Best Portable Generators for Home Use Solar Powered

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1. Goal Zero Portable Emergency Generator

Goal Zero Portable Emergency Generator

The large-capacity steel fuel tank with incorporated fuel gauge provides up to 11 hour run-time at 50% load. PROFESSIONAL-GRADE POWER. Their power station has been field tested in a variety of environments. A wide range of devices can be powered by the various port options, including 2 USB-A, a USB-C, a 6 millimeter, a 12 volt, and two 120-volt AC inverters. Industry-leading technology. You can rely on dependable power. The 300 Watt AC inverter and 500 Watt Hour generator can be used to power anything you can power from a wall outlet. When using a Goal Zero solar panel, the charge controller increases charge efficiency by 30%. It's safe and user-friendly. They use multiple layers of protection, including over- and under-voltage protections, temperature protections, and a battery management system to monitor individual cell and battery-pack health. The Yeti 500X has a 2-year warranty. The product is designed for ease of use. Goal Zero created the portable power station category 10 years ago, presenting a new way forward in portable energy use at home, on the job, and off grid. Their products are made in the USA. Power everything from campsites to vital home circuits. Their impact on people and the planet is what drives their vision for success. 31,000+ people have been reached with their community-empowerment and disaster-relief projects. The team is based in Salt Lake City. Their impact on people and the planet is what drives their vision for success. 31,000+ people have been reached with their community-empowerment and disaster-relief projects. The team is based in Salt Lake City.

Brand: Goal Zero

👤Don't buy this product, it fried my phone and tablet. There is something wrong with theusbs. I had it for a few weeks and it just happened, my phone and tablet died while I was charging. They won't turn on and won't accept a charge, no indication that they work no matter what we do, and they cost us more than it was worth!

👤I thought it could do more than a 56v battery with a small inverter.

👤The unit arrived and wouldn't accept the charge. It was plugged in for a few hours and never changed percent. The company was called company. They will replace it under warranty, but they need to return it in a special box to get it in the mail.

👤I have purchased a bigger version of this before and it has been a great success. This one was different and I would not recommend you look at it. The unit couldn't take a charge. After contacting support, they have determined that the unit is faulty. You would think that the process would be to send me a new one and I would return the old one. This is not the case. They decided I should send the item back in a box. I haven't received the return box yet. If the return box arrives. The unit needs to be sent back via ground. They will send me a new unit once that arrives. This is not good customer service. If you pay a lot of money for a faulty unit, the best they can offer is to hopefully get you a working unit around a month to 6 week later? If I get a functional unit, I will update. Sorry. I will look elsewhere in the future.

👤I wanted to rate this product higher because of its size and weight, but the technology should give it more power. Small electronics can be charged. If you can find a small appliance that runs on a car charge, it will power it. I will have to send it back because it came with a broken port. Not a happy customer.

👤If you purchase, you cannot return it. Does not hold charge.

👤It was very impressed that I got a small lunch box, perfect for those short power outages to keep all electronics up and running, and even a lamp using the standard AC plugs. It's nice to see how long it will take for anything to be plugged into it. After a quick test, I put the boulder 100W solar panels on the porch and raised the power to 100% in about 45 minutes, with a couple shadows from plants on it. The house phone was powered by it. It would be helpful if you put it in and got a dial tone. The 500x is an excellent solution to keep elecronics. Going in a power out.

👤Must be purchased for anyone going off the grid. You can check out my video review for more info on running a fridge.

2. Jackery Portable Explorer Generator Optional

Jackery Portable Explorer Generator Optional

The certificate is from the ETL. The intelligent power management IC provides protection against power short circuit, over current protection, over voltage and over heat. It takes only 2 hours to charge 80% of the power station's battery through the wall outlet and 60 watt port. You can use a Jackery SolarSaga 100 to power your power station at home or on the road. There is a safe and sturdy power supply. The Explorer 300 has 2 Pure Sine Wave AC outlets that deliver stable and safe 300W power. The portable power station is small. You can rest assured that you will be safe in the outdoors. You can power your expectations. The power station can charge up to 6 devices and can use 2* AC outlet, 1*PD 60WUSB-C port, 1*USB-A port, and 1* DC car port. The green power supply. Jackery SolarSaga 100 solar panel is compatible with the power station. The solar generator set can operate at its max power point so that it speeds up the battery charge, making them ideal portable power kits for tent camping, overland journey and etc. Jackery Explorer 300 portable power station, an AC adapter, and a user guide are what you get. Jackery Explorer 300 portable power station, an AC adapter, and a user guide are what you get.

Brand: Jackery

👤Jackery announced on 1/28th that the updated Explorer 300 can now be charged through the 60WUSB-CPD and be used in parallel with the 90W AC wall charger. The Jackery Explorer 1000 and Goal Zero Yeti 500x were purchased as a result of the fires in 2019. This year's fires on the US west coast are worse than ever with new records broken. With a baby and young boy in the house, I wanted to make sure we had a fridge that could hold milk, medication, and anything else we needed. People are taking emergency preparation more seriously. I had invested in several car freezers as part of my emergency kit. When Jackery announced the Explorer 300 with a special launch price and some improvements over the Explorer 1000, I jumped on it because I wanted my little boy to have a mini-Explorer of his own. The E300 is a mini version of the E 1000 and it looks like it would be fun to have my son and I stand next to each other. The Explorer 1000 is very similar to the other model, and so I will be using a lot of what I wrote for it. The E300 is the successor to the Explorer 240 model. Cell manUFACTURERS. Today's devices use Li-ion and LiFePO4 cells so they can pack more power in a smaller package and weigh less. The Jackery is made with Li-ion, which is more volatile than usual, because more cells are packed together. The quality of the battery cells is important for safety. The higher the Watt-hour (Wh) capacity rating, the more dangerous the battery could become if not handled right. The Jackery Explorer 1000's batteries are made by two companies, but the E300's are made by another. I don't have much information about the new manufacturer's safety record, but Jackery's track record would likely prevent them from selecting a poor company to provide fuel cells for their power stations. I found that using lower-quality batteries could pose a serious risk to life and property and should become a crucial part in deciding what to buy. Jackery Explorer 300 is a relatively light power station with a professional looking exterior and flashy orange color scheme, and is backed by a company that appears in stories I have read, to take customer service seriously. The weight of the batteries is an indicator of their quality, but I don't know much about the manufacturer. The peak of 500W of energy provides enough power for a small amount of electronics and small appliances, such as a laptop, television, mini fridge, medical device, and car freezers, but will not work for most rice cookers. The hard plastic material used to help shed weight could be prone to cracking from hard falls or bumps, potentially exposing the batteries to puncturing. The fixed carry handle can't be folded, which makes packing things on top impractical. This is a portable power station that has a lot of AC and DC outputs, is solar charging capable, and has a battery management system to help ensure safety. It is important that it is verified that it is a pure sine wave and not modified. Like Goal Zero. Jackery upgraded the E300 with a 60W output. The E1000 only produces 18 watt. It's useful for charging supported laptops. Jackery is one of the top sellers on Amazon in the portable power station category with good customer service and reasonable prices, and as this is my first experience with their products, I have no hesitation to recommend them. It is an improvement over the Explorer 240 model and has a bigger capacity of 293 Wh, which is more than Goal Zero's Yeti 200x and 500x capacities. The $349 launch price makes it a very well-priced product that can power AC and DC at the same time. The Yeti 500x is portable at just 7.1 lbs, has a carry pouch to hold cables, and is well-protected by bright-orange, non-slip feet. The E300 adds some improvements to the design problems I disliked about the E1000. The batteries are not made by a Tier 1 manufacturer. My unit came with fuel cells, but no Anderson input port for solar charging, and a fixed carry handle, which makes it difficult to carry things. As capacity increases, one should handle the product with care. The exterior looks professional, but I saw the goal. Zero. I fell in love with the design of the Yeti 500x, the power buttons can be accidentally turned on/off through a single press. Suaoki requires you to hold the DC or AC button for 2 seconds before it turns on/off that output, helping to minimize the chance of accidentally turning on/off the output. Goal Zero stations can be hooked up to other ones so power can be provided for an even longer time without needing to switch, but not waterproof. Keep it away from the water. There can be serious damage or injury caused by fire or water. There is no master power off button. You have to manually switch off each type of power station, DC, AC, and no carry bag for the power station itself is included. If you use a power source or solar panel that exceeds 30V or 8A, do not use the inlet ports. --- Solar panels that are daisy chained in sequence may output more than 30V combined. I recommend using a panel that's between 30W and 100W at 18V, with the right Amps to equal 100W. ) If you attach a 120W solar panel with 12V x 10A, it will charge at only 90W, as California is currently blanketed by smoke from the massive fires all over the west coast. Jackery SolarSaga 100W charged the Explorer 1000 at an excellent 69-88W of input. The E300 Output Port can handle a continuous 300W, peaking at 500W, and the Pure Sine Wave Inverter ensures clean power to protect against damage to sensitive. This single-press can lead to accidentally turning on or off the power station. To reset the Explorer, hold the display button for 10 seconds and then turn off the AC or DC output. The Explorer's AC Inverter provides a continuous output of 300W with a peak/surge of 500W, as long as a device or combination of multiple ones does not. The peak amount it pulls is Peak/Surge. The Explorer can accept up to 500W, which is an example of a TV that uses 200W. This battery will allow the TV to turn on for a few seconds at 400W, which is less than 500W, and it might cut power as a safety precaution. After a few seconds, the TV only uses 200W, less than the continuous 300W limit, until the battery is drained. Why? Even though the device uses just 250W, when powered on, it jumps to 1,500W, exceeding the 500W surge limit of the Jackery. Rough estimates are made as conditions, quality, and product age can vary. The charging time is 4-5 hours and the AC adapter will gradually charge slower as the battery reaches full capacity. It should take about 6 hours to install a 100W solar panel. The smoke from the California fires is blocking the sun, so I couldn't fully test it. The Y-Branch cable can be used to connect them in PARALLEL. The E300 and E1000 can't combine their inputs because they don't have enough Watts. It's the voltage. The power station will shut off if a device draws more than 300W for an extended period of time. How long can a device be used for? The hours available for device are calculated. About 10-15% of power is lost during power conversion when the battery capacity is less than 0.85 Watts. If a device uses 60W, it could last up to 4.1 hours. How long does it take to charge a device? The hours to charge the device is calculated. How long does it take to charge the explorer 300 with SOLAR if it accepts 60W of input and its battery capacity is 200 Wh? The hours to charge the battery are calculated. The panel wattage x is the battery capacity. Solar panels charge at the indicated wattage in a perfect lab environment. Depending on environmental conditions, panel's age and component quality. Even if it is overcast, the panels will still collect solar energy. Keep charging! If a solar panel is rated for 100W, it could take as little as 3 hours to charge a power bank. The powerbank-equivalent capacity is calculated. The battery capacity is 1000. Explorer's 293Wh at 3.6V is roughly 81,389 mAh powerbank, or a 27,129 mAh at 10.8V, which is the same as the 1000 mAh powerbank. Storage that is dry and cool is the best. The power station can be stored in the car while camping during a hot California summer if you have the right batteries and the right management system. I usually store it on the floor of the car and open the windows a tiny bit if the temperature falls below the battery's rated operating temperature. If you want to start a camp fire, use the power station to plug your cigarette lighter into its 12V DC sockets. If you use a solar panel to charge your car, be sure to keep the station out of the sun as it could get hot. The battery is not required to use a solar panel. Explorer 300 uses a solar charge controller that is smarter, more efficient and expensive than a PWM controller. The recommendations for their own products were made by the manufacturers. Don't charge the power station itself in below freezing temperatures, or you will damage the Li-ion battery and potentially limit its overall capacity. You can use it to power other devices because the generated heat will warm the battery enough to operate. It should be kept in an insulated cooler and connected to a power source. The heat generated by the battery will keep it running as best as it can, so savesay The station's battery has no memory effect. It's better to not let it ruin the final thoughts. The Explorer 300 has made several improvements over its older brother, the Explorer 1000. I am not familiar with the company that makes the batteries, but I was disappointed to learn that they are made by EVE Battery. The Explorer 1000 used either a China-based BAK battery or a South Korean one, both of which are excellent manufacturers. The company has shown time and time again that it takes customer service very seriously, and to me that is a major plus. The 300W of energy provides enough power for a small amount of electronics and small appliances, and is the perfect size for my little boy, the fellow explorer and camper. The hard plastic material commonly used by power stations to help shed weight and cost could be prone to cracking from hard falls or bumps, and as such, this product should be handled with care. It's more difficult to pack things on top of the carry handle because it can't be folded. If the new EVE battery manufacturer proves to be as reliable as other Tier 1 makers, I will have no hesitation to recommend its latest product, as Jackery is one of Amazon's top sellers in the portable power station category with good customer service and reasonable prices.

3. Goal Zero 1516 Watt Hour Lithium Battery AC Inverter

Goal Zero 1516 Watt Hour Lithium Battery AC Inverter

Their impact on people and the planet is what drives their vision for success. 31,000+ people have been reached with their community-empowerment and disaster-relief projects. The team is based in Salt Lake City. Goal Zero created the portable power station category 10 years ago, presenting a new way forward in portable energy use at home, on the job, and off-grid. Their products are made in the USA. Power everything from campsites to vital home circuits. The power station is built to last and field-tested in varied environments, with 7 different output ports, including two USB-A and one 18W. The 1500 watt-hours of power can run a full-size fridge for up to 28 hours and charge your phone 127 times. Industry-leading technology. You can rely on dependable power. The 2000 watt generator lets you power anything from a wall outlet. The Yeti App 3.0 allows you to control and maximize your power usage. When using a Goal Zero solar panel, the charge controller increases charge efficiency by 30%. It's safe and user-friendly. They use multiple layers of protection, including over- and under-voltage protections, temperature protections, and a battery-management system to monitor individual cell and battery-pack health. The Yeti 1500X has a 2-year warranty. The product is designed for ease of use. Their impact on people and the planet is what drives their vision for success. 31,000+ people have been reached with their community-empowerment and disaster-relief projects. The team is based in Salt Lake City.

Brand: Goal Zero

👤The output ports are versatile. We use it to power up the engine on our plow truck.

👤After charging the 1500 with a combination of solar panels and an accessory AC plug, I let it set for a while. I tried to charge my cell phone with the AC plug port and theusb port. Neither one worked initially. I tried to use the AC button. I was able to get the AC ports to work a day later. They worked well and I wanted to see if they could power things from lights to phones. All worked well. I tried to charge the 1500 but it wouldn't take a charge. The buttons that allowed me to assess units no longer work. The 1500 cut out after a few minutes because of no apparent reason. Then it stopped working as a team. This is a combination of poor equipment and software. Don't buy! Many of these things are made in Utah and sold outside of Utah.

4. Jackery Portable Power Station Generator

Jackery Portable Power Station Generator

The indoor air conditioner can work at low noise levels, and there are 3 wind speeds to choose from. The power supply and conversion circuit can save you money and protect the environment. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE. Digital Trends named the Jackery Explorer 240 portable power station the "best portable power station for use in the outdoors". A classic choice. It's easy to converse. The portable power station has a battery pack that weighs only 6.6 pounds. The handle makes it easy to carry around for outdoor adventures. The Pure Sine Wave AC outlet has a 200W Peak and a 12V DC car port. Pass-through charging is supported. The green power supply. Jackery SolarSaga 60 solar panel can be used to charge the power station. The solar panel can operate at its max power point if the controller is built into it. The wall outlet or the car outlet are the two other ways to refill. Jackery Explorer 240 portable power station, AC adapter, car charging cable, and user guide are what you get.

Brand: Jackery

👤I ordered this power station because I knew it wouldn't get to me until after Hurricane Florence hit. The seller sent me a large battery pack charge at no cost to make sure I had something to use during the storm. Who does that? I never write reviews, but I had to let others know what a wonderful gesture this seller did for me, a stranger, facing a Hurricane. The power station came the week after the storm, but it was fine because I had a battery backup that kept my phones and tablets fully charged. What an amazing act of kindness in a chaotic world. I would buy from this seller.

👤The product works well, but there is a challenge for users of the breathing appliance. The power on the outlet is not passthrough. If you intend to use this device as a UPS during storms, you'll need to manually turn it on each night, because the 3-hr cutoff time affects this outlet as well. If you don't have a humidifier, many CPAP machines don't consume much power, so the battery will turn off, and the machine will power off, every 3 hours, for the rest of the night. The way around this is to have your humidifier running so that you can draw more power. The product works well. The auto-cutoff feature and lack of true passthrough could be problematic for users with severe sleep apnea. Please be aware of this and be sure that your CPAP unit is drawing at least the minimum amount of power required to keep the Power Station running. Jackery might consider issuing a firmware update that will allow them to completely defeat the auto-cutoff feature and/or make the wall plug port exempt when the Power Station is connected to grid power. Jackery's customer service group is exceptional and has already reached out to me directly regarding my concerns. A method of modifying/disabling the 3-hour timer will be included in the future.

👤I needed a power source to power my CPAP machine while camping, and the Jackery Explorer 240 was what I was looking for. I have used the Jackery Explorer 240 many times over the past year. The power to my machine continues to come from the E 240. I have used the unit for 5 nights of power 888-247-8873 on many occasions. I have never experienced an auto-shut off. The E 240 is light weight and fits in the corner of the tent next to my CPAP machine. It stays in winter storage for a long time. When I was first considering this purchase, I debated the need for the solar option to be used in the field. I'm glad I didn't spend the extra money because I'm glad I can get 5 nights of use with the E 240. There is a The Jackery Explorer 240 is one of the best camping lifestyle purchases I have ever made.

👤The product looks nice and has a nice feel to it. It is portable and not very heavy. I use it at home to charge my phones and sometimes my laptop while I am at work. The reviews were great and I had high hopes. The product claims to deliver but I don't see it. It takes 8 hours to charge from 0-100%. My anker power core portable charger has lasted longer than this and is about the same size. This has been my experience so far, I might have gotten a faulty unit.

5. Westinghouse WGen9500DF Generator 9500 Watts Gas Powered Electric

Westinghouse WGen9500DF Generator 9500 Watts Gas Powered Electric

The collapsible stand folds for compact storage. Peak Watts are 9500 Running Watts and 12500 Peak Watts. Up to 12 hours of run time on a 6. There are two 120V 5–20R standard household receptacle, one transfer switch ready 120V L14-30R, and one RV ready 120/240V 14–50R. The Engine is powered by a Heavy Duty 457cc Westinghouse 4-Stroke OHV Engine with a Long-Lasting Cast Iron Sleeve and Digital Hour Meter. The VFT display gives you real time updates. Plug-and-play comes with a propane Regulator, Remote Start Key Fob, 12V battery Charger, Oil, an Oil Funnel, a tool kit, and a User's Manual. Out of the box is what it is.

Brand: Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment

👤The generator checks the boxes. I was looking for a generator large enough to run my air conditioning and fans. I found it. I had a hard start on my ac and it started without fail after I had it. It is a 3&1/2 ton unit. I was told by my electrician that I was running it at 75% of its capacity. The Amazon description of the tank is different than the manufacturer's manual. One says 17 hours and the other 14. I ran mine at 75% load and got 9 hours and 45 minutes on a single tank. You can run it for 24 hours at 75% load. I am a bit of a preper. I like to have enough fuel on hand to run my house off the grid for a whole week. I have to keep 115 gallons of fuel on hand, which I buy at the beginning of summer and use up in our cars after hurricanes. Bigger generators consume about 1 gallon per hour. The generator uses about 67 gallons per hour at 75% load. A backup pull start is not offered by larger generators. They are only powered on. The generator has a lot of bells and whistles, but it still has basic generator functions such as a pull start and manual choke. Simple drain and fill oil changes. There are automotive style oil filters and electric chokes in bigger generators. You won't worry about losing power again. I went to an RV center to get the 50 Amp plug for the house. A long durable 50' chord was about $225, but it was worth it. The gauge wire is not available at big box hardware stores. Hope this helps.

👤Dickinson, Texas, was checking in after the winter storm. Our lights go off at 3am and I have to get dressed in the dark. This thing just rolled in as it was freezing outside on Monday. It is noticeably colder in the house when I find all my layers, so we usually don't need to layer. I put the generator on top of the tank and push the button to start it. After about 3 cycles it fires up. I expected it to prime the fuel. No worries. I let it run for a minute to make sure everything is ok, check oil, and make sure it is idling smoothly. I connect the 50amp cord, turn the main incoming breaker off, and turn the generator panel breaker on. The lights come back on after I turn on the main breaker. The house is warming up when I hear the central air heating turn on. I turn my pool pump on and go to sleep. We were warm and stayed on this power for 3.5 days. Not a single issue. I never expected to use this for a winter storm, but I bought it for Hurricane Season. It is worth the weight in gold for me. If you are not familiar with generators, here are some things you should know. These are loud. Period. If you are used to it, it is fine. It was chained to my truck just in case, and we slept fine. You know what? I couldn't hear it because we were watching movies in the media room and the neighborhood was without power. It is heavy. It has a lot of equipment and is built well. It has wheels, a nice lever, and my wife to help move it around. No problem. It did it's job for over 3 days without any issues. I provided coffee to people, cooking for people, and even had a couple people get rid of their ribs before they lost it. I let the family thaw out a bit by smoking. Eight of my neighbors have ordered this exact model. It works. I love it as much as my motorcycle.

6. WEN 56475 4750 Watt Generator Compliant

WEN 56475 4750 Watt Generator Compliant

There are two three-prong 120V receptacle, one 12V DC receptacle and one 5Vusb port. Digital readouts can help manage oil changes. Features electric start, low-oil shutdown and overload protection. All 50 states have requirements for the sale of CARB and EPA III. The wheel kit and foldable handles are included. The engine provides 4,750 surge watt and 3,750 watt.

Brand: Wen

👤I bought this generator in April of last year. It would be nice if there was a backup power supply in case of the Pandemic hitting. It's better to get an extended warranty as well. The Gen is delivered and everything seems to be in the box. I will keep it in the garage until I need it. I have a camping trip in January of this year. It would be great if I could have the Gen with me to run the satellite so I could watch football and enjoy the outdoors. Unbox that thing. Get it running. The motor mount is broken. It's not true. I will have to do without football. Better contact them and get the ball rolling on a replacement, it has a 2 year manufacture warranty from the factory right. The extended warranty was also purchased by me. There is a I contacted the extended warranty people at Asurion. It is still covered by the manufacture warranty for another 15 months. I need to talk to WEN Products. That shouldn't be a problem. I was wrong. They said it was a shipping issue and I need to contact Amazon. I am getting a bit worried. I threw away almost $500 and I'm going to get nothing because one hand doesn't want to wash the other. You guessed it, Amazon states. The return policy is 3 months. I need to talk to WEN Products. It's not easy to get an answer from them. I quote, "The part is available for purchase on our web site." Really? Are you having fun with me? I'm pretty sure I'm LIVID to say the least. Nobody wants to stand behind the product. WEN Products and Asurion are owned by Amazon. You have failed me. Thank you for taking my money and not delivering a product that works.

👤I ordered several of the 4750 electric starts. One of them was damaged in the box. I called WEN to get a replacement motor mount and air cleaner and they were great about it. I swapped the starter solenoid from another GEN after having trouble shooting it. There was a small electric brush in the box that came from the generator, but no power coming from the panel. I am getting ready for the new season and I called Wendy asking for a replacement. I can either pay to ship it to them or I can drive to Utah and drop it off at a service center and hope they have all the bugs worked out. I am disappointed that the service center did not help me with my warranty claims. If you live in a rural area like I do, you may want to consider buying from a local big box store that will replace your item in this situation.

👤I am very happy with this generator. We are all at the mercy of our delivery driver doing damage while in transit, but mine was well packed and protected as seen in the pics. It came with everything needed to do the job, including tools, oil, wheels, handles and straight plug-ends. The ones that hit the wheel with a 90 degree angle included hardware to fix the end of the chords. I put the battery in, added fuel and oil, attached wheels and handles, turned on the fuel switch, and pushed the starter button. Within 2 seconds, it fired up. It is quieter than my friends Honda, but not as quiet. Couldn't be happier with the price. I will have to report back on longevity. The owners manual says to change oil every 25 hours. I will change my machinery much sooner than recommended. It is less than a quart. I used Update 2-15-21 all summer 2020 to run my 15,000 btu RV A/C. In Texas, we just got hit with a big storm. It has been running for 5 days.

7. Generac 7676 GP8000E Portable Generator

Generac 7676 GP8000E Portable Generator

The dial has three operation settings integrated into one simple-to-use dial. The power Rush advanced technology gives you over 30% more starting capacity. The dimensions are 27.2" W x 27" D x 26.5 H. The weight is 198 lbs. The starting Watts are 10000. 8000 people. Running Watts. The electric start model has a battery included. The long engine life is provided by the durable OHV engine with splash lubrication. The large-capacity steel fuel tank with incorporated fuel gauge provides up to 11 hour run-time at 50% load.

Brand: Generac

👤I had to empty the gas from the generator when I first filled it because the gas was leaking all over the driveway. There was a missing gasket. The issue was solved by finding a gasket fit. You pay a lot of money for these units and when they are broken out, you wonder what kind of quality they have. It's too early to know how it will run. Keeping our fingers crossed.

👤There was a broken Choke Regulator in the bottom of the box. I don't know if the automatic start works after we charged it and it didn't kick over. We are both handicapped. We followed direction. We tried it today. I don't know what to do. Help!

👤The generator was in a crate. The area near the air breather was broken in pieces. We didn't fill with fluids or try to start the unit because we didn't know what was going on inside. The seller was not helpful. Still trying to resolve the issue.

👤I knew I needed a generator as a few hundred thousand people were without power. I was amazed that Amazon Prime was delivered. This Generac is easy to operate and starts first time. There is plenty of power to run the refrigerator, well, lights and a little heating. What is the best news? We used to have an outlet that ran our TV for football. The husband is happy.

👤I was able to put the generator together out of the box. I had my wife start the generator to see how it started. It fired. It was a great buy because my wife or I can start the generator when the need arises. I am ready to respond with this generator for some of the necessities of life without power, after having several instances in the past with power failures due to storms.

👤In California, I use a generator that is shut off for days at a time by Pacific Gas and Electric. This thing runs my entire 2000 sf house. It starts when needed and is good on fuel. The portable solution is great.

👤I looked at a number of portable generators to be used in case we lose power during a storm, which has become more and more common in Southeast Michigan. I looked at some of the local hardware stores and they all looked the same. I considered a dual fuel, but chose the Generac with electric start. The generator is bulky, but using some lumber for leverage allowed me to get the wheels and rubber feet installed, and after that, installing the handle and hooking up the battery was a cinch. I added fresh gasoline, put in the oil that came with the generator, and then I pulled the manual starter to get the oil moving. It fired up without a hitch after following the instructions for the initial start. I ran it for about 20 minutes, and plugged in several tools and lights into the generator, and they worked as if they were in a household. The generator is built with high quality materials.

8. Generac 7127 IQ3500 3500 Portable Generator

Generac 7127 IQ3500 3500 Portable Generator

The engine type is 4-Stroke. The EU3000is is 40% quieter than the ULTRA-QUIET, based on independent third-party testing. The ideal generator for work or play is a steel enclosure, clean power and easy portable. The power rush advanced technology is more powerful than Honda. The rated AC Frequency is 60. It was Hz. Digital smart lcd - digital watt meter, run time remaining display, generator status, hour meter and fuel level. Mobile devices that can be charged with theusb ports include smartphones and tablets. The dial has three operation settings integrated into one simple-to-use dial.

Brand: Generac

👤I was skeptical about buying this brand since I have a Honda 2200 inverter that I really like, but I needed a second one, and Honda is double the price as this one. This comes with oil and a funnel for putting the oil in the motor. The overload light comes on for about a minute when you first start it, which is normal. I bought this as insurance because I live in a rural area and we get a lot of storms. Do not use gasoline in this or any small engine. Lots of reviews on generators, not starting until weeks later, and sitting with gas. If the gas sits too long, it will cause the engine to fail. I use non-ethanol premium gas in my equipment. The amount of startup power on the appliance makes it possible for this to run one big freezer or a big frig. I have a laptop, a freezer, and some led lights. I run a small freezer and a big frig with the second Honda 2200 watt. It's cheaper to buy 2 of these then a 4,000 watt generator. I have two that run out of the basement and one that runs upstairs. The eco switch runs at a lower power and is very quiet.

👤The generator wouldn't run right out of the box. The eco switch didn't work, the motor didn't work, and no power was being produced. The customer support person told them to take it to an authorized repair facility. I asked if the repairs should be covered under the warranty since it was brand new and never used. They told me that it was up to the repair shop to decide if the warranty would cover it. I sent it back to Amazon. They did not ask about my full purchase. If I had bought this elsewhere, they would have made me take it to a service center, and I wouldn't have had the chance to exchange it.

👤I researched every generator in the 2kw - 3kw range and chose the Generac 3500 because it seemed to be a fair price and a good brand. I paid a premium for the generator over the one from Harbor Fright because I didn't want to buy a generator from them. The unit starts and runs nicely and seems quiet, but upon further inspection I noticed the internals looked suspiciously similar to the model my friend has. I put them by each other. It turns out that it is the exact same generator as the Harbor Freight unit. I am not sure if it is common for smaller generator brands to be rebranded. Come on. The engine type is listed asGenerac OHV, which at least implies it is an in-house motor. Nope. It seems a bit deceptive to me. The valve cover was cast with a different type of material than the one on the HF unit. I paid $350 more for a heavy steel case. I won't be buying from them again.

9. Pulsar Generator Capability Compliant PG2200BiS

Pulsar Generator Capability Compliant PG2200BiS

The manufacturer warranty is included. 2, 000 peak watt/ 1, 600 watt (LPG) and 2, 200 peak watt/ 1, 800 watt (gas). 80cc, 3Hp, single cylinder, 4-stroke, air cooled Engine. Super quiet operation with parallel capability. 120V 15A. There are parallel sockets and a 5V integratedusb outlet. It is possible to use a stable WAVE with sensitive electronic equipment. The carrying case has an 18 gallon fuel tank. 8 hour run-time on a single tank of gas and 75 minute run-time on a 1 pound LPG tank.

Brand: Pulsar

👤We decided to keep the generator after reading several shocking e-mails from Pulsar. In my opinion, I've been called "slick" and "creepy". I was threatened with legal action for leaving a review. If they would like to contact me, I would be more than willing to give them all of the e-mails I have from the company if they would like to.

👤A nice generator. It runs like a variable eco mode. It's not as quiet as I hoped but I can talk over it and it's much quieter than your average generator. It runs on propane. It will never work, you follow their instructions. If you do it the way it says, it will floods with too much propane. It will fire first time almost every time if you just crack the tank open and pull it over. Once it starts to run, open the valve on the tank and it will run at full speed. Do not cut the gas line with the valve. The first time I tried to start it, I was insane. I pulled on that thing for over an hour until I had blisters on my hand and it didn't fire. I was going to return it until I realized it would fire right up if you pulled it over. I love the starting trick and have no complaints. Most people who are not mechanically inclined or know how an engine runs will have a hard time with the propane starting issue. It was never tried on gas.

👤I can't speak for gasoline as I haven't tried it, but with propane it's hard to start. Many pulls, no effect. When you can smell the gas, turn off the tank and wait for it to start. Then open the tank. I think it gets flooded with propane. Honda's motors start with 1 or 2 pulls, 3 max. I pulled at least 30 times before I found the magic approach that seemed too hard. It is not easy to start when it is hot. A nice package, decent sound level. If you are getting on in years, I don't recommend it.

👤I needed a portable generator that could run on propane but the Honda portable generators were good for that. I was not sure if Pulsar would meet requirements after I saw it. I called the customer service of Pulsar and asked them questions to confirm the information they had read. I was pleasantly surprised that they worked with their factory team to get the information and confirm my requirements would be met. I bought one to try. I was relieved that it generated the pure pure sine wave power I needed. Attached photos show the power output with no load and under full rated load with little distortion running on propane. The power quality is comparable to Honda generators. The build quality is good. The maximum load handling seems to be better than Honda. It's a bit louder than Honda but still in the same range. The documentation is not as good as Honda, but it has enough basics. The difficulty of starting on propane was not as bad as some have reported. The engine seems to be designed for gasoline so it doesn't start as easily on propane when you pump the demand regulator too much. The review from "Jim" is the most helpful for starting on propane. Don't pull the starter cord until you turn on the propane tank and engine switch with the choke rod pushed in, then don't pump the demand regulator until you do. It takes me 1-2 pulls to start on propane. The overload reset button is the only other thing I miss. It's too early to say anything about resilience. I think it's a great value so far with some room for improvement and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a small propane generator.

10. DuroMax XP12000EH 000 Watt Portable Generator

DuroMax XP12000EH 000 Watt Portable Generator

The design of the burner and dome heat distribution makes it perfect for a grill or direct open flame cooking. The engine that powers the XP12000EH is a 457cc OHV engine. The ability to run on propane or gasoline allows for a variety of fuel choices. When the generator senses that the oil is low, it shuts it down. This unit can handle a lot of power, with 12,000 and 9500 watt starting and running capacities. The maximum power can be obtained with the help of the DuroMax MX2 technology. You can either operate the generator at both 120 V and 120 V simultaneously, or at 120 only with full power. The XP12000EH is approved for use in all 50 states and is EPA and CARB approved. The engine type is 4-Stroke.

Brand: Duromax

👤We would recommend this generator to everyone. The generator is very solid and works well. We bought the generator because we live in Florida and Hurricanes. If you want a low cost high powered generator that runs on propane or gas, you would be hard pressed to find another that has all the options, key start, and comes with the battery and accessories included. The auto transfer switch would have cost 9 thousand dollars. You will save thousands with this generator. This is enough to run my hole home, and I have many other devices. My lights in my house are all LEDs, which helps. I was able to run three window units with four box fans and four paddle fans at the same time. I don't rate or comment a lot. Some people who don't have a clue what they're writing about. If you didn't work with four-stroke engines. Don't blame the generators, hire someone else who knows how to fix it. You need to hook up the negative ground wire to the battery. I did that. (). This is a quote from other people's writings. The unit will start rite up, but then it will go off the rails. This issue is corrected by turning off the auto throttle switch. There is nothing in the manual about this switch. The engine runs well after this was done. The engine dies down. It's pretty annoying. Your solution. The auto throttle will work if you adjust the idling on the Carburetor up. Knowing what to do is important. You will not find this in the instructions. Don't blame the generator if you don't know what I'm talking about. It needs 1qt and a half of 5w30 to be shipped. Why be surprised you don't have any oil, it's in your instructions. I don't think the 20 gal is a good size for a grill propane cylinder. You can only use half a tank before you have problems with the generator. It will work better if you get a sixty or eighty gallon. I own it on a tank. I hope I have cleared up what people don't know. Dr.DRE1965 was born.

👤After Hurricane Matthew, we decided we didn't want to go without air conditioning and water in Florida. It was put into use because of Hurricane Irma, and we think it is a great tool for storm preparations. We have been running the generator for five days and it has held up. The power went out on Tuesday afternoon and we noticed condensation at the bottom of the propane tank, which lasted from Sunday to Tuesday. We have a home with a 2,600sqf 5br home with 4 ton 16 seer A/C and a well and two refridgerators, but they are too high a load for the generator, so they are on a separate box. One note about the A/C, as noted in another review, the lights do dim when the A/C kicks on because the startup load is pretty heavy on a 4 ton A/C unit. The stove top and microwave have been used many times, but we did not turn the breaker on with the double oven. The A/C runs quite well even though it puts a heavy load on the generator when it starts. We don't use the A/C at the same time as the stove because of the load. The generator is in the house using a Reliance.

11. Portable Generator 22500mAh Emergency Flashlight

Portable Generator 22500mAh Emergency Flashlight

What you get is a SinKeu 24000mAh AC portable charger, a DC15V/2A (30W) input charge, a cigarette lighter, and a user manual. There is a 30-day free return and 7 x 24 friendly customer service. The super slim size is 5.47 x 5.63 x 2.76 inches and weighs 2.2 lbs. The portable power station with a compact handle design can be used for both emergency backup power at home and also for camping when you are on the go. It's perfect for student to charge their phone, laptop, iPad, camera, wireless headset, and more. The portable power station has a capacity of 2200mAh, 2*QC 3.0, 27W max, and 2*USB C. 1 AC output sockets (100W running, 120W peak) and 1DC ports (5V/4.8A 24W max). Power cell phone, iPad, tablets, camera, radio, mini fan, and camping explore devices under 80W. Press the button to switch between constant lighting and strobe. Emergency work and lighting are perfect. It has a total power of 7W Max and up to . When the portable power supply is fully charged, the light usage time is about 12 hours. The portable power station has three ways to charge it. You can charge it by wall outlet or by car. It can be charged under the sun with a solar panel. The portable power station has three ways to charge it. You can charge it by wall outlet or by car. It can be charged under the sun with a solar panel.

Brand: Marbero

👤The power was there. It is small but it will charge your devices quickly. The built in flood light is very bright. I got a strong burning wire smell after using one of the two that I bought today. I only used theusb port and something burned up inside of it. There was a return option in the app, but it is no longer available. If I can find a way to switch it out, I will update it to 5 stars. My apartment smells like burning wires.

👤The unit stopped charging in about 3 weeks of minimal use. Customer service is unresponsive. It is too bad that it has to be returned since it is a good unit, but I have been using it daily since it fits my needs so well. The battery capacity is large enough to fully charge phones/tablet/laptops multiple times without being too heavy and bulky. This can be carried-on on flights. The lantern lasts 10 hours. I will be taking this for a lot of travel. Pick up another to keep it in the kit.

👤The battery lasts a long time. The big light is bright. I got it because it has a plug. During the snowmagadon of Texas, came in handy. Would purchase as a gift.

👤I used it on my camping trip. It lasts the entire day, blowing up airbeds and charging different devices. I was able to charge the battery in the car when it was down to two bars. I just bought a rockPALS. A 60 watt solar panel is foldable. I'll see if this charges the power station and leaves an honest review.

👤I bought this item because of its reviews. When I was going to use it in a camping, I charged it completely and didn't use it for a few days. I was very upset when I saw it was discharged and all the money, I was relying on it for my camping.

👤It only charges for cellphones. I don't know what it's about, but there's no generator either. The side plug doesn't work. The light is bright. It's okay for camping for small things.

👤When my laptop's battery ran out, I was going to use this to power it, but it didn't hold a charge. That is very disappointing. The controls can come on if brushed. Bad design doesn't work. Too bad. I didn't test until after the return period ended.

👤I got this for my son's new house because it supports 15V. I could find one that would charge it at full speed. He loves the lantern function and this thing has been great. He needs to get the right solar panel to make it so he doesn't have to bring it inside to charge.


What is the best product for portable generators for home use solar powered?

Portable generators for home use solar powered products from Goal Zero. In this article about portable generators for home use solar powered you can see why people choose the product. Jackery and Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable generators for home use solar powered.

What are the best brands for portable generators for home use solar powered?

Goal Zero, Jackery and Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable generators for home use solar powered. Find the detail in this article. Wen, Generac and Pulsar are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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