Best Portable Fan Rechargeable with Mist

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1. Stroller YXwin Working Rotation 4400mah

Stroller YXwin Working Rotation 4400mah

Their small personal fan can be used as a desk fan, portable handheld fan, as well as outdoor camping, hiking, beach, and so on. 5000 mah Li-polymer batteries and ausb interface are supplied with multi power supplied and 4.5H-40H working time. It can work up to 40 hours on minimum wind of 1500rpm, 4.5 hours on maximum wind of 3800rpm after fully charge. You can adjust it to the most comfortable wind speed with the on/off button. The running sound is less than 20db when it is working at a minimum speed. 40db is the maximum working decibel, which will not disturb your sleep, work or study. The mini desk fan supports a manual vertical flip to keep you cool. It can be used as a portable power bank to provide power to mobile phones, mp3 players, and other devices. The safe narrow gap of the Sponge Hole Design and the sponge tank at the backside of the table fan can be used to drop ice water or aroma essential oil on the sponge to relieve the tired for yourself. The narrow gap design protects the baby's fingers from injury. Humanized design can make mom's mind rest. The desk top and clip designs are suitable for various places, great for office desk, baby stroller, car backseat, bicycle, camping tent, home, kitchen, dormitory, library, gym exercising, outdoors/indoors.

Brand: Yxwin

👤I bought this fan 2 weeks before we went to Disney World because my last fan died. I decided to charge the fan after it worked out of the box. The fan blade stopped moving after charging. The fan blades were not moving. I called Amazon to try to fix the problem, but I needed a new one. I received it the day before we left on our trip. The fan did a great job at the park. I charged it and it cooled my child all day. It's seriously. I didn't need to replenish my energy during the outing because we were at the park for 14 hours. It was great to be able to move air under her stroller cover when the rain started. I was happy to have the cooling snap towel and fan because they kept my baby from having heat stroke. The battery lasted for a long time and I was happy with the motor. I clipped it to the stroller canopy and didn't worry about the storage. I would buy it again.

👤This is the best stroller fan. You can control the speed of the fan with a turn of the knob, you can adjust the fan to point up or down, and you can clip the fan onto your stroller. I gave three more of these fans to my mama friends. If the baby isn't using it, mamas can breastfeeding. All my mama friends were impressed by it. It's easy to charge the batteries with theusb cord. Useful!

👤The product was delivered today. We plan on using it at the zoo. My daughter is very hot. We have a newborn son, and we are sure he will follow suit. We already have some of the batteries around the house, so we will have more. Since it takes batteries, we haven't had to use the cord yet. Our friends have one and the batteries last all day at the zoo. The noise level is lower than expected. It is light. Depending on the size of your stroller, it may be bulky.

👤I love this fan. The fan life can be extended with a dual battery setup. The fan lasts a whole night at a medium to low setting. 2. The fan life is extended by being able to plug it into a powerpack. 3. The fan has a dial that allows you to set the speed as high or as low as you want. It's nice if you only need a small breeze or if you're worried about how loud the fan is. 4. It is probably as quiet as a fan can make. The motor is quiet and you can hear the blades of the fan spinning at higher settings. 5. The fan pushes air. It works as well as you would expect a fan of this size to do. 6. The clip function is useful. Very happy with this fan. Highly recommended.

👤I had to return the other one because it didn't swing. My daughter-in-law gave me the idea to buy one. She bought it for my grandsons because the air conditioning couldn't reach the back area of their car. They can travel even during the summer. I bought one but didn't get to ask where she bought hers. The other one's battery was good and it has the option to become a battery backup charger. I decided to buy from where she got hers because the swinging feature is more important to me. I am very happy that I did. I enjoy the feature but am amazed at how long the battery would last. I can use it for two nights without charging. I've had this for more than 6 months and the battery performance has not deteriorated. Extra is what the clamp is. I can put up my fan like a ceiling fan.

2. 10000mAh Operated Detachable 360┬░Rotation Stroller

10000mAh Operated Detachable 360%C2%B0Rotation Stroller

The clip mist fan has two mist modes: continuous and intermittent. The desk fan can be used for 1-2 hours on different modes. The misting fan provides you with endless cooling, and you will have plenty of coverage even for outdoor spaces. Between 6 and 48 hours is provided by the 10000mAh battery. You can use it to charge your phone, Ipad, and other electronic product because it has a battery that is replaceable. The battery operated fan is very convenient for carrying and saving money. The desk top has a clip design. You will be able to fix it on any surface with the 2-Inch strong clamp. Great for office desk, baby stroller, car backseat, bicycle, camping tent, home, kitchen, dormitory, library, gym exercising outdoors. You can easily change the cooling level with the 3-speed operation of this misting fan. The whisper quiet operation of the fan makes it impossible to hear a noisy fan in the outdoor space. The fan rotates 180 degrees vertically and horizontally to keep you cool. The portable desk fan has a feature that is better than others. The smooth and quiet operation provides coverage to every corner of your room or body and works well at reducing the temperature of your outdoor space.

Brand: Koonie

👤I was a bit skeptical after having experienced a few of these fans. The ones I'd seen before were loud. I would say that this one is very quiet on medium and very discreet on high. The feature is pretty cool. It is thought to use an Ultrasonic transducer instead of a pump. There is no visible hole in the center of the mister. The mist is effective. I used it for the first time in my boat. The air was dry. I was comfortable in the cabin with the fan on low and the mister intermittent. I was sitting about 4 feet away from the fan. It felt good. The small water tank is a problem. It's supposed to run for 2 hours on intermittent setting, but mine won't run that long. I'm not sure if it's an hour or a bit less. The tank only holds half a cup of water so it's not going to last long. The piece of furniture appears to be strong. The fan can be pointed in any direction with the help of the Gimbal. The fan can be left mounted and the battery can be taken away to charge. Without the battery in place, the fan will run directly off a 2-ampusb adapter. If you don't close the rubber cover on the mister, it will leak water. It's not been leaking with the cover in place. I have recommended the fan to two of my friends. I timed the mist cycles. It only lasted 28 minutes on intermittent and 17 minutes on continuous. It should run two hours on intermittent and one hour on continuous, based on the water use rate stated in the product information. I contacted the seller and was told that my observations of water use were normal. I'm still keeping the fan despite the short durations. It's easy to put up an auxiliary water reservoir with a plastic bottle and some flexible tubing. The tubes are pushed through the holes. It's important to keep the cap tight. The long tube is the vent. The long tube goes down to the bottom of the bottle and down to the bottom of the fan. The vent tube ends below the bottle cap and the fan. To start the siphon, place the bottle above the fan, close the lid, and blow into the vent tube. When the water level in the vent tube reaches a certain point, the siphon will stop. When the water level in the reservoir drops, the siphon will restart and refill the fan up to the level of the vent tube. There are tiny tubes inside the fan reservoir that could easily be pulled out of place if you put the tubes in the wrong place. I can now run it for 90 minutes on intermittent mist setting using a 16 ounce bottle and 200 liter fan. I took off one star for the misleading advertising, but I would still recommend the fan.

👤I am very impressed with this fan. It feels sturdy enough to justify the $60 price tag. The fan can be stored away while you charge the battery. I like that feature. mist comes out of the spout in the center of the fan The speed of the fan is controlled by buttons on the back. Similar to other fans, the fan has 3 speeds. There is a plug at the top of the fan. I'm very happy with the purchase and I'm looking forward to using it outside this summer and/or during the hurricanes if the power goes out. Highly recommended! I was able to use it during a power outage. It felt like an air conditioning unit. It made a huge difference in my comfort level. I live in Louisiana where it gets very hot in the summer, and I was glad I had this on hand to keep me cool.

3. SLENPET 20000mAh Rechargeable Portable Operated

SLENPET 20000mAh Rechargeable Portable Operated

It can be adjusted to many kinds of portable fans. It would be a good partner for you when you are going outdoors, like riding, hiking, climbing, camping, etc. You can fix it on a stroller, student bed, bike, crib, car seat. The desk fan can also be clip on and is suitable for golf cart, baby stroller, treadmill and other outdoor activities. Campers can use it for daytime and night camping with their friends, as well as their kids, with a built-in hook. The camping fan can auto off, prolonging the battery use life, and it has a body sensor function. To make the function work, just long press the light button. The fan will turn off if you walk away for more than 10 minutes. The fan can be turned off, but not on, if the body sensor function is used. The clip on fan can produce strong wind, cooling you down in 10 seconds. The battery charged fan has 4 speeds, ranging from light air to gentle breeze to powerful wind, which makes it a great choice for outdoor and indoor use. The portable outdoor/indoor clip fan can last for 44 hours with the 20000mAh battery. 2A fast charging is ensured by the Type-C port and good quality cable. The golf cart stroller fan is made of sturdy materials and tested for hundreds of hours, so it can guarantee a pleasant golfing time and a comfortable baby walking experience. There will be nearly zero strike compared with the similarities, which are confident about with its advanced heat dissipation and cooling system.

Brand: Slenpet

👤I like this fan. The battery lasts a long time when I get to replenish it. It is light weight, has a powerful fan with three settings, and is quiet compared to other fans. The light in the back is useful. It can be set so that it goes off after 10 minutes if nobody is in front of it. I would buy this fan. When I go camping, I buy it for my vehicle.

👤The fan is the same as described. It moves air at 4 speeds and has a small clip on a fan. The battery life was tested and I got the full 12 hours of operation using the high speed. It has a strong hook for hanging the fan. I bought this for my trip. I'll have a way to keep cool.

👤I need a fan to sleep. This will work if you are one of those people. It keeps me cool, but I really won't get a good noise level until it's on the second setting or higher. The highest setting reminds me of a plug-in fan. If I can help it, I will not be staying the night away from home.

👤I'm impressed. The fan has power. I was hoping that a battery powered fan could kick out some wind, but I wasn't setting my expectations too high. The fan does. I think I'll use it on the second setting the most. It feels good. The base is very sturdy and the components are not cheap or flimsy. If the battery life will change my rating, I will update later. The light is bright. I like that it can be used while charging. I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤I was not sure about the battery claims at first. I left it running while attached to my wheelchair. Yes, it is that quiet. It was still running in the morning after 19 hours. It takes a long time to charge it. Let it charge overnight. It is ready to rock in the morning. Thank you!

👤I used it in a tent. It worked well with one exception. It shuts off with no movement. Nice quiet unit, just need more restless sleep.

👤I love this fan. It has a long battery life. He has amazing gripping power. Don't put your finger in it! I put this in my car when I travel with my pet. He can run all day on high. I ran them in the house to circulate the air when I was gone. I own four.

👤I wanted something for when the power goes out, so I didn't buy this for camping. This thing is portable and runs for a long time. I can set it anywhere and enjoy the breeze.

4. O2COOL FN02001 Deluxe Necklace Purple

O2COOL FN02001 Deluxe Necklace Purple

The premium and stylish appearance of the fan makes it ideal for use in many occasions, such as outdoor work, gym, office, mowing lawn, yard work, stroller rides, casual walk, driving, traveling, camping, fishing and more. If you click the Add to Cart button, you will be taken to a page where you can see their look of surprise. When the summer heat hits, their fan keeps you cool. You stay cool, dry, and comfortable if you have an optimal vertical air vent. It is recommended that you wear it around your NECK. The portable fan goes around your neck to keep you cool. 12 hours. There is a lanyard. Not included is the requirement for 2 AA batteries. It's great for any outdoors activity. When you step out in the sun, put on the fan. It's a must-have for the beach, pool, camp, hiking, travel, picnic, park, concert or sporting event. There is a super slim professional. A compact design makes it easy to carry the fan around. It's great for anyone to have, it's lightweight. O2Cool is a leading designer and manufacturer of consumer products. Premium fans are designed to be the highest quality for your satisfaction.

Brand: O2cool

👤I traveled to a hot country in June. I am sensitive to heat and this is not recommended for me. Don't do it. You're stuck once you're out of your hotel because many countries lack A/C in restaurants and shops. I bought this fan because I saw my mistake and am happy I did. It saved me on many occasions. The cooling effect is amplified by spraying your neck and face. I used it only once and I didn't care. The other times the noise of the fan was covered by other noises, people were milling about and I bet they thought it was a camera. They were jealous. Thanks for making this product. I used it while sitting on a plane waiting on the tarmac for 30 minutes, because they don't turn on the a/c until take-off. Practically cook you. I brought extra batteries just in case.

👤I reach for the portable fan when I start feeling a hot flash. I don't get hot like I used to and it prevents me from sweating. If you have a hot flash before you know how hot it is, it can make you and the unbearable sweating, so I had to find a natural solution. I bought this fan a month ago and have been using it a lot. I bought a portable Japanese fan and it works best since I don't have to hold the fan or use a manual fan, and my hot flashes are worse with a manual fan. I am happy that I found this fan because I want my fan to be available at all times, since you never know when a hot flash is going to hit.

👤I found this at a local drug store and thought it was worth a try. I wanted to use Amazon to send to my mom. I was surprised by the prices here. I know I can buy it locally for $6 so I wouldn't pay more than that. I'm willing to pay a little more for convenience because I figure in a convenience fee. I'm not crazy about how much it swings when I bend over. The design is not the quality. When it's very hot in Arizona, it just blows hot air on your face. I would recommend it more for inside use. It's very handy when you're in a hotel bathroom.

👤I love this fan. I have to carry a small towel with me when I take medication because it causes me to sweat a lot. We live in Florida and it is humid. The fan was a sweat saver. I like it. I can now go out with my fan instead of staying home because it's too hot. I was wearing a purple outfit.

👤I am a fan collector. I love all the O2Cool fan products. This is a winner. There is a I don't give any feedback if I am using or wearing this, as other reviewers have. I don't care if you are a hard-working guy or a woman who has to be outside in the summer. Being cool is important to your health, sanity, and comfort. Whatever it takes. I live in a hot, humid, thick-aired no-breeze climate and I lose my mind if I can't feel air moving. This is a nice size as you can either dangle it around your neck or toss it in a backpack or purse for on the go. You can wear it on the back, just spin it around. If you wanted to get creative, you could use some of that self sticking velcro on it and a backpack. You will get chills if you aim this up the back of your neck. Is this going to keep you cool on a 100 degree day? No. Will it help alone or in combination with a scarf? Yes. You are not going to be sharing this because it's a very personal fan. Keeping bugs away from your face and head is a plus. It's a good idea to recommend! A lot of people go to it for it's size.

5. OUTXE Necklace Rotating Adjustment Rechargeable

OUTXE Necklace Rotating Adjustment Rechargeable

This personal fan with mister can work 9Hrs after fully charge, it has a 2000mAh battery. It means that you can keep it for a long time if you use the DC Brushless motor. The fan is hands-free and you can enjoy the breeze. It won't hurt your neck while you walk. A must-have for travel. It's a must-have for hot flashes, because it can be adjusted to 90 degrees up or down. 3000mAh Rechargeable Battery works for 3-12h and is a great way to save money. It can be powered and charged by any 5V output device. It's easy to put in a bag and carry with you. The phone is lighter than 122g/4.3oz. A great gift for family or friends. Low/Medium/High can be adjusted to meet your cooling needs. Provide nice air flow to your face. Wherever you go, keep cool on hot summer days.

Brand: Outxe

👤It was lightweight and useful for the high humid trails in Texas. I got 15 hours of battery life out of it, and it has three different speeds, not noisy, and I'm very impressed with this fan.

👤It was a life saver for Disney. We made jokes all week about how I was going to come on and how amazing it was. I kept it on high whenever I walked through the parks. It was good to go after I charged each night. It was hands free and I got a lot of praise and comments about where I got it. Great purchase!

👤The amount of air that this fan puts out was very impressive. The low setting is more than the other ones I have tried. I was surprised to see that it had 3 speed modes and each was a noticeable step up. The construction was solid and the fan was very quiet. I have had other handheld fans and mist fans that were in the $9-23 range. This did a better job. I like the hands free design, it made this useful even when I am on the go and have lots of bags. It is designed so that I can use it on my desktop or in the cup holder of my camping chair when I am at outdoor events. The angulation held its position well.

👤The works great still! Held up well at the family gathering in the heat. The whole party was lasted. I do like mint green, but I would like to see better color choices for lomg term wear to not stick out so much. My daughter likes to wear it as well. Shes 8 years old. I can't handle the heat. I also have Roseca. I can't get overheated. I need something to keep my face cool while I interact with my family in the heat for a few hours at a large gathering. I immediately charged it up after it arrived. I can't say how long that took because I was dealing with the kids. There was a light that said "hey, I am charged!". Setting one was a nice cool breeze, setting two was powerful and setting three was as if I was in a car with the AC blowing full speed. I decided on setting 2 while I was getting some chores done. I took it outside to see if it worked in the heat. It kept my face cool while I was boiling. It does what it is told to do. I was surprised that it worked well and I can charge it. I didn't want a battery-operated one. I haven't charged it yet. I haven't tested the number of hours per setting. That will be tested next Saturday. If it worked out for me, I will update. All seems to be in order so far. The color choices were my only complaint. I like a nice mint green, but it sticks out like a sore thumb and I looked like a tourist in my own gas station. It's a good thing.

6. ICEBIRDS Bladeless Rechargeable Fan´╝îCartoon Speeds Snow

ICEBIRDS Bladeless Rechargeable Fan%EF%BC%8CCartoon Speeds Snow

It's easy to use and there's a guarantee. One button controls the wind speed, while the other controls the mist, and both buttons can be pressed at the same time. If you have a problem with their product, please contact them first, they will solve it for you in 24 hours. Their mission is to make you happy. The design story and a Kok Fan. A team of 30 designers have been working for 180 days to design a neck fan for children to enjoy the cool summer. The hanging neck fan has decorations on it. Children can restore their fans at any time. Children's inspiration can be stimulated by cartoon modeling with do-it-yourself design. Soft Siena material is safe. The new Children's bladeless neck fan is easy to wear, light, and looks like headphones. The hidden turbine design is safer. You don't have to worry about hair getting caught on the fan blades when using it. They chose food grade silicone material for the neck because it was soft and elastic. 1800mAh capacity batteries provide 3-6 working hours duration, depending on different speeds. Cut the burden of structural design. It helps to learn worry-free with a large hanging neck fan. You can adjust third gear wind by pressing the power button repeatedly. The portable fan can be used for homework, playing on the beach, and in the sun. It's also suitable for women with smaller necks who like to work, hiking, climbing, and watching TV games. The fan can keep your child from overheating at study and keep glasses from fogging up. You will get a neck fan, a user manual, and a small cable. ICEBIRDS has more than 7 years of fans equipment development experience, with advanced neck fans technology. Children over 6 years old can use the new ICEBIRDS neck fan. Women with smaller necks are also suitable. Enjoy a pleasant shopping experience at ICEBIRDS.

Brand: Icebirds

👤It gets really hot here during the summer months and I try to stay outside a bit, but yardwork gets almost unbearable, this little thing made a world of difference in my comfort level. It is quiet, it does not interfere with conversation, and it charges up quickly, so you will never want to stay outside. This is an easy 5 Star rating.

👤I love it! I am having hot flashes and someone told me about the neck fan. The fan has helped keep me cool. I don't have to worry about being in a bad mood. The noise is not that bad. I would rather hear a noise. It works well. There are 3 settings. It feels comfortable around my neck. It comes with little stickers and is very stylish. I have long hair and it doesn't pull it. I am a fan of this neck fan, and it comes with a one year warranty. Thank you!

👤The thing is warm around the neck, but it doesn't reach above the ears. My forehead is sweating while my face is getting air and my neck is hot from the device. There are many flaws to give this anymore stars than I have.

👤I bought this for my trip to Israel. Walking through Jerusalem, Jaffa and Masada was humid. The fan lasted all day and I was happy to have it, but the plastic is hard against the skin and unforgiving around your neck. It is also heavy. When I got on the bus, I would take it off and put it in my bag. I haven't used it in a while. I'm sure it will come out of hiding if I'm outdoors in that heat next summer. The little stickers fell off in the first 30 minutes of use.

👤It works great when testing inside. The fan blew hot air back into the face when I tried to use it outdoors. Doesn't help out much. The battery died quickly even after full charge.

👤I loved this fan. I used it at work. I bought 2 more after I recommended them to friends. I had it for 2 months and it stopped working. When I put it on, it broke when I pulled out one of the others. I really liked this. I am sad it stopped working when it's so hot. The battery life was great when it was working.

👤My 3 year old loves playing with the covers over her head and always wants us to join her. It was brutal under there, but that didn't stop her. I knew I had to find a solution. It is perfect for tiny little necks that don't weigh a lot, it blows cool air and has a long battery life. It's so helpful to live in southwest Louisiana if electricity goes out during hurricanes, because our normal hot humid temp is just our normal hot humid temp yearly.

👤For the past 2 months, it has been used for about 6 hours a day. When I get home, I charge it and never run it. It is efficient and quiet. After all this use, my appearance is still new. The product is of the highest quality.

7. Aasonida Rechargeable Personal Colorful Nightlight

Aasonida Rechargeable Personal Colorful Nightlight

Responsibility and safety: When you connect ausb power supply to a powerbank, computer, laptop, or other device, it will give you continuous work. It takes 1.5 hours to get fully charged. The fan blades are made of soft material. The soft blades will stop if you accidentally touch them. The packing list includes a portable fan, charging cable, water bottle, and user manual. The small desk mist fan can take you out of the dry room and provide a comfortable environment with cool and humidified air. If you want to keep your face moist at work, home or outdoors, you need to set a 300ML water tank on the base of the fan, and press the button for 3 seconds to stop the mist mode. The table fan has 3 speed wind modes. The wind speed is up to you. Depending on different speeds, the 2000 mAh battery can provide up to 9 working hours. The water mist fan's low speed mode will let you fall asleep quickly. Medium wind mode can take away your pleasure. You can enjoy the cool summer with air cooler if you have high wind. Excellent design and high-quality materials increase the sense of fashion. The weight of the fan is only 0.9 lbs. The small size makes it convenient to take with you when you are outdoors. This portable fan is portable and can be used in homes and offices. The personalusb fan is powered by the upgraded rechargeable battery, which can charge and discharge multiple times, and support multiple power supplied such as regular sockets, power bank, car charging, computer or any other device that have ausb port. The desk fan can be charged in 3 hours. The low and medium settings of the Color Night Lights ensure a peaceful flow of air. The spray fan has 7 different nightlights and can be turned on by pressing the spray button. Their mission is to provide high-quality after-sales service.

Brand: Aasonida

👤I like a lot. I haven't had a chance to experience battery life yet. I like the fan speeds and mist option. It's perfect to set on a table next to you. It's only good for one person, but maybe two.

👤I liked the fact that this product was a free standing fan that you don't have to manually spray. The air can barely be felt more than two feet away from the unit. The mist is so brief that it doesn't cool down. That is what you will get in this price range. I hope I can find something that works for me.

👤The fan performed well, and the battery lasted for a few times, even though I only used it a few times. It stopped working after a month and will only work with theusb plugged in. I used it less than 10 times.

👤The Aasonida Table Misting Fan has a large base that won't tip over on you, so make sure the surface you keep it on is big enough for it to fit onto without tippng over. If the fan is close to your body, it will keep you cool on a hot day, but it needs to be a stronger motor in order to put out a stronger air flow. Nice idea. It's a great idea to put water into it to make it a mist machine that you don't have to hold onto yourself, just turn it on and it will stay on for as long as you need it to, and it will save on your battery time. If it blew out more cold air stronger, then the price would have been worth it, but it is weak air flow for that expensive of price.

👤It looked nice and operated well, but it's not clear what it's purpose is. Mist isn't really needed for indoor use. It's too weak for outdoor use, and the mist held it to my face while indoors. I spent a bit more to get a fan from Home Depot for serious cooling needs, like 100F+ at the racetrack. It's more suited for outside use.

👤It's a great fan. Even on high setting, it's pretty quiet. The design of the feature makes it easy to mist without being sprayed at. The water tank is easy to fill and you can add ice cubes. You shouldn't need to charge or fill up during a work day or night because the battery lasts for several hours. I wish I could have given this fan 5 stars, but I only use it for my nightstand at night, and the persistent light that does not go off is a problem. It's not bright, but I'm sensitive. I'm keeping it because it's a great product and has other uses. I hope the company can make a fan that can turn off the light.

👤I thought I could use this while sitting at my patio table. It does help keep you cool if you use it at your desk, but it only works intermittently. It works better if you keep it plugged in. I found it very annoying and wouldn't recommend it. It is going to the garage sale for 50 cents.

8. HonHey Handheld Portable Rechargeable Personal

HonHey Handheld Portable Rechargeable Personal

Two anti-slip rubbers at the bottom help you prevent a dancing mini desk fan. If your desk is slippery, please remove the protective films. It's not just a mini fan, it's a transformer. You can get a professional service center for any technical support for a year. They will be happy to answer any questions by email. The HonHey portable handheld fan is 7 times longer than most mini fans because it is built with a durable motor insdie that can provide a working life of 15,000 hours. Most foldable portable fans have a design that is faulty because it has a No-Foldable handle for preventing the handle from being broken. The 2000mAh premium Rechargeable battery has high- performance and efficiency. Depending on the wind speed, you can work for 12 hours. Their battery is 20% more efficient than others. The mini hand fan is portable and can be used for outdoor activities. You can control the wind speed from slow to medium and fast according to your needs, it's the best help for hot flashes. Work while charging will get you a power supply from ausb device. HonHey portable fan can be used to work continuously when it has a power supply. It can become a desk fan if it is placed into the base. It takes 2.5 hours to get fully charged. HonHey personal fan is portable with a weight of 8.8oz and a mini szie. It's easy to carry and store. It's a great gift for women and friends who like camping and hot flashes. It's ideal for Disney and travel. The HonHey Mini Portable Handheld Fan is included in the package list.

Brand: Honhey

👤I just got this today and it's cute, silent, powerful, and doesn't need batteries, so I can't comment on its longevity or durability. It is perfect for cooling clients skin during a chemical peel because I got it for my skin care practice. Four months later. It's still perfect! A year and a half later, it's still as good as new.

👤I ordered 2 for my teens. The motor stopped working. It wasn't used often. After 2 weeks, the first stopped working. You would smell smoke and it wouldn't work anymore. The fan doesn't work. After a few months, the second stopped. These aren't used on a consistent basis. Don't spend your money on people you don't know.

👤I was looking for something to stick in my van as the cooling is terrible in the hot days when it's been parked in the sun. I had a good time testing it out with the warm weather this weekend and it works well, even though I keep it plugged in most of the time. I would use this outside on a hot day, as the fan's power can reach your face from an arm's length away. I would recommend this to you.

👤I've never bought a non-battery powered fan before, so I wasn't sure about purchasing this. Wow, did this thing work? It's light and portable, has an impressive battery life, and has 3 different fan settings that are perfect. I used this to dry my nail polish, because I bought it for my make-up and skincare routine. I was surprised by how long the battery life is. I was able to use it for several weeks without being charged. It charges very quickly. I don't know how long it will last if allowed to be used non-stop, but for what I need it for, it has more than delivered. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤The product was great but took a bit longer to be delivered than I expected. I use it to make sure my makeup doesn't get smudged when I take photos indoors during the summer, or to help dry eyeliner. You can take it off the base, and it has different speed settings.

👤It's perfect for when I need to have my makeup in my purse. You can stick the stand down if you prefer. It can be plugged into anyusb and comes with charging cable. The battery life is not the best. But if you use it in small amounts, it's great.

👤This is the first mini fan that I have purchased, and I was quite skeptical about its performance. I bought one for myself because previous reviews suggested otherwise. I was pleasantly surprised, and I suggest that anyone visiting a hot country or just for the summer should have one ready. It can be charged and has three speed settings. You don't have to carry extra batteries around. On a typical day out, the battery lasted all day with no problems. Whenever I got the chance, I would return and charge. The breeze at the lowest setting is ideal for sleeping. It does make a noise, but it did not bother me. I am very satisfied with the product and I would recommend it to anyone.

9. O2COOL Carabiner Keychain Misting Purple

O2COOL Carabiner Keychain Misting Purple

Stay cool. The O2COOL mini fan has a refreshing breeze to keep you cool. If you fill it up with water, spray yourself with a mist. On-the-go briefings. You can clip your fan to anything with the included carabiner. It can be clipped to your bag or belt. The design makes it easy to carry in your purse or pocket. The one-speed motor is compact and powerful. A powerful motor and patented design work together to provide fresh cooling air. It requires 1 AA battery to be powered. It's perfect for kids and adults. The fan blades are soft and easy to use. The mini fan is portable and can be used at the beach, park, camping, sporting events or waiting in lines at theme parks. All of their fans are bright and stylish for everyone. It's the perfect accessory. Comes in a variety of colors.

Brand: O2cool

👤A small and handy fan. They will be used for a trip to Disney. The water feature works well. It delivers enough cool air for a small fan. Thank you Amazon for the prompt reply. I took out a star since the small clip is cheap and breaks easily and it doesn't bring a cord which I had to buy, but it serves my purpose.

👤I went to Disneyland with a few of these. I loved it! They were standing in the sun. They were very hardy. The kids dropped them and they still worked. The batteries lasted well, I think a few were accidentally turned on while in people's bags, but most ran on one battery for the three day trip. I didn't have to worry that the kids would hurt themselves with the foam fan blades. I made sure to empty them before I put them in my bag or in a Ziploc because they do leak a little when thrown into a bag. No big deal.

👤When I first saw the fans, I thought they wouldn't work on a hot day. It was several years ago. I bought my first one because it was cheap. What a huge surprise! They are wonderful! I have not purchased any other type of fan since then. The fan uses little energy and the battery lasts a long time. The fan part is made of something similar to neoprene, so if you carry it in your pocket or purse, it won't break. It has a water tank. The fan creates a strong air current so that when you mist it, you get a cool sensation. I bought more of these to keep in my car and several rooms for the hot weather. Make sure you get the O2COOL brand. Other brands that copy this design don't work either.

👤I have a hard time regulating my body temperature due to my injury, so I need products to help cool me down. I thought the fan would be a discreet alternative to the big spray-bottles. I wish it was a tad bigger because I have to refill it frequently. I don't spray as often as someone who does, but the reservoir may last a long time for that person. The fan and mist feature help keep me cool. I sometimes get my finger in the way of the fan blade when operating the gun, it doesn't hurt or disrupt the fan, it's just annoying. The plastic clip I replaced seemed flimsy, so I replaced it with a metal carabiner. I don't regret buying it, it's a good fan.

👤As I was at Disney World, I attached this to my purse so it was easy to access. I knew I could refill my batteries at drinking fountains, so I brought extra batteries. It worked out great for me. Unless you have a supply of water, it would be less useful.

👤The fans are small but mighty. We were able to shop at a flea market for 5 hours on a 100 degree day because of these. When I gave my nephew the fan, he played for two hours with the feature so his mom could shop, he was busy. This is a fan and a toy. Can't beat that for the price.

10. Handheld Portable Operated Rechargeable Personal

Handheld Portable Operated Rechargeable Personal

There is a worry-free purchase. Feel free to contact them if there are any problems. Customer services are always helpful and polite. This model has a larger battery capacity than others, which allows it to work for 20 hours with one full charge. Speed 1 is 20 hours; Speed 2 is 15 hours; and Speed 3 is 5 hours. The mini portable fan can be used as a handheld fan outdoors and as a mini desktop fan on a flat table in the office. The anti-slip mat is at the bottom of the base to keep it stable. The mini hand fan can be fully charged in 3 hours. It can be used to charge a computer, car, or a portable device. The mini portable fan is easy to clean because it has a separate cover. It is small for carrying in your bag. It's perfect for commute, travel, shopping,picnic and office. It is one of the things you need in your bag. Warm tips. The Anti-trigger switch must be turned on before use and use and use and use and use and use and use and use and use and use and use and use and use and use and use and use and use and use and use and use and use and use and use and use and 2. It has one button control. To turn on the fan, press the button for a short while, then press repeatedly to adjust the wind speed or turn off the fan.

Brand: Jisulife

👤Being a female of a certain age and prone to sweating profusely at the drop of a hat, I found this little gem of a fan indispensable on my recent trip to Italy. It was very warm there in September, so the fan was an absolute necessity for me. I've had other fans with propeller blade thingies, but this one was better. The charge lasts for hours in each of the three settings, and it's amazingly quiet. There is no way to use the little tabs that come with it. It's worth the extra couple of ounces for the comfort, but is a tad heavier than most fans.

👤I love this fan. It is easy to fit into a purse or bag. I had a portable fan that had a base and was powered by a D-cell battery. It was cumbersome and difficult to use quickly, because something always fell off my purse. This one is slimmer because it is rechargeable and it has no pieces that can get lost in the depths of a bag. Grab and go! The lowest speed is the most quiet. The middle and fastest speeds are not bad. I got it for my five minute tropical vacations, which is fantastic, and I am already planning on buying additional fans as gifts for some of my friends. The only thing I can say is that the battery life is good, but I will keep it charged up on a regular basis. The cord is not plugged in. There is a switch at the bottom of the unit that can be turned on to charge or use. The button to change speeds is red. The ring is not black. I am very pleased with this fan. The dark blue is almost black and is available in white and pink as well. I wanted to add how much I still love this fan after having it for a while. The battery life is really good. It works like a champ when I pull it out of my bag. I replenish it from time to time. In the past month, I only charged it once and have not run out of money. I only use it for about 5 minutes, so if you use for longer you will have to pay more. Every time I use it, someone asks where I got it. I ordered four more to give as gifts and will probably order others for Christmas presents. This is a very good product at a good price.

👤I was excited to receive it. I was very disappointed with the noise it made when I first turned it on after charging and trying it out. I turned the grill on without any noise. Put it back on and it was there again. I don't think people at work will be upset by that noise.

👤It is perfect for my needs, just received! If I want to get to work in the summer without feeling sweaty, I need the train to have AC on. It fits perfectly in my hand. This is a great design. It is made out of plastic. I was surprised to find that the package has small round tablets that you can add to the fan. The video shows you how to use a tool. It is easy to use and you can interchange theusb with your laptop or any block.

11. HandFan Handheld Rechargeable Operated Humidifier

HandFan Handheld Rechargeable Operated Humidifier

The plastic blades are break resistant. The handheld mist fan can continuously spray for about 40 minutes after fully filling with water, you don't need to add water frequently, and enjoy the whole cool day. The mist can keep you cool and wet during the hot days, but it can also cause your face, hands, and nose to get dry. 3 in 1 design The fan head can be adjusted from 0-180 so it can be used for cooling. You can use the metal clips to hang it on your sunshade, stroller or car, keep it cool. On hot days, the strong Airflow+3 Speeds can cool you down in 2 seconds with the help of the 6 turbe blades and the brushless motor. Keep as cool as you want at 3 speeds. A necessity for traveling, walking, watching sport games, and more. It's easy to carry and store, it's about 4.5 inches wide, and it can be easily put into your bags, perfect for travel, hiking, camping. This personal fan with mister can work 9Hrs after fully charge, it has a 2000mAh battery. It means that you can keep it for a long time if you use the DC Brushless motor.

Brand: Handfan

👤This fan is awesome. This is the best portable fan I have had. I've seen reviews that say the mister doesn't work, but it turns out that you need to hold the button for about 4-5 seconds to turn it on and off, which is what I thought was the case with mine. It's definitely the strongest fan I've seen of this type and the ability to adjust the angle with a clip is a big plus.

👤The fan was a great purchase. Since June, it has only been used less than 10 times. I went to plug it in to charge, but I wasn't sure if it was charging or not, so I let it stay plugged in for a bit. I saw this after I was total less than 45 minutes. It melted. Be careful with this product. I liked it, but I wouldn't recommend it to others.

👤I gave this fan two stars. The original fan that I received was broken and would not charge. The battery would have been useless if it died. I decided to contact the seller on my own. They got back to me the following Tuesday after I email them. They apologized for the problem and said they would send me a new fan immediately, and I didn't need to worry about sending the old one back. I received my new fan on Monday and it worked as advertised. The fan is perfect for my needs, I just needed something that could sit on the patio table next to me and help me cool down after a run on hot days. I don't expect a strong blast of air or to be drenched by the mist function. The fan is small and designed to be handheld, but the highest setting does hit you from a distance of about 1-2 feet. If you're sweating, the mist function will help you to cool down, but no hand held fan is designed to do that. If you want to feel the mist, you need to be close to it. The water will evaporate in the air on hot days if the distance is more than 1 foot. If you want a really strong fan that hits you from a distance or if you want a really strong mist, you might want to consider a model that costs more than $20. If you can't get an answer through the Q&A section, contact the seller. They got back to me quickly and worked to fix the problem. They get 5 stars for customer service.

👤I moved to Arizona. Everyone told me that I would be able to deal with the heat because you just get out of your air conditioned car and go to an air conditioning business. That is not true. The air in the movie theatre was not good. They refunded our money on 116 degrees that day. I've been in many situations in Extra Sunny Az. This Fan is Fantastic! I don't leave my house without it. I received a replacement fan because the other brand was faulty. I'm glad that happened. The fan is powerful and the part on high makes you feel like you have a mini air condition. I work in a retail store where the air is always acting up, and I am the only one who doesn't faning manually with a sales paper. Wait to see their delight when I turn on the cool mister when my customers are over heated. I left it home by mistake and everyone missed it. Will never happen again. Will be giving one more for myself and gifts.


What is the best product for portable fan rechargeable with mist?

Portable fan rechargeable with mist products from Yxwin. In this article about portable fan rechargeable with mist you can see why people choose the product. Koonie and Slenpet are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable fan rechargeable with mist.

What are the best brands for portable fan rechargeable with mist?

Yxwin, Koonie and Slenpet are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable fan rechargeable with mist. Find the detail in this article. O2cool, Outxe and Icebirds are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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