Best Portable Fan Rechargeable Camping

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1. TokeShimi Cordless Portable Rechargeable Velocity

TokeShimi Cordless Portable Rechargeable Velocity

The fan has a sleek white finish that is easy to match with almost any space. You will not be disappointed, the dust covered fan is easy to clean,durable and lightweight,functional and practical. It's a great gift for children, elders, friends and lovers. The 12 inch portable battery rechargeable outdoor fan is powered by a total power of 12000mAh. It only takes 2 to 2.5 hours to fully charge. Please charge the fan before using it. The outdoor battery operated fan has a net cover wire diameter of 2.0mm, 6mm line spacing, waterproof design input and output jacks with plastic plugs, and passed the children's finger test. The power bank function can be used to charge your phone. It is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Their outdoor fan has a long usage time and a long motor life. The fan blades are high specification and have a long usage life. The 12 inch floor fan has 1300CFM airflow. The fan is a classic yellow and black color scheme. The floor fan has a tilt angel so that you can feel the cooling breeze. The design of stepless speed gear and 5-step power display allows you to grasp the fan's output and real-time power. The outer packing is made of a paper box with pearl cotton protection, which can reduce the damage caused by transportation. The package has a manual and US style two-pin plug. Any issue will be resolved in 24 hours.

Brand: Tokeshimi

👤The build quality is excellent, but the whole purpose of getting this type of fan is for it's portability and the hope that the battery is adequate, the motor is efficient, and I push a fair amount of air. The charging time is less than an hour. The duration advertised are wildly inaccurate. It lasted about 70 minutes on a full charge. Any setting below 50% is useless. The battery only lasts 3-4 hours. I bought this for camping, but it won't work for me. If the cost was around $60, it would be worth keeping and adding extra batteries to increase hours. 2 weeks of daily usage update was increased from 3 to 5 stars. I'm getting different results now after about 6 full discharges and full recharges. The duration of the battery is better. 100% fan speed - 120 minutes 40% fan speed 20% fan speed. 20% is about the min speed you can set to where you can feel a light breeze, any speed below that is pointless/useless. It's just a slowly moving blade that you may feel sitting 6 feet away from, if you can get 24 hours out of the battery at 20%.

👤We have been doing a lot of outdoor painting and this is the reason why the husband bought this. After trying to use extension cords for a fan and a light, we decided we needed a more portable option. This one is great because you can carry it by the handle and place it as you move throughout the day. We have to paint the laundry room and the area around the plugs in the house. This option is much simpler. The fan was charged at about 60%. If you are low on juice. It can go for an hour 1/2 straight and only go down by 20%. I compared this to a much larger plug in fan at our house and it has the same output and goes further than one of its size. Looks better. The big fan that blocks my robot vacuum when it is not in use is no longer a problem for me. The base of the fan is very sturdy and wont move because of the rubber grippers, which makes it a much better fan.

👤I read reviews and watched videos on many products. I chose this product because it was quicker to charge than normal. I was disappointed. I spend 4 days charging and draining the battery in order to maximize the longevity for camping. 2.5 hours is the charge time. Time is everything when using a generator. The high fiction only lasts about 4-5 hours and feels like my child is blowing in my face. It takes the same amount of time to charge as it does to run out of battery on its preferred high setting. Not passing the before camping testing is definitely going to lead to a return.

👤I have been using this fan for a while, but I found out the fan I was looking for wasn't the one I was looking for. It has no major defects. The power is not strong enough, the battery is not long enough, and the noise is not good. I would say I expect more based on the price. I wouldn't recommend this fan. Will come back and find another one.

2. Karvipark Portable Camping Rechargeable Rotation

Karvipark Portable Camping Rechargeable Rotation

The portable camping fan has a tent fan and camping lights. The angle can be changed by 180 degrees, and the battery indicator can tell you the charging status. The fan is easy to operate and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The appearance of yellow and black is cooler because of the matching colors. It's a good gift choice. The camping fan has three wind speeds. The button at the bottom of the tent fan can be used to choose the wind speed. The desk fan has a maximum wind speed of up to 10 feet per second, which reduces interference to sleep and work, as well as low noise and high quality materials. The convenience and safety in outdoor camping and tents make this camping fan have 3 kinds of light brightness that can be adjusted. You can use the lights and the fan to illuminate the campsite for better activities in the dark. The 5200 mAh battery is safe and fast to charge. The tent fan can work for up to 25 hours after being fully charged. You can use the cable in your computer, mobile power, and car charger. You can charge your phone with theusb camping fan. The camping ceiling fan is easy to carry. It can be placed in a suitcase or backpack. The tent ceiling fan can be placed on the table in the home or office, but also has a built-in hook that can be better hung on tents, cars, branches, walls, indoor and outdoor activities. The camping ceiling fan is easy to carry. It can be placed in a suitcase or backpack. The tent ceiling fan can be placed on the table in the home or office, but also has a built-in hook that can be better hung on tents, cars, branches, walls, indoor and outdoor activities.

Brand: Karvipark

👤A cute fan. I need this to dry my nails. I love that it's battery-operated, so I can do my nails anywhere. You can either hang it or flip it so that it sits on the kick stand. The fan has 4 levels of power, but it only has 3 levels of power. The remote can be used to control the light's levels of brightness. The indicator lights don't show the fan speed. The power of the blow will determine what speed you use, even though it lights up. I haven't charged it yet because I don't know how long the battery life is at each charge. It works for my needs because I don't intend to use it for that long.

👤Surprisingly functional for a small product. It is a nice touch. Everything is well designed and small. The remote should be stored on the unit itself when it's being transported. I think the remote is going to be hard to keep track of. The light and fan can be controlled. The timer functions are the only function that would be lost without the remote. I really clever device.

👤I needed a fan for a camping trip over the weekend. It's worth the money compared to another one that requires D cell batteries. The fan is even more lightweight and can be used as a battery pack. I didn't test how long the light lasts, but it is bright enough to use. You can change the fan speed to suit your needs. If you have a smaller tent it may be all you need to get the circulation going. I found an off brand use for this fan, since it is so lightweight I could use it to start a fire by blowing more air into it.

👤Ida has just hit the water. I can see with the light and stay cooler if I lose electricity. It can be used for a backup battery. It has been used to keep the mosquitoes away in the evening. The canopy of my chair is very strong. The little fan hog, my Pom, loves the breeze. I give gifts to female friends to help with hot flashes. An emergency preparedness item. It's great for travel. Not all timeshares have ceiling fans in bedrooms, so I always sleep with some air blowing on me. I'm spoiled!

👤I tested the range of the remote and it was very good. I decided to stop testing it since I would never need to be that far away from it, but I let the fan run for three hours and it still had a good charge left on it.

👤The handle doesn't click when you try to adjust it after a few months of owning it. Kids probably. I thought it would put out more air than it did. This is more of a personal fan than a tent fan. The highest fan setting is needed to feel air movement. It's good to take for football games for the sideline because the kids use it for backyard tent camping. You have to hold the fan to feel the air movement. It's not powerful enough to hang in a canopy. The hook is very strong.

3. SLENPET 20000mAh Rechargeable Portable Operated

SLENPET 20000mAh Rechargeable Portable Operated

It can be adjusted to many kinds of portable fans. It would be a good partner for you when you are going outdoors, like riding, hiking, climbing, camping, etc. You can fix it on a stroller, student bed, bike, crib, car seat. The desk fan can also be clip on and is suitable for golf cart, baby stroller, treadmill and other outdoor activities. Campers can use it for daytime and night camping with their friends, as well as their kids, with a built-in hook. The camping fan can auto off, prolonging the battery use life, and it has a body sensor function. To make the function work, just long press the light button. The fan will turn off if you walk away for more than 10 minutes. The fan can be turned off, but not on, if the body sensor function is used. The clip on fan can produce strong wind, cooling you down in 10 seconds. The battery charged fan has 4 speeds, ranging from light air to gentle breeze to powerful wind, which makes it a great choice for outdoor and indoor use. The portable outdoor/indoor clip fan can last for 44 hours with the 20000mAh battery. 2A fast charging is ensured by the Type-C port and good quality cable. The golf cart stroller fan is made of sturdy materials and tested for hundreds of hours, so it can guarantee a pleasant golfing time and a comfortable baby walking experience. There will be nearly zero strike compared with the similarities, which are confident about with its advanced heat dissipation and cooling system.

Brand: Slenpet

👤I like this fan. The battery lasts a long time when I get to replenish it. It is light weight, has a powerful fan with three settings, and is quiet compared to other fans. The light in the back is useful. It can be set so that it goes off after 10 minutes if nobody is in front of it. I would buy this fan. When I go camping, I buy it for my vehicle.

👤The fan is the same as described. It moves air at 4 speeds and has a small clip on a fan. The battery life was tested and I got the full 12 hours of operation using the high speed. It has a strong hook for hanging the fan. I bought this for my trip. I'll have a way to keep cool.

👤I need a fan to sleep. This will work if you are one of those people. It keeps me cool, but I really won't get a good noise level until it's on the second setting or higher. The highest setting reminds me of a plug-in fan. If I can help it, I will not be staying the night away from home.

👤I'm impressed. The fan has power. I was hoping that a battery powered fan could kick out some wind, but I wasn't setting my expectations too high. The fan does. I think I'll use it on the second setting the most. It feels good. The base is very sturdy and the components are not cheap or flimsy. If the battery life will change my rating, I will update later. The light is bright. I like that it can be used while charging. I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤I was not sure about the battery claims at first. I left it running while attached to my wheelchair. Yes, it is that quiet. It was still running in the morning after 19 hours. It takes a long time to charge it. Let it charge overnight. It is ready to rock in the morning. Thank you!

👤I used it in a tent. It worked well with one exception. It shuts off with no movement. Nice quiet unit, just need more restless sleep.

👤I love this fan. It has a long battery life. He has amazing gripping power. Don't put your finger in it! I put this in my car when I travel with my pet. He can run all day on high. I ran them in the house to circulate the air when I was gone. I own four.

👤I wanted something for when the power goes out, so I didn't buy this for camping. This thing is portable and runs for a long time. I can set it anywhere and enjoy the breeze.

4. O2COOL Battery Operated Fan Emergencies

O2COOL Battery Operated Fan Emergencies

The mini travel fan has a built-in hook that can be hung on the branches or inside the cars. You can put it on the desk at home or in the office. It is easy to carry around or store. O2COOL battery-operated fans are perfect for camping, traveling and outdoor summer fun. It's ideal for power failures during a disaster. An AC adapter can be plugged into any automobile when power is needed and can be used as a power bank to charge the batteries. The technology is called smart power. There are multiple power source options for this portable fan. The most energy-efficient power source option will be adjusted by the fan. It has a built-in power port for charging your cell phone or other mobile device. There are four power sources options. A built-in battery, plug-in cord, or replacement of the built-in battery with 8 D-Cell batteries are not included. The features are super. Patented 10” fan blades for more efficient airflow and low noise, 2-speed options, battery powered & tilts for stable base with stabilizing feet. It is possible to be portable and comparable. The flip-up handle makes it easy to take the cool air wherever you want. It's ideal to store for emergencies indoors as well. It's easy to carry and store, and it's great for home or travel.

Brand: O2cool

👤When we went quading and camped in the dessert, I was looking for a good battery operated fan, since I have a 3 year old that needs to sleep. I decided to try it after reading great reviews. It was The Perfect Fan for the trailer, it kept it cool, it was quiet, and the battery lasted hours after being charged. A few friends saw it and asked where I got it.

👤I was expecting the charged battery to give me at least a few hours per charge, but it gave me less than a minute before it died, and I tried charging it fully a few times. I slept in the heat with a $50 piece of garbage by my side, and my family was not happy about it. This is the most expensive fan I have ever had. Don't use this product.

👤Being using O2COOL fans for more than 10 years, and they are very reliable and durable, and any additional fixture on new models is definitely an improvement. An excellent appliance has an internal rechargeable battery, alkaline batteries, and external power. The unit has a power indicator that shows which mode it is in, and a base support that makes it easy to adjust to different surfaces.

👤I thought it would give off more cooling power. Our 13 year old plays travel baseball and we bought this for our 6 month old son. The ballpark has long hot days. We have backup batteries for it, and I have a piece of software in my Yukon. It didn't meet our expectations for the cost, but it did provide a slight breeze.

👤You can take camping with 8 D batteries. Night 1 was on a low speed. The fan was weak. Night 2. It's the same thing. The time is midnight to 7 AM. woke up to a hot tent and a dead fan. I returned it. You should buy a fan that runs off your batteries. The 1.5 Ah batteries give you 1 night of better air movement.

👤This fan is great for your camper. It runs off of many different power sources, and automatically switches to the most economical power source. The fan is large and can be directed where you want it to go.

👤This is a fan of mine. I bought this because we don't have electric when we camp. Since I like to have a fan on at night, I am able to charge it during the day in the truck DC outlet. It will run on low all night. 8 hours. I haven't tried running it high at night on the built in battery. I have also used it with the D batteries. It can get expensive but it's good to have that option. It works great on electric. The adjustible fan blade is nice. I have to remember to turn the switch off after charging. Very happy with this fan. I might get another.

👤The rechargeable battery doesn't work anymore after only two uses. I followed the instructions and gave it a full night's charge in the stop position. If it's charging and the light blinks, it won't charge. It can charge in the low or high speed. The charging process starts from the off position. The light never worked again after I got 10 hours out of the internal battery. If you're buying it for this reason, it's a waste of money. I'm a truck driver and having it back here in the bunk with me on low is plenty to move air and it's not that loud. I bought it for the reason that it comes with a cigarette lighter, but I'm not happy that it doesn't work already.

5. REENUO 4400mAh Camping Rechargeable Operated

REENUO 4400mAh Camping Rechargeable Operated

Prepare for emergencies and disasters. Make sure you are prepared for a power outage when there is a storm or high winds. The fan can be plugged in using the included AC adapter or it can run on six D-cell batteries. The batteries are disconnected from the circuit when the plug is inserted into the fan. It can be quiet, energy-saving and stable for a long time, and it has a very bright light. The lowest noise is 30.3bB and the lowest power consumption is 4W. The head of the table fan has a light that can be used at night. The wind power can be adjusted by three speeds and by horizontal and vertical degrees. You should feel cool from every angle. The tent fan has a built-in hook at the bottom that you can use to hang it anywhere you want. It comes with an ultra-stable system that guarantees smooth operation even at high wind speeds. It can be mounted on the wall or on the table. The tent fan is perfect for outdoors. It can last for up to 40 hours after being fully charged. If you only use the lighting function, you can use up to 450 hours. It is small and convenient with a 100 cm cable. The fan can be charged by a variety of means. Fans and lights can be used at the same time. The small travel fan is small and safe. The child's fingers won't enter the fan, safe, lightweight, convenient, mini size, easy to carry or store. It is strong and resistant to falling. If you beat the fan hard, ordinary drops will not cause damage. Attached with 2 water-absorbing sponges, can add a smell to the back of the gift. It is a great gift idea for your family and friends.

Brand: Reenuo

👤The Fan works as advertised and I like it. There is an interesting feature that I can't explain. The first thing I did was to replace the 2200mAH batteries with a larger capacity battery, which the unit ran for only 31/2 hours. The fan ran for 9 hours on the fast speed when I replaced them with the original. I can't explain it, but don't replace the batteries with the ones that come with it.

👤The small fan can put out a breeze. I don't know if I will ever use the high speed at night. It is quiet at low and medium speeds. The speed is noisy but not loud. I was surprised by the lights. The replaceable batteries were the main reason I got the camping fan. You can't change out the batteries for fresh ones because they are built in. It's very inconvenient if your battery dies. You have to wait 3 hours. To charge. I use a lot of these batteries. I have plenty of batteries to last a long time, even though it can take some time to charge and camping for a week or more. You will be blowing in the wind all week if you purchase extra batteries. The power bank can be used to run the fan. If you are hanging the fan in the tent without a mesh loft, you need a long cord.

👤I got this fan to help keep my girls cool, and it's been great! I used heavy duty velcro to attach it to the top of the coop, which made it easy to take it down and charge it. I went with the velcro because I didn't have a place to hang it from in my house. I like to turn the fan on in the evening to get some fresh air in the house before the girls go to sleep. When I check on everyone in the morning, I leave it running. I only gave 4 stars for the battery life, as it doesn't stay on for 40 hours straight, but it does stay on for 16 or so hours, which is really great. I can direct the fan anywhere I want because it has a huge range of motion. Even if bumped, it's stiff enough to hold position. I found that it fell off the velcro one morning and was roosted on by one of my chickens. It was fine with no damage. When I first installed it, it was pretty quiet and didn't scare the girls. I don't need the lights for my application, but if I did, I would use them for a tent light, because they are very bright on the bright setting. All in all, very pleased and recommend.

👤The Reenuo fan is small. It's marketed as a "camping" fan. It's small and light, which makes it easy to pack in and out of a campsite. The fan has settings for multiple speeds and provides a surprisingly strong air-flow for its size, a built-in LEDs with 3 brightness settings, and a hanging hook that folds into the base. The fan housing can be adjusted to 180 degrees on the horizontal and vertical axis. I bought it to add to a post-hurricane emergency kit for use in any power outage situation, even though it is marketed as a camping fan. I haven't had to use it in that situation yet. I'm confident that it would perform well and be a welcome piece of equipment in an emergency. The expectation is supported by the fact that the batteries in the unit are still showing a full charge six months after the fan is added. That's a pretty impressive storage performance and means a high hood that the fan will still work if a power outage catches you off-guard and you didn't have a chance to prepare by charging up all your batteries.

6. Portable Operated Rechargeable Atmosphere Flashlight

Portable Operated Rechargeable Atmosphere Flashlight

Modern design with 180 degree pivot stand allows for effective multi-directional airflow. Powerful Wind and Quietness. The desk fan has a maximum speed of 3200rpm. The peaceful flow of air is ensured by the low and medium settings. The fan works on the principle of more air flow, but less noise, to give you a good night's sleep. The Atmosphere Light and Flashlight. The internal blue light makes this fan much more attractive. The side flash light can be useful in the dark. The mini battery rechargeable fan can work up to 13 hours at low speed. It can work with the cable plugged in. Depending on your demands, 3 speeds can be adjusted. It is convenient to carry this small personal fan in a bag for outdoor activities. Their small personal fan can be used as a desk fan, portable handheld fan, as well as outdoor camping, hiking, beach, and so on.

Brand: Xasla

👤The charging port is faulty which makes the whole thing faulty because you can't charge it. The first time I bought this fan, I had trouble charging it, but as long as I wrapped the cord around it, it would work, and then one day I tried to plug it in, but the charging port fell inside of the fan. The fan I used for my job was small and lightweight. I ordered another one. I also have the same problem with this one, so it must be all of them. It's very inconvenient to wrap the charging cable around the fan because you have to plug it in and then move it around to catch a charge.

👤I travel with a total of 6 of these fans because they are so small and light weight. A small fan has a lot of power. My friends love it and had to buy it. I can't say enough good things about this fan. The battery runs well. I love this person!

👤I sleep with a fan every night and wanted something small and lightweight to carry, and found this affordable little gem. It can be used in the Solarium pool area on a cruise ship. I placed the fan by my calf and it stayed perfectly cooled. I kept it plugged into a port on the side of my bed so it wouldn't turn off in the night. I will tell you that it won't last very long if you are more than the first setting. I like it.

👤We bought two fans for my wife and me, and one for our friends. We intended to use them when we were in Africa, where there was no air conditioning. We were lucky because ours worked perfectly. It has variable speeds and can be charged via ausb port. It is very convenient. The one our friends received did not work for me. It ran for a few seconds after they turned it on. I thought it might need a charge. It was charged for most of the day and then tried again. It ran for a while and then stopped. I think the battery is bad. 50% reliability rate is really bad, so look into other options.

👤There are great options for batteries. The fan has three speeds. It's easy to travel with. I will travel overnight for quilting retreats. I will add a plug to the cord because they don't have one. The cord is not connected to anything else. It would be better if it came with a plug. I'll make a travel bag that doesn't come with one. If you sleep with a fan on your face, it will give you plenty of power.

👤When I received it, I loved it. It was pink, had 3 settings, and a flash light. I loved the fact that I could have charged it. If you keep it on level 1 it's not very loud, but level 2 or 3 is definitely louder. It stopped working after 3 days. It wouldn't do anything. I realized that the inside was broken.

7. Rechargeable Portable Operated Velocity Industrial

Rechargeable Portable Operated Velocity Industrial

The fan can be used for home, office, camping, travel, scout and other outdoor activities. It's important for power shortage after hurricanes. You should be spared from hot flashes. The air flow is powerful. Runtop Floor fan for Home is superior in the maximum air flow of 4000CFM, providing a cooling breeze and refreshing sensation, making the hot summer days more enjoyable. The fan is portable and long- lasting because it is rechargeable. It can run for up to 15 hours on a full charge. You can charge your laptop and cellphone with a type C interface. The life indicator on the control box can help you adjust the life according to your needs and avoid accidents. You can adjust the wind speed with the stepless button. It's ideal for outdoor use. Their outdoor fans for patios are assembled with a 1000lumen light that can be used at night or in a dark environment to ensure that it can work. This fan has an easy to use tilt head and can operate in a variety of environments, providing you with a reliable and convenient outdoor cooling solution. The industrial fan has a scientific appearance design and a more reasonable structure, with four ways of use: handle, hanging hook, floor-standing structure and nail to the wall. You can assemble the fan immediately, just follow the instructions on the outer box to assemble the fan and the frame.

Brand: Runtop

👤The fan does not blow more than 3000 CFM. They may have added a 0 on an accident. I think it blows less than 400CFM. The battery is portable. The fan will be used for interior work on vehicles. I would give it 5 stars if the fan owned up to 4k.

👤I like his fan. I went camping with my daughter and family and they always want to go camping in the hot weather. I went because I want to be with them. It was dry and sunny. I was amazed that they only lasted for a night like me. We left two days early. The fan put a breeze on me, but I can't say it's cold. There was nothing in that heat. You can use a spray bottle with water in it with a fan to help. I own a Jackery 500 and a Jackery 300 power station. I have a solar panel that I use to charge the Jackery, so I am able to use fans and other things at home. I realized that I could charge my CPAP while camping. I highly recommend this fan.

👤I like this fan because it runs on a battery which lasts a long time before needing to be charged, and it performs better than I expected, because it is warm when I am outside, and the air is cold, which is wonderful.

👤The last fan I bought was an actual 12 fan blade fan, which isn't very impressive, and this one is a little smaller. The smaller version has a fan that is 8 inches in diameter and blades that are 6 inches. The blades don't fill out the fan very well. You do the math because my head hurts. I don't know why it's advertised the way it is and I don't know why the smaller model is more proportional than the larger model. The fan blades are only 8 inches. The fan blades are the same size as the smaller model and could easily have been 10. If the fan blades are only a small difference, these fans aren't really a 4 inch difference. The fan does work. It works well and is 3 stars. If you need a small portable fan, go with the 8" version, unless there is a sale on the large model.

👤I only used it for about an hour each time, and it doesn't have a very good breeze, so I'm not sure if I'd recommend it.

👤The product is probably a good one, but it stopped working after fully charging. We will return it. There is a loose wire in one of those instances.

👤The fan is good and he is quiet. The light is sufficient for a small room. I got this for an emergency in Tucson. The price is high, but very few battery fans this size, so they should have a remote like other small battery fans.

👤Super liviano, me muevo con el por toda la casa, la batera dura bastante y con la opcin de carga rpida. Me encanta!

8. Busypiggy Camping Portable Rechargeable Emergency

Busypiggy Camping Portable Rechargeable Emergency

The golf cart stroller fan is made of sturdy materials and tested for hundreds of hours, so it can guarantee a pleasant golfing time and a comfortable baby walking experience. There will be nearly zero strike compared with the similarities, which are confident about with its advanced heat dissipation and cooling system. At a sale for promotion. Three light panels with four different brightness levels can be adjusted and put down or up to light up your campsite according to your needs. It can be used as an emergency signal light. A long battery. The tent fan has a built-in double rechargeable battery that can last up to 48 hours when fully charged. It can be used with a laptop, car, power bank, and more. The tent fan can be charged by the solar panel on the top. Is your phone dead? Take it easy! The fan can be used as an emergency power source to charge your phone or other electronic devices, as well as cooling you down. The mini travel fan has a built-in hook that can be hung on the branches or inside the cars. You can put it on the desk at home or in the office. It is easy to carry around or store.

Brand: Busypiggy

👤I received this fan and did some testing and I wanted to share a few points that I hope can be helpful for other readers. It could be charged with a micro-usb plug or solar charging panel. The fan output is more powerful than I expected and it's a quiet and solid fan. The three light panels are not controlled by the fan. There are three different lights, white, red and white. The power bank has a powerful battery that can be used to charge your phone or tablets. The fan is worth the price.

👤So far, it seems like it's going well. I hope you enjoy my early morning review. Please approve my hair and PJs! The fan has been great in my ice hub. I have a backup battery and a fan that I can charge while I am running. If you are doing camping on or off the ice, get this fan. It's light and packs up nicely, just make sure the handle is over the buttons or it won't work.

👤We have used it on two weekends and love it. We have a fan in the center of our easy up, above our picnic table, to use during the day and at night. We put the battery out in the sun to replenish it whenever we go out to do things. The fan helps keep the air circulating and it also helps keep the bugs away. The light was not crazy bright, but it was great. I could see where I was going.

👤I would recommend charging it from a wall USB charge before you go because it never ran out of light and was kept hanging in a tent. It has a red light setting which is great for maintaining a low light environment and two brightness settings which are high/low. The fan draws air through the top vent of the tent to keep the temperature cool. There is a red light on the side of the tent that says it is charging, even though the tent's rain-cover kept the light on.

👤We are going to camping in Maryland. It was a last minute purchase when I saw it was going to be 96 degrees. The light was perfect. I was able to read and see what was in the tent. The fan was for one person. The person was under the fan and it seemed to cool them down. The product was great, but only for one user. I will probably buy one for every family member.

👤I'm not sure how long the battery will last on that setting, but the highest speed is decent. The red light option is great. I'm happy with this buy so far.

👤I am going to use it for the first time today. On a visit. I couldn't turn it on because it wasn't charged up, but a note on the device to charge before use. It was a real bummer in my case. My other solar devices were charged. I used my solar flash fish devices to charge them over night. Its small and light. I wish this design had a remote control. It is going to be difficult to operate at night. My solar flyhoom lights have a solar panel and a remote. This doesn't. Adding a solar lighting fan system would be nice in the future. It's nice. After I use the fan, I will add another review. The update of the solar fan is not worth the money. Some change and 28 dollars. The lights work well. When you turned it on high, the battery was dead for about 5 minutes because you didn't have enough air. I don't like returning my things. This was a waste of money. I like the lights and that's all it's good for. If you want a better fan. This isn't it. I will look for another device and read the reviews before buying it. I just received a email for 40 hours. Not even close. The instructions don't state how long a lamp will last on a low or high fan.

9. 10000mAh Operated Treadmill Hurricane Long Lasting

10000mAh Operated Treadmill Hurricane Long Lasting

The best time to invest is during the hot summer. The new and upgraded personal fan makes you feel better. 4 speeds are available to meet your cooling needs. The wind is low-mid-high. Strong barbell and hook for wide application. The base of the fan is a clip and hook that you can attach to anything that is 2.5 inches thick and hanging on a tent. It's perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It provides 7.5-40 hours of use on one charge, which is enough for a whole days use. The charging time is shortened by 7.3 hours with the new technology. After a full charge, the indicator stays red. The fan is less than 60 decibels at the highest setting, so have a sound sleep. If you don't like waking up to cool air, the sleep timer is a great bonus. If you preset it, the fan will shut off. It's a must for your baby to stay cool while they nap, play, or lounge in their stroller. The air should hit the right spots for better cooling. It's a must for your baby to stay cool while they nap, play, or lounge in their stroller. The air should hit the right spots for better cooling.

Brand: Forty4

👤I love this fan. The first thing that is great is that it moves a lot of air, but it doesn't make any noise. I was worried that it had several large blades. It was designed by someone who felt the same about air movement as I do. The fact that this is a great fan and also mobile is beyond my imagination. This is even better because it has no joke for speed. A timer as well. Wait, there's more! You can use the power bank to charge other items. The internal battery took a long time. I stopped watching it at 6 pm. I went to sleep. It has a magnetic/clamping base and a 10000 MAH battery, so I have no reservations about it being recommended to others. It can be tilted in any direction. Another word of thought. This is not a complaint but a mention. The fan seems to be well balanced and powerful. I put a piece of paper under one side of the table when I set it at 2 or 3 because it tends to make some chatter on the table. The spring is strong and will hold on to anything, and it also has a means to hold on to a pipe or something of the.750 OD range without much effort. The battery bank feature, which is included in the price, allows you to charge the internal battery with a Micro-USB port and a Micro-C port. If you don't have a cable with a small molded around the connector, it will not go all the way in to the receptacle and therefore you won't charge it. I can't recommend this enough as a stand alone fan, it has a ton of features, is powerful and quiet at the same time, and you can charge your phone or tablets with it.

👤I purchased several Opolar 8 inch fans for my wife and I to clip on our golf cart for many of our golf friends as well. The new unit is quieter, has a stronger arm, and has the same air velocity as the other model. This clips on to the side of the car. The fan rotates with clicks to keep it where you want it. This is a big improvement over the other model.

👤The fan is sturdy and versatile. The active time can be controlled by a timer button, which is helpful if you want semi-automated controls of the active time. The range of movement is helpful when using the fan for multi-purpose activities. The price for this fan is higher than other similar products, but it's heavier and less prone to being knocked over by a strong gust or a light tap, which is great for outdoor use. I find it difficult to handle at 2.5 inches because of its strength. A table or other base of up to 1.5 inches is ideal and something to keep in mind. There is a hook at the base of the fan that can be hung on. It also has a charging cord, but not an accessory. I like to sleep with some kind of air movement in my room because it gets hot in the summer. It is one of the quietest background noises I have heard. It is heavier than my other smaller desk fans which are lighter. The look and feel of the design is a pro for me. The blue fan is very modern and sleek. The design is sleek and quiet, but it does not come with a charging port and the duration of use is longer than other fans. There is no warning when the battery is low.

10. CONBOLA Portable Operated 10400mAh Rechargeable

CONBOLA Portable Operated 10400mAh Rechargeable

Provide free online customer service. They will answer any questions within 24 hours. Please contact them if you have any questions. Do you want to cool down without the background noise? The noise of the portable desk fan is less than 30 decibels, which can give you and your family a sweet dream in the night. The control knob provided great cool air flow for the bedroom all night and didn't affect your sleep or rest. You can use it in extremely hot and humid weather with no AC, and it has an internal 10400 mAh battery. The package includes a fast charging cable and a light that will remind you to charge in time, and a fully charged battery that lasts up overnight. No more worry about being useless when there is no power. The blade length is 2.5inch. The backpack is made of premium ABS + PC material and has a wide sturdy base to prevent tipping over. It can meet your needs no matter where you are. It's a perfect companion for hiking, camping, fishing, beach and sporting events. It will be put to good use this summer. The light is bright. The fan is designed to satisfy your lighting requirement outdoors. Provide a soft and non-glaring light to protect your eyesight. It is ideal for reading or studying at night if you like outdoor travel or camping. The camping fan has a rotation adjustment that provides a cool breeze. Since you can articulate the fan and position it in any location, such as top of your tent, umbrella, hammock and RV, it's equipped with hooks in the bottom. Enjoy the breeze!

Brand: Conbola

👤I bought this fan in the middle of a storm. Without my fan I couldn't sleep. Might as well shop. I turned it on to see how long the charge lasted. I assumed it was full charged or close to it. The fan ran for more than four hours. It has some power for a small fan. I was impressed. I'm ready for the next storm.

👤The fan is nice. We got it because of power failures. I am not happy that the product description states it is a 10 inch fan, but it is not. The item was $10 more than the one that was available from another seller.

👤I like the idea of a fan that can be charged on demand, but the fan power is not very powerful and it takes 4 hours to charge. If you were looking for cooling, it would really need 2.

👤I got this on a half price sale. 2nd I got this for the purpose of circulating an ac vent on the floor. I didn't need a cord to trip over, and I needed something small and powerful to blow the air into another room. This fan is for all the criterea. I don't have to move it out of the way because it is small enough to be out of the way. It is not plugged in. It's powerful enough to move both cold and hot air from the vent. It lasts all day on medium. I can barely hear it, even when I am a few feet away. It has a silent sound that is not like a regular fan that has a blade that makes a noise. The heat in my room has been lowered. I am very pleased with the fan. It's everything I needed and wanted. I think it would be a great fan for desks, camping, and even a car that doesn't have ac. I have concerns about not being able to replace the battery, but those are my only concerns. I would recommend this fan. For what I paid and for what I need it for, it is perfect.

👤I love this fan. I use it both inside and outside. I went camping this weekend and it worked great. The fan works for hours on a single charge. You can still use it when you charge it.

👤I like this. When not in use, holds a charge. I can still have a fan to sleep with when the power goes out. I take it on the patio to keep me cool. It is not loud.

👤The light is bright even at its lowest, the fan is decent, but it's not as powerful as I had hoped, and there's no where to plug in ausb. It was a disappointment that the power bank wasn't included.

👤These fans are awesome! Each day the battery life is great. When my dogs are outside, the battery lasts about 80% of the time. The light is nice, but we don't use it, but will if we use them in the future.

11. Portable Rechargeable Operated Personal Adjustable

Portable Rechargeable Operated Personal Adjustable

It can be used without wiring restrictions, powered by a 10400mAh large-capacity battery. It can work for up to 36 hours after fully charged. The cool breeze can be enjoyed all day. Fast charging using a type-c port and recharging using a 2a port requires 5 hours of charging time. There are 4 battery indicator lights, showing the remaining battery power, reminding you to charge in time. The light is bright. The fan uses a level 3 brightness lamp design to meet your outdoor lighting needs at night. Use a professional and high- performance motor to ensure high speed and strong airflow. The noise is not very loud. One-button stepless speed regulation. You can easily adjust the speed by turning the knob. It is easy to put a small size into a backpack. The device can be charged by a computer, power bank, car power supply, etc. It's your ideal partner for camping, fishing, outdoor activities in the summer or during an emergency. The fan's rugged and impact-resistant casing makes it ideal for outdoor, camping and other multi-scenario use. The design of the hanging hook. The hooks on the bottom can be used on camping tents.

Brand: Drchop

👤Cheap and not strong enough to be a camping fan. The company asked me to take my review down in exchange for money, but I originally gave this 3 stars. This never happened so they get a star. Will never buy from that company again. The fan works, but the battery life isn't very long.

👤I've had this little guy for a week now and have been using it nightly. I have personally experienced this product. The life of the battery. There are no comments It seems like it is true to what is advertised. I've been using it for several nights in a row. I try to get 8 hours a night, but I usually only get 6 to 7 hours. I ran it on max for the entire time I was asleep and by the time I woke it had only one bar of battery life left. I believe it will run 8 hours on max power for camping. The charge time. --- I charged it again after running it down to one bar I had left. It takes forever to charge. Several hours. If you are going to use it for several nights of camping, I recommend you bring a power bank. Durability and quality. --- What can I say? It's a portable fan. You get what you pay for. Is it strong enough to be carried in a pack? Yes. Is it durable enough for car camping? Absolutely. Capable of being thrown around? Maybe. I am pretty sure it would be fine, but I know it is cheap and made of plastic. When handling it, use your head. Conclusion. -- If you are looking for a combo that will suit your needs, this little fan and light combo will be perfect. 1. The air is moving. It moves it well. 2. There is noise. It is enough for white noise sleepers. 3. Light. Can be used to illuminate people. 4. There is a battery life. It performs as advertised on max. Give it a try. If your expectations are realistic, you'll be happy with this little guy.

👤The little fan is bad. It's great! It has a light weight and a connection to the internet. I've had it on low for over 8 hours and there was still plenty left for a few more. On low, very little noise, a hum. It has a light built into the handle, which is nice, but my favorite thing is the control knob. It's not an on/off speed. It is a true variable speed unit. The speed can be turned faster or slower. You can use this little wind machine if you go to a concert, camp, or just sit in your home.

👤It sounded good in the ad, but it didn't do much. The fan on high in Texas lasts about 4 hours with a full charge, and the battery only lasts about an hour. It didn't have much of a breeze on high. Returned it for a full refund.


What is the best product for portable fan rechargeable camping?

Portable fan rechargeable camping products from Tokeshimi. In this article about portable fan rechargeable camping you can see why people choose the product. Karvipark and Slenpet are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable fan rechargeable camping.

What are the best brands for portable fan rechargeable camping?

Tokeshimi, Karvipark and Slenpet are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable fan rechargeable camping. Find the detail in this article. O2cool, Reenuo and Xasla are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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