Best Portable Laptop Desk with Storage

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1. JACENTHOME Moveable Adjustable Computer Workstation

JACENTHOME Moveable Adjustable Computer Workstation

The Home Office desk is made out of Eco-friendly high density fiberboard with rigid metal and additional storage shelves will help organize your working space at home or office. You can place your favorite books, plants, decorations, and other items on the shelves under the desktop, and the wheels allow you to easily move to where you want to place the home office table. You can put the desk in a variety of places. It can be used as a computer desk, gaming desk, office desk, writing desk and study desk. It is the ideal furniture for your home or workplace. You can adjust the height of the desk to make it more comfortable when working, studying or playing games. If you have received any damage or missing parts, please contact them immediately, they will give you a 100% refund or re-send quality products.

Brand: N /a

👤I don't think it's possible to dislike putting furniture together more than I do. I'm the person who buys the shoe rack and ends up having to disassemble it because I assemble it wrong. This desk? Less than an hour from the time of the event to standing. I needed help with holding the top in place while I screwed in the knobs to keep it at the right height. It's perfect for this price point. I would use this at my own place, but I got this to set up a make-shift office when I'm visiting my folks for an extended stay. You get all the tools you need, though the directions are sparse.

👤There are tips for easy assembly. Throw away the worthless screwdriver and use a larger one. 2. If you want to install all the shelf pieces, you should tighten all the screws before the shelves are level. The screw holes are not perfect. 3. After fastening all bolts, adjust the height by installing the top at the lowest height. Good value for money, but not high quality. I use this for my 4 year old to do school activities. The lowest height is perfect for him to use as a desk.

👤This product is easy to put together and take 15 minutes to assemble. The material looks good. I noticed that 2 things are deal breakers after owning for a few weeks. The screws on the underside of the top piece are not long enough. How do I know? The top piece came completely off when I adjusted the height for the first time. I didn't like the fact that everything on the shelf went flying. I tried to remount the screws in place with a hand held screwdriver, but the top piece came off as though the screws were not there. 2. The only position I recommend for this product is FULLY DOWN because the hand screws to put the top in place are not strong enough. If you try to raise the top piece because there are 4 hand screws to hold it in position you'll need a leveler to get it right and if you take the time to actually get it level you'll be really pissed off.

👤It is very easy to assemble. They give extras screws. Didn't need the wheels. It fit perfectly in my small space. Before messing with the desktop, please set height. If you need to change height often, it may not be ideal because it's not easy to change height after 4 knobs. It was perfect for my needs.

👤My 10 year old needs a learning space. He was able to assemble it on his own. It fit the small space perfectly and holds all of his school materials. I am very happy with the purchase and he loves his own office space.

👤It is very easy to assemble. I used it in my laundry room for storage. I've been looking for something but haven't found it yet. The price was not out of line. I would recommend it. The color is nice.

2. VIVO Adjustable Multi Purpose Workstation CART V03E

VIVO Adjustable Multi Purpose Workstation CART V03E

Stand Up Desk Store is a US based company and stands behind all items they sell; this item comes with a 5-year limited warranty against defects. The Mobile Podium is a portable solution for efficient work. It's ideal to use as a space-saving mobile workstations, lecterns, or stand-up speakers podium in business or classroom settings. The product is fully adjusted and can be used while sitting or standing. The height is adjusted from 40.5 to 49. The tilt on the top surface creates comfortable viewing and typing angles. The 23.7” x 15.8” desktop has room for a laptop, tablet, or large writing pad to accommodate your work and presentation preferences. Wrist padding is included. Extra space for your coffee drink, writing utensils, sticky notes, and other items can be found in a lower storage tray. Solid support. The frame is made of powder-coated steel and supports up to 44 lbs on the desktop and 22 lbs on the storage tray. The back section of the base is made for a low-profile function so that the workstations can sit close to the wall. Sturdy steel design is backed by a 3 year manufacturer warranty and friendly tech support to help with any questions or concerns.

Brand: Vivo

👤When I needed an additional podium, I had to look for one again because the previous one was no longer on the market. I decided on the Vivo model because of its low cost, large desk plate, and mostly good reviews. I'm very pleased with it. It arrived with no damage. Everything fit together with precision. Very strong. The welds are very high quality. The caster seems to roll nicely. Some people may have negatives. The assembly instruction manual has small black-and-white line drawings. They should be twice the size. The online assembly video is helpful if you use the QR code. I didn't notice until after I was done. Most people have this type of screw driver in their own tool kit, so no cross-head screwdriver was included for the four screws. The two grub screws were particularly difficult to insert. The process of removing the plastic friction insert from one of the grub screws was very time consuming, and the other twin top screws seemed very tedious. These negatives are small, and I'm really happy that I bought this podium. It is.

👤I wanted a book stand so that I could hold my iPad and read while I ride my AirDyne. It needed to be strong and wheeled so that it could be read comfortably. The high quality of this stand definitely exceeds expectations, as this item filled the bill. The boxes and the poles should be labeled in the future, but not on the wrong side, as it is important to have them on the correct side. The set screws are a pain in the keister, so dump them for something decent to hold on to. The instruction booklet in the box is only half-page and hard to read, so if you do a search you can find it in full page PDF format on the VIVO website. If you want, you can even print it out. The parts page is a good place to start for reference. The stand is made of steel. Having some help around would be nice because assembly is harder for an old woman like me. I mounted the heavy desktop plate to the poles with the two screws, but I needed my husband's help to steady it. I didn't put on the smaller middle plate because I will probably never need it, but the middle bar that is attached just prior to the helpers plate is the place to grip when raising/lowering the desktop. There were no spare parts so be careful not to lose any hardware. I had a problem when the end cap came off, but I was able to get it screwed in. I think it took me about 2 1/2 hours to assemble, due to the dratted set screw. It is easy to adjust height, just get a good grip on the center retaining bar, remove the retaining screws from the bars, and re-tighten the retaining screws. It is a very nice heavy duty stand made almost entirely of steel and I recommend it. I don't think it will wear out.

3. Tatkraft Portable Adjustable Folding Laptop

Tatkraft Portable Adjustable Folding Laptop

This lap desk can be used to transform a notebook PC into a mobile workstations anywhere you are. You can use your laptop in the exact position you want with the tilted tray. The portable stand is easy to move around in any direction. The height can be adjusted to anywhere from 28.6 to 39.2 inches (70-99.5 cm). The package comes with all the necessary tools and instructions. There is a laptop tray for 7-17" laptops and a large mouse pad.

Brand: Tatkraft

👤I liked this desk. I did. The main problem for me is the laptop table, and that is twofold. The arm on the table is not long enough. I only have a small amount of space under my desk to accommodate the rolling legs of the chairs, so I tried many of them. The table only extends as far as the arm of my chair, which means that I have to sit in the chair at an angle in order to use the mouse table. I don't think sitting at an angle is comfort. I tried to use this desk at my bed, which is a standard queen size. While sitting on the edge of the bed, the arm of the laptop table does not extend far enough for me to use my laptop comfortably. The desk is not like a hospital table because it extends much further. The ridge at the front of the table is not tall enough to prevent my laptop from sliding over it. My laptop has a scratch on it's screen because of this issue. I added a thin piece of window weather strip to fix the problem but it looks ugly. If I hadn't recycled the box it came in, I would have returned the desk. If you're looking for a desk that extends to the center of a larger chair or that extends far enough over a bed to use your laptop in bed, this is not the one for you. My back is killing me and I'm disappointed. It's a pity.

👤They mean all 45 parts when they say all the parts are included. Nothing is assembled. There are little bits and screws. It's a do it yourself kit. It is easy to follow instructions. There are no letters on the sticker on the items, but there is a small photo of each of the parts on the paper. The first itty bitty photo I started with. It wouldn't fit in the place it was to go anyway, but I didn't mind because I knew it wouldn't fit. That's it. I put it all in a bag and it will be picked up in the morning. I didn't have to pay a lot of money to assemble 45 pieces with no written instructions or small photos. The packing sterafoam protective blocks completely disintegrated off the box with about a thousand bits of sterofoam. I have to clean them up because the manufacturer is so cheap.

👤I'm a gadget freak. When I'm working out in my house, I always have problems with my back. I searched high and low for a desk that would fit my chair. The perfect laptop desk was found by me. It was easy to assemble, arrived on time and adjusts to your chair. Anyone who is constantly working on their lab top should use this product.

👤I bought this for my father. He is almost bound. His main source of entertainment is his computer. It is difficult for him to manuever the desk from the side, so we wanted the bottome support to go under the front of the chair. We wanted him to be able to control how close the computer was to him. He can use the computer and keyboard in front of him if the desk part rotates well. In this configuration, the mouse pad is behind the laptop because it does not rotation. Not good. The lip that is supposed to hold the computer on the surface when tilted is not straight. It works better as a ski jump for the computer, as opposed to a lip that holds it in place, because of the curve of the laptop. The plan is to put screws in the surface to act as a better stop. We can now remove the tv tray he was using and it is less of a trip hazard since he is on his lap. It is frustrating that all of these desks are the same design. Everyone wants to use the same product. Engineers, innovation should be the name of the game.

4. Computer Student Standing Portable Adjustable

Computer Student Standing Portable Adjustable

If you have any questions, please contact them, they can give you a refund or send them back to you. It is a practical multi-functional desk, which can be used for an office desk, study desk, bedroom desk, computer game desk, writing desk, snack TV tray, and so on. A laptop bed frame or bookshelf can be used in bed. The shelf on the desk is waterproof,durable, and makes full use of your living and office space. You can keep books, office supplies, and store necessities wherever you please. There are two locking buttons on each side, which can be used to change the height. The height can be adjusted without restriction. The height can be adjusted for you. You can work anywhere and weigh 15 pounds. Easy to assemble. The mobile desk with four smooth rollers can be moved easily and the four wheels can be fixed to prevent movement. If you have any questions, please contact them. They will try to help you. They can either give it back or send it back to you.

Brand: Qzmdsm

👤This was a flimsy piece of garbage. The screw holes were stripped when the box was opened and the screws on the stand were not strong enough to hold it together. There was no way to tighten it or shore it up to make it stronger. I had it in my homes for 4 days and ended up throwing it in the trash. The rating is only there because an entry is required. I've never been so disappointed in a purchase.

👤It works and is as pictured, but it is very poor quality. It could be worth $20-$25. The directions were not perfect. There are bolts included that actually fit and it says to use long screws in step 3. The whole thing was very dirty when it arrived. Maybe I received a used one. I paid for a new one. There is a The paint on the piece that was bolting was chipping. The wheels are very small. The quality of the metal supports makes me worry that the back will fall down because of the cheap screw on piece that pushes against them. I would not trust a monitor or a few text books. I'd be surprised if you could hold it up without it falling. It came on time. The box was well padded. It had two extra bolts and screws. It had a screw driver. I gave it an extra star for that. It only took me 15 minutes to put it together. I wouldn't buy it again unless they use better quality metals, plastic, and paint, and I advise you not to. I would rather use it than have to return it so it can't be bad.

👤I like to work from the couch. I can type comfortably on my laptop. It raises enough to be a small desk height. The wheels lock in when mobility is not required. It's the perfect width to allow for a large laptop, a mouse pad and a place to set a drink down. If you lean on the desk while getting up it won't break. I added a couple of drawers, but I prefer the ones that have glue on them. I would definitely buy this desk again.

👤I bought a desk to hold my sewing machine. I wanted something small, but also changeable. The sewing machine sits high, so it was a little lower than a regular desk height. The directions were all written in an Asian language. I did it with this one because I'm not good at assembling things with pictures only. It took about an hour to assemble. It's easy! You won't want to sit on it. It's perfect for a small space for a laptop desk. You can use it standing up. I told my friends about this desk.

👤The desk is waterproof, non-deformable and durable. The partition can hold office supplies. There are two locking buttons on each side that can be used to change the height. The four smooth rollers at the bottom of the desk are easy to move and can be fixed to prevent movement. It is easy to assemble. It's recommended!

5. Mobile Adjustable Stand Up Workstation

Mobile Adjustable Stand Up Workstation

A mobile package with maximum usable work and storage space. There is a retractable keyboard tray, a spacious desktop, and a pair of storage shelves large enough for a printer and other bulky items. The tool height is 11 and the locking casters roll smoothly on carpets and hard floors. The total dimensions are 29.5" W x 20.5" D x 34.5" H, with a max weight capacity of 154 lbs and easy assembly. Stand Up Desk Store is a US based company and stands behind all items they sell; this item comes with a 5-year limited warranty against defects.

Brand: S Stand Up Desk Store

👤The casters are the best. Even with a 15" MBP, a Mackie 802-VLZ3 mixing board, iPad Pro, and even a Samson sub woofer on the bottom shelf, it rolls smooth. A lot of weight. I was able to fit my looper on the shelf. It fits like a glove. I could almost hand screw every screw because the machining was so on point. It is very sturdy and well made. The coating on the desktop part is smooth enough to write on, but it is a space age type of coating. This purchase was a huge deal for me.

👤I spent a lot of time looking for the right standing desk, this one fit all my criteria and the dimensions I was looking for. It took me a little while to assemble it, but I wanted to adjust the height before I put anything on this desk or have two people ready on each aide. I had to put it on it. To adjust the height to my liking. The thing is sturdy and holds my quad monitor stand. The quality and sturdiness of the build make this grade a good one. This is a great product, portable, good quality wheels, and very happy with the purchase, it is perfect for my apartment, so I can move it out of the way if guests are over.

👤I spend a lot of time at my computer, remote work, then use it for gaming and entertainment. I bought this desk because I like to be active and mobile, if I spend a lot of time at a desk. I have been using this for about six weeks. Two computers and a printer are on a shelf. I put a surge protector on the back of the panel in the middle. I put a monitor on the top. I use a standard keyboard with a number pad, and a larger gaming mouse. Good size and sturdy. The desk is light and accommodates the weight of everything. The wiring for my complicated set up is nicely organized. The main shelves are large enough to hold everything I need. The keyboard tray has more information. Rolls are on the carpet. I live in a studio apartment that is 80% carpet. If I remember correctly, my desk goes from one area to the next as I move throughout the day. Not tall enough for me. I use a topo mat at my standing desk and it adds 1-2 inches of height. The desk is tall enough to allow me to make it. My arms and wrists are left at an awkward angle if I use the keyboard tray. I need more height on this desk. The keyboard tray is not good. It was easy to mix up the left and right pieces that attach to the desk frame. It sticks out about 3 inches farther than the top shelf of the desk when it's pushed in as far as it will go. I can push hard to get it to go in further, but it feels like it's broken. The size of the tray is not good. I can't use my standard mouse pad because it doesn't fit. It doesn't leave a lot of room next to the keyboard for mouse movement. This is a bad thing as a gamer. The tray doesn't fit much weight. I am barely applying weight to the tray at the weird angle my hands are, and it is already leaning down so that it can roll out on its own. I tightened the screws that hold it in place, but I will start stripping them if I tighten any more. The tray has sharp and uncomfortable corners, which can make brushing against it painful. The corners have been covered with electrical tape. I plan to take everything off the desk and make other changes to resolve the cons. The perfect height for my keyboard and mouse should be left at the top of the desk. Purchase a taller monitor mount because the desk lowers my monitor too low to be comfortable. The mounts are taller than other desks.

6. 1home Ajustable Workstation Muti Purpose Lecternwith

1home Ajustable Workstation Muti Purpose Lecternwith

The power strip was bandaged. The cart has a power strip with 4 outlets and a 12' cord on the side. It's ideal for use as a stand-up portable computer office desk and can also be used as a speaker's podium. The upper platform has two spacious platforms. The lower shelf is ideal for small accessories such as glasses, cups, pens and so on. The top platform has a 0-40 degree tilt and is height adjusted from 1030mm to 1250mm. The built-in locking mechanism allows the cart to be stationary or mobile when desired, and it is equipped with four heavy-duty casters. The frame is made of high-quality steel and has powder coating.

Brand: 1home

👤I looked at desks on Amazon. This one is the best. It is one of the few that extends a full 49 inches, which means you don't have to squat to view the screen on your computer. You can do your work standing up. Excellent quality for money is what it is. Some buyers might have an issue with the complexity of the assembly. You have to be handy to put it together because there are a lot of parts. The good news is that all the tools are compatible.

👤If you ask me, I'm not sure why people are saying the directions are hard to understand. They give the tools for you in class, and I am a teacher. My students love it when it's fully assembled. It's cool and totally my style since I'm not a teacher who sits but always on the move. It's smooth when rolled, doesn't spill my coffee, and can handle my weight when I am using the laptop. It's a good purchase.

👤I have never reviewed a product before but this one exceeded my expectations and I wanted to share my experience. I was surprised at every turn when I opened the box. The packing was good. The steel was heavy and high quality. The instructions were clear and the quality of the parts was high. It provides a stable, comfortable and flexible work surface. The table was slightly bent from shipping and surprised me. I am very happy with it.

👤It's easy to assemble. This was a great find for a restaurant patio. We needed a stand that could hold up in the elements. It has a height and brakes on each leg. This is the perfect weight to be lifted when it's time to put it away, because it's heavy enough not to blow away outside. The lower tray is convenient for storing additional items. This was exactly what I needed, and no wood to worry about, after a lot of searching.

👤This desk is perfect for a laptop. I wanted something for the front of the classroom. It can be height adjusted. It is easy to adjust. It rolls easily and feels sturdy. The wheels can be locked so that they don't roll. It was easy to put together, the instructions are very clear. I like how tall it comes up. If you use a tall stool, you could sit at the lowest setting. It works for me because I am SALVAGEDATA

👤This was perfect in every way except for the fact that it needs a larger ledge to hold things on the top area. I use this for teaching and preaching on my laptop which I convert to a tablet and the "lip" is too short to properly hold it and my Bible. I have a professional welder in my church who can fix this, but make sure you consider whether it's important to your use. I use the tilted upper shelf if you use the flat one.

7. Laptops Drawing Standwith Portable NEARPOW

Laptops Drawing Standwith Portable NEARPOW

The laptop bed tray is made of durable and well engineered materials. The bottom of the leg is padded to prevent sliding. The laptop can fit up to 17 in the perfect size. There is enough space to use a mouse, keyboard, iPad and some accessories. The height leaves enough room to stretch your legs. The book stand is portable and large enough for some heftier books but small enough for all books. The drawer is a great addition to your daily use as a laptop desk for bed, study desk, mini writing table, standing table, picnic tray. The wrist rest is designed for this laptop stand. Even after a long time typing, I feel comfortable. Even after the window for refunds is closed at Amazon, return or refunds are still available.

Brand: Nearpow

👤I didn't purchase this to be used solely as a lap desk. I need to be able to move around while still being able to use my computer when I work from home. I love it because I can use it on top of my table to work without being hunched over. It holds everything I need to keep me going. I hate laptop keyboards, but it will hold my laptop and keyboard. My phone and tablets fit in the slots with the cases on, I don't have otter boxes on them. Highly recommended. It's a great height for me when I'm working from the couch, I don't feel like I have chicken wings. My daughter stole the book holder because it's heavy and doesn't tip, and it's great for holding my inventory binder which is 3 inches high. The price had me worried, but now that I own it, I'm happy I didn't buy a cheaper one.

👤It can hold a 17' laptop. I am using the HP OMEN 17 with the RTX 2080. The laptop has enough space for a gaming mouse. The desk is sturdy and durable. Depending on your height and body type, you may be able to comfortably use the desk at a distance. I am 5'7 and weigh 130 pounds. It looks like I have super chicken legs because of the amount of space I have left under the desk. I'm still on the debate and will test it further. I haven't tested the desk on the road inside my truck one day since I bought it. I use AT&T Mobile hotspot for online gaming and it works.

👤I like the table. It is large and sturdy. There is a drawer that can hold my tv remote and other items. There is plenty of space for my items. You will be happy with this purchase.

👤Working from home. Isn't everyone who can doing that now? I got this for the days when I don't feel like walking down the hall to my office because my kids are in the living room. There is plenty of room for me to sit. Extra supplies can be put in a drawer on the side of the room. There is a lot of room for my laptop and a mouse in the work area. I sit on a pillow because it sits a little high for me. I am happy. I definitely recommend.

👤I love this thing! I'm more comfortable working on the living room floor than I was in the bed. The height is perfect. There is plenty of room to store things. I am very happy with my desk. I bought a large deskpad to protect the surface and keep my mouse from sliding off when working on a soft surface that tilts the desk. The portable laptop desk is perfect for me. It has a large working surface and high quality materials. It's tall, but for me it keeps me from hunching over my workspace and I can move my legs as needed. fingerprints can be wiped off with a dry cloth. The book stand is very strong. The drawer has non slip grips on it. The drawer has enough items in it. I can easily store pens, note pads and other items. This desk table is portable.

8. FlexiSpot M2B Standing Desk Adjustable

FlexiSpot M2B Standing Desk Adjustable

Even after the window for refunds is closed at Amazon, return or refunds are still available. The space-saving workstation rises and folds vertically within its own footprint. There is no need to make spatial accommodations with comparable products. Their single-handle design makes it easy to adjust the height of the desk. You don't have to use two hands or force like with other brands. With their extra-deep desktop, you will have plenty of space to accommodate a laptop, computer monitor, paperwork and more. Their full-sized keyboard tray has a deeper work surface to fit a larger keyboard, mouse, and mousepad as well as a unique quick-release design so you can quickly and easily remove it when you're performing tasks that don't require a keyboard and Whether you're 5'1" or 6'1", you can comfortably shift from sitting to standing with 12 different height levels.

Brand: Flexispot

👤I just finished the first week of this and I love it. An office mate received his desk the same size. The Varidesk is $100 more and it is not nearly as nice as the Flexi Spot. The Varidesk lifts with spring action, which is harder to raise and lower than the pneumatic assist. Several of the shorter/average height women in the office had a lot of problems raising the Varidesk and some could not lower it. The Flexi Spot was easy to raise/lower. The base of the Varidesk is deeper and hangs over the desks in our cubes. The overhang of the base makes the unit heavy when it raises. The Flexispot raises and lowers so it stays stable. The Varidesk has more cutout area, which means it has more real estate for monitors, laptops, paperwork, etc. The problem with the keyboard tray noted in many reviews has been corrected, so attaching the brackets is no problem, and stays very sturdy. I am 6'7" and this unit is a perfect fit for me. The winner is clearly the Flexispot, after a comparison with the Varidesk. More stable, easier to raise and lower, and cheaper!

👤I've been wanting a desk riser for a long time, but I hesitated buying one because of the price, until I found this unit. The desktop has plenty of surface room and it is easy to adjust the height. I was able to put this together myself, without assistance or problems, because I am a female. I can raise or lower this unit in a matter of seconds and am very excited to finally have what I've been looking for. There were no problems with the instructions. The heavy duty VIVO dual LCD monitor desk mount stand was easy to install and works perfectly with this unit. I highly recommend this voluntary review. You will not be disappointed.

👤This desk has been in my possession for over a week. It was set up quickly, but there was a problem where a piece did not fit on the platform. I was able to fix it with someone else. The keyboard tray has disappointed me. There are nine screws for attaching the tray, but I only received four. The keyboard tray has already been caused to detach by putting pressure on it and using the mouse. The back of the board is made of particle board, so I can't use the existing screw holes anymore. There are pictures of where the screws fall out and where the dust accumulates on my desk. I don't know how I will fix this yet, but I will probably have to glue them in. Until then, I have a wobbly keyboard tray that I have to make sure not to rest my wrists on as I type or use the mouse. 9/7/16 I was contacted by a company customer service representative who had a new keyboard tray shipped free of charge with the necessary screws, since my original review misstated the number of spaces for screws. I used wood glue in the holes to hold the screws in place. The tray is holding up well after a week. The desk is easy to move up and down. A chair that raises to the correct height is one of the keys to making sure this desk works for you. I have an anti-fatigue mat that I use while standing.

9. Ergonomic Adjustable Computer Portable MacBook

Ergonomic Adjustable Computer Portable MacBook

Each measures 9.61 x 6.06 x 6.97 high. The stand is called the ERGONOMIC STAND. If you are having back issues, then you are at the right place, their ERGONOMIC LAPTOP STAND is compatible and will work perfectly for all MacBook and MacBook Air, Pro, 10, 13, and 17 inch laptops. It is possible to use it while standing or sitting. It keeps your laptop cool because of the cool design. It was adjusted quickly! The UPRYZE laptop stand can be adjusted for zoom conferences and meetings, as well as being used for video gaming, cooking and even as a cookbook stand. It's an amazing notebook stand. You can use the UPRYZE computer stand as a standing desk if you choose. It's easy to keep your office clean. Standing metrics! The UPRYZE computer stand can be adjusted to achieve the correct height and angle. The top base rises up to 20 Inches from the floor of the stand. The laptop pulpit stand can be adjusted according to your needs because of the 20 different arm lengths. Pack the portable standing desk away when you sit down. Go in your backpack! The "POSTURE-SAVING" laptop pulpit stand is a must have. The UPRYZE portable laptop stand can be taken along with your backpack so you can use it while working from home and also at your office. The UPRYZE laptop stand is a must have for both men and women. Get your employees and yourself. Something that will completely change their office experience. Universal for all! The upright laptop stand can be used as a stand up desk, DJ stand, podium pulpit stand, vertical laptop stand, laptop and desk riser, computer stand for laptop, and portable desk.

Brand: Lifelong

👤This is a stand for the laptop, which means you can use it with a keyboard and mouse, and it is very sturdy. I don't think you would be able to get the screen to a comfortable eye level. This does not do a very good job as a laptop stand. The large prongs on the stand make typing difficult and the floating design of the stand makes the laptop wobble with every keystroke. The laptop stand shines when it is raised to eye-level. I work from home and use a laptop camera in meetings. I like to be present at these meetings. I had to push the screen back in order to see the camera because my previous stand raised to 10” and the laptop was flat. The camera is right at eye level when I stand and the stand is so strong that I have no fear of it shaking. You should get the laptop stand for virtual meetings. I am happy with my purchase as it gave me the ability to raise the laptop to eye level if I sat or stood. If you are just trying to put your hands on the laptop at a better angle while sitting at a desk, you should look at other options.

👤I had an old Dell laptop stand that took up a lot of space, and couldn't raise my laptop screen, so I used my Dell Precision 5540 laptop with a Dell U3417W monitor in a 2-screen configuration. I bought this stand because of its adjustability, and it does not disappoint. If I wanted to, I could raise my laptop screen by 12 inches. This thing is solid. There are no locks, the configuration is held in place by the hinges, and you need to apply a lot of force to adjust it. The build quality of this thing surpasses my expectations. I would give it as a gift.

👤The product is well designed and constructed, but it is hard to adjust the positions, but it is very sturdy. I'm not worried that the stand will fold or bend in any direction, since I do a lot of letters and it's a good add on to my office. I bought another one for a friend because it was so good, I hope he will like it.

👤We would like for you to know the personal touch of a hand written note seeking our opinion of your product is class. The design of the laptop stand for desk is elegant and balanced. The unit is worth every penny because it will last a long time. Quality still matters and people like me will return business if you continue to instill as much quality as you can. The detail has not gone unnoticed and should remain important to your staff. I am sure some days the role of others may seem mundane, routine and matter of fact, but the product in this case the ergonomics laptop stand is a solution to a problem, and it has your name on it. I will always advocate for fine product and business like yours that makes the effort to ask for the business by keeping within reach excellent product. We need your company's ambition. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, for taking the time to help this stranger to have better dexterity on back to back to back Zoom calls, then Cisco Webex, Skype I need this quality and I appreciate your time and talent to bring it to market, keep up the good work. May you and your family have a long and prosperous life.

10. Stellar Made Laptop Stand Kids

Stellar Made Laptop Stand Kids

There are six colors and two sizes. Make homework assignments, writing, crafts, and reading more fun with this lightweight, versatile laptop tray. It's great for writing and drawing in bed or on the sofa. The perfect travel company for children and adults is lightweight, foldable, and easy to pack up and carry. The lap tray from Stellar Made can be used in a variety of ways. A convenient storage space under the desk tray lid allows you to store pens, markers, papers, and any craft supplies for easy access when you need them. A flat surface is ideal for drawing and writing. You don't need to balance your laptop on your lap or find a hardcover book to write. This bed desk is perfect for laptop and writing because of its flat hard surface. The table is made of high quality plastic. The lap tray is fun to use for adults and is the perfect gift for kids. You can get productive in comfort with a laptop stand for bed and sofa.

Brand: Stellar Made

👤The item was not well packaged when it was received. The desk had a broken corner. I liked that it could be folded up, but it still isn't very sturdy once the base is locked. The lid is not locked. There was a compartment in the inside that held smaller items like a coloring book and crayons. I would not pay more than $12 for the mat finish.

👤When I got it, it was broken. It was not shipped in bubble wrap because of the plastic hinge on one of the legs. The broken leg wouldn't stay in the open position after unfolding. I tried. I liked the size of it. It was well over my lap. I ordered it because of the storage space inside. I didn't want to go through the process of returning it so it's in the trash.

👤My little uses it to store art supplies. If you are inspired, you can grab the table and draw before you sleep. It is roomy for a decent amount of supplies and paper and has been traveled around. The legs can be difficult to move. Would definitely recommend.

👤The desk was a pleasant surprise. It's big enough for my laptop and the interior storage is great for my coupon supplies. I have used it as a dinner tray without any problems. The legs on the desk are the only thing I would change. Even though they are not very sturdy, they still can be unlocked. I received this product for free and it is a promotional product.

👤So versatile! Things inside stay inside when the top is closed. There are several small compartments inside that stay separate. I use the lap table after I am well because it was so helpful when I was layed up.

👤Very small. I would have had to have my legs on top of my thighs. Definitely for children or small adults. After my knee replacement, I had to return to get one that was wider for my bed and sofa.

👤I was surprised to see how big it was. It works better than what I used to. I don't have to worry about back pain anymore. I like it.

👤Parts fell out when I opened the package. There is no fix. I have to take a break from work to mail it back.

11. AIZ Standing Adjustable Computer Workstation

AIZ Standing Adjustable Computer Workstation

The item will be delivered to your house in 3-6 business days after you place an order. If there is any damaged parts, please contact them and they can provide pictures of the damaged parts for you to use as you please. You can adjust the height of the laptop desk to your liking. Changing between sitting and standing can help you to relieve fatigue, avoid health problems of sitting, and improve your working efficiency. The large desktop consists of 3 individual platforms and can be adjusted to meet your needs. One board with a mouse pad can be tilted into a creator mode and anti-skid stripes can help prevent items from falling off the floor. They use higher standard nylon wheels which are better than other plastic ones. The rotation wheels make it easy to slip on carpets and the brake help you stop wherever you want. The standing desk conversion is made of thick steel and powder coating and has a 80 lbs weight capacity. The wood grain desktop is water-proof. You can easily clean it. It's easy to fit a compact design in your home decor. It's perfect for small space and you can use your computer, laptop, printer, books and others. You could use this computer desk as a portable presentation lectern, mobile standing computer desk, laptop desk, office table, study room, or bedroom.

Brand: Aiz

👤The seller has been contacting me every day for the past five days, trying to get me to remove my review. Bribing and contacting on my personal email outside of Amazon is against the rules. This is my job! If I don't remove negative reviews within a day, I will not be able to achieve my performance goals and I will be in danger of being fired. It would be wrong to ask you to remove your comment. I want you to stop making comments. If you don't buy at your own risk, be honest at your own risk, or be bombarded with your personal email, you might be in trouble. She said I should remove my review because they upgraded their product. Don't harass a buyer, prove your product is better. The edges of my hands were almost stabbed by them. The edges are still open, easy to grab. I don't think it would meet US safety guidelines. Those edges will be dangerous if they are exposed. cheap manufacturing to save money, but exposes your hands to cuts and punctures, uses used spots of soldering instead of all edges. I have never seen metal edges on a product. Before you buy, make sure you have your tetanus shot.

👤This was bought for a small area and a large computer. The computer tower is 18 feet tall and 8 feet wide and it can fit on the lower shelf of the desk. The power strip is behind the tower. The monitor is 25" and can fit on the top rear shelf. The gaming keyboard and mouse fit well on the front shelving. There is a lot of room for our purposes on the top shelf of the monitor. It is easy to transition from sitting to standing. The wheels make it easy to move around and each wheel has a brake to stop it from rolling. The keyboard and mouse can be adjusted separately. We were a bit worried about it tipping before it arrived, but once it was assembled it was clear. As you willingly adjust it, only tips and holds. Assembly is fool-proof. It took about 30 minutes to assemble. It was very easy to do. I used my own wrench because it is thicker than the one I got, although it came with a screwdriver and wrench. One of the spare screws was stripped when we got it. It's easy to clean material. The bottom shelf was the last thing we attached, meaning the whole thing was not fully square until we attached it. No big deal. If you have ever changed a tire, you know to go in a star pattern. Get each corner started and tighten all corners. The desk has been in the studio for a week and has not had any issues. Will keep you updated if something changes.

👤The instructions are not good. If you follow the instructions, the mouse pad board ends up on the left side, so make sure to switch it around. The top part back board needs to be matched to the bottom board or they will be lower into a 1 piece desk. You need to switch it around so you can tell if the pieces are correct. The inside of the boards are straight with pointed corners so they can be lowered down and make a desk. The brackets for the top board should face away from the middle of the stand. The bottom board can be lowered to make a desk. It's good for the price. My picture should look like a right handed person.


What is the best product for portable laptop desk with storage?

Portable laptop desk with storage products from N /a. In this article about portable laptop desk with storage you can see why people choose the product. Vivo and Tatkraft are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable laptop desk with storage.

What are the best brands for portable laptop desk with storage?

N /a, Vivo and Tatkraft are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable laptop desk with storage. Find the detail in this article. Qzmdsm, S Stand Up Desk Store and 1home are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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