Best Portable External Hard Drive for Macbook Air

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1. Toshiba Canvio Portable External Silver

Toshiba Canvio Portable External Silver

Reformatting will be required for Mac operating systems. Check compatibility at the Consumer HDD website. ExFAT is formatted for cross-device compatibility. It's compatible with the 3.0 version of theusb-c The design is versatile. There are two cables, the USB-C and the USB-A.

Brand: Toshiba

👤This worked well for a while. There were errors on the drive. When I tried to use Disk Utility to check it, the disk failed and wouldn't mount. It was lucky that the data was backed up to a cloud service. I had to change the drive completely. It failed again within a couple of weeks. I got lucky again because I only used it to be a local folder for the cloud service. It failed for the third time. When I tried to use the online process to return the item, I was stuck in a looping form that never asked for my information. I've had good luck with the drives from Toshiba before, but this one was expensive. Don't buy.

👤It was used for a week to save pictures of my late dog. The hard drive can no longer be used after Carried Arround. The click of death renders a hard drive unreadable, and now can't be accessed by normal means. It's not corruptted, but it needs professional help that costs a lot of money, as toshiba have also seemed to not help in any way.

👤I was excited to be able to use this drive on our Macbooks and my work PC, but buy, what a nightmare! I started making copies of several large i photo libraries and picture folders I had accumulated on a MAc formatted sd drive, which would leave the computer unnatended and take several hours to download from another drive connected to the mac. I found a way to fix the error by connecting the drive to my Windows notebook and then starting over again, but it would render the drive useless. Errors, repeat Errors, repeat... I was determined to finish the family backups. I can't even return the drive to the vendor because it's so slow that it's useless now. I should have done it from the git go after I bought a MyCloud EX2 Ultra NAS. I connected the drive to my Mac to pull the backups from it and the backup was done this morning. Is it acceptable to anyone? You will be stuck with a useless silver colored paper weight if you waste your money on this slow drive.

👤I bought this product a month ago, but hadn't used it yet. The item was removed from the original box. I plugged it into my Macbook and it flashed on my screen, but nothing. I didn't know what had happened as I hadn't pushed a button. I tried to remove the disk as instructed, but I wasn't able to do so. I plugged it into my Dell laptop to see if it would work differently. The piece of equipment didn't work. I have a piece of equipment that doesn't work and I'm not happy about it. I don't think Amazon will give me a refund for this product.

👤This product was used 3 times. It took from hard drive to doughnuts. It was a failure to get the footage off the drive. Made a noise. I just want my money back. I'm outside of Amazon because I didn't use it right away. Return wind direction... It is going back to Germany. I don't have a vaccine. What I'll get in return. It's just disgusting. If you don't get it until you get it, try to make it fail if it isn't within 5 or 6 abductions. Good. If it fails to return to AMAZON... I think I should have bought the same one again and thrown them in the bin.

2. AppleCore Portable External Computers Personal

AppleCore Portable External Computers Personal

The portable hard drive is secured in place with an interior strap. Click to backup. It's easy! The portable solid state drive is high quality. Removes guess work, confusion, and risk out of backing up your Mac. Important data and photos are at risk if not backed up.

Brand: Applecore

👤I wanted a simple external backup device that would be plug-in and press backup. This fit the bill. I called their customer service number and a live person from this country answered immediately, even though I had an issue with my computer. The gentleman was very knowledgeable and helped me immediately after I was put on hold. I received a follow-up call to make sure things were going well. This little device is very useful. It gives me peace of mind that my pictures are backed up.

👤I have nothing but praise for this item. The instructions on how to download to a computer are great for someone like me who is computer challenged, and it was comforting to know that if you keep your Smart Backup Stick in a secure place, you will always be safe. Mario and his partner can be reached at any time. I live 130 miles away from their headquarters in Santa Fe, NM, and I had a question about retrieving, and one of the owners was so helpful that he dropped everything and met us. I would recommend this item to anyone.

👤I bought this device to make sure that the data from my Macbook Air was protected. The Smart Backup Stick said it was going to do. I went on a trip and was certain that my data would be protected. I ran into a small problem, but I was very happy after calling the company. This is the device if you want to protect your data. Stay safe.

👤The Time Machine feature built into all Macs and MacBooks makes this small, solid-state backup drive work out of the box. I use a mechanical backup drive on my iMac, but it is much slower.

👤I bought this product to back up my computer. The first time I used it, it worked as advertised. After plugging it in to my port, my computer wouldn't recognize it, but after a few minutes it warmed up. I tried again the next day, no response. The computer didn't see it. I threw my money away on this product. The quality of Apple products is not what it used to be because they almost always slow down my computer or screw up my function.

👤I bought this backup because I needed to move my music and photos from my old Mac to my new one. It worked perfectly. I didn't know how to import data from my old computer to my new one, so I had a problem with the backing up. The guy who answered the number was the one who walked me through the process. It worked out well. He was very helpful. Transfer could take 20 minutes. I have a great backup that is ready to use. I am happy I bought it.

👤I received my backup stick today and put it in my computer but could not find the time machine so I called the support number and a human answered. He asked if he could look at my computer to help me find the time machine, which we did, and he got me set up in less than 5 minutes. Thank you for the easy backup.

3. LaCie Rugged External Portable LAC9000633

LaCie Rugged External Portable LAC9000633

Both the 3.0 and 2.0 versions are compatible. Dust and water resistant, shock drops up to 4 feet. reformatting is required for Mac compatibility. Refer to the application guide for more information. Password protection is built in. The maximum speed is 130 mph. It is possible to use a faster version of the universal serial bus, known as the "USB 3.0." It is up to 4 times faster than the standard version. The Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps Plan includes a complimentary membership. Redemption must be done by January 31, 2020.

Brand: Lacie

👤I went through their technical support process and at the end of it they give you a case number and tell you to call during business hours, which I have been trying to do since 8am. It is almost 10:30. How am I supposed to recover my files if I can't get in touch with the company? I bought this on July 22. It lasted a few days. I don't have enough storage capacity on my computer to hold all the files I save and work on. I don't have any of the files I created for my clients. This is a huge loss to my income and my clients ability to use past projects. I am deeply disappointed. No computer will recognize this device anymore. One of the external hard drives I have is from 2006 and still works. If you don't want to take years off your life from not being able to do your job properly and missing deadlines, then don't buy this product.

👤I am shocked that a company that is well known has no customer service. The product doesn't work on my laptop. I got error messages when I entered info at Lacie. Their tech phone number is not working. Yes. No one home! I talked with a person who referred me to Seagate. I was taken to an expired web link. I got a real person on the phone. I stopped talking to that person because they had no idea how to give technical support. I got a chat message from Seagate later that night. It was from a chatbot and it said to go to an expired website. Quite frankly. If LaCie stood behind their product, I'm sure my glitch could have been fixed. I warn anyone buying this product to look elsewhere. I love the product and I stand by my bad experience with this company, but it works now and I love it.

👤Most of the reviews are right after purchase. The drives are malfunctioning. You can hear them click when they are copying files. I only used it when I had to leave town. After a few months, my hard drive stopped working. Lacie was bought out. When you type in the model and serial info, you get an error. You have to call Seagate and they will charge you $50 for the return. I returned mine and received another one, the drive will no longer be open. I lost my data again. Don't buy!

👤The "Rugged" Drive didn't survive shipping. I think my first LaCie drive failed as well, because this is the second one I have had. The unit wouldn't mount on my PC or Mac. The drive was not visible through disk management. The Western Digital drive will be ordered. I am not buying anymore overpriced drives.

👤The Drive died after I bought it. I was able to save all of the files on this, but I believe I was given a drive with a faulty interface. It would take forever to connect to my computer, and access the files on the drive was a whole other story, because I was a college student and I was using this drive to edit off of for my film classes. I would have to load all the files for a while before I could use them. It was inconvenient and I dropped a lot of money on Lacie, so I hope to get mine replaced soon. I know my issue is a personal one with my specific drive, as other friends of mine have used this drive before and had no problem. I want to replace it soon.

4. Seagate Portable External STGX4000400 AmazonBasics

Seagate Portable External STGX4000400 AmazonBasics

The package includes a portable hard disk, a year's worth ofusb 3.0 cable, and a user's manual. You can store and access 4 terabytes of content on the go with the portable drive. The external hard drive is designed to work with Windows or Mac computers. To get set up, connect the portable hard drive to the computer. Plug and play simplicity is provided by the included 18 inchusb 3.0 cable. Outside dimensions are 5.8 x 4.2 x 1.2 inches. A compact case can be used to store or transport portable hard drives. The Slimline design allows the case to fit into a backpack or briefcase. The portable hard drive is secured in place with an interior strap.

Brand: Seagate

👤Thanks to this, my son survived last semester.

👤I use it in my bag to keep my devices clear of important information.

👤The item was delivered on time.

👤The case is great and there is tons of storage.

👤This brand is my favorite for portable drives. Love the case.

👤If you buy it with the case, they are a great combo.

5. Passport Portable External Drive WDBA2D0020BBL WESN

Passport Portable External Drive WDBA2D0020BBL WESN

There is no external AC power cord needed. System requirements are for Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7. Mac OS v10.12 requires reformatting. v10.10 There is a choice of either theUSB 2.0 or theUSB 3.0 port. It is ready for Mac and Time Machine. Both theusb-c andusb-a are compatible. Password protection and hardware security. Password protection and drive management are included in the software. The port is compatible with the 2.0 version of the internet.

Brand: Western Digital

👤Over the last 15 years, I have bought more than 10 Western Digital hard drives. I had only one hard drive failure and it was after many years of service. I was very happy with the drive when I got it. It looked like it was built well. It passed all of its tests. It takes about 15 hours for a full write/read surface test to be done. When I backed up my data, it was much slower than I expected. It usually takes from 20 to 30 hours to back up my data to a drive. It took more than 100 hours to back up my data. There was a long wait between files, sometimes several minutes, when the drive seemed to be not doing anything. Other drives attached to the same port/cable did not experience the problem that I verified was not my computer or cable. The problem was the same throughout the backup process. Changing theusb port did not help. The data was written correctly, the drive did not exhibit any unusual noise or vibration, and the read speed was not affected. I tried to update the drive's software, but it wasn't successful. I didn't have anything else connected, but the updater only said to connect all the devices except one hard drive. I couldn't get past this message. I decided to keep this drive because I need a new external hard drive, and I didn't want to spend the time on testing and backing up my data on another drive. As far as I can tell, the problems this drive has do not affect data reliability. A new software called "WD Discovery" is now supplied by WD. There was no documentation included with the drive, but the web site says that it allows you to download and keep up to date otherWD apps and learn about software from partners. I tried to install it under a virtual environment that would make it easy to uninstall it. The installation failed because the driver that was tried on was not supported by Sandboxie. I can't understand why a program that is supposed to help download other apps would need a driver.

👤The device has a Micro-B port, not a USB-C port. The box contains the following cables: -USB 3.0 Micro-B to USB 3.0 A.

👤The cost for the jump from 4 to 5 is excessive. The cost of a HDD drive is too much. This model has no non-slip feet, and the plastic surface is very slippery. It slides around like a hockey puck on any hard surface. All of the previous My Passport models have non-slip feet. This is a design oversight. The bundled software doesn't work in WD Discovery, it crashes and stops responding when I open it, and it has to be forced to quit as it gets stuck as "in use." I have nine other external hard drives, but this will most likely be my last.

👤The unit does not have a connection to the internet. Make your product description accurate, I can buy Western Digital adapters. There is a reason that the hard drive is not shown in the pictures.

6. Western Digital Elements Portable External

Western Digital Elements Portable External

The K Cups Coffee Pod holder is compatible with 9 k cups coffee Pods. The small 2 in 1 coffee machine and the coffee Pod storage tray are great for kitchen and office coffee station organization. The best Christmas gift of all time. There are two compatible versions of theusb 3.0 andusb 2.0 Data transfers are fast. PC performance can be improved. Reformatting may be required for other operating systems, and compatibility may vary depending on user's hardware configuration and operating system. Refer to the technical specification in the PDF.

Brand: Western Digital

👤The drive is fine for storing your files, but it has a flaw that almost made me return the 2 cables I had purchased, and that is theusb cables they come with. Without being moved, both drives would become unresponsive and lose connection. I thought the drives were almost garbage. I was glad I tried new cables before I came back. Both drives are working well now. If you decide to buy this drive, you must not rely on the cable that comes with it. You should buy a good cable to go with it. I decided to take 2 stars off.

👤Thanks to the person who shared how to format this. The instructions for Open Disk Utilities have been slightly updated. "Show All Devices" can be found from the View menu. The left side of the window has a selection on it. You can choose "Erase" from the pop-up menu. If you have a current vision of OS-X, you can choose "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)". I followed the directions and it was easy. This is a Time Machine backup disk. I connect my computer to the hub when it is on my desk. Some people have had disk failures, but I also do a cloud-based backup. It only backs up my most recent version of each file. Time Machine gives me hourly backups for the last 24 hours, so I can recover something I've accidentally deleted. I lost all my data when I crashed the old Synology after I moved it to Time Machine. RAID is useless in that situation. I've considered buying a newer, faster NAS, but it's expensive, so I decided to go with a slower one for the time being. This won't do backups when I take my laptop away from my desk, but I do my most critical work at my desk in any event. I prefer the rounded corners of this version over the newer one. Users of the shiny newer version reported that the rough surface doesn't show fingerprints. It's amazing that a small form factor can fit 4 terabytes into a price that's reasonable. I am happy.

👤If you want to manually move files from your primary drive, that's fine with Windows 10. The Windows 10 File History and System Backup features are the only reasons I bought an external HDD. Windows won't support backing up to an internal HDD because it makes you choose an external drive or network location. It doesn't automatically back up to this drive either. It adds a couple of configuration files, but then just stops, with no actual data on the file. It may be an issue with the naming convention. One of the reasons I can't really use OneDrive is that Windows doesn't like long file paths, and saving files to an external hard drive makes the path even longer. That is a dealbreaker. If it doesn't work with File History or System Backup, they shouldn't advertise it as working with Windows 10. Being recognized by the system is a start, but that's not what I want to do. I can use one of my internal hard drives if I want to do manual file dumps. It's not worth the time or effort.

7. 120GB Portable External Storage Devices

120GB Portable External Storage Devices

The Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps Plan includes a complimentary membership. Redemption must be done by January 31, 2020. Merely is 0.55 inch thick. The external hard drive is made of plastic and aluminum. System Compatibility: Windows,Vista,Linux,Mac,Android,TV. This hard drive is compatible with both theusb 3.0 andusb 2.0 backup drives, and it is able to transfer data at speeds of up to 5 Gbit/s. Plug and play is the only way to get a drive ready to use. The package includes a portable hard disk, a year's worth ofusb 3.0 cable, and a user's manual.

Brand: Acasis

👤I never learn. I've tried to purchase two of these. The first one was dropped on a carpeted floor and never worked again. My files have been ruined by this one. I tried to copy a few files to see how it worked, but my entire computer won't load. I've gotten screwed for a device that I can't use and have to send it back, but I don't know if the device is trying to input some other type of software on my computer. My advice is to stay away from this brand and product. Don't bother with the insurance either, it's cheap, doesn't cover regaining your files, and you'll end up with a refund from Amazon, if you don't bother with it. It's ridiculous. There is an update. I am getting notifications that I have never seen before, and that I only tried to copy 8 songs onto this device, but when I tried to replay the songs that I forgot, I didn't copy them. Don't buy. I don't use the cloud, but this device is one of those that are unreliable on your computer. I'm going to give up space on my HP Passport and send it back.

👤This was put into my computer twice. I backed up all the files from the project. All the original files have disappeared and no new files can be added after I plugged it in again. I'm in the middle of a research trip and I can't get an Amazon delivery or buy a replacement to back up my stuff. Don't buy this junk.

👤The product feels cheap and the instructions manual is terrible, which indicates that this is not a well made device. It's loud when I plug my device into my computer. Sometimes it shows my documents but other times it doesn't. I wouldn't recommend this.

👤The design is gorgeous. It ended up being a rose gold. I don't know a lot about tech, but I did a search on how to change a drive for my MacBook Air and I haven't had any issues so far. I haven't had any issues so far after I renamed it. I got it yesterday and will update later when I have a chance to try it out.

👤Two were bought to act as Windows Recovery drives. Both have problems. One makes clicking sounds and it doesn't work. The other one can't access it. Total waste of money.

👤Fast shipping! Came a day earlier than expected. It has a nice design. The hard drive wouldn't appear on my windows 10 tablets but I can't use it with a multi-usb extended cable because of other reviews. You have to make sure you plug it in directly to the computer and it will work, but it may make a few clicks here and there. The translation of the mannual is off from chinese to english, but it's an easy device to use.

👤The product seems great so far. It is like a flash drive or aSD chip, you plug it in and it is good to go. I was not expecting it to be less than 120 GB. It had a little more than 100 MB dedicated to the system when I got it. It is almost the same color as the one on the other side. It doesn't get in the way when I use my computer since the cord is long enough to be placed out of the way. So far, so good!

8. LaCie Rugged USB C External Portable

LaCie Rugged USB C External Portable

There is a portable external hard drive, 19-inch(48.26 cm)usb 3.0 hard drive cable, user's manual, 3-year manufacturer warranty with free technical support service. Dust and water resistant, shock drops up to 4 feet. reformatting is required for Mac compatibility. Refer to the application guide for more information. Password protection is built in. It is possible to use a faster version of the universal serial bus, known as the "USB 3.0." It is up to 4 times faster than the standard version. The Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps Plan includes a complimentary membership. Redemption must be done by January 31, 2020.

Brand: Lacie

👤After about six weeks, the drive stopped working. The mounting stopped. The light on the drive would come on, but nothing else would happen. There was no internal noise. The drive was not found in the Finder, Disk Utilities, DiskWarrior, TechTools or even in Terminal on my Mac. Since I bought it, it has sat on my desk. No water, no drops. Other devices work just fine. LaCie is now owned by the manufacturer. The drive could be replaced. Data recovery is not covered by the warranty. They gave me a link to the Seagate website. I clicked on that link. The final price may include a local tax recovery fee and other added options will be deducted automatically. I might get some of that back, but the drive lasted only six weeks. I got the box out of the closet and found a brochure about the Data Rescue plan. It has a link as well. There is a lot of information on that website. There's nothing to be gained by actually using the plan. They didn't charge me the $699 or the $49 after discussions with the vendor and Amazon. They said they would recover the disk under the plan. I sent them my disk so they could recover it. I was sent back by the Blank Disk. I was told by Seagate that my original disk was still being recovered. I wish they'd told me that. I assumed my files were gone for good when I got a blank disk with no note attached. At the very least, they could have sent me a note with a status update. They did not. I told them that I wasn't happy to get updated status information. The disk was the replacement for my crashed disk. It will get better. October 4 is now. I bought it on March 28. I was sent a drive that arrived today. I think it has my files on it. Password protected drive The original wasn't the same as the one before it. I can't access the files without a password, but I don't know if they sent it to me. Nope. I'll have to use the phone and write emails again. It seems like they're trying to blow it as hard as possible. I sent an email to the CEO of Amazon and the CEO of Seagate on Saturday, October 5, about the ongoing saga. I didn't expect to hear from them until Monday. Even though it was a Saturday, Amazon called me. Amazon was willing to bend over backwards, but the problem was with Seagate. Have I heard from them? Absolutely not. I'll send them a certified letter in a few days. They sent me a text and email with the password after I contacted them again via email. I received a call from them. The nightmare is over, but I won't buy another product from LaCie.

👤The drive failed just over 30 days old. The drive was replaced with a "Factory Repaired Drive". We work in video production and wouldn't save a dime with a drive that's been repaired. Even if they replaced the disk drive inside, the I/O board has been unplugged many times. They could fail tomorrow. They were helpful when I contacted them to request a new replacement. They told me that if it dies, they would repair or replace it. We have had over 100 of these drives and have sent them all over the world to transfer data. I've only had 3 fail. Premium service should be backed by a premium drive.

9. WD 5TB My Passport Ultra Silver Portable External

WD 5TB My Passport Ultra Silver Portable External

The Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps Plan includes a complimentary membership. Redemption must be done by January 31, 2020. Innovative style with metal cover. Password protection with hardware security.

Brand: Western Digital

👤This is a large hard drive. The drive is 4.25”x3.25”x 0.75” and weighs 95gm (9oz). It comes with a 15”usb c tousb c data/power cable and ausb c tousb 3 a adapter It's ready to use and pre-installed with the software for Windows or Mac. The drive is powered through theusb cable and does not require a power cable. You can set up auto backup, password protection, import cloud images and documents for Facebook, Instragra, Dropbox, etc. with the help of the WD Discovery software. It is possible to set this drive to use on Macs, but it is not recommended for Windows 10, 8.1, or 7. If you don't need the software, you can not install it. The product has a 3 year warranty. This drive is very impressive. I need high capacity back-up drives like this 4 Tb drive, and I fill them frequently. It has a transfer speed of 5 Gbps. The disk is slow for a disk that you use for constant data storage and retrieval, but acceptable for backup storage. This drive has the smallest form factor that I have seen for an external 4 Tb drive, making it easier to carry around and store. Since it is an active drive with moving disks, you need to protect it from bumps and drops, especially when running. It is important to make sure that it is in a safe place before plugging it in. I have tried a lot of brands of drives, and I have found that the ones I have used from WD are more reliable and less prone to crashing than other brands. This is a high capacity storage drive that is easy to use and should provide years of service.

👤It works well out of the box, but then seems to hiccup with the Mac OS. I turned off the sleep feature for the sake of the next backup. The same error message popped up again after another attempt. I did not find any help on the website. A support message from Apple suggested that third party applications might affect the auto backup features of Time Machine. I removed all of the apps from the store and it seems to be doing backups without any issues. This is a reasonably priced external hard drive that can be used for a time machine. Let the Mac OS be in control and don't bother with the utilities.

👤The hard drive failed after a month. It was kept in a soft bag and was handled with care. A data recovery company wanted to recover my data at a cost of over $1,000. I set up a server for backups in my home. I will not be buying hard drives from the company in the future.

👤I received my passport ultra and had an issue with it not mounting in windows, so I tried to use the assign command, but it didn't work. I went to disk management and found that the drive was not formatted to ntfs, so I formatted it, and then formatted my old hard drive so I could move my files from it. I restored my files using filezilla and recuva. I have been a customer of Western digital since 2008, and I expect a plug and play experience when I open the package. The drive is quiet and nice to hold. The drive speed is ok, but not mind blowing. The story I just told is a good example of what you should watch out for.

10. SanDisk Professional G DRIVE ArmorATD SDPH81G 005T GBAND

SanDisk Professional G DRIVE ArmorATD SDPH81G 005T GBAND

You can get a one-month complimentary membership to the Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps Plan for access to awesome photo and video editing apps. It is possible to backup and store files on a 5Gbps drive. Both the Thunderbolt 3 and theusb 3.0 are compatible. Premium aluminum enclosure for strength. The bumper is easy to grip and you can trust it. There is a limited warranty for three years. Ready to go with Mac. Works with Windows.

Brand: Sandisk Professional

👤The buyer should beware. The title doesn't match what you will get. You will receive an external hard drive if you buy the product as a "USB 3.2 Gen 1" drive. Is it a mistake that I and other people are receiving drives? No is the most likely answer. A marketing tactic is being used. The term "usb 3.2 Gen 1 is simply a marketing term to relabel the old and slowerusb 3.1 technology." When someone sees "USB 3.2" they are expecting a more current technology product that will provide data transfer speeds around 10-20 Gbit/s, whereas the non-SuperSpeed+ version will cap out with a data transfer speed up. The 10 Gbit/s claimed speed will likely be between 5 and 10 Gbit/s. If you were to compare the performance of a computer from 15-20 years ago to a computer from 2021, you would see a clear performance difference. The average user just wants a drive that is fast and uses the latest technology. This drive doesn't provide that. The drive is larger than other products that provide rugged/durable protection because of the use of old technology. The large size is the result of added protection, but does it really protect you? I like Silicon Power or ADATA products for their dependability. They don't use marketing terms that confuse or deceive customers, but they do not use technology that is not compatible with the USB 3.2 technology. Unlike many competitors, there is no backup software included. A drive at this price point has to provide more than just the drive. This is an overpriced drive that provides no value beyond competitor products. It rubs me wrong when a company uses marketing tactics to trick or hide something. I think someone should change the title to "SanDisk Professional G-Drive ArmorATD, 5TB, 888-282-0465, Portable Hard Drive". I don't recommend this drive. An advanced tech person with over three decades of experience is what I say. I've seen a lot of good and bad products. This is another product that I need to add to my bad product list. It is a brand name I must watch out for. I hope my review helps you make a decision. My goal is to give a straightforward review.

👤The package and the manufacturer confirm that this is a 3.1 drive. The package was not in good shape when it arrived. When I plugged it in, it wasn't recognized. Tech support was acceptable.

👤I use the bumper on my Mac Mini to protect it while I'm out and about with my iPad Pro. It can be re-formatted for windows. A lot of drive in a small package for what it is. This is an HDD and not a SDD.

👤To use with Windows10, you have to convert the drive. Identified it as a simple drive and formatted it. Works as intended. The drive is initially set up as an EFI drive. I don't have any words for you if you operate in those confines. I used 'duck duck go' to find a path. The product only got one star for not stating it was not plug-n-play. If you can't follow directions or know your way around disk management, this drive isn't for you.

11. Toshiba HDTB410XK3AA Canvio Portable External

Toshiba HDTB410XK3AA Canvio Portable External

There is a storage capacity for memory. A sleek profile with a smudge resistance finish. Plug and play is easy to use. Add more storage capacity to your compatible devices. There is no external AC power cord needed. System requirements are for Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7. Mac OS v10.12 requires reformatting. v10.10 There is a choice of either theUSB 2.0 or theUSB 3.0 port.

Brand: Toshiba

👤It shouldn't take more than a few seconds to back up a photo. I recorded how long it took to write a thousand files. I did the same thing on the old Acorndata drive that this Canvio was bought to replace, and here are graphs showing the differences. Writing to the Canvio took over 20 seconds, but it took over 80 seconds to write to the old Acorndata. The old Acorndata had a mean time of 2.8 seconds and the new Canvio had a mean time of 3.7 seconds. You can see that other people have the same problem if you search for "Why is my canvio so slow" without quotation marks.

👤I bought this drive on April 26th. It died around 5 weeks ago. I would lose my data and they wouldn't extract it for me. They don't offer that service. I have to spend a lot of money to have a basic drive completely dismantled to get the information. After I send them mine with or without data, they want to send me a replacement for what is going to be a small fortune. If the information can't be recovered, it's priceless to me because I used to back up my family photos, videos, iPad and phones. I am very unhappy. Over 30 years in this business, and in my time, I have seen failed drives, but never an external HDD die. When I bought an external hard drive for my home, I thought it would be a good idea to put my information on it for "safe keeping", but it died and I don't know how much can be recovered. Don't trust the drive. P.S. Since it has been connected, this drive sat still. There is no way for the item to fall as it sits behind the PC in my den. I unugged the external drive when I turned my PC monitor on. This was the beginning of what would eventually become the external HDD. No access to a car. I took the drive to the shop and connected it to a work PC. The drive and behavior are the same. It has a drive letter and all necessary steps have been taken to determine the problem. Everyone should type in "Toshiba Basics HDD" and see how many topics come up in the search engine with all of the issues people are having with this drive.

👤I have a couple of Canvio drives. After many years of service, one failed. These drives are terrible. I thought I got a bad one, so I sent for a new one. The new one is just as bad as the old one. I get about 20 gig transfered into it. I am not sure if it is due to heat or something, but it never increased in speed even after sitting for an hour. Both drives.

👤I did a Time Machine backup after I formatted it for Mac OS. I have another external that has hourly backups. This one would be off system for backups. It wouldn't work on the Mac when I took it out of my closet. The clicking sound that other reviewers have mentioned is what I got. The Mac won't read it. I called the support team. The support agent acknowledged that the clicking sound and non-mounting is a known issue. He said that most of the drives work well. A tech support employee for Toshiba admitted that 10% of their drives fail. Will you use those odds with your data? The day before this failure, my Amazon return window ended. I don't think you should buy this product. My recommendation is that they improve their manufacturing and quality control processes.


What is the best product for portable external hard drive for macbook air?

Portable external hard drive for macbook air products from Toshiba. In this article about portable external hard drive for macbook air you can see why people choose the product. Applecore and Lacie are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable external hard drive for macbook air.

What are the best brands for portable external hard drive for macbook air?

Toshiba, Applecore and Lacie are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable external hard drive for macbook air. Find the detail in this article. Seagate, Western Digital and Acasis are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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