Best Portable High Chair for Restaurant

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1. Fold Flat Storage Portable Feeding Removable

Fold Flat Storage Portable Feeding Removable

Their baby high chair is perfect for use at home or while traveling, it can be used for 0.79'' to 3.15'' thick. A safety harness to secure. The harness belt will allow your baby to enjoy their meal as they sit at the table with the family. Fast table chair have been designed to be compact and easy to carry, making it easy to hide away or take on the go. When you are out or with your baby, you always have a carrying bag with you. The baby feeding seat join soft plastic arms to protect tables from being scratched, and the patented module parts to make it easy to tighten the chair. Easy Installation and Friendly Fabric: Only one-step installation and dismantlement, space saving to store, and travel with the carrying bag. The fabric seat of the fast table chair can be easily cleaned. Easy Installation and Friendly Fabric: Only one-step installation and dismantlement, space saving to store, and travel with the carrying bag. The fabric seat of the fast table chair can be easily cleaned.

Brand: Toogel

👤I only write reviews for things I enjoy. If I had an item that was terrible and couldn't have it fixed, I would go to Amazon. I love this chair. I didn't want a big high chair that took up a lot of space and I was not sure how sturdy it could be. My husband and mother asked me not to use it because it made them nervous when I sent them a picture of him in it for the first time. Everyone is very comfortable with it after seeing it in person. I like how it holds up. I was upset that he didn't have the 5 point harness Buckle because he was still getting out of his seatbelt in his old high chair. I watch the kids throw fits and he isn't going anywhere. My child is 16 months and 28 lbs. I don't remember seeing it in the instructions, but I did not have the side flaps buttoned around the metal frame for a few weeks, he leaned forward and his bottom slid closer to the front of the seat. I cleaned it and washed it in the washing machine, but when I put it back together, I realized the flaps were for something, so now he doesn't tilt at all. He was more secure than before. It takes a few seconds to move the seat from the table to the bar and then think about getting a second one. I would give 10 stars if I could.

👤I bought this for my dog. He wants to be held. I bought this instead of holding him on our laps when we watch tv. This is very easy to set up. We put it on the kitchen island countertop. It is very strong. I think it's a good idea.

👤It's easy to take with you, we've loved having this chair. You can throw it in the wash to clean it. There is a The front bottom seat started to tear a lot after a few months, and as you can see it's torn a lot. We've been using this chair for a year and a half. I don't think it will last much longer. The sewing job should be on the bottom. It's always a good idea to keep them in because my son would always slip forward.

👤I got this chair for our 6 month old who is starting to get used to it, but it didn't work on our dining room table. We had just purchased a new dining room table, so we hoped it would work out once it arrived. The baby chair didn't work well on our new table, but it did at least secure onto the table. If you have a table with a lip underneath it, this likely won't work for you because the clamps don't go down low enough. We had to put it down on the edge of the table because there is a huge gap between the table and where the baby is sitting. We will probably pack this chair in the car to take with us if we can use it on the road or in restaurants instead, as it's not functional at home with our table. I wanted to let anyone else know that this chair is not cheap and that it won't work for them, so I'm sharing these photos and information.

2. Munchkin Cloud Chair Clear Swivel

Munchkin Cloud Chair Clear Swivel

It's the perfect baby shower or registry gift because it's simple, modern and neutral. The one-of-a-kind feature of the WiiVEL is that it allows for easy feeding and interaction with your little one. Smooth, easily wipeable surfaces are free of nooks and crannies to minimize messes and spills. No complicated steps or extra tools are included in the assembly. The tray and insert are dishwasher safe. The MAXIMUM SAFETY includes a stable base and 5-point harness system with straps that are adjusted to keep babies and toddlers safe. The JPMA is certified. A limited warranty is included. The dimensions and weight are: Length 28 and width 28. There is a 7.2 kilogram amount. The dimensions and weight are: Length 28 and width 28. There is a 7.2 kilogram amount.

Brand: Munchkin

👤My family provides foster care for infants and toddlers. We have been in many high chairs. Many. There are some hand me downs from the 80's, some really simple and minimalistic ones, and a couple fancy ones too. The Munchkin high chair is pretty impressive and falls in line between simple and fancy. We have had ours for a month now and have been able to use it with three children. Some pros and cons have been noted. The high chair is beautiful. I like the streamlined, modern, and minimalist designs that Munchkin has been leaning towards. It will fit into your home décor no matter what style you prefer. Does not scream, "We have kids here!" I love that. Cleaning is easy. God bless you, Munchkin people. You just wipe it all down quickly, no nooks or crevices to stop you. If you have a neat little eater, you can just pop the tray off and put it in the dishwasher. There isn't an assembly. It is good to go if you screw the legs on. It was easy. It is also strong, but not heavy. We pick ours up and move it around. The table in the dining room is counter height. There are no issues with this high chair fitting in. The feature swings a full 180 degrees. It is easy to adjust the high chair. The biggest issue I have is how wide the legs are. This high chair takes up a lot of space when you consider its wing span. A tripping hazard. Not good. I would like to have an option to fold this up for storage. I would prefer to put it away when we don't have a baby in our care or when we have a baby. The high chair is more of a one size fits all. The seat does not recline, the foot rest does not adjust, and the support is minimal. This high chair is not what you are looking for. Probably one of my favorite high chairs. It is not perfect, but I have not found that yet. If you are looking for something easy to clean, and nice to look at, go for this one. You will not be disappointed.

👤I have bought other high chairs that are not as sturdy. Since she keeps knocking them over, this is our 4th high chair. She shakes and tries to get out. It is very easy to clean and age.

👤I like how easy it is and the 360 swivel is awesome. My only complaint is that it's too easy to take the top of the table off so when my boy is done eating, he always wants to flip it over to the floor. It's not an issue anymore but I would highly recommend this.

👤I love that the high chair has a modern look and easy assembly.

👤It's a phrase that means "que espectculo." I bebé le encant. Cmoda de limpiar y simplemente vale la pena en todo sentido!! There were ten solo. Mi bebé se mueve mucho. Y es imposible, por la manera de las patas.

3. VEEYOO Eating Portable Outdoor Compact

VEEYOO Eating Portable Outdoor Compact

The portable baby high chair is portable and can be used indoors or outside, so it can be used for all situations to free your hands. The tray on the portable high chair can be adjusted to make the baby feel more comfortable. You can adjust the size of the buckle to the most appropriate place for your baby, so he can reach more subjects. FOLD UP & SAVE SPACE. With a folding design, it's easy to put all parts of the chair in your car boot, and you can eat, drink, and go anywhere on-the-go. A machine-washable fabric cover makes it easy to clean up messes when a baby is eating. The VEEYOO Baby High Chair has everything you need for a baby up to 36 months of age and up to 37 pounds. Their product and the service will always be your baby's side, and they hope the experience is the perfect one. The VEEYOO Baby High Chair has everything you need for a baby up to 36 months of age and up to 37 pounds. Their product and the service will always be your baby's side, and they hope the experience is the perfect one.

Brand: Veeyoo

👤I tried portable and baby delight. This one was the best. It is more comfortable and spacious than the others. I had to return but the baby sat up without sliding down.

👤I wanted my grandson to be able to use the high chair. He is 27 lbs. The chair is portable and folds up into a small bag, which I like. The straps are too tight on him. They are not long enough. He needs the straps on to keep him from leaning over and possibly falling out of the chair. I wish they made the straps longer to fit the age and weight listed in the description. One of the pictures on the ad for this item shows a larger child in the seat, but it doesn't show any straps on the child because they won't fit him. The tray is the only problem. It's very difficult to get it on correctly. It takes multiple people to get the tray to open. It seems secure once latched. I will keep the chair, but I wish the description was more accurate.

👤I bought this because of the great reviews. We needed a high chair for the week. My son didn't sit up right. No matter the length of the buckle. It wouldn't make him sit up. The tray was hard to open. The best way to get it out was to stand behind him and watch the tray. The fabric and build is great, but the structure for my son to sit up straight is not. We kept it because it only needed a week.

👤We love this chair so much that we take it everywhere. When we went out to eat, we used it as our highchair. It's nicer to use your own things at places now. The tray is the only thing I don't like about it. The tray is tippy and still holds items, but it is moving more than you would think. Our son is big enough to use the table instead of the tray if he scoots up to it. It's not tippy to think that it's going to fall off or spill all over, it's just enough to make you cringe. I love that it has its own carrying bag. Plus! Thanks.

👤Our portable high chair is a little warped. When we were out of town, we needed to use it for multiple days in a row, so we didn't know about it. I wanted to contact the seller, but I didn't feel right sending a used high chair back. The high chair bars are warped and it is difficult to get on and off. It is great, except for that. It was perfect to go on vacation with us.

👤I needed a lightweight chair for my grandchild. It's lightweight and sturdy, and can be put away when we don't need it. It's easy to wipe off the fabric. I didn't buy this for travel, but it's ready to go if something happens. This is the high chair for people with small quarters.

4. Primo PopUp Folding High Chair

Primo PopUp Folding High Chair

The popup is portable and slim, and it makes it convenient to bring your high chair anywhere you need it. The seat is comfortable. The popup's soft, padded leatherette seat and 3-point safety harness ensure that baby is comfortable while they eat and play. The dishwasher safe tray is easy to clean and the seat is easy to remove. It's easy to use and packed away in less than 10 seconds with the popup's quick one-button folding design - it's ready to be used or packed away in less than an hour. The 3-point harness and stable legs make sure that baby can't wiggle their way out of the chair while they're in it. Minimum weight is 35 lbs for ages 6 to 36 months. The 3-point harness and stable legs make sure that baby can't wiggle their way out of the chair while they're in it. Minimum weight is 35 lbs for ages 6 to 36 months.

Brand: Primo

👤The chair folds easily and is small enough to fit in a full size high chair. It has many flaws. Including safety. The tray is too far away from my 15-month-old son to be adjusted any closer. I thought we could find a way around this, even after eating reviews. There is a huge gap between him and the tray even with a deep pocket bib. The back of the seat is the worst possible design for a high chair. When a child leans back on the bars under the fabric, the top of their back hits the bars, because it is hollow in the fabric. My son hates laying back on this and hunching forward, as he has to reach the tray anyways. The seat belt is not safe, it comes loose with almost any movement at all. I have a very active toddler who can get out of the chair in about 5 seconds even if he was buckled up, because he just has to lean forward and pull and it comes completely loose. The fact that there is a large gap between him and the tray makes it much easier to close. I can't leave him for any amount of time when we use this. At all. We use this on a daily basis because we don't have enough room for a giant high chair and we need the space and it was the best option. The back of the chair is terrible, the folding is the easiest, and it would be the best high chair on the market today if they fixed the tray being so far away. It's very frustrating to see a product that could easily blow every other high chair on the market out of the water that seems like the engineers just didn't care after making it compact and foldable. If any of the huge flaws would have been fixed immediately, this wouldn't be a problem.

👤It is easy to fold and clean. The leg holes were too small for the baby. I took it off. When you unfold it, make sure you hear the click sound. It might collapse forward. One of my twins had a bruise on his forehead.

👤I am very impressed with this chair. I purchased it as a second high chair to be able to travel with because it folds up nicely and thin and my son really enjoys sitting and eating in it. There is a lot of space between him and the tray, but he doesn't seem to mind. He can sit forward more to eat or sit back and relax. He is ridiculous at climbing out of things, but he has yet to be able to escape from it. My husband and I can finally eat our food together. The tray is difficult to remove without the weight of him still sitting in it. I don't find myself taking it off too often. It is easy to clean if you give it a good wipe after each meal. It has gone through a lot of dinners and still looks great. The straps are starting to look a little stained from spaghetti sauce but I am surprised they have cleaned up as well as they have. I don't think I would be happy with it.

5. Disposable Restaurant Toddlers Protect Against

Disposable Restaurant Toddlers Protect Against

You don't worry about tearing because the material is tough. The liner is designed to help keep your kids safe. The disposable highchair covers are not porous, so they don't get wet. A waterproof barrier between your little pilot and the public. Protect against the highchair nastiness! Place the individually wrapped highchair covers in the seat by taking one out of the bag. The leg hole cut outs are perfect. The restaurant highchairs are perfect. It doesn't hurt to have a couple stashed away in a car armrest bag or a baby bag backpack if you're a mom or dad. They love each other, and they will take care of each other, if they use disposable covers for sitting, laying down, or guarding against things they touch. They love each other, and they will take care of each other, if they use disposable covers for sitting, laying down, or guarding against things they touch.

Brand: Oopsababy

👤I thought it was a high chair cover that was disposable, like the ones for shopping carts. My mistake was not properly reading. Once your child sits inside, they don't stay in place. When you first see the cover, you'll get looks from people who seem impressed, but then they'll see how bad it is once your child sits down.

👤I have used 3 now and 3/3. I tried putting have ripped on high hair at restaurants. It is easier to use a baby wipe to wipe off the high chair.

👤These are pointless in theory. The cover at the top just crumbled into the high chair around my son's waist, exposing the seat around him. I wish I could come back.

👤I was excited to find these because I would cringe if my baby tried to put his mouth on a high chair. As soon as you put the baby in the seat, they crumbled. They don't have a way to hold it in place. Not worth it.

👤It was veryppy. They don't stay in the high chair for long. My child is not that kind of kid.

👤These are good for going out. toddlers love to put their mouths and hands on everything and you never know what's on those highchairs. These protectors are disposable.

👤They don't cover all of them and they don't stick to the high chair. The baby won't stick because the sticky places aren't put on properly.

👤Being individually wrapped makes the size to travel great. They come off when the baby moves.

6. Ciao Baby Portable Chair Black

Ciao Baby Portable Chair Black

The foldable high chair folds up in seconds. There is no assembly required. The material is durable. The folding high chair is made of nylon and the tray is covered in clear vinyl that wipes clean. It has a built in cup holder for your baby. Easy transportation is a practical solution for families on the go. It's portable enough for travel, picnics, camping, vacations, and tailgating. You can keep one in your car or at grandma's house. Five points of safety. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and EU European high chair safety standards are included. Your little ones should be secured. For children up to three years old, grows with your baby. Comes with a bag. It can hold up to 35 pounds. For children up to three years old, grows with your baby. Comes with a bag. It can hold up to 35 pounds.

Brand: Ciao! Baby

👤We got this chair because we spend our summers camping and have a 10 month old. We were looking for a camp chair that was portable, clean, and could be used as a high chair. 3 out of 4 goals were achieved by this chair. We will be able to use it for the next couple of summers because it is so sturdy. It can be put into a bag like our other camping chairs, which makes it useful in other applications. It is almost nothing. The plastic covering on the "tray" can be wiped down. It gets weird here. The "tray" part of the chair tilts toward the child's body because of her weight. Everything ends up in her lap. Every cheerio. Every cup. Every spoon. Every toy. There is no way to engineer it so that it doesn't do this, but maybe an extra piece as a stiffener? It's a design flaw. I should have looked at the design flaw when I saw it because I think everyone else does the same thing. Would I buy it again? Not at this price point. If it were in the range of a normal camping chair, I would.

👤The tray does dip down towards the child and with no lip food would fall off. I use an ezpz mini tray which I bought for eating out at restaurants and it's perfect, but it doesn't seem to be available on Amazon yet. The tray doesn't slip off because the silicone grips it. Good enough for me!

👤I love this chair. We take it with us on trips. It is easy to set up and put away. The tray area is easy to clean. I only have two issues. The leg area is tight. It can be hard to get our baby in and out. The chair is short. I would like it to be a little taller to fit in with the restaurant tables. The baby is below the table. This is a great design. When we go to restaurants, we always get asked about our chair. Everyone loves the idea.

👤On a road trip, I took this in the back of the car, so when we went to restaurants or sit outside, the child could sit upright. It was nice to have extra support in the back for my son because he has special needs, and it was also nice to know that he was sitting in his own germs. When toys are placed in front of him on the tray, the red color grabs his attention. The seat belt would have been better if it was a 5 point harness, there is too much room on the sides, and he flops to the side. Adding a pillow to the chair filled that space and made it easier to prop him up. We had no problem with the airline checking the chair as an extra piece because they allowed you to check extra bags for infants. It traveled well.

👤Do not buy this product because it is dangerous to babies. The cheap brittle stitches ripped from the seat back anchor and the shoulder strap produced a Slip knot that entangled my baby. The child jumped out of the chair and the loop was caught on him. A baby Head can get caught in a dangerous loop that is formed by flawed strap designs and faulty stitching, if the models have them. Had I not been attending nearby, my son could have fallen off the chair in a matter of seconds. Within days of purchase, the product began to fall apart, the safety straps were unstitched, and the long strap became anchored from the seat, because it was only secured by a few weak stitches. I had to attach 20 pound weights to the corners to keep my children from rocking it back-and-forth. It's much safer to use other well-made products at a comparable price. Please voice your concerns and at least do not support a vendor like this that does not give attention to child safety or quality, I request and suggest this product be recalled immediately! It is a single word.

7. Chicco Caddy Hook Chair New

Chicco Caddy Hook Chair New

The design is fastened securely to most tables. The arms are firmly on the table. Storage and travel convenience can be achieved with a compact fold. The seat cover can be removed for easy cleaning. Adding comfort with high-back support. The frame is lightweight. 3-point harness for security. 3-point harness for security.

Brand: Chicco

👤The chair is great for going to restaurants. Most of the time the high chairs at restaurants are not clean. They don't wash them. When we go to restaurants with my grandson, I sit him next to me in the booth and he loves it. It is very sturdy and has a great grip. The rubber grips hold the table in place. I received a new one from Chicco because I had installed the arms wrong and they were not usable. It was not a warranty issue, it was the user. Me.

👤I ordered different types of seats. I didn't pay attention to the price. I wouldn't just go with the cheapest one. I picked the most expensive because it shows the quality of the design and function. I love the tray, shoulder straps, color, roominess, and holes for the legs. My girl loves it and gets excited when she gets to sit with everyone.

👤I didn't think clip on high chair would be secure. I was not sure if it would fit in our table. My one year old enjoys sitting in it and it fits perfectly. I would love to see this model come in a denim blue. I almost went for a no name brand version because I liked the color better, but decided to go for the name brand for the peace of mind on safety. I am happy I did.

👤I'm very happy I bought this. It's useful when visiting family. It's easy to use and store in the car. The only thing I would like to see is an attachable tray for the table. The other products are very expensive. I thought I could live without one. This one was very affordable. I wouldn't use it every day at home, just have it in the car for when you need it. It's really safe. My 9 month old daughter loves bouncing around in it but it is so tight on the table that there are no worries.

👤It wasn't easy to take the chair to restaurants or to another table, but for the purpose of a stationary high chair it was fantastic. After washing it, it started to rip in the corner. My son is not hyper when he is sitting in the chair. It probably happened because of going through the wash. The chair is hard to spot clean so it needs to be washed in a machine or hand washed every once in a while, but it seems that is the end of the chair.

👤A sharp wire was poking out a few weeks ago so my son could poke himself in the eye at any time. I have to remember to push the wire back in. We have had this item for less than a year.

👤I can't sit in it and my 7 month old daughter can't speak, so they ask for the comfort rating. It is easy to mount to a dining room table. It is a good value for money. There is too much room in it. How fat do they think babies are? We had to keep my daughter centered by covering her with towels. She wants to stand in it now that she is older and has better balance. I don't think I would buy it knowing what I know now. I would look for one with a smaller baby compartment.

8. Tiny Dreny Highchair Adjustable Removable

Tiny Dreny Highchair Adjustable Removable

The high chair has four beech wooden legs pyramid-shaped and non-slip feet that make it safe and sound. If food falls on the tray and the toddler picks it up, don't worry, it's non toxic material. The Tiny Dreny durable wooden high chairs for babies and toddlers can grow with your family, thanks to the combination of the seat belt, tray, and footrest. The family can share the happy dinner time together, with the baby babbling or the kid talking about the news in the school. The parts of the legs can be connected easily by turning the screw. The tray can be fixed by pushing it into the reserved hole. It won't be a problem to adjust the seat belt when using the 3 forms. Cleaning up won't be a Bother Anymore, just a wipe after the meal and the chair will be clean again. A piece of dry cloth is enough to clean the wooden legs. If you want to do a deeper cleaning, you can pull the tray out of the seat and put it in the washing machine. Their natural wood color legs and off-white seat fit all kinds of decor with its concise and elegant design style. The chic solid wood legs give you the chance to switch from a feeding high chair to a functional playing/studying low chair, and the durable versatile part of your family can be an important decoration. Their natural wood color legs and off-white seat fit all kinds of decor with its concise and elegant design style. The chic solid wood legs give you the chance to switch from a feeding high chair to a functional playing/studying low chair, and the durable versatile part of your family can be an important decoration.

Brand: Tiny Dreny

👤I wouldn't recommend it. I liked the look of this chair and it fit in with our smaller set up. Its a recipe for disaster. I'm considering ordering a different chair because of the safety issues with this one. There isn't a bar between the baby's legs. They will slide out if you don't Buckle them up for a second. My son has been caught twice this way. I have two other kids who are crazy and demanding and so I have sat them down for 30 seconds to a minute to prevent them from doing anything. He almost slipped out. It did happen, but it won't happen again. That's a big issue. If baby is within anything they can grab onto, they will tip over. I came back and wrote a review because of a tip over. My son just scooted his way across the floor close to a door knob and pulled himself over into his pack and play. It was about 5 feet from me. The chair should be recalled. There is rubber padding on the feet. It needs a bar between the baby's legs and the foot rest, but we don't use it because of the tension. It was not worth the $100 I spent. A normal high chair is what you should get.

👤I used this highchair for two months before writing this review. I never left baby's side while she was in this chair. I had a bad feeling about it. It seems very heavy when the baby is in it. The legs are loose and wobbly, and it's impossible to tighten the screws that hold them on, because they are already tight. See the video. They will get more and more wobbly. I knew before buying that the tray does not come off or adjust. The tray sits so far out that any food that falls into the lap never comes back onto the tray. The baby's skin doesn't stain like her clothes, so I had to take her diaper off every meal. It is not fun to clean the white fabric seatbelt on this chair because it is so nasty. I would like to see the reviews from people who have used this chair. I think the good reviews you see are from people who just finished assembling it and haven't used it for a while. It is cute to look at. I am throwing the chair away. I will not sell it or donate it because I would feel terrible if someone else's baby ended up in this chair.

👤My daughter bought this as I thought it was cheap. Most of the screws were loose within a couple of weeks of being put together. I can't blame the design, but I'm guessing the buyers don't have the know-how to see the problem areas. If you spend the extra money, you can buy one that you can pass on to the next generation.

👤It is terrible and aesthetically pleasing. The tray is hard to detach and it is not always easy to get a toddler to cooperate with sliding and bending the right way to get in and out. If you have a child who doesn't need the straps but who you don't want to slide out of the bottom, you can use the leg strap that is attached to the chair and table tray, but there is a piece of fabric sticking out on to the tray in the perfect The amount of design flaws that went into a product is unbelievable. It is not stable. My daughter just turned 2 yesterday and she could easily tip this chair over. We put the chair aside in hopes that she will use it at the dinner table when we can be sure she won't tip her self. The bucket seat is large and my two year old is comfortable in it. The seat looks simple and clean, but you will probably regret it. You can get something better if you spend a little more. It will be worth it.

9. Fold Flat Storage Portable Feeding Toddler

Fold Flat Storage Portable Feeding Toddler

The hook on chair only takes 20 seconds to install and disassemble, and the fold fits easily into diaper bags, purses strollers. You can put baby product in the storage pocket at the back of the seat. The sturdy and safe table high chair has a 5-point harness that can be adjusted to fit children ages 6 to 36 months and 37 lbs. The chair can protect your baby's head. Their baby chair has a dining tray. The tote bag under the seat has 4.12 pounds attached to it for easy storage and travel. The hanging high chair has a waterproof cover that is easy to clean. The counter high chair for baby is suitable for tables between 0.8" and 2.5" (20-75mm) thick, and the table lip offset and thickness to match. The baby table chair is perfect for parents to take care of their baby. The establishment of the Baby Table Chair 8 years ago has been committed to providing healthier and more comfortable products to babies and mothers around the world. If you have any questions about their products, please contact them as soon as possible, and they will give you the most satisfactory solution. The establishment of the Baby Table Chair 8 years ago has been committed to providing healthier and more comfortable products to babies and mothers around the world. If you have any questions about their products, please contact them as soon as possible, and they will give you the most satisfactory solution.

Brand: Mtwml

👤The seat is very strong. It has a plastic piece in the seat that makes it a comfortable seat. I can't see that in other models. I push the dining chair below the seat. It feels good. It's okay to clean. There are more plastic-feel materials that are easier to clean. The material has grooves where you need a more absorbent rag. I like the harness. She is safe and secure. The tray is small enough to fit in the sink. This one is manageable, unlike some trays that are huge. Harnesses are hard to clean. It's more fabric than a plastic material which is bad.

👤My 27 month old grandson is 35 lbs and 35 inches tall. This solution is amazing. We take it when we travel or go out to eat. It is made to hold secure on counter tops and tables and the cloth seat wipes clean with a damp cloth or wipes. The straps hold our little guy in place so he won't fall out. I think he will fit in well until he is able to sit on a regular chair or booster seat. I think it could hold at least 10 more lbs, but I won't be lifting him up that high to get in the seat.

👤I bought this for my grandson. My brother had a seat like this for his son. They liked it for it's compactness at home and travel. It made it possible for their son to see what was happening while they cooked and cleaned up. The attached travel bag and price made me choose this seat over several others. The first time my grandson sat with us for a meal, he was happy. He sits in it when he is fed and spends time with us during meal prep and clean up. I think this will be used by other family babies.

👤We've been using the chair for a week now, and we love it! I would like to use it for as long as possible because it is easy to care for. The description of the product and the printed on the box states that a storage and carry bag comes with it. I've searched high and low within the box and chair but no bag is there. We eat out a lot and chose this chair over any other because of the bag, in order to avoid the unsanitary booster seats at restaurants.

👤The manufacturer clearly told the previous customer that it comes with a tote bag and a tray, but mine came with neither. What's going on with that?

👤I have had the inglesina chair for 6 years. I left my third child after a trip. I had to replace my Inglesina chair because I had to buy another one, so I decided to go for this almost identical $20 cheaper option. I am so happy with this one. Is the Inglesina version improved by them? I love the tray. Food used to get stuck on the Inglesina without me even noticing. You can get a good clean out of it if you remove all the parts that are not sanitary.

10. Zicac Kids Dining Chair Booster

Zicac Kids Dining Chair Booster

The Booster Seat is made of high density sponge. Kids enjoy dining with families in the booster seat. The lightweight design is ideal for use at home or at a restaurant, and it has a non-slip handle. The cushion is safe to use because of the anti-slip granules on the back. The height helps your toddler reach the table. The synthetic leather cover can be machine-washed. The sponge core needs to be wiped. The perfect size is 13.4 x13.4 x 3.9 inch. It can be used in the living room, nursery, outside terrace, or on the sand. The perfect size is 13.4 x13.4 x 3.9 inch. It can be used in the living room, nursery, outside terrace, or on the sand.

Brand: Zicac

👤I had two concerns before I bought this, one being that it may not be high enough and the other being that it may move around a bit since it doesn't have straps. It is a little higher than the plastic booster seat that my son was using, and it does not move at all. I am so happy we bought this. The booster seat is no longer bulky. It's much easier to take a vacation. The cover washes well and even an old stain comes out amazing. I hang dry it.

👤I looked at the seats. Most were expensive and complicated, and didn't fit the situation at restaurants. I thought I'd give the booster seat a try for my grandson. It's working out well. He loves sitting at table height and carries his booster into restaurants. I'm not sure it's the best solution for young children, but it works well for toddlers that can sit on their own. The purchase is holding up well and I'm very happy with it. People think our boy looks so cute to put his booster cushion in the chair and climb up on it himself.

👤I had to change my 15 month old to a different booster chair because he was becoming more and more difficult to keep safe in his high chair. I wanted the booster chair for my child. They discontinued it. I didn't like the updated model. I started looking for something similar and a reasonable amount of money. This is a great booster. I was not sure if it would stay in place with my toddler on top of it, because of the bumps on the bottom of granny slippers. It does not budge when he is sitting on it. It's easy to clean, he can sit on it and eat at the table. Highly recommended.

👤Our grandsons are 19 months and 3 years old, and we were going camping with them and the parents, and the boosters were perfect! They grip well, don't slide around, and the children used them as play things on the floor. They would step up, then jump off, or sit on the floor to watch tv. They are an excellent product. Highly recommended!

👤Our 2 year old granddaughter is too short for a regular chair and no longer wants to be in a high chair. The cushion was a perfect solution. It's comfortable. She wants to climb up onto the chair herself, and the round shape makes it easy for her to put her foot on the chair. I was worried it might slip, but it stays put. After several months of toddler spills, it still looks clean. She calls the Owl pattern "Hoo Hoo Owls!"

👤I bought two of these boosters. They are very light. I used to have a plastic booster for my granddaughter. It was difficult to take it off when she wasn't here. It is a quick placement of great boosters. I like the way they are almost weightless. I can't comment on how that works out because I haven't had the need to wash the cover. We are going to the Nutcracker Ballet this December. I am very happy with this purchase.

11. VEEYOO Hook High Chair Restaurants

VEEYOO Hook High Chair Restaurants

1. It is easy to install. The portable high chair is portable and easy to carry. It fits tables from 0.8” to 3.4” (20mm to 85mm) thick. It is easy to operate the hook on the chair. 2. The hook on the chair folds flat for convenient travel or storage. The back of the chair has some storage. The high chair has a bag you can carry over your shoulder. 3. The safety tail. A portable hook on a chair can hold a baby up to 33 pounds. A 5 point safety harness will make sure your baby stays where they belong. 4. The machine is washable. It's easy to clean up with a seat cushion and cover. It is good to take it off the high chair whenever your baby makes a mess and then throw it into the washing machine. 5. Enjoy family time. It is portable for travel. They can be taken on vacation, visiting friends or to a restaurant. Enjoy family meals with your baby. 5. Enjoy family time. It is portable for travel. They can be taken on vacation, visiting friends or to a restaurant. Enjoy family meals with your baby.

Brand: Veeyoo

👤The foam inside the seat got all discombobulated after the first wash and it wasn't comfortable to sit on anymore. A high chair that can't be cleaned is useless. The same style of highchair we got this to replace was used by a well known brand. I was hoping that with the straps going over the shoulders it would hold my one year old. It doesn't. The plastic pieces for adjusting the straps are very easy to use and she can wiggle out of them. There is a The chair was easier to attach to the table than the Chicco chair, I like the pocket on the back for the bib storage, and the built in carry case is a nice feature. I would recommend this product, but wish it had worked better for us.

👤I am not impressed. It was bought for my baby. We are a small family and the two youngest need seats like this. I bought for my youngest and he slides forward in it. I don't think it's safe for under 2. My 3 year old can use it and he has taken over her seat. I made it work, but other people may not be able to. It's a good seat. Unless your 1 year old is very large, I don't recommend for under 2.

👤The arms that attach to the table are always dirty after 3 purchases. The edges of the seat and the handles on the table are covered in rust or dirt. These spots are hard to clean off. There is no way that the rusty portion of the handle will come into contact with my child because the rust does not appear to be coming from a damaged area. The cheapest chair seems sturdy. I don't know if I'll keep the chair because of the amount of cleaning that needs to be done. I'm still thinking about it. If you need a cheap chair to use occasionally at restaurants, this one might be ok. That's the best thing I can say about it. It's gross. The black spots on the grey plastic are not a pattern. The pictures show that one side has it and the other does not.

👤It can be easily stored between visits and was purchased for our grandsons. It collapses into a storage bag. It is a heavy duty canvas fabric that is difficult to clean. I didn't understand the shoulder harnesses until we used them ourselves, after someone said they were difficult to use. It is hard to describe, but we can never figure out how to open the harnesses correctly. The grandchildren are always supervised. I wouldn't use it as a permanent high chair because I don't think it's safe to leave your child in it when you're not there to supervise.

👤We used it for two months and I wanted to use it more. I wouldn't buy it again. The clips on the side don't stay clipped no matter what we do. The belts that hold the baby in place are not designed to stay on the baby's shoulders. She fell out of her chair a couple of times. Poor restraining belts and clips made it useless. Very disappointing.


What is the best product for portable high chair for restaurant?

Portable high chair for restaurant products from Toogel. In this article about portable high chair for restaurant you can see why people choose the product. Munchkin and Veeyoo are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable high chair for restaurant.

What are the best brands for portable high chair for restaurant?

Toogel, Munchkin and Veeyoo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable high chair for restaurant. Find the detail in this article. Primo, Oopsababy and Ciao! Baby are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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