Best Portable Ice Maker Countertop Crushed Ice

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1. Whynter UIM 155 Stainless Steel Built

Whynter UIM 155 Stainless Steel Built

Clear ice makes a big difference in the quality of drinks. You don't want to water down high-quality booze. You never end up with a half-filled glass of soda if you have clear ice cubes. There is no drain required for a built-in or freestanding installation. 12 lbs of ice cubes can be made in 24 hours. The ice scoop and ice bin are included. Stores up to 6 lbs of ice, auto shut-off when ice bin is full. The power consumption is 120 W. A food grade water line connection is included. Currently, it's rated at 1.8 A. A food grade water line connection is included. Currently, it's rated at 1.8 A.

Brand: Whynter

👤This is probably going to be the most honest and up to date review you will see for this fridge. This ice maker is more budget friendly than an ice maker with a built in freezer, that's because you have to baby these things for them to last. I am going to review my experience with this ice maker. I would use a water filter to prevent debris from entering the unit, this would prevent the build up of chlorine. The fridge is 2 years old. I had water leaking into my bucket and it made a block of ice. I removed the screws holding the ice maker in and unplugged the mechanism to make sure there was no more water built up. It works brand new after being cleaned. I've heard people say the ICE maker stops working. You can't buy replacements at low prices.

👤I know there are some negative reviews about the unit, but the bottom line is that it produces enough ice daily to fill a personal cooler with up to 8 bottles of water. The ice bin is full every morning since I have had it for a week. A bag of ice from the store is $2 and I usually have to throw it away. The thing will be paid off in a year. I bought the extended protection plan for $7 so I'm good for the next 2 years, but I have had a bunch of issues with the unit. I've worked through some of the issues with their customer support and even received a replacement part that I had to pay someone to install or do it myself. The part didn't fix the problem and now the company wants me to pay for the shipping and I don't have the original box. It will cost me a lot to return it to the manufacturer so they can fix it. It's disappointing that Amazon won't help in anyway, as they are the one who I shop with for almost everything. Stay away from this one.

👤I reviewed the three models at Amazon. I bought a water pressurizing pump two months ago to get bottled water at my cabin where my well water quality is not the best. I have a water bottle on top of the freezer. It makes ice quickly. There is no melting of ice in this unit. I've only had it a short time, but I'm happy with it. The instructions don't work well on how to connect the water line. They want a licensed person to do it. I had to figure out how to connect a plastic hose to the water inlet. I'm hoping I did it correctly because it doesn't leak.

👤We purchased this ice maker a year ago. We use a lot of ice in Texas. We have to empty it into bags. And very fast. It makes a little noise but is not noticeable in my kitchen. My brother bought one that was expensive but this one was very reasonable and I couldn't be happier. It requires a water source but my husband installed it in half a day.

2. FRIGIDAIRE EFIC235 AMZ Countertop Crunchy Chewable

FRIGIDAIRE EFIC235 AMZ Countertop Crunchy Chewable

The elegant design of the EFIC235 will impress your guests before they even try the delicious ice it makes. It's well sized for any countertop. Within 15 minutes, you will be enjoying the same ice you love from your favorite restaurant. It's accessible. Plugging into an electrical outlet at home is what the compact countertop design does. No need for a water hookup. 44 lbs. is high cauliflowerity. The bin holds 3 lbs. of ice per day. At a time. The water will simply be made back into more ice when ice is melted. The water will simply be made back into more ice when ice is melted.

Brand: Frigidaire

👤I bought this machine in December of 2020 and was excited to get my hands on one of the first affordable residential ice makers. It made great ice. Within a few weeks of purchase, I had a few problems. I put up with it because it's better than not having ice because it would leak and douse the countertop in water if it wasn't tilted backwards. At first it was low-pitched and quiet, but over time it started to sound like a nail on a chalkboard. I cleaned the machine with a descaler, but it didn't work. I decided to use my warranty and it turned out to be one of the worst customer support experiences I've ever had. They confirm my claim and give me an address to send it to, but I have to pay $50 out of pocket. They received the old ice machine, but they don't know if they're sending me a replacement. I had to escalate the case to get a response. I sent an email asking for an update and INRDeals We can either replace the stock or issue a refund. I'm not sure if I'm getting a refund or a replacement unit, but I'm sure I'm getting a good deal. They apologized for the wait and said they were moving heaven and earth to figure out whether to replace my unit or give me a refund. It took them almost a month to decide whether or not to give me a refund or replace the unit, and I have to buy another bag of ice because I don't know if I'm getting a replacement unit or not. It was very bad. It's a good thing that this is one of the top rated reviews on the first item you see when you search "nugget ice maker" on Amazon because the issues that I experienced with my machine are not uncommon. A large majority of the machines currently on the market are generic, mass-produced units from China that US retailers will just slap their name on - in fact there are 3 exact clones of this very machine on Amazon under different "manufacturers". I bought a smaller, lid-style ice machine from a brand that goes by the name of Miroc, but when I received it, it was labeled as a different brand completely, which seems to be a common occurrence for many. It doesn't matter which unit you buy, they're all the same inside. If you can, fill the machine with distilled water, because it may prevent some issues, but I haven't even touched on what a nightmare it was to clean the scale and build up from normal tap water off this thing. I hope you find this information useful.

3. Northair Countertop Nugget Maker 44lbs

Northair Countertop Nugget Maker 44lbs

Plug in the unit, add water and enjoy the ice. The dimensions of the ice maker are 9.8"x16.1"x19". Within 15 minutes, you will be enjoying ice. The top and bottom water tanks have capacities of 3.8L and 2.2L, respectively. Add water manually. It's possible to add water manually. 44 lbs. was produced. There is ice per day. The bin has 3.31 lbs. in it. At a time. The water will be made back into more ice when ice is melted. Press the "CLEAN" button to enter the automatic self-cleaning function. The large viewing window and indicator lights let you know when the basket is full or when more water is needed, while any unused ice is melted back into the lake for future use. Electronic controls for ease of use are included in the display. An easy-to-read push-button digital design makes it easy to use. On-time ice production is offered. The indicator will light up if there is not enough water in the tank. When the ice bucket is full, the ice maker will remind you to remove the ice cubes so it can make more ice. Any mechanical/technical problem is covered by the 90 days warranty. Any mechanical/technical problem is covered by the 90 days warranty.

Brand: Northair

👤The 26lb I've maker died after the one year warranty ran out. It is the same size, the same button layout, and the same as the older 26lb ice maker. There is no difference. Over the past 8 years, we have owned five of these. This is a large ice maker. The ice maker we tried was labeled as a 26lb ice maker. The thing was almost in my pocket. I don't think it made 10 lbs of ice a day. Don't buy ice machines labeled "compact" or "portable" unless you are actually trying to put it in your pocket. That's code for weak and weak. If you are single, the "26lb" ice makers are fine. If you have a family of ice chewers, you need this size. One last thing. The ice is soft. It's good for chewing. If you're looking for a really solid frozen cube, you'll want a completely different kind of ice maker, because some people complain that bullet ice machines don't make ice that's frozen hard enough. The machine is perfect for chewing ice.

👤It can fill our ice bucket in 15 to 20 minutes. If your refrigerator ice maker can't keep up with demand, or if it no longer works, I would recommend you to look for a solution like this. I bought a product for my dad because I loved it so much. The unit that was shipped to me didn't work. I contacted the company and they replaced it without me having to return the non-functional one. We got the replacement within a few days and it worked. My dad told me that this is the best gift I've ever received. The ice maker is a great product.

👤The ice maker is very good. We have been using it for a while. Within 10 minutes, you get your first ice cubes. They melt quickly because there is no insulation to keep it cold. As soon as they fall into the bucket, you have to put the ice in the freezer. When you freeze the wet ice, it sticks together. The cubes will melt in to the water bin if not. There is a button on the floor. The initial batches of ice were small, but regulated and made the right size for you. There is no bad taste in the water. It was easy to clean.

👤It works amazing. I love my ice machine. It is easy to clean and maintain. After owning for several months, costumer service took care of a small issue. I have had the best customer service experience. I would buy again because of the costumer service.

👤It is perfect! It was what I wanted and it was what it said it was. It was very easy to setup and produce ice. I am very happy with it.

👤We ran it a lot since we got it last August. It wasn't used much this winter, but used more as the weather got warmer. It won't make ice because it comes on in July. I will not waste my money on anything else with the Northair brand.

4. SOUKOO Stainless Countertop Tabletop Machine

SOUKOO Stainless Countertop Tabletop Machine

The water will simply be made back into more ice when ice is melted. 48 lbs of ice cubes can be made in a day with their countertop ice maker. It's perfect for everyone. The water spout can get ices cubes and cold water at the same time. Continuous supply is using 2,3& 5 gallon water jugs to carry cold water. The melted ice can be recycled. The 2-in-1 machine keeps ice and cold water. The machine has an easy to operate panel with buttons and indicators to show you how to operate it. The water spout can be extended to provide cold water. It's quite but powerful and ideal for your living room, bedroom, office, etc. Powerful compressor keeps use going for a long time. Soukoo has more than 10 years of experience in ice machine development, with advanced ice making technology. The ice maker has a one-year warranty. Enjoy shopping at Soukoo.

Brand: Soukoo

👤I need ice to live because I have hot flashes. It works well. It will not break your teeth, but it will not melt the second liquid that touches it. I use it with a jug of water. It has saved many people from my hormones. When people see me sweat, they just give me a glass of ice water and I'm good to go.

👤The SOUKOO 2 in 1 Water Ice Maker is the best table top ice maker I have ever owned. It's less of a hassle to keep it running with the larger format and water container option. I like the cold water dispensers. The water bottle I was going to use was a problem. I used to own a couple plastic bottles that had a threaded cap, and I thought I could just fill it with water and place the bottle on the top. That was not a good idea. The water leaked around the opening and made a mess. I found two things that solved my problems. WINB 5PCS 55mm 3 and 5 Gallon Non-Spill Caps,Replacement Water Bottle snap. The On Cap Anti Splash Peel 5 Piece is available on Amazon. The bottle is made for the correct cap and the cap creates a tight seal.

👤The water leaks from the top no matter what I do. I have bought leak proof lids for my jugs, but none of them prevent this from happening. I have to keep a towel around it or take the jug off. Everything else about the machine is wonderful.

👤The biggest downfall is noise level. The mini fridge I got was a bit too small. I got used to it. It sounds like 10 of them. I can hear it running from two rooms away. I'm not sure if they are supposed to be that loud, but mine is. It works other than that. It can make a cup of ice in about 8 minutes. If you try to transfer the ice to a freezer, it will freeze together, so I just leave it on the bin and turn it on, and it will melt and make more ice. It isn't running for long periods. I bought a separate bottle for it, which is shown in my video. Make sure you have a leak proof cap. The bin is terrible. I can't pull it out because it hit a hose or something. I have to wiggle it to get the scooper to work. If you pull the bin out it will leak water everywhere.

👤I really liked the idea of having a water and icemaker in one. When it arrived it was leaking water out of the back and after looking over the machine I found a part that was not connected. It was easy to fix. The manual is vague and doesn't give you much information about the machine.

👤The ice doesn't stay frozen, it will melt and stick together. We are not sure if we received a bad machine. We waited a long time to get it, but it's not working well just a few days in.

5. Frigidaire EFIC206 SILVER Ice Maker Through

Frigidaire EFIC206 SILVER Ice Maker Through

The top cover of the ice maker has a transparent window, which makes it different from others. It can make more ice cubes. It can offer ice cubes that are healthy. The modern design of the ice maker has a large transparent window so you can always see the ice being made. ICE is in less than 6 minutes. Functions: When the basket is full, their ice maker indicators will remind you to take out the ice cubes, and when the ice maker is low on water, it will alert you to add more. There is a choice of two ICE sizes. There is a choice of two ICE sizes.

Brand: Frigidaire

👤The problem has been solved because we are always running out of ice. I would have bought this a long time ago. The ice maker will deliver 26 lbs. There is ice per day. The ice maker is not a storage freezer, and when it is 27 degrees, it is not a countertop ice maker. The ice that was made will sit in the ice maker and be like a cooler. It won't get cold, but it will slowly melt and get turned into ice again. When you pull ice out of the kitchen freezer that has been in there for several hours, it will be around 0 degrees compared to 27 degrees right out of the ice maker. The ice from your freezer is going to last longer than the ice from the countertop ice maker. If you are having a drink outside on a hot day and not using an insulated cup, that may not be ideal. If you want to get the best results, place the ice out of the ice maker in a gallon bag and put it in the freezer for a while. That isn't necessary. The ice that comes out of the machine is cold enough to drink indoors. If you want to use the ice outside, place it in an insulated cup. The machine is very quality built. It was very easy to use. It uses lights to alert you of the status. It makes 26 lbs. There was ice in an hour. The ice was in about 8 minutes. A full basket of ice. When the ice basket is full, it will stop producing ice and resume production as soon as ice is removed. When water needs to be added, light comes on and you still have a full basket of ice. It only comes on once or twice if you leave it on over night. It was quite an operation. It doesn't take up a lot of countertop space so we can leave it out and it matches our fridge. It has a nice ice scoop which is great for parties. The ice maker is making ice every 8 minutes. The cord doesn't have to be against the outlet. The machine tries to drain the water when you are done using it. You can't just turn the machine upside down to drain it because there is a drain plug underneath it. That will hurt the machine. Instead of using the drain plug, I use a microfiber towel to absorb the water left in the machine. You don't have to move the ice maker over the sink to drain it because it only takes a second. I left the lid open to make sure it dried out. If you use the microfiber towel, it isn't a problem. It's so easy to use the machine to make a small amount of ice.

👤I'm a little disappointed. The model I received was not the correct one. The model I received does not have an option to choose the cube size and instead has a grey plastic top. The model number on the box I received is listed. I'm not going to return it because it's not important to me. It's frustrating and needs to be said. I received gift cards for Christmas but I was disappointed because I had been waiting for an ice maker.

6. Machine Countertop Portable Compact Perfect

Machine Countertop Portable Compact Perfect

The countertop ice maker can make 24 ice cubes per cycle. You can make up to 40 pounds of ice cubes in a day. You can adjust the thickness of the ice cubes to create drinks that are perfect. The automatic cleaning function can be entered by pressing the "Timer" button for more than 5 seconds. Please keep your ice machine clean. Electronic controls for ease of use are included in the display. An easy-to-read push-button digital design makes it easy to use. The timer has an 8-hour delay. On-time ice production is offered. The indicator will light up if there is not enough water in the tank. When the ice bucket is full, the ice maker will remind you to remove the ice cubes so it can make more ice. The counter ice maker machine can hold up to 2.2 liters of water, so you don't have to refill it often. It can make 120 ice cubes when filled. It has a recycling system that collects melted water and filters it to be reuse. It may sound high-tech, but you just need to open the cover of the water storage tank, pour water into it, and you are ready to make ice cubes. The portable ice maker countertop is equipped with the most advanced technology. They use efficient compressors in order to make sure that your ice maker produces the highest quality ice cubes. This appliance is not noisy or heat producing. The best ice makers countertop have a cooling system. It helps you save energy and also keeps the ice machine cool. The free standing design of the portable ice maker makes it user-friendly. Idea for your home, office, kitchen, bar or coffee shop. The basket can hold up to 2.2 lbs. It comes with an ice scoop to facilitate ice removal, so you have ice ready whenever you need it. It is easy to use, control and transport. Keep the ice maker upright for at least 24 hours before use.

Brand: E Euhomy

👤Garbage. It worked like it was supposed to. It took 2 hours to get ice. Never worked again after that. We needed to get a technician for every code the machine showed. Really? Where would we find someone to work? Don't buy it! Euhomy is a class-act. They sent us a replacement unit. We have also been checked in by them. The replacement unit is working well. There will be problems in business. Yes... What matters is how those problems are dealt with. Euhomy cared about making things right. Thank you.

👤I was looking for an icemaker that could make enough ice for a few drinks, but they were small and only made enough ice for a few drinks. I was looking for a bigger capacity. The icemaker is larger than the others. It is heavy and not plastic. The icemaker is not loud. It makes ice quickly, fills the ice basket and shuts off. The water goes back into the system when ice is melted. It's easy to fill and hold a gallon of water. The ice is clear and delicious, unlike refrigerator made ice. This icemaker is very good.

👤The unit was ordered based on the reviews. The unit was received on 11/27. Plug in the unit after following the instructions. I live in Florida. It is 80F. The temperature at the moment. The icemaker read 84F. The ambient temperature was 77F. The unit was running. Waited about 20 minutes. There was no ice in the cubes. This unit is ready to be exchanged because of the ambient temp. Not being within the range of 86F. The warm air is read by the unit. The unit should run for 45 minutes. Perfect ICE. It makes perfect CLEAR ICE if you are patient.

👤We were quoted over $1,000 for the repair of our ice maker. I can't justify spending a lot of money on a new fridge or ice maker when it's still new. Even when the ice maker worked, it would jam up and never make enough ice. I decided to try to solve both issues. We followed the instructions to allow the unit to sit for 1-2 hours to allow the coolant to settle and to get to the ambient temperature. Something went wrong with the unit. It never made ice. They immediately sent a replacement after contacting the seller. The second one works just as well as the first one and makes a bit of ice in a short amount of time. The process does not use a flat ice tray. It runs water over a tray. I put the bin in the freezer because the ice was wet. A small amount of influence with a butter knife was fine. This will cure both of our issues for a quarter of the repair price. We only had the unit for a few days, so I can't comment on longevity. If it fails early, I will update my review.

👤Living in sunny California means that we get hit a lot by the heat, and I am an avid hiker, camper, and wilderness backpacker. Several portable battery power stations have been purchased to power fans to cool down our camp site. If the use time can be extended through the use of a solar panel, I wanted to find an ice maker to use with those batteries. Being able to make ice on-the-fly is an additional bonus, and I wanted to make ice cream for the children. The Pros are portable and inexpensive at $170 and make ice quickly. It can hold up to 40 lbs of ice. Only 1.6A is used to make ice. Can be used with my 300W and 500W battery power stations. It's easy to use nrgGo, Suaoki, Rockpals, Goal Zero, Jackery at a camp site, it looks nice and professional, and the material feels nice and solid. If you are going to use this ice maker with a portable battery power station, make sure it can deliver a continuous 300W and a high enough peak wattage for the initial power-on. I was able to power the ice maker for 1.5 hours before my 500W battery was drained, but I was able to do this through the use of a high-capacity solar panel or daisy-chaining of power stations. I was happy with the ice maker. It could be powered by my battery power stations. It's nice to be able to generate ice whenever you need it, even if it's not necessary to bring a large device out camping.

7. Igloo ICEB26HNSS Automatic Self Cleaning Countertop

Igloo ICEB26HNSS Automatic Self Cleaning Countertop

The ice tray is perfect for drinks and fruit. For a delicious strawberry lemonade, try using infused mint. You can make ice cubes out of fruit, baby food, coffee, vegetable puree,yogurt and chocolate. It was designed for convenience. The ice maker looks good on a countertop and can be used for ice whenever you need it. If you fill the 2 quart water tank with ice, it will make 26 pounds of ice in 24 hours, enough to keep drinks cold all day. CARRY HANDLE: Carry handle attached to ice maker makes it convenient to move wherever you need to go. Automatic 5 cycle cleaning function makes clean up easy and effortless, allowing for cleaner ice every time. The ICE border custody. Stores up to 1. You can keep your drinks cold with 25 pounds of ice at a time. A quick freezing ice makes 9 small or large cylinder shaped ice cubes in as little as 7 minutes. Control panel. The electronic control panel is simple to understand and illuminated with lights, and it allows you to choose the size of the ice cubes.

Brand: Igloo

👤I was not happy with the product I ordered. It is non-returnable. I called Amazon. It will not take it back. There is no indication on the website. Beware!

👤We bought a new fridge and decided to use the product instead of the ice maker. We were very pleased with the purchase. 1. The little bullets are easier to chew than the ice because I set this at the cube setting. I also bought a manual ice shaver. 2. We did not see the cleaning function on others, but my wife likes it. 3. I turn it on when I get home from work and off when I go to bed. If I don't want to wait, I just grab a few out of the freezer that I have made in the past. I don't leave it running all the time because I want to save electricity and I also want to hear the ice cubes fall if it makes any. 4. The water we use is from the Big Berkey. 5. The motor is a light hum and it makes very little noise.

👤It's easy to use and you don't have to buy bags of ice again. Our tap water is terrible, so we buy bottled water and use it for drinking and ice cream. We decided to buy it. We will be camping with it as well.

👤This is the first review I've written in a long time. Don't buy this product from the manufacturer. The product is terrible, and will stop working and make a horrible sound when it stops working. The attached video has a link. I decided to make a warranty claim with the manufacturer because I was past the return window. I went to the website, provided all the information that was requested, uploaded photos and video documentation, and pleaded with them to help me fix it, replace it, or give me a refund. They simply refused to start a warranty claim. Why? I didn't have the serial number for the unit. The serial number was placed on the outside of the box. It's not on the unit, not on the label on the back, not on the manual, but only on the shipping box. Most people don't keep the box, which leaves to the only conclusion that they want to make it difficult for customers to actually make warranty claims. I told Amazon about it and they said they would look into it. Stay away from this product and the manufacturer.

👤I am very happy that I used this ice maker. When my fridge stopped working, I was not going to pay someone to replace it. My fridge is old and spending a lot of money. I had been buying ice at the store for a long time and spending a lot of money on ice. I am happy that I got this ice maker. It makes ice very fast. I use bottled water because I think it has a better taste than the tap water. I am very happy with my ice maker. If you are looking for a reliable ice maker, I highly recommend it.

8. Machine Countertop Self Cleaning Function Portable

Machine Countertop Self Cleaning Function Portable

Take it everywhere! Ice cubes are on demand. The ice cube tray is melting. It's perfect for outings and road trips. Also great for camping. The covered ice cube tray is great for chilling out on the terrace or in the garden. The HZB-12/C ice maker only takes 8 minutes to make 9 pieces of ice cubes, and it has an upgrated compressor. The ice maker will make ice cubes in 24 hours, it will be a great substitute for the old refrigerator. This ice maker is so quiet that you can enjoy ice making in a quiet environment all the time. The compressor can be cooled quickly with a quiet cooling fan. The self-cleaning function of the ice maker countertop allows you to not spend time cleaning it. Adding lemonade and soda would be better for cleaning. There are 2 ice sizes that are optional. It is not easy to melt and stick together the bullet-shaped ice. A large translucent window is easy to observe. It's great for cooling drinks or small water bottle openings. The portable and compact design of the countertop ice maker makes it easy to store or carry. Please use with confidence. Don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions. The portable and compact design of the countertop ice maker makes it easy to store or carry. Please use with confidence. Don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Free Village

👤The ice maker is great. It makes ice that is very hard. It is fast and not very noisy. If the ice starts to melt, it just reuses the water to make new ice. It doesn't take up a lot of space because it's not large. It would be a good idea.

👤I think the ice machine is worth the cost, even if it is cheaper on the market. I'm living in an assisted-living facility and the aides are very thin. I have a neat little ice machine that I can use whenever I want it, and I don't need to ask anyone for ice. Within a quarter of an hour, I had my first batches of ice, after the on-site maintenance guy got my ice machine set up. The product photo shows little hollow "bullets" of ice when I chose the "small" setting. I find it easy to ignore the noise of the ice machine at night. I only have to add water to the ice machine twice in the past five days because it's very easy to do. The ice machine was a great purchase.

👤I returned the one I bought here because it was so loud, it was louder than our dishwasher. bullet ice cubes are not sopping wet and they do it quickly and quietly.

👤The small size setting is my favorite. The small size is perfect for the blender. The set-up is easy and the ice flavor is good. The fan was loud. I moved it away from the cabinet.

👤I have only had it for a few days but it has worked as expected. The water is reuse so that is not a problem for me. You can hear the ice falling into the basket. It is not loud. This little ice maker is very cute. If my love for it changes, I have to update this review.

👤This is great. The small amount of water goes along way. It's easy to use and make ice fast.

👤The ice maker is easy to use. I love it! It's the perfect amount and quick too.

👤We've been looking for an ice machine maker for a while. We decided to buy one for our trailer because it met our needs. The ice machine my husband wanted had a quick turn around. We chose the portable ice maker from the Antarctic star. When the box arrived, my husband was excited to open it. We were happy with the size of the machine when we opened the box. It fit perfectly on the camping trailer counter. We're most happy with the fact that you can enjoy ice within 6 minutes from the start button. The ice basket is large and can hold a lot. I can feel a large baggie of water in the freezer. The easiest thing to use is the one thing I love the most. I am able to choose between small ice cubes and large ice cubes with a push of the button. The ice basket is full when the water level is low, and there is a light indicator to tell me. I give this machine a 10 out of 10 because I love it. I recommend this machine to anyone who wants ice. It's going to make summer a little cooler.

9. London Sunshine Countertop Ice Maker

London Sunshine Countertop Ice Maker

Any mechanical/technical problem is covered by the 90 days warranty. It makes ice and cold water. Save time with 40 lbs Daiily Causity, 1.9L water reservoir or connect directly to your tap. 7 minutes of bullet ice. 750g of ice per hour. There is a brushed 304stainless steel front plate. It can fit on most countertops. R134a is an internationally recognized eco-friendly refrigerant. Enjoy your drinks in a sustainable way. The electronic components are certified to be safe.

Brand: London Sunshine

👤All reviews of brands are bad. The icemakers don't have features that they should. Some features and aspects of this are better than others. You are not going to be very happy. The bad is that there is no insulated refrigerated ice buckets, so all of the ice will melt and cause you to have to reuse old water, unless you just want to keep generating ice and having it melting and recirculating. To clean or empty, the drain is a plug that you have to reach your hand into and literally pick up the entire machine and move it to try to drain it; it definitely should have a drain hose outlet just like it has for the water inlet. I discovered that the hose that goes into the bucket is not secured and can pop out, which caused water to shoot everywhere inside the machine, and leak all over the counter- This change needs to be made to make sure that the hose is secured rather than stuck in a hole. When I had to fix the leak, I discovered that the plastic was uninsulated. The ice bucket has no insulation around it. The size of the glass that you can put under for water and ice is smaller than a standard mixed drink shaker. A half inch extra would have helped. The crushed ice does not start or stop immediately, which is both annoying and a problem at the end. If you want the crushed ice to stop before your cup is full. The ice and water trays are small, but for a large machine it should do better. It is large and heavy, so it should be better. I don't know how you're supposed to clean the upper part of the unit, as the unit does not come apart, and you can barely fit your hands into the holes. You will need to add a filter because it does not come with one. If the sales team and engineers talk to a couple of customers, all of the issues can be solved. The machine only comes out when it's turned on, and the water only comes from the exposed water in the tank as opposed to directly feeding from your in-line source. The machine needs to be turned on and off just to get water even though there is a connected water source. The Dispenses are like a soda machine so you don't have to use a scoop or make a mess, and it has crushed ice, regular ice and water which is available only on a few competitors. It looks nice and you don't have to access it through the top. It was cheaper than some of the other brands that seem to have the same limitations. This is a great idea, but needs better engineering.

👤I liked the crushed ice but it tasted like nail polish and I have good water. It was too tall to fit on the counter, and it would constantly chirp.

10. Frigidaire Compact Countertop Bullet Stainless

Frigidaire Compact Countertop Bullet Stainless

Also, note: Refer the manual before using it. The 1.7 liter reservoir sits below the ice basket and can produce up to 26 lbs. ice cubes per day You can make bullet shaped ice cubes in less than 9 minutes. 7 lbs. At a time. It is easy to use. The control panel lets you know when the bin is full and when the water is empty. The modern design of the ice maker has a through-window that will allow you to watch the ice being made. Comes with ice basket and scoop.

Brand: Frigidaire

👤The ice machine worked well for a while. It was stopped working. I called the company because it was under warranty. I did not get a response or any required information. They have stopped responding to my emails. Do not buy this machine. The company doesn't support the product. I got a refund for the purchase price after several months.

👤If you follow the directions, you will love it. I use it to fill the ice bin on my main fridge, as I'm sick of paying $45 for filters for that one. I just dump the ice into the main fridge bin once a week or so, and let it run for several hours. There will be some water droplets at the bottom of the ice receiving basket when you remove it. I plug it in next to my kitchen sink and shake the water out of the sink before putting it into the main fridge. The small "bullet-shaped" ice in the main 'fridge can easily fall apart with a tap. It's easy to wipe down after. I move the front drain hole over my kitchen sink and let the water drain out, then wipe the inside of the sink with a soft towel and leave the lid open for a day or so to allow it to dry. It's a nice addition to the kitchen and can produce ice in six minutes. There is a Remove the blue shrink wrap from the front of the machine and the clear shrink wrap from the body.

👤I bought this item back in January for my apartment. I ordered black and it was perfect. It arrived in aquamarine. I noticed that it started to rust, but it still worked. It stopped working at the end of November. It was still lit up green. It's all about that. It was stuck on the "it's full" when it wasn't making ice. I unplugged it. It was drained. It should be dried out. I spent whatever time I had to find customer service. I only got 7 working months. The lack of customer service is what makes it the worst. My product support ended in June or July.

👤I read a lot of reviews and decided to use this one. I put it on my kitchen counter for a couple of days so that it could cool down. I have been playing around on my laptop for the past 2 hours, and this is so easy to use. I have a lot of ice. I put it on the large option and as the ice dumps into the basket, I have added a scoop each to two of my drinks, one for my husband, and several heaping scoops to save in the freezer. The ice maker on our current fridge died and the rest of the fridge is in danger of dying, so this machine will help us until our new fridge arrives. Getting bags of ice from the store was old. We decided to use this to supplement our ice supply during the summer. This is the first day I've used it and it's easy to use, it's not too expensive, and it looks nice. I hope we get a lot of use out of it. I'll fire this thing up every day.

11. Luma Comfort IM200SS Portable 28 Pound

Luma Comfort IM200SS Portable 28 Pound

The portable ice maker has two sizes of ice cubes that can be used for different ice-making needs. They also have an ice scoop that you can use to move the ice, so you can enjoy chilled wine, beer, juice, soda with your friends. Clear, restaurant quality ice is 5 times slower to melt than cloudy ice. You don't have to run to the store for a bag of ice again if you have a powerful compressor. Simply plug in the ice machine, add water and wait up to 15 minutes to enjoy your first ice cube. You don't have to wait long to chill your drink because cube shaped ice is created as frequently as every 15 minutes. Storage is easy with a side-mounted drain and you don't have to worry about spilling water everywhere. Storage is easy with a side-mounted drain and you don't have to worry about spilling water everywhere.

Brand: Luma Comfort

👤I've had this for a year and a half and I use it daily to make ice that's perfect for iced coffee. I loved it for the entire year after I paid $240. I called their customer service last week because it started making a noise. The agent was friendly and offered to fix it, but it would cost $160 in shipping. I took the machine apart in hopes of resolving the issue. It was disgusting when I opened it and cut the cable ties holding the tubes on. The hoses are filled. I cleaned the unit with a mixture of dish soap and water. We only use a clean scooper to scoop the ice. We use a water purification system. The filters on the machine are small plastic strainers and only filter things larger than a grain of rice. I shouldn't have been surprised when I found this.

👤I have not had any of the problems reported by others. I have been using this continuously for 15 months. I use bleach water to flush mine out once a month. It makes cloudy ice if it grows a slimy substance. If you want thicker ice, turn the unit on and hold the on/off button for a few seconds. The five seconds suggested in the manual is too short and won't increase the thickness of the ice. I would suck air and refuse to drop more water. There is a screw under the ice bucket. I use a paper towel to clean around the screw. The area under the ice bucket can get filled with melted ice, which causes ice to melt as soon as it is produced. I took a bit of the water out to get it working again. I found a better solution a couple months ago. I put the fender washer under the ice bucket. I used a piece of plumbing caulk on the back side to keep the water from leaking. The problem has gone away because the water fill stops at the washer. If the ice gets really thin, the condenser coils need to be blown out. The air is pulled through the front. I had to clean mine out after a year. I only use RO water for drinking. The salt in the water makes the ice thinner and it builds up around the fill sensor screw faster. I empty the water out once a week. That keeps the ice from melting. The water in the clear ice makers goes over the cold plate. The contaminants stay in the water until there is so muchContamination that it can't do that anymore Professional clear ice makers flush the recycled water to keep the ice clear, but this one can't do that.

👤Caveat emptor! The product and customer service were not good. It worked well for a few months after it was bought. Then stopped completely. This is the only source of ice that we have. It might not be designed to run all day, only on special occasions. Do you like Christmas? It took a few months for it to be fixed. It stopped working again. I just bought ice because it was easier than I was. It cost another $35 to return it. The company moved and it was sent to the wrong place. I will be responsible for that error. After a few months, customer service agreed to send a new replacement and two weeks later, it was not there. I have spoken to over a dozen people at Luma. Will not buy from LUMA again.


What is the best product for portable ice maker countertop crushed ice?

Portable ice maker countertop crushed ice products from Whynter. In this article about portable ice maker countertop crushed ice you can see why people choose the product. Frigidaire and Northair are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable ice maker countertop crushed ice.

What are the best brands for portable ice maker countertop crushed ice?

Whynter, Frigidaire and Northair are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable ice maker countertop crushed ice. Find the detail in this article. Soukoo, Frigidaire and E Euhomy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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