Best Portable Kids Bed Rail

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1. Shrunks Inflatable Toddlers Children Comfortable

Shrunks Inflatable Toddlers Children Comfortable

It is durable with reinforced seams. Bed rail function The Shrunks Advanced Bed Rail inflates when in use and deflates when not in use, replacing the old unsafe Bed Bumpers. Its ready to leave in 30 seconds. The Bed Rail is 7 inches wide and 48 inches long when inflated. It's compatible with any size bed or crib mattress. The Bed Rail is easy to slip under the sheet in the bedroom. The portable Bed Rail is an ideal solution for camping or hotels when on the go. Children can roll over and fall if they toss/turn during sleep. When The Shrunks Bed Rail is in place, they subconsciously are reminded to shift to the middle for safety without disrupting their sleep. The Shrunks is the original manufacturer of the Inflatable Toddler Bed Rails, and has been since 2007. One of the most prestigious award programs is the Family Choice Award and their Bed Rails are one of the recipients. The Shrunks Bed Rail has a lifetime warranty. It has a 30 day money back guarantee. The Shrunks Bed Rail does not contain dangerous foam since children are known to be vulnerable to exposure. The Bed Rail is safe from a number of harmful substances. The Shrunks Bed Rail does not contain dangerous foam since children are known to be vulnerable to exposure. The Bed Rail is safe from a number of harmful substances.

Brand: The Shrunks

👤I liked this bed rail. It was lightweight, portable and easy to use, but it was a dream until my daughter screamed. She landed face first after rolling off the bed. The bed rail deflated as I ran in. I noticed that it was not as firm as it used to be, so I would need to re-pump it a little. I was not expecting this. I went to Amazon to re order it because I loved it so much. It has been a month since I got it, and it has begun to deflate. I threw it away after learning a hard lesson. The idea is brilliant, but the seams are an accident waiting to happen.

👤We want to travel more with my daughter. It was perfect for a hotel room with two beds. Don't have to carry the pack and play. Stayed well inflated for two nights. This worked great on the second queen bed in our hotel room because my daughter rolls around a lot. We found these and I'm so happy! We push them all the way to the head board. Pros: stays in place when tucked under fitted sheets, tall enough to keep "sleep rollers" safe, comes with a manual pump, bag that hold both rails and pump, and patches, none so far. They were only taken for a two night Disney trip. Will update if something happens.

👤They were bought for use in hotel beds. My twins are 2 years old and outgrew a crib and pack n play. I made a square on the hotel bed by buying two sets of rails. My boys fit in the middle. The rails fit under the sheet. The rail took puffs of air. They deflate quickly and are small. We had a dilemma about where they would sleep when we traveled.

👤I finally got to use them on a recent trip where we were staying at a couple hotels with our 3 year old. I'm paranoid about her rolling out of a real bed since she's still in her toddler bed at home, and I don't like putting pillows around her. She's a typically active sleeper, she's not doing karate in her sleep or anything. She rolls around throughout the night. I slept next to her in the first hotel and only needed to inflate one for her side. I opened the box and thought. Oh no. I blew them up with my mouth because I forgot a pump. The pump is inside the box. It was very bad. I was able to inflate them with my mouth because they come with a step air pump. I put the non slip strip under the fitted sheet and it seemed to work. I could see it moving out of place if you kicked it and pushed it a lot throughout the night. I put pillows and cushions on the floor of the bed just in case and it stayed inflated all night and into the morning. The first time we used it, it worked. I am very happy with them. It's easy to pack up and travel with. They came with a patch to use just in case, and hopefully they will last some time without any problems.

2. Toddlers Decorative Inside Pocket Safety

Toddlers Decorative Inside Pocket Safety

The lab tested and certified to be safe, secure, and sanitary. Choose from 2 different sizes, both extra tall, to make sure the restless ones stay in bed. A reinforced anchor system and a strong steel frame are what it is. There is a decorative cover and a mesh cover. Why can't a bed rail for kids be safe and also look beautiful? They changed the game. The only bed rail that comes with a decorative cover is designed to match your child's bedroom décor. It has an inside pocket for toys and books. Little ones are excited to sleep in their big kid's bed. Twin, full size, double, queen and king size beds were designed to fit. Can be used with slats. It's easier to change bedding and get into bed when it's folded down. No tools are required for set up. The mesh cover and decorative cover are machine washed. The manual was enclosed. No tools are required for set up. The mesh cover and decorative cover are machine washed. The manual was enclosed.

Brand: Cosie Covers

👤The bed rail is perfect for making a big girl bed. My 3 year old was used to a mattress on the floor until we got her a higher bed. She has been able to prevent falls because of the rail. She has leaned and pushed on it and it has held up to her. It is long, tall, and attractive, and it does it. The pocket is appreciated and functional. There is an extra long rail on her bed.

👤Bedtime used to be a source of worry for us. The new big boy bed has been a total transformation after we unveiled it. The rail cover is a game-changer and our son now looks forward to going to bed. The cover has an inside pocket that he uses to store his books and one small safe toy per night. We were surprised at how complete the room looked after the rail and cover were installed. The bed rails we researched were sterile. The cover enhances the decor of our son's room. We have been able to take some amazing photos with our son because of the cover, but his safety is always top of mind. It hides the rail and provides a great backdrop. We are looking forward to many more picture perfect moments. We would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for more than a standard bed rail.

👤I wanted this rail to work. The cover is very soft and sturdy. The manufacturer said it would work with a slat bed. The side rail that the slats lay on is pushed on by the bulky corners, and this causes a big gap for the slats to fall down. I have to help others look at this rail by taking pictures of how the rail pushes it out. I gave it 4 stars because it seems like a good product, it's sturdy, easy to put together, and I love the book pocket as my toddler always has books on her bed. It's not compatible with my twin bed. I had to find a different solution because most rails have this type of corner.

👤It works well for my child's bed. He does not have a box spring. I was hoping it would work. And it did. He has been using it for a few nights and it seems very sturdy. I'm not sure how sturdy it would be if someone's child were to push on it, but it seems to be sturdy. I like the cover that goes over it because it is more pleasing than your typical rails and the pocket on the inside is a good place to put his water sippy cup or stuffed animals. Assembly is easy to understand, but it is difficult to get the mesh cover over. Overall pleased and would buy this again for our second child.

👤The bed rail made it easy for my daughters to transition from crib to toddler bed. Both of them love it and so do I. The cute and nice soft covering was what sold me, compared to the others that were plain and white. I followed the advice from a review and just zip tied the poles to the beds base, the only thing I had to do was put it together. It stays in place and is very sturdy. This product is well made and worth the price. When you try and order directly from their website, they text you when it's in stock, and I ordered it right away from Amazon, because they waited so long for gray to come in stock. I was so glad I did. I had it for 2 months and decided to write a review. The order was for Gray 43.

3. Medical Adjustable Stability Tool Free Assembly

Medical Adjustable Stability Tool Free Assembly

A safe and secure grip is needed to help you get out of bed safely. Allow disabled individuals or anyone with physical limitations to get out of bed unassisted or perform their daily tasks without having to get off their beds. Heavy-duty powder-coated steel is strong and can hold up to 300 lbs. Slip resistant handle, foam padding, horizontal stabilizer bars, and floor standing legs work to provide increased stability for users. The bed rail height and width can be adjusted to fit on either side of the bed, allowing product to fit onto any sized bed. The modern bed rail design will look great in a bedroom. The Bed Assist Handle/Rail only works with mattresses over 5 inches in height. It won't work on a platform bed with height clearance less than 12 inches. Easy to clean and tool-free, the assembly is easy to assemble. Simply slide under your mattress. To clean: wipe and dry.

Brand: Vaunn

👤We are very happy with this purchase. Every night my Dad says what he would do without this. It looks good when put into the bed. I want people to know that I did not receive instructions to assemble this in the box. It is so easy to assemble that I only needed to put the picture on the box together. It took me about 20 minutes to get from box to bed. Very easy. It seems that when it is fully inserted into the bed, it causes the mattress to lift up. This is not a big deal. It won't affect the function. It all looks fine, but the function far surpasses this little nit-pick. It looks great and works as advertised. All the way.

👤I needed something stable to use at the bedside to help me sit up and also when lying down after having a back fusion. The bed is 30” from the floor to the mattress top. My son made a small platform for me to step up on so I wouldn't have a hard time sitting up on the bed. The rails were the perfect solution. The rail height is about 7” from mattress top to rail. My husband was able to sit on the platform with one leg adjusted. The rails fit between the box springs and mattress, so there is extra stability for the rail to stay in place. This product is very good.

👤Love it. I fell out of bed three times before buying it. Any bed and any height can be adjusted. Sturdy. Also helps in getting out of bed.

👤It works wonderfully! I was worried about how the bed would feel for my father, since it looked like it lifted the mattress a bit. He absolutely loves it! It makes getting out of bed easy. His OT is fond of it as well.

👤I'm very pleased with the bed rail. I bought it for my mom because it is sturdy and comfortable to hold, and the cushion around the handle is great to keep her from slipping when pulling herself up. This product is far superior to the product I had previously purchased for my dad. It was easy to assemble. It also comes with a pouch that you can attach to the bed rail to keep things close at hand. It is nice to have that when my mom decides she needs it.

👤This was amazing to have when I came home from surgery. I need to use it after two months. It stays put and doesn't move. It's a must for anyone who needs help getting out of their bed.

👤I will be happy to rate the product when I can find someone to help me put it together. I was very disappointed that the item was not put together and ended up in a lot of pieces. It should have stated that. I probably wouldn't have bought it. I'm not as quick as I used to be. I will let you know how it goes once it is in one piece.

4. Munchkin Sleep Toddler Queen Mattresses

Munchkin Sleep Toddler Queen Mattresses

The safety rail is Grey and has a height of 18 and a width of 36. Push-button hinge folds down for easy access. There is a gap between mattress and bed rail. It's easy, 1-minute assembly. To clean wipe, use a damp cloth. Do not use bleach. It was air-dry. Don't iron. It's suitable for children between the ages of 2 and 5 years. It's suitable for children between the ages of 2 and 5 years.

Brand: Munchkin

👤The Munchkin Sleep Bed Rail was well packaged from the factory and all parts were present in the carton. This time, Amazon shipped me an item in a box that prevented damage in transit, which is about a 50% proposition from Amazon these days. The exposed bed rail assembly is easy to clean and has a pleasant appearance. The hinges and lock/release buttons are strong enough to last a long time. Time will tell. The Munchkin Sleep Bed Rail has a clear advantage over its competitors, because the hinges are designed so there is no way for children's body parts to get caught in them. The device is easy to use. The side of the bed is flush with the rail when it is open. Very nice. The dimensions of the product and the intended bed need to be considered by the consumer to make sure this feature works. I measured the installation. The bottom of the red rail's legs have to be at least 7.5 inches higher than the floor for the gate to rail to swing down 180 degrees without hitting the floor. The bed rail seems to be securely situated on the bed after the struggle to install and tighten the under-mattress straps. The Amazon description states that it is easy. This is an oversight that doesn't include the 10 minutes of struggle and gymnastics required to install the device on a bed. It's a misleading lie. I did a lot of research before ordering, including researching how products are installed. The Munchkin Sleep Bed Rail appeared to be the least designed product on the market. The hook and strap design is not good. The concept 6 is on a 10-point scale. There are no photos of the ridiculous mounting system in the product description on Amazon. It doesn't state anything about that design. The design on the main product page of the Munchkin site was researched by me. I found a link to a product installation page that finally revealed the not-so-clever design. The design ignores the ease of installation and changing of bed linens by the consumer and instead focuses on low-cost manufacturing and minimal shipping costs. Good luck changing linens and mattress pads without having to worry about the bed rail or re-installing it. The advertised "strong safety straps" that "eliminate gap between mattress and bed rail" is about the minimum anyone could get away with. The strap clamps are difficult to access under a mattress because they are not engineered well. The straps are flimsy and get jammed up in the clamps as one pulls them tight.

👤We needed a bed rail as we were going from a crib to a big boy bed for my son, and we had purchased the Kura bed from Ikea. I searched high and low and found this one. It came in different colors and was fun to look at in my son's room. The brand that looks similar is much more expensive. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a bed rail that would be half the price of the bed frame itself. It was a perfect price on Amazon and it fits the bed. I was disappointed that I couldn't find instructions before I bought it because I was afraid it wouldn't fit the bed. The product is new. We made it work. It's firmly attached to the mattress. I put a picture of the instruction manual in the picture so others can see how it works. This bed rail is very good.

5. Bed Rails Toddlers Mattress Children

Bed Rails Toddlers Mattress Children

Are you still hesitant to give a perfect gift for a toddler? It's a perfect toy because of its amazing patterns and workmanship. The educational toys allow children to learn and have fun. The only toddler bed rail guard that secures tightly with slats and springs, box springs using straps under mattress, or wood bases uses screws for extra safety. It's perfect for single mattresses, kid twin beds, doubles, queens, and kings. Pull on the latch to pull down the guardrail. It is easy to install a video. The bars are made of iron and can be secured without feeling the bars under the mattress. The pull down design is easy to fit around the bed frame. It is risk free. If you don't love the most sleek bedrail there is, they will give you your money back.

Brand: Comfybumpy

👤I love this bed rail. A special needs son sleeps in a queen size bed. I can't push his bed against the wall because of medical equipment. I started looking for a rail after he fell out and put a big goose egg on. This rail is perfect for the bed. The mattress has a pillow top pad on top but it was not thick. The instructions were easy to understand and the rail was easy to install. I was happy with my purchase.

👤We have a king bed and it works.

👤It is easy to assemble, perfect for a day bed, and it flips all the way. My daughters is a Pottery Barn Ava Daybed.

👤It is easy to install with video and instructions. This works great for my son's toddler bed. He can get in out if he has a little space on the side. I was very happy with this purchase.

👤I bought a long guardrail for my bed so that I could rest easy at night knowing my son is safe sleeping on his bed. The design is very convenient to open and close, I like the fact that the fabric is made of mesh so that the air is not restricted. The rail is light and can be moved to another bed if needed. The bed frame can be secured with a few options. 2 of the options are used by me. I used the straps to secure the arm of the guardrail to the slats since I have a bed frame with slats. They provide a long strap which extends across the width of the bed to the other side of the bed using an anchoring method. I bought another one since I have twins, because I was very pleased with the purchase of this item. My daughter uses a twin bed. I secured the bed frame with the guardrail and attached pictures of it to the full and twin bed. Mary was happy to send another replacement for me because I pointed out that the strap on the fabric mesh was too short. Excellent customer service goes along way.

👤This bedrail is great. Not getting one sooner is my only regret. It has made life simpler. Even with our super deep pillow top mattress, the platform bed we have is perfect. He doesn't wake up when I put my 18mo in it at night. It folds down against the bed when not in use. It makes my bedroom look normal instead of being like a bedsharing with toddler mess. I like that it doesn't run the entire length of the bed so I can get up without lowering the bedrail. Highly recommended!

👤I was trying to find a bed rail that would fold down but it was not secure for my 4 year old daughter to use on the top bunk. I didn't want to get one that was attached to the ride rail because the beds were custom made for my kids by a family member and they are able to be separated as they get older. The bed rail does what I need it to. My husband put it under the mattress. It's still easy to make the bed because the railing can fold down. I would recommend anyone needing a good secure bedrail.

6. Regalo Double Reinforced Anchor Safety

Regalo Double Reinforced Anchor Safety

SWING DOWN: The patented swing down feature allows this bedrail to pivot down and out of the way when getting in and out of bed. Double sided and extra safe, there are two rails that are 20 inches tall and 43 inches long. There are wipes that are clean. No tools are required to set up. It's lightweight. Securing: The bedrail is secured with an anchoring strap. It was designed with all steel frame. For use with a twin to queen bed. Only for use with the bed and box spring. Sturdy construction and quick installation. For use with a twin to queen bed. Only for use with the bed and box spring. Sturdy construction and quick installation.

Brand: Regalo

👤I bought this for my son's transition from a crib to a twin bed. It was easy to put together and install. It was installed 5 days ago. I didn't sleep after the transition. I was constantly checking the video monitor and going into his room to make sure he was in the correct position because he would do the same thing in his crib. He fell off the bed after the rail gave way. Thankfully, he wasn't hurt, but I can't put him in that bed again with these rails. I ordered extra long bumpers under the fitted sheet that I will use in conjunction with the rails because they are not strong enough to hold a 35lb child.

👤I'm impressed. Very much so. It was easy to put together. No more than 10 minutes. Its study was perfect. Our 8 month old son is sleeping with us. I bought these bed rails because he wouldn't fall asleep unless we had a queen bed. The mesh is flimsy, so it can be ripped easily, but they sell replacements for it, so no big deal! I'm very happy I bought it.

👤My daughter's bed needed rails. I had an issue with the rails because her bed was in a platform with no box spring. The mattress is in a frame. The mattress wouldn't fit where the elbows bend on the railings. I needed one for each side. These worked! I think it is a snug fit. I have to put the top sheet on the sides. If you have a comforter, it may or may not fit. Her quilt was thin so it worked. I didn't have to wrap the straps around anything because it is snug. The railings won't move. The swing down function will not work on this bed, but I wasn't concerned about that. I only gave it 4 stars because of the grey paint peeling off at one end of the railings. One of the ends didn't line up completely. I knew the cover would hold it in place and I wasn't too concerned about it. It was easy to put together.

👤I purchased two double bed rails because my twins were transitioning into twin beds, after I purchased a single bed rail for my older son. They were easy to put together, but it was difficult to get them on the box spring and add the mattress. The second bed was operational in minutes after I figured it out. My 2 1/2 year olds are rough on things, but they are strong and durable. We put them in the same bed because they sleep better and the rails never fail.

👤I have a young child by my side and I am a female. The directions are not very clear, but I am not good at them. I make it my husband's job, but I figured it out. They are strong. I don't know how that would happen unless it's installed correctly. I don't feel like it's going anywhere because ours is adjusted tight.

7. KidCo BR303 Childrens Rail Double

KidCo BR303 Childrens Rail Double

Installation is easy, no tools needed. It's perfect for thick mattresses. 39” long is great for in/out access. Comes with a pair. Cannot be done in a different way. It works with Twin-King mattresses. It works with Twin-King mattresses.

Brand: Kidco

👤I need something big enough for my King size bed, so I ordered this. I was very disappointed in the packaging as it was completely open when I received it and it could have easily fallen out of the box in transit. The rails will not fold into the mattress to allow you to get out easier, but they will fold up for transport or storage. They fit my King size bed that is 6 1/2 feet long and still has room to expand. The material is cheap but will hold up. You have to use both sides at the same time, not just one rail.

👤I have been using this for 2 months and I am happy with it. It seems well-made and sturdy. It sticks out less than 10 inches over the bed since I have a 16 inch mattress. I would recommend it again because it is doing its job of keeping my 5 year old from falling off my bed.

👤The description is misleading. I was looking for ratings that could be used individually. The set can only be used on one side of the mattress. Will be back.

👤The locking pins disappeared when I took the rails off the bed. I was unable to move the legs. I couldn't tell where the pins went. The legs couldn't turn. I wouldn't be able to store the rails easily because the legs were sticking out. This item was very disappointing. The rails would be great if you kept them on all the time and never tried to store them. I need to be able to remove the rails from the bed so that I can store them under the bed. We returned the item.

👤It was nice enough, but not tall enough for my bed. I had a mattress that only extended about 4 inches over the top, so I returned it. I think it would work well for a standard size mattress.

👤The box was ripped in multiple places. I thought the rails would be okay. The cloth fabric is stained with a red oily type of stain after I set it up. I am going to try and return the product because the paint on the tubes is chipping.

👤These are exactly what we were looking for. We were trying to find rails tall enough to keep our little in the bed. These are strong and tall.

👤Sturdy bed rails. I wish I had found them sooner.

👤The rails are great for their intended purpose, which is to be attached on each side of the same bed, which includes mattress and boxspring. My bed has a wooden frame with slats support and I only use one rail at a time, the other side is against a wall. The rail pinches the mattress around the wooden frame and must be placed on top of the slats to prevent it from falling between. I like the quality and support they provide.

👤Imagino vino mal porque ni una semana y se empez a deshilachar la tela. No lo usamos porque, I bebé est. El barandal est perfect. The barandas are not todos descocidos, they are todos calidad de los forros. No duran.

8. Milliard Non Slip Hypoallergenic Resistant Washable

Milliard Non Slip Hypoallergenic Resistant Washable

Foam is CertiPUR-US certified for safety and performance. Quality is what stands out in sleep bed bumpers. If you are not 100% satisfied, you will get a 30 day refund. It works with any size bed from toddler to king and even as a bed divider for co sleeping. It has a non-slip bottom so you can be sure that your child is safe. Their bamboo bumper is water resistant and natural, so it will last you a long time. It's easy to install and light for travel. 52x7x 4.5" The child can roll over the bumper, or push aside, and it is not intended to prevent falling out of the bed.

Brand: Milliard

👤Wow! I wasn't sure what to think, given the low price and the fact that it is sold for young children. We have a young adult who has nighttime seizures and recently was injured falling out of bed during violent shaking. I was not sure if it would be large enough to protect him. We won't know for sure until a similar situation occurs again. I'm pretty sure this product will keep most people from rolling out of bed in their sleep, it's impressive in size and quality. There are photos of the product coming out of the packaging and how it looks on a bed.

👤This product is a dream for co-sleeping mothers. I use it as a barricade to keep my child out of my bedroom and I get a good nights sleep. My child is 4 years old and would kick me or roll into me all night long. Since I got this, we both sleep better. I put this down the middle of my mattress because my bed is against a wall. My child has his own section now and this bumper is perfect for him. I can not roll over it. There is no chance of him rolling over it. When he wants his own bed, I may buy another one to put on each side of the mattress. I didn't get this product for free. I am a very happy customer. I hope that I can help another co-sleeping parent.

👤This is a nice piece of foam in a nice case and it is a great price. I am very happy with it, but I am not using it for the advertised purpose. I needed something to fill the gap between our mattress and our bed to prevent pillows and other things from falling down. I found a product advertised for that purpose, which is a long, triangular piece of foam. The price of that product seemed high, and several reviews said the foam was not thick enough so that it would fall through the gap instead of plugging it up. I was delighted to discover that this product is far cheaper and has good reviews for using good quality foam. It fills the gap at the head of the bed perfectly, and it is very nice foam. It is the perfect length for a full-sized bed, and it works just fine for a queen as well, leaving only a couple of inches on either side of the mattress unplugged. I hope this helps someone else.

👤It's not made with nasty, toxic ingredients and it's easy to climb over. I bought this bumper as an added protection, but it made me feel better knowing that she could not move to the edge of the mattress as an infant. The base is textured so it sticks to the mattress and goes under the mattress pad and fitted sheet. The company does not recommend that this bumper be used in that way, it is meant to be used for older toddlers in their own beds. When she gets a big girl bed, I will use both of the bumper's as guard rails.

9. Summer® Toddlers Accommodates Mattresses Platform

Summer%C2%AE Toddlers Accommodates Mattresses Platform

Helping child transition. The metal and fabric bed rail will give you and your toddler a sense of security as they transition to sleeping in an adult bed. The size is large. The rail is 21” tall and is able to accommodate thicker mattresses. It works with mattress and box spring sets, or with platform beds with a solid base. TheFOLDS DOWN: The hinges allow you to fold the rail so you can sit at your child's side or change the sheets without removing it. Stopping and being safe. The product is in line with current standards. The frame is made of metal. It is easy to exaggerate. The bedrail can be put on either side of the bed. It can be assembled in minutes without using tools. It is easy to exaggerate. The bedrail can be put on either side of the bed. It can be assembled in minutes without using tools.

Brand: Summer Infant

👤We got this for our child to be able to climb off the crib when he wakes up, but during sleep he may fall off. The full length of the crib doesn't provide enough room for climbing out of the crib, so it ends up being too long for that purpose. I understand that this is not the purpose of the item, so no starts are deducted for that. If someone else wanted to use it, I wanted to mention it. The major negative is that it is hard to fold down, the latches are hard to lift, and it stays below horizontal level, preventing you from coming close to the bed. It should be completely down so it would not be a problem for anyone to see. The way this product was designed made it easy to pull up a couple of chairs with their backs towards the bed and it was just as easy to use.

👤This bed rail is not well designed. The materials seem good but the assembly is terrible. The directions are not very clear so you have to guess. The steps did not work correctly with my product, as I did follow the directions. The screen had to go on the opposite direction because it looked like I had a different frame. The biggest issue came on the legs. There is a peg hole on the wrong side of the leg. I had to put the legs in opposite directions. I tried to flip one leg over to face, but the lock was really loose and I couldn't do it. We will return it. I wanted a simple solution to keep my child in bed. Don't over complicate Summer brand, it should be easy.

👤I didn't notice that you needed a box spring or that the bottom of your mattress had to be flush with the bed rail. I can't really use it because my mattress sits lower than the bed rail and the straps aren't long enough to accommodate this. Assembly and the cover were both pain to stretch all the way over, and I thought that was because of the pins. I was frustrated when I couldn't use the darn thing. I'm not sure how I messed up the assembly, but I couldn't get the thing to fold down. I can't get the thing to be disassembled to return it. I think that was a waste of money.

👤The product was awful. If the plastic pieces are sticking out of the opposite side of the mattress and the belts are tight, it stays in place. When you change the sheets, what happens? It is difficult to get the plastic back in place. If that side of the bed is against the wall, it would be in most cases where you only use the bedrail on one side. If the bedrail isn't in place, the child can easily push it off in their sleep or get caught in it. A dangerous product.

👤It was bigger than I anticipated. Almost all of the crib/toddler bed size mattress was blocked by it. This may be good for some people. It made it hard for my toddler to get out. It was difficult for me to open the pins. I don't understand why the gate needs to go down. A toddler cannot slide down it to get out. It wasn't easy to install and didn't stay in place.

10. Regalo Reinforced Anchor Safety System

Regalo Reinforced Anchor Safety System

SWING DOWN: The patented swing down feature allows this bedrail to pivot down and out of the way when getting in and out of bed. For added security, 43-inches long and 20-inch tall are SAFE. The American Testing Society and the Juvenile Product Manufactures Association certified it. For use with a twin to queen bed. Only with a box spring. Follow fit guidelines to ensure a proper fit. Spot or wipe clean is care and cleaning. No tools are required to set up. The rail cover is machine washed. The nylon mesh fabric that surrounds the steel frame is soft to the touch and comfortable for your little one. Securing: The bedrail is secured with an anchoring strap. It was designed with all steel frame. Securing: The bedrail is secured with an anchoring strap. It was designed with all steel frame.

Brand: Regalo

👤I was hesitant to purchase this due to other reviews that said it wouldn't work without a boxspring, but we needed something to keep our 2 year old from falling out of bed and onto hardwood floors at night. I decided to try this out because the Pottery Barn 'Catalina' bed doesn't need a boxspring. The metal "arms" sit perfectly under the mattress and the whole thing is held in place by the side rail of the bed. This makes it impossible to lower the rail, but I wouldn't use that feature anyway. My daughter hasn't fallen out of her bed because of it.

👤I wanted to take my 3 year old to the hotel, so I needed a bedrail that could be packed there, and this one looked very promising. It is not possible to insert the other rod into it like the instruction says because one of the metal rods was damaged in a way that makes it hard to do. I took a hammer and scissors, put them in the end of the damaged piece of furniture, and bashed the hammer on it to open it. I didn't think it would work because the scissors weren't going to open it evenly, but I was able to open it up enough so that the other rod would go in. I locked the other rod in after pounding one rod onto the other. There is a Wow! I was very proud of myself. I still love this bedrail because it was so easy to put on the bed that I used at the Disney hotel. You just lift up the mattress and put it in one end and the other in the other. I left it there with the cords. For a few nights, there's no need for the bedrail to be fastened because it's good for long term usage. The Disney bedrail was difficult to shove under the mattress because it was a different design that squeezed the mattress. There is no chance of the kid shoving his hands down the crevices between the bedrail and the bed in this version. I put the towel in the crevice so that it wouldn't fall off. The bedrail doesn't hurt the mattress. My toddler slept well. I recommend this bedrail to anyone. The bump bedrail is an alternative to keep your child from rolling onto your side in a hotel bed. I don't leave reviews if I don't like a product.

👤We used it for my granddaughter. The plasticgrommet had broken and was on the floor when I woke up. This is the same broken piece that others have complained about. We have another brand that is similar but not the same as the one we use for our grandson. Stay away from the brand that 888-270-6611

11. Hiccapop Convertible Toddler Reinforced Anchor

Hiccapop Convertible Toddler Reinforced Anchor

Over 500,000 units were sold. There is a lifetime guarantee. Only corrugated rail that is sturdy enough to support a bed with steel slats for 100% safety. The crib rails cannot slip out of place. Heavy-duty fabrics that will never fray or tear are UNMATCHED QUALITY. Design, safety, quality and customer service are some of the things that make up design. That's hiccapop! It makes the transition from crib to toddler bed fun and stress-free. There are asparagus in minutes. The crib bed railing is stress-free to install. There were no tools needed. The instructions are easy to follow. All major brands of cacti are compatible. All federal safety regulations have been passed. Paint without lead and no toxicity. All federal safety regulations have been passed. Paint without lead and no toxicity.

Brand: Hiccapop

👤My husband took the front of the crib off so our little one could sleep. He felt like he was trapped and that was not going to work for him. We haven't had a good night's sleep since my husband took off the front of the Toddler Bed Rail. He now sleeps in his room and doesn't cry all night. Sometimes he gets out of his bed on his own and crawls into our room, but at least we know that he isn't rolling off the bed and hitting the floor in the middle of the night.

👤I was looking for something that would allow my 18 month old to be in a big girl bed. This product does what it says it will do. My daughter can't roll out of bed. She turned during her 2.5 hour nap. She was sound and safe with this railing. I have a small complaint. The locks are very difficult to open. I have to pull up on the lock with the bar. This could be an issue with my railing. I can't just lay her down over it because it doesn't stick up too far. I'm happy with the product.

👤When my son got too big for his crib, we had to take the side down but he fell out of his bed every night. We tried a lot of things. He went over them like a boulder. This little beauty is a bug and he sleeps snug so he helps mom and dad sleep better too. My son doesn't notice anything under his mattress, it was easy to instal. It can fit a wide range of crib styles, which I really liked. It is so important when you have a little one to raise that this is made very well. My only complaint? Our son's mattress is made of plastic and metal on the installation bars caused it to rip. I cover it with an extra sheet. It is more than fine.

👤I like that the rails anchor the bed frame. I liked this but had to return. It was easy because I had looked at previous reviews from other people and found that the rails should be under the frame. I had to use zip ties to keep it strong. That was not my issue. The white mesh is the only negative. It is the smallest piece of mesh I have ever seen. It needs to be improved. The mesh was already ripped after one nap with this thing. It ripped in another spot a couple of days later. I would have kept this if they made the mesh more durable. Or something else besides mesh.

👤I used zip ties to keep the mattress up on the frame after taking advice from other reviews that said to install under the frame. I couldn't figure out the brackets at the end and I had to install them upside down. It was smooth sailing once I turned them around. It's not going to go anywhere now that it's installed. I don't have to worry about my son falling out of bed in the middle of the night. Even though the install was a little frustrating, the product was five stars.


What is the best product for portable kids bed rail?

Portable kids bed rail products from The Shrunks. In this article about portable kids bed rail you can see why people choose the product. Cosie Covers and Vaunn are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable kids bed rail.

What are the best brands for portable kids bed rail?

The Shrunks, Cosie Covers and Vaunn are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable kids bed rail. Find the detail in this article. Munchkin, Comfybumpy and Regalo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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