Best Portable Lock Box Safe

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1. RPNB Digital Perfect Business Jewelry

RPNB Digital Perfect Business Jewelry

Attach a secure structure to which you will place your firearm or valuables. Press the lid down and turn the key clockwise to close it. Lift the lid when you turn the key clockwise. The safe is made of strong steel. The double-cylinder latch improves safety. Provides protection against forced entry. The smart capacity is 1.8 square feet. Product exterior size-19.65"13.76"12.97"(H*W*D), interior size-19.57"13.66" You have enough capacity for your valuables. You can open it with your digital code or keys. Different colors of lights flashing indicate different states. You can see if your operation is correct or not. The batteries are easy to install. It has mounting holes for it to be mounted in a closet, shelf or closet under the floor. 100% satisfaction guarantee. Business integrity is a priority for them. It is a one year warranty. 100% satisfaction guarantee. Business integrity is a priority for them. It is a one year warranty.

Brand: Rpnb

👤I returned the second one I ordered. The side frame is 2 or 3mm. It's very easy to open it. The picture of the door is different than the one shown, the bolts in the middle are not as thick as the picture shows.

👤I bought a safe for $209. The inside had fingerprints all over it. I sent it back because of the Covid thing. The ratings for this safe were very high. The price was better. I ordered a safe. I am very disappointed that it doesn't weigh much, so someone can take it with them if you don't bolt it in. It only has two locks. The directions are not very good and I am sorry I sent the other one back. You get what you pay for.

👤The larger model was purchased for the price, size, and pictures. There are locking pins that are wide set apart and are located towards the top and bottom of the door. When I purchased the same, Amazon suggested I purchase 2 fireproof envelopes for document storage as well. The larger of the 2 envelopes can't fit in this safe so you have to either bend it or take the shelf out. Would not recommend. At the end of the day, the safe is an inexpensive one and the pictures of it don't match what was in the box. You get what you pay for. You notice that it feels cheap when you operate the lock. If you are looking for a good quality safe, I would not recommend this one. I don't see how you can go wrong if you want to store a few items and have a safe on a budget. The pictures of this safe don't match up with what you get, as other reviews show.

👤This is a small safe. It's good for storing small items. It will take a while to fold or roll letter-sized documents. If you don't have a lot of documents, it's a perfect size. The material feels solid. It was unclear whether the battery cover should be slides or completely removed, but it's easy to put in the batteries once you remove it. Setting up a safe is easy for someone like me who has never operated one. It seems easy if you want to. I was very happy with the purchase.

👤This is what I wanted. It is not a fire rated safe, so be aware before purchasing. The interior shelf was not packaged in such a way as to secure it's position. The shelf was allowed to move around and cause some minor scratches, nothing I am going to get upset about but your opinion might vary. Keep in mind that this situation could have been worse. I had no issues with programming, it requires 4 AA batteries. On long term use and function.

👤I received my safe today and the key did not work, I was so upset that I was unable to open it.

👤This safe is easy to use and it is built to last. I did not need a fireproof safe. I ordered this one because it exceeded my expectations. In case the battery goes out, you always have the two override keys. It's made of stout steel and has holes drilled in the bottom and the backside for securing to a wall or floor. If you want to drill through the floor, you should buy your own lag bolts, or use a nut and lock washer from the basement. The provided screws won't stop anyone from taking your safe. This safe has a five star rating from me.

2. Lockabox Compact Hygienic Lockable Medicines

Lockabox Compact Hygienic Lockable Medicines

Material: Steel. The dimensions are as follows: exterior: L 12.2”xW 7.9”xH” interior: L 12.08”xW 5.5”xH” door The wall and door thickness is 1.5mm and 3mm, respectively. Expansion screws and 4 AA batteries are included. Storage boxes from Lockabox are practical storage containers you can use for food items, medicine, school, or office supplies. They can be used to limit your screen time. No more fretting about keeping your valuables safe. The locking box has a combination lock feature. After setting your code, nobody else can open your storage with a lock. Think about your home? Their box is lightweight and can easily be stacked to maximize your empty space. The container is made of durable materials that can endure wear and tear. It comes with a patented clam shell structure, so you can use it in a variety of temperatures. Food and Medicine Safe is a way to store your groceries or first aid supplies in a locked container. It is made of non-toxic, medical-and-food grade polycarbonate. Food and Medicine Safe is a way to store your groceries or first aid supplies in a locked container. It is made of non-toxic, medical-and-food grade polycarbonate.

Brand: Lockabox

👤I love that this is there. We have been trying to find a way to keep the devices charged while controlling access to them. It's roomy enough for our Wii U, Nintendo Switch, two 3DS's, and will improve our sanity. There are two tablets. The clear plastic makes it easy to check what's in there and also plug in the devices. My only complaint so far is that most of the holes for charging cables are too small. The one in the back-middle is slightly larger than the one in the front. This feature would be more useful if the other holes were even larger. I will recommend this to my friends with children and handheld gaming devices. Now excuse me. My 6yo is begging for some information on what the combination may be, and I need to make him angry. Mwahahaha!

👤I have four that showed up in my fridge and pantry. My son hates these boxes. He doesn't see the purpose of them. He said they are the worst things ever. I put one in my refrigerator for bacon, sandwich meat, and leftovers, and two in my garage refrigerator for gatorades and juices. If he wants something, he has to ask me for it, instead of just taking it. I ordered 2 more for my wife. The lock on the box is easy to set and change. It is about the size of a large lunch cooler and can fit a few items. It is made of clear plastic. You will need to clear a space on your shelf to get it. It is not a safe and if you hit it with a hammer, it will break. That will not happen in my house. You have to get one of these if you have the same problem as I did. Notes are no longer being left on food. There is no hiding food in the vegetable crisper. You can't hide snacks in your room. I was asked by my wife to order two for her stuff. I did not receive any discounts for this advertisement. I left this review because I am happy.

👤It's definitely a must buy if you saw it on Facebook. I'm tired of people eating my food.

👤The product is ok. The quality is good. I was surprised that the measurements were listed wrong. The box is small. It is expensive for these money. Be aware.

👤My husband has both dementia and type 2 diabetes. If I buy things he loves at the grocery store, he will consume a week's worth overnight, and his blood sugar level will spike. The box is large and easy to use, but the lock will allow me to limit his consumption of treats. I had trouble opening the box the first time, the knob seemed to stick. 000 is the default code. I got help after I wrote their support.

👤I bought this box because I had enough of my condiments being taken at my workplace fridge. It's not big enough for many Tupperware containers, but smaller ones would fit. I can't say for sure, but I didn't buy it for that. I used a luggage lock to secure my box because the door had a 3 digit combo lock that wasn't going to stop someone from walking off with it. I don't think anyone would go to that trouble for butter or dressing. HA! I have been using it for the last 2 months and I am very pleased with it.

3. Puroma Realtors Waterproof Combination Resettable

Puroma Realtors Waterproof Combination Resettable

Their lifetime promise is that you will never have to worry about buying another key lock box again. If there are any issues with their lock boxes, they will send you another one for free. Puroma key storage lock box is made of zinc alloy and solid steel and is strong enough to resist crushing, sawing and prying. The shutter door can protect the combination dial. You can hang it to a door knob or mount it on the wall, it's a unique design. It has a rubber cover that protects it from dust, rust, sunlight, rain and snow. The Puroma secure key safe box has a total of 10,000 combinations for optimal protection. It's convenient to change your combination. You can't close the key box with the wrong password. High security. Provide keys to people without putting them under the carpet or flower pot. The key keeper has a numerical code that can be used to keep your keys safe. The Puroma key lock box is used for indoor or outdoor key storage. It's convenient for a lot of people, including cleaner, workmen, elderly, children, and house rental.

Brand: Puroma

👤Zero stars! Terrible product. It works for 1 or 2 uses. I had to cut off 3 of the properties that they were hanging on to get the key out. It's inconvenient.

👤I locked the front stairs of the home after checking the code several times. The code didn't work anymore when I tried to get the key. I had to have a locksmith cut the lock off because I couldn't get my key out. Is it just cheap? No response from the vendor.

👤It only worked for a few weeks before it locked us out of the key we use to access the tennis courts. I had to use bolt cutter to remove it from the fence and then mash the pot metal to break it open to get our key back. We had a unit for a short time and there was no rain.

👤This one has over a thousand reviews. I live alone after my wife died. I purchased a medical alert service's smart watch for $79 in December. The medical service offered an add-on that was less expensive than the key boxes I needed for my doors. The arm of the outdoor love seat is attached to it. Rescue personnel don't have to tear down my door if help is needed. It's out of the way but visible. If I need to open it in the dark, I just have to change the last digit by one click. It would be foolish to always leave the door unlocked if you are old and living alone.

👤This is being used at my mom's house. I tried to get in using the lock box after she called. I had to use the flash light on my phone. I couldn't see the numbers clearly. I am in my 60's and my eyes are not great, but there is no contrast to the small numbers with the silver metal tumbler. If I were to buy again, I would look for a box with large numbers.

👤After setting a code, putting it outside and making sure it worked, a week later the key wouldn't open, so it had to be cut off with bolts. It was a very disappointing waste of money.

👤The alarm company gave code to first responders because I ordered this key holder. If it hadn't been for this item, I might have fallen on the floor with no help and the fire men wouldn't have been able to break in. The door was saved by the key outside.

👤I can't open it after setting the code.

4. Combination Storage Portable Security Realtors

Combination Storage Portable Security Realtors

The book safe is 9.2" x 2.12" and London Large. It's safe and durable. This key lock box with a 4-digit code allows you to set your own combo code with 10000 unique choices, which ensure security and your keys safe. It's waterproof and tightly sealed, making it good for the house key and outside key storage. There are two mounting options for this lockbox. You can mount it on the wall with supplied plugs and screws, and you can hang it anywhere you want, without tools. Large capital: The portable key security gym locker box is large enough to hold up to 5 house keys, and it's portable. There is a wide range of application. By using a 4-digit key lock box that allows you or others to access the key at any time, which is perfect for daily activities, friends, relatives, home services, emergency entry, pet sitters and real estate business, etc. A 100% satisfaction guarantee or a 30 day money-back guarantee is offered by Fayleeko. Please contact them if you have any questions about the key lockbox. A 100% satisfaction guarantee or a 30 day money-back guarantee is offered by Fayleeko. Please contact them if you have any questions about the key lockbox.

Brand: Fayleeko

👤I have a man who needs to let himself in whenever he cuts and weeds are in the yard. He doesn't have to handle a lot of keys from properties. The lock box is tied into the fence. It was easy to attach the four combination number wheels with the U hook. I don't plan on fixing it permanently. Even with a key chain attached, there is room for more than one key. It is well built and feels very solid. I love the quality and the size. I think it's the best price for it. Can't beat that. The first lock box was great, so I am using the second one in another building. I can only recommend them very highly. Just what I need. Thanks for letting me know that you found my review helpful. There is a Thank you for letting me know that you like my review.

👤I hang this product on the railing outside my apartment. I have passed out for years. I had a lock box that was no longer usable. It was hard to open. The police couldn't get into the box. This one is bigger. I have had time to say that it does not rust. It's easy to open.

👤I had this box for a while. The keys got stuck in the lockbox even though the correct code was used. I was able to break it open in less than 15 minutes using nothing more than a hammer and screwdriver. The box is junk.

👤I was able to open the lock after setting the combination. Subsequent attempts resulted in the lock opening. The box was locked after a second attempt to set combination. I didn't put a box on the door and didn't put a key in it.

👤The first lock I bought jammed up on me. I threw it away the second time I couldn't open it. This one is very easy to use and works well when you misplace your front door key.

👤It's a bit heavier than I thought, but it's a good thing. You can attach it to the wall. I like the fact that it is large enough to hold credit cards and keys. I own a wheel lock key. It's a good buy.

👤I used this to hold a key for my truck while in the trail and after a few uses the number pad stopped working and I was almost stranded far from home. I was able to get it after ten minutes. I returned it immediately. One of the tumblers felt loose and it happened without warning. I probably only used it 15 times.

👤I leave the key for my daughters in the town home I live in because the keys don't duplicate and there is a limit on the number of keys. Give them the code and they will use it.

👤I thought these boxes would be great. The lock codes failed after only a dozen uses. It's not a good thing as a real estate agent. The lock boxes on my properties have had to be replaced twice. Cut off the box and the keys. The lock box company you use will be more reliable.

5. Medicine Pill Storage Lock Box

Medicine Pill Storage Lock Box

Food and Medicine Safe is a way to store your groceries or first aid supplies in a locked container. It is made of non-toxic, medical-and-food grade polycarbonate. Great theft. The portable medicine box is a great way to store files, medication, and keepsakes. You won't need to stress any internal damage with a soft, felt interior. Portability has gotten safer. Take your medication or keepsakes out of the bag using the 4 elastic straps or use the sturdy bag. The Super SturDY is a show. The medicine lock box is a great solution for safe keeping. An extra strong combination lock and 4 steel corners make your materials safe. There is a container lock. There is no need to stress about losing a key. This locked case has an added layer of safety. The locking medicine box is not for children. It should be kept out of the reach of children at all times.

Brand: Vaultz

👤You get what you pay for. At first, this worked well. It was to make sure our child didn't get into drugs. I was kept high on the shelf and didn't think I needed anything else. The latched thing didn't stay. I was told today that it would open on any combination. At first, worked but failed. I thought I was protecting my medication when the lock malfunctioned. Many of these medications are illegal to sell, so we buy these items to protect ourselves and our loved ones. If my medication had been taken, and if it had been sold, and if it was traced back to my house, I would be responsible for something I thought was protected. I used the combination every day to get it unlocked. How did I know that it stopped working?

👤Would not give any stars. I started using this a week ago and only open it once a day for medicine. It wont open on day five. The push was moving more than it should. I tried to mix and put in my combo and it was the correct one. I had to slam it on the ground three times. It's good for protection against toddlers, but unreliable if you need your medication locked inside. Really disappointing. It looks nice on the inside.

👤This is my first negative review of Amazon and I have been using it for years. I have a case with a lock that doesn't work and I've come to realize that I'm not the only one. I have been unable to open the case because the dial was all set at zero. I bought this case for my ring bearer to carry at my wedding. With the low price and design of the product, I didn't think about the reviews as I assumed there wouldn't be any problems. I am very disappointed to have come across this issue and to see how many other people have dealt with the same thing without the seller making changes to correct it. Don't purchase this product and save time and money. It isn't worth it.

👤My grandson was ring security at our wedding and we used this for him. It was the perfect size for Cary. Very cute! I will use it for medicine.

👤Each of our kids will use a lock box at college to keep their medication out of sight. They are compact, sturdy, and inexpensive. I thought they were too small for our needs, but the kids' meds fit easily, so I give a thumbs-up despite my initial impression. They feel lightweight and not as secure as I thought they should be, but the lock is metal, the edges are reinforced with metal, and although a determined thief could probably dismantle one of them with some effort, they seem to be robust enough for our purposes. The cost was a factor. We could have spent a lot more on more secure lockboxes, but we thought that was too much. The price was reasonable for security. My daughter wanted them to come in more designer colors and designs, but my son didn't care. We are happy with our purchase, having them in hand now.

6. Honeywell Safes Door Locks 0 26 Cubic

Honeywell Safes Door Locks 0 26 Cubic

Bag fabric is water resistant to protect your personal items when traveling. The slash safe is made of durable and easy to clean polyester to ensure long-term usage. Carry handles for convenience. Cash management protects your most valuable possessions from theft and tampering. With options of key locks and digital locks, you can protect your cash, electronics, and other small valuables. In case of misplacement or multiple users, the security box has 2 entry keys or an override access key. The products are backed by a limited warranty. The concealed hinge of the security box keeps small valuables out of the hands of users. This box has a foam padded floor mat and is built with a double steel wall. The powder coat finish on the security box protects it from scratches and makes it look good for years. The exterior dimensions are in H, W, and D. As a brand licensee, they have a responsibility to conduct ourselves with the highest levels of integrity in everything they do. This helps them maintain the credibility of the brand, maintain the strong reputation, and build on their track record of growth and performance. All licensees and representatives are held to the highest standards and they exceed all laws and regulations in the countries where they do business. SECURE is manufactured and distributed by LH Licensed Products, Inc. These products give you security and safety for your documents and possessions. They offer products that help deliver peace of mind by protecting your belongings against damage or loss in the event of fires, floods and other natural disasters as well as unauthorized intrusion and invasion of your home and office. The company is trusted. A Fortune 100 company that invents and manufactures technologies to address some of the world's toughest challenges linked to global macro trends such as energy efficiency, clean energy generation, safety and security, globalization and customer productivity, is the licensee of the Honeywell trademark. There are 150 million homes and 10 million buildings with technology from the company. The company is trusted. A Fortune 100 company that invents and manufactures technologies to address some of the world's toughest challenges linked to global macro trends such as energy efficiency, clean energy generation, safety and security, globalization and customer productivity, is the licensee of the Honeywell trademark. There are 150 million homes and 10 million buildings with technology from the company.

Brand: Honeywell Safes & Door Locks

👤The lock went work at all after the box gave up. I had to drop it on the spine. On the hunt for a new car. We had to break into the Lockbox today to get our stuff out of it. The center release wouldn't open because the combination lock signaled it was working by flashing green. The key was the same as before. During the process of breaking into it, the lock release went all over us.

👤I bought this in order to store important documents. It was very difficult to open in the recent weeks, and now it does not lock. You can close it so it doesn't fly open, but the code and key won't lock it. I get a red light when I enter an incorrect code. The box was expensive. Very angry. I don't have the money to buy another one. This is not acceptable from an item that sits there untouched most of the time.

👤My safe is broken. I didn't go into it very much. I decided to check it out because I was going to put more items in it and the key wouldn't open it until after a few tries. After following the documentation, it won't lock. The warranty is over, that's the best part. I would have used it more if I had known it would break.

👤Even if in a folder or envelope, it's just fine. You can fit a lot of stuff. No problem, like around 4. It says double wall construction, but the lid is an exclusion. Thought. There is no seal around the lid. If you put a seal on it would melt under the heat. The battery compartment cover is cheap. If it falls off, you'll need the emergency keys. Only five digits are on the keypad. You will have to create a code that is difficult to remember. Some people will use a pattern which is less secure. It's easy to break into, but I want to make it hard to break in. If you're serious about securing your valuables, then you should put your actual valuables under your mattress or in your sock drawer, because this box is a cheap decoy that you can use to make yourself visible in the house. It's a good thing.

👤Exactly what I wanted. It works in my drawer. The batteries needed to be replaced already and I had it for about a month. There is a review that has been added. It was at 4 stars, now 1. It doesn't work anymore. The safe isn't locked. You don't need a code or a key to turn the knob, you just need 2 fingers. It's not a battery issue, it's a quality issue.

👤It worked for about nine months before it wouldn't open. When I put my code in, the light turns green, but it doesn't actually open. I waited 15 minutes and tried again. It has been done 3 times in the last 3 days. It was a great product before this.

7. SentrySafe 1170 Fireproof Lock Cubic

SentrySafe 1170 Fireproof Lock Cubic

The portable file tote has buckled bottoms. The rubber feet on the bottom of their totes keep the file storage in place. Fireproof box is protected from fire for 1/2 hour at 1550F. The fire safe box is made of fire resistant material. A fireproof lock box has a flat key lock to prevent the lid from opening in the event of a fire. The document safe has hanging files for easy storage of passports, social security cards, and birth certificates. The exterior is 15.3 inch W x 12.1 inch D x 13.6 inch H and the interior is 12 inch W x 8.5 inch D x 10.4 inch H. The peril type is security and fire. The exterior is 15.3 inch W x 12.1 inch D x 13.6 inch H and the interior is 12 inch W x 8.5 inch D x 10.4 inch H. The peril type is security and fire.

Brand: Sentrysafe

👤Even though the safe was in the room where the fire started, it was undamaged. The firemen were impressed.

👤The plastic housing has fire proof material coming out of it. The lid comes out in small particles. It was pressed out through the lock housing. Smoke is going to happen because the lid is crooked and does not close. If you read the fire ratings, you will see that this box does not meet any of them with a lid that is falling apart. Total waste of money. I wouldn't trust the paper to this piece of junk.

👤It was in good condition when it arrived today. The pamphlet has information. Say what? Even if it's in a dry place, this safe is capable of generating its own humidity. The pamphlet warns against storing delicate items in the safe without putting them into an airtight container, as the insulation used has high moisture content. I think that's part of the fireproofing system. It lists jewelry with working parts, watches, stamps and photographs as examples ofdelicate items. How safe is paper from damage? The pamphlet says that SentrySafe is not responsible for any damage you may incur. Someone in the questions area said that the safe should be opened twice a month for 30 minutes to air it out. I didn't verify that. This is not a "file and forget" system. You will need desiccant and containers. When you forget to close the door after airing it out, a fire will occur. I will be selling this at my next garage sale.

👤Garbage. It has been in a closet for 8 months without being touched, and I pulled it out today and it was falling apart. The latch was never right. I think it was falling apart. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤The safe broke in less than a month. The back left attachment point for the lid broke when I opened it a few times. I found broken plastic and lots of sawdust when I looked at it. I'm very disappointed that this product is not what I expected.

👤This was my second purchase of a fire-proof safe, and it is a disappointment compared to my other safe. It's a heavy, quality safe. The locking mechanism is not good. The key can't slide in easily and the latch won't secure into the lid without a lot of movement around the key. To lock it, I hunch down, hold the lid up slightly away from the bottom of the safe, and slowly move the latch into the correct position by watching how it moves. The best part? The key was stuck in. Returned to Amazon.

👤This is the first time I've been motivated to write a review. The file had a broken hinge. The lock wouldn't work beyond that. The retaining pin was not cleared by the latch so it could not seat properly. I don't think this design could work. Threw it away.

👤I noticed that it was hard to open and close the product. It appeared that the base and lid were not aligned. I had it for 1.5 months, and when I opened it to store some documents, the top was loose. The top was no longer connected after the entire hinge sheared off, leaving a white powder. There wasn't any reason for the unit to be damaged, because it wasn't man-handled and there wasn't anything sitting on it or near it. When the safe was closed, the hinge portion that was on the outside broke. If it became dust like that, it must have been a poor material.

8. Master Lock 5900D Personal Gunmetal

Master Lock 5900D Personal Gunmetal

The exterior is 13 x 13 x 19.7 inches and the interior is 13.6 x 10.6 x 18.6 inches. Small safes are ideal for use as travel safes or personal safes for protection from theft. A portable safe is best for protecting smart phones, passports, cash, and credit cards. Set your own four-digit combination portable safe, Ear bud/charging cable access port, and you can listen to music or charge devices while locked up. The small lock box is made of shock absorbing foam. The interior dimensions are 1-1/4 inch H x 8 inch W x 3 inch D. The interior dimensions are 1-1/4 inch H x 8 inch W x 3 inch D.

Brand: Master Lock

👤Disappointed. I used to love them for their ability to keep my medicine bottles and other small valuables safe, but I have stopped liking them now. I just found out that this safe can be opened in 16 seconds without knowing the code, thanks to a video uploaded today on YouTube by LockingLawyer. I was able to open each of my own, just like in the video. You can see the gap when you scroll to the correct number. It doesn't take a lot of skills or brainpower to break open. Really, really disappointed. Don't buy this product. It is not safe.

👤I bought two of them to break within 2 months of being used. The hinge is very low quality. This is a rip off. With it being a "Master Lock" box, I would expect better, more sturdy construction, not cheap plastic. If anyone from corporate wants to know what happened to the boxes within 2 months, I have attached a picture of it, but I don't think they will.

👤This is not the safe for you if you are looking for an indestructible safe to hold large items. If you use it for it's intended purpose, it's great. Keeping your small valuables relatively secure is what you want to do. It is possible to use it while on vacation to prevent room service from cleaning your wallet. If you want to keep your small children out of your medicine, phone, and other things, you might want to attach this portable safe to a light pole. The safe is heavy and difficult to open. The safe is made of plastic and could be defeated with a hammer or pry bar. This product is meant to be a safeguard and deterrent, not a safe. You will not be disappointed if you keep this in mind. I purchased this safe and feel safer because I leave my items in my hotel room when I go to the gym or breakfast. If this review was helpful, please do me a favor and click the "Yes" button. Thank you.

👤After a year, the combination is starting to rub off and be used a couple of times a month. Will be useless soon.

👤It's a great safe for small items. After less than 6 months, numbers have faded to the point of invisibility. I've tried everything from paint pens to white-out. I have decided to just mark the 1 with a power engraver and then count from there. There is a If Master Lock used a better ink, the problem was solved. If one can't read the combo, what is a combo lock good for?

👤This was what I needed. It fit my items well and was secure. It got stuck after about 3 months. It was difficult to get it open and close because it wasn't easy to lock it. I contacted Master lock customer support because it became very annoying. They sent me videos and how-to info to help it function better. I never took the time to follow the advice. It was locked up completely for almost 6 months of ownership, and I couldn't open it. So... I was able to break into it. I held my son on my shoulder with a metal fingernail file and did it in 8 seconds. There were no obvious signs that the safe was broken into. I had to look for some very small scratches. I probably wouldn't have noticed it without knowing about it. It's like putting signs in your front yard that say you have a home security system, but not actually having one. It won't keep anyone from your valuables if they want them, but it will probably discourage the honest crook. It's a rip off even for fifteen dollars. I was very disappointed in the brand. Shame on Master Lock. It would be more difficult to break into the toy jewelry boxes. I will be replacing my safe with something else.

9. SentrySafe P005C Portable Cubic Black

SentrySafe P005C Portable Cubic Black

The company is trusted. A Fortune 100 company that invents and manufactures technologies to address some of the world's toughest challenges linked to global macro trends such as energy efficiency, clean energy generation, safety and security, globalization and customer productivity, is the licensee of the Honeywell trademark. There are 150 million homes and 10 million buildings with technology from the company. It's best to use a portable safe for coffee shops, campus, and office security needs. It's easy to use, it has a resettable three-digit combination for convenience. Solid steel is used in the portable safe for reliable protection. The exterior is 2.6 in. H x 5.9 in. W x 8.0 in. The interior is 2.4 in. H x 5.3 in. W x 6.6 in. D. The exterior is 2.6 in. H x 5.9 in. W x 8.0 in. The interior is 2.4 in. H x 5.3 in. W x 6.6 in. D.

Brand: Sentrysafe

👤I bought a safe for my desk because I didn't want my 12 year old to get into it. It is a good size for what I needed and I followed the directions to code my own number combination into it. On the second time I closed it and stored it, I could not get back into it, the lock wouldn't open either with my new combination or the default. I quickly gained access to the safe with a pair of pliers and ripped it apart. It's easy to break into a piece of junk.

👤After searching for months, I decided to take a chance on this portable safe. A wire is attached to a safe. I was looking for one that didn't have a key. I'd loose the key, but what's the point of having a key around that doesn't work with my combo? It fits into my tote purse. You can use the picture to figure out how many bottles you can cram inside. You can change your combo easily. I'm sure some heavy duty metal cuttting equipment could open it, but for securing my family's daily medications for easy access was what I needed. I have had a few months of hard wear and tear abuse. Hope this helps someone who is looking for a solution.

👤I decided to write a review because I hate this product so much. This is my first review after 10 years with Amazon. That will help you figure out how bad the product is. This thing is not worth much. The return process is easy so it is already on its way back. I thought about throwing it away. There are several reviews that say it's pretty good for $20 and I wasn't expecting Fort Knox. I understand. I can't see how this item could be used for anything. The box is locked. I am squeezing one side of the box and the other side is open. You don't need to pry with a knife or screwdriver. You could pry it open or shake it to get out small items. I have better safes in the cars to keep weapons out of the hands of criminals, but I was looking for a small box to take with me on vacation to keep cash and passports safe. This isn't it. Don't bother with it, just do yourself a favor. The locking mechanism of the gun vault is held together with plastic pieces that can break. I have used one for 2 years. I saw the weak link of the system when mine broke. The unit gives a better perception of security than the SentrySafe, but it is not a robust design if someone tries to get in. The gun vault units have metal locking systems. If someone is looking at this one, they will probably check out the other one as well.

👤The lock box is great for quickly securing your goods when you are out camping or staying in a hotel. It's great, but don't expect it to be a fortress of solitude for your valuables. It doesn't feel very well built to keep out a thief. A simple combination lock could be cracked by a patient thief. It's nice for a little extra peace of mind when you're out for a while, but a long one will keep you worried as it doesn't feel all that secure. The security cable can be secured to a bolted down structure, but it won't keep your valuables out of the hands of criminals, even if you stay in a place for a week or more.

10. CFW20201 Waterproof Fire Resistant 8 Inches Charcoal

CFW20201 Waterproof Fire Resistant 8 Inches Charcoal

The exterior is 13 in. W x 10 in. D x 4.2 in. The interior is 12 in. W x 8.9 in. D x 4.3 in. H is around 4.5 pounds. The Flush-Mounted design is waterproof and fire resistant. The privacy key lock keeps documents and valuables out of sight. It's convenient to pick up and transport important documents.

Brand: Sentrysafe

👤I bought this safe to protect documents in the event of a fire, but would have expected it to be difficult to open without a key. A few weeks ago, my home was broken into. The safe was pried open and the face of the safe was removed. The pieces of the safe weren't damaged in the process of cracking it, which makes me think it didn't take a lot of effort to open it. It was very disappointing.

👤This fireproof documents safe is perfect for what it is and for the class. I bought this one because it is one of the few that is rated at 1700 degrees for an hour, rather than a half hour, and the price can't be beat. The others in the price range are rated at less than an hour. I wanted one that used a key because electronic mechanisms can be damaged in a fire, and malfunction. Is it heavy? It claims to be no heavier than it is, but it's a surprise when it arrives because it's almost 30 pounds. It has to be heavy to protect against a fire for an hour. It looks like a case for a portable electric typewriter. My boyfriend, who used to be a firefighter, said it was a very good quality fireproof safe, which was the main reason for me to get it. I know it was the right choice when my boyfriend approves it. ;

👤I had a safe for a long time. It was needed for papers. It is very heavy. It seems to be well made. The edges of my standard size documents are flat. The handle of the safe is not strong enough to hold the weight of the safe without breaking after a few uses. I forget the handle when I pick it up. It could be moved quickly in an emergency. It is a good deal and I would buy it again. It holds a lot. I am glad I didn't buy a bigger one because of the weight. I think it's a good idea, but I doubt the handle will hold up. This is just my opinion of case construction.

👤I put my papers in the safe when I received it. I can't open it today. The key won't turn. Any suggestions?

👤The first safe I received was damaged and I returned it. I sent it back and got a new one. It does what it should. The bottom of the safe is smaller than the letter size. The shape enlarges and it fits in the middle of the safe. The latch is made of plastic and could easily be broken, so it's not a safe to protect your belongings from being stolen. Someone could grab and carry the case. I think it's a protection against fire and water. The manual says that the inside of the packets will retain the moistness. It could cause damage to your papers.

👤I hope the fireproof feature doesn't have to be tested, but this seems to be a secure storage box for your important documents and other small items. I don't expect the lock to be difficult to pick, and it wouldn't surprise me if I learned that all of the locks and keys are the same, but my primary concern was protecting documents from being damaged. I chose this box partly because it supposedly holds flat 8 1/2 X 11 letter-sized documents. That is not true. The long side has to be raised a bit to make me return the box. If you are concerned about theft, I don't think you should store anything that is very valuable in the box. The box is small enough that anyone can take it with them, and the lock is easy to break. This box appears to be strong enough to protect important documents.

11. SentrySafe 1200 Fireproof Lock Cubic

SentrySafe 1200 Fireproof Lock Cubic

It's easy to fit in a suitcase or under a car seat. The foam interior is made of foam. It's a perfect camping lock box or dorm room lock box. Fireproof box is protected from fire for 1/2 hour at 1550F. The fire safe box is certified to protect against fire damage. A fireproof lock box has a flat key lock to prevent the lid from opening in the event of a fire. Convenient built-in carrying handle for easy transportation is a document safe feature. The exterior is 14 inches W x 11 inches D x 6.1 in H and the interior is 12 inches W x 7.5 inches D x 3.5 in H. Store the unit closed and locked to make sure it will perform in case of a fire. The key should be facing out not up. The exterior is 14 inches W x 11 inches D x 6.1 in H and the interior is 12 inches W x 7.5 inches D x 3.5 in H. Store the unit closed and locked to make sure it will perform in case of a fire. The key should be facing out not up.

Brand: Sentrysafe

👤I've done a lot of research on safes. The bottom line is here. Someone can get into your safe. They are all made in China, which doesn't want you to have security. You can find a lot of videos on how to break into safes on the internet. That is another story. You can't do anything else but buy something that is fire safe. This is the best price for a starter. I wanted to be able to move around if I changed my mind. I realized a strategy for resolving my future concerns if they came up after using it. This safe gets me started on knowing what I have and is protected in case of fire. I keep theft hidden and you should be in a hiding place. I picked out my own. I'm not ready to make it yet because I need a larger space and there will be two places, one with a safe in a hiding place and a larger one in a semi-hiding place. This safe will be hidden better, so it will be the most valuable. Someone will think they have everything if they find the safe.

👤The owners' pamphlet says the safe is for storing important documents and valuables. A document that's on standard paper won't fit in a suitcase. The more important a document is, the more careful I am to keep it from getting wrinkled, folded or bent. It's tough to get this safe. It says that it shouldn't be used for the storage of firearms, but I guess that's not true. Is this for the storage of the documents and valuables of your local pharaoh? I won't put my dipenhydramine in here, but is it too much to ask to put something made of paper in a document safe? If it's not a fire-resistant safe, why would you need to put it there? It seems like it's well built, but not being able to lay documents flat and being told not to use it for fire safety reasons drags down the rating.

👤They recommend putting jewelry with moving parts and paper goods in plastic, sealable bags to protect them from water damage, because of the construction on these types of safes. The product information on the main page doesn't mention this. I have had these cases before, and they have been pretty bad. The paperwork that comes with the cases clearly outlines the minor problem, which I thought they had updated or that I had gotten a faulty one. If you buy this case, you may need to do more to protect your stuff.

👤I bought this during the week. There were two large cracks when the package was opened. Please look at the photos. I'm very disappointed. If it is so fragile, how could it protect its contents? It's so hard to go to a store and return something. I have to do that now. A4 sheets won't fit in. It has a primitive lock. The goal is not to prevent theft. Heavy but lighter than those made with metals.


What is the best product for portable lock box safe?

Portable lock box safe products from Rpnb. In this article about portable lock box safe you can see why people choose the product. Lockabox and Puroma are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable lock box safe.

What are the best brands for portable lock box safe?

Rpnb, Lockabox and Puroma are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable lock box safe. Find the detail in this article. Fayleeko, Vaultz and Honeywell Safes & Door Locks are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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