Best Portable High Chair with Tray

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1. Mallify Adjustable Dishwasher Leatherette Apartment

Mallify Adjustable Dishwasher Leatherette Apartment

The safety and comfort of your little one is their priority, so they made sure the A-shape structure,adjustable legs and cushion were in place. The 5-point harness is the best for your children. The highchair is easy to clean and appropriate for babies ages 6 months and up. The seat belt can be removed for cleaning, the tray is dishwasher safe, and the seat cushion can be scrubbed. Skin-friendly Materials: Made of sleek breech hardwood and plastic, will not harm your baby's health. Smooth seats wrapped in leatherette won't hurt your child's skin. All thoughtful designs add comfort to your child. The position tray and higher are 3 positions. You can choose the best one to fit your baby with the 3-position eating tray in their chair. Their baby chair is higher than others, which makes it taller than standard American dining tables. The classic and sophisticated look will be a great addition to your home. The simple and modern style will fit in any room of the house. There is attention. The wooden leg has a white bracket on it. There is attention. The wooden leg has a white bracket on it.

Brand: Mallify

👤I felt compelled to write this review because I was thoroughly dooped and the high chair is not functional. I hope others don't make a mistake. I bought this for my last baby. My issues are 1. The foot rest is too far for a baby under one year old. 2. I had to rip off a piece of fabric to prevent the tray from clicking in when I moved it closer to my 6 month old. 3. It does not have wheels. I don't know why I didn't notice. Lifting or dragging across the floor is what it takes to move it. 4. There is no snap in the tray plate. 5. The main selling point was that it can adjust from bar height to table top, but you have to remove the leg attachment to do that. 5 The legs are a bit of a tripping hazard, as they stick out quite far. I was very dissatisfied with this product and felt that it was way overpriced for what it actually is. I understand that it is stylish, but Moms need function and this is not functional. I could have bought a cheapie from Walmart.

👤I am a third time mom and after years of buying good enough and just getting something cheap, I wanted something pretty that would sit in my kitchen for 18 months while still taking into account my lifestyle. It is easy to clean, and it is not a burden in a kitchen space. It doesn't have a wide stance so I don't need a large place to store, it's easy to clean, and if the leatherette is damaged, it's still functional and safe without it. It was complimentable. It is neutral. It's easy to clean with minimal "spaghetti nooks" for when baby self feeds, and it's great for small spaces. Leatherette does not seem to trap odors. After five months of constant use, it has no smell. It is small. Families that don't use a high chair past two are best for smaller babies. The cosco simple fold high chair has no wheels. It will stain on the straps when it comes time for spaghetti sauces and prunes, but pads on the bottom or added felt pads help it slide just fine. The baby should wear a bib with sleeves after the harness seatbelt is put on. It will protect it better. If you are worried, take the leatherette out. I clean the seat immediately after a feeding and sauces of all colors come out. The high chairs are stained sadly. Hopefully the photos will help you to make a decision based on your needs.

👤They were out of stock for a long time, so I was looking for a similar, easy-to- clean high chair. I wanted to love this high chair because it looks great, but the pad is hard to clean, and I don't think it's worth the trouble. I would use a wet rag immediately after a meal and anything orange would stain! The food left horrible stains. It was so dirty after a month of use that it drove me crazy. You have to remove the pads from the straps in order to remove the middle strap. I cut it off because I hated it so much. The plastic seat is easy to clean and still functions perfectly.

2. PandaEar Portable Compact Outdoor Toddlers

PandaEar Portable Compact Outdoor Toddlers

Their baby seat has an innovative fold design which is convenient for travelling and cleaning. Give your little one a place to eat that is comfortable, and you can relax with the rest of the family. The safe baby chair has a cup holder and is easy to clean. Their chair has a carry bag that makes it easy to carry a piece of cake. PandaEar baby chair can be used indoors and outdoors. The child safety belt is a must have. They want you to purchase your most popular baby seat chair and be completely satisfied. It is that simple. If you don't like your purchase, they will give you a full refund. They want you to purchase your most popular baby seat chair and be completely satisfied. It is that simple. If you don't like your purchase, they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Pandaear

👤I absolutely love this chair. It is very high quality. Extra straps and rubber pieces were included. I am so excited to take it camping this fall. My child is 12 months old.

👤The strap is at the level of my child's throat. I included a picture of the advertisement on the product, which is what it actually is. I used a good one for the photos and sent out sloppy junk. Why was it approved to be sent to me when it was approved to leave the factory? If I strapped it under her armpits and sewed it in, it would be possible, but I don't think that's going to happen. The timing and annoyance of being jipped is what I needed since I got this for a vacation in a few days. Not! I wish I could have gotten a different product. The child will be naturally sloped forwards due to the shorter front legs being on the ground. It might be due to the fact that front legs don't snap in so this can be collapsed, but it's just bad product design all around.

👤The chair was a present. I was expecting it to be in a box. I bought a pink one from Walmart for a gift and it was packaged in its own box making it a good gift. The mother said she liked it. Had it been in its own packaging, it would have been more presentable and not cheap. It was in a plastic bag. I would have returned it if I hadn't opened it before the shower.

👤It is not stable and is very small. He tipped over when he leaned in. It is not small when folded. It's a pretty useless product.

👤It is a good chair. Small but does the job. Good for the beach. It is easy to use and close.

👤We bought this for our baby sitters. It is easy to put together and sturdy. I didn't know how small it was. If you have a baby like me, definitely recommend something else. My daughter is 1 years old and she looks 2 years old. She will only be able to use it a little while before she grows it. It is a good choice if your little one is small.

👤We bought it so we could tailgate with our kids. It worked well. It's easy to set up. It is important that you use all straps andbuckles. Children tend to lean over one another. It can be difficult to hook up the tray. We use it with our kids. It's great in the back of the car.

👤I thought I had submitted a review. This is the second one I have purchased, but it is a different brand. I like the first one more. This one is cheaper than the others. I don't think the carry bag will hold up. The fabric of the chair should work the same as the first one.

3. HAN MM Detachable Traveling Convertible Adjustable

HAN MM Detachable Traveling Convertible Adjustable

It is easy to clean and cook. The tray makes it easy to clean. The highchair has cup holders to prevent liquid spilling. The top tray is not covered by food which is wedged between two layers for extra cleaning. It can be washed in the dishwasher. The small chair is easy to carry and save space. You can use this high chair in many places. This highchair is foldable so you can store it in the wall corner. The high chair is easy to move around in. The baby highchair is easy to build and convert in a few minutes. The high chair is convertible into 3 different patterns within minutes. The maximum load-bearing is up to 50 lbs., and the highchair is suitable for 6 months to 36 months babies. You can convert it into a toddler chair once the limit is reached. There is a half circle cover that is used to patch the seat where the tray is attached. Give your child the best protection. A lap belt is threaded through the crouch restraint for added security. Don't leave your child unattended. Great quality service. Don't hesitate to contact them if you're not happy with the quality. If you have a problem with transaction, they'd be happy to help. Great quality service. Don't hesitate to contact them if you're not happy with the quality. If you have a problem with transaction, they'd be happy to help.

Brand: Han-mm

👤The high chair is beautiful. It was easy to put together, looks great, folds for easy everyday storage, and fits against our table as a high chair or toddler chair. It is possible to grow it with three different settings. It saves a lot of space and makes them feel comfortable as they grow. The weight limit is very high and easy to clean. We would definitely recommend.

👤We love this easy to fold high chair. My toddler loves chair height, she loves being closer to the floor, but somedays she would love to be high up like a normal highchair! This is easy to assemble and clean. I would recommend this product.

👤I was surprised when I got the box as it was so small I thought it was for a doll, but after putting her in it, she fits perfectly. 1 year old. She loves it, it's not taller than my dining table, so she won't Hoover over us while we eat. It is very easy to assemble and store.

👤I have to watch my baby in it at all times because it is very flimsy. I feel it may tip over if he can't lean forward. It is not very strong. It is easy to clean. The middle part of the seat is the only place that traps food, but overall cleaning isn't that difficult as with others. It is also small. My baby will grow quickly. It is good for what we need now.

👤We love this highchair. The only complaint is that there is only 2 settings for the footrest, but other than that, there is a great chair and amazing customer service.

👤It is about half the size of my last high chair, and I think I have a good enough image of it to give my 2 cents. I used that one for 3 kids and my children always seemed to be in love with it until they were about 1.5-2 years old. It takes up less floor space. This is the perfect size for my baby. If you are looking for something to last until 3-4 years old, this wouldn't be a good fit, but my baby is 22 lbs and not small, and she fits great. This is great for us because we usually move our kids to a booster at about 2. The seat is small. I don't think she'll be able to get rid of it soon. Our other one had a recline position so it never seemed to go straight up. If you are looking for a seat for a younger baby to sit and play in for long periods of time while you are cooking, this may not be the one for you. The baby should be able to sit on his own. Cleaning is easy. The seat is still comfortable despite not having a cushion or crevaces. The tray pops off. The tray manuvers so that it lays down. This helps when you need to get the baby in and out. It can be difficult to get a baby in and out if you don't put this down. The tray has different positions for bigger babies. It folds down to a small size. I am very pleased with the chair. I did a lot of research before investing in it. This has proven to be a good size for my baby and I was leery of the size. I was always annoyed with the amazing places I would find food at. I would rather clean food off the floor than out of high chair seats. It does not take up a lot of space in a home and is easy to clean.

4. Summer Highchair Sweetlife Aqua Sugar

Summer Highchair Sweetlife Aqua Sugar

Every parent knows a good baby high chair is a must have. The highchair can be used from 6 months to 45 pounds. You can use the Pop ‘n Sit as a travel high chair with the COMPACT FOLD design, which has an innovative pop and fold design, and a fast, easy and compact fold. Cleanup is easy with the Pop ‘n Sit high chairs, they are great for babies and toddlers. They have a cup holder and a tray that is dishwasher safe. The wipe- clean bag is easy to detach from the baby and toddler high chair, allowing you to take it with you on-the-go. The Summer Pop ‘n Sit SE Highchair has a carry bag, safety harness, and a storage pocket. The Summer Pop ‘n Sit SE Highchair has a carry bag, safety harness, and a storage pocket.

Brand: Summer Infant

👤We are pleasantly surprised by this chair. Our 16 month old boy is perfect for the leg holes of the brands we looked into. The tray locked in our little man is snug and safe, even though we were concerned about the 3-point harness. The chair doesn't move even when he is rocking around. The hard tray has a cup holder. It is a great size. It's a little larger than a folding camping chair and is portable. The reviewers were disappointed in the height, so I attached a photo showing it is similar to a high chair. The tray switch is a little frustrating to open, but that might be a defect of the one we received. This chair is a great back up if we have guests over with a little one since the storage size is so great. Hope that helped you shop.

👤I looked into high chairs before getting this one. I've used it on two babies. If you need it for camping, a picnic, or an extra chair at a friend's house, then this is perfect. It's great. Really. There are many little nuisances that make this product subpar for at- home use. The tray is narrow. A standard child's plate doesn't fit on it. The plate shown in the picture is a Target plate. The cup holder spot is small and doesn't hold most cups. My toddler is frustrated that his cup doesn't fit because he has been trying to place his cup in the right spot. The tray must be completely clean before the child is allowed to leave, unless you want the mess on the floor. The tray can not be completely removed. It folds down and spins around. You want to get them out quickly, but there's still food on the tray. You're screwed. There is no easy way to remove a child from a seat. For time's sake. Sometimes I'm rushed and want to wash the tray. It's very inconvenient to have to fold it down to get them out. I wanted to pass them along because I wish I knew them before I bought them. Good luck out there!

👤I love this product. It is convenient and spacious for a baby to sit in. Cute and stylish. I got the summer edition of Melon. It works great, but I was a bit disappointed that it was not a whole lot taller. The tray is easy to use. You can take it anywhere. There are a lot of things to do at the beach, for example, camping, park, out on the patio. My niece is 8 months old.

👤We bought this for our baby. This was the best idea because I didn't want something bulky to take up space in our small home. The highchair is easy to set up and take down. It is very stable and doesn't move when the baby is in it. We feel safe having the baby sit in it even with the tray off because of the three point waist straps. The fabric seat can be removed and put in the washer, and the tray is easily cleaned. I don't dry it. The only complaint we have is that the black ink emblem on the tray would smudge off when we fed the baby certain foods. I took some cooking oil and rubbed the emblem off the tray. The highchair arrived in a travel bag and we took it to the park and the lake. It's one of the smartest purchases we've made.

5. Inglesina Table Chair Dining Black

Inglesina Table Chair Dining Black

Approximately 36 months from 6 months to 37 lbs. A painted steel structure. Most tables have universal twist-tight couplings. Minimum hassle at the end of use of the fold-flat closing system. The firm seat and Lifted Backrest give the baby more comfort. The firm seat and Lifted Backrest give the baby more comfort.

Brand: Inglesina

👤I love this chair. When my baby was ten months old, we purchased one for my parents house, and I ordered one once I got home, eager to get rid of my son's large bulky high chair. Why is it so great? It is easy to pop a kid in there. The tray needs to be removed by two hands in most other traditional high chairs. If you didn't take off the tray, he would flip right onto his face, even though he can sit up, because the seat was small and narrow. It is much more sanitary than any other highchair I have ever seen. If you can't remove the vinyl seats from the crevices, good luck trying to get it back on again. This one is very easy to remove the entire fabric. The tray is great. It fits easily in the sink and dishwasher. It's painless and makes life simpler. So much space was saved! The high chair is taking up 1/3 of the room in my kitchen. The colors are pretty. My parent's house was light blue and mine was red. Both are beautiful, and both hide dirt well, but remember, washing is easy! A large variety of tables. I would have considered getting rid of my current dining set to get one that worked for this thing. Fortunately, even my thicker table with built-in leaves could take this chair, so no table replacement was necessary. I wish I had gotten this item earlier when I was shopping for a high chair. $50 would have been saved by me. I can't say enough good things about it.

👤We needed a travel highchair to use at home because we didn't want to take up the floor space with a full sized high chair. We have a unique edge to our table, so we were unsure which would work best and ordered 3 plus a booster that hooks onto the chair. The Inglesina chair was the most expensive, but it was the best quality. It was very sturdy and easy to clean with a nail or vegetable scrub brush. We didn't want to return it because we loved it so much that we didn't want to use it on our breakfast counter which has a standard edge. The braces that go under the table were included in the Chicco Caddy Hook and the Regalo Easy Diner. Both are less expensive than the Inglesina. The Chicco seemed to be a little more high quality and visually appealing, but it didn't fit on our table well enough for me to feel comfortable putting my son in it. If you have a regular table and are looking for something more affordable than Inglesina, this would be a good choice for you, but be aware that the fabric insert will fall apart in less than a year, so be prepared to buy a back up. We kept the Regalo because it fit our table better. The frame is cheap, the fabric is cheap, but it was the only one that fit properly. If they offered a step up in quality that was more expensive, I would buy it. The Brica Fold & go travel seat was tried by us. My 7 month old could lean too far right, left and forward for me to feel comfortable using it because it only has a waist strap and no shoulder straps. I would have been more comfortable if one had the back and shoulder straps. If you have a standard table edge with no unusual curves, I recommend paying the extra money for the Inglesina's quality.

6. Chicco QuickSeat Hook On Chair Graphite

Chicco QuickSeat Hook On Chair Graphite

QuickSeat is cinched to dining tables. The folded dimensions are 17 x 8 x 13 inches. The snap-on tray is portable and easy to clean. The seat cover is easy to wash. Table skirts can be up to 5.25 inches. Only tables 0.75 to 1.5 inches thick can be used. Do not use on glass table tops, loose table tops, table leaves, card tables, single pedestal tables, or with tablecloths or placemats. Travel-friendly convenience is offered by compact fold and carry strap. A 3-point harness is included. A 3-point harness is included.

Brand: Chicco

👤I have a chair that I use daily in lieu of a highchair, so it's connected onto our dining table to save floor space. We bring this to restaurants when we eat out, so I compared the Chicco QuickSeat to the Inglesina Fast Table Chair. * The QuickSeat mechanism makes it fast to hook on to tables. You open the lower arms and pull the back strap to tighten the table. The lower arms have to be tightened onto the table. * The tray is dishwasher safe. You have to buy it for Inglesina or get the chair that comes with it. The price is lower. Amazon has Inglesina for 99 and Chicco for $60. * The seat bucket has a piece in it that can unhook from the table. You have to disassemble the chair to wash it. The bucket area is larger. Food doesn't fall on floor as often if there is a gap between tray and child. Inglesina has a large gap between where the tray ends and the seat begins, so food is often dropped down that gap. * Getting it off the table is a fast release. The grey and yellow tabs are on the back. Inglesina requires you to loosen the arms. * The chairs have a weight limit. There is aCONS. It's heavy. Inglesina is much lighter than the QuickSeat mechanism. It's bulky and doesn't compact down when in travel mode. The arm pieces fold in to make it easy to carry. Inglesina has pockets on the back, but not this one. It's nice to keep the kids utensils or bibs with Inglesina. Lower arms that connect under the table stick out further underneath, so it doesn't fit in as many areas as Inglesina does. The Inglesina seems to fit more of the ledges than the Chicco does. * Leg holes seem smaller than Inglesina chair. * The Inglesina has a larger tray. The Inglesina fits the plate perfectly, but the Chicco tray is shorter, so the plate hangs off the bottom edge. The main reason most people purchase these hook-on chairs is for a portable option to bring to restaurants or while out and about. I decided to go with the Inglesina. The Inglesina is lightweight and can be carried under your arm with a kid in the other. You have to either remove the arms from the chair or keep the upper arms out of the chair to fit in with the lower arms. If you have hand or wrist pains, the option to pinch the two tabs together to release the Chicco is a great option. The awkwardness of carrying it around bumped the Inglesina over the Chicco. The company has a good idea, but it's not quite there yet, and maybe it would be better if they provided a carrying bag to put the chair in. I originally gave them a 1 star review, but the box I opened was missing the upper arm pieces, rendering the whole thing useless. I contacted Chicco directly and told them about the problem, and they made me take a lot of pictures and email them a description of the problem. They were very kind and apologetic, and said they would be sending me a new one, but it would take a couple of weeks to get it. I will update after I have received a functional product. *

7. Ingenuity Booster Feeding Floor Self Storing

Ingenuity Booster Feeding Floor Self Storing

There is a wipeable feeding seat and tray for easier cleaning. The baby seat is safe and secure. The age minimum is 6 months. The baby booster is converted to a toddler seat. There is a tray under the booster seat. The harness and safety strap keep the baby snug. The harness and safety strap keep the baby snug.

Brand: Ingenuity

👤I love this booster seat. My daughter is 4 months old and can sit in it. It has an anti-slip bottom that makes it stick to any surface you put it on. The inner seat material has a soft feel to it, unlike hard plastic. It's a good place to put the safety strap around the chair. The only issue I have with this is that it doesn't have an easy-to- hold handle to pick up and move. It is difficult to reach under it. If you have to move the seat from one spot to another with your child in it, it should have a hand bar. This is one of the best feeding seats out there. Highly recommended!

👤The seat is a good size and it looks great in my kitchen. There is a gap in the grey rubber where the crotch strap goes that is difficult to clean and food always gets in it. It's harder to clean the white plastic underneath than it is to take it apart. Every time. Time. Babies eat five times a day. The crotch strap is the reason for the product losing stars for being easy to clean and for being security features. The crotch strap is not needed in this seat as it is designed like a roller coaster with a large rise in the center that does the same job as the crotch strap. Food can get inside the chair, but it is hard to use. You have to dig around the baby's diaper area to find it and you have to get familiar with the kid in order to get the seat buckled. I nanny every day and I think it is worse when you are trying to put a child in another person's arms. I feel like I'm controlling their body. Lunch shouldn't be one of those times where you have to do that with kids.

👤The booster seat is impractical and I wanted to love it. There are small crevices that food can get stuck in. The straps are hard to get out from under the child, and there is no way of moving them to place the child in the seat. I don't understand why the top cushion comes off. It comes out too easily and it doesn't fit well. My 17 month old pulls it out. I don't like it, but maybe it would be better for younger children. I gave it two stars because I think it looks good and I like the compartment with the tray.

👤I was glad I bought the newer version of the product. After you take the tray out from where it's stored, it has a fully supported base along the bottom. The seat can tip forward if it is older. My baby is not sitting up unassisted yet. She has been sitting in this chair for over a year. It's good for beginners. I picked this over the Bumbo multiseat. The tray has no metal springs that could rust and could pin change babies legs. The tray is higher than the bumbo. There is room for the legs if you have a bigger baby. The pads make cleaning easy. The bottom of the chair is where the top part of the pad anf seat is located. It is not missing.

8. Baby Delight Outdoor Portable Converts

Baby Delight Outdoor Portable Converts

The portable chair can be used for a long time. As a baby grows, the seat fabric lifts to reveal two leg holes that are perfect for supporting the baby. A 5-point harness keeps a baby safe. A snack tray, sun canopy and carry bag are included. It's great for indoor and outdoor activities. It's great for indoor and outdoor activities.

Brand: Baby Delight

👤My daughter is almost 7 years old and has Cerebral palsy, she can't sit her own and can't hold her head up. I was not sure about this chair. I'm very happy with this chair, it's got a nice 5 point belt, and it won't tip easy, I'm really happy with it.

👤I bought this for my daughter, who is nearly one year old, who cannot sit on her own yet. She needed a safe place to be when we went out. She is on a feeding tube and this chair accommodates that too. She can feel involved with the other kids because it is low. It has a sturdy base. The tray is not awkward.

👤This is being used for a disabled 6 year old. The base is stable and wide, and the 5 point harness works perfectly for her. She enjoys being outside without her wheel chair. It's easier to grab and go than the wc.

👤My granddaughter has cerebral palsy and I bought this for her. We have to worry about her falling off because she sits in a regular chair or couch. She is over 50 pounds. She sits up well in this chair. The straps are a little too tight. There are no bars on the arms or the front of the seat, it is just a soft canvas. It would be great if there was a bigger one for handicapped kids. Thank you for the product.

👤I love it! This was used on our first family vacation. On the beach, in a hotel as a high chair. We didn't have to take up a lot of space with a stroller because I used it at the baby shower. Everyone asked where I got it or how cool it was. I can tell he will use it for a while. There are some things that are CONS: The tray is small and unstable. If you're looking for something because of the tray, look elsewhere.

👤I got this for my son when we are camping. He can sit with everyone but still be independent. I only gave this 4 starts because of the high tray. My son is 7 months old, so he is still a shorty, but when the tray is attached it sits at his forehead level and is tilted toward him so items would probably not stay on. I am sure it will work better when he is a bit older and a bit bigger, but I was a little disappointed in that feature. I adore everything else. The flexible sun shade, the fact that he can sit or stand in a netted area so bugs don't get to his feet, and the straps that hold him in and keep him from falling out are all positives. The chair is very stable and it would be difficult for him to knock it over. I will use it until he is too big for it or breaks it. It's a good thing.

👤I bought this chair for my eleven month old and it is exactly what I was looking for. I was looking for a portable chair to leave in my car for when we visit friends and family and to use at the beach, and this is perfect, because my son cannot yet sit up on his own. The 5 point harness and canopy kept him out of the sun. We have not yet used the leg holes for standing, but I'm sure that will be helpful with the 5 point harness when the time comes. The tray is difficult to secure in the slots, but once it's in, it does the job it's intended to do. The straps are not permanent so that he can use them as he grows. When my brother is not using it, my 2 year old likes to sit in it. Highly recommend this chair.

9. Regalo Portable Activity Oversized Removable

Regalo Portable Activity Oversized Removable

The travel booster has an oversized tray for more space. It's great for use as an activity chair, on-go, at the park, camping, beach or grandma's house. It's portable and has a simple fold. No set up is required. InDOOR and outdoor. It's great for indoor or outdoor use. It folds compactly for easy travel. It is easy to clean with the ventilating mesh walls and nylon bottom. To keep it fresh and sanitary, simply hand wash and wipe it down with a damp cloth and soap. The frame is all-steel and the stitching is reinforced. The safety-lock feature is included. It's perfect for children up to 37 pounds. The frame is all-steel and the stitching is reinforced. The safety-lock feature is included. It's perfect for children up to 37 pounds.

Brand: Regalo

👤When we visit family, it was purchased. My 21 month old is only in the 50th percentile of weight, and he isn't comfortable in it. The belt makes it difficult to get the tray in, it is on the small side. It is easy to clean and compact for travel, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

👤It's so convenient. I am fortunate to have this high chair because it is convenient to have it at work or when my son goes to his grandparents. It saves space. It's easy to get your child into it. My son likes to move around a lot and I was worried it would tump over. The bag has a strap that makes it easy to carry. I am very happy with this product for its price and quality.

👤The chair is the first picture. There is a lip under the kitchen table. My grandson can sit on this chair, on top of a kitchen chair and his knees, bent with his feet on the kitchen chair, under the table. He likes it. It could be used as a chair in the living room. The tray hooks on in the 3rd picture. You snap the tray in place after setting it down. Pull the release tabs under the tray. The tray is on. There are straps that hold it to the kitchen chair. One goes around the back of the chair and the other goes around the seat. They pull very tightly. It's not going to fall off. It's like a camping chair in a bag. It was big enough for a tray. I like it. Good purchase! I would buy another one. Sturdy, compact, and cute. The price is fair. We'll be worth it. Hope this helps. Thanks.

👤We love our high chair. The cheaper version is this one. It doesn't come apart to be cleaned. After a messy meal, your child will have to sit in a chair that has not been washed in a washing machine. I wish I'd known this before I bought it.

👤I was hesitant to get this because of its material. It was easy to travel with and it could be folded when not being used. She doesn't need to use it with a table. Sometimes the table is hard to put on and take off. I thought the fabric would bother me. I try to scrub it down as soon as she does so it doesn't get stained.

👤This thing is amazing. We took it in a camper. Our 10 month old was perfect for it. He is 22 lbs for reference. He ate it and didn't fall out. We had it on the floor. It was a life saver. It can either go inside or out. The tray is folded up for storage. It is easy to use. I am glad I bought this one, it is not one of the expensive ones.

👤There is a "but" in this sentence, I really like this portable toddler high chair. It is a tad small for a toddler. The width of the tray only supports a dessert size plate, but it runs across the length of the chair. The tray needs to be wiggled around to fit. It is very easy to use. I bought this for my 2 year old grandson who spends 2 weeks a month with us, but we already need a bigger one.

10. Baby Delight Uplift Deluxe Portable

Baby Delight Uplift Deluxe Portable

There is a Polyester indoors and outdoors. The chair is portable and can be used from 3 to 36 months. The fabric isdurable. The Uplift is a standard table height and made of durable indoor/ outdoor fabric that can be easily wiped clean. A convenient cup holder for sippy cups or bottles is included. The tray is dishwasher safe. Simply use a mild soap and damp cloth to clean the chair. Added safety. The five-point harness and stable flared leg system provide added safety for your baby. It is quick and mobile. Lift up on the latch to fit into the bag. The Uplift is easy to carry.

Brand: Baby Delight

👤It has some practical function issues. I was excited about this chair because it would allow me to take my 7month old with me when we go camping. It is very easy to set up and stable. The baby has room because of the buckles. The table is easy to clean. The bag makes it easy to carry. The bag is large enough to hold the tray and the leg holes are small. My son wears clothes for 12 months and I have a hard time getting him out of the chair. My husband is going to help me pull him out. They can't seem to sit upright. My son is leaning back in the chair. I tried it with my cousin's baby who is 3 months older than mine, to see if my son wasn't developed enough to sit in it correctly. It is not certain if that is a common issue on all these chairs.

👤It's easy to use anywhere. It folds up quickly for storage and easy to wipe down. The extra space between the legs and harness is what makes the tray so special. When my grandson is at my house and we go to places like hiking and camping, it's a gift from me.

👤This is a life saver. Everyone asks where I bought it. We are always by the swimming pool. My youngest is 9 months old, and I had been struggling to bring his bouncer/high chair/bumBo back and forth from the house throughout the day. This was a big deal. It is sturdy and has a harness to keep my baby from leaning over the sides. I was hesitant to purchase because of the complaints about the leg openings being small and the difficulty in placing and removing the tray. I had no problem taking my baby out because he was already 18 months old and had big legs. I can place his legs on top and not use them if he is too big for the openings. I had no problem using the tray. I had trouble with it at first, but realized I didn't have the lock pushed down and seat open. The chair has a wider stance which is helpful in preventing the chair from tipping over. I read reviews that said the chair was short. This chair is perfect height for use with other folding outdoor chairs and at outdoor event table seating which is what I think it was made for, I'm sure it's good indoors. It serves as an outdoor necessity for my baby. I agree with other reviews that baby does tend to lean back a little. I think that is one of the reasons my baby loved it, he was able to relax in it and he already sits up on his own so feeding was easy for me, otherwise I would have considered placing a small pillow behind his back to help his posture while eating. I would recommend this chair to all my kids, as a mama of 4 I wish I would have had this for all of them.

11. Summer Infant Comfort Folding Elephant

Summer Infant Comfort Folding Elephant

An infant feeding seat with a tray becomes a toddler booster seat at the table. Your child's height adjustment is two levels. The dishwasher safe tray is three-position. The chair straps secure the booster to the chair. The folding design has a seat pad that can be washed. The folding design has a seat pad that can be washed.

Brand: Summer Infant

👤We don't have a lot of space in our dining room, so we chose this instead of a high chair. My little girl has been using this daily since she was 6 months old. It's very easy to clean and ours is still new. The straps can be removed and washed in the machine. If you are using the chair at it's lowest position, make sure to remove it completely once in a while. It's very easy to fold up and take along the chair we have used for traveling. It takes up a lot of space in your luggage if you're flying. It's easy to put on the chairs. I didn't give it 5 stars because the "cushion" it came with is more like a cover made of a thin piece of fabric you attach to the back with elastics. I decided to remove it from day 1 because I thought it would contribute to more mess than actually serve as a cushion. It's a small, easy to clean, space saving alternative to a high chair and I personalized the back support instead of using the "cushion". I would recommend this to anyone who needs to save space. My little girl is going to be 2 years old soon and I still use this chair, it has held up well. I am very happy with this product. The daughter is now 4 years old and still sits on the table without a tray. I have a 4 month old and he will be using this chair very soon. I was very happy with my purchase. Useful and long lasting. If you found my review helpful, please take a second to click yes.

👤The seat is ok. I bought a second booster chair. The red Fisher price booster chair is the same as a regular chair with a tray. I bought the Fisher Price for my second baby because it was cheaper than my first. The other seat is worth the extra cost. There are pros and cons to this seat. It's too high. I like to let my babies play in the seat while I teach them to sit up. The tray is too high, so her arms fell below. She hated this seat. She didn't like it at all and fussed after a few minutes. She is 6 months old, and is finally starting to fit better. This won't matter for older babies and infants. The tray is difficult to put on and pull off. If you don't line it up, it's impossible to push on. It can get frustrating, when a baby decides they want out it's instantaneous, and I don't like fiddling with the chair while she screams to get out. The same thing with the strap. It's not easy to get rid of. It does seem to get easier over time, but I think snapping on our other chair is much easier than this one, and I can do it with one hand. Pad on the back is useless. Doesn't offer any support. It's just annoying. Throw it away. The low price and lightweight design make it portable, it does not need a full size high chair and it is easy to clean. I love having a booster seat like this, our toddler is almost 3 and used hers for every meal up until a few months ago, and still now uses it sometimes when we really need her to focus and eat, she still likes it and fits, just prefers to sit in a " I can use the Fisher price chair for the baby and this one is just extra, we might use it for travel, or for the rare occasion both kids sit in the chairs. It isn't being used daily so I didn't pay a lot. I would not recommend a chair of this style unless you want to pay a lot. If you are on a tight budget, this chair serves its purpose, and if I didn't have a better one already that I am comparing it to, I would be perfectly happy with this one. If you're looking for an inexpensive second chair, then you're in the right place. This is perfect.


What is the best product for portable high chair with tray?

Portable high chair with tray products from Mallify. In this article about portable high chair with tray you can see why people choose the product. Pandaear and Han-mm are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable high chair with tray.

What are the best brands for portable high chair with tray?

Mallify, Pandaear and Han-mm are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable high chair with tray. Find the detail in this article. Summer Infant, Inglesina and Chicco are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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