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1. Neewer Pieces Bi Color Video Light

Neewer Pieces Bi Color Video Light

The carrying case is made of black heavy duty material and is portable. The 660 video light has 330 warm white and 330 cool white LEDs, and it has a color temperature from 3000K to 5600K and a brightness level from 0 to 100%. The color rendition is ensured by the high CRI 96+. It's perfect for portraits, product photography, videos, and more. There are different lighting positions. Four-way barn doors help with changing the beam spread and the U-bracket tilts the light panel for optimal beam angles. The black finish on the aluminum alloy construction makes it easy to harmonize with any home interior. The table light stand has a light on it. The light stand is made of aluminum and can be extended from 2.2' to 6.2' for flexible light positioning. The locking knobs allow you to adjust the stand's height and lock each section for extra stability. When photographing outdoors, you can use the NP-F970 Li-ion battery or the AC power adapters. The package includes a 660 light video light, a light stand, a white Diffuser, a power transformer, a carrying bag and a user manual.

Brand: Neewer

👤The light has two dimmers that allow you to mix the yellow and white lights, but not give you an indication of the color temperature. I ran a few tests with a scope to find the exact numbers so I could be sure of the temperature when I took them on shoots. The temp is 3000k with yellow at 100% and white at 0. The temp is 5000k with white and yellow at 0 You get 4,000k with both at 100%. The most efficient state is this one, as both sets ofLEDs are outputting as much light as possible. The best way to set your camera is at 4000K.

👤I would like to keep this brief, but may not be able to. Considering the price, the light is great. This bright and well made kit is the only one of its kind that will work for the price range. I have worked with a lot of light kits and this one exceeded my expectations. The light is bright. It is made of metal. This kit will light a scene for you and it has a good weight to it. One thing to add is how long the battery will last. I charged the batteries to 100% after receiving the lights and pack of batteries. I put a single battery on one of the lights and started a stopwatch after cranking up the yellow and white lights to their max output. At 58 minutes, the light began to dim slightly. The light shut off at 1hr 21m after keeping the same brightness. I've read reviews and watched videos that show people talking about how they can get up to 45 minutes from a single battery, and I think it's because they're buying smaller versions of compatible batteries. Their results are different from mine. I will do another test and update with how long the light will last with 2 batteries on the back. You won't be disappointed if you buy them. I was going to wait and save up for a nice light kit, but I had to purchase a kit earlier than I expected. I don't think I'll buy new lights soon. They blow the old bulbs out of the water.

👤The price made me worry, but once I used them, it was a shock on the quality, level to detail and power they had. I would highly recommend them to beginners or professionals on a budget, as I am about to order another set for my b-unit. It is worth it.

👤Over the years, I've tried a lot of photography lights. I used metal cans with steel or aluminum barn doors when I first started photographing. I then moved on to lamps with reflective umbrellas. I tried using large light boxes and found them to be bulky and not very portable. I started with a three-pack set of single-color dimmable LEDs from Neewer. They were powered by a single Sony-type battery and had plastic housings that were about the size of an old VHS tape. The front of the lights had amber and purplish diffusers which could be slid in to change the color of the lights. The light set here is very interesting. It's made of metal and the barn doors are functional. You need to use AC or Sony batteries. The older Neweer set was as bright as this pair, if not brighter. One advantage is that you don't have to carry around a lot of batteries because you can use one battery in the old units. The newer light set uses two batteries and should run longer. The newer and older Neewer lights have the same number of white LEDs, and the reason this newer set of lights is larger is because of the inclusion of yellow/orange/amber LEDs. The older light set was plastic, but they were more compact and lighter. I like the strength of metal, but not the weight. I'm not happy with the features of this set. I think they could have doubled the white count and had some super-bright lights for studio or outdoor use. The bi-color feature is a bit overblown. I can't imagine a scenario where a videographer or photographer would want heavy yellow or amber tones in a shot. If you wanted someone to think you only shot at sunset, would that be possible? I think the set will be good for studio work. The older set is lightweight and portable. If you don't already have a set of lights, stick with the older one. They are a fifth of the cost of the newer style, and I think they came out with it because they feel like a premium with the metal construction, but I don't think they add much more function or a better value.

2. Neewer Collapsible Multi Disc Reflector Centimeters

Neewer Collapsible Multi Disc Reflector Centimeters

The bag is better for storing and carrying. It's easy to assemble and disassemble. The light stand and strobe light are not included. There are 5 colors available. There are 5 colors that can be chosen: gold, silver, translucent, black and white. There are multiple functions. It creates smooth, even reflections, Silver for contrast, Black block out unwanted light, Gold for sunset effect, White for soft, almost shadowless light, and Translucent for softer lighting without shadow. A simple twist instantly folds the accessory loop down to 1/3 of its original size. A portable case is suitable for storage or outdoor photography activities. Light weight: It's easier to take photos with ultra lightweight.

Brand: Neewer

👤I needed this product to submit portrait photos for school and it worked great.

👤The product is small. The gold and silver are the same color. Same for the other screens. Poorly constructed. If you shoot yourself, light distribution is hard to place on the ground or stand. Invest in a better quality.

👤I have taken pictures for many years. This is a great addition to my bag. It works well. Make my pictures look good. Being 5 in 1 is great. I have the problem of getting it to collapse. The wife makes it look easy for me. A keeper.

👤These can't get enough for me. When it was on offer, I bought the 80 cm, but realized it was too big for portraits, so I bought the 40 cm and love it. Every filmmaker needs their kit.

👤I needed it for further away and bigger pictures, but can imagine they are good for close ups and product photography.

👤It's a perfect present for a photo enthusiast.

👤They are nice and creased due to the light distribution being affected.

👤The product was very good. It is easy to fold. It's small enough to fit in my handbag when I'm on the go. There are different disc options that are great. Recommended!

3. Neewer Centimeters Reflector Translucent Photography

Neewer Centimeters Reflector Translucent Photography

Light weight: It's easier to take photos with ultra lightweight. The kit includes a carrying case. The reflectors can fit any standard holders. Warm up the picture with gold, silver, and white, and block out unwanted light with black and translucent. The steel spring frame is flexible and durable. The carrying case is made of black heavy duty material and is portable.

Brand: Neewer

👤The small reflectors are the right size for macro and food photography. It allows for more light to be directed into the scene where you need it or to be used to screen light where you don't want it. The spring flew across the room when I opened the protective case and began to remove the reflector. It's easy to collapse the reflector before putting it back in the case. Place your hands on each side of the reflector, twist one hand in one direction and the other in the opposite direction, and squeeze the reflector into a flat package. I have practiced this move many times. I immediately flipped it over so that the gold and white sides were out. It's easy to reverse the orientation by zipping off the cover. The hanging tab needs to be aligned with the slot in the cover. You can easily zip the cover back into place with the flip of the zip pull on the other side. You can hang it or attach it to a belt loop with a small loop attached to the cover. It's easy to fit into the side pocket of my camera case. I have had a 43" Neewer for at least 5 years and it's still in good shape, though the case is starting to break, but I expect this new one to last a long time too!

👤The main photo clearly shows that this is not a set of 5 discs. "MULTI DISC" is not the title. There is a single disc. You put the cover on it to get two different colors, then flip the cover inside out to get the other two colors. It's okay, but it's not what I thought it was and it was misleading on the part of the seller.

👤This will be used for macro photography. Small items in the yard that wouldn't be removed/ picked and brought indoors to a staged setting are examples. It is small enough to carry as I walk through the woods. My primary use is the diffuser. I was satisfied.

👤This is great for single portraits. It's small enough to be portable and large enough to direct light onto the subject.

👤This is a very small reflector. This little thing helps add light to the face when I take photos of clients at work. It is easy to fold and not take up a lot of space.

👤This is what I was looking for. It's just the right size for me to take photos in the woods and outside with a lot of dense brush and shrubs.

👤I use the reflectors in the field for macro photography. The wraps are very sturdy. I'm very happy with the purchase. Can't beat the price and quality.

👤There were no complaints. It works just as well as the expensive ones. Really good value.

👤The portable 5-in-1 kit works as described. The base unit has a diffuser and covers. The quality is not as high as other brands and I doubt it will last so long, the carry bag is weak and looks like it will fail with any hard use.

4. Neewer 2500K 8500K 2000mAh Rechargeable Photography

Neewer 2500K 8500K 2000mAh Rechargeable Photography

The carrying case is made of black heavy duty material and is portable. A professional video light. The 6W RGB61 video light has a high illuminance of 800 lux, a 120 beam angle, and 61 beads. softer lighting for gaming, videos, vlogging, and more can be achieved with the light diffuser. The color temperature and hue can be adjusted. The color temperature of this light can be adjusted from 2500K to 8500K. The back of the light has a screen on it that shows the light settings. There are 12 scene modes for different photography needs, including the Cop Car, Ambulance, Fire, Lightning, Fireworks, TV, Candle, Party, Fault Bulb, Pulsing, Strobe, RGB Strobe, Paparazzi, Emergency, H/L. It's better to use within two meters and fill light in short distance. The light has a built-in 2000mAh rechargeable battery that can be fully charged in 2.5 hours. After fully charged, continuous lighting time is up to 2.5 hours. Also has a Type-C port for charging. There are portable and multiple mounting options. The pocket-size light is 3.14” in length and 2.6” in width. It is easy to take on the go. You can mount the light on different equipment with the bottom cold shoe mount. The sides and top of the cold shoe mounts have more mounting options for compatible devices.

Brand: Neewer

👤It's a nice light. It doesn't feel cheap. I bought it to have a small fire effect. I thought the fire function on the light was mimicking a flame, but it's not.

👤It was a good deal to get two of these for less than $23 each. Needed a small portable light that would highlight dim areas. The screen with the RGB and LCD is a plus. If you want to use it as a source of light, the setting should be 8500k. I have to place the box out of the picture because it's too strong. The other modes have a good battery life. It will drain quickly if it is 100% brightness. I have been using it for hours and it hasn't dropped a bar. I am happy with it so far.

👤It is compact and versatile. You can add color to a scene or use a white light. The white gives about one extra stop of exposure at 10 feet.

👤It's easy to control temp settings. It would have been better if it came with a power cord instead of a battery.

👤I use this light for a lot of other things besides photography. It's a nifty thing to have around.

👤This is a great accent light for my shoots. You can hide it behind a product and give a background object some color, or you can hide it in the frame and give a background object some light. It is bright light but a bit of a warning for its size. This doesn't mean that you can buy a few of these and light an interview. This isn't bright enough to counteract the sun in an outdoor shoot. It is perfect for what I wanted it to be. It is a nice little key light.

👤I can't turn on or off the light without it being plugged into the outlet. I am disappointed.

👤Great price and quality!

👤Movie light that is flexible. Theremovable diffusor works well. There are so many different colour temperature bulbs around it can look weird if you add another light colour into the mix. The colour adjustment on this light is very simple and effective, so you can blend in with what's ambient, and adjust or compensate the colour temperature as you please. Two batteries are on the back. It was a bonus. Give long work sessions. It works with a few batterries. There is a 12V power plug. This light is awesome.

👤I have had this light for 3 months now and I use it on my camping trips and fishing trips, it is great for photography and the battery lasts a long time if kept low.

👤Not very bright batteries drain quickly and get extremely hot.

👤It does what is promised. White light and warm light work in different ways. Good batteries with a slow charge. Overall quality is good.

👤Excellent quality. The controls are good. It was very well made.

5. Neewer Centimeters Photography Hexadecagon Speedlites

Neewer Centimeters Photography Hexadecagon Speedlites

The round translucent disc can be used as a diffuser. This softbox has a multi-angle lighting source. It creates a lighting effect in a large area. It's ideal for shoots of commercial advertising, wedding, fashion and portrait. The shadow edge of the softbox is soft and it helps to make the outline of the object clearer. It's compatible with the CB60 CB 100 CB 150 and the Aputure 300D II 120D. Steel rods are used for enhanced durability. The bag is better for storing and carrying. It's easy to assemble and disassemble. The light stand and strobe light are not included.

Brand: Neewer

👤I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a light dome for my video lighting. I took a chance and found this dome. I decided to help someone else that was in a similar situation because there weren't many reviews on it. It is definitely worth the money. The honey comb grid was purchased separately. Godox P90L P90H and the Aputure Light Dome have a Godox Honeycomb Grid. It costs under $30. The APUTURE Light Dome would have cost more, but these 2 pieces still cost less. 5 stars.

👤Oh yes! I love this one, I was debating over it for a while. It works and does a great job. It wasn't easy to set up. I liked it. I didn't need it to collapse because it stays in my studio. The price is right and the size is solid. It is a durable material. I was very happy to use this setup sample pictures from a recent session. Light control is great!

👤I have purchased a lot of diffusers that are either too small or large. This one is the perfect solution to a slightly larger off camera strobe than typical flash diffusers that is not too big that I can hold myself with an extension while shooting for flexibility. It keeps my flashes light and manageable. It's easy to setup for a fill light. The soft box is very affordable and the assembly time is very quick. I have some that are over 120 dollars, and this one holds up just like the expensive ones, for a third of the price. It's a perfect fit for the stands I have at the studio.

👤The original review can be found below. The mount on the Aputure 120d II wouldn't lock into place. I shaved off the tabs on the ring with a dremel and took a photo of it. It took me more time to find my dremel than it did to do the surgery. It fits snug now that it locks into place. This is a good product. If the manufacturer wants the mold to work with all the Aputure lights, they need to make a small mod. My rating was changed from 1 to 4. If it fit without modification, it would be 5. This is a very nice softbox. It takes a bit to put together but it's easier after you've done it for the first time. The problem is that it won't lock onto my Aputure 120d II. I have a lot of bowens mount accessories that lock on. I've tried to match the mounts to see what the problem is but I can't get it to lock into place. I'll have to return it. It's a shame.

👤I was so angry when I got this that it didn't come with any assembly instructions, but I couldn't find any online either. This isn't easy to assemble and requires coordination and the right order of operations. I almost quit and sent it back because I was so angry. I persevered and eventually figured it out on my own, and now that it's all together it works great! It works great with the video light from the Neewer brand. It casts a large and soft light over my work area. This light is the only light I need for my videos, and it is also the only light I use as a reflector. Be sure to have a sturdy tripod for this bad boy. If I breathe on it wrong, or even slightly, the weight of the dome will tip it over, and I have a cheaper one. I use a dumb bell on the base to keep it nice and steady. I would rather die than take this apart and reassemble it again, and it isn't exactly small. When you consider how much more expensive similar name brand products are, I think you definitely get a lot of value for your money with this dome. The final output is on par with some of the more expensive brands. I paid full price for this.

6. Neewer Portable Photography Lighting Adjustable

Neewer Portable Photography Lighting Adjustable

The package includes a panel light with a cable, two mini tripods, two extension rods, two white filters, two yellow filters, two blue filters, and two red filters. The video call lighting kit has a brightness range of 10% to 100% and is ideal for soft and even lighting on a video call. It's ideal for meetings, calls, and streaming. The light can be powered by a wall charger or a power strip. If you want to use the light for a long time, avoid using a power bank, laptop, or tablets. The optional color filters give you the flexibility to create colorful lighting effects for game live streaming. The mini tripod can be mounted directly to the panel light to offer an ultra-low position lighting. It's easy to fold it down. The height can be adjusted with the extension rod. The package includes a panel light with a cable, two mini tripods, two extension rods, two white filters, two yellow filters, two blue filters, and two red filters.

Brand: Neewer

👤The portable light kit is reviewed here.

👤There are pros and cons. The complete light set. It's perfect for small jobs. Also good for travel. LEDs do not heat up very much. These come with a 10 step controler that is easy to use. The light was bright from the start. The set of gels and the diffuser plate are needed. One of the gels was damaged and the supplier replaced it with a full set of gels. The gels won't fit in light with the plate in place. Gels can be damaged easily. I would recommend these to a friend. There is a If you have any questions, leave them below and I will do my best to answer them. Thank you.

👤The lamps are pretty good for soft lighting, tested a little in different scenarios and it does help with indoor and dark outdoors. The build quality of the mounts is decent, but I didn't expect much from the lighting kit. Sometimes the pieces fly off the slot, but the only real annoyance is the diffuser which doesn't have a lock mechanism. This can work as auxiliary lights when there is a power failure. I live in Puerto Rico and the electrical system is not stable.

👤The lights are bright. The picture has a white filter on it and it has bright, white lighting. Once the lights are set up, the filters stay in place. Adjusting power and brightness is easy with individual remote controls. This purchase is recommended by me.

👤These are great! I am referring to the fact that you can't fit the colored gels in the way you want. Two sets of gels do not fit with the Diffuser, but this company is the best I have ever purchased from. I used the Gels because of how awesome the Tripod is, I was able to angle the light upwards, which caused the Gel to slip out of the slot and sit on top of the LEDs. You know, the LEDs don't get too hot. Gel's have a low melting point. I was shown first hand what customer service was like when I was contacted by someone from the company after writing about the Gel's. Trust me. These lights are for you. They are worth it. They work well with the larger Iphone cubes, but you have to make sure they output the correct voltage. The power is rated at 2.4 Amps. The Tripods are very sturdy and not cheap. There is an option to choose a premium package. An included carrying bag would be in that package. Two cables that connect to the internet. A wall plug. The lights can be turned on and off via remote. The Gel Case could hold more Gels. I would give this product 6 stars.

👤I am very happy with these lights. I can't believe how good they are. I use one light with a white diffuser to light my face during my streams, the second light has a blue gel inserted and it lights up the wall behind me as a blue ambient light. The light for my face is not on 100% brightness, but it lights me up from about 4 feet away.

7. Neewer Photography Adjustable Aluminium Softboxes

Neewer Photography Adjustable Aluminium Softboxes

The light stand is made from aluminum and has exceptional strength for heavy duty work. USER-FRIENDLY DESING: This light stand has a tripod-style with tripod function that each leg of the tripod can be stuck on 3 positions so that it can be used on even ground and perfect for mcro shooting. Heavy duty and swift. The diameter of the 4-Section Vertical Tube is 25mm and it is strong for heavy duty work. There is a stable and light-weight. Net Weight: 2.10 lbs/970g; max. height: 78.7 inches/200 cm; minimum height: 21.6in/55 cm. Load capacity is 8.8 lbs. It can be folded to 50 cm, making it convenient for store and carrying. You can take this stand with a carrying bag. AJUSTABLE STAND: The height of the stand can be adjusted to meet your needs. Sandbags can be added to increase the base weight. The standard scissor has a 1/2 inch screw tip on the stem so that it can be used with multiple different photography equipment.

Brand: Neewer

👤One issue that takes a step away from perfect. The legs fold down when you lift it to another spot. It takes a long time to adjust the legs after lifting and moving it. I tried to tighten the acres, but they folded again when I moved the stand. It's very frustrating when working with clients. I would order 3 more if the legs were locked in place. It's frustrating because it's close to being the perfect light stand. It's great if you set it up for a long time. It's unbearable when you need to change location every few minutes. You are walking with a model and doing different angles and locations. Not possible with this light stand.

👤I picked up one of these and will be ordering two more. I'm wondering why other manufacturers haven't designed something like that. It is so that each to lower and raise and collapse to a small state. I hope it lasts, but other than the clips to expand the legs, I can't think of anything that is weak.

👤It turned out to be better than I thought. The legs are very sturdy and I like the way they operate. The bag is easy to fit inside the stand. I've only used it on a few gig so far, but I'll probably need more of these for my other lights. Great product.

👤I have this to hold the flood light. Nothing out of the ordinary. The post bends easily. The post was not very solid.

👤It takes some getting used to but works well, it needs to get the bags to weigh it down, but it is a better upgrade tripod than the neewer ring light.

👤The tripod is very nice. She has to use a smilng or spread the legs out really far, which is the only issue I have with her. Or both. It's solid. Definitely get it.

👤It's perfect to hold my light box. It is very easy to use.

👤An interesting design for a light stand. It's simple and works well. I would like to see them use this design more in the future.

👤The best tripod I found was the one I bought to use with my new camera. I was worried about spending more on this model, but I have been happy with my choice. A carrying case is what the tripod comes in. The tripod legs are easy to flip out, it is light but well built, and it goes up lovely and high. You can place the tripod on a slope if each one is set independently. There is very little hardware in the way of the shot because the camera screws onto the thread. It's nice to have a hook in the middle of the bag to hang it. I'm going to enjoy using it.

👤I was looking for a stand that was 6 ft+ and could stabile carry a spot light, but that could fold down small enough to fit in my back pack. This is a great product at a good price and it arrived on time.

8. Neewer Included Engineered Location Shooting

Neewer Included Engineered Location Shooting

1 x G1s Video Light, 1 x portable carrying bag, 1 x 1/2 screw, and 1 x type-c charging cable. VISION4 flash only supports M, Multi, 2.4G wireless remote mode. It doesn't support either mode. The speed is up to 1/200 seconds. It is compatible with Canon, Panasonic, and Sony cameras. A7S Not compatible with Canon EOS Rebel T7/1500D 2000D, Rebel T 100/3000D 4000D, and Canon EOS Rebel SL3/250D. The All-in-One outdoor flash has a high GN60, 7 steps of power adjustment, and a short flash duration from 1 to 1000s. The VISION4 uses an international brand battery which supports large capacity power box and provides 1000 full power flashes and recycles in 0.4- 2.5 seconds. The VISION4 Speedlite Monolight can be triggered manually, if you use a 2.4G wireless VC-816TX Trigger. The portable version of the Bowens Mount has a metal cover and a white soft diffuser, which are easy to carry for outdoor shooting.

Brand: Neewer

👤These could easily cost more. I'm surprised how good it is. Excellent value! I wish I'd put down an extra $200 for the model that does high speed sync. I'm very happy with this. It works great. If you're on a budget, nobody will know you're using a Pro Foto, but if you're using one, you'll get a better product. 3 Sturdy... Really Sturdy... 1 great light... 2 affordable... It was blown down on the pavement twice. The strobe is still working despite the tore softbox, despite an ugly gash on the back. The starter strobe is great. The battery doesn't click in as easily as it should. You're good to go if you push down firmly. 2 The second Trigger is cheap and the Trigger isn't very sturdy.

👤It was easy to use for beginners. I would like to get another one eventually.

👤Light weight and easy to use, this item lasts throughout the sessions and events of a professional photographer. I would recommend this item to any photographer that loves to shoot outside and doesn't need a battery powered camera, it's battery powered! This item was made to order. I thought that you had to take off the hood that covers the bulb, but you do not because the designer has a hole large enough for the umbrella rod to slide through. The controller that fits on the camera shoe mount doesn't click in place, but I must admit it hasn't fallen off of the camera yet. I don't like that the controller's battery is not rechargeable and I have not found a battery to fit that. You have to buy another battery just in case it dies, but this item is priceless and a bargain for what it does. This flash has the look of an expensive car but has the body of a mono- flash.

👤The box was purchased in January. The battery isn't charging or the power charge isn't working, now in March, preparing for a shoot. They offered to replace the power charging cable or the battery depending on what the issue was, after talking with customer service. The charging cable was the problem and now the replacement works correctly.

👤Shot was very hard to shoot. Going out tomorrow night to put this puppy to work. The money has incredible output and flexibility. You can read about those in the product description, so I won't go into the details. I've always wanted a wireless megastrobe and it's finally here and dirt cheap. Some have had issues, but I'm confident the OEM will make good. It's worth the hassle to get a piece of kit.

👤This is amazing. Check out the photos I took with this flash. Ig- ShotbySummer.

👤I have learned to use other tools of the trade and the TTL is not a problem. It's easy to set up. Plan to get the Vision five. The photos are from a shoot.

👤I'm in love with an object if it's possible. The picture was taken with the Vision 4 and no other lights. It has made my life simpler.

9. Neewer Stainless Centimeters Monolight Photographic

Neewer Stainless Centimeters Monolight Photographic

There is a package that includes a light panel with cable, a tripod stand, a red and orange filter, and a ball head hot shoe. Also, note: Light stand only, flash and flash brackets are not included. The light stand is used for a wide range of photographic equipment. It isdurable: The light stand is made from a long-term, rust-proof material. It is foldable and porous. The light stand is portable and easy to store, and it can be folded, making it portable. It is an ultra-sTABLE. It has solid locking capabilities that ensure the safety of your lighting equipment.

Brand: Neewer

👤I liked the set so much that I used it in my home studio. The legs are wide enough to be stable. I ordered a new set recently to use for outdoor shoots. One of them had a problem. A rivet supporting the spring inside the main pole broke. It was my first time using it outdoors and I was disappointed. It happened on Monday. I sent a proof of the problem to Neewer. On Tuesday, they promised to send me a replacement, and asked for my shipping address and a copy of the order invoice. I sent the information. On Wednesday, they said they would send me a replacement and it would take 4-7 days. I received the replacement on Monday. They didn't ask me to return the old one. Even though I can't use it, I will keep it so if something goes wrong with one of the other ones, I will try to use this broken one. This was the first time I had an issue with their product and the way they handled it reassured me that I would remain loyal to them. If you ever have a problem, they will take care of it, so you can buy this with peace of mind.

👤We have similar stands from where I work, which is a not-for-profit. They were nice and heavy and solid, an improvement over some lighter ones. I liked them so much that I bought a shorter pair for myself. The value is great. I ran into a problem, one of the T-knobs wouldn't tighten. I contacted them and they said they would send me a new stand. I was happy with the response. Let's just try another one. They sent four. None of them solved my problem. They said they would send me another stand if they could check another knob for me. It works great after they did it. I was pleasantly surprised to get this level of service, as I think it had been some time since the original purchase before I got the chance to set up the stands. They stuck with me despite my strange problem. These days, it seems unusual. Very encouraging. I will definitely do business with Neewer in the future.

👤These are great for portable flashes. I used to use a C stand and the cheap ones that were 2 for $20 before these. The C stand is great and will last the photographer. They weigh as much as a photographer. They are close to perfect. The short set is portable. They fit nicely into a telescope bag I already had, and are tall enough for situations where the subject is not too elevated from head height of the photographer. If you have a subject on a big rock, you may want to get a taller stand. They are tall and portable for me. They are a bit heavier than my cheap stands. I love them! I had an issue that was a pain to deal with until I learned how to fix it. The nut was stripped of the threads after I Torqued it. I bought a kit for M5 threads on Amazon after learning about the inserts. Installation is easy and the nuts are stronger. The design team should add an insert to fix the issue. The cheap plastic knobs from other manufacturers don't have inserts, so it won't make a big difference in cost. If that is not fixed, I suggest a do it yourself installation of a coil on all knobs, so you don't have to worry about the stand during a photo shoot.

10. Dimmable Digital Camcorder Panasonic Samsung

Dimmable Digital Camcorder Panasonic Samsung

Ultra Pocket Size is 56.7*35*25mm, 29g, super mini and lightweight, it's easy to carry for ourdoor, hiking, travel etc. 60-LED lights for optimum illumination. There are two filters included with this item, one for reducing the color temperature to 3000K and the other for Spotlight effect. Professional effects can be achieved by changing the light intensity. The switch can be used for on/off and brightness adjustment. Not included is a compatible NP-F550/F750/F970 Li-ion battery. Note:6. 1.5V AA batteries can be used as emergency lighting, but the battery life is not very long, so it is not recommended to use.

Brand: Neewer

👤This is very bright. I mainly use it for video and exploring, and one light illuminates most of the basement. My family often borrows it to use in place of a flashlight when working around the house or at night. Everyone is impressed with how bright it is. The batteries in this do not work in the long run. Unless you take the batteries out, this light will drain battery power within a few days. The batteries in my apartment were leaking and corroding after 3 days of being left in. I bought the battery packs for this light along with a charger for another $20, after giving in. I have no regrets since I bought the battery packs. The battery packs are easy to snap in and out of and last a long time. The softbox is an accessory that you'll need for video as the light is pretty harsh even with the diffuser and dimmed. I bought some colored gel sheets and cut them in the shape of the light to snap into place. It's useful in many situations, but I wish they'd include batteries.

👤That is very bright. I started looking for a lighting solution for my studio recordings, just like thousands of other video producers. I picked up the Neewer CN AC to DC power conversion to avoid buying batteries that were too expensive, because I saw how popular the Neewer lights were. The combination of lights and battery pack solution was a good choice. You have quality and powerful lighting. I paid $32 for the light and $16 for the battery power. I don't like buying batteries for high-drain electronic devices, even though the battery pack was a bit expensive. The light runs with no light fluctuations when plugged in. The NEewer 160 is bright. You are not going to look down the eyeline at this guy. I use 10% of my capacity and it is bright enough to eliminate shadows on my face. The threading device works well for my stand. You can save a lot of battery money and stress over the life of your light by using the Neewer CN-AC2 DC 7.5V 2A Switching Power. It works quickly. Installation takes twenty seconds and you are ready to go. This light is used weekly by me.

👤It's pretty great. I have used it in a couple of shoots and it is consistent and bright. I will post some pictures.

👤Fast setup. I have used pro gear and these. I was really impressed with what I was able to accomplish in a short period of time. They are easy to control and light. The first still is from a night shoot. I setup a softbox in the back with a 300W of power. Sometimes you need to bring out a little texture in the background, but not the whole deal, so you need the dimmers. I used a second light to bring out the ambulance, and that's where the dimmer comes in handy. His key was in two boxes. I wanted to show how easy it is to set up a professional lighting setup, but not an amazing one. The 3rd and 4th stills highlight a cool effect that I just recently started doing, which is pointing these lights right into the camera just off frame to give flares when you're just shooting fairly static and inactive B-roll. It takes a few minutes to get a really cool effect with a light that is light, portable, and dimmable. I would have bought the F970 batts for a little more peace of mind if I had to do it again. If you're doing any sort of serious shooting and you're trying to move quickly, you have to hold up the interview because you need to change out a batt on. Excellent overall, when used correctly. I have three in my light kit.

11. Neewer 150x200cm Translucent Collapsible Photography

Neewer 150x200cm Translucent Collapsible Photography

The package includes a 660 light video light, a light stand, a white Diffuser, a power transformer, a carrying bag and a user manual. 150 x 200/59" x 78" is the Reflector Size. The colors of the surface are Translucent, Silver, Black, Gold, and White. Fine light effect for your photo shoot in the studio with favorable light reflection. The shape is Oval. The round translucent disc can be used as a diffuser.

Brand: Neewer

👤A large reflector gives you a lot of light. I used it for the first time on a recent outdoor portrait shoot and I was very impressed. It's great for fill or primary light source. The third attached photo shows the size of the reflector while leaning against a park bench. It was worth the price.

👤If you're a photographer, you should know how to fold one of these by now. You should practice folding it at home so that you don't look like an idiot. Look at it on the video website. They all fold the same way. I've used both the white and the diffuser. I'm happy with the result. It has a single loop at the top that you can use to tie down a light stand or something else. It would be great if it had a loop at the other end. I have a bigger one that has 4 straps in each corner and I think it's a better design. It's a decent size, but not big to carry or handle.

👤My portrait photography was taken to a new level. It's portable and versatile, but it takes a few tries to fold it up. I tested it at sunrise. As the sun came up, I had my model face south. I put the gold surface on her right so that the light reflected from the side of her face that was shadowed. The difference was very noticeable when I compared it to other shots. My subjects face was balanced and the light was flattering. I've played with the other surfaces as well. I can't believe I've been without a reflector for so long, and it's been a real treat experimenting with this accessory. The quality of the product seems to be in line with the price. I think it will last me for a few years before I need to replace it. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in playing with natural light.

👤The brand doesn't matter with these. I have two brands, one is this brand and the other is a fotodiox. You will find use for this if you shoot video or photo. I have done multiple projects where these were life saving. I have used it to block off light from a stand. I use it for fill light. They have been used to diffuse light. I used them to bounce window light. I blocked windows for an interview because the windows were reflecting on a TV behind the subject. I have used them for negative fill. We use them for music videos to reflect light creatively or provide fill light when a powered light source isn't an option. These are very useful. I don't think you should have 2. You should buy a light stand clamp to put these on stands.

👤These are bigger than I thought. I'm 6'3" and these come to my chest. When I opened them, it hit my wife in the face because we didn't know how big they were. These work are great. I like them. I'm very happy with my purchase. I used some of the images for a children's portrait shoot.


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