Best Portable Laptop Desk with Cushion

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1. LapGear Bamboo Lap Desk Chestnut

LapGear Bamboo Lap Desk Chestnut

DIMENSIONS - 17 in. L x 12.5 in W. It can be used for up to 17 3 laptops and most dimensions tablets. The Euro-style design is comfortable. China is the country of origin. It's perfect for auto home or travel.

Brand: Lapgear

👤Good quality and works well for the price point. I would like it to be wider to allow a 15” laptop and mouse pad on the surface. The cushion on the bottom is not strong enough to hold a laptop. It is tipped backwards. I have to push on the front to get it out. The cushion is made of foam. They don't keep it level.

👤I went back to school online and don't have a desk in my apartment. This lapdesk is perfect for having a stable surface for taking notes while sitting on my couch. The pillow is filled with beads so it can be adjusted to any angle you want. I've started using it as a TV tray to eat my dinner while I'm watching a show, which is an unexpected bonus use. I don't think you'll find a lap desk with a pillow that won't get hot when the weather is hot. The wood is easy to wipe up if you have any spills or crumbs. I searched for lapdesks on Amazon and felt like I chose the best one. I think it's a good idea.

👤I love my lap desk. This one was the homerun. The microbead filling is roomy but not too large. Pad is not white. It will look better. As nails, it seems tough. It was convenient to get it just before the show. I think so.

👤The lap desk is nice, but it has one major flaw. The cushion does not come off the bottom of the tray for proper cleaning. If you've ever had a family member who has a bad day and eats dinner on the lap desks, you'll understand why it's important to remove the cushion. I have an older model that looks similar to this one, but the cushion comes on off with the help of a piece of tape. I can wash both sides of the tray. I am able to wash both sides of the cushion to make sure the goop got out of the bowl. I can't do that with this desk. I am removing one star. This is one of the best lap desks I've seen.

👤I've purchased 3 of these at different times, the last two being within a few months of each other and therefore identical. The first lap desk was purchased a decade ago at a local store and has a slightly different pad. I don't like comparison to the last two purchases. The current generation of the product seems to be very sturdy with a well-made and adhered pad to the bottom of the desk and is comfortable and large enough to use effectively with a mouse for relatively busy work. I have a plastic version of this with wrist rests and a fabric inlay for the mouse area, but my wife doesn't mind either version, and I prefer the hard rigid work surface. I prefer that the pads are permanently attached to the lab desk, there is no reason to remove them, and my oldest desk has some issues, but I haven't gotten out the hot glue gun yet.

2. HLHome Portable Foldable Storage Working

HLHome Portable Foldable Storage Working

The portable bed desk is portable. Modern design makes your life more stylish. The foldable laptop table is portable and easy to store. You can take it anywhere. There was a mini light and a fan on the table. You can charge your phone or lamp while in bed with the help of the 4usb ports. No need to install. Put your laptop on your lap and work from there. The laptop table will help relieve neck and shoulder pain. You can use the edge and surface with confidence because they are cut and polished manually. The laptop table standing is 23.6" wide by 15.7" tall. There is enough space for stretching your feet under the table, and it's perfect for a notebook of 17 inch and below. They have tested the Max Load and it has no problems. The laptop bed tray is perfect for lap desks for work, games, reading, eating and school from the comfort of your bed, floor, sofa or couch. Great work from home! The table may be damaged during transportation. Please contact them with a picture of the product once it happens. You can get help from the HLHome. They will give you a solution that is satisfactory. Fans and small table lamps are free gifts. Not including repairs.

Brand: Hlhome

👤I like my desk. The packing styrofoam trim around the desk is comfortable for my arms and keeps the computer from sliding down. I use the desk when on the couch and have a block on the end table that is 18 inches from the desk's charging port. The charging port cord is too long. The block is pulled off the end table if I move the desk. Is there a longer cord?

👤I have had a lap desk for a couple weeks now, and I am pretty pleased with it. The drawer is on the side and I love it. I think it could be a little bit bigger and they could have moved the cup holder and fan further to the edge of the desk so that the laptop can fit with it. I have to cover the cup holder and the ports on my laptop in order to fit it, so I don't get to use those features very often. I love the idea of the free light and fan and how lightweight it is, so I couldn't rate it any lower than a 4. If the company that makes these makes them bigger, I would buy it.

👤I got this and I think it is great. I have a 13 in the MacBook Pro. A lot of leg room under it is very sturdy. I've been doing a lot of school online. Sometimes I just want to be in bed. I was worried that there wouldn't be enough room. I was wrong. It is high and wide. I took off a star because of the power cord. It's short using an extension cord. You can't remove it from the desk so the cord goes wherever you go. I wish I could remove it, but that is not a big deal. The mini fan is working well. I have not been able to figure out the light. I don't know if it's broke or has a fancy way of turning on, but those bonuses were cute.

👤The second one was not broken. It didn't have a drawer. Don't get this one if that is a dealbreaker. The original was original. The desk is a good one, but it came broken and did not have a drawer, which may have been a problem with shipping. I opened the box and found that the portion of the device that was free floating in place was half the size of the holder. The desk feels sturdy and the light can work well. The cup holder is easy to clean. Everything was put back in place. The legs are sturdy and easy to open and close, but they seem to hold up. I will update my review when I contact the seller about a possible replacement.

👤I was very happy with the ease of opening the legs and accessories. I bought two. The space is not wide enough for a 15” laptop. The laptop is larger than the space between the cup holder and the light or fan, so you can't use them at the same time. The collapse legs need a locking mechanism. The cup holder under the laptop is not enough to fill the room. Will only work with a laptop 13” or smaller because there isn't enough room for a mouse. The holders are easy to open. The cord needs to be secured to avoid shortening or breaking but they are not.

3. Adjustable Lap Desk Cushions Writing

Adjustable Lap Desk Cushions Writing

We guarantee satisfaction with a 100% lifetime money back guarantee and this is the best quality steering wheel on the market. There are multiple functions of theLAP DESK. This lap desk can be used as a car laptop desk, lap writing board, drawing desk, bed lap desk, laptop stand, and more. Get your work done while you watch TV or a movie. TheILTANGLES are adjusted. The laptop stand has 8 tilt positions. You can choose the viewing angle for your device. The plastic lip on the table prevents your laptop from sliding off the desk. There are hammocks. The cushions on the lap desk conform to your lap. The platform is big enough to fit most laptops and large tablets vertically for reading. Light weight and portable are included. The lap desk is easy to carry and only weighs 30.5 ounces. You can take the lap desk with you to improve your work experience. Purchase with confidence. The product will be free of defects in materials and workmanship. If you have a question, please contact the US-based product support team.

Brand: Huanuo

👤I decided to write this review because I wanted to let other people know that this was a good product. The box that the lapdesk comes in is much smaller than I expected, because it is well-made. The desk is very stable even when the platform is inclined for use. I use this with a Macbook Pro that is 13 inches and leaves about an inch on either side of extra space. If you are going to use this with a 15 inch laptop, you should be fine with 14 or below. It was very comfortable and affordable. The build quality is pretty good for an affordable plastic lapdesk option, but a cursory glance at everything seems to indicate that it will last for a while. Would definitely recommend.

👤The legs on the angle stopper part are too short to get a good angle. I can't use an iPad Pro at an angle that is comfortable. The angle is shown in the image. I am looking for an iPad next to a product. The quality of the product is good. It would be great with a laptop. It almost seems as if it should be turned around.

👤I run a full-time online business. I use my laptop all day. I used to hurt my wrists holding the laptop on a pillow. This is more comfortable and stable. Thank you!

👤When my friends see me using this product, they want one as well. It's great to use with shut ins to keep movies at eye level, and your ill person from hunching over to watch a movie on line. For my friend's birthday, I bought one for her. Would make great Christmas gifts.

👤The double cushion on the bottom keeps my lap from getting hot while I use it, and I love it.

👤I own an HP EliteBook 8760w. The laptop weighs in at 7.80 pounds. Its body is about 17 inches in length. I like to use it on my lap while watching TV, it's more suited for use on a desk. If I put a pillow under it, it will sink in and cause the air vent to get blocked. The lap desk is an excellent solution. The EliteBook is perfect for it. The rubber pads on the bottom of the laptop keep it from sliding, even at a steep angle, because the body overhangs half an inch on each side. The tab at the front of the lap desk surface that protects the laptop from sliding forward also contributes to stability, so I have had no problem with that. The body of the lap desk has two layers of plastic that don't transfer much heat. The top is closed. If the top surface is adjusted from flat to a raised angle, there will be more air. The lap desk can't transfer heat to the user because there are thick, comfortable pads attached to the lap desk. The item is sturdy and well designed. I would definitely recommend it.

👤If you were to see it at a store, you would probably not part with thirty dollars for it. The reviews and pictures do it justice. I watched a video they made, and it appeared to be a decent value. This is a cheap lap desk. It would be a decent value if it was half the price. The cushions are not very comfortable but they are ok. It holds a laptop. It works well if you use it flat. The piece that keeps the laptop from sliding off is a good one. If you use the lift rungs, I think it's a toss up as to when the plastic will wear out. I felt a bit taken when I received it. I kept it because it was here and it was useful. I use it every day. I think I will get thirty dollars.

4. Stellar Made Laptop Stand Kids

Stellar Made Laptop Stand Kids

There are six colors and two sizes. Make homework assignments, writing, crafts, and reading more fun with this lightweight, versatile laptop tray. It's great for writing and drawing in bed or on the sofa. The perfect travel company for children and adults is lightweight, foldable, and easy to pack up and carry. The lap tray from Stellar Made can be used in a variety of ways. A convenient storage space under the desk tray lid allows you to store pens, markers, papers, and any craft supplies for easy access when you need them. A flat surface is ideal for drawing and writing. You don't need to balance your laptop on your lap or find a hardcover book to write. This bed desk is perfect for laptop and writing because of its flat hard surface. The table is made of high quality plastic. The lap tray is fun to use for adults and is the perfect gift for kids. You can get productive in comfort with a laptop stand for bed and sofa.

Brand: Stellar Made

👤The item was not well packaged when it was received. The desk had a broken corner. I liked that it could be folded up, but it still isn't very sturdy once the base is locked. The lid is not locked. There was a compartment in the inside that held smaller items like a coloring book and crayons. I would not pay more than $12 for the mat finish.

👤When I got it, it was broken. It was not shipped in bubble wrap because of the plastic hinge on one of the legs. The broken leg wouldn't stay in the open position after unfolding. I tried. I liked the size of it. It was well over my lap. I ordered it because of the storage space inside. I didn't want to go through the process of returning it so it's in the trash.

👤My little uses it to store art supplies. If you are inspired, you can grab the table and draw before you sleep. It is roomy for a decent amount of supplies and paper and has been traveled around. The legs can be difficult to move. Would definitely recommend.

👤The desk was a pleasant surprise. It's big enough for my laptop and the interior storage is great for my coupon supplies. I have used it as a dinner tray without any problems. The legs on the desk are the only thing I would change. Even though they are not very sturdy, they still can be unlocked. I received this product for free and it is a promotional product.

👤So versatile! Things inside stay inside when the top is closed. There are several small compartments inside that stay separate. I use the lap table after I am well because it was so helpful when I was layed up.

👤Very small. I would have had to have my legs on top of my thighs. Definitely for children or small adults. After my knee replacement, I had to return to get one that was wider for my bed and sofa.

👤I was surprised to see how big it was. It works better than what I used to. I don't have to worry about back pain anymore. I like it.

👤Parts fell out when I opened the package. There is no fix. I have to take a break from work to mail it back.

5. AboveTEK Portable Retractable Non Slip Notebook

AboveTEK Portable Retractable Non Slip Notebook

If you have a question about the SAIJI laptop table, please contact them via email. A replacement with 12 months of professional customer service support is what they have. The anti-skid surface provides strong grip on your laptop and no more sliding around, and the double rubber strip on the bottom gives you more grip on your lap for a more stable display or typing experience. A true laptop computer desk that puts user safety at the top of the list is the Heat Prevent Shield, a durable material that protects your body from heat transfer and prevents your laptop from overheating when you use it as a laptop table. It's portable and easy to store, with only 15 ounces of weight and a slim 0.6 inch thickness, it's ready to be carried around. The laptop mouse pad is extended on both sides for the left and right handers to stop the mouse from falling off. The laptop tray is 14.125” X 9.125” and the mouse pad is 7.125” X 6.125” The Smooth & large platform supports various laptops, notebook and tablets up to 15.7" display, transforming your notebook PC into a true mobile workstation for use as laptop bed tray or tablet holder anywhere in the house, library or park.

Brand: Abovetek

👤I like it. I did a video to show you how good the grip is when I'm moving it around. It does not slide from side to side. You may want to get a mouse pad for the slide out area.

👤I like the form factor, slim profile and slide out mouse pad design, but it's advertised to be for laptops with a 16 inch screen, so I'm giving it 3 stars. The surface of the mouse pad is small and it's loss is devastating. Pay to the mouse if you look at the picture. The mouse pad is not as large as the mouse itself. I missed that clue before ordering. It's obvious that the Macbook is a 13 and the rest of the desk is taken up by it. Imagine adding 2 more inches to those dimensions and you'll see what I mean. I was sad to see that the larger version of the website was not offered. I liked the design. They should have offered 15" and 17" versions. I'm sending it back less than an hour after I received it.

👤I've been searching for a lap desk to use on the couch for a while, but after trying a few giant models, I figured I was done. I was very excited to find this and I want my mouse there. This is perfect for me. It's thin and lightweight, but sturdy. It stays in place and doesn't add bulk. The lip on the mouse tray has been effective in preventing my mouse from falling off as I move around. It's too small for my laptops, which are both 15.6" I was worried about it. It's not something I would care about.

👤My husband and I love this portable, lightweight lap desk. The Macbook and Zenbook fit perfectly on the lap tray surface. Our laptops are so secure because of the lapdesk. The mouse pad area is big, around 7.5" x 6.5", and has a small lip around the edge to stop the mouse from falling off, good for either left or right hand use. This is the bestcessorary I have ever bought. This is a very well designed laptop that is easy to use and has many unique features. You can use it on bed, sofa, couch, chair, recliener, in car or just sit on floor/ground with rubber strips on the bottom. I feel like I doubled my working efficiency with an extra wired or wireless mouse. The lapdesk comes with a well protected package and is very comfortable to use on a bed or sofa. I wish they could have other vive color themes coming out, but will buy one again for my sister.

👤I bought this laptop pad to allow me to watch movies on my laptop while I sleep or sit on the sofa without cooking. It was perfect for the bill. The pad is light and portable and has rubber surfaces on both top and bottom. I discovered that it is a lap desk. It's a perfect fit for our HP 2540P or Dell Inspiron 14. The mouse pad area is small at first, but it handles a standard sized wireless mouse with room to spare. The left or right-handed sliding mouse pad is a bonus. No mouse? No problem. It's a great way to keep your CD or DVD case out of the folds of the sofa or get crunched when either of our large dogs decide they want to cuddle up on the bed and watch too! It's not good as a beverage holder. My old laptop fits well enough to allow the feet to grip the pad and provide proper ventilation, even though it hangs about an inch off either side. Is it heat? The old Toshiba soaks through the pad. Solution? A thick folded towel or a pillow can take care of the problem if the stadium seat cushion doesn't work. I'm going to buy another one to avoid household fights over who gets to use it. Highly recommend this "pad" for its compactness and sturdy construction. A bargain at $19 US.

6. MAX SMART Retractable Non Slip Notebook

MAX SMART Retractable Non Slip Notebook

If you have a problem with the bed laptop table, they will respond within 24 hours. Their priority is your satisfaction. Small items can be kept in the storage compartments under the mouse pad. 5 different angle adjustments will reduce your neck, shoulder and back tension. You can set up your laptop to have the best viewing and typing angles. A built-in cooling fan helps keep your laptop cool. The destructable muzzle PAD is available. The laptop mouse pad can be slid in and out of your hand, even if you don't have a table. Soft cleft is deconditioned. The air-mesh cushion on this laptop table is soft and can be removed to lie on your bed or sofa. It can be detached to be used for other purposes. This large lap platform supports various laptops, notebook and tablets up to 17” display, transforming your laptop PC into a true mobile workstation as laptop bed tray, tablet holder, laptop stand, work stand, reading desk or for whatever situation you may need.

Brand: Max Smart

👤It's a cool idea, but it lacks function. If you use your laptop on the couch for hours at a time, it will work. It's not very user friendly to set it up multiple times. The pictures make it look like the mouse tray is easy to slide out, but that's not the case. You have to open it up, take it out, and click it into place if you want to use it. If you want to use the mouse tray on your laptop, it's a hassle to open it and move it. It needs some refining in regards to the mechanics of using it. It's great once it's all set up, but adjusting it while in use is too much of a hassle. I would not have paid $60 for it if I had known that.

👤This laptop desk is perfect for my GS65 laptop. It seems sturdy and well built. The mouse pad is great. It has a storage slot inside the desk. When closing the desk, you should not pinch the fan's cable. The desk has a place where the cable wraps around. It is very comfortable. It can adjust to many different angles. I knocked off one star because it seemed like it was on the pricey side. I would like it to have an adjusted fan speed. Would I buy it again? Yes!

👤I was looking for a laptop lap desk. I bought one from a different seller and it was terrible. It was made in someone's living room and had crooked stickers on it. It was a cheap desk. This is a laptop lap desk. The MaxSmart lap desk was great. 1. It was dull. It is tough and durable. 2. The mouse slab can be added to it if you are left- or right-handed. This is sturdy, and it is nicely stored inside the lap desk. 3. There are five levels of lift for your laptop. You can lift the laptop to eye level while on your lap or on a table. I didn't have to look downward to keep my neck from hurting. 4. The fan! It is very quiet. I believe that your laptop can provide the power, but I am using a brick battery pack. The battery pack is located behind the laptop. 5. Design. It has a modern design. Thought was put into making this look good. Techies will love this. 6. There is a foam pad. The pad that is supposed to be on your lap comes off. It's great that you can use the stand on a table. One of the other lab desk companies said that you can use the padding on the stand to take a nap, and flip it around to lay it on the table. I guess if you are working hard and need some rest, you can use the MaxSmart lap desk. Night time. 7. It is light weight. I think someone mentioned that it was heavy, but it's not. I can hold this thing on my lap for hours. I believe that this is a lightweight item, even though I do work out and maybe the squats are paying off. There are 8. You can carry it around with a handle. There are 9. It holds my new computer. I took time off of my schedule to write a review for an item that made me very happy, so you better believe that this lap desk is worth it.

7. LapGear Original Laptop Storage Pockets

LapGear Original Laptop Storage Pockets

The Integrated X 9 Mouse Pad has a work surface. It fits up to 15.7" laptops. There is a 7 inch surface. Left- There are mouse pads for the right hand. Keeping you cool, the Cushion forms to your Lap. And comfortable. There are two hidden storage compartments.

Brand: Lapgear

👤I was excited about the lap desk, however, I quickly realized that I couldn't use it. The wrist guard is too large. It forces your hand to be in the air. Something that was supposed to help enhance comfort caused pain to my wrist. I tried to use the mouse from the side to avoid the wrist cushion, but it didn't work out. Nothing worked to make the pain go away. The product is sturdy and well made, and the concept seems to be on track. It didn't work for me. Returned it without the cushion.

👤The desk works. I use this desk upside down because the wrist rests are too hard. This is doable because the mouse pads are on both sides. The curved edge of the desk is something you have to deal with. The desk has pockets and a carrying handle. I will replace the desk anytime soon because my grievances are not great. I would look at other desks first if I were shopping for a new lap desk. The carrying handle is a pros. It makes moving the desk very easy. There are two storage pockets. I keep my mouse in one pocket and my laptop in the other. You can hang the pockets if you want, but they are on the other side of the pockets. - The beanbag pillows have a cushion. The space for the pockets is supposed to promote air circulation so your lap doesn't get hot. I have never seen a hot lap, so I guess that works. I use the desk upside down because of the wrist rest. When the desk is upside down, having both of the mouse pads makes it usable. The desk is low on me. It may sit well on you. I have to sit with my legs crossed or propped up for the keyboard to be able to type for long periods of time. It doesn't fit a full keyboard. I use a full-sized keyboard with the number pad for work and it leaves little room on the lap desk for my mouse. This desk is a good size for a keyboard without the number pad.

👤A desk that fits the lap is the same as a piece of plastic, a thin pillow, and a hard bumpy wrist rest. This is on sale for $19. I think I should have put out more for a better version. The padding is made of styrofoam. A bean bag is more akin to this. It's not a cushion for your laptop to sit on. It's not bad, but it's not worth much. I am unable to adjust it's fluff because it's too stiff. The wrist rest is the end of the matter. It's not like my laptop or standard keyboard, it's hard bumps along the bottom. It's better than nothing, but the padding material is the same as the mousepad traction, making me think they just really cheapened the material design costs to limit having too many different features. The pouches are not used much. While I can fit a wireless mouse in them, or a tiny battery bank, I find myself never using them because I set the whole thing down as a tray, or take my mouse and laptop off and set the desk aside when I'm on the go. All in all, I'm going to keep using this, because it's good for now, but it could be better.

8. Adjustable Lap Desk Cushions Writing

Adjustable Lap Desk Cushions Writing

Purchase with confidence. The product will be free of defects in materials and workmanship. Any questions can be directed to the US-based product support team. There are multiple functions of theLAP DESK. This lap desk can be used as a car laptop desk, lap writing board, drawing desk, bed lap desk, laptop stand, and more. Get your work done more comfortably while you watch tv or a movie. TheILTANGLES are adjusted. The laptop stand has 6 tilt positions. You can choose the viewing angle for your device. Left- and right-handed users can use the mouse pad on both sides. Light weight and portable are included. The lap desk is easy to carry and only weighs 3.08 lbs. Take the lap desk with you to the coffee house, library, airport, or office for an improved work experience. There are hammocks. The cushions on the lap desk conform to your lap. The platform is big enough to fit most laptops and tablets with a vertically oriented screen. If you have any questions, please contact their US-based product support team.

Brand: Huanuo

👤When I use my laptop in bed, I ordered this lap desk. I use my laptop a lot to grade, watch movies, play games, etc. I was looking for something that would be comfortable. The soft padding on the bottom makes this desk very comfortable. I can have it resting on my lap for a long time without feeling any pain. I like that it has different angles for the desk. I prefer a mouse over a laptop touchpad and those features are very helpful. I think it would have been better if it had been made with better quality in mind. The desk is made of plastic. Sometimes the plastic part gets stuck and doesn't move. Sometimes the mousepad doesn't come out or click into place. I would give it full stars if it was of higher quality.

👤The product is not worth the money, I paid for it. It is light but not heavy duty. It would have been better to cover it with fabric or something else than leave the plastic finish. The side mouse tray sits at an angle and there are no brackets to keep the mouse from sliding off when the laptop is moved. The pads should have been bigger to keep the base from sinking into your knees or thighs as it sits on your lap. I will be returning it soon.

👤It is very flimsy. The cushions are comfortable. The mouse tray is a poor design that could have been altered and more functional if it was not for the fact that you have to remove it when not in use.

👤Even though the description said it was for 15 inch laptops, this desk fit my laptop perfectly. I wanted something with a cushion and an extendable mouse tray, and this was what I got. It's comfortable, but it does feel cheap. I don't use the height for that reason, but I don't really need it anyway. I would have liked the desk to be a bit longer. There aren't many desks that can fit a hub, even in the price range of this one. I recommend this product and it is rated 4 out of 5 stars by me.

👤The corner of the box was the place where the damage occurred. It was damaged and still sent to me.

👤I have mixed feelings about this desk. I bought this because I was getting a lot of bruise on my legs from having my laptop on them all day. I like the fact that the angle of the laptop is adjusted on the lap desk so that I can see straight ahead and not down. If you have neck strain, you need to stop looking down and start looking ahead. I'm not sure if this lap desk is the right one, but a lap desk like this will help. It's a little flimsy. The plastic that holds up the laptop is thin and will crack soon. There is a There's not enough cushion beads in the part that sits on my lap that's furthest away from my knees. The bumper that's closer to my stomach is where the beads like to collect. The bumper needs to be more cushiony, as it goes all the way out to the plastic corners. I don't need the plastic corners anymore, and that's a design flaw. I can't find a lap desk that's soft and comfy, so I'm going to use this until I find something. This is still better than nothing. I can't see how anyone could successfully use the mouse pad without it breaking in the first few uses. If you use a separate mouse instead of the track pad on your laptop, you might want to consider a different one.

9. Mind Reader Portable Cushion Comfort

Mind Reader Portable Cushion Comfort

All purpose lap desk is perfect for all types of laptops. It works on a laptop up to the size of 15.6" When browsing the web, the Cushion provides comfort and stability. Correct angle for optimal screen viewing is provided. The handle is built-in for easy carrying. Light weight will allow you to take it on the go. The lap desk can be brought to the home or office. It is possible to work on your lap desk for long hours with the help of the MICROBEAD LAP PAD. DIMENSIONS - 17 in. L x 12.5 in W.

Brand: Mind Reader

👤This works as it is supposed to. The reason I gave a 3 stars was because the cushion doesn't cover the whole table and leaves a mark on my thighs. The table is made of plastic. Sometimes my laptop slides. I wouldn't buy this product again. The hassle of it is too much for me to return it.

👤It works great with my Macbook Air. On each side, there is about 2 1/2 inches. Mac only slides if I tip it up. I bought UOTOO 8 Pcs Laptop Rubber Feet to put at the front of the lap desk and two more to put on the back of my MacBook which stops it from sliding. Light and comfortable. Not cheap or flimsy. The pads are nice. I won't scratch the end table where I sit if I don't use it the same way I used the metal one. I have it on my lap.

👤Very light. Doesn't get overheated with a 14-inch chromebook running on it. The surface could have been improved with a few pieces of grip tape. When I reach for a Dorito, my chromebook slides off the hard plastic surface onto the bed/couch. This thing would be perfect if it was a tacky surface. Do not eat Doritos. Never.

👤I got this from the Amazon Warehouse and it saved me a few dollars. It was in excellent condition. My 5 year old granddaughter is learning to write. She loves me. It's light and durable. She can easily move it to where she wants. I chose black instead of a child's print. She is cool because she is black and she is like a grandma. It's a good thing. As she grows up, basic black will work. I put these in the washer/dryer and they clean up well, without any damage. This product is very good.

👤It's a cheap piece of plastic, but it does what I need. The laptop was overheating because the vents were being covered. The problem was solved by this. Is it good? Maybe not. It raises my laptop enough to support my hands while I type. It would be better if it had an extension for my mouse. I can live without it. Would I buy it again? Hopefully it is strong enough that I won't have cat astrophic failure. Our cats like it too.

👤I got this lap desk so that I could type on my iPad keyboard in meetings where I don't have a table to set the iPad on, but I find that this doesn't help me with that purpose. It provides height and added stability, but as I've found out, most iPad keyboard cases don't lock the screen into place, which means it can easily fall over while you're typing if it's not on an evenly level surface. The lap desk didn't fix the problem for me because my knees are at a lower elevation than my thighs are, and the desk still leans at an angle toward the ground. If I had an even elevation from my thighs to my knees, this would be a good product.

10. AMERIERGO Lap Desk Platform Anti Slip

AMERIERGO Lap Desk Platform Anti Slip

FASHION AND DURABLE: The Lightter Car Laptop and Food Steering Wheel Tray is made from high quality material and is strong. They offer a Gray version so that you can choose the one that's right for you. There is more convenience with accessible hands. You can take the lap desk with you when you travel. You can handle urgent work with this lap desk. You should organize your work. EFFICIENT: You can use the lap desk stand as a phone holder, pen holder, or tablet holder, so you can respond to incoming messages while you focus on your laptop. It is thoughtful and efficient. Wrist rest, a built-in mouse pad, and a comfortable experience are some of the benefits of a wrist rest. There is a dual cushion under the lap desk. It's perfect for largeSDLT. The lap desk is 21.6 inches wide and 14 inches tall and can fit up to 17 inch laptops. The mouse pad is still accessible for smaller laptops. Pick the mouse pad function you need. There is aTILE LAP DESK. This desk can be used as a gaming desk, drawing desk for a sofa, working desk for laptop, and so on.

Brand: Ameriergo

👤If you put a 17 inch laptop on this, it will take almost the entire width of the tray and leave very little room for an external mouse. You need to let the keyboard hang over a little to use the full space on the mouse. It works well for occasional use, but I would really prefer a bigger solution. If I use it on my lap, the tray should be covered with padding so it doesn't slide away from me.

👤I like this one. I have had a few and this one is very comfortable. The mouse pad is small. I use a mousepad over it. If you don't want to use one, it does work. The pad under your wrists doesn't go all the way to the ends when you are on your lap, that's the only downside. It is still a lot better than the others. It's very lightweight and uses a wood like base. I use the slot for the iPad to keep a pen handy, as I don't use this with my iPad. If you're looking for a good lap desk, it's worth a try.

👤I was looking for something to help elevate my laptop while I was sitting elsewhere. Working from home. This turned out to be perfect. It supports my wrists nicely and is the right height and angle to type on. It helps boost the laptop up just a bit. It is very sturdy and not cheap. It was a great price and it was perfect for what I needed. I strongly recommend.

👤I just got a lap desk. It's pretty. I need more space to use my mouse on the included mouse pad. I shared the size of it for a laptop of the same size as mine, which was 16. The lap desk is not for a 16.65 inch desk, despite their description that it will fit up to 17 inches. The lap desk is not large enough to fit at a 15” laptop. I need to use it immediately in order to work from home, but I have to order another one from another company that will fit my laptop and allow me to use the mouse pad as I am supposed to. I was so excited to use it.

👤I assumed that it was big enough for a 17 inch laptop, but it is not. Can you put a laptop on it? Yes. Can you still use the mouse on the side? No. It's perfect for a 15 inch laptop. It is not ideal for a 17 inch. It's still good quality for the price. I don't think it's appropriate to say it supports a 17 inch laptop. The bamboo lap desk was large enough for my laptop and mouse, and it had holes in it.

👤I own a 13 inch laptop and a trackball. I use this lapdesk to sit and work, and both fit well on it. The platform is thick and strong, which would bend if I tried to leave it. Move the laptop to get it up. I gave it 4 stars because it is lightweight. The fabric they chose is kind of squishy on my forearms where the wrist rest is, so I don't like it in the comfort category. It's not against my skin on the bottom. Would recommend and get it again.

11. HUANUO Lap Laptop Desk Anti Slip

HUANUO Lap Laptop Desk Anti Slip

The hollow design reduces the contact area with the desktop, which is more favorable to heat dissipation. It's the perfect size for pantyhose. The laptop desk can fit up to 15 laptops and is 17 x 12.8 x 3.5 inches. When using a laptop that is 14” in size or smaller, there is enough surface space for a mouse. The lap desk has an anti-slip wrist pad, a storage pocket, and a tablet holder. The fitness accessory is sufficiently rugged. Their laptop lap desk is built with a sturdy platform and a cushion that will fit your lap to provide more comfort and stability. The lap desk is modern and appealing with a brown wood grain platform and gray fabric covered foam pad. It is light and portable. The lap desk is very light and has a storage pocket that can be used as a carrying handle.

Brand: Huanuo

👤I did a lot of research before getting this one. There were a lot of options that had cups. I didn't need that. I wanted a lap desk with few perks. This one is a good price for what I was looking for. It has a pouch in the back that I think fits my AirPods, but not much else. Maybe a snack? I don't think you can put your phone in the slot at the same time with your laptop, so I wouldn't trust the photos that are advertised. I have the 13'' 2020 in my pictures. MacBook Pro is the smallest size of the current MB's. The remote is smaller than my phone. The advertised picture shows that it can fit a laptop and phone in the slot, but it really can't unless you have an 11'' screen. I don't really care. This is only for people who want to buy this to be able to put their phone up and have a mouse. I don't have a lot of room to use my mouse, but I can lay it down. It's a Triathalon. I would rather use my keyboard. I'm happy with it. The wrist rest is good. It was the feature I was looking for the most, but there's not much more I can do with it. It's lightweight and you can pick it up with your laptop. You don't want the lap pillow to be plush. It's firm enough to keep the angle. The angle is very good. If you want a place to put your laptop when you want it on your lap, this is the product for you. Don't look at the features the pictures are advertising.

👤I bought pillows under my laptop and a rolled up towel for a wrist rest because my Macbook was poorly designed. I wish I had done it a long time ago. I have pockets in front of my pen, remote, and earbuds, and on my wrists. The picture is on my MacBook. There was an update on 12/10/2018. I have been using this desk for over a year. I can tell you that it is indispensable, if you imagine a woman with a child in a small apartment during a covid lock down. I take this on road trips. I admit to traveling in a Pandemic. The cushion in the wrist rest is starting to flatten and I'm thinking of buying a second one before the cushion is completely gone. I don't know how I lived without it. I'm not being compensated for my review.

👤The optical mouse on this desk does not work on the surface of the desk. A mouse pad is needed. The faux wood is cheap and slippery. The desk is not strong. It was overpriced for what you get. Returned. If my review helped you, please vote for me.

👤The wrist pad is the best thing about this.

👤Everything was looking for this lap desk. It is light weight and comfortable to use, and it seems to be sturdy and well made. The fabric on the wrist pad is soft and I don't find it to be itchy or irritate my skin. The padding is soft and comfortable and it rests on your lap when you sit. The wrist pad makes typing on my laptop much more comfortable while sitting in a chair or curled up on the couch. I have no complaints about the hours I've spent typing away on my laptop. I would definitely buy this product.


What is the best product for portable laptop desk with cushion?

Portable laptop desk with cushion products from Lapgear. In this article about portable laptop desk with cushion you can see why people choose the product. Hlhome and Huanuo are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable laptop desk with cushion.

What are the best brands for portable laptop desk with cushion?

Lapgear, Hlhome and Huanuo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable laptop desk with cushion. Find the detail in this article. Stellar Made, Abovetek and Max Smart are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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