Best Portable Fan Rechargeable 16 Inch

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1. 10000mAh Operated Hurricane Circulation Treadmill

10000mAh Operated Hurricane Circulation Treadmill

There is a style of clothesline. The cradle style and neutral black color of the floor fan fit discreetly with most decors while the convenient carry handle allows for easy transport. This clip on fan is equipped with a 10000mAh long lasting battery, which can be used for 53 hours at the highest speed. You don't have to worry about power being off for days at the lowest speed. 2A fast charging and a full charge in 7 to 8 hours, no more waiting around for a wall outlet. The desktop fan is designed with 4 speed settings and provides instant cooling with ultra powerful air flow. You can choose soft natural wind to avoid catching a cold wind in a high temperature environment, or choose a more powerful wind to cool quickly. The built-in copper motor makes noise less than 40 decibels while maintaining smooth operation. The fan blades blow out whisper quiet soft natural wind that calms you at the lower speed setting and lets you fall into sound sleep with the noise. The fan can be adjusted in the horizontal direction with the help of a pivot on the base. If you want to install the fan on the wall, you can either place it on the table at home or office, or position it on a tent. This newly upgraded clip on fan is a must-have for hot summertime. Buy it now and get the following: 10000mAh clip on fan, 2 connecters, 3 nut, and 4usb cable. If you have any problems or concerns, please feel free to contact them. They will reply within 24 hours.

Brand: Comlife

👤This was advertised as a large fan. The 4.5" fan is in a housing. I received a small fan, but I wanted a bigger one. The small fan is quiet and moves air pretty well. If it's as advertised, it will be great, but I don't know about battery life yet. I will keep it because it is a nice fan. Really like how quiet it is. I didn't like being deceived about size. The blade size of the fans should be measured.

👤I was initially frustrated by the fan because it was too hot to use, but I was going to return it after getting something better. I discovered that it didn't need to be plugged in all the time. I was sad about the defect, and it seemed like a part was missing. The collar that tightens up the sockets was found when I searched the room I had opened. I'm happy that I won't have to return it as it's portable and I can keep it by my desk, or clip it on to my elliptical.

👤Not what I was expecting. I wanted a small fan that I could clip on my golf cart and fishing boat to give me some relief from the heat. The little fan puts out more than a breeze. I like the fact that it is charged. I don't have to replace batteries. I love this fan.

👤I purchase this item for my dog to use to keep a breeze on him. It does the trick. With that being said. I tried it at the highest setting and it was fully charged. It doesn't last more than 20 hours. I put it on at 12 pm and it was dead by 6 am. When fully charged, it blinks red and stops blinking. The does not change. The is quiet and hasn't decided whether to send it back or not. It's better to charge it once a day and deal with it. I charge my phone from my computer. It's a good thing.

👤I am very happy with the purchase of this fan. The clip works well. We clipped it right to my son's bunk bed and it has not moved a millimeter. My son is happy to have cold air on his face. The base of the unit can be adjusted. It has different speeds. The battery is amazing. It lasted so long after it came charged. It also had a charge. I like that it doesn't require batteries. I would buy this again.

👤I received a fan and am loving it. For those who think it is loose, you should slide the provided nut over the post before snapping the clip onto the fan. The tiny red light on the back of the PC is charging. It's too small to disturb your sleep. While charging. It kept running even though it was unplugged from the PC. When I put my hand on top, I have my ring finger on the power button, and my middle on the speed button. I placed it 4' away, and I'm good at 1, the lowest speed. 2 or 3 would suffice if I were hot. I don't think I'll ever need 4. It has a bit of a whine about what you would expect. The blade is 11 cm. The housing width is 5. The clip has a firm grip. The jaws are open to over 2 inches. I'm glad I didn't get an el-cheapo fan. If the power goes out, I'm still cool. I'll see if it runs when the battery is dead. See how long the battery lasts. I'll update the review after that.

2. Hurricane Wall Mount Fan Oscillation

Hurricane Wall Mount Fan Oscillation

It's safe and hardy. The base was strong enough to support the fan during its operation. The built-in overheat protection will turn off the fan when the motor is overheating. The fan blade has a motor. 90 degrees of extreme angles. Two cords for controlling speed and oscillation. Steel neck support and power cord.

Brand: Hurricane

👤It runs through the night and is used almost daily for 3 months. It's mounted less than 10 feet from my bed and is quiet enough to sleep with. I have never run it higher than the lowest setting and I can barely hear a hum from it when I'm in the master bathroom. After running the AC for most of the day, this unit took over in the evening and stayed there until the early morning.

👤I had doubts about this fan. Every fan I have bought has been told that their bark was worse than their bite. I bought a lot of things, but with a poor air flow at a high price. Is it asking a lot for a fan that blows air? Obviously it was. When it comes to any appliance, I read the wonderful reviews on Amazon, my buying bible. The honest reviews from people who just purchased an item and feel free to be brutally honest about the performance without being attacked or repercussions is the best. I bought this fan after reading many reviews. I had second thoughts because the fan was so cheap, and I wondered what I had to do with it. Over the course of a decade of failures, this fan is the best I have ever purchased. I can feel the air blowing across a room of about twenty feet. Being white and powerful, it is almost invisible. I was a senior and installed this wall unit by myself, which was a triumph in the end. It's easy to put together and install, but it's difficult to put into beams. Being at the correct height isn't the only thing. I don't have the strength to put enough pressure on the screw. It took me three hours to screw those screws into the wall. I was so tired I took the hammer and hammered the three screws into the wall. I will install the other fan in the bedroom tomorrow. I will purchase two of the brand fans if they make window models, and I will look on Amazon to see if they do.

👤It was installed on my patio to kill mosquitoes. Will need to use the highest speed to function. Disappointed with the price. The knob is cheap and poorly designed. The only way to turn on/off oscillation will be if string pulls last for a long time. It was easy to install and assembly. I might be returning it because it doesn't blow very hard for its size. The noise level is the same as any other fan I've had. I am replacing an oldHolmes Airstream that I had for fifteen years before it died. I never used the highest setting. It lasted a long time. I would buy a stronger, smaller fan for about $25 more than the value for use in a small room.

👤These were easy to assemble. They were easy to hang on the wall. I was surprised by that. Attach a small plate with two screws to the wall and slip a fan on top of it. It could not be simpler. The fans work well and keep my gym fanned. I like them. They don't let you see how long they last. Stay informed.

3. COMLIFE Biggest Rechargeable Operated Batteries

COMLIFE Biggest Rechargeable Operated Batteries

What is the biggest fan size that 5V power sources and batteries can drive? 9 inches? No! They have made it up to 11 inch for a wider area coverage. It is energy-saving and cost-effective to use. It is the best companion in hot summer. It comes with 2200mAh batteries. The fan can be used for up to four hours. You can still enjoy the cool breeze even though there is no external power supply around. The fan is a battery powered or a portable power source. The fan can be powered by a variety of power sources, including a power bank, laptop, charging adapter, and 5V/ 1.5A. Large diameter quality blades, powerful motor, and quiet atmosphere make for a powerful and quiet environment. Three speed settings and a rotating head for maximum cooling effectiveness. The sturdy painted metal housing is crafted from industrial grade material. The front cover is easy to clean. It is durable to use and looks exquisite because of the high-quality copper motor, anti-vibration pads, and classic black color. It's perfect for use in bedroom, drawing room, kitchen, office, school, camping, emergency, outage, etc.

Brand: Comlife

👤I'm impressed. The cage's outer diameter is the advertised size of the Chinese fans. The blade diameter is advertised by most American fans. The fan is an 8 inch one with an 11 inch case. It's not a big deal if you're aware of it. I am a fan of gadgets. I purchased a fan after finding it. I'm thinking about buying another. The 2200 mah batteries are provided with the -1 star. I have 2200 mah batteries that I already have and will use them in some flashlights. I live in southern California where we have 90 degree days in December. Fans are important to me, battery fans are not. I like this one a lot. It's a good thing. Would I recommend this device to a friend? Enjoy.

👤I have a fan in my room. I used a Black & Decker 9-inch, AC desk fan. The fan used a lot of electricity, even on the lowest speed, and was very noisy. The COMLIFE 11 inch fan uses DC power instead of AC power and is more energy efficient at 4.5 watt per year. The COMLIFE fan is not as powerful as it could be, but it is still good. The blowing power of COMLIFE is the same as that of the Black & Decker. COMLIFE saves $48 per year. The COMLIFE fan is quieter than the Black & Decker fan. The COMLIFE fan is loud enough to hear up close, but not noticeable from across the room. The COMLIFE fan is perfect for a small fan to run 24/7. I hope it lasts a long time. Make sure you use a good power supply for the fan. The fan couldn't run on maximum speed when I used a cheap 5Wusb charge. I used a 12W charge and it didn't have any trouble. Wattage was measured by my Kill a Watt meter.

👤Where should I start? We used it all over the house because it's light weight and quiet, and it takes a few hours to charge. In the kitchen, living room, and screened in porch. We lost power for a few hours and it was used to keep my dog cool. It's super quiet and the charge lasts about 7 hours. It's wonderful.

👤The fan is battery-operated. The metal frame emits good air flow. I bought this because I need a good night's sleep in a hot house and it fits the bill. I like the fact that it comes with a power cord that I can plug into a power bank once the batteries are exhausted. The rating was reduced due to the batteries. This device uses a battery that can be problematic due to the fact that the batteries age. The fan's battery compartment is too small to hold the protection circuit module or board which is slightly longer than the unprotected counterparts and would be much safer to use. I will only charge these types of batteries outside of the fan itself, using a quality charging device with built-in protection against the possibility of overheating. I would highly recommend doing your homework before buying 18670 batteries. This is an excellent fan and I am considering purchasing another one.

4. TokeShimi Cordless Portable Rechargeable Velocity

TokeShimi Cordless Portable Rechargeable Velocity

The fan has a sleek white finish that is easy to match with almost any space. You will not be disappointed, the dust covered fan is easy to clean,durable and lightweight,functional and practical. It's a great gift for children, elders, friends and lovers. The 12 inch portable battery rechargeable outdoor fan is powered by a total power of 12000mAh. It only takes 2 to 2.5 hours to fully charge. Please charge the fan before using it. The outdoor battery operated fan has a net cover wire diameter of 2.0mm, 6mm line spacing, waterproof design input and output jacks with plastic plugs, and passed the children's finger test. The power bank function can be used to charge your phone. It is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Their outdoor fan has a long usage time and a long motor life. The fan blades are high specification and have a long usage life. The 12 inch floor fan has 1300CFM airflow. The fan is a classic yellow and black color scheme. The floor fan has a tilt angel so that you can feel the cooling breeze. The design of stepless speed gear and 5-step power display allows you to grasp the fan's output and real-time power. The outer packing is made of a paper box with pearl cotton protection, which can reduce the damage caused by transportation. The package has a manual and US style two-pin plug. Any issue will be resolved in 24 hours.

Brand: Tokeshimi

👤The build quality is excellent, but the whole purpose of getting this type of fan is for it's portability and the hope that the battery is adequate, the motor is efficient, and I push a fair amount of air. The charging time is less than an hour. The duration advertised are wildly inaccurate. It lasted about 70 minutes on a full charge. Any setting below 50% is useless. The battery only lasts 3-4 hours. I bought this for camping, but it won't work for me. If the cost was around $60, it would be worth keeping and adding extra batteries to increase hours. 2 weeks of daily usage update was increased from 3 to 5 stars. I'm getting different results now after about 6 full discharges and full recharges. The duration of the battery is better. 100% fan speed - 120 minutes 40% fan speed 20% fan speed. 20% is about the min speed you can set to where you can feel a light breeze, any speed below that is pointless/useless. It's just a slowly moving blade that you may feel sitting 6 feet away from, if you can get 24 hours out of the battery at 20%.

👤We have been doing a lot of outdoor painting and this is the reason why the husband bought this. After trying to use extension cords for a fan and a light, we decided we needed a more portable option. This one is great because you can carry it by the handle and place it as you move throughout the day. We have to paint the laundry room and the area around the plugs in the house. This option is much simpler. The fan was charged at about 60%. If you are low on juice. It can go for an hour 1/2 straight and only go down by 20%. I compared this to a much larger plug in fan at our house and it has the same output and goes further than one of its size. Looks better. The big fan that blocks my robot vacuum when it is not in use is no longer a problem for me. The base of the fan is very sturdy and wont move because of the rubber grippers, which makes it a much better fan.

👤I read reviews and watched videos on many products. I chose this product because it was quicker to charge than normal. I was disappointed. I spend 4 days charging and draining the battery in order to maximize the longevity for camping. 2.5 hours is the charge time. Time is everything when using a generator. The high fiction only lasts about 4-5 hours and feels like my child is blowing in my face. It takes the same amount of time to charge as it does to run out of battery on its preferred high setting. Not passing the before camping testing is definitely going to lead to a return.

👤I have been using this fan for a while, but I found out the fan I was looking for wasn't the one I was looking for. It has no major defects. The power is not strong enough, the battery is not long enough, and the noise is not good. I would say I expect more based on the price. I wouldn't recommend this fan. Will come back and find another one.

5. O2COOL Battery Operated Fan Emergencies

O2COOL Battery Operated Fan Emergencies

The mini travel fan has a built-in hook that can be hung on the branches or inside the cars. You can put it on the desk at home or in the office. It is easy to carry around or store. O2COOL battery-operated fans are perfect for camping, traveling and outdoor summer fun. It's ideal for power failures during a disaster. An AC adapter can be plugged into any automobile when power is needed and can be used as a power bank to charge the batteries. The technology is called smart power. There are multiple power source options for this portable fan. The most energy-efficient power source option will be adjusted by the fan. It has a built-in power port for charging your cell phone or other mobile device. There are four power sources options. A built-in battery, plug-in cord, or replacement of the built-in battery with 8 D-Cell batteries are not included. The features are super. Patented 10” fan blades for more efficient airflow and low noise, 2-speed options, battery powered & tilts for stable base with stabilizing feet. It is possible to be portable and comparable. The flip-up handle makes it easy to take the cool air wherever you want. It's ideal to store for emergencies indoors as well. It's easy to carry and store, and it's great for home or travel.

Brand: O2cool

👤When we went quading and camped in the dessert, I was looking for a good battery operated fan, since I have a 3 year old that needs to sleep. I decided to try it after reading great reviews. It was The Perfect Fan for the trailer, it kept it cool, it was quiet, and the battery lasted hours after being charged. A few friends saw it and asked where I got it.

👤I was expecting the charged battery to give me at least a few hours per charge, but it gave me less than a minute before it died, and I tried charging it fully a few times. I slept in the heat with a $50 piece of garbage by my side, and my family was not happy about it. This is the most expensive fan I have ever had. Don't use this product.

👤Being using O2COOL fans for more than 10 years, and they are very reliable and durable, and any additional fixture on new models is definitely an improvement. An excellent appliance has an internal rechargeable battery, alkaline batteries, and external power. The unit has a power indicator that shows which mode it is in, and a base support that makes it easy to adjust to different surfaces.

👤I thought it would give off more cooling power. Our 13 year old plays travel baseball and we bought this for our 6 month old son. The ballpark has long hot days. We have backup batteries for it, and I have a piece of software in my Yukon. It didn't meet our expectations for the cost, but it did provide a slight breeze.

👤You can take camping with 8 D batteries. Night 1 was on a low speed. The fan was weak. Night 2. It's the same thing. The time is midnight to 7 AM. woke up to a hot tent and a dead fan. I returned it. You should buy a fan that runs off your batteries. The 1.5 Ah batteries give you 1 night of better air movement.

👤This fan is great for your camper. It runs off of many different power sources, and automatically switches to the most economical power source. The fan is large and can be directed where you want it to go.

👤This is a fan of mine. I bought this because we don't have electric when we camp. Since I like to have a fan on at night, I am able to charge it during the day in the truck DC outlet. It will run on low all night. 8 hours. I haven't tried running it high at night on the built in battery. I have also used it with the D batteries. It can get expensive but it's good to have that option. It works great on electric. The adjustible fan blade is nice. I have to remember to turn the switch off after charging. Very happy with this fan. I might get another.

👤The rechargeable battery doesn't work anymore after only two uses. I followed the instructions and gave it a full night's charge in the stop position. If it's charging and the light blinks, it won't charge. It can charge in the low or high speed. The charging process starts from the off position. The light never worked again after I got 10 hours out of the internal battery. If you're buying it for this reason, it's a waste of money. I'm a truck driver and having it back here in the bunk with me on low is plenty to move air and it's not that loud. I bought it for the reason that it comes with a cigarette lighter, but I'm not happy that it doesn't work already.

6. Rovtop Velocity Rechargeable Adjustable Industrial

Rovtop Velocity Rechargeable Adjustable Industrial

The portable fan can be fully charged in 6 hours. The standing fan is powered by theusb2a and compatible with PC/laptop, mobile power, AC, car, and other power supplies. It takes 2.5 to 3 hours to fully charge the Rovtop 12-inch rechargeable outdoor fan. It can run for up to 18 hours. Digital devices can be charged with ausb interface. The fan has a tilt function. The battery fan has a tilt head that can be adjusted to guide high-speed air up, down, left, and right. The fan blade design combined with a powerful DC motor can provide a maximum of 3500 CFM of high- performance airflow and long- lasting functions. It can move a lot of air and can be used in a lot of places. There is a variable speed control and a battery indicator. The variable speed setting on this fan allows you to control the flow of air. The high-speed fan is designed to run quietly and efficiently, so it won't disturb users during work or breaks. The battery life indicator on the control box can help you adjust the battery life according to your needs and avoid accidents. It's ideal for outdoor use. The fan can work in a dark environment with the help of the lighting, which can be found in the battery compartment. It has a plastic frame, fan blades and rubber feet, which is in line with industrial fan specifications. This fan is easy to rust and can operate in a variety of environments, making it a convenient and reliable outdoor cooling solution. Simple assembly without tools. The industrial fan has a scientific appearance design and a more reasonable structure, with four ways of use: handle, hanging hook, floor-standing structure, and nail to the wall, which can be used according to the actual environment. You can assemble the fan immediately, just follow the instructions on the outer box to assemble the fan and the frame.

Brand: Rovtop

👤I was offered money to remove my review. If they ship an improved product, I would change the review. They said they have. Since then, never heard from them. The wind strength is weak and unsatisfactory. Charge isn't holding well after 60 days. After 1-2 hours of use, slows down. Not recommended.

👤I was offered money to remove my review. I can't be bought. I have good morals. People need an honest review. This is what it is. I don't think offering money to change a review is the best way to do it. I expected it to be more powerful than it is. I will only use it in places that I can be close to. It seems to be for a small room. It is water resistant. I will use it with a mister.

👤After one hour of use, stopped working. The seller sent a new fan. Thanks!

👤I got this so I can sit on my porch without being bitten by bugs. I got this little guy because I'm not out there often. It's strong enough for my porch, it keeps the bugs off, and it keeps me cool in the hot, lowcountry of South Carolina.

👤The product was faulty. I sent it back. I ordered another replacement so I can see if the one I received was bad.

👤I live in a large Texas city that has frequent power failures when it rains. I have used this many times. The charge lasts about 12 hours. It is light and powerful.

👤I spend a lot of time in the morning in my garden sitting on a platform. I can spend time out with this fan. It is exactly what I wanted.

👤Wow! This thing is great. The light is bright and the fan is strong. Overall, I am very pleased with this price, but it is decent. Will definitely purchase another one.

7. Tornado Circulator Industrial Commercial Residential

Tornado Circulator Industrial Commercial Residential

The metal drum fan is a tilt air fan. The 24 Inches roll-around tilt fan from Tornado is ideal for garage, basement, covered patio, workshops, warehouse and factory stations and it tilts a full 180 degrees. The air delivery is high. Medium is 6000. Low: 5000. The most powerful drum fan on the market has a heavy-duty 3-Speed motor. The opening size of the Direct Drive Fan is 29.3 x 11 x 29.5 inches. It has two convenient handles on the top, nonskid positioning legs, aluminum blades, and a 3-speed setting on the back housing. The grille is OSHA compliant and has an extra long power cord. There is a 5 year motor warranty listed with the U.S. safety company. The Tornado is one of the quietest fans on the market. It's ideal for use in many places. Customer service is their pleasure and they will take care of any issues with their products. Feel free to email them with any questions.

Brand: Tornado

👤Tornado reached out to me and wanted to correct the wrongs. Another fan was shipped to my business. I haven't received the fan yet, but they have restored my faith in their company. When the 2nd fan arrives, I will update this review. The fan came banged up with paint. The fan blade would rub against the inside frame if you turned the unit on. I reached out to the seller on the same day and got no response. The fan works again after I repaired it. This fan isn't pushing more CFMs than an equivalent Home Depot fan. The fan is lightweight and easy to install. The product has a nice warranty but it might be meaningless if the manufacture is unavailable. I wouldn't buy this fan again.

👤It's a big fan. I run it at a slower pace. After a few months of intermittent use, the rear motor bearing began to make noise and run too hot. I've been an engineer for 40 years. Motor bearings are too hot to touch. The rear motor bearing is being cooled by incoming air as it moves through the fan. Bad bearing, conclusion. I bought a fan in January. It will be used this spring. Beyond its return date.

👤The fan was larger than I expected, but it was also weaker than I expected. My fans are tiny compared to the ones I have. I have tested it in a warehouse environment with no air conditioning and it can feel terrible. The fan makes a noise while running. I was forced to not use it at all. Everything about this fan has been disappointing.

👤The first one I received was not functional. Had to return it. Since just assembled, the box was still there. The duplicate worked when I plugged in. I assembled it easily, but I wish the company had shown me more detail about the serial code and manufacturers info, as well as the warning label. The slab on top of the unit was cockeyed. It could have been placed parallel to the sides of the unit and not right on top, which would have improved cosmetics dramatically. I was able to peel and relocate serial numbers in a less desirable location.

👤I used the fan for 2 days a week during the summer months. I live in Florida but my shop is in Alabama. The weather cools in October, so it didn't use up after that. The switch wasn't working and the cord was loose when I tried to use it. I tried to fix it, but it was not possible. I sent an email to the distributor, but they didn't reply. I bought this fan because it looked like it would fill my needs, and the reviews were good. I will update my review if the distributor backs the fan. I would say to steer clear. The review will be dependent on the service of the distributor.

👤May 25th was when it was bought. It was great when first received. stored in a heated garage It did nothing but hum when I tried it for the first time this year. If you hit the blade, it will spin very slowly.

8. Amacool Operated Stroller Rotatable Treadmill

Amacool Operated Stroller Rotatable Treadmill

The mini fan with a flexible tripod/legs is a lifesaver for car seats with rear facing, it is easy to clip on most strollers, crib, wheelchair, carriage and etc in any position. The stroller fan's head can be adjusted vertically and horizontally for any direction to create the perfect cooling breeze. It's a must have for you and your kids to go to Disneyland, zoo and park because it's portable and comes with a 2600 mah battery. The fan cover is designed to protect little inquisitive fingers, and the fan with lights of 3 setting is convenient for Mom and the elder in the dark. To present you a cool and worry-free summer, they offer a 12 month Replacement Warranty, and their engineer designed the tripod with flexible knobs, the legs strong enough to be bent over and over.

Brand: Amacool

👤I won't fall for the scam of receiving a gift card to lie about the product and give it a five star rating. No, ma'am. I will tell the truth so that others don't waste their money like I did. I keep the noise above our bed so it doesn't bother me much, and it keeps you cool since I keep it above our bed. The battery life is terrible. It doesn't last long when I charge it. The longest I have is about 10 minutes.

👤We needed a fan for our baby. We use it a lot. We put it on her car seat when we walk. I propped it up on our desk when I was working. The three speeds are great, low, high and quiet, and they all offer the same amount of coolness and quiet. The lights have been a nice feature and we didn't really need them. Our daughter hates going in her car seat and this helps to distract her. Since we live in Florida, we have to wait to go on walks until later in the day and the light makes it easier to see us. It is a great. I would definitely recommend!

👤I love this mini fan. I bought it for my son. We had to leave early when we went to the park because he was sweating. I don't have to worry about him sweating since I have a fan. It has a light as well. It helps with diaper changes at night. The brightness can be adjusted as well.

👤The fan started making a noise after almost a year of use, but a toddler was banging it around. If you're going to let your kid play with the fan, you should take the rubber things off of the bottoms of the legs. The little fan has been a lifesaver. I worry about my child getting too hot when I drive an older car because there are no AC vents in the back. I put the fan on the car seat this morning after charging it over night. It has gripped the car seat handle very well and is easy to deal with. It's very quiet, but adds a small amount of white noise that my daughter likes. Her fingers are too big to fit in between the slots on the fan, so that's a plus. I like that the fan isn't very powerful and it's a breeze to cool her down. I was a bit worried that the fan would be too powerful for her, but it is not. The light is a nice touch, if we need to see her at night. We are going to take a vacation next week and I will update my review if my opinion changes.

👤It works well on our bike. Quiet at lower speeds and acceptable noise level at higher speeds. A lot of air for a fan. I gave good ratings for longevity and battery life. I fully charged the battery before using it after I got out of the box. "Mini fan" on fan cage is different than advertised, but who cares?" The nut holding the fan in place is enough to hold it in place, but I wish it tightened a bit more.

9. 10400mAh Rechargeable 270°Head Rotation Stepless

10400mAh Rechargeable 270%C2%B0Head Rotation Stepless

The fan can be powered by batteries. It comes with a cable that can be used to connect to a power bank, car, computer, or 5V wall charging station. It is compatible with carbon D battery, alkaline D battery or NiMH battery. The camping fan built-in a 10400mAh battery can work continuously for 8 to 36 hours, making it different from other low-quality products on the market. It also supports working while charging, and does not generate heat, which is great for children. The tent fan has lastest motor technology and high- performance ultra-thin fan blades, which can provide you with ultra-strong airflow at the lowest noise, maintaining air circulation in the tent. It won't affect your sleep or do anything. The Camping Lantern is bright. There are 3 brightness settings for the portable fan. The lowest and maximum brightness can illuminate the entire tent. It is a great light source for camping or hiking. The tent light fan has a hook design that can be hung on the top of the tent, saving space. The overall size is small and exquisite, you can easily put it in your backpack when you are not using it, it will not bring you extra burden. You can connect it to your power bank, laptop or car power supply to charge it. It only takes 6 hours to fully charge. It is a great companion for hiking, camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities. Sturdy & Anti-drop- 2 in 1 travel tent fan housing is made of sturdy and durable ABS material, which can prevent violent impact, so you can confidently use it in various outdoor occasions. It's also good for indoor use as a desk fan. The punk style appearance makes it a beautiful artwork on your desktop.

Brand: Jinlicte

👤I got this for camping. The army green color is the perfect shade of green. I like the capacity of the fan. I'm going to show how to operate it in the video.

👤The little fan works as advertised. Their claims are a bit optimistic. I charged it to full overnight and let it run on high until the battery died, and it lasted for 6 hours and 50 minutes. Pass-through charging is mostly effective. The fan was running on high and I watched it charge from 75% to 100%. When the light and fan were on high, it lost battery charge. It ran at 5v on all of my tests, but did not take advantage of the higher voltages offered by the standard. It's nice to know that I'll be able to swap it out when the time comes, since it uses an 18650 cell. It looks like it's possible to disassemble the fan to get to the cell, but it might do some damage. I have a fancy multimeter thingy that tells me how much volts and Amps it's drawing, so here's some tech specs that I collected.

👤This is the best portable fan I have ever purchased. I've purchased cheap fans before, but this is worth any extra money. It's powerful. The variable control is better than a typical high/low setting. Sturdy hinges for angling the fan. 6) Construction is pretty solid. I don't need a light in my house. It is bright and the settings are nice. The advertised battery life appears to be correct. It's 10 feet tall. The blade is large. A great purchase!

👤Me encanto es practico, es liviano, pero llegue a usarlo unas 5 horas. La velocidad is una. Soy enfermera y lo uso.

👤The fan can be used for many things. My husband uses it to take fishing with him until it warms up. I don't like camping out in the heat and this will help. It has three fan settings that can be adjusted with a knob. The fan has a push button on the base that can be used to control three light settings. It has a type c charging cable. The battery life is really good and if fully charged can run the fan on medium speed or burn the flashlight on high power all night long. It's lightweight and made of strong materials. The value is great.

👤The fan is perfect. I have been having issues with gnats all summer and was trying to come up with a solution to keep them out of my face. I ordered two and they were what I needed. They may be small, but they have power. They came pre- charged. I can actually enjoy my patio because of this investment.

👤This fan is great. I used it at the lake under a tent for my dogs on a 95 degree day. My son loved it and it helped keep them cool. It is not as powerful as I thought it would be, but it was enough to cool my dogs. The battery lasted all day at the lake and had little dots on it to show it had plenty of battery left. It was a great purchase, and I am looking forward to using it when we go camping, as the light on top is bright. I would recommend a light, battery operated fan.

10. Comfort Zone Velocity 15 80in 15 50in

Comfort Zone Velocity 15 80in 15 50in

High-velocity 3-speed control. You can choose from 3 speed settings on the high-velocity fan to maximize air circulation and give you more power in your home or office space. The 180 degree vertical tilt of the floor fan makes it easy to adjust to your environment and comfort level. Sturdy design, all-metal construction, and rubber feet help to maintain stability for vibration-free performance. Quiet operation. The high-velocity fan is designed to run quietly and efficiently, so it won't disrupt users while they work or rest. There is a style of clothesline. The cradle style and neutral black color of the floor fan fit discreetly with most decors while the convenient carry handle allows for easy transport.

Brand: Ccc Comfort Zone

👤This order was not eligible for Prime and was expected to be delivered between the 19th and 24th of June, 2020. I ordered it on the 11th and it was delivered on the 12th. It was already assembled. It's not big, but it's mighty. The air is great and I only selected the lowest level. I will never buy plastic fans again.

👤I love this fan. It's perfect for my bedroom and the best part is that you can open it to clean it. The box was smashed but the fan was in good shape. I am ready to order more.

👤I am a fan expert. A fan for a long time required sleeping. Fans have taken a downturn in quality in the last few years. I bought multiple units and let them go for 5 weeks. There are strange rattles. This dude has been making the most pleasant sound in a fan since the 90's. That is an extreme statement from me. I'm happy. It sounds good. There are no annoying rings, bumps, squanks or nonsense. It's easy to take apart and clean. Really. There are no screws on the plastic. It's easy to clean. It has a fair amount of windage. A fan snob. I am happy with the purchase. If you have problems with generic box fans, I would recommend it.

👤This is a 12 watt fan and draws less than 5 Amps. The manual states that it must not be on a circuit with other devices. It must be on a dedicated circuit or your warranty is in question. There was a back-handed effort. They never responded to the email I sent them to see what their response would be. They know that a lawyer in the legal department drinks to much coffee. Consider this. If they go that far to cover their butt, one has to wonder if the products they sell are reliable. The first thing any warranty claim would probably ask is, "Was this plugged into a circuit that had any other devices connected to it?" It's not much for the warranty. I bought this on Amazon for $28 and on 25th it was $27. The same fan costs between $44.88 and $78.66 in Oct 2020. It's worth $28.

👤The Comfort Zone has a high speed fan with a 180 degree tilt. The handle is for carrying. The front grill is removed for cleaning. The key is for the 180 degree pivot point. There was no rattling or excessive vibrations. Low speed has good air flow for a small/medium room with white noise for sleeping. This is a good spot for a 12" fan. Medium speed begins "high velocity" aspect, which includes substantial increase in noise pitch, which might be a problem if used inside, but not outside. The difference between medium and high speed is small. If you need to move a lot of air, suggest a larger diameter fan. The specification sheet can be found at

👤The fan is not plastic and moves a lot of air. The fan would be hard to beat for the money.

11. Battery Operated Lasting Portable Rotation

Battery Operated Lasting Portable Rotation

This 5 inch battery fan works with 4 D-cell batteries, which is ideal for camping, travel, power outages and emergency needs. The fan can last for over 200 hours with low speed, 46 hours with medium speed, and 14 hours with high speed. The quiet desk fan is thanks to the motor that lowers the noise to 50 decibels. It's perfect for sleeping and working. The portable fan has a timer that can be set to 1, 3 or 5 hours. No need to wake up to turn off the fan. The 180 rotation design allows you to take the fresh air directly to your face. It is easy to carry around with the comvenient handle. It's great for travel, camping and other outdoor activities. The fan can be powered by batteries. It comes with a cable that can be used to connect to a power bank, car, computer, or 5V wall charging station. It is compatible with carbon D battery, alkaline D battery or NiMH battery.

Brand: Gazeled

👤I wanted something that made a lot of noise so I could sleep. These are not it. These are fans made by the Army. If it's next to you in a tent, it's good, so don't expect a tornado. The customer service with this company was excellent and I would definitely do business with them again.

👤This is the second fan that I have purchased and it is great. It is a quiet fan. Good battery life. The button has multi speed fan selection. The timer button is on. It's very portable. It works great with the included cord. I can put it in a power bank. There are tilts in many directions. I enjoy reviewing products that I like so much. Good value for money.

👤UPDATED!! We had one that didn't work. There is a After talking to the supplier, we were given a full refund and then they sent us a new version for free. I was overwhelmed by the product when I opened it. The company wants to keep people happy. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to purchase from a manufacturer or retailer. We will be ordering another one for our daughter. Thanks for the help. I will use you again.

👤I bought this fan for when the power goes out during a storm. - The fan is quiet and effective, and it's on my desk all the time. Highly recommended.

👤I felt compelled to write a review here. I use the fan in my travel trailer only for the noise. The reviews were decent. I unboxed it and threw it away. I only used it twice, but I will turn it on and it will shut off after a minute, even with brand new batteries, because this thing takes 4 D batteries at a time. I tried setting the timer but it didn't work. I wish I had saved the box. I could send it back.

👤This is perfect for what I wanted. The gym doesn't have enough fans to keep me cool so I take it to the gym. I used it to keep it cool in places where there was no electricity and lots of heat and humidity. I rarely have to use it on high because it puts out enough air. I had assumed it had a magnet on its base, but it did not. Although initially disappointed, I am fine with it being the way it is. This product is very good. I have not needed to change the batteries yet.

👤I don't know how these got good reviews. It is portable and lightweight, but it does not blow that good. The padded envelope they were in gave me a clue that they were not going to be very good. I think it's very lightweight and cheap. You have to have 4-D batteries to use the fan. Does not blow very hard. It does have a cable, but can't figure out why. We have nothing to charge. It's not good. I bought a better fan at for $69.95 and it's really rechargeable.


What is the best product for portable fan rechargeable 16 inch?

Portable fan rechargeable 16 inch products from Comlife. In this article about portable fan rechargeable 16 inch you can see why people choose the product. Hurricane and Comlife are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable fan rechargeable 16 inch.

What are the best brands for portable fan rechargeable 16 inch?

Comlife, Hurricane and Comlife are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable fan rechargeable 16 inch. Find the detail in this article. Tokeshimi, O2cool and Rovtop are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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