Best Portable Desk Light

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1. LED Desk Lamp Eye Caring Brightness

LED Desk Lamp Eye Caring Brightness

We provide a 30-day money-back guarantee, 18-month warranty, and lifetime technical support to ensure your good shopping experience, just buy with confidence. The MoICO Led desk lamp is made of energy efficient 52pcs leds and has a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. You can enjoy what you are doing for longer if you have a design that is soft and non- glare. The desk lamp has 5 color modes with 5 brightness levels that can be adjusted to meet your needs, and stepless dimming will help you choose the right brightness to meet all your needs. It is convenient to charge your smart-phones or watch phone with 5V/1A output charging port. Make sure the lights are charged while you charge your phone. The 3000mAh battery can be quickly charged via the internet in 4 hours and can last 48 hours on min brightness and 4 hours on max brightness without needing to replace the battery. The base will stay sturdy when you adjust the angle, and you can shine a light where you need it, if you make it convenient to adjust height. The foldable design makes it easy to take it around. Customer service and smart design. The memory function will help you remember the last mode/brightness that you used for more convenient to next time using, 30 minutes auto timer function features energy saving even if you are asleep, and update design with reset button, it won't work even if it's fully charged, They will help you within 12 hours if you are not 100% satisfied. Customer service and smart design. The memory function will help you remember the last mode/brightness that you used for more convenient to next time using, 30 minutes auto timer function features energy saving even if you are asleep, and update design with reset button, it won't work even if it's fully charged, They will help you within 12 hours if you are not 100% satisfied.

Brand: Moico

👤The lamp is bright. I am amazed. The old clip on lamp wasn't enough for lightning. I work from home due to covid-19. I felt the strain on my eyes after a week. The lamp is flexible. I put the lamp straight up, shining the light against the wall. It's just my aesthetic. I like how I can position it. The light is cool and the lamps would last a long time. I left it on all night and no issues. There is a timer on the lamp. There are two things that bother me. 1. The port in the back is not strong. I wouldn't use it to charge my phone. 2. The lamp's base is ugly, but I put it behind my monitor, so it doesn't bother me, and it has a battery built into the lamp, so if the power ever goes out, the lamp. I haven't tried to see the ad for 48 hours. The lamp can be portable. I wouldn't travel with it. I think it's prone to break. I don't think an accessory was provided, it does power via theusb. I have a few from other devices.

👤If you're hesitant about getting the lamp, I have a message for you: get it. It's versatile, it can charge my phone, be portable, and be able to change the color of the lights. This product is amazing. I use this light when I teach online and it works better than the ring I buy. I bought another one because I loved it so much. You will not regret it. The lamp is well made and has a beautiful design.

👤This lamp is nice. It is perfect for my son's desk. He used to use a regular desk lamp. He is not happy because it is too bright and he has to point it to the wall. The desk lamp is perfect for reading. It won't hurt your eyes and the lamp brightness is adjusted. From daylight to white, it adjusts its color intensity. You can bring it all over the place with the battery. Oh yes. You can take it with you if you want to go camping.

👤I ordered this lamp in January. It fit the design and space on my desk and was bright enough to be changed. I use this lamp about ten times, and never leave it on for more than 30 minutes at a time. I tried to turn it on, but it didn't work. The timer light comes on, but the light does not go off. The lamp no longer works when the backlight is green. When charged, not plugged up or unplugged. I am changing my review because it's too late to return.

👤I bought this light to give my bamboo plant some supplemental light as the overhead florescent lights at my desk are not bright enough and I don't have any windows in my office. The head extends past the normal 90 degrees to allow me to shine the full plant. The light column gives more range for adjustment because it moves to the right and left of the base. The temperature choices are great as well as the brightness setting. The timer feature only allows you to choose 30 and 1 hour. It would be nice to have a longer timer. Hopefully this will help my plant grow again.

2. Philips Hue Portable Dimmable Assistant

Philips Hue Portable Dimmable Assistant

Customer experience is the top concern for glfera. They will help you within 24 hours if you are not 100% satisfied. Voice control. The smart light table lamp works with smart home devices like the smart home hub and the smart light table lamp is sold separately. To take advantage of voice activation, purchase thePhilips Hue Hub, model The wireless, portable and rechargeable Hue Go lasts up to 3 hours without needing a charge and can be controlled through the Hue Home automation system or via the on product button. It's easy and convenient to control your Hue Go even without a Smart device at hand, or to connect with the Hue Hub to control it. You can expand your smart lighting system with accessories such as a Dimmer switch, tap, or motion sensor. You can use smart home devices like Apple HomeKit or the Google Assistant to control your lights with your voice. You can use smart home devices like Apple HomeKit or the Google Assistant to control your lights with your voice.

Brand: Philips Hue

👤The battery life of this light is terrible. It can be up to 3 hours. If the light was set to the dimmest setting, that would be impossible. I keep it plugged in. When it's plugged in, it doesn't sit up all that well, but it just points straight up. This was a disappointment for me.

👤I don't understand why I want to like thePhilips Hue Go Smart lamp. The design is terrible, it is easy to roll off the plastic nub on the rounded side of the light. The control button is difficult to use on the underside of the lamp. The cord is the worst feature of the BRICK. Are you serious? I don't need another power source. The charge lasts about an hour. A very short time compared to typical wireless items. I was expecting a worthy and savvy creation fromPhillips, but I'm very disappointed with this item. The light is bright. This item is not useful in terms of lifestyle.

👤I love lamp with my wife. The color range is amazing and it produces a decent amount of light. It does require a hub to take advantage of wireless control and color changing. The button on the back of the light can be used to change the colors if you don't have a hub. I have read that the light won't sit on the side that's plugged in. Those are not true. The light uses the plug as a stand if the power cord is torn. It's a little snug so be careful when plugging it in. The first generation of Amazon Echos need a hub to use voice control. The hub is built into the Echo Plus.

👤I am obsessed with my colors. The candle setting is important. If you're using Hive with Amazon, you can tell alexa to raise the light to 100% by tapping the back of the hue go. You have a bright candle instead of a dim one. If you try to raise the brightness in the hue app, it will just raise the brightness and keep it solid color.

👤The lamp works as advertised. This is a great option if you need some accent lighting but don't need to be plugged in at all times, as the battery only lasts 3.5 hours. The cord is replaceable and you can use a second cord from a second device to charge in the meantime. It's different from the other lights in that it can only be controlled through the hue bridge when it's on, which only lasts 2 hours. Being portable makes you think about it more when configuring it on the bridge, since it bounces around rooms. It isn't stable when sitting at an angle. It was very easy for my cats to knock it over. The scratches don't affect the light, but it makes you sad to see them when the light is off.

👤It was refurbished from Pie O My. The last delivery date was two days away. A bright light with lots of colors. We're using it with our electronics in the house. I had to put the serial number in the first light to find it. It's the 22nd light in the house. Once you get past the upgrade costs, they are really nice. If it's ever needed, I don't see a problem with finding a universal adapter. The plug is just 24Vdc 12W with a center positive. It could be a better way to stand up. Considering the price, it could be made of more sturdy materials. I don't want to drop it on a hard surface.

3. Portable Rechargeable Brightness Protection Perfect

Portable Rechargeable Brightness Protection Perfect

The Clip desk lamp has 10 bright lights and three lighting options. There are 10 brightness dimming levels in each lighting mode. Warm light can make you feel more peaceful and peaceful to sleep in. White light is better for reading. The flexible gout design and non-sLIP CLIP are available. The clip-on light can be adjusted with the help of a durable flexible gooseneck. Stand alone on a desk and clip on something with a metal stable and durable clamp. The foam pad will protect your furniture. Their desk lamp uses 7W Led Bulbs that can bring enough light to fit in your desk. It is the best for bedroom, reading, working, studying, nail, eyebrow make up. The portable andusb plug design is easy to get power for, such as laptop/desktop/power bank/usb adapter. The reading light has 24 beads, with long service life, high light efficiency, good heat dispersal and low light failure. It is feasible and practical. The book light is very easy to carry. Sturdy and flexible goose neck allows you to position your light anywhere you want. It is possible to put away for easy storage. Skymore has a LAMP PACKAGED. All of their products passed the quality test. If your product arrived faulty or damaged, please contact their seller support and they will fix it. Skymore has a LAMP PACKAGED. All of their products passed the quality test. If your product arrived faulty or damaged, please contact their seller support and they will fix it.

Brand: Skymore

👤This is a great light to use in a meeting. I don't think you can get a better light for the cost if you work from home or school. Unlike other ring lights, it clips to a surface and doesn't have to be balanced on a stand. It's easy to use, and it's handy if you need to travel. It doesn't have as many options as my big ring light, but I never use them all. It has a cooler light on the side with one line and a warmer light on the side with two lines. If you're using a tablet like me and have limitedusb outlets, you can plug the light into an end piece and charge it through a wall outlet. I kept it and the bubble wrap in a small box and can easily restore it when I don't need it. BUY THIS LIGHT. I wouldn't have bought the bigger ring light for my desk if I had found this one first. This light makes it easier to be seen during a meeting. I'm not getting paid for this review, I'm just happy with the purchase. I've told all of my coworkers.

👤The lamp is not "rechargeable" or battery powered. The cable on this lamp is ATTACHED, the adapter shown in the photos is not. There is a false advertisement. I thought I was getting a portable lamp. The only thing that makes this portable is the fact that there is no need for a 2 or 3 prong power cord. What a lie!

👤It makes a huge difference when it comes to zoom meetings. I can put it on the side of my bed desk and adjust it to where I want it to be. It has a warm and cool light setting. This light makes you look better on camera, but do not use it to makeup. It's not true. You will think your makeup looks good, you will leave the house feeling confident, and then you will look in the mirror and realize that your face is cakey and not at all blended the way you thought it was.

👤The value is less than 15 bucks. The light doesn't use much power. Light and portable. It is designed to be with you. The plug is ausb The clip is very sturdy, to my surprise. It's suitable for various tables and desks. There are foam pads between the clip to prevent furniture scratching and reduce noises if you bring the light around a lot. The foam pads make the whole thing stay still and increase the grip by a factor of three. - The gooseneck is what I'm looking for. It is sturdy enough for frequent use. I can change the angle of my lightning to get the most out of it. I can fold the gooseneck for travel. It's bright, but not as bright as you'd think. I like the O-ring shape because it's enough for bedside reading time, it's close to a client's face without irritation, and it acts as an accent light to another existing light source. The possibilities are endless. There are two settings between warm white and cool white. They're not too warm or cool in that regard. There's no delay to turn on/off. The switch button is very high quality. It's not bright enough for my taste because I use it at work. Not really a con per se. - You end up buying a new bulb if it dies. There is no bulb change. Definitely a good buy at this price point. I don't think you get better quality than other clip-on lights. I use it as an accent light. It makes me feel better at work. The light source is pictured so you can see the brightness. It's so much brighter with my other light. I like it. As soon as my coworkers saw the light, one asked me to buy it for them, while the other started to order on their own. It's a good thing.

4. Charging Lighting Brightness Sensitive Eye Caring

Charging Lighting Brightness Sensitive Eye Caring

Vision is caring technology. The desk lamp creates no flicker, no dizzy light, no shadow and soft light, which avoids eye fatigue caused by flickering light and harsh glare, it is ideal for reading, study for long time. The desk light has 25 different light levels and lighting modes to choose from, providing ideal light levels for working, studying, reading, and relaxing. The led lamp can be adjusted to any angle with the help of the flexible arm. The lighting angle can be used to accommodate different requirements. The table lamp has an easy touch control and memory function. The desk lamp will return to the setting when you turn it on next time because of the memory function. Long life span and years warranty. This desk lamp is led. There was no lead or Mercury. There was no UV or IR Radiation. 40 times longer than a typical light, the heat sink is aluminum alloy. Table lamps have a 12-month warranty. Long life span and years warranty. This desk lamp is led. There was no lead or Mercury. There was no UV or IR Radiation. 40 times longer than a typical light, the heat sink is aluminum alloy. Table lamps have a 12-month warranty.

Brand: White Crown

👤I received a lamp. The light is nice and I used it for a couple of days. The lamp stopped working when I plugged in ausb charge. Disappointing. Returning. The seller contacted me to remove the review for $35. Don't trust what you see.

👤I will return the desk lamp. I was not happy with the design. Thought it would be more modern. The lighting is working. There are many options. Doesn't include the cable accessory. I already had a few of them so it was not a problem for me. The lamp is heavy. If I want to change the arm position, I have to hold the base down. It doesn't work for me.

👤This light is great. I was looking for a cost effective option. This was more than I anticipated. A timer with a small light that indicates what was selected is on this light. If the timer is off, there is no light. The settings are warm and cool. The light meets the arm through a hinge at the base, making it incredibly versatile for any space. I like my desk to be clear of clutter and it is surprisingly heavy, but still small. It has zero buttons and is touch activated. It adds to the sleek look I was going for and it will be easy to clean. The Bose speaker and my JBL earbuds have short cords, so theusb charging is helpful for charging them. The tech is less expensive than other desk lamps. This light is a great value and I would recommend it to anyone. The secondary light is just a cheap bulb that I can change the color of if I want to be very cool.

👤I bought this lamp because I was looking for a space-saving lamp. I am happy with the lamp. It was easy to install. The light and dimming options are easy to use. It doesn't take up any space. It can twist and turn to the angle I need, and I can fold it up when I don't need it to further save space. I haven't tested the sleep mode. The biggest issue for me is that the lamp doesn't save your previous lighting setting when you turn it on again. I prefer the bright white light it sets at over the dim orange light. The package didn't include a wall plug-in, but ausb cable. This was not an issue for me, but I could see it being an issue for others. The dimming options on the stand are faded and missing in one spot. This lamp is a good one. The pros outweigh the cons and it accomplishes what I need.

👤The lamp works when plugged in. I thought it was a lamp that could be charged at home, but it only works when plugged into an outlet. The cord is built with ausb port so you have to buy ausb port to plug it into. I'm annoyed but I already have ausb accessory in my house. If you want to plug this in across a room, you will need an extension cord, because the cord is SALVAGEDATA The light it gives off is too heavy. I wouldn't recommend this lamp.

5. GLFERA Flexible Gooseneck Brightness Touch Sensitive

GLFERA Flexible Gooseneck Brightness Touch Sensitive

The light is soft and uniform and protects your eyes. The desk lamp has three lighting modes and three levels of brightness. It's ideal for studying, working, reading and sleeping. The goose neck is flexible and durable. The lamp's gooseneck can be adjusted to orient the light beam. It is easy to clip on your work bench, desks, headboards or other object. Naturally fit your desk, room, living room and office. The mode and brightness of the lamp are the same when you turn it on. A data cable is included in the package, which can be connected to a power bank and a laptop. Good partner for business trips, travel and camping, portable lamp. The lifespan of the lamp is up to 40,000 hours. Customer experience is the top concern for glfera. They will help you within 24 hours if you are not 100% satisfied. Customer experience is the top concern for glfera. They will help you within 24 hours if you are not 100% satisfied.

Brand: Glfera

👤I'm not sure why someone would give a low rate for a lamp, but it's right for me with a nice price and a good quality lamp. The yellow mode and less bright level is very comfortable for me because I have a newborn and wake up in the late night. I usually choose the middle brightness for watching TV and the bright one for reading. They just provide the appropriate lighting. I love it and recommend it.

👤It has more than 4 inches of space. I had to build up thickness to make sure the lamp head doesn't fall over.

👤The lamp is good for the price, but has a few drawbacks. I had to get creative with how I twisted the neck in order to make some really custom angles. Sometimes the color mode and maximum brightness are too close to each other, so when you tap the color mode, the brightness goes down by one step. When you are just trying to have some calm, dim light, the lowest brightness has a flicker. For this reason, the lowest setting is not usable. The charging area is small. I have a small phone that I use to charge it on the lamp, and I think people with large phones will find it difficult to find the right spot to charge it. I have had some issues with getting my phone to charge with certain cases on my phone, but other wireless chargers work just fine with the same case. Picking up your phone while the lamp is on is almost certain to change the brightness of the lamp because of the small space between the wireless charging area and the brightness adjustment. That is the sacrifice of using touch controls.

👤My husband and I work from home. We usually have to keep a standing lamp or overhead light on. I can see my keyboard. The lamp has a nice setting and doesn't bother my husband while he sleeps. The lowest setting is depicted in the photos.

👤I think this light is the best. The clip opens wide and closes on different things. The different colors are perfect. You can either plug it in or charge it up.

👤I like the light. It has been a lifesaver for painting. When the light is on, you can't charge your phone. You have to attach the cord to the light. I like the touch options. There were no buttons.

👤I've been looking for a portable lamp that has a brightness adjustment. It has three lighting modes, warm white, day light and cool light, each with three levels of brightness. I can switch between modes with just a touch. Daylight mode makes working on my laptop comfortable. Highly recommended.

👤This is the best lamp for when you need to work or school, or when your family needs to work. The lamp has four settings that will give you bright light whenever and wherever you need it. You can sit down and work without the light bothering anyone. The light is great for reading. This product is very good and I recommend purchasing it from this supplier. I promise you won't be disappointed. It doesn't matter if it's low or high, you will love this lamp. This lamp is very good. Don't wait to get it, and see what I'm talking about with this lamp.

6. Lapeort Eye Caring Dimmable Portable Sensitive

Lapeort Eye Caring Dimmable Portable Sensitive

The desk lamp has 5 lighting modes, stepless dimmable, and touch control for reading. The color temperature is 3000-6500K. The desk lamp is portable, sleek, and has good longevity, it is a folding design with a 180 degree head lamp. The table lamp looks elegant and is Sturdy Material. The lamp is made of aluminum. It's strong enough to be used in any indoor environment. Extra function is more than one. The lamp comes with a power source. You can charge your phone with the 5V/1A port. You can set the timer function to sleep mode. The office light is dimmable. There is a input of 110 Volts. The warranty is for 12 months. The office light is dimmable. There is a input of 110 Volts. The warranty is for 12 months.

Brand: Lapeort

👤I got this because of the sleek design and the white and silver color scheme. A price tag under $40 was a huge plus. I like the look of it on my desk and it works for some features. The ports are hard to get the cord in. The power sensor is the main reason for a 4 not a 5. It is not where the marking is. It is off by a small amount. I use my finger to find the right spot. I realized that was the problem after a few uses. Testing outlets thought it was shooting out, but it was just off a bit. It was slightly annoying. I wiggle my finger on the pad until it responds. The intensity and color are bright enough to use for an accent. Depending on what you want to use, it goes through a cycle of whites and yellows. I have a similar one that I paid twice as much for that goes in my office and I think they are functionally equal. I haven't time tested the timer, but I wouldn't doubt its effectiveness, because the sensors there are where they are printed. It looks modern and does the job I need it to do.

👤This is a desk lamp. The arm and timer are great. I am not sure if it is just my unit that is faulty, but the charging port does not work on my unit. I have an Iphone 11 and I don't think it would be difficult to charge it. The lamp base gets really hot when I try to charge my phone and shuts off. The lamp is great if I am not trying to use it.

👤There is an update. I was able to get a replacement lamp after I left a 1 star review. I had it for two days and it was good. The lamp has a nice profile on my desk. The lamp doesn't turn off after 4 months of use. I can turn it off all the way down. To turn it off all the way, you have to unplugged it. Since I am outside of the return window, Amazon won't help me find the manufacturer of the lamp, which is supposed to have a 12 month warranty. The style of the lamp is great, but not being able to turn it off is a problem.

👤I love this lamp. For my table. You guys must buy this hands down.

👤I like the lamp and it does what it is supposed to. The way the power switch works is the only thing I wish was different. If it was on, I would plug it in and it would come back to me. I could use it with a smart plug. Not really an issue. I still like this lamp.

👤The lamp was bright but only lasted a year. It was on my desk. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't.

👤What do you write about a lamp? When I run my finger over the on switch, it turns on, and dims when I slide my finger across the dimmer. The auto shut off option can mimic different types of light sources.

7. Baseus Auto Dimming Eye Caring Illumination Painting

Baseus Auto Dimming Eye Caring Illumination Painting

The room lighting balance can be dynamically adjusted to deliver a smooth light. It is 175% wider than a typical desk lamp, and it lights up your entire desk. The illuminance can reach up to 940 lux in the center. The built-in 32 natural full-spectrum energy-efficient LEDs created true-to-life and comfortable light. The colors will be more accurate while painting. Touch control, warm light for reading or bedroom, mix light for living room or home, cool light for office working, are some of the features of theadjustable brightness and 3 color temperature. The desk lamp has a built-in 2200mAh battery that can provide up to 13 hours of lighting. It was fully charged in 3 hours. It's great for emergency, reading, painting, working, or studying. The desk lamp has a built-in 2200mAh battery that can provide up to 13 hours of lighting. It was fully charged in 3 hours. It's great for emergency, reading, painting, working, or studying.

Brand: Baseus

👤The product is beautiful, well designed, and pretty good. I don't know what they were thinking about the ability to tilt the lamp's head, and a swivel at the neck. The lamp head does not tilt. You can swing it up from being straight up, 180 degrees. If you want to use it to read, you have to angle it away from you. You don't want to have it splashing light onto your wall for indirect light. It's pretty useless in terms of user experience, because it's bright and well designed, but it's beautiful, and I love the subtle orange color. I bought it for my desk, then it moved to my bedroom, and now my entryway table is not really useful. This is a real shortcoming of the design and a fatal flaw to me.

👤I was surprised that there is a built-in battery. It's portable and can be used around the house or anywhere else you may go. It creates a good amount of light which can easily fill a room if it is properly positioned. The light has 2 colors. There is a button at the bottom of the base that allows me to control the dimming on my own. When you tap the single touch control button, it turns on, you can cycle light color/off, long tap to adjust the brightness, and after 30 seconds, the lamp will be turned off. My cousin liked it so much that she used it to do her nails and read at night. Simple design, portable and adjustments to fit lighting needs. Definitely would buy again. I hope they consider making the battery replaceable so we can extend the running time, but you can use a portable battery pack to do the same, by the way.

👤The lamp was unboxed when I received it. The build quality and finish is what I expected. The auto brightness control switch at the bottom is a little cheap and it's hard to switch because it goes inside the base plate. I would rather leave the auto brightness on and just turn it on all the time. The lamp'susb C connector does not have the best quality, but it works fine. A to C cable is included in the package. I have other type C cable that I can use to plug it in for charging, so I haven't used it yet. The off touch button has a light ring in red. I think it will turn green once fully charged. A follow up use time testing will be conducted later. The lamp is exactly what I was looking for, so I can take it to the piano, to the dining table, to wherever my kids go, so they can see things better and not hurt their eyes. Light weight is what it is. I am not expecting more than 3 hours on time. It doesn't fall over even with the light weights. The battery life testing results should be followed up with a full charge and turn off the low battery. lasted 3 hours.

8. DEEPLITE Flexible Gooseneck Brightness Eye Caring

DEEPLITE Flexible Gooseneck Brightness Eye Caring

The lamp has a built-in battery, so it's portable and doesn't need to be plugged in, but there is limited outlets and power is out, so the lamp should be charged to protect the battery's lifespan. The Dimmable Touch Control Table Lamp is suitable for college dorm, office, bedroom, living room, kids room, bathroom, etc. The flexible and foldable study lamp allows you to light up where you need to. It can be folded into a lamp so that it doesn't take up too much space when traveling. The desk lamp has a universal charging cable that you can use to charge your laptop, power bank, and desktop, saving time. The bright led light is 400lm at full brightness, no flicker, no dark area, and protects your eyes from fatigue. If you have an issue with the portable lamp, please email them. The bright led light is 400lm at full brightness, no flicker, no dark area, and protects your eyes from fatigue. If you have an issue with the portable lamp, please email them.

Brand: Deeplite

👤I didn't understand some of the negative reviews because they were about different lamps from the same seller. It was strange. I included a picture. I tried these lamps because I hate to give up the convenience of touch-on, but I have been trying to disconnected some of my "vampire" appliances. I have not been disappointed. It is lightweight, smooth, sleek, touch sensitive, well balanced and goose-neck shapes. The price makes it easy to get one for every room.

👤A simple desk lamp could change someone's life. This is it. I am in a crowd of people over 50. The beauty is a game-changer in the house and office. This could be one of the best purchases of my life. It sounds like an over statement. It's not. I felt like a kid when I first used the lamp. My parents, in-laws, and college kid will be receiving early Christmas presents. There are key points. 1. Design. This is simple and beautiful. The triple light touch button adjustment gives you three light intensity settings. No clicking just a soft touch. I like the bendable neck. It looks great, fun and functional. Many lights have glares. This is more natural and easier to see. We lose power frequently, and I now have enough power to use lights. Oh my! 2. There is value. It is hard to believe that this is available and built at such a low price. I'm buying more before everyone gets them. Ha! I would like a different color for my product. I get ink on my hands when I read newspapers. I think this will transfer to the white. I can clean off. A black model would solve the problem. Happy shopping!

👤I posted a negative review about the light. The seller told me to plug the light in and let it charge, something I had failed to do. What a change. I love the light. It's very light weight, can be easily moved around from place to place without dragging a cord along, and gives off enough light. A good value. I highly recommend it.

👤It is a nice light. I wanted something that wouldn't light the room with light and that I could use at night. I got my wish. It is supposed to be less annoying than the bluer LEDs. The touch on/off is very responsive. If you want to plug it directly into the wall outlet, you need ausb outlet adapter, which isn't included with the lamp. It is designed for a desk lamp. It is much smaller than I thought. Just brushing it knocks it over. It would be nice to have some weight in the base. The light works despite the fact that the batteries run down after 30 minutes. I have never run the battery completely down. That says something.

👤We don't have outlets nearby so we bought this to add light to our reading corner. I didn't want to spend a lot since the room has lighting and it was more convenient than anything else. We were surprised by this little thing. The "button" can be used to change the light brightness and turn it off. We were able to light the wall under the shelf we were sitting on by twisting the neck down below its base. My husband likes to borrow it for construction projects since he can position it to offer the perfect amount of lighting. All in all, works well. The lamp is at the highest light setting.

9. DEEPLITE Lighting Stepless Operated Gooseneck

DEEPLITE Lighting Stepless Operated Gooseneck

The small desk lamp has 3 different lighting modes, each with a temperature that is dimmable. Long press the touch base to get your favorite idea for relaxing, reading, working, studying, crafting, displaying, camping, etc. The Long Lasting Touch lamp has a built-in rechargeable battery that will last 3-6 hours at the highest brightness after full charged. The lamp can be charged with the includedusb cable, but please make sure to charge the lamp to protect the battery's lifespan if long time no use. The portable lamp does not have to plug in when it is portable, and there are limited outlets that can be used. The mini table lamp has a function that remembers the last use of both color modes and brightness. The study lamp is foldable. The modern desk lamp looks sleek and stylish, and the gooseneck makes it easy to fold into a small lamp, which is important when traveling. Eye-caring and energy saving led light: 5 watt bright led glow, 400 watt brightness, no flicker, no dark area, energy saving and eye-caring, protect your eyes from fatigue. If you have an issue with the portable lamp, please email them. Eye-caring and energy saving led light: 5 watt bright led glow, 400 watt brightness, no flicker, no dark area, energy saving and eye-caring, protect your eyes from fatigue. If you have an issue with the portable lamp, please email them.

Brand: Deeplite

👤I only had this for a short time and it hasn't been used much. I bought this after we lost power in Texas. I wanted to be prepared in case it happened again. The lamp is small and folds up into a ball. I love that it has different light settings. I suffer from migraines and am hyper sensitive to light so the soft setting on this is a lifesaver. I would have liked to have gotten the version that clips onto things that I know the true size of. Will purchase that 1 as well. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤Its amazing! I charged it for an hour and it worked for days, it's so lightweight I don't even notice it. When it is sitting on a table, it does not move. The touch thing lights my room up and is easy to use. It's definitely worth the money, I would love to get more than one.

👤You don't need electric to use this lamp. I like that it is portable. I asked the question how to turn it off. I didn't know how long it would take to charge it. It fit my needs.

👤I bought a light similar to this a few years ago and it had only one row of lights. This one has more light. He is very happy that it's almost the same. I'm happy I was able to find a similar item because there are a lot of similar items out there. Or less flexibility. This is the one that he likes the most.

👤I ordered this light to use for drawing because another light I got was too bright and heavy to use. This light is lightweight, wireless, and has 3 settings: bright cool, bright warm, and low warm. The neck is bendy and fun. I like the fact that this light is portable and easy to pack in my bag, so I can whip out my drawings anywhere without a power outlet. I wish I'd never bought the initial one.

👤The lamp was plugged in to charge for a few days. When I plug it in, the red light comes on when I turn off the connection. It doesn't seem to hold a full charge for long, it's after 10 minutes, and the light isn't on the entire time. When I took it out of the box, the light came on and it charged up. I don't know if I got a new model or one that had been returned, but I like the light it puts out. I might have to keep it near a backup battery pack to make sure it's charged up.

👤When nobody had electricity in Texas, I could have used this.

👤I needed a light that wouldn't need to be plugged in. I bought three of them thinking they were powered by the internet. This one is the only one. I use it for many hours and feel like I need to charge it during the day. Multiple light settings can be accessed by multiple touches on the light base. I had no idea how often I would use the bent neck of the light. It's bright enough for me, and the different light settings are mostly on the bright side.

10. TOMOL Version Bright Portable Travel

TOMOL Version Bright Portable Travel

There is a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and a 12-Month Warranty. The battery will last up to 8H with minimum brightness, 4H with max brightness, and you can use your phone's wall adapter, it is compatible. The COB desk light can output 220 lumens of intense light. The new COB desk lamp is 3 times brighter than the old one. It is foldable. It is lightweight, easy to carry, and folds into a handy compact size that is 888-282-0465. It can be folded flat to 5” x 3” x 1.75” and can be extended to 13” high. There is a battery and a power source. 4x AA batteries are not included and the cord is included. The TOMOL customer satisfaction guarantee is backed by the 12 month warranty. They will replace a faulty product if you don't like it. If you have a problem, contact them.

Brand: Tomol

👤My wife uses the lamp at quilt retreats. It was light and easy to use, and it had a long lasting charge or batteries. After the initial use, she removed the batteries, packed them, and then when she went to use it again, it blinked constantly. The result was shown using new batteries and a different charge. I contacted the mfr and they ignored me since it was under a one year warranty. My wife's lamp is no longer usable because Amazon couldn't find a contact number.

👤There was a positive and a negative review. The settings are great. It gets very bright. There is a good feature on batteries. It's easy to bring a bright flashlight. It's great for a backpack, car or anywhere in the house. The area will light up if the power goes out. The light's direction of travel is like flexibility. It folds into a cell phone size. The on/off switch is weird, it's cheaper plastic. You have to tap it many times to get it off. It could be that you have to figure out where to tap. It should be possible to feel it in the dark. With everything considered, I like this light. Will be good in a survival pack. Will probably order more of them. The power "button" gave it 4 stars.

👤Works well. I like being able to get different light intensities by pushing the on and off button. There is an update. The on-and -off switch failed to work when I used it again. This was the second time I tried to use the lamp. I had to take out one of the batteries to turn off the lamp. I can't send it back because I went by the 30 return period. I would have given it 5 stars if it had lasted. I am giving this light another try. I bought another light and hope it doesn't die like the last one.

👤I bought this off of the reviews I've read. I get this for some extra light when I am working on wiring and soldering. The light works on battery power. The light has rust inside and the cover is scratched. The white is almost like sun fade. The seller is a joke, I told them of the issues on the "new light" and the power button issue that happens after the 5th press. They don't see any issues after sending pictures.

👤When you don't want a full bedroom illumination, just what is needed to illuminate a very remote keyboard and mouse combo. It's used with 4 AA batteries that add weight to the lower bottom to keep it upright. First or second setting is sufficient for full keyboard illumination and less eye strain when working in a dark bedroom. It's perfect as a side nightstand. To turn the lamp on just touch lightly with your fingers around the O middle switch and it will increase light intensity and use all 3 light levels to suit your illumination needs. If any of the 4 batts fails, the light intensity will plummet and won't be able to increase its intensity if on the first or second light setting. If you think it's a lamp failure, connect the supplied charge and press the switch three times to see the light levels intensity. A portable lamp is recommended for travel and bedroom use.

11. TROND Halo 9W C Gooseneck Diffusion

TROND Halo 9W C Gooseneck Diffusion

Skymore has a LAMP PACKAGED. All of their products passed the quality test. If your product arrived faulty or damaged, please contact their seller support and they will fix it. Daylight task lighting. The halo 9w-c led task light is not a cheap one. Instead, it is a full-sized,super-brightlamp that emits a beam of mimic daylight to where it is needed to suit the task at hand. Taking lighting applications include reading, writing, crafting, painting, sewing, knitting, crocheting, jigsaw, tattooing, and putting on makeup or shaving. There are non-glaring and eye-caring techniques. The latest surface lighting source and innovative light guide panel help to create a flicker-free natural daylight. The soft, non-glaring desk lamp is easy to use and perfect for children, seniors and people with vision problems. The light is attached to a long gooseneck. The strong aluminum clamp can be used with a wide range of objects, from a sewing table to a computer desk. If fully extended, the flexible gooseneck (50 cm/19.7” if not fully extended) of bright clamp light will allow you to adjust your led desk lamp with ease and to direct the light wherever you want. The dimmer has integrated memory. There is no physical button design in their light. By touching the power icon on the lamp head, you can turn on/off the lamp and adjust the brightness to fit your lighting needs. For the latest inventory, long press for 2 seconds to turn off the lamp, and you don't need to cycle through the brightness levels; the upgraded memory function remembers the brightness setting from the last use. If the product you received is faulty or damaged, please contact their seller support and they will reply you within 24 hours. If the product you received is faulty or damaged, please contact their seller support and they will reply you within 24 hours.

Brand: Trond

👤I have a new 9W-C that is being used to light up the canvas I am painting in my studio. The lighting is even and balanced, and I like it. It's adequate for a large canvas of 28” x 36” My studio is in a small room with limited natural light and I often find myself painting late in the evening. I no longer have to stop painting because of poor lighting with the new lamp. The daytime lighting is mimicked with no flicker. It has three levels of brightness. Even out shadows and reflections, I use the bright setting. It's easier to see details and colors are vivid. Being able to put this light on top of the easel is a huge advantage. I am never standing in front of the light source in this position. I love the fact that the 9W-C uses less electricity than other models and provides more brightness without getting too hot. This is different to what I have been using. A 500W Halogen with bands of brightness that are not equal is so hot that it warms up the room. Excellent products, excellent customer service, and so on are what Trond has to offer. I am very happy with both of them. I recommend this light to all of you.

👤I like using the light at my desk to do my paperwork. The desk is 2 3/4" thick. The flexible part of the lamp is sturdy and can be easily moved around by the desk. It's bright enough for me, but the third setting is too bright. The only real problem I have with this light so far is a design flaw, but I am only docking it one star for this. The vent holes for the light are located in a way that is flawed. If you know anything about heat, you know that it rises on the underside of the light. The heat cannot escape very well. I used the light for an hour and a half on the highest setting and it got hot. It was too hot to touch. If you know anything about electronics, heat is the number one cause of failure. It's a great light, for a great price. There are no issues I can't live with.

👤The light is bright. It's better than any other small reading light you can find, and it looks huge, but it doesn't light up like a flicking light. If you're doing art on the fly, 6000 Lumens of power is close to sunlight. She'd light the project so you can see the colors. It's great for spot cleaning. You need consistent light. The light is heavy and the clip is industrial. You can use it to clip onto furniture or even shelving. I'm going to start taking photos under it for Amazon reviews because it works well as a photography light for items. I was hesitant to try this as I hadn't heard of these lamps before, but I was not disappointed. I'll buy a stronger one if they ever make it. I would recommend this product to everyone.


What is the best product for portable desk light?

Portable desk light products from Moico. In this article about portable desk light you can see why people choose the product. Philips Hue and Skymore are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable desk light.

What are the best brands for portable desk light?

Moico, Philips Hue and Skymore are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable desk light. Find the detail in this article. White Crown, Glfera and Lapeort are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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