Best Portable Large Dog Fences for The Yard

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1. PetSafe Wireless Waterproof Rechargeable Correction

PetSafe Wireless Waterproof Rechargeable Correction

There is no wire toBURY. A wireless boundary is a great way to protect your pets without the hassle of wires. The circular boundary range should be adjusted from the placement of the indoor transmitter. The display has a liquid display. The screen on which you can see how far your pet's play area expands has warning indicators to let you know if there is an error. There are 5 levels of correction. You can choose from 5 levels of static correction. If your pet crosses the boundary, static-free return allows your pet to return home. The redemption receiver is a redemption COLLAR. The wireless fence system has a waterproof receiver collar that fits dogs up to 5 lbs and adjusts to fit neck sizes 6-28. Set up your new wireless fence in 1-2 hours to give your dog a secure area. It's accessible. This portable fence can be taken with you when you go camping or travel in your RV.

Brand: Petsafe

👤Money and time are wasted. It was easy to setup. The dogs were adapted to the boundaries well. The inconsistent signal caused the receiver to shock our dogs for no reason. The wind would blow and shock them if they were within 10 feet of the transmitter. They would be shocked when they were laying in their kennel. It would shock them if they played in the yard on a sunny day. After trial and error, you have to call the helpline. I decided to return it. The idea of a wireless transmitter is great, but the manufacturer needs to up the signal game to make it more efficient.

👤The collar doesn't work. The old Petsafe device died when my dog was 12 years old. The device seemed easy to use, and my dog responded well to the initial sound. She was going beyond the boundary after 2 mos. I have turned off the unit and tried to pair it. The collar does not shock. I put my hand on it. I am out $300 because I didn't fill out the warranty or return the device before 30 days. I am angry. Unless someone makes this right, I will have to rethink my purchases on Amazon.

👤I was surprised by the negative reviews on this product. We have been using it for 2 years and love it. We live in Alaska and many of our friends have bought the same unit so we can bring our dogs to each other's houses without the problem of all the dogs running off in the woods. Sometimes we had as many as 8 dogs using the unit at once. Our dog is not a runner now that we have this unit. We walked him around the flagged property to show him where he could go. When we let him go, he bolted but never again. After moving from one part of Alaska to another, we plugged the unit into our truck and let him out in a parking lot. He knows he's getting too far when he hears the beep. The unit is large. We brought it to friends houses, plugged it in, and let him run free, we also brought it to a bar and let him run free. After so many months of using our new home, he knows his boundaries and sometimes he goes out without his collar. The first unit stopped working after a year. We called customer service, and a second one was sent. It was hard to get free shipping, but living in an area where the dog could get caught in traps made it hard. I was able to talk them into it. I highly recommend this unit. It has changed our dog's life. He is happy without a leash. It's free! He won't walk out of his boundaries without me, so I say "stay close" when I am walking him out of his area. You have to remember to turn it off when you ride in a car.

2. North States MyPet Petyard Passage

North States MyPet Petyard Passage

WORRY-FREE SAFETY. The MyPet 8-Panel Petyard Passage is designed to keep your pet contained and safe. The enclosure comes in an attractive Espresso Brown finish and is made of strong, durable plastic. A convenience lock for a pet door. The enclosure has a small swinging door that is ideal to allow pets to enter and out of the area, but also locks to securely hold your furry friends. Any space can beCONFIGURABLE. The 8-panel play yard is 26 feet tall. There is 4 square feet of space. It can be made smaller by removing 2 panels at a time to create a smaller play area or a cozy crate. It's safe for your floors. The play yard will stay put thanks to the durable pads. It's easy to portABLE: The lightweight yard is easy to move and can be used indoors and outdoors. It is made in the USA.

Brand: Mypet

👤I love this pen. It's very flexible. I bought 2 more panels that won't need to be used for a while. The first night, I put this up in a square. I realized in the morning that it was too much space for a puppy. The dog door panel could be used to divide the sleep and potty zones. You can connect the 3 panels with zip ties.

👤The pen we bought was to hold our puppy. We like everything about it. It's easy to add or remove panels. The pads at the bottom prevent the pen from scratching the floors. The doggy door is small. Our golden retriever puppy was too large to go in and out of the pen through the doggy door. It's not hard for an adult to open and close a pen by connecting and removing a panel. It isn't particularly convenient and our children aren't able to do it. The panels from this Petyard are similar to the ones from North States' BABY Play Yard, which has a large door. We bought a 2-panel door extension from a Baby Play Yard and are using it with the Petyard. It would've been better to just by the Baby Play Yard.

👤I love this yard. I live in a ground level condo and have put up a fence on my porch. I don't have to worry about my Yorkie being on a leash since she can hang out on the porch with me. One of the best purchases I have ever made. The petyard is strong. I have had it on my porch for several months. I have no complaints. The product is worth the money. Over a year later, I still love this gate. It has been on my porch for over a year and is still in good shape. I put it in the garage for 2 months because of shoveling, not because I thought the product couldn't handle it. The pet yard is still going strong 2 1/2 years later. I put it away for the first winter and then decided to leave it out this winter and it is still in great shape. This thing is still holding on despite the insane amount of snow we have received in Wisconsin in the last 2 years. The pet yard has been in Wisconsin for 2 1/2 years. It doesn't show any signs of wearing out soon. This purchase is perfect.

👤I ordered this gate and it was sent to another customer who used it hard. The door was missing and it was dirty. I have to figure out how to use it in the shower because it is being bleached. Why send and prime a customer who has a broken peace of crap? Why would a customer use something and then return it? I was really upset that I was sent this. I need this for a litter of puppies that I have. No credit will be given when they get it back in a week or so. I needed this now and it was in good working order. It was disappointing of Amazon. Customer service was not help at all. Shame on them! I can't see straight. This one doesn't work right so I can't review it. If I were you, I would buy something else. If you need something reliable, don't waste your time. Customer service did not care that I was out a gate for my puppies. Shame on them! Absolutely not.

3. IRIS Panel Exercise Playpen Black

IRIS Panel Exercise Playpen Black

The exercise 6-panel dog playpen with door can be used for many things. There is plenty of play space for pets in the playpen. The dog playpen is made of plastic. The add-on panels are available to create a large pet playpen. 60"L x 60"W x 23"H All Life Stages is an age range description. 5 non door panels and 1 door panel were included.

Brand: Iris Usa, Inc.

👤My small poodle jumped out of the playpen with no toys in it.

👤A cute playpen. My dog is a 5 pound yorkie and he can't escape through the sides, he has enough room to play, eat and sleep, and he doesn't feel deprived. It's great for training purposes as well. It is easy to assemble. Very pleased with the item.

👤This review is for the new version. If you have small children or a clumsy husband, don't purchase. The larger version was purchased with pins. Completely child and man proof. I bought the smaller version for our bedroom because I loved it so much. The new design aesthetic is pleasing and I liked the locking mechanism. The new version clicks together, instead of being securely connected with pins. Why does this not work? Your puppy will either pee herself in anticipation or escape while you are fumbling around to open and close the thing. You could open it while standing, pull the pin and slide it open or closed. The pins lock each piece together, meaning you have moreVersatility with the pen. What do I mean? The new design of the pen can easily break apart if you want to use it as a barrier. You bend it too far back and the thing snaps apart. This is not possible with the pins. Make sure you buy the original version with pins, you won't regret it!

👤This play pen is wonderful. This has worked out well for us, we are kennel training our puppy. We don't have to worry about her destroying anything during the day. I bought a 4x4 puppy pad to keep the pen from sliding into a diamond shape like some of the other reviews have said, and it seems to have helped. We haven't covered the top because we haven't had any issues with her trying to get out, but we could use some wire mesh and zip ties. She still has room to walk around and play, because we fit her a bed, food and water bowl. The locks are strong. My other dogs can easily open and escape from a normal kennel. This play pen is great for smaller dogs.

👤The perfect size for my small puppy, quick delivery and assembly, perfect! It took less than 5 minutes to set up. This is what we were looking for. Our dog has a lot of room to sleep and walk. The price was perfect.

👤Excellent pen! I bought two and combined them for my puppy. She loves it so much that she runs around in it like a maniac, so it allows her to exercise. She has tried to get out of it, but has given up and is enjoying being there. I put a disposable pee pad over the pen in the corner so she won't go to the bathroom there. The product is great.

👤So happy now! I felt bad to leave the Minature Dachshund in his house. He has a play yard with his favorite toys. He likes it and is happy. If you're concerned about your dog climbing over, make sure the bars are far away from each other. A small pup would be hard to climb over if there was a large span in the middle.

4. Playpen Kennels Exercise Foldable 8 Panels

Playpen Kennels Exercise Foldable 8 Panels

The exercise dog pen has 8 connected panels that are easy to set up and take down for easy storage and transport. The dog pen is great for outdoor and indoor use. The dog playpen is protected from the elements with a black rust-preventive e-coat and included ground stakes. No tools are required to set up the dog pen. Simply connect the dog playpen together. The exercise dog pen folds flat for easy storage. The function of the dog fence. A metal dog crate and puppy playpen can be used to expand the living area of your dog. There are 8 interlocking panels that can be arranged in a variety of configurations. This pet pen is perfect for show, travel, and at- home use. The exercise pen can be used as a puppy playpen or as an exercise area for small animals.

Brand: Artmeer

👤I got a chocolate lab puppy and I thought it was a good idea to keep him contained because he likes chewing on things. After getting him potty trained, we bought a second one to enlarge his space. The clips that come with the play pen are garbage. My lab was able to squeeze through the area with a missing clip after one broke. Zip ties are the best way to make sure he stays in his safe area when I can't watch him all the time. Investing in a better way to keep the play pen Enclosed is what I suggest. This purchase has been a great purchase and I would recommend it to anyone getting a puppy. It is portable and can be configured to any size or shape of room. You can't beat it for the cost. If you want to keep your dog out of that confined area, you should consider getting zip ties.

👤I didn't open. Returning. Why would you put a puppy in there?

👤When my daughter isn't home for him to roam her room, we use it as a bunny area. Sturdy and tall for his safety, and large enough to run around and play with his toys.

👤I think this is good for my puppy. She can stay in the cage when I leave home. She can play in the cage space. Very sturdy and easy to set up. I'm very relieved to have her inside. I will recommend it to my friends.

👤If you are buying a puppy, this is a great purchase. It's great for keeping them safe and secure when you can't be with them. It needs to be a bit more sturdy, but I would have given it 5 stars. At 3 mos., our Westie puppy can jump on it and use his teeth to pull it back towards him, even though it is an indoor playpen. It's saved us from losing our cool when the puppy needs a time out.

👤Quality was good, but my puppy learned to climb quickly. She can jump/climb right out of the way.

👤An alternative to a kennel. I like that I can leave my puppy in here when I come home. 2 months ago, my puppy was 4 months old and he was mature enough to stay in it. It gives me a sense of security when I am not at home that he is safe and not in danger. The play pen is not sturdy enough and my little guy would jump up on any of the sides and the entire thing would move with him. The clips that keep it together broke. If your puppy is strong like mine, I highly recommend you replace it with a metal play pen.

👤This was what we needed. We have two little dachshund puppies that we need to keep away from each other. It keeps them contained, but still gives them enough room to move around. It was easy to set up. Even the little 4 and 5 pound puppies can push it around on the hard floor because it's light. I just have to adjust it often. It keeps them in good shape. It's easy to put away when we're not using it. Definitely recommend it.

5. Playpen Outdoor Portable Folding Exercise

Playpen Outdoor Portable Folding Exercise

The exercise dog pen has 8 panels. Thepet playpen is ideal for small animals. No tools are required to set up and play with a pet. The collapsible design makes it ideal for travel. The exercise pen is great for small animals, including rabbits, ducks, turtles, and guinea pigs, and can be used as an exercise area or as a dog fence. The dog playpen has a rust-preventive e-coat and water-proof, it's great for indoor or outdoor use. A large safe space for fun for small pets is provided by the interactive and extendable pet playpen.

Brand: Artmalle

👤I use this for my rabbit to be able to go outside and hang out in our camper, and it has been great! He can't jump out, can't chew through it, and it has plenty of room for him to run around. It is very easy to assemble and disassemble. It's a great purchase, it's easy to bring places as well. It's easy to carry around, but it's a bit heavy.

👤It does the job despite being not the strongest. I keep it outside on the patio for my dog's potty area. The fence is doing well outdoors, but some of the clips are old. It's not a big deal. It's easy to fold up and it's lightweight. I have a dog who is less than 10 lbs.

👤Our pup was 3 1/2 months old when she learned how to jump over it. It was a life saver.

👤This pen is great for puppies. I wanted them to be safe and play. There is enough room to play. If you want to use it outside, it comes with stakes. I haven't done that yet. I use it in the house for puppies. If you need a safe play area, I would recommend this.

👤I really like the playpen for my puppy. I like that it can fit any shape. I like that it is not too tall. I can still help the puppy when I need to. The quality of the material is good.

👤I bought this to give my bunny some time outside. It serves its purpose, but it seems a little flimsy. I like that it can be folded up for storage.

👤It is easy to assemble and fold for travel. The playpen is flimsy and low quality. I will be bringing this home with me next week because I purchased it for an 8 week old puppy. I'm going to try to use this product to see if it works, but I'm skeptical that it will hold up. The first time the puppy touches the side it will move. If that happens, I will have to fortify it or buy a better pen.

👤Medium to large active breed puppies are not recommended. We used to use to calm him when he got too wound up. He quickly learned to high center. He would hurt himself if he caught a leg. The enclosure held up longer for our previous dog when he was a pup, so think about the breed and their likelihood and motivation to get out.

6. Zippity Outdoor Products ZP19001 Picket

Zippity Outdoor Products ZP19001 Picket

The fence is designed for semi-permanent residential applications that are not subject to intense wear and tear. The package has 2 units for a total of 113in of fence. It is easy to assemble and install. No digging required! Simply put the stakes into the ground. Not recommended for large dogs. The vinyl is weather resistant and has a 10 year warranty. It won't crack, warp, yellow, splinter, or rot. Maintaining and painting are not required. You can find a compatible gate option to pair with this fence. The top shape is pointed.

Brand: Zippity Outdoor Products

👤I bought this fence because I have 3 very large dogs trampling through the flower beds that we just planted. They could use the flower beds as a short cut around the house. I would like to counter the reviews that made me change my mind on buying this fence. The reviewer stated that the kind of fence that you can buy at Lowes or Home Depot for 3x the price is not the kind that this is. There are two more The reviewer pictured the pieces at a distance, and they almost looked like thin slats of single thickness. Please see my photos for the photo that was deceiving. The slats have small nubs at the bottom to hold them in place. There are 3 more One reviewer stated that it is so flimsy that it doesn't hold up. I live in Ohio, surrounded by open farm land. Not one fence has fallen over because of high winds. The wind was so high that my flag pole let itself down. The fence was not hit far enough by this reviewer. Shipping would be outrageous if they shipped already assembled. I wanted something that looked nice, so I bought the fence to add a visual barrier, but I did not buy it to contain my large dogs. Do I think the price is right? It is definitely not over priced and could be a bit cheaper. The bottom bar only has openings for the slats at the top, so be sure to have the top and bottom bars as they should be. I made a mistake putting two #1's side by side and have yet to get the slats pulled out due to the dubs holding it in place. Before putting the fence caps on, pound the fence into the location you want it. The rubber mallet is the best for pounding the fence post. It was easier to put the fences on a flat surface than it was to affix them together. There are five The caps on the ends of the fence sections do not come off, so if you have to cut the fence in one location, place the cut against another fence section.

👤This is what I needed for a play yard for my toddlers. I installed this myself as a 54 year old woman. It is very attractive. It can be removed when I no longer need it. The Midwest winds ruined my very plumb, very square installation that I worked so hard on. I had to reinforce the longest side with garden stakes at a couple of points to keep the fence from folding in the wind. It makes the babies look adorable. I can step over the fence to get in and out, but I wanted to let the children out without lifting them, so I had to make one panel into a gate. I cut the part between the two posts and then attached it with some Home Depot hinges and a latch. The gate will be made later in the year by Zippity.

7. AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Exercise Fence

AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Exercise Fence

For dogs up to 30 inches tall, there is a portable 48-inch play and exercise pen. Made of iron metal with a rust-proof black finish and step-through door access. Set up in seconds; unfold, shape, and connect; folds flat for compact storage. There are 8 ground anchors for outdoor use. It's recommended for small, medium, and large breeds. The panels are 48 by 24 inches and create a 16- square-foot enclosure. The dimensions are 60" x 60" x 48".

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤The product seems to be of good quality and it works well outdoors, at least for us. The product description is wrong, as several others have already pointed out. One set of panels configured in a "square" formation would only equal 16 sqft, and even if you went with a perfect "octagonal" shape, you would still only increase the square footage by a little over 3 sqft. They are advertising near the 64 sqft. We've already purchased five of these, and they are working well, but after just two sets, we realized that we probably couldn't do long, straight sections of fencing, as we expanded. We zig-zagging the fencing, making sure that we created small angles with each panel, so that we could attach all five sets together into a larger pen. For anyone who wants to do the math, here are the areas you can combine the sets in using a square configuration. 16sqft is 1 and 2. 64sqft 3 is the number. 4 is the number of square feet. 5 is equivalent to 256sqft. 400 square feet. Here are the approximate areas you would acthieve. 19sqft is 1 and 1 is 2. 77sqft 3 is the number. 174sqft 4 is the number. 5 is 309sqft. Hope that helps!

👤An inexpensive way to keep your dog safe is by fencing. There are a few things to keep in mind. A jack Russell mix is a runner and can jump high. I would never leave her alone for a minute. If you want to connect multiple units, you should buy zip ties and buy extra stakes, though I think it would have been fine with those provided. There are 3 units connected to each other. Would it work indoors? Unless you had carpet or wood floors, I don't think you'd mind your dog moving around in your house. My guess is no. The stakes keep it in place. I am very happy with my purchase. I have an area where my dog can roam without a leash for around $150. She is a jack Russell/chihuahua mix and is 15 lbs.

👤I bought to keep my house clean and my puppy safe until we figure out some good manners. I am very happy with this choice, I have read lots of reviews. It is easy to move. Lifting the fence behind the mess is easy. I put shower curtain liners under it. She put small holes in the top shower curtain but she couldn't get to the bottom one so the floor is dry. I use a grabber to reach things that make mopping shower curtain, with a slightly wet, soapy paper towel or Clorox wipe an easy clean. Her toys and pee pad are in the pen. The pawz blanket I got from Amazon is very cozy and washes up well.

👤It's perfect for my dogs. It is being used to block the area for them to go to the bathroom. It was easy to set up. Not tall enough to pick up my dogs.

8. Regalo 192 Inch Super Adjustable Mounts

Regalo 192 Inch Super Adjustable Mounts

SuperWIDE: It is up to 192 inches wide and stands 28 inches tall. The gate can be converted to an 8-panel play yard. No tools are required. A pack of wall mounts. CONFIGURABLE: The panels can be adjusted to fit almost any opening. It's great for wide spaces, hallway, doorway, bottom of stairs or barrier. The folds are for storage. There are wipes that are clean. The all steel design is convenient and durable. The door has a safety locking feature. It is mounted for added security. All current safety standards are met. It's great for children up to 24 months and pets too. The door has a safety locking feature. It is mounted for added security. All current safety standards are met. It's great for children up to 24 months and pets too.

Brand: Regalo

👤My child was rushed to the ER after two hours of screaming. I had the gat set up and I had a description of how she got her finger stuck in a hole. The fire department tried for more than two hours to remove it. I had to rush her to the ER after she passed out. We got it off of my daughter's finger after she was put under anesthesia.

👤I would give 10 stars if I could. The best deal and made. The metal parts can be replaced if necessary. It's easy to use. It is taller than the descriptions suggest and it does weight more than I had expected. It is 28 1/2in high. Each panel is 25in wide and the gate is 16 1/2 wide. The bars have a small gap. The plastic joints need to be loosened first before the gate can be pulled apart. I like to remove panels in under a minute. The gate is attached to a wall, so don't think they forgot it. You can make this into a circle, square, or L-shape. The gates opening is small, but it's doable for my family of 125lb to 230lb. This will work well for my puppy. Please check out my photos. This is the best deal you can find.

👤Dad brought his dog with him when he moved in with me. I live in an apartment with 2 cats and a granddaughter. This dog has minimal training. She has been known to nip when she feels threatened. I have my hands full with this dog. The dog my father and step mom adopted would have been a project for a dog trainer. They were in over their heads as they are not dog trainers. If she does this with my granddaughter or her friends, we're going to have trouble. She doesn't have much exposure to kids so it's a big challenge. She hasn't been around cats in about 8 years and has a chase urge. One of my cats hides if you look at him in a different way. I have a lot of work to do. I started researching gate options when I knew I was going to have to take her with me. I need something that will allow my father to get through without a lot of trouble. He uses a Rollator and is a fall risk. He needs to be able to get through quickly. I probably needed more than one gate. I wasn't sure how it would work out until the dog showed up. I knew this gate was my answer to my problems when I saw it. I have a lot of options with this so I can change how we set this up. I ended up with 4 panels at one end of the living room to lock the dog in when we go out, and a place to put her if we have company to keep them safe. We have panels at the other end of the room to keep her in with us most of the time, while allowing the cats a safe place to go to get their food and litter. It was great for keeping one of my cats from escaping through my sliding door when I was Bar-B-Quing. The only thing I haven't used is the actual gate, but that's ok because it may come in handy in the future. I love that I can take this with me when we move and use it in the new space. The issue of this dog has probably caused me more stress than any other part of the move, because I'm realistic that if she nips at one of my granddaughter's friends, she'll be in trouble. The burden of this is bigger than the burden of dealing with my father. I'm really happy that we have this in place. It's working great! She is learning to not chase the cat that goes through the gap we left so he can get to the Living Room. She seems to like staying in the smaller space when we go out. I chose a better option for my needs. This thing is light and sturdy. There are so many ways to set this thing up. The price for a gate with 8 panels is amazing. I was discouraged when I started researching for a gate because I didn't know how to set it up. I didn't want to have to buy 4 different gates to figure out what worked. If you need to separate groups of animals quickly and easily, this is your gate. This is the gate if you have an awkward shaped space to cordon off. This is the gate if you need a pen that can be moved. This is the gate if you have someone who can't get through the standard gate. I'm going to post photos in the next day or so to show how we have this set up for our current situation. Although I'm a reviewer here, I purchased this item at full retail price as a personal purchase and am reviewing it because I want to. I don't have a personal connection with the seller and I have not been asked to write a review. My opinions and experiences are reflections of my experience with the product. I hope my review helps you make better decisions.

9. North States Superyard 6 Panel Barrier

North States Superyard 6 Panel Barrier

Since 1953, keeping toddlers safe has been worry-free. The Toddleroo by North States Superyard with Wall Mount is a safe playpen. Add the ABC Play Mat for added comfort during tummy time. The 6-Panel Superyard with Wall Mount Kit has a standing play yard or extra long barrIER. It's perfect for homes with open floor plans. There are wall hinges, screws, and mounting connections. A simple Ware Mount. The wall mounts are easy to fit over crown molding. To your space. You can use 1 to 6 panels. Hardware can be mounted into wood, metal or a stud behind sheet rock. The play yard is made of plastic and has a protected play space of up to 18 square feet. Do you want to increase the size? The Two-Panel Extension will create up to 34.4 square feet of play space. The baby is safe. Babies 6-24 months are safe. It is made in the USA. The baby is safe. Babies 6-24 months are safe. It is made in the USA.

Brand: Toddleroo By North States

👤I buy the product again. My first one I purchased for my 1st son, then saved for the next baby, and now my second one, we decided to buy another one to unite as one big piece. He is happy crawling and standing. 1. Sturdy 2. He grabs it while standing. It is safe to wiggle. 3. It is durable 4. There is a foldable 5. You can see your child. 6. I climb over because my husband can only open and close it. I was reading that the parent stated that their children were trying to climb over the gate and that it was flimsy and unsafe. My opinion is that it will bend for infants, not toddlers or older children. I only use it for my 10 month old who will stand up and it won't collapse, I have a 4 year old and I don't let him play inside. He understands. November 2020 update. My boy is 1 year and 5 months old, he is 31 pounds heavier than when he was 11 months old, and he is so smart that he is starting to use the small. I have him in a vy room 2. Is definitely bigger than a regular pack and play, but is still small for what he is used to. Check it out.

👤Product is not strong enough for a child that is learning to stand. I have 3 children, the oldest is trying to climb it and the youngest is trying to hold onto it, the youngest will do a 90 degree turn. The sides are mounted on the wall. I don't trust this fence. I want to make sure my youngest is safe. The picture will show the fence.

👤I have a min pin that I can't let wander around our property because she could be eaten by wild animals or carried off by large birds. I like to work in the garage and she likes to hang out there, but I couldn't keep it open for her to enjoy the breeze. I thought about trying out a toddler gate. That's what she is. I'm happy with how thick the plastic is, that there isn't enough room for her to squeeze through, and that it's just tall enough that she hasn't tried to jump over it yet. Sometimes I see her looking at something. I can see the wheels turning in her head. I tell her no. My garage door is large. The picture shows her standing tall. If she gets the better of it, I will update. Otherwise happy with the purchase.

👤The product is not strong. I don't think it's possible for a child to climb to a standing position on the fencing. My daughter has tried to stand on the fence twice and it has collapsed. Very disappointed. Don't waste your money.

👤I got this because of what it shows in the picture, a barricade, but it has to be mounted to a wall or a small hexagonal object. The instructions say not to assemble as shown in the picture. It has contained my 11-month-old.

10. PetSafe Barriers Adjustable Proofing Stimulation

PetSafe Barriers Adjustable Proofing Stimulation

Protect the outdoors. The pet barrier is designed to keep your pets away from places you want them to avoid. Purchase additional barriers to keep your cats and dogs away from an unlimited number of areas. There are two options for setting up the setup. You can use boundary wire to create a barrier up to 150 feet away or you can use a wireless setup. There is a safe correction. When your pet enters the off limits area, the transmitter sends a static correction to their collar. An unlimited number of pets can be added to the system if they are wearing a PetSafe Pawz Away Receiver Collar. The waterproof receiver is light. It is designed for dogs over 5 pounds with neck sizes between 6 and 28 inches. Waterproof culvert: The transmitter is hidden and blends into your landscape. There are comparable products. YardMax Rechargeable In-Ground, Pawz Away Extra Indoor/Outdoor Collar, and Pawz Away Mini Pet Barrier are some of the items that are included. YardMax Rechargeable In-Ground Fence Rechargeable Collar.

Brand: Petsafe

👤The only thing that keeps me and the cat happy is this product. PetSafe would rather rip people off at $35 a time. The product dies when the original battery dies. I thought the first one was just a lemon, but after three, I realized it was a shoddy product that doesn't last beyond one battery cycle. We've spent about $200 on this money pit. I'd pay more for something that will last. PetSafe seems content to nickel and dime its customers until they realize the scam, instead of charging more for a better product.

👤This product works. It doesn't work as described. We have had success with this product and our pets. It performs well in some situations. Not much in others. The maximum area that this device can cover is 12 feet. This is not accurate. The shock collar kicks in somewhere between 3-6 feet away from the transmitter. I suppose you could say it has a diameter of around 12 feet, but it feels like a lot less. The small area that the device can cover and compounded with the collar only letting out a shock after the pet has been within range for over 3 seconds, gives your pets the chance to either gain access to an item or do some damage before they meet any resistance. The pins on the collar will not shock your pet's fur. The area of your pet's neck that the collar pins will be touching is the one you need to shave. This can't be used to keep your pet out of an area or to contain them in an area. Our animals quickly learned that if they dart past it quickly, they will be safe on the other side, since the shock only kicks in after 3 seconds. If you have a small couch, chair, desk, or item that you want your pets to stay away from, it does work well. The instructions say not to leave the collar on your pet for more than 12 hours. Your pet cannot learn the rules if the rules are not always in place. We have left the collar on our pets for many days at a time and they have not shown any signs of irritation or discomfort.

👤I bought this product for an indoor cat that had defeated every other attempt I had made to keep him off the kitchen counter and dining room table. He has a basket of toys, window perches, and a cat tree, but he just loves jumping on our counter. The cat knows how to sneak up behind the Ssscat motion detecting spray canisters and knock them out. He did the same thing with the motion. I tried using double sided tape, but he was able to peel it off with his teeth. I finally bought two of the PetSafe barriers and put one under the dining room table and the other under the kitchen sink after a long arms race. The cat knows where the barriers are, but as soon as he hears the warning, he gets out of range. He occasionally looks for the perimeters that are listening for the beeps, but rarely allows himself to get zapped. I'm sure he'll need to wear the collar on and off for a long time due to his perimeter checks, but I'm happy with the solution. The collar was limiting the range of motion of his neck, so I swapped it out for an actual cat collar.

11. Ruff Ruffus Portable Foldable Collapsible

Ruff Ruffus Portable Foldable Collapsible

There are three sizes in Medium. The large is 36x36x23 inches. Extra Large is 48x 48x23.5 inches. There is a bonus included. The portable pet play pen has a carry case and collapsible food bowl. It's ideal for travel. The roomy 8-panel design has protected seams and reinforced corners. It was made from water-resistant materials. The top can be easily removed for indoor use and closed for outdoor use to provide shade. easy access for your pet is provided by the door. Close the door if you have a pet. They have your back with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have any issues with your pet grooming accessories, please reach out to them. You can get your kit completely risk-free by clicking on the Add to Cart button.

Brand: Ruff 'n Ruffus

👤I received a playpen and it is so good. The playpen I bought was the medium size. I wanted something bigger than the crates I already have for the two chihuahuas to be inside at the same time. The playpen is small enough for two small chihuahuas. The playpen has a top and a door and it seems to be well made. If I have a problem in the future, I will post more updates.

👤I am an Amazon Prime junkie. This product is one of the best purchases I have ever made. I have been using it to domesticate a litter of kittens. The seller reached out to me to make sure everything was okay. Communication with seller has been great. It has been better than a cage. When you take it out of the package, it's almost set up. It is very easy to take down and relocate. Accidents can be caused by liquid resistant nylon. kittens fall asleep within minutes after a full day of activity when I drop a blanket over them. This is the selection you should make if you are an Amazon shopper that appreciates a great product at a great price.

👤When we went to visit family for Passover, I bought this for my 6 week old kitten so he could be comfortable. He is too young to be left alone. He was very comfortable in it. He ate. I keep him at home instead of in the bathroom. I keep his food and water open when we are home. He can eat there. He is very comfortable in it. The quality is excellent. He climbs a lot but has yet to make any holes. He can still enjoy the comfort of the large one when he gets bigger.

👤Customer service is amazing. The play pen is amazing. The puppy loves her play pen. Can fit most of her toys in her bed. She loves to bathe in it and can leave whenever she pleases with the dog door. It is optional to keep on or off the top zip up. Our puppy is very sturdy as she likes to prop herself up and this does not collapse. It is highly recommended to any pet owner.

👤My 8wk yorkie loves it, it's very spacious and gives her room for eating, sleeping, playing and her potty pads... I was happy that my money was spent well.

👤I personally prefer the extra large size, especially for $5 more, so I went ahead and ordered it. The last photos show a size comparison. The original photos are of a large size. The playpens have 1 gallon water bottles inside. The original review was about love. My foster kittens can climb out of a pack and play with this since it zips at the top. I added a pic for comparison to a large hamster cage and a standard pack n play. I think this is a good size, maybe it would have been better to have an extra large one. I think it's good. There is a small litter box and food/water bowls in the picture. It is easy to open and collapse back down. If you want them to have the option to come in and out, it has a foldable door. It is nice but not thick. If you had a destructive pet, this wouldn't be a chance.


What is the best product for portable large dog fences for the yard?

Portable large dog fences for the yard products from Petsafe. In this article about portable large dog fences for the yard you can see why people choose the product. Mypet and Iris Usa, Inc. are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable large dog fences for the yard.

What are the best brands for portable large dog fences for the yard?

Petsafe, Mypet and Iris Usa, Inc. are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable large dog fences for the yard. Find the detail in this article. Artmeer, Artmalle and Zippity Outdoor Products are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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