Best Portable Dvd Player for Car for Kids

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1. 10 5inch Portable Headrest Headphones Rechargeable

10 5inch Portable Headrest Headphones Rechargeable

WONNIE has more than 10 years experience in portable DVD player. They give a full refund of reasons in one year. If you want to get product support from Amazon Station Email or After-sell Email, they will reply in 24 hours and ensure your profit. The dual screen dvd players with 800 screen resolution can be used to play a movie or video at the same time. The main player connected to a TV or other supported DVD players can get a more exciting watching experience on the big screen. This portable DVD player has built-in 2 stereo speakers that can provide clear stereo sound. The slave monitor can be adjusted solely. Two high-quality headphones are included to provide you with a quiet driving environment, your family can better enjoy the road trip, and there are 2 headrest mount straps that are very easy to install on the car seat. The main player can play for up to 5 hours when connected together, and both screens can play for up to 3 hours. They provide a 3 in 1 AC power adapter and car charging station to ensure a longer viewing time. The car dvd player can play all the discs in the region that it is in. It can play music with up to 32GB of storage on the card. When you turn on the last memory function in the general setup, you'll always start where you left off. WONNIE has more than 10 years experience in portable DVD player. They give a full refund of reasons in one year. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact them through Amazon message or after-sales mailbox, they will reply asap and ensure your profit at all times.

Brand: Bigasuo

👤We got some DVD players to take on vacation. They are good for traveling with children. The headphones are our favorite accessory. The husband can enjoy our music while the kids watch a movie. The screen is large enough to be seen, but not too big. We haven't used them much but they've been good. There are too many cords on the truck. It is difficult to keep the kids from jerking the cords out when they get in and out. I wish they had a different method of mounting other than the straps, as the straps loosen and need to be adjusted often.

👤The machine is performing well. Never stops. The battery life is great. I had a piece of plastic on the back of the strap. I used duct tape for the rest of the trip. Unless you wear headphones, you can't hear it. I have had other ones that were louder.

👤Our 2 year old is busy so we bought this to keep him busy. The screens had different picture quality. The part is ready to be mounted. It is impossible to fix the loop that the strap goes through. If you have $200 to blow for a trip, it's not a bad idea.

👤We didn't have time to return for our move. The one that the car was mounted on didn't snap off when loose fell. It loosens itself no matter what you do. I had to have my oldest hold it for 4 days so I wouldn't read it. Very disappointed.

👤We bought for road trips for our kids. It has helped a lot. They love the fact that they each have a screen. There is no getting around the fact that all the cords are everywhere. The best option for the price.

👤We purchased one and had trouble with one of the monitors, we talked to the vendor who told us to return it, and they sent another one, but we had to return it as well.

👤My kids can watch tv in the car with these. I didn't know one was a slave monitor. They like watching the same movie.

👤A nice player! The sound is perfect and the quality is amazing. My kids watched movies on a long trip. I was very happy with my purchase.

2. DBPOWER Portable Rechargeable Battery Support

DBPOWER Portable Rechargeable Battery Support

The portable DVD player has a break-point memory function, which means the DVD will pick up where you left off. Standard parts and labor are free for a year. All your favorite TV shows and movies are built-in batteries. If you're on the road, let your kids watch cartoons. The 2500 mAh battery has 5 hours of video playing time. The built-in battery, car charging, and AC power adapter of the portable DVD player allow it to serve for a long period of time before needing to be charged. Direct play in formats: CD,DVD,CD-R/RW,DVD-R/+R,DVD+RW/-RW, VCD,SVCD, but not blu-ray DVD are supported. It is not Region free. The 9 inch screen has a unique design. The 800*480 screen has a 180 degrees flip feature. The back of your car's head restraint can be used as a mount for the portable DVD player. The speaker has a louder volume. A dual speaker design. The volume is louder and clearer with the integrated stereo speakers. The DVD player has a 3.5mm earphone jack on the right side so that you can get a clear sound. The last memory and remote control feature you need most is here. A universal operating system allows for remote control. The break-point memory function can pick you up from where you left off. They provide a 12-month warranty to make sure you get a 100% satisfied buying experience.

Brand: Dbpower

👤I gave away my portable DVD player a few years ago. I thought it was a dinosaur and that I would probably never use it. I couldn't have been more wrong. DVD players don't come with devices anymore and you can't always stream what you want. The unit is perfect for travel. Our flight to Aruba will be shorter with a 5 hour battery capacity. I have Amazon Prime. I got this DVD player the next day after ordering it on Easter Sunday. The bottom line is that this unit works and will be a great travel companion.

👤You are purchasing this product because of the price and rating, but don't expect miracles after you receive it. I bought this product and tested it on a long road trip with my toddler. We drove for 40 hours and found the unit to be a decent portable DVD player, but we also experienced some serious flaws with the unit. The DVD player is small and lightweight. The screen is clear but not crisp. The internal speakers do a good job, but the sound levels were sporadic between movies and too quiet on some. The unit isn't the fastest thing to load media, but we are dealing with archaic technology with longer load times. Users can watch movies on a horizontal or vertical surface, such as on a desktop or in a vehicle, with the help of the swivel screen. The DVD player has some serious design flaws. The included remote is hard to comprehend because of the gray buttons and white symbols on them. It is impossible to see unless you have it in direct light, which made operating the unit in the car an absolute nightmare. The remote is useless when watching the unit in a car. Unless you point the remote directly above the unit, it is impossible to use it in a vehicle because the sensor is on the top of the DVD player. The buttons on the unit allow for various controls. If you place the screen in the headrest, the buttons will be smashed and the DVD player won't work. We usually had the unit start to forward the movie until we took the unit out of the mount, fixed it, and put it back in the mount, but we had to repeat this process several times before we could get it to work in the mount. The unit behaved erratically on large bumps on the road because of the design flaw. I was excited the unit played digital media and wanted to watch some of it, but the formats compatible with the unit are outdated. I never got anMPEG4 to work after several different attempts to convert the media to other formats, and the unit does not support it unless it is very low quality. The unit will still play sound when it is put to a television or other inputs. The DVD player is decent for the price, but you aren't going to be watching it. It has some serious set backs, but it kept my 2-year old happy when it worked. The accessories include power cord, vehicle power cord, remote, and video game controller. The lightweight and fairly compact CONS are. The remote is worthless. The remote doesn't work in vehicle mode. You need the skills of Indiana Jones to replace the golden idol with a sandbag to get the unit to play.

3. IeGeek Portable Rechargeable Battery Function

IeGeek Portable Rechargeable Battery Function

The last memory and remote control feature you need most is here. A universal operating system allows for remote control. The break-point memory function can pick you up from where you left off. They provide a 12-month warranty to make sure you get a 100% satisfied buying experience. It's portable and can be carried with you on your road trip, it's fun to accompany your child on your journey, and it's easy to carry with you. The ieGeek DVD player can be attached to a car's headrest. The upgraded battery capacity of 2500mAh ensures a 5 hours lasting time. They provide a high quality car charger and AC power adapter in the package, so you don't have to worry about the battery dying out when you leave. ieGeek portable DVD players with two high-power speakers make the volume louder and clearer. Not enough? There is a 3.5mm earphone jack on the right side of the player. All Regions, Multi Formats. ieGeek supports CD, DVD, DVD+R(-R), DVD+RW(-RW), VCD, SVCD-R(RW), CD-R(RW) from 6 regions, and also supports multi-media files via ausb and sd card. ieGeek adopts the HD Eye-protective Screen, and refuse the recycled screen, aim at alleviating eye fatigue caused by the long use, more comfortable and protective screen for your kids' eyes.

Brand: Iegeek

👤The price and functions are great. The video quality looks great and the DVD player has many options. The DVD player 1 has some key highlights. It will not support Blueray of course, but plays almost any DVD-R or DVD+R recorded format. 2. The videos must be in a format that is not in mp4 for the reader to work. Wondershare Video Converter is a good way to convert video to Divx. Not every resolution is supported, so use standard 480P to convert your videos. 3. I play games on the Nintendo Entertainment System. The gamepad needs to be plugged in to the rear port of the device. You can download your own games, but never every game is supported. I found that 1/3 of the collection wouldn't work. 4. The speakers are loud. You can't change volume during the game. There are a few things to note on this DVD player. If your videos have large black bands on top and bottom, you need to make sure that your screen setup is s ound as s ound as s ound as ound as ound as ound as ound as ound as ound as ound as I usually turn off the memory function because it can cause issues with the videos. The Dynamic Range should be turned to full so that compressed videos can be seen.

👤This was a birthday gift for our five-year-old. Both he and his sister love it. We returned two other similar devices that we had purchased, one didn't have as many charging options, and the other broke after one use, and this one is far superior. My son's favorite color is red and so he loves how it looks, it's small, lightweight and feels solidly built. The device can be folded back onto itself, making it more like a device than a computer, which is good if you're giving it to a cranky toddler in a car. The controls on the device and the remote control are more useful than the other products we tried, and the remote is more responsive, so you can go to the menu and interact with it easily. Unlike some of its competitors, it remembers where you left off when you watch a DVD. The sound and image quality are very good. It can be plugged into the wall or charged via a car power adapter, and it has a better battery life than other similar devices. We were able to get a 4-year protection plan for only a few dollars more, and I think it will be useful for our kids given how young they are. It's made two long road trips considerably more fun for the whole family, and has given my son the ability to play DJ with his favorite CDs during family time, as well as to play from the library in a more hands-on and personal way than he ever could with our big He prefers this device over our other one because he can control it so easily. It doesn't come with headphones or earbuds, or a way to attach it to a car headrest, but if you write a review, they will give you a free headrest mount. I would have written this review anyway, but we are looking forward to it! The power button is on the side and our kids have turned it off accidentally. It could be placed on the back edge to make it harder to access.

4. SUNPIN Portable Headrest Rechargeable Battery

SUNPIN Portable Headrest Rechargeable Battery

Arafuna has a LIFETIME guarantee on this car DVD player. You will get 1 x car DVD player, 1 x headphone, 1 x remote control, 1 x car charging station, 1 x AC adapter, and 1 x user manual. Their engineer designed an elegant appearance and HD protective screens to bring you a superb viewing experience. They refuse to recycle screens and materials. The volume can be louder and clearer with built-in dual stereo speakers. Jack makes sure two kids watch at the same time. SUNPIN has a long history of R&D in audio and video. It's ideal for your home entertainment and road trip because you can sync movies on large screens with included cable and remote control. Their portable DVD player can be easily attached to your car seat headrest if you have an extra car headrest mount case. An ideal companion for your kids watching cartoons. A car seat mount case is included. Sunpin portable dvd player has a Li-polymer rechargeable battery that can last up to 5 hours of playtime. They provide a certificated AC power adapter and high-quality car charging station in the package, so you don't have to worry about the battery being drained. Sunpin portable DVD player is compatible with all regions except for Blu-ray. The Anti-Shock function protects the disc reading process from being interrupted. The resume play function allows you to continue watching from where you left off. Is it enough? The mini player can perform more humanization functions.

Brand: Sunpin

👤The DVD player is nice and good quality, but it is not Region Free as stated in the description. 98% of the DVD's purchased at your local store will not be played if you live in the US. DVD players in the US are only used for Region 1 so our DVD plays on them. I had to learn about this yesterday when I tried to play a standard Peppa Pig DVD on a DVD player and got an error message. You can only watch Region 0 or "A" for all regions on DVD. These are hard to find. I bought a DVD on Amazon with the Peppa Pig DVD and it worked. This is the reason I gave this product 3 stars. I would give it 5 stars because the picture is amazing for a portable DVD player. I don't want to be restricted on what DVD's I watch. I can play and not be able to go to my local store to buy a DVD compatible with this DVD player.

👤They had positive reviews because the company harassed me to remove my comment. I refused to remove my comment and they refuse to give me back my money. It works when sitting on the center counsel of the front seat. The company gave us partial refunds. I bought this to use in the car to keep my daughter occupied. When it's on the back of the seat, it just skips or doesn't load. I am waiting for the company to reply. If I change the review, the situation will be different. The price is on the cheaper side. When I get it, I think it will work.

👤This dvd player is really cool. Two kids can listen to the same thing at the same time because of the jack. We can use the projector screen to play dvds. It has a mount for the head in the car. I use it on roadtrips. The image is clear on the screen. The dve can be used if it's charged. Very happy with it!

👤The reviews are great. Maybe I just got a lemon. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. I tested it out on the counter at home. We took it on a four hour road trip with two children under 5 and within minutes it was skipping, freezing or not reading discs. I don't like to give bad reviews, but this made a long road trip and two kids were crying because they were excited to watch movies on it.

👤Does what I need it to be? My baby is getting upset on the way home. I haven't used it in the car yet, but I've tested it and it's so good. I ordered this product because I was worried it wouldn't play my dvds, and I read all the bad reviews. I got regular DVDs for it, but I don't think it plays blue rays. I got a Pokemon movie and charged it up for a few hours, turned it on, and it played my movie just fine. The colors are bright. When I turned off the dvd and turned it back on to show my partner, it was where I left off in my show. I thought that was cool. Its light. I felt like I needed to write a review because I was scared but I want people to know that it will do what it's supposed to. It's a good product for the price. I've had it for over a month. I can't put it on my head unit because my baby's mirror is there. I put it at her feet. She kicks it and it does well. The outside has a few scratches after being dropped. It still works. We love it!

5. Vanku Player Headrest Headphone Support

Vanku Player Headrest Headphone Support

This DVD player for car headrest can be used to play high definition video from your mobile phone, computer, or other device. The wall charger is for home use. You can connect it to the TV via the cable. A car DVD player for kids is user-friendly. The flip clamshell design makes it easy for kids to change discs without having to take the player off. It is easier to install and fit a custom headrest mounting brackets than it is to fit a standard one. There is a region free headrest DVD player with built-in dual speakers. You can support HD1080P video with a card that has a FAT32 format. There is a video called FLV/RMVB. The audio and video formats are mp4 and mp3 Buy 2 headrest DVD players to avoid conflicts between kids and share the same movie through an audio-visual cable. The resume function saves time. They offer 18-month warranty and detailed pre-sales and post- sales technical support. If you have a question, please contact them. They offer 18-month warranty and detailed pre-sales and post- sales technical support. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Vanku

👤I can use the remote from the front seat and it works in the back of the vehicle. I wanted an extra head rest mount so I could move the player from one vehicle to the other easily. I contacted customer service and they sent me one. Customer service is great and the product is user friendly. Really happy so far.

👤After our other DVD player stopped working, we got this one. The setup was very easy. It has a mount it slides in and is very sturdy, but it doesn't have straps to hold it up. The headphones it comes with are a plus because of the clear volume. The size and quality of the picture are great. I recommend this DVD player.

👤The sound went out in less than six months and I was so disappointed that the manual didn't have a number to call, I went online and email customer service and they answered in less than 24 hours. That is great customer service. There was no running. They asked for my order number and then replaced my unit. I don't have to return the old one because the player works perfectly and I am donating it to a hearing impaired child. The unit is easy to use for my grandson, and I purchased another one for my daughter. I would definitely recommend it. I don't know if she is a real person, but she is a great champ to my grandson. I will shop their other products.

👤Will return the DVD player. It has to be turned off and on multiple times to play the DVD. Will not play some DVD's. It was quite cold during the movie. I don't recommend this product. It is easy to put the dvd in. That is all. Had high hopes for this product. It is good when it works, but a pain to get the movie to start.

👤The picture and sound are great. The screen is large. My baby is still rear facing and I can mount this along side his mirror. I can still keep an eye on him because he is occupied. It comes with a remote that I can use to control anything he needs.

👤The dvd player was a great buy. It worked out great. The remote makes it easy to get a dvd up and running. The image quality is good. I tested it with an mp4 file on an sd card. It worked out great. I would definitely buy this unit again. We needed something to keep our 1 year old calm on road trips. I regret not buying it sooner. I reached out to their customer service to get the additional mount. They took care of my issue very quickly.

👤Absolutely junk. It has to be turned off and on a few times. It is constantly frozen. Won't stay on. Do not recommend. Send it back.

👤Put them in my car. They work well for what they are. Is it possible that they have a built in power source? I do. The kids are entertained on long trips. They can be used in the hotel room. They should be able to screen cast the phone to them. The job is done with an adapter cable. The headphones are too heavy for my little one in her booster seat.

6. Portable With14 1 Rechargeable Battery Support

Portable With14 1 Rechargeable Battery Support

The portable DVD player has a large HD screen to make the video clearer. The large screen is more suitable for adults, elderly, teenagers and children, and is convenient for several people to watch movies at the same time. You can use the 270 rotation and 180 flip function. The battery and anti-shock makes it possible to play for 6-7 hours. The car DVD player can be used for longer when you are out. The anti-shock function will protect the disc. A personal DVD player with two large 3-inch speakers ensures louder and clearer sound. The audio jack can be plugged into a headset. You can enjoy movies on your TV with the help of the audiovisual input and output. The gamepad is included in most NES games. Kids portable DVD player supports all region discs, including DVD, CD-R(RW), DVD-R(+R), DVD-RW(+RW), CVD(SVCD), VCD, CD, etc. The only thing that can't be supported is the Blu-ray disc. The package included advd player portable, a power adapter, a car charger, and a user manual. Please contact them if you have any questions. They will give you a solution within 24 hours. The package included advd player portable, a power adapter, a car charger, and a user manual. Please contact them if you have any questions. They will give you a solution within 24 hours.

Brand: Jekero

👤I own a DVD player under my TV stand because I have so many. I bought the portable DVD player because I have a high school son who is watching movies on the internet but he doesn't have access to many of the good ones that are available in DVD. With this, he can watch some of our DVD collection from his room without worrying about his siblings. I like the [+] screen with resolution perfect for DVD movies, because they are not high definition. The screen can be closed flat for portable use, and can be adjusted for better viewing angles. It's great sounding built-in 2 speakers and comes with a car charging port. There are more option controls on the side. There's no stop button and there's fast forward, rewind, play, and pause buttons. Couldn't figure out how to use the gaming control or theusb port on the remote control. I was able to watch movies in various formats from my PC, even though I am not sure how to use the gaming control. It does what it was intended to do, and that is play DVD movies. If you have a large collection of DVD's and need to keep your kids busy while on the road, this portable DVD player is for you. Hope my photos and video were useful. If they were, please click on the button below. Thank you!

👤I reached out to the vendor of the DVD player to let them know that the car charging port was not included in the box. Within hours of sending it, the BMG-STORE sent me an email. The Customer Service was great. They were going to send me a car charge. I received a new DVD Player. It wasn't the same one as Amazon was out of stock, but they sent me the same size. They wanted to fix the "no car charge" as soon as possible. They told me to keep the one I had, and there was no extra charge. Thank you for your kind words. I will come by from you again. The sound is good. This did not come with a car charge. I bought it because I wanted to use it in the car while traveling. I've tried to find one that fits but all are large.

👤I think this is a nice DVD player. It is portable, light, and great for road trips. The DVD player is built to last. It's the size of a 2000 laptop but light. It comes with a controller, but I don't think it has any built in games. I checked the settings and it didn't have anything. The first controller I was provided was cracked. I have not seen a way to use that controller because it looks like it is not made of the best material. You can control the DVD player from afar with a remote control. The battery life is pretty nice, that's the next thing about this product. It lasted about two hours on the first charge. It does not come with a car charge, but it does come with a wall charge. The DVD player can be used while it is being charged. The next thing about this is that it can be used as a DVD player for the TV. Many newer TVs will not work for this because it only allows for RCA and not HDMI. The cable is long, but it is not 3.5 MM like plugs. It is easy to replace but it is only one plug. Plug it into the right port. The controls are easy to use. It has a TV setting and DVD. If you need to watch TV, I believe you can use this device. The screen is held on but the hinge can be turned around so you can use it like a computer. The screen is not a touch screen, so you have to open it again to use the buttons, or use the remote control. You get scratches on the blue after a while. There isn't a carrying case. The box's bottom is not stable and could break on you, so be careful with it. The picture is of good quality. I feel like I have a standard 480p DVD player. It isn't upscaled or anything like that. The DVD slot is unlocked by pushing it down. Try not to shake or turn the DVD while it is running because it holds it pretty well. You can use a thumb drive or an sd card to enjoy videos on theusb port and slot. The only problem is that it has a very limited file to watch from a video player. You will only hear sound. This is a good portable DVD player. It is great for keeping children entertained and the best part is that it can be plugged into a TV to play DVD's. It's ideal for homes because you can use it as a main DVD player. The remote uses a coin battery to power it. The controller is a bit too flimsy for my liking, so be aware of that.

7. SUNPIN Portable Earphone Supports Multiple

SUNPIN Portable Earphone Supports Multiple

Sunpin adopts a professional high brightness screen on its product, which brings you clearer and brighter images. The Lithium battery can be used for 5 to 6 hours. The battery they use is called a Polymer Lithium battery. Double-EARPHONE JACKS. Two kids can enjoy the DVD player with two headphones. Buy a DVD player to keep the kids quiet. The included headrest mount case could be used to hang the DVD player on to the back of a car seat and enjoy movies and music during the whole trip. Sunpin PDVD969 portable DVD player is designed with last memory function, which makes watching more convenient by restraining from the break point, professional audio equipment.

Brand: Sunpin

👤A Long Road Trip No bs review is ready for parents. It worked. Twin girls are 4 years old. There were Cheeto crumbs and juice on it. Still going strong. This product doesn't save you. They don't want a new movie every 30 minutes. Figure out where you're going to charge. It was easy for us because we were prepared. It still works! It's back and forth! A child would have been left in Florida if we did not have this.

👤The DVD player is easy to use for the car. The picture and video are clear. The DVD player folds back as shown in the second picture, and comes with an attachment to go over the rest of the car. You should come with all the chargers and remotes. The charge lasts for 8 hours.

👤This was an upgrade from my previous portable DVD player. We used them to keep me awake when we traveled with the kids. When the sun is out, the screen is much brighter. The remote is used to adjust this at night. This one doesn't whine in the speakers when it's plugged in. I was expecting a bigger screen, but it's not as big as I thought. I can't use 8magine. The little ones are small. I thought it was too big to fit in the space in my 2012 f-150 on the dash, but it actually has more room. The double earphone jacks are a good perk. After multiple trips and my little boy using it in his room when he wants to watch the same movie he's watched a thousand times, we don't have any issues. I think so.

👤Good for the price. Good picture quality. It had a head rest holder. The car charging cord came apart after a few uses. The battery lasts for about 5 hours so as long as I remember to charge it before I go, it is still worth it. If you are using headphones, we have ours in a van with 5 children, so only 2 of them can really hear it. It did the job because it kept my littles happy for a long time. They sent me a replacement car charge immediately after I asked if I could buy one.

👤After camping this week, I was able to watch two full movies and still have power. This is what we bought it for. The picture was clear and good. It was put on the back of the seat in the car and works well. The kids will like it. They will be able to watch and not bother others in the vehicle if they have a room for 2 headphones. The battery lasted 3 hours and 48 minutes on initial use. After the second charge it lasted 4 hours and 53 minutes, and after the third charge it was over, but we still had power. The movies ran for over four hours. It should be good for the time frame the seller advertised. We like the item.

8. HD JUNTUNKOR Portable Rechargeable Headrest

HD JUNTUNKOR Portable Rechargeable Headrest

The Kids' Companion is perfect for kids and the elderly. When you have a busy time, it gives you time to be with your children and elderly. The Pure HD Cinema Level Screen has more high-definition and top picture quality. It has been upgraded to 10. You can get the perfect view every time with the 1-Inch screen with 270 degree rotation and 180 degree flip. Technical support services are provided by them. Longer Watching Time adds a protection board for the battery to achieve the highest quality and safety. You can watch your favorite videos for free. You can use it for longer with the additional charging option. The only DVD player on the market that has two operating systems is the Unique Button Design. The Portable DVD Player for Car can be used in the car without the need for the bag to be taken out. Direct play of CD, DVD, CD-R/RW, DVD -R/+R, DVD+RW/-RW, VCD, SVCD is supported. It's region free. It supports max 32GB of storage for playing mp3/wma/WAV, mpeg2/AVI, and other files. Break-point memory The DVD will start where you left off last time.

Brand: Hdjuntunkor

👤The Juntunkor portable DVD player is great. Especially for people who have children. I have used at least 5 different brands of portable DVD players and this one is my favorite. It is more compact and easy to carry. The included carrier makes long car rides with the children a little more manageable, and it's easy to put the carrier on to the car seats. The slim controller has a wide selection of buttons. The quality of the display is amazing. It is worth it because it does not come with a power outlet and it is 888-282-0465, however it does not come with a power outlet or 888-282-0465, which would be 888-282-0465, however it does come with 888-282-0465 The HD Junkuntor is a portable DVD player. It's great for kids, road trips, and even binge watching. I always check the reviews when I buy something online. I rely on others to help me make a decision. I try to include photos in my reviews. If my review has helped you, please click the helpful button below. Feel free to ask any questions. Thank you!

👤I had a portable DVD player. It was light to carry and throw in a carryon to watch movies on a plane. It broke after 8 years. I decided to try this one because it has a small screen. It was well made and played right out of the box. It comes with virtually every cable you need, and even one to use to play DVD's through a large screen TV, as other reviews have pointed out. It is designed to make it impossible for your kids to reach the buttons. The bottom moves. A reviewer thought it was good to make destop presentations. You can add a flash drive to your computer to play the.avi file you created with your camera. I liked that it was attached to the back of the car seat with a cloth case. I have no children so that is not relevant to me. The price is acceptable for a unit of this size. The unit is heavy and I want to caution you about that. It weighs more than my previous one did. It's a DVD/CD player. It won't play discs from the new format. If you have a collection of Disney discs for your kids or play them at home, you won't be able to play on this unit. I understand that a licensing fee is required for a manufacturer to make a Bluray player. I found some portable players on Amazon that were in the $200 range. If you understand the weight issue and know that you can only play music CDs on it, this will serve you well. The manufacturer has a 30 day return policy. I hope you found this review useful. Steve Ramm is known as Anything Phonographic.

👤I bought this to amuse the kids during long car rides. I bought it because it had a 5 hour battery life and we can charge it with the included wall charger. I notice that it has a car charge as well. My old one didn't have that. This is not going to die mid-trip and be a disappointment to the kids. You can use it as a home DVD player on a big screen between car trips, and it also has some A/V cables so you can use it 24/7. If you have any handsy little ones that want to keep pushing the button to open the DVD compartment, you can turn that part away from them so that they don't see it. You can control it with a remote control. This was a great purchase. I was just watching a black and white movie and it has full color. Groucho Marx is the best.

9. WONNIE Portable Headrest Mounting Rechargeable

WONNIE Portable Headrest Mounting Rechargeable

WONNIE has more than 10 years experience in portable DVD player. They give a full refund of reasons in one year. If you want to get product support from Amazon Station Email or After-sell Email, they will reply in 24 hours and ensure your profit. It's easy to carry on the go with thePortable Car DVD Player. This dvd player can keep your kids entertained while they are in the backseat, so they don't get anxious or upset when they are bored. The viewing experience is clear and loud. The 10 inch dvd player has a wide open view image to protect kids eyes and it has a high definition resolution. Two speakers, two joys. The booming sound will bring a nice listening experience to your family. You can connect your main dvd player to your tv with provided cables to get a better viewing. The main dvd player and other tv ports can be plugged into with one end of an AV cable. Enjoy a beautiful movie night with your family. Get rid of restrictions, support standard DVDs from any region, and play various DVD formats. You can play media files with the built-inusb port. WONNIE has more than 10 years experience in portable DVD player. They provide lifetime technical support and a full refund of reasons. If you have any issues, please contact them by email or on the Amazon message station.

Brand: Wonnie

👤These are amazing! During the day, the glare is very low. The picture is great. Audio is great, but even better with headphones. I wanted to make sure it lasts through the 600 mile road trip before I buy it. My family and I are happy with this product. I was able to use the primary monitor for DVD's and the second monitor for video game play with a cheap HDMI to video conversion. The installation was easy if you know how to use a phillip's head screwdriver.

👤I give the customer service 5 stars. I had read hundreds of reviews and decided on this one, I was excited to upgrade our other dual DVD player. The picture quality was horrible even though I tried to fix it, the slave monitor was dark and grainy, and the settings I tried were not good. The main monitor was good. I contacted customer service and they sent me a new slave monitor, free of charge, to see if it fixed the problem. They allowed me to keep the original slave monitor, so I didn't have to send it back. The new one was the same as the old one. I don't know if it's an actual problem with anyone else's or if I just got a bad main monitor, but it was horrible. I contacted customer service again and they gave me two options, one of which was to send it back and get a full refund, or the other of which was to give me half my money back. My toddler loves his DVD player and I got rid of my other one. The main monitor plays great. I took the second option and gave myself half the money back. They solved the problem quickly. I am grateful for their business. If the slave monitor had the same quality as the main monitor, I would have had no complaints at all and would have been an easy 5 stars all the way around.

👤I have used these a few times and so far they are very good. The remote has a volume button. I haven't had time to mess with my computer yet, so I'm still trying to figure out if I can get movies from my computer to play. The brackets that come with the set for the headrest are a great idea but they did not fit my car's headrest. I am used to the strap working perfectly. The power button is a little stiff so it will take some getting used to. I was pleasantly surprised by the touch buttons on the front of the screen.

👤This isn't a 5 star review because the power cord doesn't reach the outlet in our minivan. We need another 6 inches to reach the 57 inch cord. The power ports in the adapter add about 12 inches and allow everything to easily connect. I was worried that the cords wouldn't be able to reach both devices because we have one child with a forward and one child with a rear facing child. They have a spare cord. The sound quality is great, we haven't had to go higher than 50% of the volume on car rides and can hear it from the front seat. I like the option of snapping the screens into the insert or attaching them to the headrest. Make sure you have twoAAA batteries, the remote is easy to figure out. I would recommend the 10 inch screens over the 7.5 inch ones because you can see and hear the movie in the back row. If you have kids facing opposite directions, you should know that the cords are on the right of the devices. I didn't bother when another customer put the cords through the door handle. Both parents are happy with the purchase and loved the price.

10. WONNIE Portable 4000mAH Rechargeable Battery

WONNIE Portable 4000mAH Rechargeable Battery

The portable DVD player is lightweight and easy to carry. You can support all regions standard DVDs and play your favorite movies on the go. Bigger screen brings better viewing feeling, it allows you to watch every detail of the movie, it's friendly for young kids and elderly. Enjoy the movie at your most comfortable angle with the 270swivel and 180flip screen. The speakers have double speakers. The sound of the movie can be restored with the help of dual speakers, which bring nice listening experience to the comforts of your families. You can connect a DVD player to TV with a cable subscription. The battery is better for portable use, free from the shackles of wires, if you support 3 power supply modes. The original package includes a portable DVD player, car mount holder, and a user manual. They provide lifetime technical support and a full refund of reasons. If you have any issues, please contact them. The original package includes a portable DVD player, car mount holder, and a user manual. They provide lifetime technical support and a full refund of reasons. If you have any issues, please contact them.

Brand: Wonnie

👤It's easy to set up and use. It works well in the car. The batteries can be charged with either a 12v or AC adapter. The pouch is easy to install. The product was very pleased with. It has a big screen. The sound could be louder. There is a cluttered remote. If you want to change DVDs while the vehicle is moving, you have to remove the player from the pouch. The pros outweigh the cons. It is large and portable. We bought 2 of them and are thinking about a third. You won't be disappointed. The value is great.

👤Clarification for this model and other models who advertise the outer headrest dimensions are being nicely manipulated by the seller. The ad says 16 when the back seat holder is this size, not the screen diagonal measure. The models that offer the outer holder for back seat viewing are misleading. The indicator light shines on the surface of the model that is sitting on. The remote is ok but needs to be focused on the wireless receiver being the bottom right corner. The keys are small. navigation is difficult to make choices with users choice and how to back out of the new setting The player is preset. Users don't need to make changes. The rotating screen can be used with brute force. The wires will fail with abuse or sudden pulls and twists which will make the player life span much lower. If you lower contrast and/or brightness, it can play for up to 6 hours if you angle the screen to your eyes. The same good results for picture will be obtained by consuming less power. The US/Canada has an odd plug that works with a half twist in the proper direction. Customer service is very good, the manufacturer includes these global connectors for travel outside the U.S. If there are any issues or problems. The screen size is not 16. It is a winner.

👤The DVD player is great. Whether you can see with some of the smaller DVD players or not is huge. I uploaded a picture of a DVD player and a chromebook. It is very easy to use and has all the buttons you would expect on a DVD player. It is worth the price. And then some. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

👤I bought this player so that I could follow exercise videos in a private room with no TV. The device is perfect for this. I found many uses for it, such as showing recipes in the kitchen, a movie on our screened in porch, a class on video that I can watch at my desk, and movies we can watch on our boat. It's great for kids videos when they visit. I am happy to find so many uses for it. The price was good.

👤I didn't have to help my wife set it up, it was easy to set up. They only asked for a review because they didn't ask for 5 stars like other companies. It came with all the cables it said it would, so it worked as expected. If my nephew is unhappy with sound, lag, battery life, or heating, I will update this review. 7/7/2020 is the day.

11. FANGOR Portable Headrest Mounting Rechargeable

FANGOR Portable Headrest Mounting Rechargeable

The new generation 10 inch DVD players are dual DVD players. Two monitors will play the same movie. SYNC can be played on your big tv screen or other dvd players. Two quality speakers will give you clear stereo sound. One player will work for about 5 hours solely. They will play for about 3 hours when they are together. You could use them in European countries as well as in the UK with 3 in 1 AC adapters. It is possible to mount a dvd player on the headrest with two brackets and straps, which will not make you move for DVD players, shake them or take care of dropping out. You will always start from where you left off. Direct play free regions discs from CD, DVD, CD-R/RW, DVD -R/+R, DVD+RW/-RW, VCD to SVCD are compatible with multimedia. There is support for playing mp3s, vOBs, AVI,MPEG1, and XVID on the card. They provide a full refund of reasons in one year. If you want to get product support from Amazon Station Email or After-sell Email, they will reply in 24 hours and ensure your profit. They provide a full refund of reasons in one year. If you want to get product support from Amazon Station Email or After-sell Email, they will reply in 24 hours and ensure your profit.

Brand: Fangor

👤My wife's poor arms were getting exhausted holding up an unsharable iPad for movies between our minions on long drives. We decided to buy a car DVD system. I ordered and returned 2 systems before I found this system. The screen was too large and in your face. The Wonnie 10" system was more expensive and had the same problems as all other systems, they all depend on a pathetic mounting system that holds things in place like a gummi bear. My wife's problem was not fixed. Cell phone screen resolutions will be superior, but remember how much you paid for that device instead. It's a bad idea to give a kid an HD screen that they might break, and it's not a good idea to give them a 10 inch HD screen. This system has a major advantage over the competition, because it has 2 power cords. The cigarette lighter is an internationally interchangeable DC outlet plug. Having a backup power source is great, but no one else gives you an outlet cord, and finding second party cords with the right DC connectors is murder. Being able to limit the amount of stuff in a car with kids that is packed with stuff is a huge plus, because my car and many others are putting outlets in the center console. There are two more The hard plastic is gold. If Platinum and Titanium have a baby, you get whatever you want. No one else does a better job of holding the screen in the back of the TV than the provided one. If you wanted to jury-rig a mounting system on your own, you would need a screw pilot hole for a solid hold. The legs of your car's headrest are secured by the brackets. The angle of the screen makes a huge difference, which is why this is a must have for anyone who has used a laptop. The accessory mounting systems don't maintain the angle of the screen, and can be quite expensive. You have to pay 50% more for a TV stand than you would for a TV itself. I am very happy for Fangor.

👤Oh my gosh! I just received my new DVD player. It was easy to install. It is easy to set up and read directions. I would recommend the dual DVD player to everyone. This item can be used in the car, home, or anywhere you go. There is a stand in the back of the DVD players. I am currently playing an archer. I thought you would be able to see the DVD players from the outside, but you can't. You can have the DVD players playing in the background while you drive. You can listen to your favorite movie while driving. I didn't have to use the remote to use the dual DVD player. It does require two batteries, but they are not included. I have a good set of batteries.

👤We used the screens for several hours on a long road trip after we got them. We were able to put the audio through the speakers because we had an aux cord. The audio on them is loud enough most of the time, but not as loud as on the freeway at 80mph. The main monitor with the DVD player was more difficult to use without the remote as it isn't as easy to adjust things like the brightness. We forgot the remote, which led to some frustration. The headrests were attached to the main disappointment. The angle of the back of the headrest makes it hard to see when attached to the brackets, which is helpful for my younger kids. The brackets do not have a quick connect feature and need 4 screws to attach them. Since we don't always use the same vehicle for trips and don't always want those brackets attached to the headrests, it makes them a pain to use. We couldn't use the screws because they weren't long enough to attach to our headrests. If there was a quick connect solution with a latch instead of screws, it would be an awesome feature, but we couldn't use it. You have to loosen and tighten the straps each time, instead of having the right length, because the straps don't have a buckle like others. Some small changes could make the screens better.


What is the best product for portable dvd player for car for kids?

Portable dvd player for car for kids products from Bigasuo. In this article about portable dvd player for car for kids you can see why people choose the product. Dbpower and Iegeek are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable dvd player for car for kids.

What are the best brands for portable dvd player for car for kids?

Bigasuo, Dbpower and Iegeek are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable dvd player for car for kids. Find the detail in this article. Sunpin, Vanku and Jekero are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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