is a There is a tip. You can prefill them the night before, add milk/juice/water/ice in the morning and blend two different fresh smoothies. If you're like my family, one bottle will suffice for a few people. You have the other bottle if one person likes something different. It takes 5 seconds to hold the button down, and less than a minute to clean off the blade piece. A sleek design. If it's going to be a regular on my counter, it needs to look good and not take up a lot of space. It's easy to put it in a drawer or cabinet, but I like keeping it out to remind me to make a smoothie for my family's health. The body of the blender is a cup and you can twist it on the drink lid to make it a cup. Less dishes to wash is a win. Even if you already have a Vitamix, a personal blender is still a nice luxury to have. You don't want to blend in one thing and then pour into another and wash two things, right? The lines on the cup are used to measure ingredients. I like to be more consistent with what my kids get, but I am not picky. One button to blend is all it takes. To blend, press to blend. Release and you're done! It is easy to clean. It's best to rinse off your kitchen appliances as soon as possible. It will take you longer to clean it if you leave stuff on/in. You only have to wash the blade piece with a sponge if you want to clean it right away. There is a grey rubber piece inside the blade of the blender. If it's not in there correctly, you'll get a leak. I thought it was a negative, until I realized that the rubber piece comes out completely for washing, and you won't get build up or mold. Be aware of its correct location. Everyone should be healthy. It's a good thing.

9. Personal JAJANLIFE Portable Smoothies Rechargeable

Personal JAJANLIFE Portable Smoothies Rechargeable

The Hotsch portable blender is made from non-toxic PCTG materials. The base of the bottle is tightened before the personal blender can operate. The battery and blades are of the highest quality. Please follow the instruction book in their product to use their blender better. Hotsch has a 24 months warranty. Please contact them if you have any questions. Theusb is Rechargeable. The cup has a built-in battery that can be charged in a variety of ways, including by a power bank, AC, and computer, and can produce up to 25 cups of juice. The portable blender can make 22000 rmp in 40 seconds with a 7.4V/ 150W pure copper motor and 6 304stainless steel blades. Portable tool: The mini body and 400ml capacity of the electric personal size blender is within the product weight. It's easy to carry around in wherever you need to be, such as working out, travelling, and on the go. The portable smoothie blender has built-in safety features that prevent the motor from overheating and the blades from spinning when the jar isn't connected to the base. The black arrow on the cup should line up with the switch. The personal mini blender is made of a kind of low inflation, high/low temperature resistant, high strength, high hardness material, and Silicone bottom, non-slip and shock absorption, which is eco-friendly.

Brand: Jajanlife

👤I had to write a review. I spend more time trying to get it to blend. I use it. There are many pieces. It doesn't blend well. It stops when it feels like it. The blades are not strong. Don't buy because you can't return it because of the battery.

👤This thing works, start by saying that. It blends well. It's quiet. There are two separate caps, a strainer part and a spout. The strainer cap makes it impossible to drink through smoothies. I won't be using the cup for that purpose because it's too heavy and inconvenient to take on the go. It's hard to clean as you can't get water in the power button or submerge the battery part. It did blend well, but overall it was just a weird device.

👤I needed this to prepare my morning smoothie. It's just protien powder, milk and a banana. Since I have limited hand strength, I struggle with mixing the powder, but this has made it much easier. It's perfect for fruit and soft vegetables, even though it might not be able to grind up ice.

👤When I need to blend my drinks at the office, I use this portable blender. It is the right size for a single serve packet to get rid of all the graininess. It is easy to store it in my desk drawer and in the kitchen sink. I use it daily and it can blend in about 10 days before I need to replenish. Would make great gifts for work buddies.

👤The personal blender is the perfect size for individual shakes and smoothies. It's easy to use and clean. It doesn't need to be charged all the time. The glass can be used as a drinking cup or a separate cup. It's a nice gift for Christmas and birthdays. The value is great.

👤I like this personal blender. It is small and light. It is powerful. It can blend ice. I like my smoothie cold. It comes with a small hand book to teach me how to make a special blend of juice. I am.

👤I was expecting a weak blend from a wireless unit. It has good battery life.

👤I got a nice personal blender. I can use it to make my own smoothie at work and it is very easy to charge and clean, it is recommended for anyone looking for a nice personal blender.

10. MOSUNECE Smoothies Stainless Rechargeable Gym(Pink)

MOSUNECE Smoothies Stainless Rechargeable Gym%EF%BC%88Pink%EF%BC%89

It's safe to use. It will only work when the bottle is put in the lock. It has an overheating prevention and automatic recovery function. The portable blender has a built-in battery that can be charged by a power bank, computer, or other power source, which is convenient. It only takes 30 seconds to blend the juice with the personal blender, which has a powerful motor and 6 pieces of 304 steel blades. The miniblender has a strengthened safety system that will not be activated until the bottle and base are screwed up, and with 4 reminder lights and a silicone cover. You can make and drink fresh juice with the portable Juicer, which is portable for its proper size, large capacity and lightweight. It is easy to clean the small smoothie maker, which is great for making a variety of juices and drinks.

Brand: Mosunece

👤If you plan on mixing only soft food and powder, it may be for you. When I mixed apples, pineapples, cucumbers, and/or anything with a little bore solid texture, the battery died after a full charge. I had to keep waiting because the battery died too fast, and I had to make my smoothie right away. I am going back to my regular blender.

👤I like that I can use this blender anywhere, but mainly when we're camping. This is a great blender to use on the go. We took a trip in our trailer and didn't have to worry about it taking up a lot of space or an extra outlet because we were able to take it. The size of this blender is not a big deal, but don't let that fool you. The blades are powerful enough to cut through frozen fruit and ice. We were able to make a variety of drinks. The blades in the blender are very sharp. You can feel the strength of the motor when using this. It's easy to clean but really easy to use. If you're just making a quick shake or smoothie, this is a great appliance.

👤The blender has been great for me. The power brick is not included and it works wireless. I haven't yet run down the battery, but it charged very quickly for me. The lid of the blender is the base. Once you blend your smoothie, you need to flip the whole blender upside-down to get to it. If you want a lid on your smoothie, you need to pour it into a cup. I liked this because it means that it's easy to clean, as it comes apart into a cylinder form, instead of a full cup. It is easy to clean with a bottle brush. A sponge version of a bottle brush was included. I use this to clean the base of the blender before I rinse it, since the blade doesn't detach from it, and I am careful about how I run the water over it.

👤Didn't work well. When aligned, the magnetic points did not work. Didn't have a charge. Poor quality, cheap made. Get a durable, blender if you spend a few bucks more.

👤I like the idea of a blender. I could use it immediately because it arrived early. It has a charging cord, but it has been holding a charge for me. The included instructions are helpful for seeing the best practices for using the blender, as well as the videos that have been posted on the product page. I use the blender to make my own smoothies since I'm the only person in my house who drinks them. I don't have to use a full sized blender just to make one cup. I just cut up my fruit and serve it with juice. I can blend frozen fruit and ice with fresh fruit. It does a good job, but there are things you can do to help it. Make sure to put the softer foods close to the blade. I let my frozen fruit thaw while I cut the fresh fruit, which is helpful. Don't overfill the container. Shake it to aid in even Blending. The best way to start the blender is to turn it over and let the blades start to move. I like that it's light. It's easy for me to carry it in my purse or beach bag because it weighs less than a tall water bottle. I clean mine after every use. I add some water and a drop of dish soap and run the blender. Run it again after rinsing, add more water. I take apart the parts and wipe them down. It has its own sponge for cleaning. You have to contact the seller asap if you have any issues. The bag with the sponge was replaced by the seller. I thought the blender would work well. I have already used it a lot.

11. Personal Blender Countertop Smoothies Shakes

Personal Blender Countertop Smoothies Shakes

The power button on this blender shows you if the product is safe and ready to work. The portable juicer is locked and safe to use, and is easy to clean by just adding water and blending it until it is clean. Perfect smoothie maker. There are machines for making juices and smoothies. A smoothie mixer with a case and titanium blades is used to cut fruit and vegetables and ice break them. Two portable bottles are included in the Carried Travel Juice Cup. The material tritan is normally used in infant items. The seal lid is leakproof and dustproof. You can put it in your backpack if you so desire. They also provide a single 100ml grinding cup. You can use it to make nut powder. The operation is easy and safe. After 15 seconds, you will get a delicious juice or vegetable juice from putting fruits or vegetables into the food blender. Adding ice cubes or milk will make your drinks more delicious. Enjoy healthy food quickly. nut powder, jam, fruit juice, smoothes. It's easy to clean the cup of the personal fruit blender. The cup of shake mixer is not attached to it. Enjoy a better life The powerful motor and four mixing blades of the mini blender can make smooth juice and crushed vegetables. The machine performance is improved with the special three-dimensional structure. The healthiest lifestyle is achieved by you. If you have a question with their products or service, please feel free to contact them. Within 24 hours, they will return to you.

Brand: Hena

👤I ordered one years ago. The graveyard of kitchen appliances is where it finally went. We use it to make shakes with ice. The "blender" never really blends all the time. I would spend the extra money on something better.

👤You get what you pay for. You have to hold down the blend button to blend. The biggest complaint is how flimsy it is. I only use 1x per day for a smoothie. The person doesn't sit in base correctly and has to be changed. I think it will die any day.

👤Looks great, but it didn't last long. I had jaw surgery and had to puree my food. Put mashed potatoes and milk together. They can't handle that without malfunctioning.

👤Ice doesn't work well and it looks cheap.

👤On arrival, dead. Returned and ordered another brand.

👤I used it for a shake after it was burned and it started smoking, so I called and email them to get a new one, but they haven't heard from me since.

👤Love it, love it, love it! I use it in my camper.


What is the best product for portable blender for shakes and smoothies with cup?

Portable blender for shakes and smoothies with cup products from Hamilton Beach. In this article about portable blender for shakes and smoothies with cup you can see why people choose the product. Smoovii and Mueller Austria are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable blender for shakes and smoothies with cup.

What are the best brands for portable blender for shakes and smoothies with cup?

Hamilton Beach, Smoovii and Mueller Austria are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable blender for shakes and smoothies with cup. Find the detail in this article. Icucina, Cavebit and Tastli are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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