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1. Portable Nebulizer Handheld Personal Adjustable

Portable Nebulizer Handheld Personal Adjustable

If you buy a nebulizer machine in their shop, they will give you a 3-year warranty and service for quality problems. There is permanent seller support. Don't worry about the service life of the product! The small particles are less than 3m and are created by the Efficient atomizationnebulizer. The nebulizer has two mist modes, one weak and the other strong. The mist is weak when the nebuliser is on the first mode. The mist will become strong if the upper blue indicator light is on. The first mode is more suitable for children, while the second mode is for adults. It is lightweight and portable, so that it can be used anywhere. The nebulizer uses microporous MESH technology to create fine and cool mist. The noise level is as low as 25 decibels.

Brand: Aksovia

👤I loved the portable nebulizer. You can carry it in your purse. It works better than my larger one. The best thing in my book.

👤I get bronchitis when the weather gets cold. I have gone to the hospital 3 times and my throat is itchy. The antibiotic my doctor gave me was not effective. I want to give it a try to buy a portable nebulizer. I chose this brand. I felt better after I combined the nebulization treatment and the antibiotic. Huge effect! I can do the treatment 3 times a day even at work now that I carry it inside my bag. It is portable and cute. I love it so much.

2. Pricare Replacement Parts for Adults

Pricare Replacement Parts for Adults

There are 2 adult masks, a mouthpiece, and a cup. Remove any part or accessory that is cracked or worn. Use a material that is latex-free and durable. It is a standard size for most of the compressor. If there is a question, please contact them.

Brand: Pricare

👤There was no air pressure in the air. It took me over an hour to do a solution. It took me 4 days in the hospital for my COPD, so I was totally out of it. This dumb tubing would work.

👤I needed a second set and was looking for something that would work with my existing mask. I wanted parts that fit together. The material of the mask is too inflexible and it does not fit around my face. My previous mask had plastic that fit my face. I thought the mist dispensers looked similar to my old one, so I bought this item. The mask doesn't fit with my old mist dispensers. I will have to go through my history to find out if my original order worked well.

👤I didn't know I could purchase parts for my nebulizer. I bought these and love them. Thsy you!

👤I was expecting better straps on the mask. The strap material is so slippery that it makes the mask fall off my face even though I knotted the ends so it wouldn't slide off.

👤No good. Don't buy. The mouthpiece attachment rests on the other piece. Constantly falling out. I can't give zero so I gave one star.

👤Instructions should be in a box, not a bag. This never worked in the update. Don't buy!

👤Everything was the same. Delivery was the next day early, which was great. As my car broke.

👤This was needed last minute. It worked perfectly.

3. Crane Rechargeable Allergies Congestion Irritations

Crane Rechargeable Allergies Congestion Irritations

An intermittent relief is a mist that is comfortable to inhale. Hydrates the nose and throat to make it easier to breathe. It's an instant, safe operation. A whisper quiet mist is produced instantly. The mist output can be either Low/High WARM or Low/High COOL. It's easy to operate for kids and adults. Simply press the control button to start the mist treatments. After each 15 minute treatment, auto off. Can be used with or without Crane Vapor Pads. Vapor pads give additional relief of nasal congestion. Light weight and nobility. It is easy to hold for extended treatments. The batteries can last up to 2 hours. No down time, can be used with an extra long cord. 2 Anti-allergic medical grade dishwasher safe silicone face pieces are included.

Brand: Crane

👤This item is terrible. I can not stress that enough. Not what I was expecting based on the reviews. The video is not accurate. Unless the unit I received was faulty, it doesn't kick out any steam. I bought this product for severe allergy and asthma relief. I live in the DC region and allergies are terrible. I have used the "My Pure Mist" steam inhaler before and it was great, but the unit kept failing, so I decided to try something else. The unit doesn't live up to the hype. Even for only a couple of months at a time per unit, the "My Pure Mist" worked. The unit doesn't work at all. I can get more steam by boiling the water on the stove top. I bought this item because it was portable, but it was a waste of time. Stay away from this.

👤I thought it would replace my Neti Pot. I got a cold after a month of buying it. I decided to try it. I was surprised that it kept my nose from running. I was able to sleep better by using for about 15 to 20 minutes every night for about three or four nights, and it also seemed to shorten the time I had my head cold. Hope you have the same experience. It would be great for people in dry climates who suffer from nose bleeds. It's like a portable humidifier.

👤The product is portable and easy to use. We recommend it. I bought it for myself and my daughter. We need something to help with congestion. She states that it works well and has used it several times. The warm steam is nice for me. We've been using it for about a month and there hasn't been any build up. The steam inhaler we bought is very effective and we intended for it. With the cold, dry winter upon us, my family needs to help save the day by using this lifesaver.

👤The small hot and cold steam inhaler is worth the price. I was sent a gift after I bought it for $40 on Amazon. I suffer from acute bronchitis and spend a few weeks at a time fighting to clear my lungs of mucus that makes me run down and cough. I still sleep next to a humidifier, but it's a lifesaver because it keeps my bronchial tubes moist. I can make my recovery happen in 1 week instead of 2. Since there is no medical evidence that warm steam makes a difference, you don't need it since the cooler steam is more refreshing.

👤Crane Inhaler is a very easy to use product. The design is sleek and the instructions are clear. My seven year old uses this on her own. Its very light. It was useful for my daughter and wife when we traveled to Vermont. The carry bag makes it easy to store and travel. Silicon pads are kid friendly. I recommend this inhaler for kids to keep cough and flu away.

4. Portable Nebulizer Handheld Ultrasonic Breathing

Portable Nebulizer Handheld Ultrasonic Breathing

This nebulizer has atomized particles less than 4m. Its fast work can solve your problems in a short time, and it won't cause liquid residue. The first mode is recommended for children and the other is a strong mode for adults. The adult and child masks are packed with the nebulizer. When the liquid has been used up, their nebulizer will switch off. They attached a description of the function in the manual so that you don't have to worry about how to use it. The sound of a sound being blown by the wind will not wake anyone. The portable shape is portable. The compact nebulizer will allow you to easily solve your problems in schools, offices and outdoors. If you have any questions about the product, please contact them, they will solve the problem for you as soon as possible.

Brand: Asomi

👤I am adding this to my original review. The portable nebulizer was great. For the first week. It stopped pushing air through. I went through the trouble shooting steps but did not succeed. Doesn't matter if it's plugged in or not. I don't seem to make it work. I blew a lot of money on a paperweight. My review might be a little premature because it is fresh out the box. I have used portable nebulizers before, but this one is better than any of them. It is actually quiet and fast. It is very lightweight and convenient.

👤I would like to report an Amazon listing. Half of the reviews are for at home stitches and the other half are for the portable nebulizer I bought. So cute! If you want to use Nebulizer as a portable device, you need a battery that can be charged. You have to use it in the way and in the port. The battery area doesn't close if you try to put batteries in. It was confusing in so many ways.

👤Within 30 days, stopped working. Would no longer use the power cable. I tried different power supplies and cables. After only two or three usages, the batteries would deplete.

👤When I unboxed the nebulizer, it was in two pieces. I thought it was supposed to be like that, but the pieces don't snap back together. There are small plastic pieces on the inside that are supposed to hold the pieces together. I requested a replacement after I didn't use it. When I opened the replacement item, it was the same as the original. Also damaged in the same way. I requested a refund after returning. I would give zero stars if I could.

👤The nebulizer only worked for a short time. The battery pack was supposed to be included in my package. The product was not worth the price I paid.

👤I was excited to get a portable nebulizer because I have asthma for a long time. Worst piece of shit! The wind should stay on for a while. The used sets ofDURACELLs were either brand new or had been used before. The batteries were removed as directed. Again, would not come on. The amount of volume of medicine in being nebulized is PATHETIC. There is a If you are having trouble breathing, you need the medicine to be taken immediately. It would take 30 minutes to do a treatment if the volume of medicine was nebulized by this piece. I can't believe anyone thought this design would be a good idea. I am going back to a real air pump nebulizer that will get the medicine into the mist format so it can be inhaled. This concept is a complete piece of junk. There is a This brand does not work. There is a JUNK! Get yourself a pump nebulizer. Medicine getting into your lungs is the most important thing when you have asthma. The Twinkie-Sized portion of gasoline will leave you gasping for air. I tried to get it to turn on and stay on. I am an engineer, not a food who can't cook. Don't allow yourself or your family to be held hostage by this junk. Get a real gun.

5. Clear Replacement Accessory Suitable Home

Clear Replacement Accessory Suitable Home

If there is a problem with their products, please contact them. A full set of replacement accessories. It is suitable for home use. It is easy to use and install. They are happy to hear from you at any time. They are happy to hear from you at any time.

Brand: Naiiling

👤In the last couple of years, I have learned a lot about nebulizers. The mask and hose work well. I only recently learned not to wash the tubing and only to let the medication parts dry. The tubing does fit on the nebalizer, but not all of it will fit. I like the price and the quality of the mask.

👤The cup for the medicine is small and I am giving it a rating of 4. The face mask for my aunts face is small, while the child mask is small. I would like to have different sizes to choose from. She can't hold the mouth piece so she has to wear a mask. The product does what I was expecting. If I can't find a smaller mask, I'll buy it again.

👤It's very flimsy.

👤I don't like face masks that are too big for my face. The breathing tube attachment works well. Product works if you have a larger face or chin, but if you are an average sized person, it falls off your face.

👤The compressor my primary MD ordered works well. The fit of each part is good. If you need a mask for an adult, look for a kid's size.

👤It is well packaged.

👤The quality was good and my nebulizer worked perfectly.

👤There are supplies pictured on Amazon.

6. Foqitoxi Set Replacement Parts Adult

Foqitoxi Set Replacement Parts Adult

The universal size can be used.

Brand: Foqitoxi

👤They fit the adults and kids well.

👤llegaron, rpido

7. POSWE Nebulizer Machine Portable Mouthpiece

POSWE Nebulizer Machine Portable Mouthpiece

The oxygen key is a tool that allows you to open portable oxygen cylinders. The chain can be attached to the regulator for easy access. Both adults and kids can use the handheld inhaler. The experience of using a quiet nebulizer for children is less distressing when using a handheld steamer. The machine will give out no more than 20 decibels. The WEECEKAN inhaler's capacity to deliver mist can range from four to eight liters. The handheld inhalers are available in both electric and battery-operated versions. It's only about the size of a postcard with the small size and low weight. Clear it with warm water after each use. The mist will be out when you press the switch for 5 seconds. It will turn off when there is no liquid in it. If there is liquid in the cup, it will be off automatically. You will get a hand held Nebulizer, child face accessory, adult face accessory, and a mouthpiece.

Brand: Weecekan

👤The unit came two days earlier than I expected. The parts were in their own sealed bags and it was in a sealed box. The device, two sizes of masks, a mouthpiece, a blank warranty slip, an inventory slip, an instruction booklet and a felted carry bag were included. The distributor was supposed to fill out the bottom half of the warranty slip, but it was blank. The purchaser fills out the rest. The device can be used with either two AA carbon-zinc batteries or Li-Ion batteries, but I did not have either. The medication chamber should be atop the device and filled with the medication solution. I used osmotically filters for my water. It takes a few seconds for the power to be switched on and for the mist to start. As it turns on, it shuts off the same way. Then, disassemble the unit and clean the med chamber. The unit and its accessories can be put in a carry bag. If the unit is used with a mouthguard, there are exhalation ports on the mask. I've seen early concentrator units for use by children who may not have the coordination to press the inhaler and inhale at the same time, and I've used a handheld bronchodilator unit on occasion to help children with coordination issues. The unit would seem to help the coordination problem and the medication dose is not lost in a long tube. The cleaning process of the device could be a problem, especially the medication chamber, which must be done carefully and thoroughly. Also, why not use a C type of connection? Check with your healthcare provider to make sure the unit is right for you, and to make sure the medication is available in liquid form and in the right dose. The seller received a message on behalf of the product engineer. The instructions should explain that the nebulizer has a self-cleaning mechamism. If the self-clean works as it is explained, I would no longer be concerned about the medication chamber being contaminated. I wouldn't recommend it for use by children. If you upgrade to 4.5 stars from 4 you will get a 1/2 star for the charging port.

👤For thirty years my wife has used an old, clunky nebulizer to administer albuterol for her asthma symptoms. It's still working, but needs to be plugged into the wall. She told me that the product is working well after she tried it. She has been using it since June. The complete dose seems to be administered. It's not loud. She likes the fact that it uses regular alkaline batteries which can be changed out. Rechargeable batteries are often used in products which have to be plugged in. She can take the nebulizer with her when camping. This product has only been used for a month. I'll amend the review if it stops working.

👤I tried a second brand. It works quickly. So far, I'm very happy with the update. A lot. It is great when it works. But it gets stuck during use. The company says it runs warm water through it. I would have to dump out my medication to do it.

8. Replacement Kit 5 Pcs Filters

Replacement Kit 5 Pcs Filters

Comes with a replacement kit. It is easy to assemble and use. Use a material that is latex-free and durable. They are clean after use. If there is a question, please contact them.

Brand: Pricare

👤I bought this for the masks, spare hose and mouth piece. It would be nice to have a spare bowl. The masks and hose fit my current setup because all the connections are universal.

👤If it worked, it would be a good thing. This was bought to replace old tubing. The face mask fit nicely with the pull string. The nebulizer was turned on. For an hour, I tried to tighten and adjust pieces. The bottom piece had good air flow from the tube, but the Albuterol level never changed.

👤I thought it would be a good idea to give it to a child. I only used the mask and mouth piece from the entire pack and the medicine part. I wouldn't buy again.

👤I need this for my daughter's machine. Also comes with filters.

👤It was a perfect fit for my nebulizer.

👤The mouth piece does not work as it should. Work ok with a mask. Delivery was the main issue. I ordered because of next day delivery. Which did not happen.

👤Works well! Will be ordering again when I need replacements.

9. Full Replacement Accessories Adults Orange

Full Replacement Accessories Adults Orange

A full set accessories kit includes 1 adult mask, 1 child mask, 1 cup, 1 bent pipe, and 1 tubing. Made of high grade raw material, latex-free, comfortable and convenient. TheTubing inner size is 8mm outside and 166 cm long. You just need to move the lid on the cup to adjust the mist. After a few months, it's necessary to replace those accessories.

Brand: Gstree

👤I like this person. It is easy to clean and has less moving parts than most other nebs. It lasts 6 months. If you have been sick, rinse it off after each use. I use mine for a full day and then switch to another clean one. I wash it in boiling water every day and it has not been affected by being in boiling water.

👤I bought a nebulizer with a mask pack from another seller, but it was not possible to arrange it to work together. The mask set has a straight-in opening.

👤My daughter needed new accessories for her breathing machine. The prices were reasonable and they were perfect. Will purchase again.

👤Mom uses for her asthma treatments. It works perfectly. It's easy to take apart.

👤The mask doesn't stay attached to the tubing.

👤I can get my replacement on Amazon.

👤The cup is not broken. The mask won't stay attached to the cup.

10. Nebulizer Machine Adults Kids Mouthpiece

Nebulizer Machine Adults Kids Mouthpiece

The service life of ordinary nebulizers is about the same as that of the latest motor system. The kits can be used again. The atomization is stable and does not choke the throat. It runs without noise thanks to a new generation of chip and pads. The warranty is for 3 years.

Brand: Patin

👤I bought the one from the local medical supplier with a prescription. I was charged over $500.

👤The nebulizer provides comfort for sore throats. I think it helps with lungs. I use it for allergy and sinus therapy a lot. My research has shown me that if I spend $80.00 on this model, I will have a clear advantage over models that are half the price. Not all products are equal. My wife was able to avoid seeing a doctor because of the benefit. She used over the counter drugs for headaches, sore throats, and congestion. I thought that she would not like the nebulize, but she did and used it for 7 days.

👤There are many things to like about this product. The setup is straight forward. It has a long power cord and air tube so you don't have to be right on them. The machine is very loud. I have to extend the air tube to reduce the amount of EMF that I get. I think the length of the air tube should be increased for both noise and EMF. The adult mask could be larger for people with larger faces. They recommend cleaning with water. I asked if Hydrogen peroxide would work for people who can't tolerate the smell of vinegar.

👤It was purchased for my son, but now for myself, high recommend! It's easy to use.

👤The Nebulizer machine is a great price. I got it for my husband because he has a day breathing treatment every day. I have got this as a replacement and it works better for him.

👤It looks like a product that will last a long time.

👤It was easy to use, and it worked for my husband when he was sick.

11. LEADLIFE Rechargeable Switch Off Water Proof Humidifier

LEADLIFE Rechargeable Switch Off Water Proof Humidifier

You will get a hand held Nebulizer, child face accessory, adult face accessory, and a mouthpiece. 1. German engineered and tested against leading brands. The cool mist vaporizer was designed in-house to provide the best mist with the highest efficiency. They wanted to set ourselves apart and deliver the best vaporizers on the market. 2. A built-in battery. Don't use stone-age AA batteries! Their device is feather-weight and has a rechargeable battery and a charging cord. 3. They didn't cut corners when it came to self-cleaning devices. The self-cleaning cycle starts when you press the button for 2 seconds. 4. The noise level is as low as 25 decibels and the product can be used anywhere and anytime.

Brand: L L Leadlife Lead The Way

👤I ordered and received this unit as soon as the Pandemic was announced. It was unavailable as were most other similar devices. My application isn't used for this device. I use a silver solution in distilled water as a carrier instead of using respiratory drugs. I ordered the other technology at the same time. The "mesh" technology is better at dispersal than the one that was given away. I can testify that this brand and model is holding up just as well as it did when first used. Considering its origin, I think this is an outlier. It is easy to use, clean and charge the battery, which has held up well. The mesh did not get as much as the piezo disc did. The way to go is through the mesh. Why does the CS nebulize? Inhaling the mist of CS coats the lungs, air way and the nose. Studies show that the most powerful antibacterial and antiviral substance known is called CS, and it is easy to make at home with a generator and distilled water. The public is not allowed to know highly classified information.

👤The portable nebulizer was delivered today. It is a small unit that is easy to use. It works well and is fun to use. No idea how long the charge lasts. The description says self-cleaning function, liquid sensor, and auto shut off. The manual that it came with did not have any of these. I put the liquid in the cup. It stayed on when liquid got low. It was on when it was empty. The light on the on/off button indicated that it was still on when it was dry. The instructions to clean it are the same as my old one. These are the reasons. I paid over $65 for it. I could have bought one for half the price. It works well now. There is a good amount of gasses coming out of the unit. It is a simple turn on and turn off. The light on the on/off button blinks when the battery is charged. The cap is easy to twist on or off. The cup is easy to clean. There are a lot of positives, but it does not have the features listed. This is the reason I gave 3 stars.

👤I recently got the flu and need to nebulize every 3-6 hours. I don't like my nebulizer because it's clunky and noisy and needs a power source. This machine... It is amazing. It is easy to clean and comes with a carrying bag. The cup comes out to clean when it's plugged in. I was able to put on the mask, but it fell off as I walked around. The product is worth the price.

👤I have bad asthma and trying to find a portable nebulizer has always been difficult. This one is small enough to fit in my bag and easy to use. It takes less time to use a standard nebulizer than it does to use albuterol. I take it when we go camping since the battery is not dead. It makes it so much easier to have a car accessory with us, Yada yada. I take this with me when I run out of my inhaler and have to wait for a refill. I bought one for my nephew and one for my son who has sports asthma. They both think it's great. 10 out of 10.


What is the best product for portable nebulizer machine for adults mask?

Portable nebulizer machine for adults mask products from Aksovia. In this article about portable nebulizer machine for adults mask you can see why people choose the product. Pricare and Crane are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable nebulizer machine for adults mask.

What are the best brands for portable nebulizer machine for adults mask?

Aksovia, Pricare and Crane are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable nebulizer machine for adults mask. Find the detail in this article. Asomi, Naiiling and Foqitoxi are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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