Best Portable Light for Photography to Your Iphone

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1. Neewer Dimmable Adjustable Tabletop Photography

Neewer Dimmable Adjustable Tabletop Photography

The kit includes a portable light, a battery base, a soft diffusor, and a remote control. The video call lighting kit has a brightness range of 10% to 100% and is ideal for soft and even lighting on a video call. It's ideal for meetings, calls, and streaming. The light can be powered by a wall charger or a power strip. If you want to use the light for a long time, avoid using a power bank, laptop, or tablets. The optional color filters give you the flexibility to create colorful lighting effects for game live streaming. The mini tripod can be mounted directly to the panel light to offer an ultra-low position lighting. It's easy to fold it down. The height can be adjusted with the extension rod. The package includes a panel light with a cable, two mini tripods, two extension rods, two white filters, two yellow filters, two blue filters, and two red filters.

Brand: Neewer

👤I needed the video lights for my conference calls. Only 50% intensity lights me up. They are almost at eye level when seated. The extension stick is used to lock it in place. The foam hand grip and wrist strap are left by the tripod legs. I don't need that for my projects, but someone may want to film it. These lights are light duty and small for lighting small projects or video conferences. You will need a dual port plug.

👤These lights are great for green screen lighting. I put the lights on either side of my monitor to make it easier to key in the green screen. They helped me turn down the exposure and gain on my webcam so there was less noise in the image.

👤I need to have a lot of video presentations. I decided to use a green screen to show my slides because I don't have room for a TV in my house. The main issue with green screen results is lighting the screen. Since I don't have room for giant softbox lights in my house, I got a pair of tiny lights and they do a great job. The effect of the chroma key has improved. They telescope small when I don't need the lights. I'll be able to keep them. I'm giving 4 stars instead of 5 because of the two reasons. The lights did not come with colored filters. I was not intending to use the colored filters, but I feel that if you advertise a feature you should deliver. There are two more The base of the tripod feels flimsy. I'm not upset because they were even cheaper at $35, but I think $50 is reasonable. I didn't think it was that high. The light stand is just a selfie stick, so I need a higher quality one with a base.

👤We were looking for a lighting set that would give us the right amount of light for our green screen to remove shadows, and this set did just that. We have a small studio and were looking for an alternative to the large box lights. This set was delivered.

👤I used to use traditional bulbs for photography lights and they were so hot. Bright lights for under $40? Take my money! If you don't have a power outlet, you can use the power for things like photography and video. A lot of extension cords now have ausb ports. You can watch my video on the internet.

👤These aren't the best lights around. These are cheap and you get a lot of bang for your buck. They are used as up lights in my studio. The stands are low quality plastic, but for the price, what can you expect? The stands act like sticks. I will buy another set of them. They are at their highest setting in the photo I posted.

👤I changed rooms and needed new lights. The lights were cheap and perfect. Forget expensive lighting, it's more perfect for the cost. These things are bright. There is a The color filters are bonuses. My lights needed to be dimmable and low power. They needed to fit my desk space, which was a challenge since I have 2 32" monitors on top of monitor stands. The lights can be extended over my monitors. The stands and arms can be adjusted so I can change height and angle. I used one to diffuse the light for the front and the other to illuminate the back of me. It's perfect. I wish the lights were powered by a power source other than a power source, but I don't think that's a dealbreaker. There is no cable management, but the lights are versatile. I tie the wire with the control on one of the legs of the base. If you turn the light off again, you will be able to keep your brightness setting, but the power will be reset. For the price, these lights are enough to recommend.

2. Commlite 5700 6000K Dimmable Smartphones Cameras

Commlite 5700 6000K Dimmable Smartphones Cameras

It's perfect for live streaming on Youtube/Tiktok, video broadcast/recording, photography, self-timer beauty, makeup, selfie group photos, filming, online tutorials, reading. A great gift choice. The CM-L50 multi-functional Led light has 50 led bulbs and an external port. Any direction fixing is done in a horizontal degree. Light and easy to carry a bank card. It's suitable for users of cellphones, DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. It is your best partner for shooting. The handle/camera/phone are not included in their packaging. The CM-L50 phone camera light abandoned the traditional battery design and adopted ausb charging port to bring more quickly charging speed and lightweight led light body. You can put different filters in front of the light for creating different colors for different occasions. A push-button dimmer with 8-levels and non-gradual light. The CM-L50 panel led light has a high brightness of up to 6880 lux, which is enough for video light used during travel or night shooting. After full-charge, working time can be up to 18 hours in low light mode. The CM-L50 camera light is equipped with a good quality battery which can bear 80 degree high temperature added porous heat dissipation design, it is super heat-resisting and safe. The back of the light body has four levels of power indication, which can be used to check the power status. The light should be charged while the power is less than 25%.

Brand: Commlite

👤I received a product for free in exchange for a review. I want to start with the negatives. It's small for use with anything other than a cell phone. It's got a very slightly pinkish hue in regular white-light mode. The buttons are hard to press, and you have to push them past the "click" point. It's all over. I will explain why all that stuff is fine. Let's get into it. The little guy is bright for its size. The light doesn't penetrate far into darkness, but if you're in a situation where you'd end up with dark selfies or if you're just plain looking to highlight the foreground, this is exactly what you're looking for. It's bright enough that I've taken to using it on its lowest setting, and anything higher lights up the foreground more than I like. It's fantastic that it's rechargeable. The majority of small LEDs are built with batteries. I leave this plugged in overnight and I'm good to go, I've never run out of power and I don't know how long it takes to charge from zero. It's small for anything other than cell phone use. It seems like it's meant for cell phone use. That's fine? I use it with my Beastgrip for selfies and videos, and it mounts just fine, and I use a bigger light if I need a bigger light. It's great for selfies. It's portable. It's about the size of a quick-release plate, which is really small, and it can go in any pocket or bag. The greenish hue that white LEDs take on after heavy use is likely to be the cause of the pinkish hue. The biggest downside is that it makes food and skin look more vibrant than they really are. The orange and blue filters warm or cool the color in a fairly natural way. If you've ever used photo/video gels before, you'll find them to be just as expected. The button-pressing thing is my biggest gripe, I want buttons to be responsive so when I feel a click, I want that to be 100% for sure. I have big hands and stupid fingers, so I find it annoying that I have to over-press it. I have to use my thumbnail because the buttons are small, it's not comfortable to press hard on your nail. I would rather have it in my pocket or camera bag. I wish it was easier to hit the buttons because there will probably be a point at which I want to adjust the intensity quickly. The indicator on the back shows the charge level. I've only used two of the ones I've used that have this type of indicator, so I'm far from the "mini LEDs expert" or anything. I think anyone would, who wants to get caught with no power unexpectedly? It's a good touch, thanks for that. The part that holds your phone in place is a little weak. I personally use it with the coldshoe mount, or I screw the thread into one of the many holes on my Beastgrip, because I think it's fine for everyday use. It's not inconvenient to me. I'm surprised it's so solid. I was skeptical when I was contacted about it, I don't have high expectations of anything anyone is willing to give me for free, but I put this thing on my phone mount setup and I haven't taken it off. It's bright, it has plenty of battery power, it enhances my selfies, and I'm already a big fan of it. Pick one up!

3. Neewer Portable Photography Lighting Adjustable

Neewer Portable Photography Lighting Adjustable

The package includes a panel light with a cable, two mini tripods, two extension rods, two white filters, two yellow filters, two blue filters, and two red filters. The video call lighting kit has a brightness range of 10% to 100% and is ideal for soft and even lighting on a video call. It's ideal for meetings, calls, and streaming. The light can be powered by a wall charger or a power strip. If you want to use the light for a long time, avoid using a power bank, laptop, or tablets. The optional color filters give you the flexibility to create colorful lighting effects for game live streaming. The mini tripod can be mounted directly to the panel light to offer an ultra-low position lighting. It's easy to fold it down. The height can be adjusted with the extension rod. The package includes a panel light with a cable, two mini tripods, two extension rods, two white filters, two yellow filters, two blue filters, and two red filters.

Brand: Neewer

👤The portable light kit is reviewed here.

👤There are pros and cons. The complete light set. It's perfect for small jobs. Also good for travel. LEDs do not heat up very much. These come with a 10 step controler that is easy to use. The light was bright from the start. The set of gels and the diffuser plate are needed. One of the gels was damaged and the supplier replaced it with a full set of gels. The gels won't fit in light with the plate in place. Gels can be damaged easily. I would recommend these to a friend. There is a If you have any questions, leave them below and I will do my best to answer them. Thank you.

👤The lamps are pretty good for soft lighting, tested a little in different scenarios and it does help with indoor and dark outdoors. The build quality of the mounts is decent, but I didn't expect much from the lighting kit. Sometimes the pieces fly off the slot, but the only real annoyance is the diffuser which doesn't have a lock mechanism. This can work as auxiliary lights when there is a power failure. I live in Puerto Rico and the electrical system is not stable.

👤The lights are bright. The picture has a white filter on it and it has bright, white lighting. Once the lights are set up, the filters stay in place. Adjusting power and brightness is easy with individual remote controls. This purchase is recommended by me.

👤These are great! I am referring to the fact that you can't fit the colored gels in the way you want. Two sets of gels do not fit with the Diffuser, but this company is the best I have ever purchased from. I used the Gels because of how awesome the Tripod is, I was able to angle the light upwards, which caused the Gel to slip out of the slot and sit on top of the LEDs. You know, the LEDs don't get too hot. Gel's have a low melting point. I was shown first hand what customer service was like when I was contacted by someone from the company after writing about the Gel's. Trust me. These lights are for you. They are worth it. They work well with the larger Iphone cubes, but you have to make sure they output the correct voltage. The power is rated at 2.4 Amps. The Tripods are very sturdy and not cheap. There is an option to choose a premium package. An included carrying bag would be in that package. Two cables that connect to the internet. A wall plug. The lights can be turned on and off via remote. The Gel Case could hold more Gels. I would give this product 6 stars.

👤I am very happy with these lights. I can't believe how good they are. I use one light with a white diffuser to light my face during my streams, the second light has a blue gel inserted and it lights up the wall behind me as a blue ambient light. The light for my face is not on 100% brightness, but it lights me up from about 4 feet away.

4. Portable Professional Dimmable Backdrops Photography

Portable Professional Dimmable Backdrops Photography

The package includes a panel light with a cable, two mini tripods, two extension rods, two white filters, two yellow filters, two blue filters, and two red filters. You can easily adjust the brightness to get the desired lighting effect with the integration of 112 high-quality led light beads. High color rendering index and no strobe will make your photos look more natural and great. Multiple openings allow you to choose any photo shooting position for getting more perfect product features and beauty. The photo box comes with 6 color backdrops, which are made of thicker PVC and paper, so you can easily change background colors and build up various shooting scenes. The box is 12 inches in diameter. The portable ring light box only needs 10 seconds to be assembled. There was no brackets. There were no screws. There is no complicated lighting layout. It is very convenient to use in many places without taking a lot of space with its waterproof carry bag. Advanced PhotographyExtra provided the special inner Reflection Board and Light Diffuser, which is the best practice for fixing the problem of products reflecting light and performing more details of the contours. For junior photographers, but also for advanced photographers and professionals. 1 x portable photo studio box, 1 x led lights, 6 x color backdrops, 1 x light Diffuser, 4 x reflection board, 1 It has a 12-month warranty and lifetime friendly customer service. If you have any questions about the product, please tell them what problem you have, they will try their best to give you a satisfying solution.

Brand: Glendan

👤I have never left a negative review of a product, and this one deserves it. 1. The buyer should beware. Even though it was a Prime product, it is not possible to return it for any reason. That's all B.S. 2. The return policy attached to the product makes it difficult to contact customer support. Also complete B.S. 3. It appears to be a decent product, but you have to use a computer or an accessory to use it. There is no 3-prong plug for either light. It makes no sense. I might light this thing on fire because of the principle of the matter. karma will do what it's supposed to.

👤It's great for small items. If you want to avoid a harsh bend in the light, make sure to flatten out the backdrop or roll them the opposite way. I was hoping for something more sturdy than the collapsible foam/fabric box it's basically a beverage caddy/cooler.

👤I love the light box. I had a large light box that I was using for my jewelry photos and I was having problems with the way they came out. I tried a smaller light box that was 12 x 12 because the light box was too large at 24 x 24. The small light box has made a big difference in my photo. It was very easy to set up and use several colors. It folds up for storage and has a carrying bag. I now spend less time adjusting the photo's if I need to, because I use a photo editing program.

👤This is very nice. I didn't think there would be so many background colors. The box can be folded back up and set up. There are so many options for the background that it can be difficult to pick one. There are many options for the lighting on the bottom. There are options for the inside rows of lights to be brighter or dimmer. It's the perfect size for photos of jewelry.

👤Wow! Light box for a small price. It took less than a minute to setup. The power cord has a small control with buttons that you can use to adjust the brightness. The different colored backdrop is easy to use. The cube has a thin fabric square that is attached to the lights on top of it. I bought this to take pictures of miniatures and it came out amazing. It was very detailed and evenly lighted. It fits nicely into the bag it comes with. Better than expected! Very happy with the purchase.

👤I would have loved for this light box to have worked out for me. It isn't very bright even on its highest setting. It has a good rating. It is strong. I have tried other light boxes, but they are not as stout. The light box didn't work for me. Will be back.

👤It works well for jewelry display pictures.

👤I've never had anything like this before, but I'm downsizing and need good pics of some dishware and deco items to post on marketplaces. I fooled with this for a while but it's very nice. The box is well-made and the light is great. It has 4 settings and comes with a little cloth with strong attachment to help you get more light variations. I'm not sure if I'll use the different colored background but they're well-made and it's very easy to slip them in the box. It will be perfect for my needs.

5. Bicolor Continuous Creators Lighting Panasonic

Bicolor Continuous Creators Lighting Panasonic

1 x portable photo studio box, 1 x led lights, 6 x color backdrops, 1 x light Diffuser, 4 x reflection board, 1 It has a 12-month warranty and lifetime friendly customer service. If you have any questions about the product, please tell them what problem you have, they will try their best to give you a satisfying solution. The credit card size is light. A creative on or off camera light panel made with a premium grade aluminum design for durability that fits in your pocket with an easy-to-use display screen is a creative on or off camera light panel. It's compatible with Sony, Canon, Fuji, and Panasonic cameras. It's a good idea to put it in your camera bag for the best shot. AJUSTABLE COLOR TEMP: Features flicker free LEDs with a temperature range from 3400K to 5600K. You can get the perfect lighting with your DSLR camera. It is possible to have adjusted brightness. For enhanced control, brightness can be adjusted from 1% to 100%. It's great for video calls, photography, video, and your vlogging kit. It works well as a video camera light. You can useABLE power and internal battery for up to 14 hours on internal battery or use for your video camera as long as you want. This portable light is great for travel and is easy to pack. There is a mini camera shoe mount in the box. It's a must-have for on the go camera accessories or home office accessories.

Brand: Lume Cube

👤Pros It is well constructed and I regret my purchase. I use the Lume cube for video calls because of the poor battery life. When using the light at 1/3 power, I only get 2 hours out of it. A standard 5V charge must be used. What is the point of having a charging station if it can't be used universally? It is not a good value for the price. I regret purchasing this device and do not recommend it, but I believe there are better units that offer better value.

👤The Lume Cube Panel Mini is small. It does live up to what it says, but you have to curb your expectations. This makes for a great accent light and video conferencing light and does a decent job close up in a pinch for a portrait light on the run. If you are doing video work in dark areas, go with the GO or full Panel if you can afford them. It can be great for small details, even for macro. If you want this to be your portable Portrait Lighting on the go, you can bounce it off a reflector to spread the light, but this little guy just doesn't have enough throw on it's own. It is not setup to do that. It could be used in long exposure shots to add some lighting effects. I think the GO is a better value than it is. If I could swap the mini for the Go, I would be happy. Thedharmalife is on the IG.

👤This product is very cool. It helps fill in when I zoom online, I set it below my monitor. I couldn't charge it with a standard cable. I finally plugged in the cable that came with it and it worked. All is well, but not sure why.

👤I contacted the customer service by email to make sure that the Lume Cube Panel Mini would fit my Canon. I explained that it had an "Advanced Mini Shoe" and the email response I received was yes, no problem. I sent another email to the same department to inform them they were incorrect and I provided the exact measurement of the shoe needed after I discovered it wouldn't fit. I was told that I could return it. The people working for the Lume Cube company are incompetent. I would have to spend another $30 to resolve that problem by ordering an additional shoe, because it was a waste of time and money.

👤I like the concept and the extra lighting but after an hour or so the device falls off the back of my Apple desktop. I tried several locations on the back of my computer and used a lever to lock it in place, but it keeps falling off.

👤The light is portable and bi-color. It comes with a compact and a diffuser. The battery life is poor, and that's something I like about this thing. I have two, one serving as a lightweight, small-scale key light at 100% and the other as a fill light. I'm burning calories in under 2 hours, that's a fast burn.

6. Adjustable Recording Streaming Photography Compatible

Adjustable Recording Streaming Photography Compatible

There is a mini camera shoe mount in the box. It's a must-have for on the go camera accessories or home office accessories. The net weight of the tripod is 2 lbs. The base is made of heavy duty aluminum and the clip is strong enough to prevent your devices from falling. The tripod is a better use for live video recording, for example: making meals, recording moments of daily life, or whenever you need a hand to hold your phone, this tripod will be a great helpers. It takes no effort to fold up for efficient storage. The package includes a Flexible phone tripod, 1 x goose neck, 1 x phone clip, and 1 x Carry bag.

Brand: Pixel

👤I need a fast way to shoot my videos. Twice a month, I shoot events at my studio. This works well and is very light. Comes with a bag. You can change the orientation of the phone holder very easily. This could be useful for people who are taking selfies. This is more useful than I expected.

👤The video will be linked to a track. A simple pocket will be turned into a finished project with other participants in a charity project for underprivileged children in Ventura Ca. I'm listening to a track on my laptop and the tri-pod is positioning the video. I'll be using this a lot.

👤MyTTERBOX is on. Don't nobody got to take my pictures.

👤It is very simple and easy to use. I have this. I can use my camera to point downward for easy over desk shots. Attaching the phone to the mount will allow you to see your shot and adjust it accordingly. The bendy arm is not very long, but it does the job I need it to do.

👤The tripod is the best I have ever had. I use it for work and it is the best because it is tall.

👤I like this product. It's tall enough for me to stand and talk to the camera. I put it on a table and talk to it. It's great for facetiming when I don't have a photographer. It's lightweight so you can fit it in a bag for transport, as long as the bag is long.

👤It was strong enough to hold up against the wind on the top of the mountain. My favorite tripod. It extends over 6 feet for my tall girls. Get this tripod!

👤I used it twice. It was going well. The screw to the height stops moving in the port. Customer support sent a replacement. I think it was a random occurrence. Can't wait to use the product again.

👤I like the tripod. It is a bit expensive for a single tripod. I bought this because it was arriving the next day. It is compatible with every phone. That is a big plus.

👤It works well. It is very flexible for positioning and sturdy.

7. Newmowa Rechargeable Adjusted Android Conference

Newmowa Rechargeable Adjusted Android Conference

The front and back clips are used for the selfie light. The light can be adjusted 90 degrees and the mobile phone lens can be fixed to the front clip for use. The light can be fixed on the back of the mobile phone, which is used for rear camera shooting. The clip design is not easy to fall on, it is compatible with various types of mobile phones. The selfie light has 3 Light Modes, which are Bright White, Bright White and Warm Yellow, which will allow you to be charming in any situation, such as makeup lighting, selfies, video recording, video. The problem of light is solved by the use of 60 lighting beads. No matter where you take your selfies, enjoy them. The ability to charge with a wall or car charge is included with the Microusb input. The led clip light can be charged by most devices that have a Type-C port. It has a built-in rechargeable battery. You don't need extra batteries. The type-C cable is not included. Universal compatibility and portable. The light is easy to clip on. It's compatible with all of the devices. It is a professional tool for creating live videos with a computer or phone. Works on taking selfies, live show, art photography, objects supplemental light, and selfies fill in light or inadequate light condition. It is very small and will not take up much space in your bag. The portable phone clip light will be covered by their friendly customer service, and is a perfect gift for a person who likes selfies or someone who posts a lot of videos. If you have a problem with the led selfie light, just message them and they will give you the best solution, their customer service will reply within 24 hours.

Brand: Newmowa

👤This is the most bright light I have ever used. The plastic clip that it is held on is weak and flimsy. The light would flap over onto its side when I tried to clip it to the screen or we would fall off. The same thing happened with my phone. I was afraid it would crack if I loosened it on my screen. After using this product for a few weeks and adjusting the light upwards or downwards a few times a day, the clip broke, which was no surprise. This has happened twice to me. So quickly after buying it. I love the light, but it is useless without the clip.

👤The light makes my macbook air camera better. It helps during low light winter and has several options of lighting. The battery life is good and I like that it is rechargeable. Don't talk about this product. Go for it!

👤I was looking for a bright light to use when taking pictures. I stumbled upon this and I don't regret it! It's just the right size and bright. love it

👤I like how you can change the color. It works well, but the hinge that allows you to adjust the light's position can become loose. You can tighten it. I have had to tighten myself. It works well for the price. It's perfect for video conferencing on laptops.

👤A room with overhead lighting is not bright enough to make a difference. I didn't feel bright enough to make a difference in the room.

👤I didn't think it would work, it was so bright that it washed me out on the zoom camera. I played with it and found that it cycles through many different settings. It goes from bright white to warm white blend and then back to bright white again. It has a strong clip. It's handy to have ausb rechargeable. I had to locate the light in a position that it wouldn't reflect on my glasses. Not a good look.

👤My review is the only one that you can get an idea of what it is about before you buy it. I will tell you why this light wasn't what I expected, and I wonder how people like this. It's cheap, flimsy and doesn't provide enough light.

👤It's perfect for helping my students see me clearly.

8. Vlogging PICTRON Rechargeable Long Lasting Smartphone

Vlogging PICTRON Rechargeable Long Lasting Smartphone

The mini ring light is easy to carry in your bag. The soft pad on the universal lens clip prevents the phone from being scratched. The led video light comes with 4 levels of brightness, and you can choose the perfer brightness as you please. A built-in rechargeable battery with up to 3 hours of runtime, 120 light angle, type-c port, and supporting charging when using. The camera video light comes with a cold shoe mount, you can mount it to a camera directly. Widely Used It's perfect for Gopro Max, Hero 9, Hero 8, Hero 7, Hero 6, Hero 5, Hero Session, Hero 4, Hero 3+, Hero 3, Hero 2, Hero 4 session, Hero+, Hero+LCD and Other Action Camera. Ultra Pocket Size is 56.7*35*25mm, 29g, super mini and lightweight, it's easy to carry for ourdoor, hiking, travel etc.

Brand: Pictron

👤I haven't used it yet because I can't speak to battery life, but it's easy to use and has a small size so I'm content with the battery life. It is bright even on its lowest setting. It is bright and it is cool light. There are 4 or 5 levels of brightness and then an sos mode. It seems like the chip is from a flashlight. It's not really a bad feature. I can't help but think of better options for another mode that would be better for this product. It would be great if there was a lower setting for low light, and it would be better if you could adjust light temperature and color, but this thing is tiny and inexpensive. It is a great buy for what it is. Do you want more control over the color? Buy a bigger product. Need some quick lighting on the go? Pick this up. I think the manufacturer could make alternative silicone skins that could be used to adjust colors and temperatures. The accessories would be great for this little beast. The light is a bit strong but it is white and works as a diffuser. I can not imagine using the thing without a diffuser.

👤It was very bright,durable, and took it swimming accidentally.

👤I couldn't figure out how to connect this light to my camera. I went to the camera shop and thought it might have an accessory missing but they couldn't figure it out.

👤This light has a charging port. There are 5 different modes of brightness and blinker mode. It comes with a sleeve to make the light softer. Great addition to my hero. I did not get paid or incentives for this post. Thanks. Enjoy!

👤It is a camera phone vlogging setup. It's small enough to carry in a pocket. There is a rechargable battery with an older style microusb connection. It provides some weather resistance.

👤It is a good fit for my camera, but it is not very bright.

👤It works perfectly on a drone, not a camera. It's easy to use, it's bright, and it's rechargeable. The husband is happy and loves it. If you are in the market for this type of item, you should buy this one for unlimited uses. The product is very nice and it's not cheap. Even comes with directions.

👤Usata per poter riprendere con la gopro la sera. I monta bene sul case, sempre della Ulanzi. I illuminazione ha quattro modalit. Three livelli di luce fissa: tenue, media and lampeggiante. La batteria durata 2 notti e mezza, poco utilizzo ad intensit massima. Direi un buon prodotto.

👤Ich ist fr. Weil das Leuchte entschieden. So winzig klein ist. Die Lichtstrke ist in vier Stufen von dezent. Zustzlich ist die 5 Stufe eingestellt. Schutz ist die Silikonartige berzugshaube. The lampe is festigt ber Alumium T-Stck. Zustzlich hat die Lampe. Ihren Stativ und Selfiestick befestigt.

👤La piccola VL28 presenta compatta e facilissima da installare. A rapida da ricaricare con batteria capiente. Ottimo qualit-prezzo. Per questo spiegate le 4 stelle, Unica pecca a mio. Pollice in su.

9. Whellen L184 Selfie Lighting Portable

Whellen L184 Selfie Lighting Portable

The ring light is designed to help your selfies. Warm light, cold light and warm-cold light are the different types of light. When you suddenly want to take a picture of yourself, it provides your soft illumination like having a professional photographer to help you. Help you make up better, Light up the road under your feet in the dark, and show more beautiful when video chat. The Webcast indispensable selfie light works on phone, iPad and tablets. Cute and compact device is suitable for selfies. The 36 led lights give off a bright light which is not blinding and makes photographs much clearer. There is a button to choose the lightest, strongest, and smallest levels of light. 36 light emitting diodes bulbs built in a ring lights in balance.

Brand: Whellen

👤Wow! The ring selfie light is amazing. The brightness that it puts out is very bright. It makes the picture look brighter. I will probably keep it in my purse all the time, because I will definitely be using this going forward. It does the job you need it to do with selfies, for the price. It's self contained, but it's a little bigger than I expected, and it looks silly when using it.

👤My life was saved by this selfie ringlight. It gets really bright and is great for plaves that have bad lighting. Every time someone sees me with this, they wish they had one. It is very affordable. BUY IT.

👤I got it because I wanted to have meetings online but the lights are dim so quickly. You put batteries in it and I will be getting a light with a connection to my computer for power in the future. If you only need something occasionally, this is a good light, bright and would work on your phone, tablet or laptop.

👤I bought a small ring light to take better quality pictures of my Christmas ornaments that I make and sell for a living. I was very excited to receive it. It has three settings of brightness, but all of them are pretty bright. It's worth the money, I love it! I have a thick case on my phone and it fit perfectly. If I needed a second one, I would buy again. I'm thinking about giving my sister one of these as a Christmas gift.

👤I thought it would come with batteries, but it didn't. The first setting on it is bright and you can use it for a camera. It is already in your phone if you use it with the camera. If you just use the ring light it is more white light.

👤This is amazing. I bought this to take pictures of my dog, but also to see my friends in town. I decided to test the light out on my dog in a hallway with no windows. I did not turn any lights. The results are amazing. The light makes the picture clear. This little device is a photograph saver because lighting can make or break a picture.

👤There are three settings of brightness for this light. It requires batteries. The brightness is small. I don't expect much. It will always be used on the highest setting. It's easy to clip to cameras and phones, and I use it to do my makeup when it's dark. The tool is a great price saver. I was very happy with my purchase. I plan to get more for my daughters.

👤The ring is supposed to be used for selfies. It makes selfies look better in dimly lit places. The button to turn off was the only reason I gave it a 4 out of 5. I found it all the time. If it was a switch, I would have been better off.

👤This is a present that I was very happy with.

10. Neewer 43 Inch Collapsible Multi Disc Reflector

Neewer 43 Inch Collapsible Multi Disc Reflector

Plug and display portable display equiped with full-feature Type-C and Mini HD port, compatible with laptop, PC, Phone, Raspberry Pi, XBOX, PS3, PS4, Wii, Nintendo Switch and TV BOX. If your device does not have a full-feature Type-C port, please use Mini HD for signal or use an HD adapter to connect. If you connect the external power supply for 80% brightness display, it will enter energy-saving mode or no signal. 5 in 1 light fixture. cheap 5 in 1 photo disc. The Multi Disc Light Reflector is of the highest quality. The best 5 in 1 light reflectors. The professional collapsible multi disc light is 43 inches in diameter.

Brand: Neewer

👤The reflector worked well on my senior photo shoots. My clients and their parents loved them.

👤It's more than I expected. If it's cloudy, I like the silver for reflecting the sunlight for outdoor portraits, the translucent to diffuse the sun through it, and the white for the flash/speedlight. It is easy to pack light. Ps. A portable backdrop is a possibility. I used the golden one for one of the attached portraits.

👤I bought a piece of equipment to help with portraiture. It works well. It's pretty easy to get the hang of folding it back up for some people.

👤This product is useful to anyone who shoots film or videos, and is very affordable. It's basically a big round ring that allows you to face it with any of five different reflective surfaces. The reflective surface can be held by a crew hand, or mounted on a tripod, to bounce extra light upon your subject, right where you need it. It's simple, but useful. The metallic gold surface is better for casting a warm glow on human skintones than the metallic silver surface. There is a semi- transparent net-like surface that can be used to break up any harsh direct light, like a ray of sun. A pure white matt surface will reflect light only subtly, without the strength of the shiny metallic surfaces, while a pure black matt surface will absorb any light that comes in. A great product. I haven't tried it yet, but I think it folds up for storage.

👤I have changed the format of this review, but the sentiment hasn't changed. Is this the same quality as a pro reflector? No. I don't expect the rim to break any time soon, as I am already feeling the rim starting to bend in places and ways it shouldn't. The panels themselves are made of good quality material, and so far the case has withstood many travels! One person pointed out that the carrying case can be compressed to about one half that size. Does this thing work as it should? Absolutely. It is made of good materials and has held up well so far. I am a pro photographer, but never above a good deal, I am a big supporter of the little guy. I find myself changing from silver to gold in the same shoot because I know that changing an angle outdoors can completely change your lighting. If you have an assistant to hold it, it works well as a shoot-through. Would I buy it again? Absolutely. The "best bang for your buck" cliché is almost bearable because of the sheer quality of this reflector. Not one of my photog friends can pick this out as a budget reflector, and several have been converted. It has stood up to the test of time, and that is all I can ask. Cheap. Works. It is recommended. This great piece of equipment is still going strong almost a year after it was first used. I use this thing on a lot of out door shoots, and for portraits you can't go wrong. Highly recommended! Papa John's has an excellent Reflector that you can get this week. It has been 23 months since I had an issue with the hanging loop. I cut them off, burned them with a lighter, and so far have not had any issues. This thing is still going strong despite my initial concerns about it bending in the wrong places. Highly recommended!

11. ULANZI 2000mAh Rechargeable Mobile Vlogging

ULANZI 2000mAh Rechargeable Mobile Vlogging

It's suitable for shooting small product, such as scaled models, cup cakes, jewelry, watches, gadgets and other items. It's perfect for any small-scale photographer looking to take a higher-quality photo. New upgrade, more smooth, makes supplement light softer and lither, not dazzling, perfect for vlogging. The maximum brightness output can be up to 120 minutes and the minimum brightness can be up to 300 minutes. The color temperature shows the beauty of natural light. The essential light beads are 49 and have a high color rendering index. Cold Shoe Mounts:LED Video Light is designed with an expandable connection system to connect multiple light panels together to strengthen lighting brightness and to get better lighting effects.

Brand: Ulanzi

👤I have been looking for a cheap light. I thought for the price, I would give it a try. This is powerful little light. It is very easy to do. There are 5 levels of brightness and a few levels of temperature control. The built in battery makes it easy to use. I will definitely be buying a few more after playing with this light. There is a Don't look directly into the light. You can see spots for days. The photo was taken on the phone. In a dark room. The light was close to my face. The light was set at the lowest setting so that it wouldn't blow out the photo. The photo was taken out of the phone.

👤I was unable to operate the light while it was plugged in. I drained the battery, plugged it in for a few minutes, and tried to run the light on full brightness. The light went off after a few minutes. Maybe I needed to charge it into a higher-powered device. If you buy this light, you may not be able to charge it. The light is a great value.

👤I don't have to re-hash it, it's a pretty good little light. What has already been said? It's bright at the highest level if you have it on top of your DSLR on the hot shoe, unless your subject is across the room. I feel like it works better with at least 2 units connected as it spreads the light better (less of a flashlight feel), but at that point you might as well just pull out your actual panel light instead; though the convenience and portability of these lights are hard to argue. The convenience factor takes a big hit when it comes to theusb connection. It's not compatible with Power Delivery plugs that can fast charge your phone using higher voltages, and it has ausb-c input for charging. If you have a plug in your bag with your cables that have ausb-c on both ends, you still have to carry an extra plug to charge it. What is the point of that? If it can't handle the power delivery, I would prefer it to have a microusb port. If you get in a bind, you'll find a lot of those cables, a dime a dozen anywhere, which is fine if you get the benefits of that interface, but otherwise just a hassle. This might seem like a minor issue, but it's one of those details that can really get to you, so I thought I'd share it in case it annoyed others as much as it does me. I'm not sure if I should keep the light or return it.

👤A light that can fit in a mount or balance on its own. The white light is bright enough to illuminate a surprisingly large area, and easy to balance for, so it can be used to create flash-like effects for a small area. It's not worried about batteries because the permanent battery makes for a lighter unit. Very bright is one of the Pros. I don't use mine at the highest setting. Good battery life. * A modern power accessory. There is no custom charging device. It's a good fit for one-handed use. It's cheaper than your phone, so it's a safer choice for waving around, and it's also a flashlight. A bigger diffuser would make the lighting more even. * It doesn't fit in my Canon M6 hot shoe, which is a little too big. Highly recommended.


What is the best product for portable light for photography to your iphone?

Portable light for photography to your iphone products from Neewer. In this article about portable light for photography to your iphone you can see why people choose the product. Commlite and Glendan are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable light for photography to your iphone.

What are the best brands for portable light for photography to your iphone?

Neewer, Commlite and Glendan are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable light for photography to your iphone. Find the detail in this article. Lume Cube, Pixel and Newmowa are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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