Best Portable Laptop Desk with Mouse Pad

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1. LapGear Bamboard Lap Desk Laptop

LapGear Bamboard Lap Desk Laptop

The buttons located on the stand legs can be used to adjust the height and angle of the laptop stand. For a more comfortable work experience, set the best height and angle. The height can be adjusted from 1.5 to 21.2 inches. It fits up to 17.3" laptops and most tablets. Most tablets and phones have media slots. Natural bamboo is a renewable resource. The work surface has left and right side integrated mouse pads. The 18 holes in the air-flow allow for proper laptop ventilation.

Brand: Lapgear

👤The lap desk is built to last. It works with my new MacBook Pro 16 inch. I was worried about the size of the laptop, but I have about a quarter of an inch on each side. I was looking for a desk that had a decent sized mouse pad built into it and this one is perfect for a small mouse. If you want to go across the screen without having to pick up the mouse and adjust it, you need to turn your sensitivity up. The slots on the back are nice to have. I like to use the entire screen of my laptop to watch videos on either my phone or TV. If I don't like something, I'll give it a 4 out of 5 stars, which is a good rating. I would give it a 4.5 out of 5. The wrist pad is the reason I'm knocking off a star. The wrist pad is a little stiff and I would like it to be a little softer. I would rather have the wrist pad on here than not. I wouldn't knock stars off for anything. I wish it had an option of folding so that you could fit it in a bag. Maybe it's in the center. That is a suggestion. I would recommend this desk to anyone who is looking to buy one.

👤Ensuring that the lap desk was large was the biggest issue I had in trying to find a decent one. I was able to make a decision without worry thanks to the person who posted the pictures. For people who prefer pictures, my 16" MBP has plenty of room for my mouse. Even though my laptop doesn't have as much room for the mouse, it still works well.

👤I have been looking for a comfortable and convenient lap desk. I couldn't be happier with this one. My laptop is perfect! The desk is very comfortable and spacious and sits in your lap. No need for a cushion on the bottom, and never have to worry about it leaking beads. It should last me several years. I would buy again. Give it a try.

👤There is barely enough room for my mouse on my 17 inch laptop. It would be difficult to maneuver a regular mouse if I did not have a track ball mouse. The number key pad on my laptop requires me to remove the mouse and shift the lap top to the right in order to type comfortably. I need a chair to put my mouse on. The grooves to hold a phone are useless with a laptop. The picture they use to advertise this produce is not a 17" laptop. It has to be less than 15. I wanted to post a picture but I don't have an option to do that.

👤Thanks for making my computer life better. I can now put my machine on a soft surface, instead of having to keep my legs apart, or suffocate it by putting it on a smoldering pile. I'm able to sit in bed or in my favorite chair and use my computer until my eyes get tired. I will not miss messages from friends and coworkers because my phone is next to my screen, instead of attached to my hip. When I'm not focused on killing that mob in the game, my ex will call and hit 'ignore'. Oh... wait... #winning That was work. #yolo

2. Aidata Portable LapDesk Notebook Retractable

Aidata Portable LapDesk Notebook Retractable

The 18 holes in the air-flow allow for proper laptop ventilation. It is lightweight and fits in many bags. The rubber surface keeps the laptop from sliding. Mouse tray slides out from both sides.

Brand: Aidata

👤If this review helps you in any way, please hit HELPFUL. It will encourage me to continue my reviews of products I've purchased. Likes: A mouse tray that can go to right or left is lightweight. The texture strips on the bottom of the pad help prevent it from slipping off your lap, as well as the small lip at the bottom of the mouse tray. Flat bottom is cooler on your legs when it is hot. Flat top protects your laptop cooling vents from getting covered. This pad is very important to my laptop and accessories and can easily fit in my backpack or book bag. There is no lock for the mouse tray to hold it in closed position or open so the mouse tray can flip around, that's the only thing I dislike. Tie a line around the pad to prevent the mouse tray from moving. I've been using this lapdesk for over two years and I love it more than ever. Since my original purchase, it has only gone up a dollar. The non-skid material and plastic have not deteriorated like other plastic items I've purchased. My lapdesk is perfect for my Dell XPS 13 and it makes it possible to sit on a couch with my computer and not have to use a chair or table. There are some new uses for it, like turning it upside down on your lap to get a smooth surface writing desk while on the road. If you want a tray for your meal, this is fine. If you spill it will protect your lap and you can wash it off. Why did the review change? I regret not purchasing this earlier in life as it is a great travel accessory. I'd buy this again, it's even easier to use now that I've switched to a 13" laptop. Please give this review a thumbs up, I appreciate it. It's real. I answer questions in comments. I've been a customer on Amazon for twenty years and have been a top 500 reviewer. I don't get paid for my reviews. I wouldn't want to be. I pay for Amazon Prime so that I can get some of the perks.

👤My wife has been using the LapDesk from the N315 for a long time. I was looking for the Logitech because I needed one for work. I was not sure if they were charging $80-$100 for that product. It is not worth that much money. Aidata was an alternative for less than $20 in the suggested items. I'm glad I took the chance. If you don't have them side by side, you wouldn't know the differences between the two. Even though the Aidata grip top has a line through the center that is not grippy, it works great. The Aidata top slides in and out of my bag a bit easier since the edges are not grippy. The Aidata mouse area comes out either the right or the left side at the same time, so you can just flip it around. The only thing that the Logitech wins is the look. It has a more professional look, but that is marginal and based on my personal tastes. The Aidata LapDesk is definitely the way to go for me. Logitech should be ashamed to charge that much.

3. Adjustable Ultra Large Upgraded Sturdier Foldable

Adjustable Ultra Large Upgraded Sturdier Foldable

There is a 30 day warranty and a 24 month exchange. The company is based in the USA. Customer support experts. The lap desk can bear up to 33 lbs and is more firm and durable because of the thickened aluminum alloy. The computer is not able to slip off the table. The lap stand legs are connected by plastic automatic locking joints, which are designed with full control and flexibility for convenience. Press and hold the adjustment button, then release to lock it. The three foldable legs can be set at multiple angles, which will allow you to study or work in a more comfortable posture. The laptop stand can be used as a computer riser on the desk to help relieve the pain on the neck and shoulders caused by long-term use of the notebook. The high-power silent cooling fan can slide left and right to adapt to the position of the notebook to prevent it from overheating. The sponge surface added to the mouse pad makes it easier to place a cup or phone. The laptop stand can be used as a table for bed and sofa, a standing desk on the floor, an eating tray for couch, a book holder for writing, etc. The desk shape is very suitable for people with strong hands-on ability and you can adjust the legs to find more. The ideal gift for home office is. The laptop stand is a thoughtful gift for men, women, boys, and girls on Father's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, and birthday. It can help your friends and family with their sitting posture.

Brand: Armyte

👤I ordered the upgraded version and it works great. I use my laptop on the couch to keep it stable and to fine tune the angle I wanted for the laptop. I like the fact that this model is wider than others as I have a 17 inch screen and I'm a bigger guy. The fan is quiet and works great. If the legs were adjusted on a regular basis, I would think the mechanical parts would wear out, but it should last a long time. To see the keyboard easier in dim lighting, I tilted the base of the laptop toward me and it started to slide over the lip. There is no clips to hold the laptop in place. I use a sheet of non-slip silicone to keep it from moving. This may not be a problem for most users. The mouse pad is strong. It's not very flexible, but it's positioned well enough and it only requires one place to attach. I'm very happy with it.

👤My daughter is willing to sit on the ground or use a computer on the bed. I found her small computer desk through the entire Amazon and it was very easy to install, it was done by her daughter, and it was great for convenience and comfort.

👤I didn't do much research before buying the stand. I have an 8 pound gaming laptop that holds it without any major problems, it's the dell g7 RTX, and it hangs off the back a little. My laptop is very nice and small. I'm a decent sized guy with a 42 waist and it's easy to get comfortable and lift this thing above my belly so I can type. The metal wrist rest can be a bit uncomfortable. Maybe a model with a gel rest? The mouse pad attachment is nice, but could be a bit stronger. It is going to break eventually. Hopefully you have replacements. Overall, a great product. If I needed another one, I would probably purchase it again.

👤The seller was very concerned about my issue and was able to resolve it with a refund and even offered to keep the product for free. The manufacturer has been notified about their product. The seller is the one who bears the blame. Thank you so much! Just received it and immediately sent it back. I didn't think about scratching the bottom of my laptop because the table platform is metal. It did. The front of your laptop has no support. It will scratch your laptop if you open and close it. The stick is released by the hinge. The product is like a piece of rusted metal being bent up to keep your laptop from sliding. It was disappointing.

👤I needed a fan for my work from home so I bought this desk. This seemed to fit the bill and was priced well. It looked great and did what it was purchased to do. Since I don't work from home every day, this needs to be folded up and stored until my next opportunity. It can be difficult to adjust the three joints on each leg when you want to use the desk or store it. It got old pretty quickly. I lost my grasp on my desk when I was setting it up, and it fell to the floor. It's even more difficult to set up and knock down because one of the joints cracked and broke. After about a month, I dropped it in the recycling bin. I wouldn't buy this model again.

4. Foroffice Comfortable Wholesale Mousepads 10 2x8 3x0 12inch

Foroffice Comfortable Wholesale Mousepads 10 2x8 3x0 12inch

If you have any questions, please contact them. They will try to help you. They can either give it back or send it back to you. The mouse is made of a smooth cloth surface that glides over nicely, it is great for daily work or gaming. The mouse pad has delicate edges which can prevent wear and degrade. The edge is flat and comfortable for your hands and wrists. Theense anti-slip rubber base is available for any hard, flat surface. The material for tracking the movement of the cursor is low-friction. The multipack has a great locking-color effect. Liquid stains can be cleaned with water for continuous use. All types of mouse, wired, wireless, mechanical, laser and optical are available. The thickness is designed to reduce the effects of a surface that is not even. Enjoy a 5-star and 3-year warranty.

Brand: Jikiou

👤There are pros and cons. The surface is smooth and not warped. I've seen the edges on mouse pads warp and break in the past, but the heavily stitched edge is strong and sturdy. The bottom has a good grip. I'm expecting these mouse pads to be used for several years. There are some things that are CONS: 1) I don't recommend this mouse for gaming because it's very standard in size and I prefer a big range of movement for quick turning. The edge is a feature that I don't think is a bug, but you should be aware that it is slightly raised and you will feel your mouse bumping against it if you move over it. I expect traditional edge-less mouse pads to last longer. There is a tip on cleaning. I have experience with dish soap that leaves a lot of dirt behind. This would cause warps to form in the top layer of the surface. The way to go is lazada gardener. Put a few drops of detergent in a sink of shallow warm water, submerge your mousepad, and then scrub it with your fingers. The detergent does the work. Prepare to be amazed after rinsing it off. If you scrub gently, just enough motion to stir the water through the material, it will come out looking brand new. If you have delicate skin, use rubber/latex gloves as laundry detergent will pull oil from your skin while you wash.

👤Someone noted the off-gassing of a rubber smell. This is true. I got mine in the mail this week, and they are rubber to high heaven. Sitting at the desk is unbearable and I can smell them from four feet away. After using a mouse for a long time, the smell gets into my palm and wrist. The smell will go away in a few days. The mousepads are not usable if this is permanent. I can't understand all the positive reviews that don't mention the smell. The smell is strong. I assume those reviews were the result of a change in material, but they were still sold as the same item. I can't imagine anyone giving these mouse pads a five star rating. The product description had the word "washable" in it. I'm going to try it. Having to run new mouse pads through the laundry before using them is not good. I had planned for that. I put the mouse pads through the laundry and then put them out to dry for a day and they did not stink anymore. If I put them up to my nose, they will still have an unpleasant smell, but I can sit at the desk with one and not notice it. I should stick with one star as I shouldn't have to wash a mousepad before using it, and it still smells bad, but not as strongly as it did out of the box. It's a good idea to wash these things in the machine before using them. I would spend a bit more and get a different brand if I had to do it again.

5. Laptop Stand Portable Table Folding

Laptop Stand Portable Table Folding

As bed side table, laptop rolling cart, rolling tray table,c table with wheels are multifunctional. The phone holder and the laptop stand are included in the price, so you will save money if you use the phone holder and laptop stand together. The laptop bed table has been designed so that it can be used in many different places at home and in the office. It is highly versaTILE. The laptop stand can be used for a desk, bed, and sofa. Their laptop lap desk can be used as a writing portable desk, a bed tray, a book holder, a laptop riser, a desk for bed, a phone holder, and a portable table. This folding laptop table for couch has an ergonomics design which can be mounted on both sides of the laptop stand and a phone holder with a clamp which can also be used as a tablet holder, for full control and flexibility so that you can use your computer at home. Due to hours of using your computer, it will reduce neck and shoulder pain. Work from home. The phone holder on the desk stand can be mounted directly on the bed couch, making it an accessory for setting up quickly. Their laptop stand for sofa and laptop stand for desk can be easily set. You just need to press the button on the side of the laptop stand, set the angle, and then release the button. The laptopstand is easy to use, it has locks in place at various angles. You can collapse the laptop bed table and make a portable desk. The flexible phone holder can be mounted on a laptop bed stand, nightstand or desk, and can also be used as a tablet stand.

Brand: Erosso

👤I got a laptop stand for bed a week ago, and have been using it every day since. I've been thinking about buying one for a while, because I tend to do a little bit of work even when I'm in bed. It's sturdy, has a dedicated spot for the mouse, and the phone holder is the best feature. It works great when I mount my phone up. It took me a little while to figure it out, but the release buttons on the legs are what you should look for. A great product!

👤I think this is a good value. For the past week, I've been using this and it has been great. This includes an optional mousepad and has a lot of adjustments. I don't give a 5-star rating because I wish they had 15-degree adjustments for the laptop area and if they padded the mouse pad area because it doesn't fit a standard-size mouse pad. It would be amazing if they made that area bigger so it could fit a standard mouse pad. The page that explains the best angles for stability is a good one, but it needs to be done with 2 hands rather than one. Don't adjust this with a laptop on it, make sure to take that off before adjusting the height. The product is definitely worth the price.

👤This is a great laptop stand. I like the fact that it's useful for many different settings. It sits at a little over a foot and a half when the legs are fully extended. The mouse pad can be placed on either side of the stand, so don't worry lefties, this one is perfect for you as well! It also comes with a phone arm, which was great because I had issues unfolding, but once unfolded it was great and you can place it wherever you want on the stand. I highly recommend this stand to my fellow content creators and students. It's a good thing.

👤The product is difficult to set up because it has too many buttons. I tried to make it work, but my return window has closed. I didn't think I had it for a long time. Don't make the same mistake. Don't try to make it work by returning it immediately. It isn't worth the effort. It's another thing for my give-away pile.

👤Home office fatigue is something a lot of us are familiar with. It's a lot more comfortable to have a lazy day in bed, beanbag, or on the couch for a change and still be productive. It makes bed work more productive. It feels like a small bed-office.

👤It comes with a mouse pad and a phone holder. I don't attach the mouse pad because I depend more on the touch pad. The product was nice. It is very easy to adjust to. I wouldn't be stressing my neck with a stand like this, you can use it on the couch, bed, or as an addition to your desk setup.

6. HUANUO Lap Laptop Desk Anti Slip

HUANUO Lap Laptop Desk Anti Slip

The hollow design reduces the contact area with the desktop, which is more favorable to heat dissipation. It's the perfect size for pantyhose. The laptop desk can fit up to 15 laptops and is 17 x 12.8 x 3.5 inches. When using a laptop that is 14” in size or smaller, there is enough surface space for a mouse. The lap desk has an anti-slip wrist pad, a storage pocket, and a tablet holder. The fitness accessory is sufficiently rugged. Their laptop lap desk is built with a sturdy platform and a cushion that will fit your lap to provide more comfort and stability. The lap desk is modern and appealing with a brown wood grain platform and gray fabric covered foam pad. It is light and portable. The lap desk is very light and has a storage pocket that can be used as a carrying handle.

Brand: Huanuo

👤I did a lot of research before getting this one. There were a lot of options that had cups. I didn't need that. I wanted a lap desk with few perks. This one is a good price for what I was looking for. It has a pouch in the back that I think fits my AirPods, but not much else. Maybe a snack? I don't think you can put your phone in the slot at the same time with your laptop, so I wouldn't trust the photos that are advertised. I have the 13'' 2020 in my pictures. MacBook Pro is the smallest size of the current MB's. The remote is smaller than my phone. The advertised picture shows that it can fit a laptop and phone in the slot, but it really can't unless you have an 11'' screen. I don't really care. This is only for people who want to buy this to be able to put their phone up and have a mouse. I don't have a lot of room to use my mouse, but I can lay it down. It's a Triathalon. I would rather use my keyboard. I'm happy with it. The wrist rest is good. It was the feature I was looking for the most, but there's not much more I can do with it. It's lightweight and you can pick it up with your laptop. You don't want the lap pillow to be plush. It's firm enough to keep the angle. The angle is very good. If you want a place to put your laptop when you want it on your lap, this is the product for you. Don't look at the features the pictures are advertising.

👤I bought pillows under my laptop and a rolled up towel for a wrist rest because my Macbook was poorly designed. I wish I had done it a long time ago. I have pockets in front of my pen, remote, and earbuds, and on my wrists. The picture is on my MacBook. There was an update on 12/10/2018. I have been using this desk for over a year. I can tell you that it is indispensable, if you imagine a woman with a child in a small apartment during a covid lock down. I take this on road trips. I admit to traveling in a Pandemic. The cushion in the wrist rest is starting to flatten and I'm thinking of buying a second one before the cushion is completely gone. I don't know how I lived without it. I'm not being compensated for my review.

👤The optical mouse on this desk does not work on the surface of the desk. A mouse pad is needed. The faux wood is cheap and slippery. The desk is not strong. It was overpriced for what you get. Returned. If my review helped you, please vote for me.

👤The wrist pad is the best thing about this.

👤Everything was looking for this lap desk. It is light weight and comfortable to use, and it seems to be sturdy and well made. The fabric on the wrist pad is soft and I don't find it to be itchy or irritate my skin. The padding is soft and comfortable and it rests on your lap when you sit. The wrist pad makes typing on my laptop much more comfortable while sitting in a chair or curled up on the couch. I have no complaints about the hours I've spent typing away on my laptop. I would definitely buy this product.

7. SenseAGE Multi Functional Microfiber Portable Protection

SenseAGE Multi Functional Microfiber Portable Protection

Mouse tray slides out from both sides. The 3-in-1 Mouse Pad allows you to use it as a mouse pad, keyboard mat, and monitor protection. Ultra thin and easy to carry on the go with only 0.6mm thickness is what the Ultra-Thin Design is about. The microfiber material is perfect for keyboard protection. The smooth surface allows for precise mouse movement. The mouse can be prevented from sliding by using slip-resistant shading. You can cover your work and gaming with the size of 11.98 5.91 0.03 inch. Hand- washing is recommended. Don't use detergent or drying in the washing machine to prevent the mouse pad from being damaged.

Brand: Senseage

👤This mouse pad is perfect for my mouse. My desk area is small. I needed to replace the mouse pad that was hanging off the edge of the desk. I love this one because it can be used long-ways and fit exactly where I need it, without having to hang over the edge anymore. It fits on the keyboard as well. I can use the mouse pad as a screen cleaner cloth. For those who think that the mouse pad is too thin, what is the actual thickness of the microfiber cloth? I guarantee that you can't use your microfiber cloth as a mouse pad. This was a great buy.

👤I bought this cloth to protect my laptop keyboard. I have a keyboard cover and have noticed that there are some marks on my screen. The cover was advertised as a 3-in-1. I used it to clean my screen after I received it. The back-side of it was very good at being a mouse pad. My laptop didn't close all the way when I put the pad over the keyboard. I thought about taking my keyboard cover off, but still no dice. I can't return it since I already got the product dirty. It only works as a 2-in-1 for me. The advertised function was 1/3 of it. It does a very good job for the two functions that it can perform.

👤I use this as a mouse pad when I travel. It is very thin and lightweight and does not take up a lot of space. I use it to cover my keyboard when I am not using my laptop. It is thin enough to fit in my laptop and it helps to keep the keyboard clean.

👤I got this for myself because laser mice don't work on the glass top desk. I have always hated mouse pads because of how thin they are, so I wanted one that was like a sheet of paper. I found this. I love it! On my glass-top desk, the non-slip bottom doesn't stick perfectly and sometimes the end of the pad under the heel of my hand is wrinkled up. It doesn't really affect my work and a quick twitch gets it back in place. The microfiber is soft to hand and mouse but not sticky, it cleans dust and pollen off of computer screen, and it's one of the lightest on Amazon.

👤Several of my friends have been pleased with the recommendation I've made. It works as a mouse pad for touch screen computers and laptops, because it keeps the imprints from showing on them, and it has a cover over the keys. It's not the best screen cleaner, but it gets off the random dust and large smudges, and you can wipe your phone as well. I gave it 5 because it is useful and does all the things it claims to do, but it's not good for small smudges or stuck lint. It's small, lightweight, and convenient.

👤The one I bought fit over my keyboard perfectly. I have two mice I use with it, one at home and one for travel, which is why I wanted this mousepad. The mice wouldn't work with this. I bought it because it was supposed to be a mouse pad. I regretfully returned it because I replaced it with something boring and functional.

8. LORYERGO Laptop Lap Desk Built

LORYERGO Laptop Lap Desk Built

The lap desk has a wide working area. The laptop stand can fit up to 15.7" laptops. The wrist pad on the lap desk can help relieve sore wrists and prevent your laptop from slipping off. The dual cushions at the bottom help you to be more comfortable. There is a standard size and moustache accessory. The laptop lap desk has a wide working area with a desktop size of 21.5'' 14.3''. The laptop stand can fit up to 17 laptops without mouse space. There are 2 storage slots built into the lap desk for laptops so that you can keep your phone, pen, and tablets separate. It's convenient to take notes while working with your devices or to hold snacks while watching videos on your tablets. It's ideal for dependability. You can use the lap table as a writing board, drawing desk, or even a tablet holder. It's a good companion on your bed, couch, and floor. It meets various needs for work or relaxation. Light weight and portable hands. The handle is portable. It's convenient to store the laptop lap desk on your wall because you can carry it on trips by car, train or plane.

Brand: Loryergo

👤I like to work from my bed or couch so I thought this laptop would be perfect for me. It is modern looking. I was happy that it had a mouse and wrist pad. I don't mind that the slots are there for a phone or a tablets. The wrist pad goes completely flat very quickly, which is a shame, because I was using it for four hours before I had to rest my wrist. You can get a better idea of what I'm talking about by looking at the pictures I've included. It hurts when I use my mouse because it's resting on the hard surface and it takes a few minutes for my wrist to heal. The cheap foam used to make the pad does not recover after it's gone flat. It would have been better if it was gel or bean bag filling. I don't know what to do, I like the bottom cushions that rest on your lap/bed/couch, but at the same time, it's too big for my laptop, so I'm not sure what to do. It hurts to use a normal mouse and that's how I use most of the time.

👤I use this at night when I need to sleep. It's light and comfortable to use. It fits my computer perfectly. I use this as a lap desk when I journal. The material of the phone insert tray is perfect. This is a great lapse. Everything I wanted and expected.

👤My husband and I are riding in a vehicle. I need a light weight and comfortable item for him to drive. This is perfect!

👤I was hesitant to get this because I was not sure if I wanted to spend the money, but I am one that loves to move around to work. This includes moving to the couch. I cannot use my mouse because I am working without a table. There is a I found this item. I think the table is great and has added comfort. It's easy to travel with. The mouse pad is not bad looking. My 5 year old loves it too. It's a good thing.

👤I bought this product to make my couch more convenient. When I returned to work my daughter found it and immediately fell in love with it and took it back to her apartment where she works on it every day. It is a great product if it passes the college student test. Good job.

👤I love this desk. I work all day in my office, but at night I like to sit on the couch and watch tv with my family. The lap desk has changed the game. It fits my laptop perfectly. The wrist guards and mouse pad are great. It makes it easy to work on my laptop on the couch. It feels like a quality piece of equipment. I can't recommend it enough. Great desk!

👤We gave this to our son in law because he wanted a portable desk to get out of his office at times. He loved it so much that he sent a message to us telling us how much he uses it. He says the mouse pad is the best he has ever used and it makes working at his desk easier.

9. Adjustable Lap Desk Cushions Writing

Adjustable Lap Desk Cushions Writing

Purchase with confidence. The product will be free of defects in materials and workmanship. Any questions can be directed to the US-based product support team. There are multiple functions of theLAP DESK. This lap desk can be used as a car laptop desk, lap writing board, drawing desk, bed lap desk, laptop stand, and more. Get your work done more comfortably while you watch tv or a movie. TheILTANGLES are adjusted. The laptop stand has 6 tilt positions. You can choose the viewing angle for your device. Left- and right-handed users can use the mouse pad on both sides. Light weight and portable are included. The lap desk is easy to carry and only weighs 3.08 lbs. Take the lap desk with you to the coffee house, library, airport, or office for an improved work experience. There are hammocks. The cushions on the lap desk conform to your lap. The platform is big enough to fit most laptops and tablets with a vertically oriented screen. If you have any questions, please contact their US-based product support team.

Brand: Huanuo

👤When I use my laptop in bed, I ordered this lap desk. I use my laptop a lot to grade, watch movies, play games, etc. I was looking for something that would be comfortable. The soft padding on the bottom makes this desk very comfortable. I can have it resting on my lap for a long time without feeling any pain. I like that it has different angles for the desk. I prefer a mouse over a laptop touchpad and those features are very helpful. I think it would have been better if it had been made with better quality in mind. The desk is made of plastic. Sometimes the plastic part gets stuck and doesn't move. Sometimes the mousepad doesn't come out or click into place. I would give it full stars if it was of higher quality.

👤The product is not worth the money, I paid for it. It is light but not heavy duty. It would have been better to cover it with fabric or something else than leave the plastic finish. The side mouse tray sits at an angle and there are no brackets to keep the mouse from sliding off when the laptop is moved. The pads should have been bigger to keep the base from sinking into your knees or thighs as it sits on your lap. I will be returning it soon.

👤It is very flimsy. The cushions are comfortable. The mouse tray is a poor design that could have been altered and more functional if it was not for the fact that you have to remove it when not in use.

👤Even though the description said it was for 15 inch laptops, this desk fit my laptop perfectly. I wanted something with a cushion and an extendable mouse tray, and this was what I got. It's comfortable, but it does feel cheap. I don't use the height for that reason, but I don't really need it anyway. I would have liked the desk to be a bit longer. There aren't many desks that can fit a hub, even in the price range of this one. I recommend this product and it is rated 4 out of 5 stars by me.

👤The corner of the box was the place where the damage occurred. It was damaged and still sent to me.

👤I have mixed feelings about this desk. I bought this because I was getting a lot of bruise on my legs from having my laptop on them all day. I like the fact that the angle of the laptop is adjusted on the lap desk so that I can see straight ahead and not down. If you have neck strain, you need to stop looking down and start looking ahead. I'm not sure if this lap desk is the right one, but a lap desk like this will help. It's a little flimsy. The plastic that holds up the laptop is thin and will crack soon. There is a There's not enough cushion beads in the part that sits on my lap that's furthest away from my knees. The bumper that's closer to my stomach is where the beads like to collect. The bumper needs to be more cushiony, as it goes all the way out to the plastic corners. I don't need the plastic corners anymore, and that's a design flaw. I can't find a lap desk that's soft and comfy, so I'm going to use this until I find something. This is still better than nothing. I can't see how anyone could successfully use the mouse pad without it breaking in the first few uses. If you use a separate mouse instead of the track pad on your laptop, you might want to consider a different one.

10. Executive Office Solutions Mount Notebook MacBook Light Sitting Black

Executive Office Solutions Mount Notebook MacBook Light Sitting Black

It is light and portable. The lap desk is very light and has a storage pocket that can be used as a carrying handle. Light weight aluminum tray makes carrying a computer easy. The legs are locked in place at various angles. Collapse the stand to make it portable. The table can be used for a lot of things, including a TV dinner tray, sound equipment, projector, standing desk, book tray, and writing desk. Non-slip feet are included for use on computers. The silent cooling fans are powered by theusb cord. If you don't like it or don't want it for any reason, they will give you your money back. No questions were asked.

Brand: Executive Office Solutions

👤I like and dislike this product. My pros and cons are listed here. The pros are 1. It's great to sit on top of my desk. 2. When I'm laying on the bed or sitting on the couch, I use a laptop stand. 3. It's sturdy and stylish. The cons are 1. It is not able to stand high up because it only has three leg parts. If you're using it in a certain position, this might be a severe limitation. 2. It's most important. It's a lot to switch between different positions. I only use it when sitting on my couch because it's so hard to keep it in one position. There are so many different angles and positions that you need to try many different combinations before you find the right one. The two sides must be adjusted separately, which makes no sense since you would never want them adjusted differently, and also makes adjusting them at the exact same position more difficult. Is it a good idea to recommend it? I'm not sure. Take my descriptions and judge for yourself.

👤I took the product out of the box and was very pleased. There is a reason I did not give this item a 5-star rating. Read the second paragraph to find out. This desktop solution helps keep me comfortable as I manage my workload. I don't have to sit all day long because I'm tired from sitting all day in the office. I can type and use my mouse. When I first saw the item on Amazon, I was a little worried because the mouse pad was only on one side. The mouse pad can be switched from side to side, as there is a slot to accommodate such action. I am very happy with this product. The product also comes with two plastic plugs that you can place at the bottom of the mouse pad to keep your mouse from sliding off the mouse pad. I decided to put tape around the pieces of my business card and stick it to the bottom of the mouse pad because the stoppers kept sliding off the pad. I put the stoppers over the ends of the mouse pad to keep it in place. When I switch the mouse pad to the right again, I will have the pieces set up so I can switch the stoppers to the other side of the mouse pad to keep my mouse out of harms way. In the future, the production team for this item will be able to correct this issue by simply rearranging the ends of the mouse pad so that the plastic slots fit better to keep the mouse from sliding off. I decided to give a 4-star rating instead of a 5 because I am really pleased with the product and the price. You can see the picture.

👤For a long time, I waited for this product. It was the way I dreamed about it. Quality material was used.

11. HUANUO Adjustable Strengthened Detachable Ergonomic

HUANUO Adjustable Strengthened Detachable Ergonomic

There is a flexible company and case friendly. The stand is compatible with a variety of devices, including iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, and so on. The laptop stand is adjusted. The laptop desk stand is designed to be used as a laptop stand, standing desk, tablet stand, and lap desk for use on the bed, sofa, or table. Simply adjust the leg height to work more comfortably. The upgraded design enhances the wind power and the fans are powered by a cable. The fan blades are used to run at a high speed to achieve fast ventilation and no noise, to quickly solve the computer high temperature problem, and to protect your computer from harm. The desk laptop stand is made of lightweight, high- strength aluminum tray and 6 plastic auto-locking joints. It fits well and performs better for up to 15.6" inch all MacBooks, notebooks, tablets, and laptops, with an extra anti-slip clip on the laptop table tray. The portable laptop table is easy to set up and put into your backpack or briefcase wherever you are working, the computer stand is specially designed to fit in your regular desk, and you don't have to use a standing desk in addition to your regular desk. If you have a question, please contact the US-based product support team.

Brand: Huanuo

👤It got broken after 2 days.

👤I bought this for my son. They were worried about how sturdy it would be when used for a lap table, but once they started using it, they were happy with the product and easy of use. The fans were not loud. The product is new to us and how it will hold up in the long run will be known. Will update after a few months. The package was in good shape and was delivered on time.

👤1. Simple design 2. It is easy to put together 3. Works for both desktop and laptop. The width of space between the legs is perfect for a keyboard. The letter tray has a width of space between it and the legs. 7 is lightweight but sturdy. The cost was the best after looking at similar items. It allows me to stand while I work.

👤I like the device. It took me a while to figure out that the left side of my bed has to be higher than the right to make the desk level. The cant on the table can be a double-edged feature if you are using it with a lap top or an iPad. I would order it again. A little of a learning curve is needed to learn the proper adjustments. I would prefer it to be a fixed high. It is light. It folds up when I put it away. The mouse tray is useless, but it would be useful with a laptop. There is no lip on the mouse pad to keep it from falling off, and the mouse tray has a slit mounting. I understand the slit mounting allows the user to shift sides, but if you can't get the mouse tray to fit, the mouse is going to fall into the bed clothes.

👤I was expecting the item to be a little more flimsy but it is so versatile I am very pleased with it. It can be adjusted in many different ways. It was easy to make it into a corner table that I use as an office desk. I know I can adjust the stand wherever I go. I'm going to recommend it to my coworkers.

👤When I looked down on my laptop screen, I felt some pain on my neck. The product gave me the ability to raise the level of my laptop with my external keyboard below it.

👤I put it on my desk so I can stand. The built in fans keep my laptop cool. It is a little wobbly when I type. The legs are made of plastic and I am afraid typing pressure will cause them to break.

👤The buttons are easy to adjust. The light weight legs make it difficult to balance the whole thing. It may be the best of these stands if you keep the weight straight up and down over the legs.


What is the best product for portable laptop desk with mouse pad?

Portable laptop desk with mouse pad products from Lapgear. In this article about portable laptop desk with mouse pad you can see why people choose the product. Aidata and Armyte are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable laptop desk with mouse pad.

What are the best brands for portable laptop desk with mouse pad?

Lapgear, Aidata and Armyte are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable laptop desk with mouse pad. Find the detail in this article. Jikiou, Erosso and Huanuo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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