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1. EARTHLITE Premium Portable Massage Package

EARTHLITE Premium Portable Massage Package

The complete LUXURY MASSAGE TABLE PACKAGE includes a full-sized massage table with round corners and 12 reiki end panels, a patented Flex-Rest face cradle, and a proprietary Strata face pillow. There is a level of competition. Earthlite is the #1 choice among spas and resorts worldwide because of the plush, triple density, Proluxe cushioning system. The table is made of Natursoft oil and water-resistant fabric. It's guaranteed that the roof will be strong. Joint less round corners, reinforcement ribs, hardwood corner blocks, and north American hard maple legs and braces are included in the premium design. There is a LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY on the frame and construction. Made in the USA with components from around the world. EARTHLITE is the world's largest and most trusted massage supplier.

Brand: Earthlite

👤I got this table a few months ago to replace an older one. It's a lot more awkward to carry than the Avalon because it has a thicker layer of foam, and it's difficult to maneuver it through doorways because of the added weight. Something to consider if you have back problems. The carrying case and face cradle are not something I like about the package. What were they thinking when they made a bag that didn't open all the way to the floor? The table has to be lifted out and lowered into the case because the zipper stops 6 inches above the ground. You have to line it up perfectly to get it to close. It makes it a little harder to take out, but it's the easiest way to put it in, and it only takes one hand to adjust the placement of the case with the other. I don't think it makes sense to turn the table upside down and pull the case over it, since it's a portable table, and you should be able to load it without a problem. The face cradle is the other thing. The cushion is held in the frame by the velcro that holds it to the cradle. The design of the frame and the two strips of velcro on it is ridiculous, the glue holding it to the frame isn't strong enough to hold the weight of the cushion. I don't know how many times the cushion fell onto the floor during a session because the glue gave out. I had to get some industrial strength velcro and glue to fix it because the new one on the frame wouldn't stick. It would have been better to remove the existing squares first, because I glue the new velcro on over them. My clients are happy that I picked this table, they love it. I'm confident that it will last a long time and that I can find a better carrying case.

👤This was a purchase I debated for a while. Why? Costs. This is not a cheap table. I went to Amazon to find a massage table. The first ones that caught my attention were in the range of $109-119. The build was ok. Several reviewers complained of the squeaking. It was the complaint that led to my looking for another option. I was weighing those tables against one of the other ones. How much is it for an exercise table? Zoiks... I couldn't see it. I went to the manufacturer's site to look at the two in play. It looked like a new entrant. The other had been making tables for a long time. The more I looked at those tables, the more I thought the $284 table was the way to go. When you're committed to the purchase, Amazon will compare tables from that manufacturer. I noticed a weight differential when I saw a couple others, and one was triple layer. A couple more trips to the manufacturer's site led to the purchase of a larger table that was several hundred dollars higher than the $284 table. This is my home. It is a serious platform because it only has the 32 inch in stock. I open it. I lay on it. It was nice. I start to do a small amount of exercise. Yeah...Nice. I fall asleep after stretching out. I thought about how solid the table was when I woke up. I would use the face pillow for massage. I am happy with this table, even though I was over my projected price point. The people who have had them for 10, 15 and 20 years were so impressed that the table is still going strong. This would be a good investment and probably won't need to be replaced in the next decade or two.

2. Master Massage Montclair Portable Package

Master Massage Montclair Portable Package

The table is only 36 lbs. and has a 31" width x 84" length and 24 to 34" height. 3” thick cushion of Multi-Layer Small Cell foam, which a layer of memory foam is included, is backed by a 5 year guarantee. The legs are covered in a rich, hi-gloss Dura-Seal protected finish. The leg buffers keep wooden legs from becoming wobbly. 1,000 lbs. The table has a working capacity of 750 lbs. The accessories include: a fully padded armrest, a four-pocket carrying case, and a master innovated ergonomics dream cradle.

Brand: Master Massage

👤The table was advertised as 84” in length and I bought it. 73 tables are not long enough for a sports massage therapist to work with tall athletes. The table was only 6 feet long when it arrived. The table is of high quality, but the face cradle cushion is not. This table is adequate for average height individuals if you provide relaxation massage. If you need a table for people over 6ft tall, please be aware that it's not 84. I am not happy with the marketing of this company.

👤I need a table. I thought I would save money and buy this for the studio I use occasionally. I had a table for about 8 days. It had a smell that made me headaches. The smell wouldn't go away. The table was sturdy, but there was a creaking noise when I or my clients moved on and off the table. The warmer doesn't keep clients warm. Moderate temperature. Arm rest doesn't always stay secure once arms are in place. If you persist in figuring it out, it will work. The table is very heavy. I wouldn't advise using it for out calls. Good condition. The head rest is appreciated by clients. The carrying case has many pockets. A good table for a new therapist, but not so much for more experienced therapists who are used to providing Thai, Shiatsu and Sports massage.

👤I am familiar with this brand because I am an LMT. The table is small and sturdy, which is awesome. The memory foam is awesome! Comes with a shelf. The square face cradle has more space in the middle which makes it easier to breathe and reduces pressure on the client's face. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤We didn't know what to expect from the table we purchased, so we didn't know what to expect. We were blown away. It is more sturdy than the tables my therapists use. Highly recommend!

👤It seems to be well made and sturdy, but it was damaged inside of the protective packaging as seen in the photo. It was dragged against something before it was shipped. It is too large to return. I am afraid that the tear will get worse.

👤The table was received within 3 days. The quality of the table is better than any I have looked at before. The table is very light and easy to handle because of the nylon mesh and aluminum frame. The mesh gives a different feel since you are not pushing down on foam. I could sleep on this table. The legs are made of wood. The table is strong. The upholstery is very soft and has piping around the top edge which makes it look like a piece of furniture. It looks and feels like leather. The top-layer is padded with memory foam. The tilt mechanism is easy to adjust and the head rest is easy to attach. The table has both open and folded positions, which makes it easy to store items under it. The carrying case was made of heavy duty material and had plenty of side compartments and handles to make it easy to maneuver and store extras. It was even better because of the free shipping and the $50 rebate. I would love to give it more stars. I haven't used the heat feature yet, but I love this table.

3. EARTHLITE Wooden Folding Stool Hardwood

EARTHLITE Wooden Folding Stool Hardwood

Ultra portable: It is easy to carry and store the folds flat. The weight is less than 5 pounds. The match was perfect. The folding massage stool in matching colors is the perfect complement to your massage table or interior design. DIMENSIONS The massage stool is 19" high. High quality. EARTHLITE's Ultraleather is waterproof, oil and abrasion resistant. EARTHLITE is the world's leader and most trusted massage equipment company and has a one year warranty. The idea stool is used for work, home use, massage spas, barbers, tattoo shops, doctor offices and home use.

Brand: Earthlite

👤It feels more sturdy than the custom craft works stool and it will hold a lot of weight. I also loved this brand before buying it. There is a If you need a stool for camping or sports, I recommend this one.

👤This little stool is adorable. It arrived 3 days early and came completely assembled. There was no damage to the stool, despite the box being a bit beat up, and the stool only had a light layer of plastic to cushion it. My employee said that it is much easier to use than a rolling stool and that it is very comfortable. We were discussing how cute they would be for children to use or just to have around your home. Earthlight products are still the best. 3

👤It is lightweight and folds up neatly. After his old triangle leg stool broke, I bought this for my in home massage therapist. He loves it!

👤I have been using these stools for a long time. After 5 years of steady use for out-call massage sessions, I only replace when the vinyl starts to crack.

👤The old Earthlite chair is still fine, I just purchased a new one. I decided to give my old chair to a friend who does massage and get a new chair that will fit in with my weight. My chairs have traveled all over the world. I recommend it to any massage therapist.

👤I love this chair. It makes an air noise when you sit but it is light weight and great for therapists.

👤It is amazing! The holding weight is recommended for me, but I weigh 30 lbs more than that.

👤I have been carting this thing in and out of peoples houses for two years with little to no wear and tear. The cushion makes sitting on it comfortable. Couldn't recommend it more.

4. EARTHLITE Bolster Pillow Jumbo Professional

EARTHLITE Bolster Pillow Jumbo Professional

Since 1987, Made by EarthLITE has been the most trusted brand in professional massage. The World Massage Conference and American Spa Magazine have given them awards. There is a barbell. Relieves stress on the lower back. Place under knee or ankle to relieve back strain. There is a pair with a full sized massage table. A professional grade. Made from quality foam and upholstery. There are 5 different styles and 8 different colors. The dimensions can be found in the description. EARTHLITE, the world's leading professional massage therapy supply company, has a 1 year warranty.

Brand: Earthlite

👤The bolster just arrived. On one end is a bar code label that is hard to remove. It's one of those that you have to pick off. I don't know why the seller would ruin a customer's initial impression. It is easy to use easy-to-remove labels, but they may cost more. This needs to be fixed.

👤The back needs to be able to relax and recover during sleep. I was having a hard time finding a good sleeping position that would allow me to relax. The experiment that turned out well was buying this cushion. I sleep on my back. I'm not an expert, but it seems the cushion helps distribute some of the weight that would normally be on the lower back to the knees, gently stretching and relieving the lower back. I feel like I have a chance to recover after waking up without back pain. The regular size was too small for me to do the trick. If you have the same problem as me, you should get this one. The cushion does not move. It is not uncomfortable for me, but it is hard. Reviewers have removed stars because of the material on the exterior lining. I think a pillow case should be used.

👤I got this to help me with my back. This is not suitable for what I needed it for. I got the Earthlite Fluffy Bolster which works great after I returned it.

👤When I need to be on my back, I bought this bolster. It works well if you are supportive. The foam is very strong. If you use it for a long time, it's not compatible on the back of the knees. I have long legs, so I have found it beneficial to spread my legs a bit further so that I don't have to put my heels on the mattress.

👤I have been a massage therapist in California for 11 years. I use it for clients who suffer from lower back pain when they are laying down. Smaller bolsters are not supportive enough. This bolster has made their experience better.

👤Definitely not for the neck. The word "jumbo" is used in the description. It's perfect under knees for lying on one's back. Including sleeping. Lying flat on your back can cause back stress. I'm 5'9" and have longish legs, so I need something to help remove the pressure from my lower back when not lying on my side. It is very high quality. I slept with it for 2 nights and am trying to convince myself that it's better than my old wedge-shaped thing. You can grab the loop on one end if you want to pull it out of the bed before you roll over.

👤I like this bolster. In order to strengthen my legs and knees, I use this bolster under my knees to practice lifting my legs. I will be using it to support my legs on our road trip.

👤I was looking for this size on the recommendation of my physical therapist. The bolster has a strap on the end that makes it easy to use. Firm material and cover is easy to wipe off.

5. STRONGLITE Portable Massage Package Shasta

STRONGLITE Portable Massage Package Shasta

The accessories include: an innovative face cradle, an arm rest shelf, and a carrying case. A complete massage table includes a hardwood beech massage table with round corners, a face cradle, and a rugged nylon carry case. Light and portable. The Shasta is easy to store in trunks and closets. There is a height of 25 to 35 feet. There is 2 inches of responsive cushioning that is hand made in smooth Vinyl with attractive double stitching and rounded corners. 400lb working weight is strong. The table is made of solid hardwood beech legs, corner blocks and double knobs, with a strong cabling system and rigid 6mm end panels. Strong. A US based manufacturer of massage tables has been in California since 1986. Stress tests all products to make sure they are safe. The warranty is for five years.

Brand: Stronglite

👤I was going to buy a cheaper table, but based on the reviews, it seemed like a safer bet, and I liked that it came with a face cradle so I knew it would be compatible with the table. After only 3 uses, my face cradle failed. It collapsed with a normal face lying in it and wouldn't stay in place with a face in it after. Although it took awhile, I have to credit Amazon for sending a replacement face cradle, since they were silent until I left a bad review. Customer service is less than stellar. They did honor their warranty.

👤If you catch my drift, it's strong and sturdy enough to hold me and my wife. A wink.

👤This is the most comfortable table we have owned. There is room for me to spare when I am laying on it. When I climb on, it barely moves. You would be foolish not to get this one. My wife and I were at the same time.

👤I am very happy with my new table. I've had an Earthlite for 25 years and I knew it was a great brand. The box said it was made in China, but that's not true. This table is good for house calls because it is less wide than my office table. The shoulder strap is the only thing that is not good. The piece that is supposed to carry it over the shoulder is worthless. You have to work it off the table like pants that are too tight because the case only opens half way down. The table is great.

👤The table is more than I expected. Its light weight is nice. I absolutely love it. It made me want to do out calls more. This table is awesome value.

👤The comfort and strength were very impressive. It's easy to set it up. Highly recommend!

👤The table is sturdy and comfortable for my clients to lay on. I was happy to get it as my table broke. I was out of business until this one came in. Delivery time is 2 days. The cushion is thick.

👤I ordered this one to replace the one I had for a long time. It's comfortable. The face cradle can be adjusted. It is a good deal.

👤The table is great, but when I received it, the package was destroyed and there was a small tear in the upholstery, I thought it was minor. I didn't exchange it. The tear on the table has gotten worse since I used it two times. It's a matter of time until it's a complete tear. It says my rerturn window has closed when I exchange it. Lesson learned next time, I will exchange it right away.

👤Ayant recommande Je entirement satisFAite de ma table, la qualité et la finissions et top, l ttire trs confortable.

6. EARTHLITE Microfiber Sheet White Full

EARTHLITE Microfiber Sheet White Full

The massage table sheet set includes one flat, one fitted, and one face rest crescent cradle cover which is ideal for massage pillows. They are great additions to your massage therapy supplies. A table sheet set with a fitted sheet, top sheet, and face pillow cover is a smooth three piece set. The brushed 100% polyester microfiber material is easy to clean. It is okay to machine wash and tumble dry the sheets. These light microfiber sheets are comfortable and luxurious, and are a good substitute for natural cotton. There is a choice about how to handle mass murder. The sheet set stays clean. It's a good idea to reduce ironing time. It's perfect for daily and commercial use. If needed, use only non-chlorine bleach. EARTHLITE QUALITY: Designed and manufactured by EARTHLITE, the leading massage equipment and supplies manufacturer.

Brand: Earthlite

👤Two years ago, I bought this product for $6 less. The massage sheet set is cheap and flimsy, and it wrinkled more than the other set. Cheap chinese products are not worth much. Not buying this stuff anymore. The colors are great but not as good as the quality.

👤I didn't use the sheets for a while. After washing the first set, all 3 pieces of them were ruined, so I was very disappointed when I finally used them. Before I washed the next 2 sets I made sure my washer and dryer didn't have any rough or sharp parts, as they are both under 1 year old. The first set that was badly damaged had other sheets and everyday clothes in the load. I washed the next 2 sets alone and although they didn't do as bad as the first two, they are on their way to being useless after a few more washes. Very disappointing. They should have lasted a long time even if they were washed with other clothes. I missed my return window because I waited so long to use them. :

👤These sheets were very nice. It's easy to make proper draping. The bedsheets I've been using the past 4 years are soft and glide like butter. They are a little thin. There is no problem with a blanket. I wish the fitted sheet was a little deeper because I have a lot of fluff on the table. It covers the entire length of my plastic sheet, but not the bottom, exposing some of the padding. It has an oil stain, but my other detergent can remove it better. The sheets are very smooth and I will be buying more of them.

👤I don't like the face cradle. The material pulls in areas because it catches on everything. This material has oil on it. It is very cold. Purchase flannel! Don't spend your money on these.

👤Poor quality. Thin and wrinkled! I have microfiber sheets from Massage Warehouse, but they aren't as resistant to wrinkling as promised, but they are twice as thick as these. I wouldn't recommend these sheets.

👤I was nervous to purchase because it was so cheap and the others sets that were similar were much more expensive. I took the risk. They were soft and comfortable.

👤It's hard to find a good sheet on Amazon. flannel is too heavy and I don't like how they stick. These slides are all over the place. The blanket on top is pulled off of them. Would not buy again.

👤I don't like this sheet set. It is thin and feels like paper. Doesn't feel right. I would return it if I opened it and washed it. It is large for the massage table. It's not tight. I like a snug fit. It does the job.

👤I have a massage table that is wider than the one I have. The material is soft to touch and feels good to last a long time. The yellow cream was not beige. It looks nice!

7. EARTHLITE Massage Cradle Cushion MEMORY

EARTHLITE Massage Cradle Cushion MEMORY

EARTHLITE has a three year warranty on their massage products. There is a face contortion. The most comfortable pillow for massage chairs. The memory foam is made from the highest quality viscoelastic. ULTIMATE COMFORT: It is a custom fit for your face. The washable cover comes with a soft, white fleece cover. EARTHLITE is the leading manufacturer of massage products. EARTHLITE has a complete line of bolsters made with high density quality foam and smooth leather.

Brand: Earthlite

👤I bought a few of these and this one was the winner with my clients. It's the best. Spa quality is true.

👤I get a lot of praise from my clients. They appreciate the comfortable face rest.

👤There is nothing I dislike about it. It is thick and the consistency is right, it fits along with some other custom-made face cradle cushions I use, and it comes with a white cover. I have a massage table with a canopy sun lamp that I use every single day so I can lie on my stomach and on my chest, which is very important to me. When I get a professional massage, I use this cushion with 1 or 2 other custom-made ones to take. My massage table has a wobbly face cradle support, but I'm not too worried about it because I'm comfortable lying on my stomach with my face in the face cradle cushion all the same.

👤I bought this to replace the cradle my husband bought to give me massages. The quality is high. The foam is firm. Unlike other face cradles, it holds my face comfortably. It's well worth it.

👤I bought a headrest to try to help my massage clients who lay flat for long periods of time. It didn't work. My clients didn't really like the idea of this and my old head rest.

👤I was a little worried after reading some of the reviews. Outside of the table warmer, this was a necessary purchase and no clue where some folks get their info. This face rest is recommended by me. I'll probably never own another table without this.

👤The face cradle is not as comfortable as my original one. I have used it with one client and they liked it. I will keep it as a little extra comfort. I feel like the $65 is a bit over kill. If you started out with a face cradle that felt like cardboard, this will be a big upgrade. The original face cradle was of good quality.

👤Clients find it much more comfortable than the original cover, have had this for quite some time. I have padding on my table and my face cradle doesn't come up high enough for some clients, so this thicker one makes the difference. I have happier clients because I did what I needed to do.

👤Very supportive of what the discrimination said.

👤After receiving it, send it back the next day. The cover felt soft and the cushion had no smell. The cushion would not allow the face to sink in comfortably. Couldn't find a good spot to rest. I couldn't cover the cushion with my face cradle. It is not possible to be sanitized between clients.

👤I have decided to keep my own cradle because it cannot be wiped clean. The density of the foam is nice when squeezed with your hand, but it doesn't allow the face to sink into it, and the head is too high.

👤The clients like the pillow. Very happy with the product.

8. EARTHLITE Flannel Massage Table Sheet

EARTHLITE Flannel Massage Table Sheet

EARTHLITE QUALITY: Designed and manufactured by EARTHLITE, the leading massage equipment and supplies manufacturer. There is a double pantyhose. Premium 100% natural, unbleached, non-dyed cotton flannel is double napped for exceptional comfort, warmth and a soft feel. Repeated washings will make it softer. 135gsm. Pre-SHRUNK COMMERCIAL QUALITY: Shrinkage is reduced after first washing. Oil and stains are much better with 100% Natural Cotton. Quality workmanship is important. A great fit is ensured by the double stitching of hems and elastic on the fitted sheet and crescent cover. It's designed for commercial washing. It fits tables up to 32 inches wide. Privacy and warmth are provided byGenerously sized top sheet (61" x 100"). The fitted sheet is 36" x 78" Today's plumper cushions are up to 4.5" thick, and the Crescent cover is designed to fit them. EARTHLITE QUALITY: Designed and manufactured by EARTHLITE, the leading massage equipment and supplies manufacturer since 1987.

Brand: Earthlite

👤The sheet set is comfortable and nice to lay on. It protects my massage table from the massage oils and creams and it feels good against my skin. There's the maintenance of it. I put flannel on the table and it used leaves. That's a small annoyance. It is a constant thing. I leave these sheets to air dry, not use the clothes dryer, because I take extra car washing. After a few more months of use, the fabric will stop being675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531

👤I just bought a massage table. They made quality tables for years and had one a decade ago. I thought a massage table sheet set with their name on it would be good. That's not true. The package was soft. I wash things like this before using them. They left huge amounts of lint in the washer and dryer and in my carpeting when I folded them up. I washed them again. Same result. There were pilling all over the sheets. flannel doesn't behave like this Don't spend your time and money on them. Amazon's customer service provided a return and money back in one day.

👤These are light and soft. The colors were off from the description, but that was fine with me. They are thin but have held up. If you want something that won't break the bank, I would recommend it. No piling or anything similar. The purchase was worth it.

👤The bottom sheet is very soft, it barely has extra to fold over at the top. My client had black underwear on and it was obvious that he was on the thin side of the top sheet. I took a picture of the face cradle so I could see how it looked.

👤I wanted to love the sheets. I have been satisfied with everything I have purchased from earthlite. After the first wash, the sheets felt great, but by the second wash, they were pilling and felt thin. I bought different brands of flannel massage sheets. The other set was cheaper, has been used more and washed more, so they still look and feel great. I wouldn't recommend the flannel sheets.

👤Nice sheets. Seem to be holding up. The top sheet is small for my larger massage clients, so I would have given 5 stars.

👤It was easy to setup and the carrying bag was a nice feature, I couldn't carry, but he can with no issues. It goes up high enough for a 6' person to massage and low enough for a 5' person to massage. The padding is very comfortable and the pillow rest made me feel like I was in a spa. I bought the knee pillow and a set of sheets to maintain the life of the bed. I wish I would have bought this much earlier.

👤I would have liked to read more of the reviews before buying. The sheets are thin and cheap, but still leave lint everywhere. I was so embarrassed when I used these sheets on my clients' floors that they were covered in lint. My 5 year old sheets look more ragged than the ones at 30 bucks a pop. They shouldn't be getting rid of themselves after a few washes. I will not be buying sheets from them in the future because of this, I purchased these because of the earthlight name. I want my money back, but I can't say how mad I am about this. Don't buy these sheets.

9. Earthlite Physical Therapy Table Yosemite

Earthlite Physical Therapy Table Yosemite

LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY by STRONGLITE on Frame, 3 year warranty on upholstery and foam. The treatment table is extra wide. The wooden top of the Yosemite 30 is easy on the therapist, client and eyes. It's perfect for physical therapy, stretching and Thai massage. The range is low. A simple to adjust low height exam table that can go from 20 to 26.5” gives clients easy access and allows for excellent ergonomics, compact and storable. It's an exception for gun control and defenseability. Nature's Touch 100% PU upholstery is the highest client comfort and is responsive 3” multi-layer. A strong aluminum. The legs have a static weight capacity of 3000 lbs. And max. The working weight is 800 lbs. The leg braces are patented. Earthlite is the #1 brand in massage since 1987 and has the best customer service and warranty.

Brand: Earthlite

👤The table arrived in great shape. The table is very heavy. It is a high quality piece. I will use this table for a long time.

👤The family room is where it should be. I can do my exercises while I watch TV. The fabric on the bench is strong. I wish it came with instructions for cleaning.

👤Great quality! Sturdy and comfortable. I am definitely a happy customer.

👤The table is very strong. I would buy it.

10. EARTHLITE Portable Massage Table Luna

EARTHLITE Portable Massage Table Luna

It is foldable and portable. The chair massager is portable and foldable so that you can carry it with you. The armrest has a charging port. It's a great gift for fathers day. The complete massage table package includes a patented aircraft aluminum framed table, EARTHLITE Flex-Rest self-adjusting face cradle with a Form-fit memory cushion and a nylon carry case. Ultra light for easy transport is made from T6 aluminum. It's super strong and lightweight. Table strength and stability is created by the Shimmy-lock leg stabilizers and 1,000lb test support cables. The working weight is 750 lbs. 3,000 lbs. The load capacity is static. The quality of the spa. The 2.5” Pro-Lite multi-density cushioning with butterly Natursoft upholstery offers unparalleled luxury in a lightweight table. The full size is 30”x 73” and has a height range of 24” to 34” EARTHLITE, the world's leading professional massage table manufacturer, offers LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY on the table's construction and 3 years on the upholstery materials.

Brand: Earthlite

👤I decided to make future buyers aware of the flaw after giving a negative review on a product that was expensive and high-quality. I bought this table after my home and business were destroyed by Harvey. The stable is more than you can imagine. I was shocked at how heavy it was when I took it on an in- home call to work on my client. The table is very heavy. The second thing I noticed was that as I'm working on my client there's a constant squeak. There is no way a person can relax while listening to the table moving and making the most annoying sound. I've had many tables, but never a table that did this. I checked to make sure everything was secure. I don't understand the flaw in it, but it's useless. I have to apologize to my clients for the squeaking irritation they have to endure during the massage because I am trying to save for another table. It was very embarrassing. If anything could be done to fix less problem, but the table is too heavy, I don't know what. Maybe this was a faulty model? I was surprised at the lack of quality in this table, the Earthlites I've had in the past were exceptional.

👤The table is too heavy for out calls. I thought that even a few pounds would help, yet I saw reviews that said the table was too heavy. The table is a couple pounds lighter than my Earthlite Avalon and it's not easy to manage. The padding on this table is thicker and more comfortable than I would like it to be, yet it would still add to my annoyances of getting this table in and out of my vehicle. The Earthlite Avalon is too heavy for me to handle for out calls. If you need a sturdy table for your studio, the Earthlite Avalon is a good choice.

👤The tables are amazing. The aluminum supports make this one better for massage. No one could answer the question of whether or not you could perform shiatsu or Thai massage on the table. The table is unbalanced. I've tried it. The table is built to hold 750 lbs of weight. I've been working with a mentor and we both have used it, but we are cautious. The table is great for a portable massage. It was worth every penny. The face cradle has the velcro on it and it falls off. Probably the only complaint. You have to either buy your own or use a stronger glue.

👤I got this table for my clinic because a patient sat on my old table and broke it. Yes, I know. The table is strong and doesn't make a lot of noise. It's easier to raise and lower the tables than it is to keep them at their correct height. The aluminum frame is lighter than the wooden one. I was disappointed in the negative comment that the color is lighter than shown. It should last me about 8 years.

11. EARTHLITE Massage Table Protection Cover

EARTHLITE Massage Table Protection Cover

The accessories include: a face cradle, a carrying case, and a face cushion. The massage table cover protects the tables from massage oil, body fluids and other things. It is easy to fit a gun. The stretchy PU fabric with a double hemmed elastic liner fits over most flat tops. Commercial quality is designed for intensive commercial use. They use a proprietary fabric to protect the table. Add years of massage table life by protecting or recovering your upholstery.

Brand: Earthlite

👤I ruined my table cover with cleaning wipes. They dried it out and caused a small amount of small particles to fall off every time I touched it. The table is in perfect shape, so I wasn't willing to replace it at nearly $700. I found a replacement that was perfect. I put my heating pad under it to explain the warped fitting in the picture. The table I have is perfect. I followed the recommendation of another Amazon reviewer who said to lay it out on the heating pad for 10 minutes before installing.

👤I am happy that this cover fits my table. The cover fits over the heating pad. The face cradle holes don't line up with the face cradle holes in the other direction, which keeps this from being a 5 star review. This means that when I take my face cradle out, it rubs against the table protectors which will eventually wear it out. I would have returned it, but the last cover I had did not fit around the corners of my 32 inch table, which means it does about 80% of what I need. I wish I didn't damage the cover when I take the face cradle out.

👤It fit on my ultra light table and I was worried it would be a problem. To wide. I put the bottom part first because it was more of a struggle fitting it. The head is at the end corner. I will buy a second one before they disappear forever. I'm pretty sure by the time I need a second one, it will be non existent, but definitely thicker, and the original cover is a little loose on the sides, but I'm pretty sure it will last me many years.

👤I bought both colors. I have a black massage table that is a bit tight. I like the beige color more because it's a little bigger than black. I put the table warmer inside. It was a perfect fit and stable. The portable massage table has a black color.

👤If you use the table top for more than just body work, you can wipe off any products without damaging the table. I am able to breakdown the table with the cover on because it fits over my Pisces Pro New Wave II table. It is tight. The table is slender and you will not be able to close it with another brand without removing it.

👤The vinyl on the Earthlite Spirit table has been shredding for about 5 years. I just started using this cover and I love it! It fits nicely and snug, so there is no slipping or sliding. The face cradle holes don't line up in several reviews. I took a photo of my line up. It's only a small price to pay compared to having the table reupholstered, and I only have to take it off each time I fold up my table. Great product and great value! Thank you!

👤It's like a glove. I have an electric lift table. I have an electric table warmer. I would give it 5 stars, however the face cradle holes don't match up to the holes on the table. It still works, but could be improved.


What is the best product for portable massage table earthlite?

Portable massage table earthlite products from Earthlite. In this article about portable massage table earthlite you can see why people choose the product. Master Massage and Earthlite are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable massage table earthlite.

What are the best brands for portable massage table earthlite?

Earthlite, Master Massage and Earthlite are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable massage table earthlite. Find the detail in this article. Earthlite, Stronglite and Earthlite are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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