Best Portable Closet with Shelves

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1. YOUUD Wardrobe Portable Organizer Assemble

YOUUD Wardrobe Portable Organizer Assemble

There is a space shelving organization that has 65" length x 17" width and 66" height. The structure is colorful and sloping. The cover was made from a cloth. This fabric is durable, even if it looks a little thin. The colored steel rods help to assemble. The diameter of the rod will make it stronger. The PP Resin sheet is easy to clean and the cover is T-shaped to keep your item away from dust. It's convenient to use and asSEMBLE. Installation is easy, no tool required, because this closet makes access to your clothes easy. The cover and PP sheets should be protected from being torn due to the incorrect size of the frame. Extra components are replacements if found.

Brand: Youud

👤The one I got a week before didn't fit a lot, so I replaced it with this one. It wasn't as sturdy as this one.

👤An extra wardrobe is incredibly strong and holds a ton. I have the entire rack hanging with heavy coats and suits, and it's not even bending. I've seen pictures of other wardrobes, but this one is better.

👤A portable closet is supposed to be like this. I was looking for something more heavy-duty after my last portable closet collapsed on me. You know it's a good product when you open the box.

👤The instructions to assemble the storage closet are very detailed, but the illustrations are very helpful. The company was very responsive to send replacements for the missing rings in my closet. I didn't discover that the rings were missing until the closet assembly was almost complete, so returning the entire item would have been very discouraging.

👤This was purchased for a friend to store clothes in his garage that could be protected from duct. It is amazing how it is made. It appears to be sturdy once the weight of the clothes is in it. It was easy to assemble, but you needed instructions. There were no problems with missing parts or putting it together.

👤This product is terrible. The packing did not have all the parts. It was disappointing and frustrating. I had to return it. What a waste of time.

👤I bought this closet because of the previous reviews, but now I am giving it 3 stars. It is the perfect size for my room and looks great in the color. I have on the walls. One of the structure pipe was missing. The hanging ring should be 9. I was offered to return the item and buy a new one. I decided to fix the issue myself because they don't have this anymore.

👤It's great for the overflow of winter and spring clothing. Go straight to assemble. Make sure you get all of the poles to the right. Just like the instructions say. I didn't have any problems but it took me over five hours. It took strength to get these poles to the end of the fittings, so I did it in 2 days. It was a workout for me as I am 60 years old. It is strong and sturdy. I like that it has a cover. It is what it is.

👤It took almost 4 hours of fighting and swearing to get this thing put together. The fit 'n' finish is ok. It seems very strong. I hope it lasts.

👤The assembly was held from 4:56 to 9:35. Someone needs to go back to the drawing board. There isn't enough space for dresses or shirts to hang properly. The product is misrepresented in appearance too. The front looks nothing like what is advertised. It is messy. I am very sad about this purchase.

👤The pattern of the outer covering is not the same as the picture and is very outdated.

2. Ufine Bamboo Garment Rack Organizer

Ufine Bamboo Garment Rack Organizer

The bamboo is selected for its strong toughness, wear and mildew resistance, and fine polished with varnish, which keeps its natural texture and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The storage space should be maximized. There is a tiny closet, apartment, 6-tier shelves for various storage needs, and a high hanging area with a hanging rod for overcoats, dresses, and long pants. The material and structure are similar. The structure has multiple storage shelves and holds all your garments easily and saves space. Modern and multi-functional. The bamboo texture of the multi shelves storage rack gives it a natural feel. It's easy to assemble, you just need an Allen wrench and gloves to protect your hands, and their customer service team will be here to help you if you have a problem.

Brand: Ufine

👤This is my last review because this product holds a lot. You should use it when asked for a review. Your customers want to know the truth.

👤The wardrobe is a joke. If I can prevent someone else from making the same mistake, I will write reviews. I don't think this is real bamboo. It looks like cheap plank wood. There was glue on the wood. The premade holes wouldn't fit the screws. I missed the return window due to my busy schedule. I wasted my money. The company was very helpful with explaining the difficulty I experienced and communicated well. I have raised my review because the company reached out and helped one of their customers.

👤So far, so good. The item was easy to assemble, especially since the 3 large parts were labeled with stickers A,B and C. Hanging clothes fit fine in a satisfactory size. I have a lot of items hanging that don't fit in my double stacked bedroom closet. The number of clothes is not heavy for the installation. One would expect the shelves to hold folded t-shirts and pants. The maximum number of clothes that can fit on the shelves does not exceed the weight limit. I don't think it's a good idea to keep stacks of bricks on them. There are a lot of sweaters on top. It's not wobbly or unstable, and is standing on the carpet. It seems it can be built in either direction. I might get a second one and stand them side by side.

👤I like this. I was looking for a plain coat rack but saw this one while browsing and it's so nice. It is very sturdy and has shelves on one side. If you are looking for a place to store your clothes and accessories, this is the place to go. This was built in 45 minutes. I recommend using a drill to make this because it is impossible to screw the screws in using the tool that comes with it. I finished it in 20 minutes using the drill. I was struggling in the beginning. The wood frame makes it look very elegant and clean, and I am very happy with my purchase.

👤The item looked nice online, so order it for the wife. I was suspicious of the quality when it arrived, as some of the screw holes were off center. I noticed how cheap this item was when I started to assemble it. The wood is not as sturdy as it could be because it is not flush with each other and there are multiple points where the wood is split and cracked. The whole thing is just a symbol of poor quality control and shoddy construction. I give this 2 stars because of the look and potential.

👤I ordered 2 of them. They were more stable than I thought. The first one was assembled nicely. I ordered the second one to make sure it was what I wanted, but it didn't have any of the hardware I needed to assemble it. I can either pack up the whole thing and return it or I can buy my own screws and hope that it holds. I'm not very happy. I will not be ordering the third rack from them.

3. Simple Houseware Wardrobe Portable Organizer

Simple Houseware Wardrobe Portable Organizer

8 wired shelves keep your clothing, shoes, boots, pants and accessories organized. 2 bars for hanging your clothes. No tools were needed. Just put the closet together and save more space. Sturdy metal construction with plastic end connections. 59 7/8"L x 19 3/8"W x 68"H 59 7/8"L x 19 3/8"W x 68"H

Brand: Simple Houseware

👤The rubber mallet is needed to assemble this thing. It took me about an hour to assemble it. I used it as a plant stand. I like the idea that I could use it for hanging plants. I put my plant stand in the middle. I have to buy more plants to make it look better. My winter vacation was a tropical one.

👤Those are standard size large shirts nothing big nothing huge and they don't fit on either level.

👤We moved into a small apartment with no counter space and it was perfect for my plants to fit on. It's easy to assemble and keep them in one place. I love it!

👤I wanted something that I could look at while I wore my clothes. This fits the bill and has the capacity for my needs.

👤It was easy to assemble. A good amount of storage and sturdy. I wish the bars were further apart because I don't have a lot of hanging items, but I took out the bottom bar because I didn't have a lot of hanging items.

👤It would be great if it had instructions. Brand new out the box, not a single set of instructions, and not a parts list to know if you have all the pieces. I am just going to look at what I can make with whatever I have. Wishing me luck.

👤If I had to, I would order again. It was easy to put together.

👤The pieces don't fit very well and the whole structure is very flimsy when put together. I would rather have more shelves in lieu of the empty space in the middle. I think a bookshelf can fit more items than this item.

4. UDEAR Portable Wardrobe Organizer Sections

UDEAR Portable Wardrobe Organizer Sections

The wardrobe is made from non-woven cover, water-proof fabric tiers, high quality steel tube, PP plastic connectors, and steel poles added to the sides and back. There is a sad story. The portable wardrobe has a lot of space for you to store a lot of stuff. It is divided into sections with side pockets and shelves for convenience. There are waterproof cover and waterproof tinters. The cover is made of durable fabric and has a zip code to keep it out of sight. The fabric is easy to clean. The cloth cover can be rolled up or down, or it can be put down and closed with a zip. Easy assembly. Your clothes and daily accessories are well-ordered by this amazing closet. It is easy to assemble, you don't need special tools or skills. All poles need to reach the bottom of the plastic holes. Customer service is provided. They will work for you at the first time if you contact them after you have any problems. UDEAR is dedicated to satisfying every customer's needs and creating good Storage Cabinet.

Brand: Udear

👤I would like it to be more sturdy. The pipes are small. I don't think this will last long. A week ago, I wrote a review. I uploaded pictures of the closet. The closet is strong. I changed my rating to four stars. The cover rip easily, so I gave it four starts. I am satisfied with the closet.

👤I was very excited to receive this. I decided to try it instead of sending it back because I knew it was not going to be sturdy. You can't hang as many clothes as shown in the picture. Not even close. The poles used to put it together are thin aluminum. All of my clothes were on the floor when I came home. Good for shoes on the bottom and minimal clothes up top.

👤There is a change to be made. My review was changed to one star. This thing lasted for a week before collapsing. There is a piece of shit. Don't buy it. I put this together in two hours and I think I am good at it. If you put this together with someone you love, you won't love them anymore. My palms were bleeding. My tip is to organize. The parts first. There will be one extra part for every part. I am very happy with the result.

👤The unit was not built to last after being assembled and loaded with clothes, and the legs of the unit fell first. The unit was not strong. I went to Ikea for a portable wardrobe. The fall was caused by the fact that the depth of the wardrobe was not built to fully accommodate hanged shirts which protruded from the front at about 3 inches. The shirts had the same results. After the unit fell, the assembly rods were bent out of proportion and will have to be reassembled.

👤I edited the review because the closet hasn't budged its full of clothes shoes storage, it's worth now what I paid, and they aren't no instructions there's pictures at each step of what goes where. It will take patience. I was going to give a better update now that I have done it, but it won't zip because it's one side not zip. There is not enough slack or my assembly but the zippers are cheap. The products are a good deal. I needed it to clear my eye sight, but it took so long to put it together. I have this thing, I should take it apart. I have everything in my kitchen living room. I wish I had paid more. I read the comments before buying something. I thought I was going all the way down.

👤I was a little worried that it wasn't big enough for what I was looking for. I was pleasantly surprised and I am happy to say that. I used a rubber mallet to help with assembly and recommend it to you. The snug fit of the pieces makes them stable for the entire unit. I am not happy with the color. I thought it would be an off-white color but it is more of a yellow. The color doesn't affect it's function. I would definitely buy another one if the need ever arises, I am pretty pleased with my purchase.

5. KOUSI Portable Bookshelf Organizing Organizer

KOUSI Portable Bookshelf Organizing Organizer

The portable shelf has a total size of 44" x 14" x 58" 1.5x more storage space can be found in each cube. You can use the 12 storage cubes to organize furniture, store books, kid's toys, and many other things. It is intended for use in a bedroom. The cube can support up to 40% more than other brands. The steel panel at the buttom of each cube is strengthened to hold more weight than PP Plastic sheet buttom. This makes their storage great for a long time. Flexible shape is strong and firm. Their products are designed so that they fit in any room with any style of decoration. There is a guide video on the front of the store. Each cube can be used to make a storage unit. The warranty is for 2 years. Dust-resistant wardrobes and water-proof panels are easy to clean. The hole handles on the doors prevent odors.

Brand: Kousi

👤I ordered 30 cubes. There were two boxes of supplies. Pieces were missing. I contacted her. The missing parts were sent within two weeks. Wait was due to a disease. I had great customer service through Amazon and Kousi. I am handicapped, and for the most part I was able to snap the shelves together myself. As the units got bigger, I got assistance. It's important to build these from the bottom up. Listen for the click. Follow the directions. It's a waste of time to try to shorten or even Utube. A mallet and gloves are included. You can use them for other projects later. The cubes are larger than the pictures show. I could have used less. I put them together in different ways. I ordered a lot. They can be used in so many different ways! I put the units on the walls. I bought hardware and brackets separately to anchor them. I bought the magnets from Amazon for the corners of the doors. I wanted my cats to stay out of the house because the doors were closed. These units are easy to use and beautiful. I use them for crafts and yarn. I can fit 16 - 8oz skiens inside each cube. I would recommend them for many different types of storage. There are metal shelves inside that can hold a lot of weight.

👤I didn't want to invest in a dresser for my kids as they are young and need room to play, and I needed additional closet space for kids' clothes. The set up took less than an hour and instructions were not needed. I ordered two more for toys and family room stuff. Most of the weight should be placed at the bottom as this cannot be anchored. It is easy to move around when there is no money. A lot of reviews say it is flimsy or the doors don't stay shut. If you click the doors in place, they will fit in the shelves. I wouldn't use it for fragile thoughts like a tv stand, but that's clearly not what it's made for. It's great for people who live in an apartment and want to redecorate often and in a budget.

👤I have read that this thing isn't sturdy or will fall apart if you move it. That is a lie. The other people don't know how to press things together. It went well. It took 2 people 20 minutes. I was able to pull it across the empty room multiple times to see where it fit best. The only thing I dislike. You can build it into 2- 2x3 cubes, that's a lie. There isn't enough pieces to do that. I had to rearrange every single item in my room for a whole day because it didn't fit in my room. But... It's perfect for holding clothes that don't fit in my closet. I think the rearranging was worth it.

👤After we moved, we bought this. This is the interim solution until we can get a new bedroom set. It's easy to put together. The company mailed out two panels without any questions asked after it came with one too few panels. Excellent customer service! I'm thinking about getting a second one for the kids playroom.

6. Garment Shelving Clothing Standing Lockable

Garment Shelving Clothing Standing Lockable

The clothing rack is made from high quality iron and pc. The maximum load is up to 400 lbs when not moving and 300 lbs when moving. The hook can hold up to 20 pounds. It is strong enough to hold many clothes and meet your requirements. The garment rack is great for people who need a place to hang and store clothing, as well as for use as a spare clothing closet. Clothes, coat, hat, bag, and other items can be organized. Keeping your laundry room clean is important. Each shelf has an adjustment mechanism. Changing the place of clips will allow you to adjust the height of your items. Changing the height of the top and bottom shelves is needed to create a storage solution. The clothes closet has 4 wheels, 2 of them are locking. It allows you to roll the rack around in your home. Great service and easy assembly. Thanks to the instructions and components. It takes about 15 minutes to assemble. US stock. Fast delivery! Every purchase of the clothing rack comes with a 1-year warranty. Any quality problem can be replaced for free within a year. Customer support is available 24/7.

Brand: Bathwa

👤The unit was well packaged and had all the correct parts. The amount of packing that went into this box was impressive. It was very easy to put together after I laid out all the pieces. I preferred using a mallet to join the side pieces. If you want, you can put the shelf at the top of the unit or in the middle. The shelf is made to last. The previous one we bought was unstable from the beginning. It's bad news for someone who tried to put a lot of coats on. That was me. I should have known. This can be used in a lot of places. My sister keeps all of her decorations on her house. She stacks the boxes throughout the unit and hangs the wreath from the rod. The locking wheels on the rack don't move. I don't have to go to a store to pick up the unit, I can just get it at the door. I love Amazon shipping and its drivers.

👤I had a garment rack that was starting to bow in the middle and couldn't fit anything else in it. I decided on this one after searching through tons of reviews on Amazon. It is great! I put it in the box a few weeks ago and finally put it together yesterday. I was able to put it together myself, but it would have been better if I had help putting the shelves on it. You can't adjust the shelves to the height you want. This thing is strong. I had enough room for all my stuff, even without the bow I had with my other rack. There is room for more. The top shelf is used for storage of purses and bags because the height goes up nearly to the ceiling. Did I mention it has wheels? If I need to clean or rearrange the room, this is a great option. The side hooks can be used to put together long items or put together an outfit for the next day. This is a great purchase and I am very happy with it.

👤I love it and ordered it. It's perfect because it holds my winter jackets. All my winter clothes are on top. This is a great mobile closet because we have limited closet space in our house. Highly recommend!

👤I bought these as a storage solution for a room I am building and am very happy with them. These shelves are sturdy and will hold a lot of heavy things. You can adjust them to fit your needs. Two sets of hooks are used to hang purses or hats. They're about 6'8" tall. The length is 3'11" and the width is 1'6". I would have thought it would cost more than they do. I took a break from gardening to build these, it only took me 15 minutes to put them together, and most of that was just deciding the height of the shelves. I will be buying these again.

7. Amazon Basics Adjustable Hanging Organizer

Amazon Basics Adjustable Hanging Organizer

Heavy duty double hanging multi-functional rolling garment rack organizers for storing clothing and accessories. Hang garments on upper and lower rods to double the storage space. There are wire shelving for placing boxes, hats, shoes, and more. The steel has a sleek black finish. 3 inch rubber caster wheels with a locking mechanism. The unit is 14 x 36 x 72 and can hold up to 200 pounds.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤Great idea, but not useful. I put it together for maximum space between the top and bottom rods, but the drop of the rods makes it useless on each level. My shirts are still wet on the shelf and the rod below it.

👤There is an important note about assembly. Before you put the Shelves on, you should put the wheels on. Don't do it. The rubber marker doesn't work when trying to get the shelf flush. I took the wheels off and then I could use a hammer to beat it down until the black rubber thing disappeared from the shelf. They didn't send me a wrench, which is good. Attach the pole to the top part of the wheel. The resource for my house is great, but the instructions for assembly are ridiculous. It's a good price for the quality. I would do that by another one. It was very sturdy when assembled. The last note. You can arrange the shelves and bars you want. The illustration shows you can do it.

👤I bought this second one because the price of the first one increased. This one will not hold adult shirts on the hanging rods without touching the rod or bottom. It would be great for the kids. I don't think it's as sturdy as theWhitmor and it doesn't come with a swinging valet. It is still better than the thin pole I am replacing. If this is for an adult, you should spend the extra money on the larger, sturdier Whitmor. If you are only using one hanging rod and not over stuffing, then you should use this one.

👤Don't build this with your wife or significant other. She might mix up the top and bottom rack and then the clips won't fit and she will start banging on it with a hammer. If you put this together with your significant other, it could result in divorce or a break up. I would like to thank you for attending my talk.

👤Do it my way if you're putting this together by yourself. I put it together myself, but not their way. Frank would say that I did my way. You have four poles and two shelves. The shelves are on the poles. The shelves are held in place by plastic sleeves. You thread the poles together to make 4 long poles. The top of the pole has a cap, the bottom has an opening where you screw on the wheels. This is where we begin. I was working on the floor. The shelves should be on the poles, about a foot from each end. The shelves will support the poles so they are not flopping around. It's easier to see where the shelves are. You need to put the sleeves on. They will go under the shelves. The sleeves are marked. The shelves are in place because the sleeves are wider on the bottom. Put the sleeves where you want the bottom shelf to be and slide it down over them. Put the sleeves on under the top shelf if you want it to be where you want it to be. The top shelf should be slid down over the sleeves. The bottom pole has a casters on it. Stand the garment rack up. The hanging rod should be put on the top shelf. You're done. It's nothing more than a piece of metal cut in the shape of a wrench. I used my hands. I'm updating this to Five Stars because it's been several weeks. I keep it in my bedroom. It's loaded with clothes. It rolls easily when I have to move it around. I wanted to raise the top shelf after I had assembled it. I removed everything. The hanging rod was lifted. Keeping the garment rack in a standing position, I loosened it from the sleeves by placing it on the bottom of the top shelf. I put the sleeves up and then put the shelf back down. It was easy to do. Senior Lady has another update. This is an easy way to cover it if you use it in your bedroom as a closet. Use shower curtains. They are the perfect length and have holes around the top. You can tie the shower hooks on with string or something similar. Whatever you choose, drape something over the top. Put something on the top piece to hold it down if it slides. You will have something that will keep your clothes clean.

8. YOUUD Wardrobe Portable Organizer Standing

YOUUD Wardrobe Portable Organizer Standing

It is suitable for organizing your storage space because it is 50" long x 17.7" width and 66" height. The sliding curtains are not covered by a non woven fabric cover. A high quality steel tube. There are PP plastic connections. Storage space is a problem. This type of closet has a lot of space for clothes. The portable storage closet can be used for long term storage. No tools are required to assemble. Please make sure to put rods in the bottom of the plastic parts to protect the cover and fabric shelves from being torn. Replacement parts are found if extra components are found.

Brand: Youud

👤I can't return it because I had it too long, but buyers beware, pure trash flimsy doesn't work, only have a couple shirts hanging in it and keep coming apart, and put it together.

👤It is fairly easy to assemble. Extras were included for this reason, but only one bar broke. If you don't want 4 hanging areas, you get an extra panel. The cover zips easily. I am not sure how much it can hold. It was definitely an improvement over my broken furniture.

👤We needed a temporary solution for clothes storage. They are a little narrow but that is fine. I was worried the fabric would be cheap. It's not. A lot of other reviews say the connectors are not sturdy. I don't think this would happen unless the rods weren't inserted all the way. They are difficult to get all the way in by hand. I used a rubber mallet to put the framework together and it is solid as a rock.

👤One of the fabric shelves tore in half before I could even put something there. The space to hang clothes is good for children or smaller people.

👤I know that most items do not come with written instructions. The diagram for this item was very small and blurry, and I used a magnifying glass to view it. It was difficult to know which piece was supposed to hook up with the other because it wasn't labeled. I was able to figure it out through trial and error because I have an ability to assemble puzzles. I was happy with the final product after I got it assembled. It is strong enough for my purpose. I think the cover is better than looking at clothes in an open closet. The way the cover is put does not make it easy to open. I think I will probably remove the cover. I am moderately pleased with the purchase, however, I don't think I would buy it again.

👤The product is in a box that is 4' x 24'. It has over 200 parts that are poorly labeled, gross packed, and little attention to detail. I had to take a picture of the instructions on my phone and blow it up to see what I was getting at, they are very small and poorly written. I got this together in 2.5 hours, after nearly assembling and disassemble parts, because the right place for the right connector is important. The closet bar was cut about 1/2 shorter to stop it from pushing out the end of the unit. I'm glad I pre-assembled before my daughter goes to college because it's probably the worst thing I've assembled in 56 years. I hope it lasts a year.

👤It took a long time to assemble but it was sturdy. The fabric was attached to a ripper. Since it ripped, I tried to zip once but it got bigger. Don't waste your money!

👤I use this closet for my boys clothes. I am sad to say that the hinges did not hold after less than a year of use. The legs caved in as the closet fell over. I need to find a new closet. Throw this one away.

9. FUNFLOWERS Portable Wardrobe Organizer Non Woven

FUNFLOWERS Portable Wardrobe Organizer Non Woven

Flexibility and Multi-purpose use. The cubes can be taken out and used to build different shapes. You can put it in entryway, study room, bedroom, kids room or office. It's a great solution for lightweight storage needs. There are product upgrade notices. The wardrobe closet was upgraded according to your opinions. The structure of the closet is more stable and strong if the diameter of the pipes is increased. 2. Oxford cloth is waterproof and has high resistance to aging. 6 extra connections for unexpected needs. Continuous improvement of product is what they have been working on. Sturdy and durable construction is what it is. The steel frame is not easy to bend. The pipes surface has been processed to prevent rust and paint loss, which improves the service life. Load-bearing can be made more stable and uniform with high-quality plastic connections that fit perfectly with the steel pipes. A sturdy storage is 50" long x 18" width and 63" height. You can hang overcoats and fold up your clothes in the portable clothes closet, which is divided into storage racks, hanging parts and side pockets. Practical design. The wardrobe oganizer cover is made of waterproof Oxford cloth and has a curtain design to keep your clothes dry. You can hang heavy coats with the built-in clothes rail. The side pocket design makes it easy to store trivial items. The simple and generous design of the wardrobe is suitable for a variety of home styles. If you have a problem, please contact them and they will offer you the best after-sales service.

Brand: Funflowers

👤It's easy to figure out the instructions. The metal bars that make up the frame are hollow, but they are metal. I don't have as much as the original picture, but it collapsed after 4 weeks. I took out the bent rod and put it somewhere else that wasn't critical to the integrity of the closet. After putting clothes in it, it was leaning. I attached it to the wall. It died less than two months after purchase. Collapsed again and is unsalvageable.

👤I was expecting a lot of pieces to be assembled. It works well. It's a nice alternative for something that looks good.

👤It was easy to assemble but I had to work on it on the second day. I had less stuff than the picture showed. I had my stage boxes ready for the things I hung up. I was still unpacking when Noone got hurt. The poles are made of aluminum.

👤It was cute in the beginning and seemed sturdy. It comes with a cover that you can't always find a good one. It was leaning about 9 weeks into using it. The leg bars came loose because my kids were playing around it. I had to bend two bars because the process of fixing it was hard because of the weight of clothes. The one that had the support of the material used to create shelves was not as bad as the one that had one of the middle legs. I bent it back straight so I could find a replacement. It has been going on for a couple weeks, but it got worse today. My kids threw their blankets on top of the wardrobe, which added to the weight on it. I need to find one before it topples and hurts someone. It wasn't expensive, but it didn't last long. I think I got my money's worth out of it.

👤It broke easily because parts are missing.

👤The instructions are very upsetting. You can assemble it once you understand. It doesn't hold a lot of weight. There is a coat and a few pants. That's it. Any more than that, it will go crazy. I made a mistake. It's still a good purchase. Just beware.

👤This thing is garbage. Half of the rods were bent and needed to be fixed. I think it's going to bend easily. The cover is flimsy. The measurement advertised is a few inches smaller. I bought it for fabric storage. I spent $50 on the fitting. I will go to Home Depot and get real pipe and wood for the shelves, which are flimsy, and redo the whole thing. I'll be making the cover as well, so I'm glad I'm a sewist. You get what you pay for. I should have known better.

👤It is definitely not worth what it costs. The cover was difficult to put together. It is thin plastic. The shell is made of cloth and is similar to a disposable face mask. You can spend some extra money on a chifforobe or buy some pretty fabric to hang around your closet.

10. Whitmor Deluxe Double Adjustable Organization

Whitmor Deluxe Double Adjustable Organization

100% customer satisfaction. If this affects your use, simply contact them and they'll give you free replacements. You don't have to worry about it by ordering today. Instantly create additional storage and organization space in the house. There are 3 black collapsible storage cubes and a 12 pair hanging shoe organizers in this package. Both long and short garments can be accommodated by 2 extendable hanging bars. The dimensions are 19.5 L x 52.75 W x 80.125. H inches. Easy to assemble with no tools required. The center poles can be extended from 21.5 to 40.5 inches. The closet organizers are made of silver and have wire shelves. Over the course of 70 years,Whitmor has been bringing organization home. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Whitmor

👤Most homes don't have much room for storage, with poorly designed closets that only have one or two rods for clothing. The upper shelf is too high for me to reach. I don't think anyone has enough closet space, which leads to a lot of stuff in the corners of the closet and a lot of confusion. This is worse for a woman because we have at least 3 times the amount of stuff due to all our accessories. I need to have my things in one place, which would save me a lot of time, and I am tired of running to different closets to get my things. I searched for closet organizers and more than just a shoe rack. The fabric hanging shelves helped to consolidate my belongings, but they used up the room on my closet rods, which limited my space even more. I chose the Whitmor closet organizers because it looked well designed and it had more hanging space, shelves, drawers and shoe cubbies in an all-in-unit. We did not need a mallet to fit the pieces together, because assembling the Whitmor closet organizers is easy. It took my son under an hour to set up the unit, and he never needed to consult the directions. I am not strong as I weigh under 100 lbs, but I can move each section easily. I am a short person, just under 5 feet 2 inches. The all versatile abilities of this organizer make it so much better than I imagined, and no doubt it is a deluxe one. I can tailor my storage needs according to my personal requirements. The 2 rods for hanging clothes can be hung from the very top or along any of the lower units. If the first rod hangs on the top and the bottom rod hangs halfway down, the most space is available. These rods are versatile, they can be expanded from 24” up to 43” which allows for a limited amount of space. The shelving units are the same size, 14” across and 17” from against the wall to the front. If I choose, I can buy extra drawers for any of the empty shelves that I have left over and they will fit in the same way. The shelves are made of metal bars. I had to pull them out of the drawers. The drawers will be easier to slide out if a thin piece of acrylic or a laminated piece of tile is resting on the bars. The drawers are a little heavier after filling and need some lifting to slide them out. The drawers are roomy and lightweight, but also sturdy. Their measurement are 13” across, 16” width and 11” depth. I can fit 24 pairs of shoes in the section because each compartment holds 2 pairs of my high heels. My shoe size is 6.5. Each of the 12 single compartments is 6” in length, one shoe next to the other, and has a height of 6” and a depth of 15” I can fit one pair in back and another pair in front for each of the 12 compartments, thus accommodating 24 pair of shoes. The shoe pocket portion will fit on either the left or right side, with the drawers and shelves on the other side. In the course of getting my closet organized, I have changed and rearranged the closet organizers a number of times and everyone will use them for different purposes. During the winter season, I have all my heavy fur-type vests and sweaters hanging from the top, with most of them being bulky and heavy for winter. Since I wear my high boots more often than shoes, I have hung 22 pairs of them on some clip-on hangers and hung them from the bottom rod, with more room to spare. I have used the sides of the unit, my scarf rack, my belt rack, and my scarf hanging from the left side. This closet organizer is very nice. I used to have my winter accessories spread around in different closets, but now I have them all together. Although my closet has less room to move around, I no longer have the stuff piled in corners and I am no longer tripping over my shoes that used to be on the floor. In addition, the top shelf in my closet that I cannot reach without a stepladder is now a real storage area for items such as the room fan that I use in the summer, along with my lightweight summer hats, and warm weather handbags. The double deluxe closet addition is designed by the Whitmor closet organizers. I love that it can be tailored to my needs. This exceeded all my expectations and exceeded my personal requirements.

11. KOUSI Portable Organizer Bookshelf Transparent

KOUSI Portable Organizer Bookshelf Transparent

The storage is large and multi-use. This storage shelf has a total size of 43" x 14" x 57" Each storage cube is larger than the normal cube and can fit 13x13 cube bins. Storage space that can hold folded clothes, bags, accessories, shoes, books, toys, yarn and a lot more. Can be used as a storage shelf, closet storage, toy cabinet, plastic storage shelves, clothes storage bins, storage dresser, bookshelf, kousi portable closet wardrobe, etc. Strong and Stable Design. Each cube can hold more than 30 lbs. The steel panel at the buttom of each cube is strengthened to hold more weight than PP Plastic sheet buttom. This makes their storage great for a long time. Adaptable and attractive. The shape of the cube can be shaped by your domiciliary that suits your space and needs. It can fit into your décor and spaces, making your home or room stunning. It is easy to assemble and maintain. Simply connect the panels with the connectors. The manual and video will help you install. It is easy to clean. Look new after a long time of use. It's helpful and creative. The warranty is for 2 years. They are dedicated to helping you. They are always here to help. What else is there? Many of their customers like to build the storage shelf in different shapes, add some nice décorative LEDs, and put in some cool displays to turn storage into something fun and nice looking. Get lots of uses and look nice!

Brand: Kousi

👤I have five children, three boys and three girls, in two rooms. I made two large units to hold clothes and toys in order to reduce the amount of stuff in drawers and boxes. I bought enough cubes to fill each cubby. The design of the 13x13 storage cubes makes it hard for the smaller kids to pull out. The cubes have to be lifted up and out of the shelves because of the lip created by the black plastic pieces. The 11x11 cubes are easier to manage. It was difficult to put it together. The reviews were helpful in making sure to listen for the click or snap. It is important to make sure that what you have together is tight and thorough. My boyfriend put one together with me. I have had several incidents with that unit of panels coming loose or the black plastic joint pieces coming off, because he was not very thorough in assembly. I wouldn't recommend this product to a child. I have enough to do in a day without the worry of reassembling furniture because kids are too hard on furniture. The design of the unit is not durable. It's difficult to move without compromising the integrity of the joints. We have had fewer issues with the one I assembled because I took my time and made sure each juncture was snapped together. I used my body weight to leverage the wooden mallet in the box. The girls love how much space this has freed up in their room, and I love how their room is now virtually free ofcluttering. We got rid of a toy box and two dressers in their room, which would have been 1 1/2 units. The kids loved that they could personalize their spaces. I bought various designs of storage cubes, prints, and a bunch of different canvas/felt nursery animal cubes made by 3sprouts and Hurricane. I love how they can be used in a variety of ways. If there is an electrical outlet or light switch behind where the unit will be, you can just leave the back panel off and still have access to it. If you want to leave a space in the middle for a hamper, desk, or trash can, you can build two tall columns with a couple of bridge cubes connecting at the top. The possibilities are limited to where your imagination ends. I like that this unit has no limitations in design like a traditional shelf or storage unit has. The doors are not required. The transparent material is folded over the metal framework of the door and then stamped or sewn closed with a machine. A sort of zig zag seam is created by this. The door on the top or bottom of the house may have an odd seam which causes it to stick out farther than it should, and if you open two at the same time, you may not be able to shut it completely. If your doors are doing this, it is either a design flaw or you have a joint that isn't completely snapped together that is causing it to not line up correctly. If I had rated it after I got it, I would have given it at least a few stars, but it has lost some value over the course of two months because of the frustration of having to reassemble pieces. One unstable joint is all it takes. If the unit is too tall or wide for you to get enough leverage on both sides of the joint to properly snap it back together, you end up causing a chain reaction of other loose joints. I wish I'd saved my money for a couple of traditional pieces. These are not practical for a house full of kids. I would recommend this for an adult who doesn't want to climb their furniture in order to get their optimal super hero vantage point and who doesn't want to use the 14x14 cube space as a hiding place. It's recommended for adult women.


What is the best product for portable closet with shelves?

Portable closet with shelves products from Youud. In this article about portable closet with shelves you can see why people choose the product. Ufine and Simple Houseware are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable closet with shelves.

What are the best brands for portable closet with shelves?

Youud, Ufine and Simple Houseware are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable closet with shelves. Find the detail in this article. Udear, Kousi and Bathwa are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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