Best Portable Oxygen Machine for Breathing Inogen One G5

Breathing 11 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Inogen One G3 Cell Battery

Inogen One G3 Cell Battery

The Inogen One G3 has a battery. The flow setting 2 has a battery life of up to 2.7 hours.

Brand: Inogen

👤The cheapest batteries for sale were battery. When it was received, it was fully charged and lasted 4 hours.

👤I wish they did not cost so much because people with low income can't afford it.

👤This is a quality-of-life saver and a life-saver if you need more than 3 liters of oxygen and the mobility that the Inogen One G3 can provide. The battery is long- lasting and quick to change.

👤I purchased this battery for a third party supplier, but the online ad didn't mention that it may have been refurbished. The battery ran until it needed another charge. It will take several months for me to be certain of its quality.

👤It has given me the freedom to travel outside the home, as well as the confidence in supplemental oxygen when we have company, because we don't want the tubing to cause a hazard. When storms interrupted our power supply, it was handy. Even if my insurance company won't help with the back up battery, the quality and cost were great.

👤I got this battery to have a back-up for my G3 and it works great, it was fast shipping, and it was as advertised.

👤If you are buying one, remember that the battery is rated at about two LPM and you may need 5 LPM. It will shorten the time you can be away from another source. I now have one large battery and two small batteries for a total cost of just batteries, close to $100,000. Just be aware.

👤The battery works. There have been no issues with it so far. I still think these batteries are overpriced. You need a specialized external charge that costs over $300. Some of the external chargers are listed on eBay for under $200.

2. Inogen Battery Accessories Portable Lightweight

Inogen Battery Accessories Portable Lightweight

The quick release button is easy to use. Up to 8 hours of battery life on a setting 2 There are charges for the AC Power Supply, DC Power Supply, or External Battery Charger.

Brand: Inogen

👤I bought a battery for the Inogen G3 to prolong my travel time. It took less than four months for me to have it. The seller blames the unit for the damaged units. The unit was cool to touch but the battery was very hot. Selling you another battery is the answer.

👤With a worldwide chip shortage affecting the availability of batteries, the manufacturer didn't have any in stock, and they just eliminated them from their website. If you own an oxygen concentrator from this manufacturer, you know that spare batteries are vital if you want to breathe, if there is a power outage or if you want to travel. If you want to do anything outside of your home, they are a must. It is mandatory for you to have 150% capacity for your flight. The deeper we get into the epidemic, the more I like Amazon.

👤My husband uses a double battery. It lasts a lot longer than a single battery. The battery and the service from this company were very good.

👤It is holding its charge well between uses and outside of the equipment. It's a blessing when it's combined with an external charge.

👤It was used for an event in July. Haven't used the battery in a while. The original small one still had a charge, but the big one was dead when I checked it. It won't hold a charge when I tried to charge it. A few months after I bought the battery, it's dead and useless, and I spent nearly $400 on it.

👤It is a good price for an exact match to my original.

👤It was great and charged right up, but the price was the same as locally...

👤I got this so I could travel. It was wonderful. My battery time increased from 4 hours to 14 hours. Being in desolate areas, knowing my battery was not going to run out, was a great comfort.

3. Inogen One G4 Double Battery

Inogen One G4 Double Battery

The Inogen One G4 model battery has a duration of up to 5 hours.

Brand: Inogen

👤The inogen double battery was supposed to last for 5 hours. I'm pretty sure that it's at the #1 setting. I got 3 hours and 45 minutes at setting two. The Inogin 1 G4 battery worked well. I think it's a good idea for Amazon to talk to Inogen about how much battery life is available at each setting so customers know what they're getting. The batteries are expensive, so you should get 5 hours.

👤I disliked the product because of the false description. It only has 6 hours of battery life, not even 4 hours.

👤It is horrible! Do not get 6 hours out of it. When it was first received, it was not working the way it was supposed to. Bad battery? It was nearly past out because the battery wasn't producing air the way it was first purchased. Not a machine. The other battery was fine. Spending money on something you depend on helping you breathe is awful when you have lung issues. Anyone with lung problems knows what I mean.

👤The Inogen One G4 has up to 6 hours of battery life. I couldn't get out of this battery for 4 hours. I feel like it was a waste of money. I know my return date is September 28, but since I have two single batteries, I might have to give them back. The battery is rechargeable.

👤I can't afford to buy another battery because I am on disability. I should get half off. The reviews all say the same thing. Please help me. Cindy is a person.

👤I am not getting the promised time. Not any better than the single. It was cheaper.

👤If the string is more than 2, the battery life is very short. This is our second large battery in a year and it is too expensive to buy again.

👤I have it for a few days. It is working. It charges up quicker than my old one. It was already charged when it was received.

4. Inogen One External Battery Charger

Inogen One External Battery Charger

Use for a 16-cell battery.

Brand: Inogen

👤The plastic key tabs break when the connection pins are bent. The first one was sent back because the pins were bent and the plastic keys were broken. The replacements came in a sealed box but the pins were bent and the keys were broken. The box is not tied down or nothing, and it flies aroung in, bending the pins and breaking the plastic keys. The keys are not a big deal because I straightened out the pins. Make sure the pins are not bent or you will damage your battery. The packaging of the unit is a problem.

👤If you have more than a couple of batteries, it's very expensive, but I'm glad to have it. This seller listed it at a more reasonable price than other sellers, and I find it to be a complete waste of money. The Inogen batteries only work with one type of battery and this is the only way to charge it. The built in oxygen concentrator is much quicker and more efficient than the old one. Purchase a second battery instead of wasting money on this.

👤Acts quickly as well. It would be great if it could be used with a car charging attachment as well.

👤If you're undecided about ordering this and an extra battery, please do it. Being able to have a fully charged battery on hand makes a world of difference. This company is the same price as Inogen. The ship time is better than Inogen. The products are new and very recommendable.

👤Product never worked. I didn't notice it didn't work until I needed my backup batter. I tried to charge it again, but it didn't work. The battery charges are fine when installed in the G1 unit.

👤I am sure that all of them have the ac power supply for charging the battery on board. There is a duplicate ac power supply. You have two of them. The ratings are the same. Same output, rating, and wattage. You need the charging module. The reviewer said that the charger is delicate and can break easily. Not true. It was very well constructed. The extra ac power supply is an overkill, but you always have a fully charged battery.

👤It was very easy to use. It is good to have multiple Inogen G3 batteries. We can't use the external charge in the car. There is no way to modify a car. The price is too high.

👤I have three regular batteries that I am always assured of having enough power for when I'm not able to travel as far. The batteries I received from Inogen lasted 4 hours, but the battery I received from the other company only lasted 3 hours.

5. Inogen Replacement Column Pair Settings

Inogen Replacement Column Pair Settings

Replacement columns for Inogen One G3. It's easy to service your Inogen One G3 without sending in the product. You can easily switch out the column pair with clear step-by-step instructions. The Inogen One G3 has 2 replacement columns.

Brand: Inogen

👤She needed to replace her cylinders quickly and she was able to get them from Amazon in 2 days. I swapped her for me and she was very happy. If you reach out to the company that sells them, they will be more than happy to help. Thanks Kyle! I think this review was more informative, but it didn't meet someone's approval. My mom is happy and that is all that matters.

👤What a great product. It came with a small tool that made changing the columns easy. I don't have much strength in my hands, but I did not need it with the little tool. It took less than 5 minutes to put in a new part. Follow the instructions and you will be able to reset your machine. This purchase saved over $100.

👤An exact replacement for my inogen One G3 is easy to install.

👤My order arrived quickly. I could change everything with no problem because of the detailed instructions. My inogen gives me the ability to leave the house with a larger oxygen concentrator. I would buy from this seller again.

👤My last column was written for 3 months. Very disappointed.

👤Safety features have been built into Inogen brand concentrators. There is a notice on the machine when columns are due for replacement. You get columns in plenty of time by ordering them immediately. The Inogen brand is reliable and the customer service is excellent.

👤The Inogen One G3 Replacement Columns were easy to replace. The Inogen portable oxygen system was back in business after I did it.

👤I use oxygen for 24 hours a day. I use my portable oxygen concentrator when I go out. It's more convenient to buy new ones from Amazon when you're a prime member.

6. Lightning Oxygen Regulator CGA 870 0 15lpm

Lightning Oxygen Regulator CGA 870 0 15lpm

It fits any tank. The flow rate can be adjusted to 15 liters per minute. The compact size is 4.5" x 2.5" The plastic cylinder wrench is heavy-duty. 50psi, P/N - LXO2R-M.

Brand: Lightning X Products

👤The hose barb is undersized when finally put in use. The canulas were tried and all fell off. The last time I entered a shop, it fell off my power chair. I will have to go to a hardware store if the company can't send me proper hose barbs.

👤It's easy to connect the regulator to the tank. The valve can be turned on and off with a key. Rental tanks are an inexpensive way to use oxygen.

👤I use medical oxygen. Accuracy becomes more important as my lung disease progresses. It is important to keep an emergency tank in different places in case the power goes out and my oxygen machines stop working. Or when a primary source fails. I have two of these on tanks in my car and in my bedroom, ready to use with a mask attached. These are quality and can be purchased for a low price from a medical oxy store. I might buy another to be a backup against breaking one.

👤I have used and tested this regulator. The flow rate is tested by a meter. I closed the output port and opened the tank valve because I was worried that sloppy manufacture would let oxygen leak. I waited to see if the pressure would be lost from the regulator after closing the tank valve. The pressure on the gauge was not changed after an hour. The regulators does not leak. The wrench is made of soft plastic and does not fit on the tank valve. I can see stress cracks in the soft plastic. Oh, (ugh).

👤It worked for a few days, but then it started leaking oxygen through the relief valve. Tanks were kept indoors at room temperature, so no crazy temperature excursions could cause a leak. The tanks were changed and the issue was the same. I would love to return and exchange, but I don't know if the seller will give me a warranty. The seller offered to replace the product. Great customer service.

👤This broke after a few uses. I bought it as a back up. I like to have a tank ready to go when the first one is empty because I use O2 for my cluster headaches. Imagine my surprise when I tried to get O2 and all the air escaped through the top of my tank. I wish I could get my money back.

👤It was received on time and in good shape. When the Portable Oxygen Generator runs out of power, we have to set up tanks. All I have to do is turn it on. I don't have to move the regulator. We were without electricity for 12 hours. The power receptacle was in the car.

👤I brought 3 of them. The packaging is very thin and has no padding inside. That is put in a padded envelope and shipped. The regulators get enough abuse to punch through their boxes. The items arrived undamaged. I don't see any difference inFunctionality from other name brand regulators. They're worth buying.

7. Inogen Battery Accessories Portable Lightweight

Inogen Battery Accessories Portable Lightweight

The lightest package is available for portable use of the G4. It is compatible with 3 different charging options. Remove strain free. The design allows you to travel with extras.

Brand: Inogen

👤This is the portable oxygen machine. I'm on 3 litres and it doesn't last very long.

8. O2TOTES Inogen Backpack Lightweight Comfortable Fits

O2TOTES Inogen Backpack Lightweight Comfortable Fits

It is easy to carry on the go with the top handle and shoulder straps. The padded shoulder straps help relieve the stress of your shoulder. It's a great idea for travelling, walking or shopping. Their small backpack is light and portable, so you can carry your concentrator while you're on the go. The Inogen One G5 unit is secured in its own mesh pocket at the front of the backpack. The backpack has a back that holds everything. It is important. The pack holds Inogen One G5 Units. The correct bag size can be purchased if you check your unit number. Their newest backpacks straps are easy to adjust. All backpacks come with a lower belt strap that can be used to keep your backpack in place while on the move. Carry your backpack with the sturdy top handle and tuck it away when you're done. The backpack has four pockets, one small pocket on the back, one small pocket on the front, and two pockets above the industrial strength velcro closure. This backpack is perfect for any on-the-go lifestyle. The backpack has plenty of space for small accessories such as an extra battery, keys, credit cards, and more.

Brand: O2totes Wear Your Oxygen With Style

👤The product is made well. The misrepresentation of the size is an issue I have. If you notice with my photo, I can almost cover the product on the back of the 10yo child. This was $60. I am not a big handed man. Will it hold everything I want? It has made well.

👤I love this backpack. I use it with Inogen 5 when I exercise. The Inogen's weight is distributed evenly so it doesn't feel heavy. There's room in the back compartment for snacks, a light jacket, a book, a bottle of water, easy access to keys, and side pockets for a finger oximeter. There is no storage space in the review. I'm not sure what to think about a review that says there's not enough space. I read a review complaining about the location of the little hole in the backpack for the charger to plug into. That's not the fault of the backpack, it's a function of where Inogen put the charging port. The device can't be turned the other way in the backpack because it has the Inogen vent. The Inogen's port can be accessed with a single or double battery in the other compartment, thanks to the O2Totes design. There are a lot of positive things about this. I really appreciate the freedom of movement it gives me. I've taken it on many hikes and flights. There is space in the front/Inogen compartment for extra tubing, and the design allows a great opening for the tube. A plastic window allows easy access to the controls. The backpack will be in more colors.

👤One strap broke. It didn't affect the user's experience. My wife says it's easier on her than it used to be. The straps could use more padding. It is possible that it could be priced a little less. If you put the back pack in the charging port, it will be hard to plug it in.

👤My dad has to be able to get around and go to work while he is on oxygen full time. He can use both hands with this and carry his Inogen. It's completely adjusted and fits him well. I would recommend anyone with an Inogen machine.

👤It's perfect for my needs. The backpack has a bag attached to it that the G5 slides into. My purse has been replaced by a backpack. A wheeled backpack trolley is similar to a luggage carrier. The bag is fastened to the trolley. The trolley and backpack are recommended by me.

👤I found it to be heavy when the Inogen was inside. Unable to use it because of the back pain. The design was well designed, but just didn't work for me.

👤It's a bit smaller than I 888-276-5932. There isn't much room for extra batteries. The pack is easy to adjust.

👤This gave me the freedom to work out in the yard and carry my oxygen machine.

👤Este producto tienes se regres. No HAN DEVUELTO.

9. Inogen Replacement Portable Concentrator Accessories

Inogen Replacement Portable Concentrator Accessories

High-flow Inogen One G3 is compatible with this. There are two columns in each order. Normal air is converted to medical grade oxygen. The wide x long x 5" weighs 10 ounces. No tools are required for the replacement.

Brand: Zadeferi

👤Not new. There are used columns. Didn't last long. It's not a new item for the replacement of oxygen column. Shame to make money on people who are sick.

👤We ordered it from another source and waited for a month before cancelling the order. I found this on Amazon and it arrived in a week. Delivery was fast and the price was excellent. I found another source for my husband's supplies. Two happy customers.

👤The system needs to be replaced after only 6 months. Not used often. It was used for 8 hours a week. They thought they would need to replace every 18 months. These have not lasted long.

👤I am happy with my product. The seller was most attentive when he arrived on time. I didn't like the amount of customs costs for that item.

👤Amazon has replacement parts for inogen breathing machines. It was easy to replace the columns. Five minutes is enough to get the job done.

👤The item is not new.

👤The devices came on time and were priced fairly. Well done.

👤Make sure you watch the video. I wouldn't have known to reset it if I hadn't watched the video.

👤Excellent service and delivery.

10. Inogen One G3 Double Battery

Inogen One G3 Double Battery

The Inogen One G3 portable oxygen concentrator has a double battery. Up to 10 hours of battery life.

Brand: Inogen

👤This is one of the best purchases I have ever made. The battery will give me almost 9 hours of continued Oxygen. Sometimes the smaller battery would die on me, and I didn't have a spare with me. I am no longer worried about running out of power. This was a great purchase.

👤I'm not carrying a bunch of single batteries with me because this gets double the hours on a battery. I prefer to carry two double batteries over four single batteries for individual needs, since I know you have to have at least 1 1/2 times the hour of flight between cities. If you're not flying non stop, you must add time for being in the airport and lay-overs between flights which can add up faster than you think. The Inogen3 is small enough to fit under your seat, but still have room for your feet, and the battery for the G3 is included.

👤I have ordered 4 of them from different vendors. I think the stock is still new. 2 of the batteries are still functional, but 2 of them will not allow charging. Caveat Emptor. The 2 newest batteries held their charge even when they were not being used.

👤My husband's Inogen portable oxygen concentrator now has a long-life battery. His health plan gave the unit and the smaller battery, which is fine around town. Our travels have become easier with the 5-hour battery. It's larger size still fits in the Inogen case and doesn't add much weight. The long charge time is the only downsize. The car charge helps in the effort. The price is worth it.

👤I needed this higher battery capacity because I need to use my OxyGo O2 more often. I was happy to find this at a reasonable price. It was perfect for my OxyGo.

👤My wife and I have no problems going anywhere now that we have two of these batteries. The battery lasts as long as the original one. This was not a problem with the battery. I would not allow my wife's Inogen Oxygen machine to be compromised by this. Very pleased with the purchase.

👤I am very happy with my battery. I used to only have 3-4 hours on my battery life, but now I have 10 hours. I am free to go where I want without worrying about running out of oxygen. You are the best! Thanks for the great product.

👤Thank you, Lord, for buying this. I forget to have a chargers for my machine. If I have to charge it in someone else's car. It was annoying. I use this new one on it and keep my older one, which was only for 2.5 hours in my purse.

11. Inogen BA 306 Car Charging Cable

Inogen BA 306 Car Charging Cable

Most standard DC outlets are found in most cars, trucks, boats or RVs, and the Inogen One Power Cord plugs directly into the G3-G4-G5 unit.

Brand: Inogen

👤I thought it was malfunctioning. I assumed that the cigarette lighter outlet in my vehicle was the same size as the one in my house, but I didn't know there was a slidebar to adjust it. I had others try to get it to work, but they were unsuccessful. I called the dealership as well. The seller was more than willing to help me with any adjustments.

👤The product is advertised as an inogen car accessory. It isn't Genuine. The wire is very hot. The metal part that goes into the cigarette lighter port was so hot that it burned my thumb. This could have caused a fire. Don't use this product!

👤The older ones didn't have the surge protectors that I received.

👤I bought a fake item a while back and it just stopped working. This was a good price and it is working well.


What is the best product for portable oxygen machine for breathing inogen one g5?

Portable oxygen machine for breathing inogen one g5 products from Inogen. In this article about portable oxygen machine for breathing inogen one g5 you can see why people choose the product. Lightning X Products and O2totes Wear Your Oxygen With Style are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable oxygen machine for breathing inogen one g5.

What are the best brands for portable oxygen machine for breathing inogen one g5?

Inogen, Lightning X Products and O2totes Wear Your Oxygen With Style are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable oxygen machine for breathing inogen one g5. Find the detail in this article.

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