Best Portable Light for Photography Battery Powered

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1. IVISII Rechargeable 360°Full 2600 10000K Adjustable

IVISII Rechargeable 360%C2%B0Full 2600 10000K Adjustable

The light wand made of aviation aluminum and Hard PC has a weight of 349g and a light demension of 406*44*45mm. 2*RGB Stick Light; 2*78.7′′ Tripod Stand; 2*Hot Shoe Bracket; 2*Remote Control; 2*Gooseneck Soft Tube; 4*USB Type-C Cable, Storage bag; Perfect. If you have questions, please contact them. The video conference lighting comes with a tripod stand that has a full color gamut, two-color temperature lamp beads, and high quality lamp bead. The light is uniform and soft, which is good for video conferencing. Portable Pocket Video Light is small and lightweight for carrying in pocket. It is a perfect light for video conferencing, video shooting, interview, live streaming, and studio lighting. The hue is 0-360 full color, the saturation is from zero to 100%, the brightness is dimmable from zero to 100%, and the color temperature is from 6000K to 10000K. It can be fully charged in 3 hours, and can be used for 180 minutes at 100% brightness. There is a portable carrying bag, a charging cable, and a tripod stand in this package.

Brand: Ivisii

👤A functional mounting solution for a box light. That's the biggest selling point for this light. It supports mounting another item to this, so you can connect it up to your camera. For the first time, I can have both a light and microphone attached, without having to use different mounts or grips. It saves a lot of space in my bag. Can't stress enough how much I like the mount. The form and features are similar to other little lights, but it costs 1/3 less. You can choose from a variety of video effects and colors. I feel like I get better color saturation with the G2 than the other lights I've used, but I could just be seeing this through rose tinted glasses. It's a standard tripod, but I find myself using it quite a bit when I'm doing still and panoramic. Product shots. It is stable and solid. Can't ask for more. Glad it came with this, not one of the cheap-o "metal" with extendable legs that collapses on itself. A very good choice. It's inexpensive, bright, and has some nice effects. I don't think you can go wrong with the G2 if you're serious about space saving and need a light.

👤The light is small and lightweight, but it provides a bright light source and colorful lights. The new standard for the charging port is a plus point. The battery lasts a long time. I like the effects the light can give to my videos. I might keep them in my bag since they are so easy to use.

👤This little light is bright and awesome, it has a built in rechargeable battery on it, it will live in my travel bag with my tripod, and it will be my new go to travel light. It has an aluminum arm on it and two screw holes for a tripod. I discovered that I can use a portable tripod and a bright light for travel shots, and that I can put it on to my portable stick, so I can use it for travel shots. It has a full range of colors on it, as well as some of the other flashing features like police light and fire truck, but it is a small light that is not bigger than a portable hard drive. I don't know if it's based on full light power or not, but it seems like it has more than enough power for shooting whatever I need.

👤I need this to help balance the light in the room. I use two monitors and a green screen. The room level lighting behind the green screen causes problems with shadows and the virtual background doesn't work well. The second monitor causes glare and reflection on my face. This light gave me the ability to experiment with a variety of temperatures, brightness levels, and angles. The 10k color temperature, 30% max brightness, and light on top of a shelf pointing into a ceiling angle worked best for me. The process was manageable and simple because of the capacity to easily adjust the variables. I used it for three hours and it still showed a full charge. The display panel on the back makes it easy to adjust and replicate the results if I change it up. It would be better if it had a tripod that could adjust up to 30" tall. It turns out that I don't need that adjustment, but I can see the situation where it would be helpful. I have regular tripods that I can use. I don't have a lot of experience with lighting, but I highly recommend this. It does everything I need and is a good value.

2. Dimmable Digital Camcorder Panasonic Samsung

Dimmable Digital Camcorder Panasonic Samsung

Ultra Pocket Size is 56.7*35*25mm, 29g, super mini and lightweight, it's easy to carry for ourdoor, hiking, travel etc. 60-LED lights for optimum illumination. There are two filters included with this item, one for reducing the color temperature to 3000K and the other for Spotlight effect. Professional effects can be achieved by changing the light intensity. The switch can be used for on/off and brightness adjustment. Not included is a compatible NP-F550/F750/F970 Li-ion battery. Note:6. 1.5V AA batteries can be used as emergency lighting, but the battery life is not very long, so it is not recommended to use.

Brand: Neewer

👤This is very bright. I mainly use it for video and exploring, and one light illuminates most of the basement. My family often borrows it to use in place of a flashlight when working around the house or at night. Everyone is impressed with how bright it is. The batteries in this do not work in the long run. Unless you take the batteries out, this light will drain battery power within a few days. The batteries in my apartment were leaking and corroding after 3 days of being left in. I bought the battery packs for this light along with a charger for another $20, after giving in. I have no regrets since I bought the battery packs. The battery packs are easy to snap in and out of and last a long time. The softbox is an accessory that you'll need for video as the light is pretty harsh even with the diffuser and dimmed. I bought some colored gel sheets and cut them in the shape of the light to snap into place. It's useful in many situations, but I wish they'd include batteries.

👤That is very bright. I started looking for a lighting solution for my studio recordings, just like thousands of other video producers. I picked up the Neewer CN AC to DC power conversion to avoid buying batteries that were too expensive, because I saw how popular the Neewer lights were. The combination of lights and battery pack solution was a good choice. You have quality and powerful lighting. I paid $32 for the light and $16 for the battery power. I don't like buying batteries for high-drain electronic devices, even though the battery pack was a bit expensive. The light runs with no light fluctuations when plugged in. The NEewer 160 is bright. You are not going to look down the eyeline at this guy. I use 10% of my capacity and it is bright enough to eliminate shadows on my face. The threading device works well for my stand. You can save a lot of battery money and stress over the life of your light by using the Neewer CN-AC2 DC 7.5V 2A Switching Power. It works quickly. Installation takes twenty seconds and you are ready to go. This light is used weekly by me.

👤It's pretty great. I have used it in a couple of shoots and it is consistent and bright. I will post some pictures.

👤Fast setup. I have used pro gear and these. I was really impressed with what I was able to accomplish in a short period of time. They are easy to control and light. The first still is from a night shoot. I setup a softbox in the back with a 300W of power. Sometimes you need to bring out a little texture in the background, but not the whole deal, so you need the dimmers. I used a second light to bring out the ambulance, and that's where the dimmer comes in handy. His key was in two boxes. I wanted to show how easy it is to set up a professional lighting setup, but not an amazing one. The 3rd and 4th stills highlight a cool effect that I just recently started doing, which is pointing these lights right into the camera just off frame to give flares when you're just shooting fairly static and inactive B-roll. It takes a few minutes to get a really cool effect with a light that is light, portable, and dimmable. I would have bought the F970 batts for a little more peace of mind if I had to do it again. If you're doing any sort of serious shooting and you're trying to move quickly, you have to hold up the interview because you need to change out a batt on. Excellent overall, when used correctly. I have three in my light kit.

3. GSKAIWEN Photography Portable Handheld 2800 5500K

GSKAIWEN Photography Portable Handheld 2800 5500K

Variable lighting, the most convenient decoration, easily creates warm and cheerful atmosphere. The wireless remote allows you to take pictures from a distance up to 40 feet. The light kit is for photography. The light stick has a wireless remote, tripod ball head, handle grips, carrying bag, and user manual. They will reply to you within 24 hours if you contact them immediately. 192pcs of high quality led beads can last up to 50,000 hours. The temperature and loss were steady. No shadows, even lighting. The fill light range is larger with the portable handheld light wand. The light body is very thin. It is portable and lightweight. You can use handhelds to give a more artistic light effect. You can adjust the color temperature and brightness with a knob on the light. The color temperature was from 2500k to 6000k and the brightness was from 1% to 100%. The power supply is powered by either a power adapter or Sony NP-F970 batteries. Widely applied to studio photography,portraits photography,product food photography,interview video,YouTube video, fashion, wedding art, advertisement photography, shooting video. You can use it anywhere with batteries. 2 x 78.7inch battery, 2 x NP-970 Li-ion battery, and 2 x LED Light are included in the package. A Carrying Bag and a light stand. If you have a problem with the product, please contact them. You will get the best solution within 24 hours, with a 1 year warranty and life time customer service.

Brand: Gskaiwen

👤A must have for the device. The purchase was the best I have ever made.

👤The mounting is the main reason I returned. There is a screw on the male side of the stand. There is no female side. Basically as seen in the photos. You would think that the light would screw on, but it doesn't. 5 minutes later, I returned the product. The handle doesn't hold the light. It is weak to hold the light up. It is stripped when you get it.

👤The light is easy to break apart. Poor material was used to build. I only used it once and it broke apart just by being tightened.

👤I used the 2 sets of these for an event and the batteries did not last long. The description says they last up to four hours.

👤As a photo major student, I used a lot of led lights and strobe lights before, but this product is impressive, even compare to profoto b10, it is easy to use and have high range of temperature. The knob can be used to adjust the brightness and temperature. I like the portable design that can be battery operated. The quality is better than the price. I did some shoots here.

👤I wish the bag was designed differently so that you don't put the lights against the stands. They bumped each other while traveling.

👤The lights are good for the price. I bought two sets. Very happy with them.

4. Neewer Dimmable Adjustable Tabletop Photography

Neewer Dimmable Adjustable Tabletop Photography

The kit includes a portable light, a battery base, a soft diffusor, and a remote control. The video call lighting kit has a brightness range of 10% to 100% and is ideal for soft and even lighting on a video call. It's ideal for meetings, calls, and streaming. The light can be powered by a wall charger or a power strip. If you want to use the light for a long time, avoid using a power bank, laptop, or tablets. The optional color filters give you the flexibility to create colorful lighting effects for game live streaming. The mini tripod can be mounted directly to the panel light to offer an ultra-low position lighting. It's easy to fold it down. The height can be adjusted with the extension rod. The package includes a panel light with a cable, two mini tripods, two extension rods, two white filters, two yellow filters, two blue filters, and two red filters.

Brand: Neewer

👤I needed the video lights for my conference calls. Only 50% intensity lights me up. They are almost at eye level when seated. The extension stick is used to lock it in place. The foam hand grip and wrist strap are left by the tripod legs. I don't need that for my projects, but someone may want to film it. These lights are light duty and small for lighting small projects or video conferences. You will need a dual port plug.

👤These lights are great for green screen lighting. I put the lights on either side of my monitor to make it easier to key in the green screen. They helped me turn down the exposure and gain on my webcam so there was less noise in the image.

👤I need to have a lot of video presentations. I decided to use a green screen to show my slides because I don't have room for a TV in my house. The main issue with green screen results is lighting the screen. Since I don't have room for giant softbox lights in my house, I got a pair of tiny lights and they do a great job. The effect of the chroma key has improved. They telescope small when I don't need the lights. I'll be able to keep them. I'm giving 4 stars instead of 5 because of the two reasons. The lights did not come with colored filters. I was not intending to use the colored filters, but I feel that if you advertise a feature you should deliver. There are two more The base of the tripod feels flimsy. I'm not upset because they were even cheaper at $35, but I think $50 is reasonable. I didn't think it was that high. The light stand is just a selfie stick, so I need a higher quality one with a base.

👤We were looking for a lighting set that would give us the right amount of light for our green screen to remove shadows, and this set did just that. We have a small studio and were looking for an alternative to the large box lights. This set was delivered.

👤I used to use traditional bulbs for photography lights and they were so hot. Bright lights for under $40? Take my money! If you don't have a power outlet, you can use the power for things like photography and video. A lot of extension cords now have ausb ports. You can watch my video on the internet.

👤These aren't the best lights around. These are cheap and you get a lot of bang for your buck. They are used as up lights in my studio. The stands are low quality plastic, but for the price, what can you expect? The stands act like sticks. I will buy another set of them. They are at their highest setting in the photo I posted.

👤I changed rooms and needed new lights. The lights were cheap and perfect. Forget expensive lighting, it's more perfect for the cost. These things are bright. There is a The color filters are bonuses. My lights needed to be dimmable and low power. They needed to fit my desk space, which was a challenge since I have 2 32" monitors on top of monitor stands. The lights can be extended over my monitors. The stands and arms can be adjusted so I can change height and angle. I used one to diffuse the light for the front and the other to illuminate the back of me. It's perfect. I wish the lights were powered by a power source other than a power source, but I don't think that's a dealbreaker. There is no cable management, but the lights are versatile. I tie the wire with the control on one of the legs of the base. If you turn the light off again, you will be able to keep your brightness setting, but the power will be reset. For the price, these lights are enough to recommend.

5. Adjustable Rechargeable Batteries Photography Streaming

Adjustable Rechargeable Batteries Photography Streaming

If the tube lights can not work correctly, please contact them directly, or check the remote power, some parts lost or damaged on delivery, please apply replacement in your. The panel is made of 176 pieces of light emitting devices with a color temperature of 5000K and a high quality. The barn-doors would help control the light spill, they work really well. The included color filters help spread the light and change the color temperature to achieve the color balance and intensity you want for your shoot. The studio lighting kit is good for video with soft dialog or acoustic music because it has no noise or fan noise. They don't get as hot as other lights so you can keep them on for a long period of time without the issues of over heating the office. The wireless light panels run on internal batteries, so they are mobile without the need to tether an electrical cord to them, and you also don't have to worry about tripping over cords. The battery has been great for location shoots when no other power is available. The carry case that holds all the accessories is portable and compact. The tripod style stands can be folded down to a manageable size for transporting. They don't take up a lot of space either broken down or fully extended. The setup is light and easy to transport. The video panel lighting equipment is used for a wide range of purposes. It is also very suitable for art/painting studio, tabletop games, do it yourself projects, working on cars, gardening, camping, shoot makeup and selfies, etc.

Brand: Emart

👤Not worth the money. The lights were bright, but cheap and flimsy. They only worked on the battery and there was no way to power them with a plug. The batteries only held their charge for a short time. I had to return them.

👤I was looking for an inexpensive solution for a shoot and thought these might fit the bill. These were the worst ideas. They don't distribute the heat. Both of them get very hot. I worry about internal components when the heat is put off. The battery ran out in under ten minutes. Returned and tried again. Same thing. I'm returning them.

👤I have been a customer for almost 10 years and this is my first review on Amazon. This is the worst product I have ever purchased on this website. Completely useless and a waste of money.

👤I love using these lights for my camera. I had a problem with the batteries not charging. They have more than compensated me for the trouble, because it was not easy to reach the correct person because the email listed was incorrect. I'm anxious to use my lights again. Thank you Emartus.

👤This is a good set for the price. It has everything you need. The light is bright and it has a second filter to make it softer. The tripods are not the best if you extend them all the way up, but I use them mostly to take pictures of my 2 year old. The lights can be attached to other tripods. The carrying case makes it easy to bring anywhere.

👤The tripod stand is easy to damage. It is very weak.

👤I was looking for a light that would take our stream to the next level without coating as much as other led bicolor panel lights, and I am very impressed with these light. The remote makes it easy for them to adjust. They are out of the box ready despite being collapsible soft boxes.

6. Battery Powered Portable Rechargeable Photography

Battery Powered Portable Rechargeable Photography

There is wide comparativebility. It's compatible with many different kinds of cameras, and is used for portrait, fashion, wedding, advertisement photography, video shooting. Recharging with long battery life is rechargingable. After receiving the battery powered tube lights, first of all, to fully charge them, and then to keep them running, it will spend 3 hours, until the indicator light stops flickering. No worry for its function. The video lights can be on for up to seven hours. The tube lights won't show the correct color in a less power situation. It is easy to carry for different occasions. You can turn on by pressing On/Off button on tube handle, then you can control it by remote, there are 12 single color options with 366 vivid AUTO displays, M+/M- is for fixing the Next or Last display, also you. Hand held and multi- function. The light weight music video tube lights can be used for a variety of things, including light painting, DJ and TikTok lighting, and you can put them on tripods for Stage and Night Bar lighting. You can adjust the video lights targeting direction by adjusting the tripod, they are 320 viewing angle tube light display, not high bright with lovely color, when you use them with tripod. If the tube lights can not work correctly, please contact them directly, or check the remote power, some parts lost or damaged on delivery, please apply replacement in your.

Brand: Yunke

👤I was skeptical because of the other reviews. I will say that they were worth every penny. Excellent colors, light weight. Highly recommended! Will be ordering more soon!

👤The lights were battery powered and came with their own stands. It is a steal to get 4 of these. I used them to make a dance video. They're not strong enough to dominate the sun during the day, but they are strong enough to shine at night. They lasted about 4.5 hours after being fully charged and drained. One of my controllers had a full row of buttons that didn't work, but it wasn't a problem as it came with 3 other perfectly working controllers. Cannot complain. If I need more lights, I would buy them again. The product comes with 4 tube lights, 4 light stands, 4 tube light stand adaptors, 4 wall chargers, and 4 controllers.

👤For this price, you can't go wrong, I used them for a music video. It makes videos pop and full of color. I already own a forum that I will be buying more to add to. LIL E FILMS are used.

👤I was worried that they would be dull. It's the same effect as the ones that cost hundreds. I hope they pay their workers a fair wage. It is a strip light inside a plastic tube. The one on the left does not hold a charge as well as the other. It is very dim after a couple hours. It is inconvenient to have to charge them all the time. The stands are loose and really hard to get the light you want as it wants to change colors when you use the remote. I have to make sure the lights are straight up. I put them on boxes because they were too short. Glad they brought it. Overall, you get what you pay for, and I am happy that my expectations were exceeded. I was taking a chance and throwing money away. I am happy with my decision. Make thicker ones now?

👤If they worked right, these would be pretty good. Sadly, they usually don't. I have never got more than two of them to display the correct colors. I push the blue button on the remote when I turn them on. I get two different colors. I get three green and one red when I push the green button. I push the red button and get two different colors. Sometimes it gets worse and one color won't turn off. When I push blue, one of the red LEDs turns purple. The seller told me that the problem was due to them not being fully charged, but even after charging them all fully, at least two still won't work correctly. I had to get a partial refund from Amazon because the seller couldn't ship replacements for the faulty ones.

👤The seller sent all the missing parts to me. The product claims to have specific parts, but they aren't in the instruction manual, so the review was bumped from 1 star to 4 stars.

7. Bicolor Continuous Creators Lighting Panasonic

Bicolor Continuous Creators Lighting Panasonic

1 x portable photo studio box, 1 x led lights, 6 x color backdrops, 1 x light Diffuser, 4 x reflection board, 1 It has a 12-month warranty and lifetime friendly customer service. If you have any questions about the product, please tell them what problem you have, they will try their best to give you a satisfying solution. The credit card size is light. A creative on or off camera light panel made with a premium grade aluminum design for durability that fits in your pocket with an easy-to-use display screen is a creative on or off camera light panel. It's compatible with Sony, Canon, Fuji, and Panasonic cameras. It's a good idea to put it in your camera bag for the best shot. AJUSTABLE COLOR TEMP: Features flicker free LEDs with a temperature range from 3400K to 5600K. You can get the perfect lighting with your DSLR camera. It is possible to have adjusted brightness. For enhanced control, brightness can be adjusted from 1% to 100%. It's great for video calls, photography, video, and your vlogging kit. It works well as a video camera light. You can useABLE power and internal battery for up to 14 hours on internal battery or use for your video camera as long as you want. This portable light is great for travel and is easy to pack. There is a mini camera shoe mount in the box. It's a must-have for on the go camera accessories or home office accessories.

Brand: Lume Cube

👤Pros It is well constructed and I regret my purchase. I use the Lume cube for video calls because of the poor battery life. When using the light at 1/3 power, I only get 2 hours out of it. A standard 5V charge must be used. What is the point of having a charging station if it can't be used universally? It is not a good value for the price. I regret purchasing this device and do not recommend it, but I believe there are better units that offer better value.

👤The Lume Cube Panel Mini is small. It does live up to what it says, but you have to curb your expectations. This makes for a great accent light and video conferencing light and does a decent job close up in a pinch for a portrait light on the run. If you are doing video work in dark areas, go with the GO or full Panel if you can afford them. It can be great for small details, even for macro. If you want this to be your portable Portrait Lighting on the go, you can bounce it off a reflector to spread the light, but this little guy just doesn't have enough throw on it's own. It is not setup to do that. It could be used in long exposure shots to add some lighting effects. I think the GO is a better value than it is. If I could swap the mini for the Go, I would be happy. Thedharmalife is on the IG.

👤This product is very cool. It helps fill in when I zoom online, I set it below my monitor. I couldn't charge it with a standard cable. I finally plugged in the cable that came with it and it worked. All is well, but not sure why.

👤I contacted the customer service by email to make sure that the Lume Cube Panel Mini would fit my Canon. I explained that it had an "Advanced Mini Shoe" and the email response I received was yes, no problem. I sent another email to the same department to inform them they were incorrect and I provided the exact measurement of the shoe needed after I discovered it wouldn't fit. I was told that I could return it. The people working for the Lume Cube company are incompetent. I would have to spend another $30 to resolve that problem by ordering an additional shoe, because it was a waste of time and money.

👤I like the concept and the extra lighting but after an hour or so the device falls off the back of my Apple desktop. I tried several locations on the back of my computer and used a lever to lock it in place, but it keeps falling off.

👤The light is portable and bi-color. It comes with a compact and a diffuser. The battery life is poor, and that's something I like about this thing. I have two, one serving as a lightweight, small-scale key light at 100% and the other as a fill light. I'm burning calories in under 2 hours, that's a fast burn.

8. VILTROX 2500K 8500K Rechargeable Professional Photography

VILTROX 2500K 8500K Rechargeable Professional Photography

The small size pocket light is a must have for your camera bag, it is very small but puts out a decent amount of light. Dimmable for the tripod, also with 3 cold shoe mounts for the cameras or DSLR recording, and the standard 1/4 screw is suitable. Vlogging is a thing. It supports multi-light assembling. The lighting kit comes with a mini desk tripod, a 180 rotating phone holder, and a hot shoe accessory. It's perfect for video conferencing, video recording, and other video related activities. You can adjust the lighting angle on your cell phone holder to make you look better while working or meeting. The adjustability of 10- 100% brightness and 2500-8500K color temperature support offers more choices when you broadcast/live stream/game zoom lighting. The display has a convenient adjustment in real time. Even if you've worked for a long time or at night, you can change the setting to make yourself look better for the viewers. There areLIGHTS for ZOOM. The video light is made from 24pcs High Quality Color Rendering Index 95+ beads and the Max. The illuminance is very bright. The light is portable. The light is equipped with a built-in rechargeable DC 3.7V 3000aAh battery and a charging port, it can be used for up to a year. It can be charged by laptop, power bank, support, and continuous working so that it is suitable for indoor and outdoor shooting. It is 888-282-0465, it is 888-282-0465, 888-282-0465, 888-282-0465, 888-282-0465, 888-282-0465, 888-282-0465, 888-282-0465, 888-282-0465, 888-282-0465, 888-282-0465, 888-282-0465, 888-282-0465 It is a perfect light for video conferencing, video shooting, interview, live streaming, and studio lighting.

Brand: Viltrox

👤I have several of these lights that are not cheap but I'm always looking for ways to accent certain objects or have a portable light unit that is travel-friendly. The more expensive versions have a bigger battery and metal body, but they didn't want to spend more money on the light. The light has a kelvin temperature that is more warm yellow than white. The wide range of color temperature for white is surprisingly well done for the price, as the cool temperature maxes out at 8500K with a more bluish hue. It's bright enough to make a video in the dark. The body is plastic, but I felt it was quality with the metal threaded insert for the standard tripod screw, as well as a charging cable and a cold shoe mount. I can't complain about the price. It's an inexpensive way to add a portable light.

👤This was advertised for remote workers. You need to buy a stand for the mount because it's not possible to attach it to the monitor. The cord is too short to plug in without removing it from the stand. The battery life is short. If you do video most of the time, you will get 1 to 2 recharged. The device won't work while it's being charged. The lights are too bright unless you dim them to the point of uselessness, which is great because the color warmth is great. This is not a remote worker light.

👤The unit works well. It is thought out. When I first looked at it, I thought it was too yellow, but when I tried it under the lights, I realized it was very close. It's too dim for most uses, but it's nice to be able to take it so dim. You cannot use it while on the charge. If you think you will need more than one and a half hours, you will need another or you will have to wait while the battery replenishes. I like it, except for one issue.

👤If using alone, it's hard to stand. It would be nice to have a screw fixure for the bottom and top so you could use a tripod or light on top. No where else to put the screw. You need to have one on each side to have no shadows. There are lots of bright and color changes. I think from 2500 to 8000. At 50%, the brightness is good. I like warm weather. It is yellow like to white. Small tripods are not tall enough unless put on top of something else. There is a lot of portable. Should come with a case. I got mine for 38, but now it's 45. I was going to buy a second one but saw the price increase. Buying a gps case.

👤I tested it at maximum intensity for over 100 minutes, after 90 minutes the power goes into eco mode at 70%, and after 105 minutes it's running at 60%, so it's safe to say it can go for more than 120. It's not possible to film people at 100% intensity because of the lighting. We can't charge the battery when we plug it in. I mounted it on a isteady pro2 and wish it was water resistant.

9. Neewer Lighting Dimmable 3200K 5600K Photography

Neewer Lighting Dimmable 3200K 5600K Photography

The Weeylite RB9 Video Light, Two-way conversion, Type-C charging cable, Light Diffuser, Phone & Tripod holder, and soft carry bag are what you get. RC-11 remote controller and phone charging cable are not included. The Bi-color light is composed of 192 light beads and has a temperature range of 3000K to 6000K. This soft light is perfect for live video streaming, live video conference, and photography. The light panel of the Ultra-ThinLED Screen is only 1 cm thick, making it easy to carry around. The panel weight is 1.3pounds/580 grams and the panel size is without a ball head. The back of the light head has a large display screen that will show the color temperature, brightness, and battery power status of the light. The built-in battery can help you shoot even in places where the plug power is inconvenient, and it can also power the light by the included power adapter. The lightweight light stand is made from high-quality aluminum alloy and has exceptional strength for heavy-duty work. A carrying case is easy to store and transport. It can be installed on DSLR camera, camcorder, tripods and light stands, thanks to its wide compatibility. The 180 angle adjustment makes your shooting more arbitrary.

Brand: Neewer

👤I upgraded to these over my old ones in a light box. I don't worry about breaking bulbs anymore. I don't have to worry about tripping over cords as these are wireless. It's nice to have options on either end, as I usually end up somewhere in the middle of the scale. The battery life has exceeded my expectations. It is easy to transport because it is in a case. This is my go to light setup when we are doing remote product photos and videos. Not having to find a place to plug them in is a huge advantage.

👤Two light panels, two tripod light stands, and a case are in the set. The model number of the light panel is NL-192ai. The output of the light panels is 650 lux and 195 watt. The warm-to-cool temperature range is between 3700 and 5600 degrees. The color rendering index for each light panel is greater than 95. I've been using the light panel set for a while now and it's terrific. The lights are mobile because they run on internal batteries and don't need an electrical cord. This is convenient when there are few electrical outlets. I use a green screen to record my video projects. The purpose of the light panel set is to eliminate the shadow that my subject casts against the green screen. It takes practice to adjust the light panels. It takes a keen eye to notice whether the temperature needs to be adjusted. In most lighting situations, I leave the color temperature at the highest range. I use natural lighting to illuminate my subject, but I am limited to the time of day and the position of the sun to act as the key light when recording at home. Someday, I would like to purchase another set of panel lights that are only used for key lighting. If you need a set of panel lights with higher illumination, you need to get to the next level. You would need to purchase a set of proprietary batteries and a charging station in order to use the lights on-the-go. It might be inconvenient to have electrical cords on the floor during a video shoot if you use the higher-powered panel lights while plugged into an electric sockets. The portable nature of the NL-192AI led light panel set sold me. I would recommend this set of lights to anyone on a budget.

👤I wanted to do a better job on my cars while keeping them in the garage. I couldn't see minor issues using the garage lights, but these lights helped me catch them. They work well for the more common photo. My son will attest. It was easy to setup and the price was good.

👤It's good for lighting things other than photography, like doing projects, working on cars, gardening, camping, and so on. The battery would probably last 4 hours at 10% brightness. It's easy to evenly light a campsite with a pair of lights. It would last all night at 1%. It can be plugged in and charged while it's operating. One of the lights is slightly more yellow than the other. Good product, other than that. This is a great, innovative product. Would buy again.

10. ULANZI 2000mAh Rechargeable Mobile Vlogging

ULANZI 2000mAh Rechargeable Mobile Vlogging

It's suitable for shooting small product, such as scaled models, cup cakes, jewelry, watches, gadgets and other items. It's perfect for any small-scale photographer looking to take a higher-quality photo. New upgrade, more smooth, makes supplement light softer and lither, not dazzling, perfect for vlogging. The maximum brightness output can be up to 120 minutes and the minimum brightness can be up to 300 minutes. The color temperature shows the beauty of natural light. The essential light beads are 49 and have a high color rendering index. Cold Shoe Mounts:LED Video Light is designed with an expandable connection system to connect multiple light panels together to strengthen lighting brightness and to get better lighting effects.

Brand: Ulanzi

👤I have been looking for a cheap light. I thought for the price, I would give it a try. This is powerful little light. It is very easy to do. There are 5 levels of brightness and a few levels of temperature control. The built in battery makes it easy to use. I will definitely be buying a few more after playing with this light. There is a Don't look directly into the light. You can see spots for days. The photo was taken on the phone. In a dark room. The light was close to my face. The light was set at the lowest setting so that it wouldn't blow out the photo. The photo was taken out of the phone.

👤I was unable to operate the light while it was plugged in. I drained the battery, plugged it in for a few minutes, and tried to run the light on full brightness. The light went off after a few minutes. Maybe I needed to charge it into a higher-powered device. If you buy this light, you may not be able to charge it. The light is a great value.

👤I don't have to re-hash it, it's a pretty good little light. What has already been said? It's bright at the highest level if you have it on top of your DSLR on the hot shoe, unless your subject is across the room. I feel like it works better with at least 2 units connected as it spreads the light better (less of a flashlight feel), but at that point you might as well just pull out your actual panel light instead; though the convenience and portability of these lights are hard to argue. The convenience factor takes a big hit when it comes to theusb connection. It's not compatible with Power Delivery plugs that can fast charge your phone using higher voltages, and it has ausb-c input for charging. If you have a plug in your bag with your cables that have ausb-c on both ends, you still have to carry an extra plug to charge it. What is the point of that? If it can't handle the power delivery, I would prefer it to have a microusb port. If you get in a bind, you'll find a lot of those cables, a dime a dozen anywhere, which is fine if you get the benefits of that interface, but otherwise just a hassle. This might seem like a minor issue, but it's one of those details that can really get to you, so I thought I'd share it in case it annoyed others as much as it does me. I'm not sure if I should keep the light or return it.

👤A light that can fit in a mount or balance on its own. The white light is bright enough to illuminate a surprisingly large area, and easy to balance for, so it can be used to create flash-like effects for a small area. It's not worried about batteries because the permanent battery makes for a lighter unit. Very bright is one of the Pros. I don't use mine at the highest setting. Good battery life. * A modern power accessory. There is no custom charging device. It's a good fit for one-handed use. It's cheaper than your phone, so it's a safer choice for waving around, and it's also a flashlight. A bigger diffuser would make the lighting more even. * It doesn't fit in my Canon M6 hot shoe, which is a little too big. Highly recommended.

11. Portable 3200K 5600K Bi Color Rechargeable Dimmable

Portable 3200K 5600K Bi Color Rechargeable Dimmable

The standard scissor has a 1/2 inch screw tip on the stem so that it can be used with multiple different photography equipment. The VL-81 video light has 81 beads and a bigger angle. The Softbox design is not dazzling. Warm Light and White Light can be adjusted quickly according to the application scenario. A built-in charging interface for the Li-ion battery. The large capacity battery has a built-in battery. The maximum brightness output is up to 150 minutes and the minimum is up to 480 minutes. Cold shoe mounts allow you to attach microphones, fill lights, and other shooting accessories. The light has a universal hot shoe accessory that can be attached to a camera, tripod, microphone mount, light stand or other support using a small screw on the bottom. The video light is compatible with Sony a6300/a6400/a6500/a6600, Canon, Nikon, osmo pocket/osmo action/osmo mobile 2, and Gopro hero 8. Travel Record Life Record is a video on the internet.

Brand: Ulanzi Select

👤I needed a small light for vlogging while traveling. It has been a great light so far. It provides soft light which is great for my mom. I use this light on my camera. This is my new rig. I use it with my Canon M50 camera. The Canon M50 and 80D have the light on top of them. I used the light and my face as a source for reference as to how well the light works, and created a video of myself in a dark room. I give it a perfect score. I took pictures of the box in the dark room. Everything lightens up as it should. I would like to have several of these as fill lights around the room, so I can vlogging or make videos. They are bicolor so you can match the lighting to any other lighting you have instead of being stuck with only warm light. It is a great light that any vlogger should have. It is small, versatile, powerful, lasts for hours, and can be mounted on different cameras or gear. You can change the settings which is helpful. This light is very easy to use. If you want a powerful light for photography or vlogging, it is worth getting it.

👤The user interface on a photography device should be simple. There are two knobs, one for color temperature and one for brightness. The brightness knob should be turned down until it clicks off. There are no rows of buttons. The brightness knob turns smoothly up and down, but the LEDs do not tick up and down in a straight line. The range of colors from warm to cold all provide a nice range of wavelength - in other words, all settings resulted in natural looking colors, on my camera, anyway. Exposure is the same whether you set it to warm, cold, or anywhere in between, because Panning the color temperature from warm to cold does not change the overall brightness. The max brightness is limited. If you need that, it can get very dim. If the light is half a meter from the subject, you can get an exposure above EV 5. In low light settings, this will be useful, because the light is fairly close to the subject. I want to use it for photography. I think I'll have it set up on my camera when I shoot videos for my classes. It doesn't flicker, which is awesome. We have a cheap ring light. Is that annoying? This light is nice and steady. Yes, you can use it while it's plugged in.

👤I've only had it for a day so I might need to change the review, but I'm loving it. I've run mine for more than 6 hours tonight and it's still the same weight as half a cup of water, but it's on the lowest setting and has four leds on the back meter. It is the most efficient led light I have ever experienced. Unheard of! It stays in a room with a four degree rise over ambient. The light produced at this low setting remains bright and warm during discharge. It's bright enough to read a large book. A flashlight in bed is more pleasant. If you're not a photographer or videographer, I recommend this as an emergency light. If you need it, it will probably get you through an entire night.


What is the best product for portable light for photography battery powered?

Portable light for photography battery powered products from Ivisii. In this article about portable light for photography battery powered you can see why people choose the product. Neewer and Gskaiwen are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable light for photography battery powered.

What are the best brands for portable light for photography battery powered?

Ivisii, Neewer and Gskaiwen are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable light for photography battery powered. Find the detail in this article. Emart, Yunke and Lume Cube are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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