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1. YIHUNION Handheld Portable Personal Rechargeable

YIHUNION Handheld Portable Personal Rechargeable

You can put the fans upside down on the computer desk to meet your needs. You would like to have a small fan in your hand for free when walking. The mini fan can adjust by pressing the power button. The sleep mode can be used to avoid headaches, stuffy nose and meet the needs of people. The fan has blades that can be strong wind and a motor that is brushless. The fan has a battery operated one. The YIHUNION portable hand held fan can operate for up to 13 hours after a full charge. The small fan is portable and can be used indoors and outdoors. You can use the cable link to charge computers, power bank, laptops, and other devices, even if you're not in the area. You can use the fan stand as a desk fan in your office or as a handheld fan to solve the hot stuff on the road. You can meet your needs throughout the day. The fan base can be used as a mobile phone holder. Portable lightweight design The dimensions of this portable fan are 8.2 * 4.1 * 1.5. inch. You can take it with you when you go outside, it's suitable for summer travel or outdoor sports. If you don't use this product for a long time, please save the battery so it doesn't get damaged. ) You get a YIHUNION Portable Rechargeable Fan, a user guide, and a fan stand. If you have a problem, please contact them. They will solve the problem for you.

Brand: Yihunion

👤The company was kind enough to send me a second unit, even though they were concerned about damage to transportation. The box might have caused more damage than the first time because it was on the surface. It was on top of the car, not around. * The video has been updated. The new one is making mid pitch noise and crackling. The reviews say this is quiet and the max speed is barely noticeable. The noise level is equivalent to an overheating laptop and a refrigerator trying to cool down. Short and thick noises are produced by the sleep mode. I don't have high standards for online products but their performance is different from the reviews. Check the video for the sounds.

👤I took this fan on a vacation. The plane was delayed about 5 hours and four of them were on the tarmac without air conditioning. The fan was a lifesaver. I had a battery bank to keep it charged. We were stuck on the tarmac waiting for a gate after the weather shut down the airport. I pull out the fan again and it won't bother me. Many people understand that when the airport reopens, there will be a huge rush. Tens of thousands of passengers were affected by the delay. We all arrived at the same time. Baggage claims were a mess at 1:00 a.m. I had to pick up my car at the CarRentals in the early hours of the morning. The basement of the airport had air conditioning, but it wasn't keeping up with the humidity and the yucky smell that we were all feeling inside. The best thing I could have brought was this fan. I was able to stay sane despite my nerves being shot, because I was never overheated. I had to tell you how this small investment made a huge difference.

👤This fan is needed to keep you cool in Mississippi, but it is much more than I expected. It has different speeds that give you the air circulation you need. It can be moved around easily if it is removed from the base. You can either watch your video on your fan at the same time you're cooling off or you can charge it with the included cable. The fan is convenient and affordable.

👤I was surprised at how much air this fan puts out. The lowest setting cools me down quickly, and the highest setting doesn't bother me at all. It is battery operated and not bulky. Would buy again.

👤I bought fans for tailgating in Austin. The fan is good in doors, but not as good outdoors in high heat and humidity. I used the fans in the shade. The battery doesn't stay charged long if it's described less than half the time. The light indicator didn't work correctly when I had to refill, and the red light went off, but it hadn't charged completely. I had to use an external battery charging connection to operate the fan. The fan on the base of the marble counter top made it vibrate and move around. Each fan may work better than the other. I wouldn't recommend it.

2. Portable Handheld 5000mAh Settings Outdoor

Portable Handheld 5000mAh Settings Outdoor

The Finger LOOP is a Finger Ring holder. The products they are offering are authentic. There is a 180-day REFUND warranty for any quality issue for your better experience. A portable handheld fan can be folded up to 180 to sit on a table. The one is tired in the heat. The 5000mAh battery lasts for 4 to 20 hours, and stays cool all day. You can keep yourself cool anywhere. It's portable and foldable, designed for on the go. It's a perfect bag for summer travel or outdoor sports. The 4 Speed Levels can be adjusted according to your demands, and it gets quite cool. Protect the environment and save energy. Silicone Hand Rope can be attached to your bag or backpack to prevent it from falling. Life saver for hot flashes.

Brand: Outxe

👤If you need a small fan when you are out and about, this is it. I couldn't believe how powerful the fan was for the size of it, it came with a 90% charge. It has four speeds plus the off, so you click first on low. And then on to high. The head tilts into several positions. I ran the fan for over three hours before it started losing power. My wife wants one after seeing me. If you're looking for a desk, camping, soccer or any other type of outing this summer, I highly recommend this fan.

👤I use this fan a lot. I am on my eighth. I have purchased one for everyone in my family because they have been so useful. We use them to go camping, after a workout in the gym, or at the kids ball games. The battery lasted 6 hours on medium speed. It's convenient for charging with the microusb. I have purchased extra batteries to hot swap if charging is not possible while on the go, however, I have rarely used one. The fans are not very loud for church. It is good. I only had one break after dropping it. The fan works despite the front shield coming off. In the last five years, no one has died. This purchase is perfect.

👤The air stream is powerful at setting 4. This is the strongest fan I have ever owned. I have purchased many handheld fans online and in stores, but this one beats them all. I needed a fan to cool me off in Texas. It is very heavy for a handheld fan. It is larger than my hand. It is also expensive. I wanted a smaller one that could fit in my purse, but this one doesn't. It is worth the money because I wanted a strong fan. The fan settings are from low to high. The button doesn't get pushed on in my backpack because it doesn't stick out from the fan. This fan is a 5 star fan.

👤Ok. I don't have a picture of my fan. I bought the 10K mpAh and it works great. I use washi tapes around its handle body because I don't like the black color. The fan is heavy and bulky, but it is manageable because I wanted a fan with a power bank for my phone and longer battery life. I use the speed no. 4 because I live in a hot area during the summer and it helps me to still go around with the fan.

👤It lasted for a while, but the charging was always unreliable, and it was a long- lasting battery and surprisingly effective fan. The charging light wouldn't always come on, and it was difficult to plug in the micro-USB charge. It doesn't work unplugged, and you have to have the cord in the right position to plug it in. If you're looking for a portable fan that can be used for more than 4 months, I'd pass on this one.

3. Amacool Operated Stroller Rotatable Treadmill

Amacool Operated Stroller Rotatable Treadmill

The mini fan with a flexible tripod/legs is a lifesaver for car seats with rear facing, it is easy to clip on most strollers, crib, wheelchair, carriage and etc in any position. The stroller fan's head can be adjusted vertically and horizontally for any direction to create the perfect cooling breeze. It's a must have for you and your kids to go to Disneyland, zoo and park because it's portable and comes with a 2600 mah battery. The fan cover is designed to protect little inquisitive fingers, and the fan with lights of 3 setting is convenient for Mom and the elder in the dark. To present you a cool and worry-free summer, they offer a 12 month Replacement Warranty, and their engineer designed the tripod with flexible knobs, the legs strong enough to be bent over and over.

Brand: Amacool

👤I won't fall for the scam of receiving a gift card to lie about the product and give it a five star rating. No, ma'am. I will tell the truth so that others don't waste their money like I did. I keep the noise above our bed so it doesn't bother me much, and it keeps you cool since I keep it above our bed. The battery life is terrible. It doesn't last long when I charge it. The longest I have is about 10 minutes.

👤We needed a fan for our baby. We use it a lot. We put it on her car seat when we walk. I propped it up on our desk when I was working. The three speeds are great, low, high and quiet, and they all offer the same amount of coolness and quiet. The lights have been a nice feature and we didn't really need them. Our daughter hates going in her car seat and this helps to distract her. Since we live in Florida, we have to wait to go on walks until later in the day and the light makes it easier to see us. It is a great. I would definitely recommend!

👤I love this mini fan. I bought it for my son. We had to leave early when we went to the park because he was sweating. I don't have to worry about him sweating since I have a fan. It has a light as well. It helps with diaper changes at night. The brightness can be adjusted as well.

👤The fan started making a noise after almost a year of use, but a toddler was banging it around. If you're going to let your kid play with the fan, you should take the rubber things off of the bottoms of the legs. The little fan has been a lifesaver. I worry about my child getting too hot when I drive an older car because there are no AC vents in the back. I put the fan on the car seat this morning after charging it over night. It has gripped the car seat handle very well and is easy to deal with. It's very quiet, but adds a small amount of white noise that my daughter likes. Her fingers are too big to fit in between the slots on the fan, so that's a plus. I like that the fan isn't very powerful and it's a breeze to cool her down. I was a bit worried that the fan would be too powerful for her, but it is not. The light is a nice touch, if we need to see her at night. We are going to take a vacation next week and I will update my review if my opinion changes.

👤It works well on our bike. Quiet at lower speeds and acceptable noise level at higher speeds. A lot of air for a fan. I gave good ratings for longevity and battery life. I fully charged the battery before using it after I got out of the box. "Mini fan" on fan cage is different than advertised, but who cares?" The nut holding the fan in place is enough to hold it in place, but I wish it tightened a bit more.

4. DecoLife Rechargeable Beautiful Adjustable Activities

DecoLife Rechargeable Beautiful Adjustable Activities

A cute mickey mouse design in pink, pleasant blue light, and eye-catching mini fan can be held in hand. It is a good choice for both indoor and outdoor activities. The material is safe and odor free. The best gift for your friends or families is a beautiful light. Strong power source. The fan has a built-in battery that can be used for more than 3000 times. You can charge it with the included cable. There are 3 speed levels, one low, one medium and one high. The fan speed can be adjusted by pressing the button; 27 fan blades, strong wind, and wind distance up to 3m. It is possible to have comparable size and portable. It's the same size as a cellphone, portable enough to carry in a small bag or wear on your finger, and very practical for your daily use and travelling. The Finger LOOP is a Finger Ring holder. The products they are offering are authentic. There is a 180-day REFUND warranty for any quality issue for your better experience.

Brand: Decolife

👤I was so excited to use the park. The first time I used the fan it worked well and lasted well past 8 hours in the park. The second time I used it, I charged it all night and went to the park to use it. I thought it might have fallen of the charge during the night. It was charged a full night again, and it might take 3 hours to use. It doesn't allow me to use it while I'm at the park. It sucks because I really liked it, it is light, powerful, easy to hold and cute.

👤I used it at Disneyland. It was a lifesaver. The only fans that were sold at the park were attached to the water spray bottle. People gave a lot of praise to them. I think the battery life was a problem because I used it so much during the 99 degree day.

👤This is a fan. It is cool to have someone with you on those summer days. The light is super. I think it's so flimsy it could break with one accidental drop. It has an add on to hold on the back so it doesn't slip easily, and it has speeds for the fan.

👤When I was planning my Disney trip, these fans were a must. When I first saw it, I thought it was only red, but when I saw it was pink, I ordered it right away. I used it all day at the parks. When I was standing in lines all day, it was so strong that it helped keep me cool. I got 2 and they both work well and I would recommend them to anyone who wants to stay cool.

👤I purchased this fan for my trip to Disney. It's easy to fit in the side pocket of my backpack. It's powerful, and it's helpful to have three speed settings and the highest setting. I was asked where I bought it many times. You will not regret grabbing one of these.

👤I ran across one of these when I was in asia. It's hot hot. I thought when I saw this. The battery will last for 5 minutes, but the fan will have some air left over. This is a great idea for hot weather or ladies getting flashes, because it pushes a lot of air at 3 speeds.

👤I love this fan. The battery lasts longer than I expected, and it is the perfect handheld size. I used it for about 1-2 hours on a hot day, and it is so easy to replenish it. If you need to use it for longer, you can use a portable charge.

👤Powerful and easy to use. Carried it on a recent trip to Florida. It was charged a couple of weeks before the trip and used a few times.

5. Handheld VersionTECH Rechargeable Household Traveling

Handheld VersionTECH Rechargeable Household Traveling

This is a note. The first time you use the fan, open the battery cover and take out the plastic insulator, otherwise it will not be used. The portable fan has a rechargeable battery. It can be powered by a variety of sources. The adjusted speed level is low/medium/high. Press the power button repeatedly to adjust fan speed. The fan has blades that are strong and have a wind distance up to 3m. The loss of energy and environment can be minimized by efficient power and conversion circuitry. The design is foldable and multi-purpose. You can use the mini desk fan. If you don't know how to use it, please look at the picture or contact them. You can tell them if you find better uses. Hang the fan above your umbrella or parasol with a unique design style. The design is ideal for outdoor crowds, and you don't have to worry about the outdoors, because this fan can cool you down, it's a must-have for the summer. You can put it in the bag with you when you go outside, it's light and portable, and you can take it to any activity.

Brand: Versiontech.

👤I have had two of them and love them. I was waiting to board my flight at the airport when I saw a handicapped boy with his mother. He was sweating so much that no one offered to help him. I carry 2 hand held fans so my dog doesn't get overheated. I asked if she would like to use a fan. She was so thankful that I did this. The boy didn't look well after our flight was delayed. She gave it back when she took him to the bathroom. I told her to keep the fan when she came back. She said I was the only one who offered help. She asked where I got it because it worked so well. I told her at Amazon. Since I gave the other one away, I ordered another one so I can always have two. It is a great fan.

👤Powerful, portable. What's not to love? I'm going to talk about how much I love this fan. I keep it in my purse. It makes my hot flashes less painful. No more taking clothes off and putting them back on. I don't want to increase my electric bill. I spent a lot of money on this fan. The charge lasts a long time as well. I haven't thought to charge it in at least 4 days, but it has helped me through a few hot flashes a day. Still going strong. Added more about that charge. I haven't used my fan in a while. The weather has been mild and I haven't been having hot flashes. I needed it this morning, and I was sure it would be dead because I hadn't charged it in a long time. The battery is giving up. When the charge on the fan is low, you can tell because it will turn to low, medium, and then back to low, and then you can't cycle through to turn it off. It has always done this when it needs to be charged, but now it does it all the time even after it has been charged. I looked at batteries to replace this one, and it looks like it's cheaper to buy a new fan than it is to buy a new battery. If it's plugged up, I'll keep this one.

👤Due to an emergency surgery, I now suffer. There were hot flashes. After only four hours, my husband and I were so happy. The past six months have been busy for my family, I'm always opening windows, maxing out the AC and operating fans. My depression was worsened by the embarrassment of flashing, sweat, and breathing. I'm sure that feeling will go away in a short time. My two complaints are 1. The on/speed/off button is on the outside of the folded handle. 2. It didn't come with a pouch to keep things together. I'm storing mine in a felt pouch.

👤I love this fan. I get hot very quickly. It was perfect for Disney. Its easy to use. Powerful. Not loud. The battery is pretty good. I had a portable power bank for my phone, but it took 30 minutes to charge, but it was good for the rest of the day. Doesn't come with a lanyard. It was light. The button is easy to press and it worked in my backpack, but it didn't die. Very happy with the purchase.

6. EasyAcc Portable Detachable Personal Outdoors

EasyAcc Portable Detachable Personal Outdoors

It can be used to improve air circulation and keep it fresh. It comes with friendly customer service. They take care of all quality related issues with replacements or refunds. Please contact them if you have a problem with the product. A mini portable handheld fan that also functions as a desktop fan. It can stand on a table. You can take it with you for handheld use. The lanyard makes it easy to hang the fan on your wrist or bag. The Personal Handheld fan is as big as the palm of a hand and only 120g. The fan can be put into a backpack or purse. The smal cooling fan is portable. It's suitable for kids, girls, men, women indoors and outdoors. Small size. You can control wind speed according to your needs. The speed was 1- 2575 RPM, 2- 3200 RPM, and 3- 4200 RPM. Enjoy the breeze, tender wind or strong wind to stay cool. The battery can be used for up to 17 hours in one full charge. You can charge it by the computer, power banks, laptops, or any other device that has ausb port. TheNarrower fan cover frame is for girls and women. The handle is perfect to hold to dry your makeup. This portable handheld fan is the most intimate gift you can give to your wife or mother. It's ideal for kids, girls, boys, men, and women. The mini handheld fan can be used for a lot of things. 24 monts security against defects is offered by EasyAcc.

Brand: Easyacc

👤Powerful little thing. I love how it fits in the smallest places in my bag and takes no room at all. And amazing! It makes me cool. It is incredible. One can get a better deal on Amazon. It is not as expensive as the other fans are advertised, and it provides a strong breeze. If it is on the lowest setting, it lasts well on a single charge. There is a cute little stand. The Rose Pink color is very attractive to me. This mini fan is very good.

👤The little fan is amazing. I live in Florida where the weather is hot and humid all year long, and this fan is a lifesaver. The first time I used it, the cold air it puts out is amazing. I think it might be the blade design which has three large and three small blades, all of which have a curve to them and are designed to create a wonderfully cooling blast of air.

👤I bought a miniature fan that worked great, battery life was good, and noise level was low, but within a month of using it, I noticed a rattling sound in the fan. When I put the fan on my desk at school, it still made the noise, so I decided to look inside the fan and see if there were wires hanging out. I was scared because exposed wires could cause a fire and now I'm afraid to use the fan because of that. I haven't received a response.

👤I wish I had bought this fan a long time ago. I recommend this fan to anyone who has hot flashes. It is small enough to fit in my purse, it makes very little noise, and it is easy to charge. I whipped the fan out of my purse and turned it on after I saw my neighbor fanning herself with her hands at the baby shower. I handed it to her. I immediately ordered one for her and had it the next day. She was happy with my gift.

👤The mini fan can generate a nice breeze. It weighs nothing. It slides into a purse. It would be great if the manufacturer added a very light weight bag with a carabiner.

👤I use this for my makeup clients a lot. To dry set spray to cool off the mother or the brides or grooms. Small. It packs a punch. It's definitely worth every penny.

👤I've bought 3 of these to have in different places so I'm prepared. I only use the battery for 5 minutes at a time, so I don't need to charge it. And it has a great fan!

👤The handheld fan is perfect for those with hot flashes. This is our second one like this. The longer the battery life, the better it seems.

👤It's small and fits into my clutch bags, unlike some of the other mini fans. This one is powerful and quiet. The battery life is good. It has not run out. I keep it charged. I might buy another one. Friends have purchased this product as well.

7. GIVERARE Bladeless Handheld Rechargeable Room Black

GIVERARE Bladeless Handheld Rechargeable Room Black

This battery can be charged thousands of times and be used for a long time because of the double protection, it's also safer than the others. SAFE BLADELESS DESIGNInnovative bladeless design, gives off 3-speed strong airflow without fast-spinning blades, is safe for kids and pets, and easy to wipe clean. Don't worry about the risk of the blades. This little personal fan has an adjusted wind speed, it absorbs wind from the air and makes use of the air. Pressing the power button multiple times will switch the 3 speeds. It takes about 6 hours to charge a battery with their free cable and 2000mAh high-capability rechargeable battery, but it lasts about 3 hours on high-speed and 6 hours on low-speed. Only 4.3oz could be charged by all the devices that have ausb port. It's perfect for summer travel or outdoor sports, just put it in your backpack or car and carry it. It can be used to improve air circulation and keep it fresh. It comes with friendly customer service. They take care of all quality related issues with replacements or refunds. Please contact them if you have a problem with the product.

Brand: Giverare

👤I will not be able to use this at work because of the noise level. The fan power that comes out of this is a joke. I wouldn't recommend this item to anyone. Don't waste your time! U get what you pay for with this POS!

👤This thing is so loud that it could wake the dead. Get more out of a piece of paper and my wrist. I was excited for work since it's small size would have made it perfect for me. It's so loud that people can hear it in another department. Everything else about this thing would have been awesome if you looked into better motors. The build quality is okay, the stand was foresight. The core purpose of a handheld fan is to be a fan. If it blew a decent amount of air but didn't blow a lot of it, it wouldn't feel like a turbine, you have to hold it close to your face to feel the breeze.

👤I was expecting it to be loud after reading all these reviews. It's not that loud. I use it to dry my lashes.

👤I bought this fan for a number of reasons. I need a fan to help dry my lashes after they're washed. I need a fan for my desk. I needed a table fan to keep my classroom cool. I needed a way to dry the ink quickly when I was a teacher. The fan does all three very well. It has three speeds and that is helpful. I use a multi-usb port for my gear and it works well with theusb adapter. Even on the lowest setting, it is loud. If you want a quiet fan, this is not for you. It comes with a stand and a charging port, so you can't beat the price.

👤It's too loud to stay on for long periods of time, though the battery would hold up if you chose to do so. The only complaint I have is that the air only blows from one small corner of the fan, rather than circling around full circle for 100% coverage. If you set it upright in the dock it will be difficult to use it, and you'd need to hold it close to yourself to use it. The base of the fan is large enough to stand on it's own, so the dock doesn't charge it.

👤I bought a couple for myself and my daughter a year ago. I gave a bunch to other people because I liked it so much. You don't have to worry about getting hair or fingers caught in the blade because they are quiet. I like the fact that they can be used again and again. When I use it as a hand fan, the base falls off and gets lost in the cushions. I've been trying to put a piece of double stick tape on the handle to hold it in place, but never seem to get around to it.

👤I use the fan to dry my sweaty hands while playing video games. It works well. No fan blade can get stuck on blankets, hair or animals. It is a small guy and works as I need it to. It's simple to keep charged. It has three speeds. Quiet but not important to me.

8. Portable Stroller 12000mAh Operated Flexible

Portable Stroller 12000mAh Operated Flexible

The portable fan is small and lightweight and can fit in your handbag. Wait in line for a basketball game, football game, or outdoor sport. Incredible 55 hour battery life,usb replacement fan. Their battery powered fan has a built-in rechargeable battery that can last up to 55 hours. Simply connect it to a power bank, pc, hub, outlet, or other device. The cooling effect of the tripod fan is impressive. Do you worry that your phone will run out of power when you are outside? Don't worry about it! Their small fan can be used as a backup power bank. The mini fan is small and lightweight, perfect for the car seat, baby stroller, golf cart, beach, camping, gym, travel, and other outdoor activities. The battery powered fan is a must have this summer. Quiet and improved cooling air flow are some of the things that have been improved. The small portable baby fan has three different speeds and is designed to keep your baby cool. The 5000rpm motor gives you a breeze of up to three meters. A quiet fan for a baby stroller. It's time to invest in a portable fan that will keep you cool all summer long. Three adjusted speeds, a rotating fan, and a light watt fan are helpful to mummies and bakers. You can direct the wind at an appropriate speed to any direction you need with this flexible tripod fan. The grid openings on the back and front are smaller than the others, so no need for little fingers to get through the back of the fan to touch the blades. 700 days of high-end quality, buy. The multi-purpose fan has a clip on fan, handheld fan, small desk fan, and stroller fan in one. Hold it, fix it, hang it, and fold it, because the legs are bendable. This is the best battery-operated colling fan. They provide you with a 100% satisfaction service and a money-back guarantee.

Brand: Frizcol

👤The fan is strong and efficient. It has a professional sticker on the back that tells you if you have a problem. At least it looks like it. I will definitely buy another fan like this one. I was not bribed with Amazon gift cards to write this review, I am an avid reviewer. I am very honest. I wish I knew this fan was the best for a stroller. It has 3 speeds and all of them are strong. It takes a little while to charge your phone, but you can't expect to charge it in 30 minutes unless you have a fast one. It has a C-cable charge.

👤I really like this product. I keep it on my bed to stay cool at night. The big battery can run on high for hours. It's powerful and quiet for its size. My bed has a lot of thick posts, so the legs could be a little longer to fit my application better. Your mileage may be different. I paid $25 and I'm very happy. Why only 2 stars? It's called a "stroller fan", which means it's safe to keep it near little kids. I don't think that's true, as there appears to be a serious choking hazard for small children. The rubber feet at the end of the legs are very easy to remove. They're small, about the size of a quarter in diameter, and have come off in my hands several times. This is not a wear and tear issue. They were very loose when they arrived.

👤I couldn't find any specifications for the blade diameter or motor speed. It can be difficult to mount it on a pole. It stays once you get it positioned correctly. I haven't put it through the full ringer, but it works well. It will take some time to charge the battery. Will update this review in a few months to show it's resilience.

👤This is perfect. I use it to hang on the head rest in front of his car seat and stroller, I bought it for my baby. My baby's car seat is probably low. I don't put the baby trend car seat on top of the baby head since he might get a head injury if he does. It is perfect on the side that can be picked up. It's usable in any position. It has settings on the speed and force. Medium and high. The air is nice and doesn't bother the baby or my toddler. Doesn't make sounds like a really low humm? It is a fan. I wanted it to be red, but black is better. I'll buy 2 more if the company makes a red one with a light in the fan blades. I probably got it a month ago. My baby is 5 months old and he has managed to stick his fingers in the fan. He didn't cry. I was more scared than he was. I didn't twist the legs correctly and it went down halfway from where I put it. That's how he got it.

9. Handheld Portable Operated Personal Rechargeable

Handheld Portable Operated Personal Rechargeable

Warm tips. The Anti-trigger switch must be turned on before use and use and use and use and use and use and use and use and use and use and use and use and use and use and use and use and use and use and use and use and use and use and use and use and 2. It has one button control. To turn on the fan, press the button for a short while, then press repeatedly to adjust the wind speed or turn off the fan. It lasts for 46 hours at speed 1, 35 hours at speed 2, and 13 hours at speed 3 after about 3-4 hours full charge. The wind increased 30% with enlarged blades. The fan's maximum speed is 3400rpm, which is enough to keep you cool. The folding design makes it easy to carry and store. The fan blade is small and easy to slide into your pocket and purse with the capsule shape. The power bank function and quiet operation makes the mini fan a power bank in emergency, supplying power for mobile phone, mp3 or ipod, etc. No frame design causes the noise to be 50 decibels. When the fan is not spinning, press the power button to open the flashlight feature. The flashlight is bright and can be used in dark areas. You can hang it on your hands or travel backpack. The touchable blades, surge and short circuit protection keep you and your family safe. They believe in their products so they offer a 12 month worry-free warranty, it covers material and workmanship defects for one year from the original purchase date.

Brand: Jisulife

👤Since buying this on 7/16/2020, I have used it almost every day. If you're hot, you won't be complaining about a small fan sound. I'm going to use a 3 in 1 general household oil to lubricate the fan shaft and get it back to being its normal self, because it has gotten louder now. It's not a big deal. I change my purse every week and this is the first thing I put in. When I'm in the office, I usually have it on speed 1 or 2 almost the entire shift, only shutting it off if I leave my desk for any reason. I have already had coworkers ask to borrow it several times, so I'm going to need to buy myself another one. I'm paranoid about not having power on hand. I have a small solar powered battery pack with me at all times. I don't have to worry about the battery life of this guy throughout the day because I leave him on the charge while I sleep. Can you call this baby soothed? I originally purchased this to be used at a convention, but never went because of covid reasons. When they try to open the convention up in the future, I think I will still be using this one. My only suggestion is to add more colors. I would like to buy all the colors. I love the pink one, but I would love to have a collection of these. I have to keep looking at it to make sure it's still on if I'm not right in front of it, the thing might be quieter now than when I first bought it. I mentioned before that it was a small dot of the 3 in 1. Put the fan on the back of the shaft so gravity could work its way into the motor. After leaving it alone for about 5 minutes, I put it over my sink and turned it on to make sure no one got sprayed on me. Smooth sailing now. I see myself using it for at least another year.

👤The fan has a lot of power. There is a flashlight when the unit is turned off and closed. I don't know how long it holds a charge. I'm pretty sure I'll be ordering more to give. It was nearly impossible to add the carrying strap, so I'm giving it four stars. The seller did not give instructions. You have to loop the small stretchy end through one of the inside holes to get out of the bear's head. The longer end needs to be tightened. It was difficult to feed the demo through the holes and take forever until I fed it using a piece of fine craft wire.

👤I can't speak for its longevity, but I really like it. The build is sturdy and cute. It is cool on the first level, but when put on the third level, it explodes! The flashlight feature is nice to have. I am quite content with what I got. I was ordered to order her one by my grandma. We will see if the second one will be as good.

10. JISULIFE Portable Handheld Rechargeable Flashlight

JISULIFE Portable Handheld Rechargeable Flashlight

The mini fan can be put on a table for cooling or taken into the bag more easily, because it is foldable and easy to carry. It's the best choice for yoga, gym, travel, wedding, shopping, camping, party, Disney World, etc. It lasts for 14 hours with 2-speed, 21 hours with 1-speed and 3 hours full charge. The fan's maximum speed is 3400rpm, which is enough to keep you cool. The foldable design makes it easy to carry and store. The fan blade is small and easy to slide into your pocket and purse with the oval shape. The mini hand fan can be used as a power bank in an emergency, providing 2000mAh of power for mobile phone, mp3 players, etc. The noise should be low to 50db with no frame design. When the fan is not spinning, long press the power button to open the flashlight feature. The flashlight is bright and can be used in dark areas. You can hang it on your hands or travel backpack with a lanyard. You can use a power bank to charge it. The handheld fan only needs a few hours to be fully charged. The mini fan will be a gift for your family and friends. Cute, tiny, and useful gadgets for most people.

Brand: Jisulife

👤If I'm working in the garage or outside, I need a fan to keep my neck and forehead cool. I wasn't sure if it would be powerful, but it is. I measured it with my anemometer and it gave me a breeze of about 4 mph on low and 5 mph on high from a distance of about 8 inches. That's enough to keep me cool. I thought the flashlight would be brighter. I used my Light Meter to measure between 150 and 200 lm. It is not a powerful flashlight but it will do the job in a pinch. It was very thoughtful of them to include the option to charge the computer. Most mobile phones should get a boost at 2000 mA hours. The fan design has thoughtfulness put into it. The blades are flexible and durable. The fan turns itself off if it gets stopped by something. The charging light goes solid when it's done charging. Many products never tell you when they're fully charged. The whole product is well-built and substantial in your hand. It's about the same weight as a cell phone, so it's not something you want to carry in your pocket all the time. I don't think you can complain about the collapsible fan at this price. It's perfect for what I needed. A very cool product.

👤This is a good pocket fan for travel because of it's compact capsule shape. It has two speeds. It is ok for warm weather but not much in hot weather. If you are familiar with the round folding hand fans with 3 speeds, the 2nd speed is equal to the 1st speed. I use both of them. The most frustrating part is opening it. I have to leave it partially open because my nails are not thin enough to open it. It is a major annoyance when it closes all the way. It is quieter because it is not as powerful. It can be propped on a table and can be knocked over easily. The blades are soft and won't hurt if you come in contact with them. It has a lanyard and a charging cord. The power button is pressed once for low speed and twice for higher. You can hold the power button for a few seconds. It is worth having a fan with you when you have limited space. The hand fans with the 3 speeds have more cooling power in the heat. We don't care if the fan is a flashlight or a power source.

👤This is a small fan. It is not too heavy. The battery life is great for a small device, and the air flow is surprising. I've used this for over 3 hours. It worked well. If you are in a pinch, the powerbank is a nice bonus, but it would take a long time to charge your phone. I have a problem with the flashlight, I wish it wasn't there. I carry a 1200 watt flashlight on my belt, which I understand not everyone does. The problem is that the flashlight feature gets turned on in my pocket. If there was a lock feature, or if the button was not, it would not be possible to turn on the light when you don't want to. The color is very strange and not very bright. It has a white center and yellow tint. The fan performance is excellent and the battery life is great, but the flashlight is too easy to use in your pocket. The powerbank output is only 1amp, so it is slow to charge a device. If you want to use the fan, go for it. If you're looking for a flashlight, look elsewhere. The unit is a mediocre powerbank and a crappy flashlight.

11. HandFan Portable Rechargeable Handheld Charging

HandFan Portable Rechargeable Handheld Charging

You get a YIHUNION Portable Rechargeable Fan, a user guide, and a fan stand. If you have a problem, please contact them. They will solve the problem for you. A backup powerbank has a built-in battery that can be used for emergency charging, perfect for travel and other outdoor activities. You can fix the fan with a charging base, which makes it more convenient to charged, so you can also put it on desk for cooling, it can work while charging too. It's a must have for working on hot days. It can work more stablely than the others, so you can enjoy a cool and quiet journey. It can meet different people's needs, suitable for children to adults, with 5 wind speeds. It's easy to carry and store, it can be put into your bags, it's perfect for travel, hiking, camping, office working, reading, etc.

Brand: Handfan

👤This is a great fan. This fan has been a life saver for me, as I am one of the few in which menopause never ends. It has a strong breeze and is small. I take this everywhere because I am always hot. You never know what people keep their temperature on in their home, but you have a fan to cover it. I use it in the nail place where everyone wants one and the store is always warm. I highly recommend this fan. There is a They will fight you for it if you have grandkids.

👤These fans are adorable. This is a nice one. It is powerful, has a carrying strap, balances nicely even without the base, and can be charged through the base or directly into the fan handle. The color is dark and subtle. I gave it to my son and he was happy. Twice while looking at it. It will be a good addition to his day pack and will be a nice fan to use at his desk.

👤I use it on full speed for three hours before the light blinks and says it needs to charge. I plugged it in and it is working now. I will not buy this again because I want to try other brands to see if I can get more air. Don't misunderstand me. It pushes a lot of air, but not enough for me. I only had it for a day. If anything goes wrong, I will update my review. I have this fan for a year now and I'm about to buy three more.

👤I have had a fan for about a year now, and it is still going strong. The fan has lots of power. It has 5 speeds. I have owned this fan for over a month and it works great.

👤Wow. I didn't know how much I needed. I ordered 2 more right now. In the last 30 minutes, my husband has said 3 times that he can't believe how much air this tiny thing puts out. I am a nail tech. I will take one to the salon to dry polish in between coats, I have a dryer to use at the end. I usually use a small fan to dry in between, but this is a game-changing change. I know that this little pot of gold is going to be amazing because I am always hot.

👤This is the best fan. I use it for work. I put it in the cup holder. I told my friends about it and they have all purchased one. I love that it charges off theusb. The fan stand, the different speed settings, and the fact that it breaks down into 3 pieces are all positives.

👤The device is great for managing symptoms of menopause. I keep this with me around the house and don't leave without it. If you are hot natured, this fan is a must have.

👤The small fan has 5 speeds and pushes out air to help keep you comfortable. I have used one of these to keep a laptop that had an internal fan that failed. I have 3 or 4 monitors connected to my laptop at times, it has been keeping it cool for over 2 years now. The fan has a capacity to connect to other devices and charge them. A small unit for a reasonable price. I bought my first 1 on sale for $12 and it was reasonable.


What is the best product for portable fan rechargeable handheld?

Portable fan rechargeable handheld products from Yihunion. In this article about portable fan rechargeable handheld you can see why people choose the product. Outxe and Amacool are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable fan rechargeable handheld.

What are the best brands for portable fan rechargeable handheld?

Yihunion, Outxe and Amacool are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable fan rechargeable handheld. Find the detail in this article. Decolife, Versiontech. and Easyacc are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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