Best Portable Dryer Vent

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1. IPower Non Insulated Aluminum Ventilation Included

IPower Non Insulated Aluminum Ventilation Included

When fully extended, the ducting size is 4 inches (diameter) x 8 feet (length). The temperature endurance range is from 0 to 185F. The temperature was -18C and 85C. Wide applications include grow rooms, grow tents, and kitchens. Installation is easy with a pair of 4 inch metal clamps. The exhaust fan blower/inline fan has a flexible length. The ducting is made from high-quality flame-retardant aluminum and built-in wire helix for reinforcement.

Brand: Ipower

👤When it comes to having multiple items on a single page, Amazon needs to get their act together, as you can only review one item versus each one separately. It makes reading the reviews a PITA too. This has been found in other areas as well. You can come on Amazon. I bought the iPower 190 CFM fan, 8 Ft x 4 aluminum duct, and the speed controller. I have a grow room on the 2nd floor of my home that is 4' x 11' and I am using all three to vent heat and humidity. Most grow rooms are in the basement. I have a fan mounted in a vacant room next to my grow room. It is in the closet in that room. I put it on the wire frame shelf. That tells us a lot about the fan's vibration level. It runs very smooth and is light. If I had it in the grow space where I already have the noise of the light fans, it would add to that, but not enough to make it loud when working in the room or when the door is shut. I didn't want to put it in the grow room as I already taxed the power in there for lighting and running a heater and it's cold in MI right now. It runs on and off during the day and comes on a few times during the night, but I have a timer that keeps it on. The hot air is pulled out very quickly and that is on Medium speed using the speed controller, which has helped to keep the humidity levels stable. It does a great job, but I am still working on the exact times it needs to run and speed. It runs more quietly when on full speed and not regulated. Is noise an issue for your setup? It's very well made, runs smooth and quiet, and has a strong draw to it, even on medium. I was not sure if the 190 CFM would suffice. I thought I'd start there and go up if necessary. It seems more than adequate so far. I use the Flexible Duct to draw the heat and humidity out of my grow tent. It was compressed into a small package which was convenient. Good quality clamps are included. I used it to go through two sheets of drywall near the top of the grow room space and the other end to the exhaust fan in a spare adjacent room. I taped it in place until the vent arrives. I didn't need to extend it to the full length so having it compressed made the installation a lot easier. I didn't have to cut it. I can extend it later if I need to. I don't have a long hose to use. It's a standard coiled aluminum duct, about the same thickness as I have used, but a bit thicker, and about what I expected at this price. I will be buying more of the same hose if I let it out the window. I have a dryer that is similar to the one I recommend, but this one seems a bit better grade than the one I purchased at Home Depot. It's easier to work in compressed form. This item is not much. I was not sure if I would need to have the fan on high speed so I decided to get it just in case. It's made by the same company that makes the fan. I don't think it will harm the fan motor. It is plugged into a mechanical timer that has 15 minute intervals and allows for a lot of flexibility. I wanted the timer to plug into an outlet and the speed control to plug into it. If you're setting something up in a similar way, I would recommend this timer. It worked out well. The control of the speed of the fan is what should be done. I can definitely recommend all three of these items to anyone with similar requirements.

2. TASALON Ionic Hooded Dryer Professional

TASALON Ionic Hooded Dryer Professional

The 1875W ionic hair dryer with On/Off ionic generator switch and 3 temperature settings will help you reach the best results and get your hair glossy and silky after drying. Airflow vent adjustment control. The professional sit under hair dryer has a vent that can be removed and a grill that can be used for air intake. The professional salon hair dryer goes off when lifting the shield, saving energy and preventing accidents when the hair dryer bonnet is not in use. A large hair dryer hood can fit even large hair rollers, providing a multi-purpose use for hair drying, hair modeling, hair coloring, hair conditioning, hair treatment, hot perm, spot-caring. The 55 inch hood dryer is easy to move on a roll-about base with wheel locks, and it has a height-adjustable tube with clips for 9ft cord.

Brand: Tasalon

👤I have long hair and wear 2 strand twists. I love the fact that I can use it at home. It is very easy to assemble.

👤Don't work. Need replacement, A.S.A.P.

👤I bought a dryer recently. I was excited to put the box together. I realized that one of the legs was missing as I put the pieces together. I can't use the dryer because there is a missing part. I think the company should make sure that all the parts and tools are included in the box, and that they have better instructions and pictures on how to assemble each part.

👤It was easy to assemble. I had to remove the air filter cover from the hood to turn it on. I don't like that there were no directions. I almost returned it, but I realized it was a vent cover. Other than that. It's great.

👤I returned it because it was not steady. To make it difficult to adjust.

👤We tried to put this dryer together. It is also small. It was easy to make but won't work. We tried everything, but it says you have to turn it five times on the base, so we tried to take it apart to fix it, but it just won't work. It is a shame because it is very cute. This is a case where you pay for what you get. I tried to email the company for help, but never heard back.

👤I tried this drier because of the high rated reviews. I didn't bother to check the reviews because the product has a common issue. I put it together and plugged it in. Different outlets, different settings, nothing. I thought I got a bad one, started a return and got the second one, but it wouldn't come on.

3. 211L Dryer Lint Trap Indoor

211L Dryer Lint Trap Indoor

Installation is easy, you don't have to buy door kits, adapters or additional tools. The package includes the dryer lint trap, duct, mounting clip and metal tension clamps. The dryer vent kit is widely used for apartments, condominiums and RVs. Add a cup of water into the bucket when the duct for the air and the tiny lint that escaped from the filter are open, and the lint will be caught by water, so empty every few loads. It's easy to install. The Lint Trap and Duct should be snapped together. The shopping experience is perfect. If their dryer indoor lint trap fails to deliver on what you expect, simply return it and they will give you a full refund. The shopping experience is perfect. If their dryer indoor lint trap fails to deliver on what you expect, simply return it and they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Cykemo

👤I have used them before and they are effective and provide the necessary amount of water to keep the static electricity down in your home, and I was happy to find one at this price. If you don't have a dryer that draws air from inside of your home, and then blows it outside, you're going to have a hard time getting warm in the winter. These help cut back on your heating costs because you are returning the same air back into your home that has already been heated.

👤The old vent on our house was too long so I ordered a new one. It dries quicker with this vent.

👤The lint flew everywhere because there was no screen on the bottom.

👤If you need it, grab one.

👤It was difficult to assemble, but I liked it.

👤Cut drying time in half.

👤It is easy to clean.

4. Raven Indoor Flexible Aluminum TDIDVKZW

Raven Indoor Flexible Aluminum TDIDVKZW

The lint trap for electric clothes dryers is made in the United States of America. This clothes dryer vent kit is an investment in quality that will last a long time. There are contents. Two tie straps for both ends of the duct. Flexibility: The vent kit has a duct that fits most electric clothes dryers. The design is high quality. This exact equivalent part is designed to work with your clothes dryer. It's ideal for apartments or buildings with no outdoor ductwork. 100% money back guarantee. 100% money back guarantee with no questions asked. The product comes with a 10-year warranty for quality issues. Purchase with confidence and enjoy their risk-free offer. 100% money back guarantee. 100% money back guarantee with no questions asked. The product comes with a 10-year warranty for quality issues. Purchase with confidence and enjoy their risk-free offer.

Brand: Raven

👤I was skeptical about this purchase. The box was smaller than I thought, and the bucket is small. The lid has open gaps, which is likely to allow for air flow. It works to my surprise. It does capture at least as much lint as my old setup that barely ran lint to the outside of the house. This is a viable setup for an unvented dryer. It isn't perfect. The area gets a lot of heat from running the dryer. The included hose is not the best. Zip ties are not included in the kit, instead they are used for dryer vents. I'd recommend using ring clamps, but also upgrade the hose. The bucket and lid? They allow the dryer to run without outside air. It's a good product.

👤The product did not meet our expectations. The thin hose was easy to tear when attached to both ends. The container was so small you had to empty it after each load. If the bucket didn't have large open slots near the top, that wouldn't have been a problem. The lint came out of the slots.

👤It was easy to install. It does well. As the drys started, there were a few fly away lint pieces that escaped. It's important to clean it often.

👤This works well for my bathroom laundry room that doesn't have a vent. If you keep the door open and put a fan on it will work great. So happy with this.

👤It's easy to install, but it's a pain to stay on. It is doing it job.

👤There is nothing to keep lint from blowing out of the pan. It is useless for information use.

👤It was quick and easy to install. It was connected perfectly to the dryer.

👤Looks okay. The ice cube thing is a lot of work.

5. Deflecto Dryer Supurr Flex Flexible Metallic

Deflecto Dryer Supurr Flex Flexible Metallic

Not to use gas clothes dryers. The Lint Trap, Metallic Transition Duct, and 2 Clamps are designed for safe indoor dryer venting. Do not use gas clothes dryers. The Lint Trap requires 4 cups. In small rooms open doors for adequate distribution of heat and humidity. The container has a melting point of 325 degrees F and a flexible dryer vent duct. The container has a melting point of 325 degrees F and a flexible dryer vent duct.

Brand: Deflecto

👤Terrible. Cheap plastic. Not deep enough. The air is blowing out water. I cut a hole in the top of the bucket and hose and made my own, which was 100 times cheaper. Don't waste your money.

👤I put a lint trap inside a bag to catch any lint that might escape. It is easy to install.

👤This solved a problem that I had been having in my apartment. The dryer and duct went up to the roof. The inside of the dryer was always damp and sweaty, even after the vent was cleaned, and it took up to two hours to dry a set of sheets. A big puddle of water spilled onto the floor when I removed the old duct from the dryer. There was no lint in the duct. The product was installed using a duct and then put down to the floor. Keeping it close to the dryer helps keep it sturdy. I washed a load of clothes and then set the dryer to empty for 60 minutes. The clothes came out dry for the first time since I moved in. The inside of the dryer was no longer sweaty and the lint trap was full, so the lint is going where it is supposed to. It will be necessary to clean the bucket after each use to keep the unit working. The duct is short, as others have posted. If you can leave it on the floor, it will work. The area around the dryer room became hot and humid, which will be a challenge in the summer. The straps are made of plastic. I was able to touch them while the dryer was in use to confirm that they weren't overheating, but I thought they were aluminum to avoid fire risk. If you have time, you can make better models, but I didn't have time to do that. I was able to check out a load of laundry. Adding soap to the water will deter pests if you leave it sitting. I plan to put essential oils in the water when I run it again, to make the apartment smell better.

👤It was purchased to help warm up the laundry room and add humidity to the house. A drop or two of fragrance oil was added to the water tank. The dryer vent hose wants to fight you on it's way so it's difficult to lock the lid. You have to clean it out. I do between 5 and 7 loads of laundry a week and it needs to be cleaned by the time the last load is dried. Adding more water to the base will help you see lint flying out.

👤The device seems to work well, but can't get 5 stars. The duct is too short to be used with a taller dryer. I wanted to put it on top of the dryer since it was not possible to put it behind the dryer in my home. The duct didn't stay attached to the machine via the tie-wrap type fasteners. The duct is made of flimsy foil reinforced with a metallic wire. The spiral of wire means that the fastening must cross the wire. I would recommend buying a different duct of the type that doesn't have the spiraling wire, or using a different type of fastening, such as a hose clamp or a duct with screws and slots, rather than the type with just the two end tabs that screw together. The device humidifies the dry air in my home during the winter. I will recommend this to family members.

6. BetterVent Indoor Dryer Vent Kit

BetterVent Indoor Dryer Vent Kit

The dimensions of the electric dryer are 27.00" W x 29.88" D x 40.88" H. The BetterVent Dryer Vent captures lint, dust, pet hair and more. This vent traps the best dust particles with a screen and a filter. The double filter system is perfect for homeowners and renters. Save time, energy, and money with this long- lasting dryer vent. The BetterVent double filter system does not require water. Warm dryer air can be returned into the room to increase the savings on dry clothes. Don't worry about forgetting to clean the screen or filter. The Safety Vent Flap will keep your dryer cool until maintenance is done. When 80% of the air is restricted, your flap will only open. If you notice that your dryer is taking longer to dry your clothes, it is time to change the filter. Everything you need to install and use BetterVent is included in the complete vent kit. The kit includes instructions, mounting hardware, and weights. The kit does not include the duct hose. The filters can be vacuum cleaned. Only compatible with electric dryers. BetterVents are made in the United States of America. BetterVent protects your home. BetterVents are made in the United States of America. BetterVent protects your home.

Brand: Bettervent

👤My husband installed ours this morning, and I am very impressed. When we built our house, the dryer was put in a tube in the wall and out a vent on the roof. lint was getting everywhere with the lint catcher my husband was using, but he didn't like cleaning out the tube, so he put the dryer out into the garage. The installation was easy and it looks like it will solve the problem. There is an update. We have been using this for a couple weeks and are very happy with it. The changeable filter is the only thing the manufacturer should change. After installing the vent and changing the filter door, we decided the following: The changeable filters that come with the vent are too light and hard to clean. After only 3 loads, the change door popped up with little lint on the filter. I tried the metal filter, which didn't pop up the change, but blew small particles of lint into the garage and the car. I used a Swiffer duster to clean up the mess. There are two I tried a 1/2 inch thick filter cut from a a/c filter, but it was hard to clean, and the change your filter door popped up after 6 loads, with a moderate amount of lint in the filter. I tried a 1/2 inch thick a/c filter, which was the easiest to clean, and the change your filter door didn't pop up until 10 loads - or a week of laundry. If I can save money on the filters that I purchase from the manufacturer, I will be cutting multiple filters for the vent. The ones provided by the manufacturer are not as good as the ones provided by them. The garage has a change your filter door popped up, and a metal filter and 1/2 inch a/c filter after 10 loads of laundry. The combination seems to be the right one for maximum efficiency and longest filter use. I have added a picture of the filters I used. The green and black ones are the best. The blue one was worse than the one provided by the manufacturer. The filter is denser. The two less dense filters did a good job of blocking lint. The picture has filters in it. The cheapest whole house a/c filters are the green ones. It's about 1 inch thick. My husband had to remove it from the frame. This worked with the black filter. These must be tosed after use. There are two more The black filter was the cheapest and worked just as well as the green one. I have been throwing them away since they are cheap. There are 3 more I tried 1/2 inch thick and 1/2 inch wide, but I don't know if it's natural hog hair or dense fiberglass. The manufacturer of the dryer vent provided a 1/2 inch thick one. The one that worked the best was the quarter one. These are supposed to be clean. There are four The white/blue filter is the one provided by the manufacturer, and it really isn't very clean, I got the least amount of loads with it. The glue on the magnets degrades over time and they fall into the vent. The pop-up flap should have the magnets on the top. It's still a good solution to my dryer vent needs, but maybe just needs a few design changes. I have added more pictures of my solution. The packet of air filters is cheap. Walmart has the best green filters. I couldn't find them on Amazon. Pull off the cardboard and you can cut out the filters. Use care as fiberglass can poke you and using gloves while cutting can eliminate that problem. In the last update, I said to double up the filters in the unit. I replace the one closest to the air flow once a week. One about once a month. The lint is kept out of my garage by this trap. I still endorse the vent, but only by trail and error, not their filters and weights.

7. Stainless Polyester Upgrade Filters Electric

Stainless Polyester Upgrade Filters Electric

No noise, noISE and walking. Anti walk pads from Milcraft help support large appliances by reducing noise and vibrations. The anti-vibration pads effectively eliminate walking appliances. There are four pads in this set to cover the washer or dryer. 3 in 1 The FUNMAS indoor dryer vent is a 3-in-1 design that gives you the right to choose. lint, dust, pet hair can be captured. A water drawer system and a screen can capture large and heavy particles of dust, which can be harmful to the indoor environment. If you want to clean the dryer vent door, you can either open it, remove the lint from the back of the filter, or wash it with water. Add fresh water by emptying the drawer. The screen is made of steel. They don't recommend washing the filter with water. Remove the FUNMAS unit and vacuum with a hose attachment or a hand vacuum. There are 4 filters for replacement. It is possible to save energy by shredding down. The design of the dryer vent upward prevents lint, dust, pet hair and weights from falling into the air duct, blocking the air duct or even damaging the dryer. The warm air from the dryer comes back to the room, saving energy. There is a safety vent near the duct interface. The safety vent flap will open if you don't clean the screen or filter, this means you need to clean the dryer vent. You need to install weights according to the power of your dryer when you install it. Users need 2 to 3 weights. The metal weights are hard to fall off. It is recommended that the water drawer and the filter be cleaned every 3-6 dryer loads. The dryer vent can be connected with an aluminum duct. You can put the dryer vent on the side of the dryer or on the flat wall. You can open the window or use a dehumidifier if the dryer is running. It is recommended that the water drawer and the filter be cleaned every 3-6 dryer loads. The dryer vent can be connected with an aluminum duct. You can put the dryer vent on the side of the dryer or on the flat wall. You can open the window or use a dehumidifier if the dryer is running.

Brand: Funmas

👤I live in a mobile home and heat it with wood and propane. I don't like wasting energy in the winter and didn't want to cut a hole in metal under the house to connect a long dryer hose to a vent. My son put up the laundry in 15 minutes. I bought a new hose. The heat and humidity are put back into the house. I am very happy with this unit. I'm glad I found it because I hate the dryer and the heat it creates is used to heat my home. In the summer I hang cloths outside, or will detach the hose and vent and add lavender to the tray. Works well. I have a fisher and paykel dryer.

👤I have dried 6 loads of clothes. The dryer vent has not had any problems since installation. It is easy to maintain. I don't always empty the water tray, but I do check it to see how much lint is in it. I open the vent and look at the blue and steel filters behind it. My partner installed the vent quickly. I wanted to start fresh with the vent and ducting so we took down the old ones and bought new ones at Menards. The heat that comes from the vent is warm and will warm up the basement with just the right amount of humidity. I do laundry a few times per week so it doesn't pile up, which is good for this vent as it emits a lot of warm air and a bit of humidity. If you have a lot of stuff to do at one time, you might need to open a window. This dryer vent has been so good so far. We are liking it.

👤It allows a lot of heat and humidity into your house. I think more research should have been done first. The laundry room looked like it had been power washed. There is condensation everywhere. I'll be outside again. I can't imagine what you'd do in the summer.

👤I like the lint flying around. lint is collected by double screen The only problem is the connection from the back of the dryer to the end of the hose. The dryer runs for 10 minutes and it blows off. After connecting the house to the wall, the instructions state to push the dryer. There are pipes on the wall that prevent that from happening. The piece is hard plastic and you can't put a hose on it. There is a band of silicone that goes over the dryer outlet and then the hose. Frustrating!

👤The product worked well, until the filter got full of lint. There was only one weight needed when installing, so thats what was on there. It popped the whole filter off, breaking a piece of plastic on the bottom, so there is a space between the water tray and the filter when put back together. I am not sure what I am going to use as a dryer vent because it seems like a flaw in the design. If I put it together wrong, it will probably result in the same way.

8. Indoor Lint Trap Filter LTF0001

Indoor Lint Trap Filter LTF0001

100% money back guarantee. They will replace or refund your purchase if you are not satisfied. They offer excellent customer service. It is easy and risk-free. The Vent LINT TRAP is. lint and dust are captured by the electric dryer indoor vent's filter system. The dryer duct lint trap has a screen and water drawer system that makes it easy to clean. The electric dryer indoor vent kit has a fine steel screen that never needs to be replaced. They made sure that the inside dryer vent system screen lasts as long as the kit so you don't have to worry about finding replacements. Save energy. The dryer ventilating kit has a screen that can be used to recycle heat from your dryer. This reduces the environmental impact while also saving you money. It is easy to clean with their lint trap. The inside dryer vent has a knob on it. The lint can be removed from the back of the filter. The water drawer has lint in it. You can top up the drawer with fresh water. The lint trap for electric clothes dryers is made in the United States of America. This clothes dryer vent kit is an investment in quality that will last a long time. The lint trap for electric clothes dryers is made in the United States of America. This clothes dryer vent kit is an investment in quality that will last a long time.

Brand: Indoor Lint Trap Filter

👤This is the best lint trap on the market. I have been using mine for a long time and recently bought an extra one. There are a number of things you can do to make sure it operates well. Make sure the water drawer is always half full by cleaning it out each week. Second, put a heavy rubber band around the top and bottom of the screen to keep the air from pushing it out. After every load, turn the handle on the front of the screen to get the lint out of the screen. This prevents the drawer from pushing out because there is nowhere else for the air to go. This unit will perform well if you follow the directions. Suppliers who still have the unit are charging high prices because it is no longer being made. The original unit cost $35.00.

👤If you have an older house like mine that was built before electricity, you're probably in the same situation as I am and need something like this. This has been serving it's purpose well. Ignore the directions about water. Put something heavy in the lower shelf to keep it from blowing open and then just make sure to clean it out every few loads. If you don't clean this part of your laundry regularly, the air pressure build up from the blocked pipes will either push the door open or blow lint everywhere, so learn from my mistake and make cleaning this part of your laundry routine.

👤If you have an electric dryer, there are three things that come out of the vent: heat, humidity and lint. If you want to get rid of the heat and humidity, you need an outside vent. The third problem solved by this thing is that it catches the lint in a fine mesh, metal screen so it doesn't blow all over your room. It's also directional, meaning you can point the heat and humidity in a specific direction, rather than letting it leak out everywhere. If you have a small laundry space, it can be helpful to get the water out of the room so it doesn't accumulate in the rest of the house. I had a cheap tub of water that the vent sprayed into. It was just barely better than nothing. It caught some of the lint, but tons still got ejected into the room, coating everything and making for a big mess. I had to put up with the snow. It is easy to use and keep clean, and it seems to catch all the lint. You just spin the handle and throw the water in the mesh. I don't know how long it will last, but it works better than the cheaper one. If you have a gas dryer, it will kill you if you use this. It was worth it for what it is. I don't like that they assume you're going to permanently mount it somewhere, and if you leave it on top of the dryer, it's not heavy enough to sit stable. It's not a big deal, but you want it empty of water when it's not being used. If you're in a situation where you can't vent your electric dryer easily, I'd recommend getting it.

9. Cenipar TDIDVKZW Dryer Indoor Ducting

Cenipar TDIDVKZW Dryer Indoor Ducting

The 55 inch hood dryer is easy to move on a roll-about base with wheel locks, and it has a height-adjustable tube with clips for 9ft cord. There is super Iorrity. The flexible duct hose is easy to install. Attach it to the dryer and you are done. The dryer vent kit is made to be easy to clean and made of quality materials to prevent damage to the kit. There is a package list. The kit includes a 4” x 5” ProFlex dryer transition duct, plastic lint reservoir, a plastic mounting ring, and 2 plastic adjustable clamps. Also, note: The kit is ideal for apartments, condominiums and R.V.s but should not be used with gas clothes dryers. Part USAGE. The indoor dryer vent kit can be used to vent your electric clothes dryer indoors. They will try their best to help you, but please let them know in time. The quality-control project will enable their customers to buy with confidence and use with satisfaction. They will try their best to help you, but please let them know in time. The quality-control project will enable their customers to buy with confidence and use with satisfaction.

Brand: Cenipar

👤This is a terrible idea. This product is fine if your bar is low. It only allows you to relocate the dryer vent so you have a new place to collect lint.

👤I relocated my dryer vent from the roof to my garage using this product. It was easy to mount. I don't have to check the exhaust on my dryer. The product is easy to use and it only took an hour. This product is very good.

👤I didn't like this product. It works perfectly, it was easy to attach.

👤They don't give instructions, so you have to use zip ties to try and secure the hose. You don't get any type of filter with this. Save money.

10. Dryer Dock Vent Tubes White

Dryer Dock Vent Tubes White

The ducting is made from high-quality flame-retardant aluminum and built-in wire helix for reinforcement. The easiest way to connect your dryer's vent to your house vent is through DryerDock Quick-Connect. The solution is easy to install, looks great, and saves space behind the dryer. It fits 4 tubes with a 6 inch diameter. The Dryer Dock is a two-piece system that allows easy access to your dryer vent hose and vent pipe. Keeping the vent clean saves energy and prevents dryer fires. The rigid design of the hose keeps it securely in place, eliminates air drafts, pest intrusion, and saves energy. It prevents fires. According to the National Fire Protection Association, dryer vent fires are the number one cause of household fires and cause around 51 deaths,380 injuries, and $236 million in property loss each year. The original dryer dock was patented. More than 500,000 homes, factories, and offices have Dryer Dock installed, it is the "gold standard" of quick release in the industry. It is made in the USA. The original dryer dock was patented. More than 500,000 homes, factories, and offices have Dryer Dock installed, it is the "gold standard" of quick release in the industry. It is made in the USA.

Brand: Dryer Dock

👤The product is nice, but takes a little thought. I tried to fit the outside exhaust vent over the in-wall fitting, but the vent tubes seam prevented it from going in more. This is the reason why there are reviews saying it doesn't work, and the instructions don't mention another way to do it. The only other option was to use a vent crimping tool which would fit into the in-wall fitting and it worked out fine. If you do it this way, you need to use duct rated tape to cover the corrugated edges so that it doesn't collect dust and debris. The third pic. The installed pic is the last one. The unit is very well thought out.

👤Those who complain about the falling off of the connectors may not know that it is a twist lock. A second stronger force is needed to lock. This is a great invention. It helps when cleaning the duct.

👤I put it in the floor behind my dryer. A hole in the floor is worse than this.

👤The product was a low-cost alternative to the lack of space between the back of my dryer and the wall. It was easy to install. I could see a big problem. If you don't research this product. The instructions are not very detailed, so you may not know how to cut back the existing spout to make the vent flush with the wall. Thank you to those of you who wrote about it in your reviews. Without you, I wouldn't have been able to do that.

👤If your old setup simply has the outdoor vent pipe sticking out into the house, you will need to cut it to length. The outdoor vent plate relies on several tabs that snap into square holes on the pipe, so you will have to measure fairly close. The inside end is over the dryer doc. A pair of tin shears will do the job. If the inside hole is large, you will have to put in a new piece of plywood or drywall to attach the dock to the wall. I used a piece of plywood to get to the wall studs. Attach the dock to the plywood with a hole. Depending on your situation, you may need to do some work. You could use mollies if your drywall is in good shape. I put this with the "Snap to Vent 90" on the dryer end. I didn't want to use the straight end version of the Snap to Vent for the wall because I felt the Dryer Dock was a better option. You will need to attach the hose to the dock plastic. I used a regular piece of equipment. I put a zip screw on the plastic of the dock collar to keep it nice and secure. The zip screw can be secured with a nut driver. This setup is easy to maintain and nice.

👤It works as expected, just a few issues. The part to the wall may be too large. I had to spend some time getting it to fit with the existing pipe, but I was able to get it to work. I bent it back because it protruded out of the wall about 1 inch. It was easier to slide in the wall piece because of that. The connection is the second issue. It has no type of lock system. The one pictured is not recommended due to heat. When you push the dryer back into place, the semi-rigid hose collapses, causing it to turn off the wall. I was able to get it to work after a few attempts. It was better then.

11. GOZFLVT Portable Conditioner Sliding Suitable

GOZFLVT Portable Conditioner Sliding Suitable

The dryer vent filter can be used again after cleaning. The window seal plates kit should be installed on all types of sliding windows. The snap design is good. The window kit and window tube will not cause air leaks. The threaded design of the window tube is easy to install and disassemble, and is suitable for all portable air conditioners with 5.1" diameter hoses. The window seal portable AC replacement window is made of durable PVC materials that are easy to install and disassemble. The package includes a fixing plate, an exhaust hose accessory, and two screws.

Brand: Gozflvt

👤This one is for a slightly smaller hose than standard. If you use care, materials will work.

👤Everything you need in one. The price was great compared to other places. Instructions and assembly were easy to follow.

👤This product was used for a portable unit in our home. We did not have a window kit for this unit. We have no issues with it.

👤I looked at many different vent kits before ordering this one. I was hung up on the idea that the measurement I was getting on my vent didn't match what the kits included. The diameter of mine is 5.25". There are usually 5.1" or 5.9" with an occasional listing for 5". This one was listed as 5.1, which is what the vent adapter measures. Good on the manufacturer for an accurate description. There is a I used the vent adapter that was already on my hose, even though it wasn't as tall as the one in the kit. The kit is a perfect fit, but it is not a perfect fit. I'm thinking about using duct tape to attach the vent from the kit to the end of my vent hose so that it will fit the window. There is a Anyhow. I made the wrong one fit. The hole was big enough to pass the drain line through. There is a My window is too narrow for these panels, and that's the only other issue I had. The last picture shows the amount of overlap that prevented the vent from going in. I used a pocket knife to trim the overlap area. Even though I didn't use it all correctly and made some adjustments, I'm still happy with this kit and the result looks a lot better than the piece of foam I had wedged in that hole before.

👤I decided to get a second window kit instead of trying to breakdown the window kit that came with my portable air conditioner. I was able to install it. The window is very sturdy. It has survived the attention of my muscular tom cat and he doesn't play around when something is blocking his window. I was able to measure and block off the opening when not in use so now charging rooms is simply unhook, go to room, hook and turn on. It's great.


What is the best product for portable dryer vent?

Portable dryer vent products from Ipower. In this article about portable dryer vent you can see why people choose the product. Tasalon and Cykemo are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable dryer vent.

What are the best brands for portable dryer vent?

Ipower, Tasalon and Cykemo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable dryer vent. Find the detail in this article. Raven, Deflecto and Bettervent are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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