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1. 5200mAh Operated Rechargeable Portable Personal

5200mAh Operated Rechargeable Portable Personal

The portable cooling fan blows strong airflow while keeping quiet. It has three 9-inch blades that can swirl faster, blowing 4m/s of air at high speed, cooling you down instantly. The desk fan has a built-in 5200mAh battery that can last up to 9.5 hours on low speed setting, which is convenient for outdoor camping travel or indoor use. The setting is 6.5H. The metal frame is designed to be sturdy and retro. The desk fan is a good choice if you are a retro lover. The battery powered fan is compatible with all universalusb devices. The personal battery fan can be used to choose the best cooling angle. It can save you from hot flashes during the summer.

Brand: Xasla

👤The fan is easy to use. I don't give a rating on battery life as I haven't used it much. On both settings, it has good air flow. I have a portable phone charge. It warns not to charge and discharge at the same time. If you have theusb hooked up while running, you will shorten your battery life. It's not a problem, but to be sure I don't forget, that's only in the manual. I put it on the back of the fan.

👤I like the air flow on this fan. It was nice and cooled me down quickly. The frame is metal and I think it will last longer than the fan. There is a handle to carry it, but it's only one of two small negatives. The instructions say that the right light will blink while it's charging and turn solid red when it's complete, but the light stays solid red the whole time it's plugged in. I don't know when the charging is complete. The 2 negatives are small and not important to me. I can use it virtually anywhere because of the minimal noise. It was a worthwhile purchase.

👤This fan is pretty good. It's not loud. The battery life is the big disadvantage of the stand as it falls over quite often. It works great when it's plugged in, but on a full charge it will only last 3 or 4 hours. I bought a brand that will last all night. It's a great product that doesn't have the battery life. Maybe it's just mine, but that could use some adjustments. I know it only lasts 3 or 4 hours. I sleep longer than that.

👤I like these fans, they're very well made and quiet, so don't get me wrong. In the video, the guy is running the fans off of one or two batteries, and they are replaceable. Wrong. They're built in. The video is very misleading. The batteries are wrapped together in parallel, so you get a bit of current, and the last price of the fan is great.

👤The color is great and the size is good for my desk area. The battery life is short. It is nil. It needs to be plugged in to the computer at all times so it has to be placed in one area. It's too heavy for the base. You have to adjust the head with two hands.

👤It is small but strong. This fan is a life saver for me because I work with toddlers. I prop it up all over the room to keep me cool. It doesn't bother anyone because it's not loud. Would buy another one.

👤The fan is used for a short time and lasts the amount of time I need it to. Love the stand as well.

👤If the power goes out again, the propane stove will be used to blow heat into the living room. The fan works.

2. SLENPET 20000mAh Rechargeable Operated 350┬░Rotation

SLENPET 20000mAh Rechargeable Operated 350%C2%B0Rotation

Traveling in conjunction: Do you miss your fan when you travel? The 5 inch fan is light and can go anywhere you need it. No need to worry about the fan running out of power, and no need to charge the fan frequently because of the long working time. The remaining power of the battery will be shown by the indicator light. You can charge your cell phone, laptop, and other mobile devices with the power supply with theusb power port. It will be useful during an emergency. It's perfect for camping, outdoor activities and emergencies. The desk fan will shut off after you set the limit time. This function is useful if you need a breeze to fall asleep, but don't want the fan to blow wind all night. You can choose the strong, natural, quiet mode according to your needs with the Smart Wind setting. 350 rotation allows the fan to provide omnidirectional airflow, aim airflow exactly where you need it, and ensure you always can enjoy the cooling wind in the right position. The handle makes it easy to carry the desk fan. The compact size doesn't take up much space on the office desk or home bedside table, great for bedroom, home, office, camping, outdoor activities.

Brand: Slenpet

👤I was expecting a bigger fan but it is a bit smaller. I wanted it to be placed in a windowsill to draw cooler air into my house. The Seattle area is having the hottest days on record. I have been carrying a fan around with me to help keep me cool. You can charge it while it's running, and it will last all night. It's worth the money.

👤I bought this product because I wanted to love it, but the fan makes annoying noises when it's positioned upwards, so I received it the same day. The original stopped working after I requested a replacement. It seems that it no longer powers on after a refill. I wasted all my time researching and ordering and now I'm in the Florida sun. What a waste of time. The product is great on paper, but it's not a loaf of bread.

👤This fan is coming back. The fan won't turn on because it is fully charged. They did not respond when I contacted them. Disappointed.

👤It was pretty decent. Especially if you have a portable unfoldable solar panel. I haven't run a storage drain test. I think the blade fins are 6-7 inches. It seems to last over 12 hours on full speed. It does great for a van living guy. Considering the 20 Amp x 3.3 Amp battery and the 6 time lifestan over ion, it's not a boxfan. When I killed the battery and tried to charge it from death, it only uses the lowest speed. I understand that charging is acceptable to me. It allowed full speed after a little charge time. If the battery is 20 Amps, it will give 66 watt hours. Most of the time, the capacity is overhyped. 60 true watt! Blowing at 5 watt an hour? Is it worth it for the price and fan breeze? I'm very happy with the fan. It's just a fan. It's funny.

👤I brought this a week ago to go camping and was very impressed with how long the battery lasts. It was used for 3 days and 2 nights. It was used for 6 hours each day. The indicator on the battery was green at the end of the camping trip. There is a green, yellow and red light for the battery level. I will buy another one of these fans for our tent. The product is very well made and performs well.

👤I am an English woman living in California and I love this portable fan. There is a A full charge lasts for hours. I use it around the house and in the supermarket. It is small enough to not be noticed. There is a It is powerful enough to make a hot situation a little bit more manageable. It's worth the money.

👤This was used on a camping trip. The battery worked all night. It was nice to have a fan with us. The indicator light shows how much power you have left. 3 speeds. Works well.

3. AICase Portable Telescopic Rechargeable Adjustable

AICase Portable Telescopic Rechargeable Adjustable

The desk fan is ideal for both home and office use. It can be placed at the edge of your sofa or bed, or at your office desk and used as a desktop fan. The height of the standing/desk fan can be fully adjusted from 3.7 to 39.3" and the tilt angle can be adjusted from 180 degree to 400 degree. Wireless Working and bulit-in 7200mAh battery : The AI Case standing/desk fan runs on It's easy to fold up and down, and it's small enough to be used for storage or outside. The design of the Super Quiet (30-40db) and 4 wind levels speed design allows for different needs.

Brand: Aicase

👤The little guy is putting out wind speed. When we can't run the a.c., we bought this for our camper. It works great for cooling down when you get ready in the morning. Blow drying is rough in the summer. It was useful when the power was out for a long time. I am impressed with how tall it is. I used to use it at half height because I didn't know it was taller. You can see all of the different sizes by attaching pictures with our cat. The battery life is great, I haven't had to charge it yet, but I have used it for about a week every morning. The amount of fan for the price is impressive.

👤It was a gift for the husband. He's very hot, and a running PC makes it even hotter. The small portable fans he was using were weak. He has a telescopic fan behind his monitor. It's set taller than the screen and tilted to blow on him. He uses the lowest setting to get longer run time. Why not get a regular plug-in-the-fan? Small spaces cords are a nuisance and make neat spaces look cluttered. It also allows easy placement. Our cats can't chew on something. It's a good thing. I thought it was a hefty price, but it was worth it. If it were available in black, this would have been more than double.

👤Soy fantica de bateras recargables. I am interested in the modelo por su versatilidad, color and tamao. Me decepcion, con el control defectuoso. Se hacia al Frente. Para mantenerlo estable. No tiene buen agarre in la base. No me ha permitido resear. U durabilidad de la batera. El control remoto defectuoso. As, as, as Mi comentario actualizando das.

👤I ordered a second one because I love them so much. I like that they can be folded away when not in use. You don't have to get up to adjust the speed with the remote. It is very convenient and versatile. I bought a second one for my office because the first one was for my bathroom. The package arrives quickly. It is not going to cool down a room. It helps to circulate the air. The price is high for a small plastic item.

👤The portable floor fan is powerful. It folds into itself for easy transportation. I only use the battery on low because it is quite significant if it is close enough. I put it away because there were no major hurricanes here in North Florida, but I'll have it again in February. We had one of our freak times when we have 30 degree differences within 24 hours. I needed a fan and a heater the same day. The telescopic pole collar broke after a few uses. I sent a message to the seller to see if there was anything they could do to fix the issue, even though it has been more than half a year. After asking for photos of the problem, the sellers offered a cash refund. I wanted to see if there was an easy fix for the fan issue because I wanted to use it without it folding back in on itself. They sent me a new product after a long time. I was blown away. That is customer service.

4. Rechargeable Operated 20000mAh Hurricane 360┬░Rotation

Rechargeable Operated 20000mAh Hurricane 360%C2%B0Rotation

The personal battery fan can be used to choose the best cooling angle. It can save you from hot flashes during the summer. There is a power output port. You can charge your phone and camping lights with this energy core. The power shortage is over. The fan has a battery pack in it. That is an essential power backup during hurricanes. The build-in battery gives you a lot of time to work. The fan could work for a week on low-speed. On high-speed, there were two days on mid-speed. The fan size and weight are 9.2 x 7.8 x 2.6 inches and 1.56lb. The flexible fan body could be used for a camping battery operated fan. The fan body can be adjusted to make sure that the fan is perfect for your environment. The timer is necessary. When you want to fall asleep without having too much wind on a nice dream, timer is an indispensable function. The portable handle has a heavy-duty and reliable product impression. They are more than happy to help you if you have any product related issues. They are 24/7.

Brand: Xasla

👤This may sound negative, but it's mostly positive. I would like to inform and advise everyone of my situation and why I love this fan. I purchased the fan from the store on September 30, 2021. The only reason I bought it was because I saw it advertised in a box at the bottom of the page. The first fan I bought was only $20, but it was only 50% off and was a very good deal. I used the product while in the 80 degree heat in Louisiana on October 15, 2021. I put 4 new alkaline D-Cell batteries in the compartment earlier in the day and powered them on Medium speed for a few minutes while I took a break. It shut off suddenly. The same thing happened when I tried again on Medium speed. I tried low speed to see if anything would change. Nothing changed. I replaced this unit with another one on October 15, 2021. I thought about buying some batteries and using them in the fan. Wait a second. If I'm going to buy a fan with a rechargeable battery, I should buy it. I did on October 23rd. I have had no regrets since the package arrived. I don't remember if the fan was fully charged or if it was only charged for the indicator light, but it may have been. I think it would be okay to charge the batteries before shipping them to the stores. The xasla store advertised a fan for 48 hours on Medium speed, but it actually ran for 36 hours, which is still impressive, as it lasted a full 24 hours. No complaints at all. So...what is my advice? The one with the batteries. I bought it from the xasla store. The current price is $40.00 and it's title is "Rechargeable battery operated fan 20000mAh, Camping fan for tents, portable long lastusb desk fan for Hurricane season, 3 speed, 360 rotation,2 hours timer and its current price is December of 2021." When I purchased this fan, it was in new condition, and it was only $35, with a 10% off coupon, and it was 3.5 stars. If you're rich, poor, or somewhere in between, the grand total becomes $35.77. I pulled up my invoices from Amazon to research the review. Get the one that has a rechargeable battery. In an emergency, you can charge it up with its included Microusb charging station while on the go, and once charged, you can use it as needed or even charge your mobile phone with it. The indicator light should be turned off after the fan is fully charged. You don't have to switch between fan speeds if you press and hold the Power button for 3 seconds. Enjoy!

👤It's great to use when there is a power outage. The fan shuts off at night so you can sleep, but the timer is great. It's the perfect fan because it's lightweight, portable and rechargeable. I will be giving them as gifts and extras.

5. Handheld Portable Electric Rechargeable Handheld

Handheld Portable Electric Rechargeable Handheld

There is an adjusted 3 speed setting. It can work about 3-9 hours according to the wind speed and can meet all your needs. The speed can be adjusted from low to high. The charge takes 2.5 to 3 hours and can be charged by computer, laptop, power bank, car and more. If you need the light to light up your heart, Interl blue light: hold the "on" button for several seconds at any speeds. Press the ON button four times. There is a special portableusb A fan. Their fan has a beautiful shape which can make you stand out in a sea vase. You can carry a portable fan with you for outdoor activities. It's widely comparable. Various application for office desk, camping tent, kitchen, dormitory, library, gym exercising, music festival concert, outdoors/indoors activities, awesome thanksgiving, christmas, new years gifts for friends, colleague and family trip. Two anti-slip rubbers at the bottom help you prevent a dancing mini desk fan. If your desk is slippery, please remove the protective films. It's not just a mini fan, it's a transformer. You can get a professional service center for any technical support for a year. They will be happy to answer any questions by email.

Brand: Efluky

👤I love this fan. The night light and flash light features are nice to have. I use it everywhere. I don't leave my house without it, and the times I have left without it, I have missed it. I use it in the kitchen a lot. If you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. I'm happy that I don't have to leave. Either believe it or not. This thing is powerful. I use it on my eliptical instead of using the actual exercise machine. The fan runs circles on the one in my eliptical. Get it? Is it circles? The price is well worth it, even though I wasn't sure when I bought this fan. On the lowest setting, I can get up to 6 hours on a single charge. I get 2 to 3 hours on the highest setting. If it runs out of juice, I just plug it in and keep using it. I hope my review helped. I don't think you'll be offended by this one.

👤I love this fan. I have 2 of them. I have one at home and one at work. I put it in front of me, just below my computer monitor, because I rarely need to turn it up past the first speed. If you are curious about the noise, it is a quiet fan to use. I work in an open office with cubicles where you can hear people chewing their food from over the wall, and others can't hear the fan when it's on low. It is not much louder on high. The battery life is great. It lasts all night on a single charge when I put it on my nightstand. You can charge it while it works. My fan has been to a lot of places with me, including the grocery store. I live in Southern Arizona and it gets warm there. I put it on the table in front of me if I am hot at dinner. It is small and slim. I can put it on top of my groceries in the store. It's possible to accidentally turn it on if you push the buttons in a purse or bag. I got my first fan about six months ago, and then ordered my second and third one. I did a lot of research before making my purchase, but I am very happy with my decision. I have coworkers who bought different fans from Amazon, and they all agree that mine is better - quieter, 3 speeds, rechargeable, small and portable, long lasting battery life. I have the same love for my Sharkrobo vacuum. No regrets! They have good customer service. I returned the fan I ordered because it didn't work as I had ordered it.

👤The mini fan is a lot of fan for a small price. The breeze is smooth, steady and quiet, and the fan has 3 different speed settings. The highest setting is strong for a desk fan. It has an attractive design. You can charge the fan with a port on the internet. There is a flashlight built into the side of the unit. It is a great travel fan because of its small size and lightweight construction. I keep my laptop in my bag.

6. Portable Rechargeable Operated Personal Adjustable

Portable Rechargeable Operated Personal Adjustable

It can be used without wiring restrictions, powered by a 10400mAh large-capacity battery. It can work for up to 36 hours after fully charged. The cool breeze can be enjoyed all day. Fast charging using a type-c port and recharging using a 2a port requires 5 hours of charging time. There are 4 battery indicator lights, showing the remaining battery power, reminding you to charge in time. The light is bright. The fan uses a level 3 brightness lamp design to meet your outdoor lighting needs at night. Use a professional and high- performance motor to ensure high speed and strong airflow. The noise is not very loud. One-button stepless speed regulation. You can easily adjust the speed by turning the knob. It is easy to put a small size into a backpack. The device can be charged by a computer, power bank, car power supply, etc. It's your ideal partner for camping, fishing, outdoor activities in the summer or during an emergency. The fan's rugged and impact-resistant casing makes it ideal for outdoor, camping and other multi-scenario use. The design of the hanging hook. The hooks on the bottom can be used on camping tents.

Brand: Drchop

👤Cheap and not strong enough to be a camping fan. The company asked me to take my review down in exchange for money, but I originally gave this 3 stars. This never happened so they get a star. Will never buy from that company again. The fan works, but the battery life isn't very long.

👤I've had this little guy for a week now and have been using it nightly. I have personally experienced this product. The life of the battery. There are no comments It seems like it is true to what is advertised. I've been using it for several nights in a row. I try to get 8 hours a night, but I usually only get 6 to 7 hours. I ran it on max for the entire time I was asleep and by the time I woke it had only one bar of battery life left. I believe it will run 8 hours on max power for camping. The charge time. --- I charged it again after running it down to one bar I had left. It takes forever to charge. Several hours. If you are going to use it for several nights of camping, I recommend you bring a power bank. Durability and quality. --- What can I say? It's a portable fan. You get what you pay for. Is it strong enough to be carried in a pack? Yes. Is it durable enough for car camping? Absolutely. Capable of being thrown around? Maybe. I am pretty sure it would be fine, but I know it is cheap and made of plastic. When handling it, use your head. Conclusion. -- If you are looking for a combo that will suit your needs, this little fan and light combo will be perfect. 1. The air is moving. It moves it well. 2. There is noise. It is enough for white noise sleepers. 3. Light. Can be used to illuminate people. 4. There is a battery life. It performs as advertised on max. Give it a try. If your expectations are realistic, you'll be happy with this little guy.

👤The little fan is bad. It's great! It has a light weight and a connection to the internet. I've had it on low for over 8 hours and there was still plenty left for a few more. On low, very little noise, a hum. It has a light built into the handle, which is nice, but my favorite thing is the control knob. It's not an on/off speed. It is a true variable speed unit. The speed can be turned faster or slower. You can use this little wind machine if you go to a concert, camp, or just sit in your home.

👤It sounded good in the ad, but it didn't do much. The fan on high in Texas lasts about 4 hours with a full charge, and the battery only lasts about an hour. It didn't have much of a breeze on high. Returned it for a full refund.

7. SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip Black

SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip Black

Air flow in small rooms is improved. The battery has been certified by the U.S. government as safe and can be replaced with a new battery, which can be used for 3 hours a day. The motor is powerful, with a max wind speed of 14.5 feet/s. The portable battery clip fan is unique. The 8x6.2x4 inch Compact Size is portable, lightweight, and has a horizontal and vertical rotation. It's good for baby stroller, home and office, laptop, gym, car, outdoors, camping, trips and anywhere you need cool wind.

Brand: Skygenius

👤I love this fan. I use it every day for my son. Been using since he was 3 months old. I keep the charging station plugged in my car and clip it to his car seat so it charges while we drive, and the fan helps bring the cool air around to him. When we get to Florida, I plug it in and clip it to the stroller or baby carrier so we can stay cool in the heat. And eating! I like a cover in public, so when we are outside, I put the fan under my cover to keep us cool while he nurses.

👤I was looking for a fan to use on my car. I've seen those with arms that fit around your handlebars. I didn't want anything that would cause me to get in the way. The fan can be pointed at my face or body if I clip this to the top of my screen. It's perfect for keeping me cool while I listen to some 90's music. The inside of the clip has pads that keep it in place and prevent damage to the screen. I put a picture on my screen. Added. I have had it die on me before. I just plug it in after a few rides. The clip is large enough to go over the power button without it being turned off, so you can point it at you.

👤I have purchased fans with batteries. This is the best product in the bunch. I live in a converted bus. I need the fans to circulate heat from the ceiling to the heating source. They clip on and stay put. I put them in the bus hatch and use them as a ceiling fan. They are in every imaginable position. This is not the type of fan I've bought. They have a rechargeable battery. Triple A's and cycling through rechargeables have to be charged with 110. Just like you do your phone, you can easily charge these with standard 110. I only have 12 volts. The fan has speed control. The higher the speed, the more you turn the dial on. The fans will run for 10 to 12 hours on the lowest setting. They will run through the night to keep the warm air circulating while I sleep. I replenish them in the morning. The little red light that says its charging doesn't turn green for instance, makes it hard to guess. They were ready to go again after I charged them for 5 or 6 hours. After charging my solar battery, there was no visible drop. They must not use much power to charge because of the 13.7 volts at start and finish. I want to have a set running and a charging set. I'm happy.

👤This worked for a while, then became very slow for a while, and then died. I tried to charge it but it wouldn't turn on again. The blades act like they want to spin but can't get started. If I put something in there to turn the blades, it will turn on for about a minute and then stop. I will return this. The company reached out to me after I returned the item. They sent me a new fan and it works great. The battery lasts for at least an hour on high. SkyGenius provides excellent customer service and I would recommend this fan to anyone.

8. SmartDevil Portable Bladeless Rechargeable Operated

SmartDevil Portable Bladeless Rechargeable Operated

We are committed to creating high-quality household products. You don't have to worry about missing the return window. Each camping fan gets a quality guarantee. If you have a question or are not satisfied with the product, please contact them. Feel free to buy! The portable hanging neck fan has 48 wind outlets and 60 twin-turbine fan blades, it can feel cool in 3s. Children and the elderly can use a bladeless neck fan. For people with long hair, it's their religion. You don't worry about getting your hair done. The hand free neck fan has three speeds. There is a button to switch wind speeds. You can turn off the fan by pressing the button for about 1.5s. You have more choices in different temperature environment with the three speed design. You can charge the fan through your PC, power bank or car charge. The portable fan can work for up to 6 hours after a full charge. The personal neck fan was designed to look like a headphones, you can use your hands to enjoy the coolness. The hanging neck fan is portable and lightweight. It's a good companion in hot days. The noise reduction is done by SALVAGEDATA. The fan's motor has been modified so that it will not disturb you and will produce lower noise during operation.

Brand: Smartdevil

👤I love my neck fan. It was a success at the work conference that it was used for. When one of my coworkers felt lightheaded, it came in handy. It is lightweight and serves the purpose in rising temperature situations, so I use it almost daily in my work kitchen. In Texas, indoor and outdoor use is useful. I use the battery as needed. I've bought 4 so far.

👤I was surprised at how well made this is. I will take it with me on a camping trip. The battery life is great. It held on to a single charge over the weekend. It was me who used it and stayed cool. My 7 year old had it all the time. He was cool the entire hike. Everyone will want to borrow it. In office settings.

👤The left side of the fan didn't work when I touched it, but it did work when I used it.

👤I use it in my garden, on my mower, and on my truck. The year has been too hot. Our waitress told us how it helped her stay cool when she wore one. We were allowed to try it. We were waiting for our food. My friend works as a dry cleaner. It cools the air a bit. Enough.

👤There is no blade like it for long hair. Has three speeds.

👤The purchase for hot flashes is the ultimate. I get overheated very easily, but I don't get hot flashes. The neck fan is a life saver. The big fans are no longer running. It is super quiet and doesn't bother anyone. The battery life is great. This neck fan is very good.

👤I went out for a softball tournament this weekend to watch my grandchild play and it was very hot, she played a lot. I took the fan with me after it was delivered. The battery lasted throughout the day, it is lightweight, quiet, and adjusts to the neck. I highly recommend.

👤The neck fan keeps me cool when the weather gets hot. I use the lowest setting since it is the quietest. My son wears these when he uses his oculus headset. The fans are a big help.

👤I was fed up with a sudden rush of sweat running down my face into my eyes and ears and I needed something that would help me quickly so that I could get on with my work. For the past week, this brand has been a great help to me. I had stopped baking because of my problem, but I took the plunge and purchased a pair of shoes, and am so happy I did. They all helped me out a lot, especially with the cooking, and now that the weather is warm again, they are a good friend to have. You forget you are wearing them because they are so lightweight.

👤I have tried many types of personal fans, but this is absolutely fantastic. It's great that you don't have to worry about a sore hand or batteries running out. Pick any of the three levels of coolness and place it around your neck, there is a bit of noise but I love it. It's very handy to have ausb charged.

9. Portable Operated Rechargeable Atmosphere Flashlight

Portable Operated Rechargeable Atmosphere Flashlight

Quiet. It is designed with a motor that doesn't create sound or noises which can disturb household members. Powerful Wind and Quietness. The desk fan has a maximum speed of 3200rpm. The peaceful flow of air is ensured by the low and medium settings. The fan works on the principle of more air flow, but less noise, to give you a good night's sleep. The Atmosphere Light and Flashlight. The internal blue light makes this fan much more attractive. The side flash light can be useful in the dark. The mini battery rechargeable fan can work up to 13 hours at low speed. It can work with the cable plugged in. Depending on your demands, 3 speeds can be adjusted. It is convenient to carry this small personal fan in a bag for outdoor activities. Their small personal fan can be used as a desk fan, portable handheld fan, as well as outdoor camping, hiking, beach, and so on.

Brand: Xasla

👤The charging port is faulty which makes the whole thing faulty because you can't charge it. The first time I bought this fan, I had trouble charging it, but as long as I wrapped the cord around it, it would work, and then one day I tried to plug it in, but the charging port fell inside of the fan. The fan I used for my job was small and lightweight. I ordered another one. I also have the same problem with this one, so it must be all of them. It's very inconvenient to wrap the charging cable around the fan because you have to plug it in and then move it around to catch a charge.

👤I travel with a total of 6 of these fans because they are so small and light weight. A small fan has a lot of power. My friends love it and had to buy it. I can't say enough good things about this fan. The battery runs well. I love this person!

👤I sleep with a fan every night and wanted something small and lightweight to carry, and found this affordable little gem. It can be used in the Solarium pool area on a cruise ship. I placed the fan by my calf and it stayed perfectly cooled. I kept it plugged into a port on the side of my bed so it wouldn't turn off in the night. I will tell you that it won't last very long if you are more than the first setting. I like it.

👤We bought two fans for my wife and me, and one for our friends. We intended to use them when we were in Africa, where there was no air conditioning. We were lucky because ours worked perfectly. It has variable speeds and can be charged via ausb port. It is very convenient. The one our friends received did not work for me. It ran for a few seconds after they turned it on. I thought it might need a charge. It was charged for most of the day and then tried again. It ran for a while and then stopped. I think the battery is bad. 50% reliability rate is really bad, so look into other options.

👤There are great options for batteries. The fan has three speeds. It's easy to travel with. I will travel overnight for quilting retreats. I will add a plug to the cord because they don't have one. The cord is not connected to anything else. It would be better if it came with a plug. I'll make a travel bag that doesn't come with one. If you sleep with a fan on your face, it will give you plenty of power.

👤When I received it, I loved it. It was pink, had 3 settings, and a flash light. I loved the fact that I could have charged it. If you keep it on level 1 it's not very loud, but level 2 or 3 is definitely louder. It stopped working after 3 days. It wouldn't do anything. I realized that the inside was broken.

10. Rechargeable Flexible Rotatable Portable Handheld

Rechargeable Flexible Rotatable Portable Handheld

The ideal summer gift. It will be an ideal gift for your friends and family because you and your toddler will love the cute design. The small Octopus fan has a rotation that keeps you cool in any angle, it has a clip on fan for home. It's convenient to use compared to similar fans. The max rotating speed is 2470rpm to keep you cool. The battery fan has a professional high performance motor with fast speed, strong wind and low noise. Cool and sweet in the summer. 5000 mAh batteries provide 6-20 working hours duration according to the different 3 speeds; 3-4 h is enough to finish charging if given a 5V/2A adapter. The small fan is powered by 5 volts DC, which is the standard for the internet. Surge protection and short circuit protection are included for safety. If the fan's leg falls off, please feel free to contact them and they will replace it, the clip fan blades can collect white dust, you can easily open the frame and clean it with the dry cloth.

Brand: Jiffi

👤It is perfect for plugging into the back of my Peloton. The fan was powered by the Peloton. You can tilt the direction of the air flow with it. It was perfect.

👤If you don't like the noise fans make, this fan is a must. I use this in my car because the back seat doesn't have AC. It is quiet, unlike other portable fans. The battery lasts a long time and you can hang it almost anywhere you want.

👤I use this in the back seat of our car, as well as on the beach and in a stroller. Our daughter is in a rear facing car seat and the AC doesn't reach her very well, making her miserable in the car during the hot summer months. I haven't been able to test it out for a while, but it's amazing! The fan speeds are powerful and the batter life is long. 20h on low and 6 on high. It's perfect for the beach. The fan can be used while it is being charged. The crates are close to each other, so there isn't room for little fingers to attempt to use the fan blades. The legs bend in many directions. I saw a picture that showed how you can use it as a desk fan and curve the tips of the legs upward to hold your phone. It's perfect for the rear facing car seat because you can wrap the legs around the car headrests. I'm looking forward to using this for many years to come.

👤I was annoyed when I first turned it on. The cost of living in Hawaii is outrageous. We try to be conservative wherever possible. Our room is separated from our children's room by a small hall. We put the air on and leave our doors open at night so the fan pulls air from our room to the other room. They had a rotating fan in their room that they would fight over. "No, she's getting more!" I was considering getting a second fan, but it would have cost me more on the electric bill. I picked up 2 when I saw these on sale. I thought we could plug them in for 2 hours during the day, wrap them around the bars on the kid's day beds and let them run all night, and save a bit of money on the electric bill, at the same time. I plugged them in for 3 hours. I turned them on that night. Try speed 2... Wait, seriously? That speed was 3? I couldn't hear it. I was so angry. I couldn't believe the power when I turned the fan toward me. It was supposed to be 'blew me away'. The fans are powerful. I am very impressed. My kids fight over the fan, I'm saving electricity, and the kids have to have their tv blasted to gear it over the fan. They're so quiet that they can have them on the little desks and not have to worry about the teacher asking them to move the fan because of the wind noise. The fans get 10 out of 5 stars from me.

11. X25 Portable Rechargeable Operated Personal

X25 Portable Rechargeable Operated Personal

The rubber padded clip secures the fan on various objects without popping or falling off. The narrower grids of the protective housing make it harder for kids to put their fingers in it. If the fan blade collects too much dust, the front cover can be easily removed by rotating itcounterclockwise and cleaning it. Compared with the X20 model, the X25-Fan has the following advantages: 1Upgraded motor, stronger airflow and lower noise. The noise is less than 30 decibels. It is powered by a Real 7800mAh large capacity battery and can be used without a wire. It can work for up to 36 hours after fully charged. You can enjoy the breeze all day. The portable fan has three brightness settings. The lowest and maximum brightness can illuminate the entire tent. It is a great light source for camping or hiking. The tent light fan has a hook design that can be hung on the top of the tent, saving space. The fan has a built-in battery that can be used as a portable power source. The fan has a battery indicator. You can control the air volume with one-touch stepless speed control. The child's fingers will not enter the fan, it will not bring you extra burden. You can connect it to your power bank, laptop or car power supply to charge it. It only takes 5 hours to fully charge. It is a great companion for hiking, camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities.

Brand: Drchop

👤When I bought this fan, I really wanted it to be the right one. The controls are easy to use and I really liked it, I pulled it out of the box and it was great. It was too loud for my use until I turned it on. If you don't have a problem with the noise, this might be the fan for you. I bought a quieter fan after returning it.

👤We bought these for the planned power outages. During the summer, the fans help keep our family and puppies cool.

👤The fan has long lasting power. We use it in our camper to charge our phone at night. It hangs by the window and moves air. Awesome product.

👤Surprisingly effective power is smaller than I expected. It can be a little noisy, but not terrible.

👤Noice has low batteries life.

👤The battery life is long and it is light.

👤This was a waste of time and money. I can blow more cooler air on my girlfriend than this fan can. I should spend the extra $50 and get a good quality fan. Minimum $125 is what you will spend if you are looking for something close to an indoor fan.


What is the best product for portable fan rechargeable battery?

Portable fan rechargeable battery products from Xasla. In this article about portable fan rechargeable battery you can see why people choose the product. Slenpet and Aicase are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable fan rechargeable battery.

What are the best brands for portable fan rechargeable battery?

Xasla, Slenpet and Aicase are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable fan rechargeable battery. Find the detail in this article. Xasla, Efluky and Drchop are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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