Best Portable Desk for Bed

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1. Portable Foldable Storage Working Reading

Portable Foldable Storage Working Reading

It is foldable and easy to carry, you can put it behind the door or the corner of home when not in use. The large bed desk, phone slot, and tablets give you plenty of room to accommodate large laptops or books, so your phone can easily watch movies, so your device can be accessed and kept in order. The lap desk has a cup holder and drawer to keep your favorite drink close by. It is easy to carry and play, which allows you to spare time. The wood bed table made of solid wood has a smooth surface and is safe. The laptop Lap tray table is stylish and elegant. The portable laptop stand bed desk can be carried with you thanks to the compact folded size. It's also used for a bed tray and could be used outdoors. Four differentUSB interface can charge electronic devices at the same time. No assembly is required. Pull out a foldabte leg and setup the table. There is a small fan and lamp with you.

Brand: Icare

👤The college student computer desk works well. My daughter is in college. She will often sit on her bed and use her computer. She does her studies at this desk.

👤A laptop dining tray can be used as a laptop bed desk. I like the drawer and the light attachment. The drawer was more secure because it had a lock in place.

👤I love the shape and weight of the portable desk and didn't mind ordering it used. There was damage that wasn't just used. I have to keep it because I can't send it back after surgery.

👤I bought the tray for my daughter who was going to be immobile for a while after ankle surgery. She loves it. She was excited about the fan and light that came with it. It is lightweight and has a lot of work space. I was very pleased with my purchase. Thank you!

👤I use this for my painting. I use the charging ports to plug in lights for my work. It is easy to use and lightweight. Its amazing!

👤The lap desk is very portable. It is large so that you can keep multiple items on it at the same time. It's so easy to keep many small items in the drawer at the same time, and it makes it easier to stay productive.

👤It was easy to set up. It's even easier to use in my limited condition. Great purchase.

👤I didn't expect it to be as wide as it is, but I was pleasantly surprised that the box that was in the Amazon store looked a little beat up, but it came in perfect condition! I am around 5ft 4in and the height is perfect for me. If I want, I can cross my legs under it and have a blanket or something. I would recommend one of these to anyone.

2. Saiji Portable Adjustable Standing Breakfast

Saiji Portable Adjustable Standing Breakfast

You can protect your interest by buying the table fulfilled from the store "NEARPOW". Two auto-lock buttons on each side make it easy to change the height of the laptop table. A soft wrist rest and retractable blockers help keep your device on the table. It is a ideal gifts choice. The portable bed table is a perfect addition to your office, home or home office. It is a great balance for relaxing and productivity, and can be used as a laptop table for bed, a large writing table, a laptop couch table, and a standing table for office work. Light but sturdy, folds flat for space-saving storage. Executive oiffice solutions can be used to set up a writing work station in your home or office. If you have a question about the SAIJI laptop table, please contact them via email. A replacement with 12 months of professional customer service support is what they have.

Brand: Saiji

👤I'm very happy with the fact that it can be used to elevate my laptop or monitor on my desk so that I'm not hunched over. I can use it to elevate my laptop on my desk and use it as a standing desk. The lap desk can change the angle of the flat top. If your couch is squishy or at an angle, it may not work well as a couch lap desk, as there's no adjustment for the angle of the feet. It would be difficult to keep it away from you if you wanted to send it in a different way. I'm not sure if I'm ever going to be able to use this on my couch in a comfortable way. I knew it was a long shot.

👤I needed a small writing desk when I was standing. The best part is that it is changeable. If the desk is tilted up you can tilt it and there are comfortable knobs that hold stuff. The table is light and sturdy.

👤The item is very sturdy and flexible. The fit and finish of the wood top and metal edge are simple and show where money was saved. The metal in the middle of the front reminds you of the economy option.

👤I am studying for my dental board exam and I keep changing my study place because this table is amazing, it is stable and very durable, and it fits my needs like the hight and angulation. The small details make it possible to hold your laptop or book with no slips. It's definitely recommended for my friends and you guys as well.

👤I bought this to make it easier to do my schoolwork. My laptop and small notebook fit together. I like the fact that I can adjust each leg independently and tilt the top depending on the angle I want. The nobs at the bottom help hold the laptop in place. The right side of the mouse is where it pops off. It is a mini table that fits over my hips and I like that. It works well. I don't feel like I get hot from the laptop. I like that I can use it for other things as well.

👤There are adjustments for individual leg heights and multiple angles of tilt on the table. There are two stops on the table that raise and lower to catch your laptop from slipping into your lap. There is a third stop that prevents a mouse from slipping off the table. Real-estate starts to get a little cramped with the table accommodating a 17 inch laptop and mouse. Unfolding and folding takes just seconds and folds to about 2 inches thick. It is very sturdy and will be buying more for the family. A food tray is a great reading table. The bigger people have a little more room to spare and lost a star as the height could be taller.

👤I sit on the floor a lot for therapy when I travel. It works well for keeping my laptop and paperwork. It's very light-weight and durable. I've had kids stand and sit on it and it held its position. I bought them for work and home.

3. NEARPOW Adjustable Computer Anti Slip Removable

NEARPOW Adjustable Computer Anti Slip Removable

Work and study like a professional. It's a perfect lap desk for working from home, studying, recovering from an injury, or just relaxing on the couch. A great desk is a laptop stand. The laptop's size is 23.6”17.7” The best anti-slip effect can be obtained from the high density leather table top. It allows you to learn with peace of mind because you don't have to worry about your computer or books falling off. A portable book stand can make studying easier for your child. The drawer storage can help you to keep your pens in a safe place. When you don't need it, they have a can that is easy to tear down. The bed laptop stand can be used for many things. It can be seen anywhere you need it to be. The laptop stand bed tray has five heights and four angles. You could adjust the angle and height of the bed desk to make it feel better. The laptop bed table legs are thicker and more stable than others so they won't break. You can push or pull it lightly when you need it. For both left and right handers, the stopper is removed. You can put it on the left, right or center. Even after the window for refunds is closed at Amazon, return or refunds with defects are still available.

Brand: Nearpow

👤This is the best laptop work table I have tried, and I am a graduate student. The table addresses every complaint I've had. The surface is smooth, but with a little give, making it great for writing, and pleasant to touch. Most other tables don't have height and angle adjustments for various uses, but they can be moved and clicked in place, saving time and avoiding frustration. The book rest and edge stopper are located in the drawer and under the table so they are easily accessible when needed. The feet are smooth and ski-shaped, which makes it easy to slide the table away from you. They fold against the bottom of the table to keep their stuff there. This is the lightest laptop table I've ever lifted. If you have the money, the design and engineering are worth the investment, even if the price is high.

👤I have a king size bed, and my hand is exactly 7 inches. I was surprised by the size and strength of this bad boy. A little bland looking but can be used in a lot of different positions. Great for working from home. The faux leather top is great for SW because it folds up and doesn't fall over if I jump on the bed. Will fit a large drawing note book. Oh? What is that? Do you need more space for dipping sauce? The drawer is used. It's easy to clean for messy hoes, it will fit the girl thighs. If it were a driver for the ride-sharing company, I would rate it 5 stars. I should back to therapy instead of using the depression tear holder because it's not good for me.

👤I spend most of my time in a recliner/lift chair. I recently purchased a 17” laptop but it was uncomfortable and hot on my lap. I tried to use a mouse on the arm of the chair. The lap desk was ordered based on good reviews and a good price. It fit perfectly on the inside of the chair arms, but outside of my large thighs, with no pain or pressure on me. It's easy to adjust height. You can adjust the tilt to your liking. There is plenty of room for a computer. I found that my older model optical mouse wouldn't work on leather. I ordered a mouse pad. I am very happy with this desk. I was able to get it up by lifting the side of my chair. There is a book/iPad rack under the unit. The box is a suitcase style and no assembly is needed. Everything is of good quality. Highly recommended.

👤I love this table. It is worth every penny. I was picky about the desk table. I need to sit cross legged. I can sit in any way I want. The drawer and tilt feature are wonderful. The rounded corner wrist guard is light to carry, it is easy to pick up quickly, and the feet don't get caught on my blankets, it really makes a difference. The only thing I would add is a pull out handle.

4. HLHome Portable Foldable Storage Reading(Beige)

HLHome Portable Foldable Storage Reading%EF%BC%88Beige%EF%BC%89

The table may be damaged during transportation. Please contact them with a picture of the product once it happens. You can get help from the HLHome. They will give you a solution that is satisfactory. Fans and small table lamps are free gifts. Not including repairs. The foldable laptop table is portable and easy to store. You can take it anywhere. There was a mini light and a fan on the table. You can charge your phone or lamp while in bed with the help of the 4usb ports. No need to install. Put your laptop on your lap and work from there. The laptop table will help relieve neck and shoulder pain. You can use the edge and surface with confidence because they are cut and polished manually. This laptop table is suitable for standing at 23.6"Lx15.7"Wx10.8"H. There is enough space for stretching your feet under the table, and it's perfect for a notebook of 17 inch and below. They have tested the Max Load and it has no problems. The laptop bed tray is perfect for lap desks for work, games, reading, eating and school from the comfort of your bed, floor, sofa or couch. Great work from home! The table may be damaged during transportation. Please contact them with a picture of the product once it happens. You can get help from the HLHome. They will give you a solution that is satisfactory. Fans and small table lamps are free gifts. Not including repairs.

Brand: Hlhome

👤I like my desk. The packing styrofoam trim around the desk is comfortable for my arms and keeps the computer from sliding down. I use the desk when on the couch and have a block on the end table that is 18 inches from the desk's charging port. The charging port cord is too long. The block is pulled off the end table if I move the desk. Is there a longer cord?

👤I have had a lap desk for a couple weeks now, and I am pretty pleased with it. The drawer is on the side and I love it. I think it could be a little bit bigger and they could have moved the cup holder and fan further to the edge of the desk so that the laptop can fit with it. I have to cover the cup holder and the ports on my laptop in order to fit it, so I don't get to use those features very often. I love the idea of the free light and fan and how lightweight it is, so I couldn't rate it any lower than a 4. If the company that makes these makes them bigger, I would buy it.

👤I got this and I think it is great. I have a 13 in the MacBook Pro. A lot of leg room under it is very sturdy. I've been doing a lot of school online. Sometimes I just want to be in bed. I was worried that there wouldn't be enough room. I was wrong. It is high and wide. I took off a star because of the power cord. It's short using an extension cord. You can't remove it from the desk so the cord goes wherever you go. I wish I could remove it, but that is not a big deal. The mini fan is working well. I have not been able to figure out the light. I don't know if it's broke or has a fancy way of turning on, but those bonuses were cute.

👤The second one was not broken. It didn't have a drawer. Don't get this one if that is a dealbreaker. The original was original. The desk is a good one, but it came broken and did not have a drawer, which may have been a problem with shipping. I opened the box and found that the portion of the device that was free floating in place was half the size of the holder. The desk feels sturdy and the light can work well. The cup holder is easy to clean. Everything was put back in place. The legs are sturdy and easy to open and close, but they seem to hold up. I will update my review when I contact the seller about a possible replacement.

👤I was very happy with the ease of opening the legs and accessories. I bought two. The space is not wide enough for a 15” laptop. The laptop is larger than the space between the cup holder and the light or fan, so you can't use them at the same time. The collapse legs need a locking mechanism. The cup holder under the laptop is not enough to fill the room. Will only work with a laptop 13” or smaller because there isn't enough room for a mouse. The holders are easy to open. The cord needs to be secured to avoid shortening or breaking but they are not.

5. Laptop Bed Desk Lap Tray

Laptop Bed Desk Lap Tray

If you have a question about the SAIJI laptop table, you can contact them via email. Customer service support from SAIJI will be professional. TheLAPTOP DESK has multiple functions. Who doesn't want a desk that can meet their daily needs? You can use the most comfortable position on the bed, couch, or floor to work, writing, or eating breakfast on the laptop desk, and kids can also use it as a study desk for reading, drawing, or do homework. A collapsible table. Do you think your table takes up too much space? Too easy! You can store the laptop bed tray in one step if the legs are folded. Their lap tray is portable and lightweight, and ready to use out of the box, making it convenient to use at any time. The laptop bed desk size is still being questioned. Their big lap table can fit laptops of less than 17 inches. It is very comfortable if you are sitting cross-legged or lying with your legs straight. There is a table of notepads. The lap tray table is made of wood and the wooden desktop is non-slip. The table legs are made of high-quality metal and can hold 77 pounds of weight for a long time. Their lapdesk is more convenient because it is humanized. It has a cup holder that can be stably placed to prevent water from spilling, and a slot for your iPad that can save desktop space. Even if you stay in a soft and slippery place, the anti-slip pads on each leg will not shake or fall over.

Brand: Redriver

👤The laptop desk tray can be used for many purposes. I've tried it out on a bed, recliner chair, and a couch, and it fits around me and I can rest my hands on my lap with room to spare. The legs do not open without some effort. The desk top is smooth and the light gray color is great. It can be a great desk if placed on top of a taller table. The built-in cup holder holds a 12oz can of bubly sparking water. I can fit both the 2020 M1 MacBook Air and the 11" iPad Pro on the desk. The built in slot at the top of the iPad Pro seems to be too heavy for it to fit in a smart case. My phone is upright. I know I'll get a lot of use out of this. It's worth it if you want to bring a surface and work or entertainment to any place you want.

👤The product is sturdy. It's large enough for my laptop and drink. It was a nice size. The surface scratched me up. I'll get over it.

👤I love the table. Our company is still in hybrid working mode, so I need a small desk where I can work in bed. The small table has a slot for my iPad and files. The quality of this product is very good. The product was great.

👤The cup holder is a waste of space, but it's perfect for what I needed as a lap desk for a day bed. The quality is good and the legs don't collapse like the last lap desk I bought. I wasn't expecting it to hold my laptop, but it does. I use it for a pen. It's good for viewing my laptop screen or drawing on it. If you only use the cup for dry products, it's a good buy. It can pop out easily.

👤If it didn't come chipping all over, I'd like it more. I don't like giving bad reviews, but this upset me. This is something to be weary of because I need it and don't feel like going through the hassle of returning it.

👤The only reason I bought this was to be able to use an external mini-monitor and small keyboard with my laptop, which has a faulty display. The product photograph on Amazon is not real. Unless you want to use the monitor in the portrait format, you are out of luck. The layout shown in the photo is not wide enough on the surface to allow for a keyboard, laptop and monitor in a serial format. I tried a small Mac keyboard on a MacBook Pro and it didn't fit. If you ever need one, it makes a good breakfast tray.

👤I love this table. It can be used for your laptop or even your sewing materials while you do your crosstitch project.

👤This is one of the best things I have ever purchased. It allows me to get my work done and also make me feel comfortable because of the amount of paperwork I have. Get it for dinner for work if it is pretty and sturdy.

6. Cooper Folding Writing Storage Reading

Cooper Folding Writing Storage Reading

The king of collapsing stairs. A lapdesk with foldable legs can be used for a variety of purposes. It's the king of folding desks, it's ideal for a laptop lap desk for bed, bed trays for eating and laptops, and a bed desk for writing and working. Extra large and wide. The extra large lap desk will fit all you need. There is plenty of leg room to cross your legs. It can support up to 88lb-40lb. Work, study, play, stop fighting. It is comfortable to spend hours on a laptop table for bed studying for exams, recovering from injury, and drawing on a Japanese low floor desk for adults or kids. There are features in the pack such as a phone stand, book holder, and carrying handle. It folds flat for easy storage. Every penny is worth it. The Mega Table has a 3-year warranty. It's anything but cheap. Long live the King!

Brand: Cooper Cases

👤I'm a medical student and I spend a lot of time studying. I wanted to find a place that would allow me to sit on the couch with my dog every once in a while, because I was tired of sitting at my desk all the time. Here are a few things I was looking for in a lap desk that I am very pleased with. Space. The desktop of this product is large enough to hold my laptop, iPad, and notebook. The drawer on the side is a great place to keep my things. 2. I know it is important for some people to have an adjusted table height, but it was more important for me to have sturdy legs, which this product definitely fulfilled! I think the height is perfect. 3. There is a lot of leg room under this desk. I don't feel cramped or claustrophobic because I have plenty of space to wiggle, cross my legs, and get comfortable under this desk. 4. This is a great product for the price. I would recommend it to everyone. The book stand is awesome and I absolutely love it. This one is great for anyone who doesn't already have a book stand. The carrying handle has something on it. This makes it so easy to travel. The color. The tan option is very pleasing to the eye.

👤I have been using this desk for about five months and I absolutely love it! I work full-time from home and am a full-time illustrator. I moved out of my parent's home and got a small bedroom in a home with several other girls. It's perfect because it saves space, it's comfortable to work at, and it's just the right size. It's about $250 cheaper than the desk I was looking at. No real gripes from me. It's been great! (:)

👤This table is great for sitting on. It was made well. It's too high to be used as a sitting surface. I wanted to work on my computer projects on the couch or bed after surgery, so I bought this. I was so disappointed when it was delivered that I couldn't use it in these locations. If you are looking for a portable desk that can be used while sitting on the floor, this is the one for you. It folds up well and is good looking. It should not be advertised for couch or bed use.

👤I like to let people know if a product is good. I like to review bad products because I want to frighten others. I rely on customer reviews to make most of my purchases. I received this about an hour ago. It was well packed, I always appreciate that, it is a b#$ch kitty to return things. It is bigger than I expected. That is not a bad side, it is usually the other way too small. It is well built and sturdy. Heavy duty materials are used to make all the rubber or plastic parts. Not likely to break. Everything opens and closes smoothly. I had one where the legs wouldn't lock and I had to use my feet. When I had a beverage on it, it liked to slip. Grrrr! As long as I can keep my granddaughter away from it, this will hold up. She can destroy concrete. If I find problems in use, I will add on. At this point, 6 stars. This item is worth a lot.

7. Foldable SUVANE Breakfast Serving Portable

Foldable SUVANE Breakfast Serving Portable

If you have a question about the SAIJI laptop table, you can contact them via email. Customer service support from SAIJI will be professional. The foldable laptop table could be used as a laptop table, dinner serving tray for sofa, snacks tray, kids lap homework/bed table, reading and writing stand, pad/tablet holder and even portable mini picnic stand. You can work on the bed or sofa. It's made of high quality aluminum alloy frame which only weights 3 lbs but can support up to 66 lbs, you can take it with you almost anywhere. The spare space on the laptop is enough to comfortably use your mouse. This foldable bed table can be folded in half size after being used, which is more convenient for your storage. There is a secret inner storage space that is perfect for pens, books, pad and other items. The table's non-slip bottom design makes it stable, while the 23” distance between its legs gives you plenty of room to stretch your feet. It's easy to use. Pull out the foldable leg and set up the table. If there is a dirty spot, just wipe it clean with a damp cloth. It is a practical and thoughtful gift. It can be used for a work station or bed tray outdoors. This gift will make their life more comfortable.

Brand: Suvane

👤This table is foldable. It is light and strong. It folds and unfolds. It's perfect for when I'm working on my laptop or eating while watching tv. You can fold it and put it away when you're not using it. I have bought a few of these tables and this one is my favorite. 5 stars!

👤The table is in good shape. It would be much better if it could be locked in place once opened. Too much pressure on one side causes it to bend as if it will refold itself. All items have to be placed on the same side of the bend.

👤Where do I start? It's too tall when I'm in bed, so my laptop is still at an awkward angle. The hinges on the legs are sturdy and you don't have to worry about them collapsing. The middle is no longer in place. It wasn't easy to make it fold in the middle and it wouldn't lock in place so I had to move it. It's lightweight and made of cheap plastic and aluminum. It still holds my laptop, even if I'm nervous about it. It should be something from Dollar Tree. It's not worth the drive to the store. I can make it work, but it probably won't be long.

👤They mean it when they say Multi-Use. I use a foldable laptop table in my RV, but it could be used as a dinner serving tray. Very versatile. It supports up to 66 lbs. It is by the pool when not in the RV. It makes a great study table for my son. It comes with no instructions. Pull out the foldable legs and it is ready to use. It can be folded in half for storage. It has an inner storage space that is perfect for pens, books, or notepads.

👤I like the desk. It's good for working on projects. The legs are reinforced with a metal hinge. The desk is light and has a smooth feel. You might want to put a placemat on it. It is easy to carry and store. There are bolts on the end. The desk is 12 inches in length and 16 inches in width. It's 24 inches in length. Instructions are included on how to open and close a desk. They're printed on the desk's label. The hinges are firm and could've been a little easier to open.

👤SUVANE is a foldable laptop table. I don't understand the reviews. It doesn't have a smell. The only edge that is "sharp" is on part of the leg support when the leg is partially collapsed, which can be easily rounded with a fingernail file and is1-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-6556 Half of the L brackets holding the inner frame and the legs attached to it are held with screws and self locking nuts that go beyond the screw and are rounded at the end. The rest of the table is covered. The edge of the plastic is encased in a metal track which is part of the frame of the table. There is no way the plastic can fall. The plastic is not slippery. The fact that it lacks a lock doesn't bother me because I use it on the floor or my firm couch. If I pick it up with a hand on each side, gravity pulls it together. If you want to use it on a soft plushy bed, you may need another product, but remember that even those that are not soft can tip a drink. Are there any trays with cup holders? It is easy to dust when folded up, so I like that it can be left against a wall. No putting it in a closet. I will update if the product falls apart.

8. Cooper Desk Adjustable Folding Laptop

Cooper Desk Adjustable Folding Laptop

The table may be damaged during transportation. Please contact them with a picture of the product once it happens. You can get help from the HLHome. They will give you a solution that is satisfactory. Fans and small table lamps are free gifts. Not including repairs. Work and study like a pro is a folding lap-desk table with tilt and height adjustments. Premium faux-leather surface finish. The height can be adjusted from 10 to 28 cm and the legs can be stretched up to 36 cm. Table legs can be used for storage. The surface of the Large Lap Sink is Extra Large 23.6" x 17.7" (60x45 cm). Highly portable, weighs only 7.7 lbs and supports up to 88 lbs. Premium, FEATURE PACKED DESK tablets stand, side storage drawer, book stand with fold out legs, table edge wrist protection, aluminum alloy easy-slide ski shaped legs, and more. Backed by a 3-year warranty. Work and study like a professional. It's a perfect lap desk for working from home, studying, recovering from an injury, or just relaxing on the couch. A great desk is a laptop stand.

Brand: Cooper Cases

👤The portable desktop is the best I have ever purchased. Over the years, I have wasted money on others. This was the most expensive one I've ever purchased, but it was worth every penny. It's large table allows me to use a Macbook with a small wacom. I use the included stopper that fits in a small track, just in case, because the surface is so grippy that my laptop doesn't slip around. When I'm not using my stylus, the small track holds it. The book rack is located under the table top, so it's not an extra piece floating around. It's there when you need it. It does not take up a lot of space under the table. The side drawer is large enough to hold a small mouse. The drawer is tight and doesn't open or slide out on its own. It's easy to slide into a smaller place when folded down. I keep mine under my desk. It doesn't get in the way at all. The desk is easy to get in and out of when I'm in the bed. It's nice to raise the computer to a height while standing on a table. The new portable desktop is lightweight, has plenty of work surface, many thoughtful extra things included, that don't take up extra space and it's slim when not in use.

👤Purchasing a desk was difficult. I paid for a new desk but Amazon sent me a used one. I was lied to about the quality of the desk when I took the plunge to ship it myself. I had a bad impression of Amazon and the desk company after contacting them. The Company of Cooper Desk PRO XL reached out to me, read about my experience and were very understanding. Apologizing for miscommunication, they hope to improve their Amazon supply and shipping services. They gave me a replacement desk and parts for free. The company went above and beyond in order to see that I was satisfied with their product. This company cares about their customers and products. There is a review on the desk. It is light and sturdy, and has a lot of space to accommodate most work situations. You can adjust to the height and angle you want. A book is inserted into a book stand at the highest angle. Understandable because of gravity. The fold out stand is great for art studies as it can be placed on the desk or on another surface, which is great for my studies. The side pull out draw has made it easy to hold other items. It's very handy to have loose items like flash drives, earphones, and microfiber clothes in it. The desk can be adjusted to adjust angles. Most objects will fall off the desk if it isn't there. The insert-able stopper and a Cooler Master wrist rest keep my iPad and keyboards from sliding off the desk and give me the comfort I desire when working for long periods of time. The included stand is not strong enough for my drawing needs, and I would have liked to use it. I have an iPad resting on a metal stand to help angle it. The power banks and accessories behind the iPad act to distribute the weight over the desk. The desk makes for a pleasant place to work on a couch or bed. I have the freedom to move around to more comfortable locations now that I am chained to my main desk. I am unsure if this is the intended design, but I had a few critiques. There is no grip on the bottom of the desk feet which causes it to slide around. This may be the design to make it easier to slide around when you don't want to pick it up. If they don't want the desk to slide around, one might have to put rubber under the feet. The drawer is made of plastic. A foam or rubber inlay could be added to the desk drawer to protect it from damage. Short chairs and couches are not available for use due to the desk feet needing a lot of surface area in order to be stable. It's a pity that when the desk is folded and placed flat, it rocks back and forth, which limits it's usefulness for the user to lay it on a surface and still be able to work on the desk. I am very satisfied with the desk and company. This desk is perfect for a portable solution.

9. Adjustable RAINBEAN Portable Workstation Ergonomic

Adjustable RAINBEAN Portable Workstation Ergonomic

iVoler offers 24 months if you are not completely satisfied with their screen protectors, iVolerDirect adhere to the high-quality products and services for the purpose. Multiple FunctionsRAINBEAN laptop table can be used as a cozy desk for bed or sofa, Writing standing desk, dinner TV serving tray, sound equipment, book holder, writing desk and tablet holder etc, meets all your different demands. The heat was dissapation. It's more silent when there's a hole in the notebook to help with the heat from the bottom of the notebook. The laptop stand is designed with full control and flexibility so that you can use your computer at the most comfortable position. It will reduce neck and shoulder stress due to hours of using your computers, benefits your health and makes you free from the neck ache and shoulder pain caused by poor posture. You can get work done from the comfort of your bed with the best accessories for setting up your couch as a work station. The laptop holder allows you to use your laptop and a computer mouse. You can work comfortably if you have enough space. The computer holder is designed with full control and flexibility for the most comfortable position. It will reduce neck and shoulder stress due to hours of using your computers, benefits your health and makes you free from the neck ache and shoulder pain caused by poor posture.

Brand: Rainbean

👤It's a puzzle to get those legs at the right height. It was a serious challenge. It's ok once you do. The laptop bounced when I tried to type it. It would be perfect if you wanted this for watching movies. I put it on my desk to raise my laptop. It wasn't suitable. It came on time, but not the product.

👤I was not happy with the product because it was difficult to adjust and both sides were not lined up. The instructions are not very detailed. The mouse pad dangled because the screw wouldn't fit all the way. The product was not usable. The manufacturer needs to go back to the drawing board.

👤We used to call things "Chinese" when we were kids. This is a Chinese laptop stand. The instructions are written in poor English and it's like trying to see a bird in a picture without a resolution. We are given a series of 8 different possible configurations for this, and we are given a reference common. There are six angles to each configuration. Each leg has three angles. The three joints of each leg are marked in 30 degree degrees, 0 - 330, and the joint itself has a button which you depress and then turn the leg to dial in the correct angle. The indicator arrow is very small and in low relief. I colored the arrow with a metallic gold Sharpie so I could see it. The angle of each joint is specified for each configuration. Sometimes they are the same for each leg. A 0 b 0 c 30 2. Sometimes the angles mysteriously differ: 1. A 120 b 30 c 135 2. A 270 b 45 c 105. The illustration shows us that the middle angle of each leg is the "a" angle, the first angle is the "b" angle, and the top angle next to the tray is the "c" angle. "C-A-B" means going from the top of the leg to the bottom. "B-A-C" going the other way. There's nothing more simple about this contraption than A B C. None of the configurations work. They don't result in a functional position for a laptop tray. That is not to say that such a position is impossible. We can do it with the power of the full circle. Remember when the 9th grade math teacher told you that "Math is everywhere!"? This is her proof. This is a great tool to help you improve your ability to mirror angles in your head. They will no longer be confused by descriptions like "It's located about 65 from where you are standing" after messing with this laptop stand for a while. "right" and " left" are not accurate descriptions for you. Thank you very much, it will be 90 or 180 degrees. If you can divide fractions, you can do this. Think positive! Is it worth $35? It's all about your willingness to learn, and education isn't cheap. This thing is very light. The all-aluminum construction can topple if used on a bed. It's best for a desk or table top. The instructions state that it can be used as a plant stand, which I think is a reference to the phrase "Flower". It's amazing how versatile you can be.

10. Rolling Tilting Overbed Bedside Adjustable

Rolling Tilting Overbed Bedside Adjustable

The Integrated X 9 Mouse Pad is included. The laptop table has a height of 23.6 to 35.3in. The desk is rolled at any angle. A mobile over bed desk with wheels and a mobile laptop stand with wheels. The laptop table bed tray has edge-stop to prevent it from sliding down. Assembly is required. Instructions and tools are included to install the table. As bed side table, laptop rolling cart, rolling tray table,c table with wheels are multifunctional.

Brand: Tigerdad

👤This is being used with my son as a desk for online social distancing classes. I put his chair in front of the desk for him to use. I didn't want to pay more than $50 for a desk, or have another desk. My oldest liked it so much that I have to buy another one for my youngest because he wants a desk like his older brother. It was well packaged. I was able to put it together in less than 40 minutes. The quality is good. I like the metal frame that protects the countertop from damage. It's nice that it's changeable and I can easily store it in a closet or garage since it doesn't take up a lot of space. Since you have to manually move it up or down, you have to be careful not to have fingers in the way. It's currently at the lowest setting for my son. The laptop is 13.3' and still allows him space for a notebook for note taking where the mouse would be. I don't find the edge of the desk comfortable for long term typing and so I will be removing the hard plastic in front. The two small screws hold it in place. Attached is a photo.

👤The product is worth the money, it serves the purpose for what I bought, but it seems to be a little weak. My computer is very heavy. I will keep an eye on it when I leave the laptop at this desk. I am happy with what I received. It has small wheels that go under the couch. If something goes wrong, I will update my review.

👤I needed something small for my daughter's room so that she could set up for zoom calls and remote learning. It was easy to build but problematic because of poor workmanship. We have to tighten the screws where the pole meets the base wheel area multiple times each day or the entire thing is at least an inch side to side while she types. I bought my son a table that was different from the one in the local office store, but it didn't stay the same for use, so I'm disappointed that this doesn't stay the same for use. I really regret this purchase.

👤It works well for my laptop. It's a little difficult to adjust the height as you have to turn two screws instead of a single lever. The wheels are made of plastic and broke the first week. I can't find a description of the wheels other than 1 inch. I've tried a few 1 inch caster's that don't fit, so I rigged it with felt squares to keep it stable and prevent it from scratching the floor.

👤Assembly took around 30 minutes. The unit is very functional if it is assembled per instruction. I put a cable tie around the height adjustment top tube because I like the simple but helpful cable management hooks. Dailybuse is used for a stand up desk.

11. AboveTEK Portable Retractable Non Slip Notebook

AboveTEK Portable Retractable Non Slip Notebook

If you have a question about the SAIJI laptop table, please contact them via email. A replacement with 12 months of professional customer service support is what they have. The anti-skid surface provides strong grip on your laptop and no more sliding around, and the double rubber strip on the bottom gives you more grip on your lap for a more stable display or typing experience. A true laptop computer desk that puts user safety at the top of the list is the Heat Prevent Shield, a durable material that protects your body from heat transfer and prevents your laptop from overheating when you use it as a laptop table. It's portable and easy to store, with only 15 ounces of weight and a slim 0.6 inch thickness, it's ready to be carried around. The laptop mouse pad is extended on both sides for the left and right handers to stop the mouse from falling off. The laptop tray is 14.125” X 9.125” and the mouse pad is 7.125” X 6.125” The Smooth & large platform supports various laptops, notebook and tablets up to 15.7" display, transforming your notebook PC into a true mobile workstation for use as laptop bed tray or tablet holder anywhere in the house, library or park.

Brand: Abovetek

👤I like it. I did a video to show you how good the grip is when I'm moving it around. It does not slide from side to side. You may want to get a mouse pad for the slide out area.

👤I like the form factor, slim profile and slide out mouse pad design, but it's advertised to be for laptops with a 16 inch screen, so I'm giving it 3 stars. The surface of the mouse pad is small and it's loss is devastating. Pay to the mouse if you look at the picture. The mouse pad is not as large as the mouse itself. I missed that clue before ordering. It's obvious that the Macbook is a 13 and the rest of the desk is taken up by it. Imagine adding 2 more inches to those dimensions and you'll see what I mean. I was sad to see that the larger version of the website was not offered. I liked the design. They should have offered 15" and 17" versions. I'm sending it back less than an hour after I received it.

👤I've been searching for a lap desk to use on the couch for a while, but after trying a few giant models, I figured I was done. I was very excited to find this and I want my mouse there. This is perfect for me. It's thin and lightweight, but sturdy. It stays in place and doesn't add bulk. The lip on the mouse tray has been effective in preventing my mouse from falling off as I move around. It's too small for my laptops, which are both 15.6" I was worried about it. It's not something I would care about.

👤My husband and I love this portable, lightweight lap desk. The Macbook and Zenbook fit perfectly on the lap tray surface. Our laptops are so secure because of the lapdesk. The mouse pad area is big, around 7.5" x 6.5", and has a small lip around the edge to stop the mouse from falling off, good for either left or right hand use. This is the bestcessorary I have ever bought. This is a very well designed laptop that is easy to use and has many unique features. You can use it on bed, sofa, couch, chair, recliener, in car or just sit on floor/ground with rubber strips on the bottom. I feel like I doubled my working efficiency with an extra wired or wireless mouse. The lapdesk comes with a well protected package and is very comfortable to use on a bed or sofa. I wish they could have other vive color themes coming out, but will buy one again for my sister.

👤I bought this laptop pad to allow me to watch movies on my laptop while I sleep or sit on the sofa without cooking. It was perfect for the bill. The pad is light and portable and has rubber surfaces on both top and bottom. I discovered that it is a lap desk. It's a perfect fit for our HP 2540P or Dell Inspiron 14. The mouse pad area is small at first, but it handles a standard sized wireless mouse with room to spare. The left or right-handed sliding mouse pad is a bonus. No mouse? No problem. It's a great way to keep your CD or DVD case out of the folds of the sofa or get crunched when either of our large dogs decide they want to cuddle up on the bed and watch too! It's not good as a beverage holder. My old laptop fits well enough to allow the feet to grip the pad and provide proper ventilation, even though it hangs about an inch off either side. Is it heat? The old Toshiba soaks through the pad. Solution? A thick folded towel or a pillow can take care of the problem if the stadium seat cushion doesn't work. I'm going to buy another one to avoid household fights over who gets to use it. Highly recommend this "pad" for its compactness and sturdy construction. A bargain at $19 US.


What is the best product for portable desk for bed?

Portable desk for bed products from Icare. In this article about portable desk for bed you can see why people choose the product. Saiji and Nearpow are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable desk for bed.

What are the best brands for portable desk for bed?

Icare, Saiji and Nearpow are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable desk for bed. Find the detail in this article. Hlhome, Redriver and Cooper Cases are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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