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1. Anti Tilt Flame Out Protection Commercial Residential

Anti Tilt Flame Out Protection Commercial Residential

Their gas unit patio heater is the first one to measure 50,000 BTU and can spread heat up to an 18-foot diameter from its central heating position. It can be placed on backyards, outdoor bars and restaurants. The double-cover heating grill design uses high-quality 304stainless steel. Their patio heaters are more durable and safe than traditional ones. The one-touch ignition system allows the operator to light the heater by pressing a button, while the adjustment control knob can adjust low or high heat. You can use different heating modes. Their propane heaters offer a triple-safety protection system that ensures your well-being. An anti-tilt mechanism is in place. If the flame is accidentally extinguished, the gas source will turn off. Protection against anoxia and dumping is added by this all. All parts are assembled in advance. You can finish the installation in 40 minutes if you follow the instructions. It has two wheels for smooth mobility. The new design base comes with three free anchoring arms and four holes for an extra water-box to tie, double weighted stability. The water-box is not included. Follow the manual to assemble and use.

Brand: East Oak

👤Cyber Monday was when I purchased two different brands of outdoor patio heaters for my family. The result is coming out, but I haven't decided which one is better. The 50000btu patio heater is sturdy. It survived the night. The double-cover design is one of the reasons I like it. It protects the top from melting. Let's see the result later. I'm happy with the product.

👤I gave my parents this patio heater as a Christmas gift, they love it and enjoy using it. We can hang out in the backyard during the winter. We chose this over other brands because it has more power and heat that can be adjusted so we don't get cold outside. The assembly took less than 15 minutes. The quality is very sturdy and convenient, it also comes with a wheel and rain cover. I recommend this outdoor heat to all my friends.

👤I got a patio heater and it was perfect. We sat outside in 40 degree calm winds. The blue plastic is easy to put together. The pictures are easy to follow. After 10 minutes, we turned up the heat and created a circle around the unit. Talked for hours. It looks great, no odor, and it's warm. The price 888-739-5110

👤It took me a while to get there. I finally put this thing together. The unit is easy to install and the longest part was taking off the protective film. I use it on my deck to help with heating outdoor gatherings. We need to socialize but indoors is too risky since I have a little one under 5 years old, so outside is the best compromise to help with maintaining a somewhat normal life. Works well in the winter. The cover helps keep the dust off and out of the sun to help reduce fading, it was included with this set.

👤They are enjoying them on our patio. They are easy to operate and give off a lot of heat. The assembly was difficult, they have some good ideas, but poor implementation. The idea of segregating parts into groups of parts that are associated with an assembly step is a good one. They noted that the hardware would be found in the part, but they weren't. There was a lack of parts that fit together in the right way. You have to manually assemble the different sections of the tower, as you tighten the bolts, to make sure that the pieces are all in the same place. The first unit is a slight angle instead of straight up. Not sure if others notice, but I do. May attempt to reassemble. The second unit stood straight up after learning from the first unit. After a month of use, the units were happy. The above 2 issues could have earned it 5 stars.

2. Overheat Protection Tip Over Portable Thermostat

Overheat Protection Tip Over Portable Thermostat

2 in 1 fan. You can use the ceramic heater for both winter and summer, it provides two heat levels, 1500W or 750W, and one cool air fan. When the temperature goes below the thermostat setting, the thermostat will turn the heater off and the temperature will go back up. It will cycle on and off. The setting of the thermostat should be adjusted to keep the room comfortable. The heaters are made of flame retardant material. The automatic safety shut off system will shut the heater off if it gets too hot. The tip over protection system will shut the heater off when it is knocked over, and it will come back on if it is up right. The 7.9 inch x 6.2 inch x 10.2 inch portable mini heater with build in carry handle is portable and powerful, it helps to reinforce the potential of low electrical bills by using at the place where you need when you don't want to warm the full house with other centralized heaters. Quiet and fast heating: The noise of the ceramic heating is less than 45 decibels, which is quiet enough for most people to use in a bedroom. This heater has a high speed fan and ceramic heating tech that will heat up 200 square feet in seconds. The material for the bics should be upgraded. The upgrade material is more flame resident. The room heater has a lead cord and a 2 prong connection.

Brand: Givebest

👤My lake front cottage in northern Maine received a heater this week. We don't have heat or insulation and usually leave for Florida in the middle of October. Our low last night was 37 and our little heater kept me comfortable as I read. When I went to bed, I had a 5 pound heater in the bedroom that was very comfortable. I am impressed with the amount of heat this little heater produces and I am also impressed with the simple safety feature that shuts off the power if the machine is not in an upright position. I will be ordering 2 more units tomorrow. The solution is a great price.

👤Three months ago, I purchased this little heating appliance. It was only intended to keep our bathroom warm during the cold winter months. I liked the temperature controls and the amount of heat it put off. I liked the safety features that kicked in if it was knocked over. After a few weeks of use, I noticed that the heating element was becoming more sensitive and sometimes you had to pick it up and set it down a few times before it registered. It shut off in the middle of running. On December 8, 2020, the heater will not work. The pin in the bottom doesn't matter if it's triggered or not, I've taken it out and put it back in. The heater won't turn back on. I guess I should be thankful that it won't burn my house down, but I would like a heating system that will heat my house for more than two months.

👤All seems well after a pre- winter test run. I hope it works out as expected because it is a solid product. I won't know for sure until the return date has passed, so we'll see if I'm happy or pissed off. There is a After the cold sets in, I'll issue a follow-up. This doesn't need to heat a lot of space because it's next to my computer and it allows some drafts. It seemed to work just fine when it was set on low. I want to add an operational tip, but don't place it too close to you, thinking it will be warmer. Not true. If you are sitting in a chair and the unit is on the floor, place it about 3 feet away from you. The heat will rise up to you if you allow 3 feet. Hope this helps.

👤I was looking for a new space heater after my old one died. I am very happy with this purchase. My dog likes to sit in front of the heater but if it got knocked over it wouldn't turn off. The button on this heater only allows it to turn on when it's standing up on a surface. I am cautious when using this heater, but I like the safety features and different heat settings that this one has.

👤The small size of this heater is not for you. The little think can make some heat. If you put it on full blast, it will run you out of the room. It is an excellent heater for the price. It has a thermostat button that you can use to lower the heat output. It's good for an office space, dorm room, house bedroom, or a living room space. This little thing can be used many different ways. If it is not in the upright position, it has a knockover feature. It was bought for our rancher home. We don't have central heating so we bought two. They are perfect. We move them around with ease whenever we need to knock the chill off of the air or when we are in a room for a while. Pick up one of these little heaters and enjoy the winter season, instead of running central heating into all rooms, including you are not currently using. Targeting your heat is a great way to save money.

3. Luwior Electric Infrared Waterproof Protection

Luwior Electric Infrared Waterproof Protection

Luwior patio heater emits heat in all directions, everyone on the patio gets to stay warm. The handle and lightweight design of their heater makes it easy to move around and give you heat wherever you need it. The pyramid heater is perfect for parties with friends, it creates a warm and cozy space for you. Luwior patio heater provides instant heat in just 3 seconds, no more waiting in the cold air. The heat from the IR heater is not affected by the wind, which is a big difference compared to a traditional fan blow heater. It can save 40% to 60% of the electricity cost thanks to the higher efficiency and precise heating. Luwior patio heater has undergone rigorous laboratory tests to ensure its protection for maximum safety. The built-in sensor in their heater will shut off if it is tilted or tipped. When the temperature reaches 212F, their outdoor heater will be turned off, so you can enjoy warmth in ultimate safety. Ultra- quiet operation. Their heating technology will not make any noise when it's working, so you won't be disturbed during your sleep, and they will not make any noise when it's not working. On a cold winter day, enjoy warm and quiet nights. IPX5 has been tested for water resistance over 1000 times. The premium aluminum material and IPX5 water resistance give you warmth in all weather conditions. They offer satisfaction-guaranteed service 24/7. Feel free to contact them with any questions.

Brand: Luwior

👤Very little heat output. I was hoping it would barely keep warm. I had it for a day and then returned it. A hair dryer is more powerful.

👤I'm not sure how this got any positive reviews. I turned it on and it was a light bulb. A normal light bulb produces more heat than this one. It is very quiet, but it has no function. I've never returned something so quickly.

👤Had hoped this would provide a decent heat source for our patio. You have to be very close to the unit to feel the warmth. The first one was broken when it arrived and a replacement was immediately shipped. The glass cylinder that protects the heating element was broken when our dog bumped into the new one.

👤The unit shuts down after just a few minutes of heating up. It won't start up again unless it is unplugged and plugged back in. It will not turn back on even if you leave it plugged in for a long time. It's useless to heat any space as a couple minutes of heat, followed by 10 unplugged isn't going to help. The safety feature shuts it off when it gets hot, so it works as intended. I would not buy this product. I bought a different one and am very happy with it.

👤Turns on but isn't heating up. Working for 10 minutes and then stopping. The replacement will be updated.

👤After 10 minutes, it stopped working. Excellent reviews of a likely faulty product. I don't know if I will order it again. A replacement product was shipped fast after I was contacted by super friendly customer service. The new heater works well. There were no issues at all. The room is very warm. Highly recommend this product.

👤I like this product, but not what I wanted. I would need 4 or 5 to heat the garage. I had to stand next to it to feel the heat. After 4 hours in the garage, the surrounding area didn't get warm.

👤The product is marked as outdoor usage. I use it indoors. Traditional heaters run with a fan, but they don't like the way the heater heats the room quickly. It is not noisy.

4. AKUSAKO Electric Garage Heater Thermostat

AKUSAKO Electric Garage Heater Thermostat

Choose from 3000 to 6000 watt capacities, length options from 33" to 61.25" to fit any installation. Space Forced Air HEATER. The Garage Electric Heater is built with a tough shell for long-term use in many work spaces. The output is large and requires a lot of power. The Space Heater can be used on the floor or workbench, but also on the wall or ceiling using the included mounting brackets. It is very convenient to carry around after installing the handle. The time function. You can set the operating time with the timer function, please press the green mode button on the control panel or remote control three times. The display turns the temperature into a time value. The value will vary from 0 hour to 9 hour intervals. REMOTE CONTROL prevents skin contact with overheated surfaces and is a convenience. The remote control can be used to avoid danger since the heater will be very hot. The Garage Heater has a built-in thermostat, which will turn off the power when the product reaches a high temperature, and a power indicator, which will turn off if the equipment is not in use.

Brand: Akusako

👤I got this to keep me and my dog warm while I work in my shop, and it works great. I have a much higher powered heater which does a better job of keeping the room warm than the one I have. Even with my dog laying in front of it, the fan blows the air really far, because it has a really good one. It comes with a brackets to hang it, and screws to anchor it to a stud, which I like. Since I am keeping it on the floor, it's a good thing that the temperature can only be changed for a few seconds after you turn it on.

👤We have a 2 car garage that is easy to setup, but it wasn't heating up in the winter in Illinois. I think it is a safety thing, but it just didn't do the job. I returned it because of that.

👤The fan stays on for a minute after it kicks off, so it cools the temperature when it's 70, which is why I'm giving 4 star's. I don't want to give this five stars because it doesn't suit me, but I do want to give you a good review. It has to be a 220 outlet like what goes to your oven, otherwise it will start at the same time.

👤It's just a little bit warm and the garage isn't heating at all.

👤It has a 2 speed fan, but it doesn't work well because it blows out a lot of air. It blew high. Look for something else to save your money.

👤The item was shut off every 5 minutes.

👤I bought a heating system for my basement gym. You need a 240v outlet to use this. It worked well to heat my gym up so I could work out during the cold months. I would buy again.

5. Portable Electric Heaters Thermostat Greenhouse

Portable Electric Heaters Thermostat Greenhouse

It has a carry handle on the top of the outdoor heater so you can easily move the electric outdoor heater to most locations where you need extra warmth, and it has a higher height that can provide a larger heating area. A portable space heating device. The portable handle design makes it easy to carry and move the space heater. It doesn't take a lot of space. You can take it with you and go anywhere. The electric outside heater has ceramic heating elements that can heat up quickly in small spaces. The ideal temperature for your comfort is created. The greenhouse heater has three modes, low heat, high heat. It's a good idea to adjust the thermostat knob to your comfort temperature during the cold winter season. The safe patio heating system will shut off when the parts of the portable heating system get too hot. This prevents overheating. Perfect Fan Heater. Plug in power and high-quality flame retardant material is all that is needed for the indoor heaters. The anti-dust filter is located at the back of the heater. The quality and after-sale service of their electric heater is what they take pride in. They will help you to solve the problem soon.

Brand: Tectake

👤There is false advertising. I bought this for use outside. The sticker says this is only for indoor use.

👤I was impressed by the ad for the heater, but I didn't plug it into a cord, but into an outlet. I found that when it reached a certain temperature, I had to turn it back on. I needed it for a green house, but those parameters wouldn't work for me. I can't rate it because I didn't use it. I was happy with the speed at which it arrived. I would have liked to have seen the information about the thermostat before ordering it.

👤I wish I could say more but I don't. The money was wasted.

👤It works great in the Green house, I had one that died in the bathroom, so I put one in the room fast.

👤I had to move 2 feet from me to feel 60 degrees. Terrible.

6. Briza Carbon Infrared Heater Electric

Briza Carbon Infrared Heater Electric

The dimensions are 32.12 x 32.12 x 91.3 inches. Hardware for mounting on walls or ceilings is dual use. Also comes with a tripod stand. With the remote, you can control the temperature from anywhere on your patio or in the room. The safety features. Briza has a built-in sensor that will shut off the unit if it is tipped over, which will greatly reduce the risk of a fire hazard. The heat produced by carbon inFRARED TECHNOLOGY is similar to the heat produced by the sun. Warming your space with clean radiant heat is achieved by the absorption of the IR rays by the surfaces around the heater. The Briza can stand up to the toughest outdoor conditions for years to come, with an IP 55 rating. It's great for indoor uses when you want to stay warm in the garage, shed or your home. You can adjust the heat intensity to your liking with 3 heat levels. If you left your heater on, it will be built in time. The timer on the remote should be set from 1-9 hours.

Brand: Briza

👤The heating bulb didn't light up. I contacted the manufacturer to find out how to replace the bulb. I was told to deal with the seller. I was connected to Amazon customer service people twice by the link sent by Amazon. I was given a link to TWICE which had no menu item to help me find a dealer for a faulty product or even give me a contact to help me find a replacement bulb. Don't buy this theater under any circumstance. There is no product support. If theEATER is DEFECTIVE orREQUIRES REPAIR, the only option is to destroy it.

👤It worked one time.

👤I expected it to be a propane tower heater, but could keep a couple of people warm. That is what it is. I have a fire pit and tower. They are great, but not cheap. There are chairs around the fire pit. I put the electric on the stand on the diagonal corner. We spend a lot of time outside since wine drinking is outside. It was perfect when I added it to the set up. It was cold before you were on the opposite side of the propane heater. You will be disappointed if you buy only this and think you are getting propane hearing tower performance. You might be happier if you use this to boost another source of heat or buy a few of these. It did the job I needed it to do for me. I think it's a good idea.

👤Very modern-looking. The stand was very nice. Does exactly what it's supposed to do when I'm cold! Billy.

👤It's not as warm, but it's more convenient. The tripod is easy to set up. Nice looking. Customer service is responsive.

👤If you turn it off, it is great for camping around the table. If only there was a place to clip the remote securely.

👤It was easy to set up. I wish it put out a little more heat. Everything else is great.

👤This product isn't powerful enough for late night use in Canada on a small patio. I have a small propane fire column that emits more heat than this. The tripod is tacky in person. I was going to put it on the overhang from my roof. It will not heat up enough from being on the ceiling, which is disappointing. The unit looks modern and the glow is not strong.

👤Two people make attaching the heat element to the base easy. Product quality is first class. The covered patio we use in the Vancouver area is enhanced by the use of a heater. Depending on the temperature of the day and proximity of the person, you can have three heat levels. Will increase our patio time by about 4 months. The product is better than what is shown. Would buy again.

👤We are heating the area where we sit on the deck. We covered the two sides of the deck with clear vinyl to prevent snow and wind from messing with it. Wasn't it cold yet? I am in Toronto and it gets really cold there.

7. Buyplus Portable Patio Heater Outdoor

Buyplus Portable Patio Heater Outdoor

The tectake small space heater includes an electric and user manual. If you have any questions about this electric heaters for indoor use, please contact them. Buyplus electric garage heater is designed with a long cord which is much longer than most of the others. The electric heater for garage can be used as a greenhouse, outdoor or indoor electric heater. Their electric heaters can provide heating evenly in a wider range with a 97tilt rotation. Buyplus electric patio heater for outdoor use is combined with a small size design, which makes it convenient to move the outdoor space heater for room to any place you want with a built-in carrying handle. You can use the space heaters for a variety of things, including a greenhouse. You will be surprised with the performance of their outdoor electric heater. Are you ready for winter? The electric heaters for home are suitable for you. Buyplus portable electric heater has three settings, fan only, low and high heat. The fan heater can eliminate cold spots quickly. By rotating the power switch to different positions, the electric space heater can be used as a normal fan which can promote air circulation. Buyplus portable space heater can heat up quickly and quietly. It's a good idea to use it as supplemental heat to the main heating system when you're not there. The garage fan heater provides up to 1507W heat on the high setting, and its fan only option provides refreshing air circulation without increasing heat. No worries about winter electric bill. Buyplus is a greenhouse heater with thermostat that uses innovativePTC technology to make sure it stays safe when the temperature is too high. The internal temperature will not stay high because they will cool down quickly to avoid overheating. The garage space heater is more safe than others.

Brand: Buyplus

👤The product was smaller than I had anticipated. I was worried it wouldn't be able to heat the space I intended it for, but it does. I enjoy cigars and to be able to sit outside on a cold day and still be heated is amazing. I feel safe using it. I would recommend.

👤I have enclosed the bottom of my water pipe with insulation to prevent it from freezing, so that I can use this heater underneath my RV. The heater seems to be powerful enough to keep the temperature above 60 degrees even when the temperature is on the low setting. I hope it lasts.

👤I'm loving it. I use it to keep my greenhouse warm. The temperature has dropped to 27 degrees and this is a life saver. The space is very warm.

👤I tried to use this as the heater in my house, which is very small, like a 210-cubic-foot unit. I live in a place that is fairly warm and only needed to keep the house at 55 degrees, which is what it is. The first time this had to run for more than a few hours, it burned out. I don't see how it could be a greenhouse heating unit.

👤We used this every night for over a month after we purchased it for our greenhouse. It did a good job of keeping the space warm so that the plants wouldn't get cold. The on/off dial burned away from the internal connection when we turned off this morning. If you do, do not leave it on for long periods of time and do not leave it unattended. It is a fire hazard. We were fortunate.

👤It is the size of a 35lb kettle bell, but it has more heating power than my bigger units. I plan to use it to warm up our garage when we work out. We live in southern California. 60F is the base line to warm up. It was silent and I wanted it to be 2 to 3X the size. I have it running for an hour and the temp went up.

👤When this was delivered, I thought it was small and wouldn't heat my greenhouse. I was wrong. It does an excellent job. If the first one went bad, I ordered another one. It is worth the money. The greenhouse is 10 feet high. It is insulated with bubble wrap and I only have to run a half-power heater to keep the plants nice and warm.

👤It was purchased to give our dogs a little more heat in the garage during the night, but every time I used it, it popped the circuit breaker and caused an electrical failure in other parts of the house. We were hit with a massive winter storm in Texas, so I was going to return the item and ask for a refund. We didn't have internet or power during that time. The return deadlines are not very high now.

8. BLUU Thermostat Portable Protection Compliance

BLUU Thermostat Portable Protection Compliance

Excellent Customer Service is offered by professional team. You can contact them from Monday to Friday if you have a question. Extra cold. The portable propane heater has more heat and a wider range than other portable propane heaters on the market. The portable propane tank heaters can be used to warm a 300 square foot space. There is safety. If the oxygen is too low, the automatic shut off will turn off the propane heaters. Everyone is safe in outdoor/tent/indoors uses. Their heaters are designed to be energy efficient, so when they reach your desired temperature, the heater reduces its core temperature. This helps the heater to be more energy efficient. On low it runs for up to 5 hours and on high it runs for up to 2 hours. The temperature can be adjusted. The perfect temperature can be picked by their heaters. Convenient knobs allow you to make easy adjustments. It is recommended that you use in a well-ventilated area. They offer a one-year warranty on all parts. If you have a problem, please contact them.

Brand: Bluu

👤The box said it was for outside use. I contacted the company. They said that they would correct it. If the oxygen level dropped, it would turn it off. They said to consider it a gift because they had made a mistake in saying it was for outdoor use. I've never heard of a company with such integrity. The Coleman propane cylinders were given to me. A device can be used to refill their propane tanks. I plan to switch them as needed. I will use the heater with confidence.

👤I had high hopes for this, but it doesn't have a thermostat. It doesn't work right. Once the set point is reached, there is no immediate shut off. Gradually dims out, with very toxic shools, which actually made my eyes burn. The whole time. It does the same thing when it comes back on. Very dangerous. I will try to get out. I have a lot of catalytic heaters. Once the set point is reached, the Procoms will shut off immediately back to the pilot light. No stray air, no popping flames, no stinky air. I hope the manufacturer reads this and redesigns the thermostat on this heater, that is it's only problem, but a fat one.

👤It is very difficult to get lit after the rubber feet fell off, if turned on low it would go out and use propane like crazy. The customer service manager that reached out to me was amazing, and I appreciate that they were able to make things right for me.

👤The company offered to send me a new one for free. I hoped my first order was a mistake. I don't want to risk trying it because this one was worse than the first. I've uploaded pictures of how the second one arrived. They are prompt with their replies. The item is poorly built and some parts fall out. The battery powered fan almost caused the batteries to explode. Thankfully, Amazon is giving me a full refund. This product is not safe and you should look for another brand.

👤During the winter time, our neighborhood loses power. When it's really cold and the power goes out for more than an hour, it's a big deal. We got a propane heater for that reason. The box clearly states that it's for outdoor use, so please take that into account. I plan to use it indoors with a carbon Monoxide detector and propane gas detector to be extra safe, but I need to use it indoors during the winter because our family cannot sleep without heat. There is a compartment for a 16oz propane bottle. I use this with my propane gas tank for the grill as I always have 2 extra propane gas tanks. I was disappointed that it does not come with a hose to connect it to the propane gas tank. I was happy to find out that I can get the gas hose for the propane gas tank for free by texting the number provided in the user manual. I received the automated response and will be able to use the propane gas tanks that I use for my grill, since I followed the instruction and received the gas hose. The handle of the heater is sturdy and easy to carry. It knows how to adjust the heat level as well as pilot ignition. I will update this review once I get the gas hose and hook it up to my propane gas tank for a trial run, but this is a great backup option to provide heat for my family in case of long power outage during the winter. I'm going to bring this to the camping trip if it gets really cold at night.

9. LAUSAINT HOME Pyramid Outdoor Portable

LAUSAINT HOME Pyramid Outdoor Portable

The package does not include hot and cold isolation valves, pressure relief valve and ventilating. The built-in control valve allows you to adjust and regulate the temperature to your liking. Comes with a protection system. If the heater is tilted, a safety valve will shut it down. The Pyramid Design is a piece of art for your yard, it combines form with function and will accent any patio with its beautiful lines. The pagoda shaped top has a diamond pattern of fire light. The glass flame tube of the outdoor patio heater is guaranteed to liven up any atmosphere. The long- lasting, steel finish is sure to catch the attention of your partygoers. Wheels for smooth mobility. It is easy to move the outdoor heater from one side of the deck to the other with the included wheel assembly. Friends and family will appreciate the chance to gather and mingle outdoors while being wrapped in the wonderful warmth, no matter what the location or event is. You will be assured a custom fit while the fabric protects your pyramid heater. The cover zips open and closes easily. If the weather is windy, please move the heater to the house.

Brand: Lausaint Home

👤There is a glass tube that shows flames. It's so calming and fascinating. I enjoy sitting outside and watching the fire. It's so relaxing. It is over 7 feet tall. It has wheels that make it easier to move. The legs are made to resist falling. The burner near the top wraps around to provide warmth all the way around it. The fuel tank has an easy-open door. It holds up to 45000 BTU. An impressive amount. It is on the higher end of patio heating capabilities. Also, note: It does not have a propane tank. You will need to give that. It has a cover to protect it from the weather. It is very convenient.

👤It was perfect! We ordered a heater for a party and it was perfect. Everyone at the party continued to enjoy the party after the temp dropped. The one we had was the best. The price was correct. It took my husband a while to put it together. The design looks great.

👤These are both functional and beautiful additions to our patio seating. I bought these for an outdoor party and everyone loved them.

👤The flame is relaxing.

👤It is very easy to assemble. Very nice. There was a nice discount. Really recommended.

👤Been in use for a while. It is very convenient. It does not take up a lot of space. The heating is very good.

👤This is a heater that has it all. Excellent heat, but with style. We leave them on the deck for the show they put on. Whether you are watching from inside or sitting next to them outside, it is great heat and elegance.

10. AKUSAKO Portable Electric Protection Greenhouse

AKUSAKO Portable Electric Protection Greenhouse

Stand it or mount it. Do you need a fixed location for the heating? You can easily mount it to the wall with the brackets. Attach the portable heater to the tripod and move it wherever you want. The stand is from 4 to 7.5 feet. There is long cord space. The electric fan heaters 120v are designed with a long cord which is much longer than most of the others. The portable electric space heater has a long cord and can be used as a greenhouse, bedroom, or indoor electric heater. Their electric heaters can provide heating evenly in a wider range with a 90tilt rotation. AKUSAKO portable space heater has a small size and a built-in carrying handle, which makes it convenient to move the portable fan heater for room to any place you want. You can use this space heaters for a variety of purposes, such as office, kitchen, living room and so on. You will be surprised by the performance of their room heaters. Are you prepared for the cold in winter? The electric heaters for home are suitable for you. AKUSAKO portable electric heater has three settings, fan only, low and high heat. The fan heater can eliminate cold spots quickly. By rotating the power switch to different positions, the electric space heater can be used as a normal fan which can promote air circulation. AKUSAKO portable space heater can heat up quickly and quietly. It's a good idea to use it as supplemental heat to the main heating system when you're not there. The electric fan heater provides up to 1500W heat on the high setting, and the fan only option provides refreshing air circulation without increasing heat. No worries about winter electric bill. AKUSAKO electric fan heater uses innovative technology to ensure it remains safe when the temperature is too high. The internal temperature of the stone won't stay high because it doesn't generate heat at a constant rate like resistance wires. The garage space heater is more safe than others.

Brand: Akusako

👤I didn't know how small it was. It's like the size of a small desk fan. It pumped out a lot of heat for the size. It would be great if it were closed, but not an open patio or garage. I tried to heat up my garage with it, but it was too hot.

👤The product works well for a few weeks. After that the button will stick to what you have set it on, and will no longer turn. The first fan I had was replaced two weeks later. I don't think this product is a good idea, it's a waist of money.

👤It's right to take the chill off for coffee on the lanai in the mornings.

👤This is working well for Greenhouse.

👤It was easy to use. Turn the knobs and you will get great heat. It was easy to put together from the box. It will be great to use the garage when it is cold. If you need extra heat in smaller spaces, I would highly recommend this.

👤I bought this to heat under my RV, but it doesn't work, I brought it inside and no fan or heat. I didn't send it back because I work so much. It doesn't work. It is not good. It's supposed to be an outside unit.

👤Wanted it the same day. There are missing screws to hold the stand on. I have to return it and wait for another two days.

👤The heat output did not fit my needs.

11. Dr Infrared Heater Portable 1500 Watt

Dr Infrared Heater Portable 1500 Watt

The model can heat up a large room. Overheat protection and tip-over protection. There are two heating systems with a 12 hour automatic shut-off timer. The IR remote control has a low noise level. For a large room, heating can be used. The thermostat can range from 50 to 85 degrees. Caster Wheels and lifetme filters. The weight is 24 lbs and the power is 12.5 Amps. 1500 Watts. The electric cord is 72 inches long.

Brand: Dr Infrared Heater

👤I appreciated using two of these heaters to help offset the cost of having baseboard heat firing full blast all winter. The Thermostat worked well to only have the units run when needed. I didn't use extension cords or do anything that I wasn't supposed to. I unplugged it after I had to move one of them because the plug on the heater unit melted. I will not be using these again since I am afraid of what this could do to the wiring of my home. My safer heating sources are not worth the cost savings. I got about 3 months out of these before I realized they were going to be giant paper weights. Too bad...

👤It worked well for 2 weeks. It stopped working. I called the number on the heating unit. The person who answered the phone said the problem was the front circuit board. She said she would mail me a new board. I was worried about her readiness to send a circuit board and instructions. The circuit board had no instructions. She sent me the instructions after I called again. The instructions were not very helpful, but I figured it out and did the replacement. The only thing that it has is the heating element. I can't set the thermostat. It runs and runs until we turn it off. It's possible to get a heaters with that function for less money, and without having to replace a circuit board.

👤The heat from the furnace doesn't flow well into the girls room. It gets cold in there during the fall and winter. I've been looking for a space heater that would work in her room during the night while she sleeps. I've read reviews, research material, and fire statistics about the different types of space heaters. I could find no reason to be afraid of using the infrared heaters. It's impossible for a space heater to say it's 100% safe. Anything that uses electricity and generating heat has the potential to start a fire. You can prevent fires by reading the instruction manual. Most fires created by space heaters are caused by user error, which include material too close to the heat exhaust, power strips, surge protectors, and the improper electrical receptacle. The majority of the negative reviews on Amazon that have pictures are due to people plugging them into the wrong electrical outlets. The people should read the manual. You must plug the unit directly into the wall outlet. There are pictures of melted power strips and splitters on the internet. Don't take that chance because those devices are usually not rated for that much power. Enough of my rant. I highly recommend this heater. I put it in the door facing into my daughter's room and left it running all night. I set it to the desired temperature, then set it to auto mode, and the heater cycles on and off to maintain that temperature. My wife and I can't hear it from our room, it's right across the hall. The only part of this unit that gets hot to the touch is the metal grate where the heat comes out of it. I've read reviews where people complain about how hot this part of the unit is. It's going to be very hot from this part of the heater. The room is warm all night because of this little heater. I would buy another one of these.


What is the best product for portable electric heater outdoor?

Portable electric heater outdoor products from East Oak. In this article about portable electric heater outdoor you can see why people choose the product. Givebest and Luwior are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable electric heater outdoor.

What are the best brands for portable electric heater outdoor?

East Oak, Givebest and Luwior are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable electric heater outdoor. Find the detail in this article. Akusako, Tectake and Briza are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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