Best Portable Phone Charger Iphone 12

Charger 4 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. VANYUST Portable PowerCore High Capacity Compatible

VANYUST Portable PowerCore High Capacity Compatible

It has a cured arcs-shaped and palm size design, Anti-Fingerprints and sweat-proof surface is great for most important occasions. The port charges compatible devices up to 2 times faster than conventional charging. There are charges for the iPad mini 5, the iPhone 12 and the S20. Safe. The MultiProtect safety system protects you and your devices. The power bank has four light indicators. The remaining power life is shown by the 4 light indicator. It's easy to carry and hold. The 1 x10000mAh black portable power bank has a user manual and is available for 24 months after-sale.

Brand: Vanyust

👤The item caught fire.

👤This has a lot of power and lasts for a while, but it is so heavy that I can't use it. I ordered it to be kept in my purse, but it was too heavy for that. It is like having a brick on my shoulder. I will keep it for when I want to use my phone but am not near an outlet. If you are going to use this on the go, I don't recommend it.

👤After less than a month, the charge was stopped.

👤This was bought for backpacking. Small and works well. It was quick, my wife and I charged our phones at the same time.

👤I bought these to take with me on my upcoming trip to Spain. I was impressed with the size, but I was expecting them to be a little smaller and thinner. They have a 10k mA charge which makes them powerful enough to get a couple charges out of them. It's perfect for slipping in a backpack or pocket to have charge ability. If they don't go very long, I'll update. The ports charge quickly. Definitely worth the money.

👤My son's phone was dead when he got home from school because the bus wouldn't show up to bring him home, and he had no way to call for help because he was running out of battery. I bought him this so that he could make sure his phone was always charged and that we didn't have any of the previous problems. The product helps keep my son out of harms way.

👤I think I paid $10 bucks for this device. There were no complaints. It's not too big. Great purchase.

👤It's great for travel. This gem was bought for use in Puerto Vallarta. It works well with my phone. The price is also great.

2. Magnetic Wireless Portable 10800mAh Compatible

Magnetic Wireless Portable 10800mAh Compatible

The magnetic power bank has a wireless charging function. The pro-13 mini-13 Pro Max has Mag-Suction technology that makes charging easy. Only compatible with MagSafe phone cases. The Mag-Suction bank power bank can free your hands and no need to take cables anymore, it is a multi-function Charging Power Bank combination of 10800mAh Power bank + Wireless Charger+Magnetic adsorption. The remaining battery capacity is shown in the smart display. The safety of your phone and the extension of battery life can be ensured by their wireless phone charger and mag bank wireless charger. If there is a problem, please contact them for a replacement or full refund. They will solve your problems in 24 hours. Magnetic Wireless portable charger is 50% smaller and lighter than a traditional power bank. The ultra-light and compact design allows carrying even while talking on your phone. The portable battery pack can be put in a pocket, bag or purse. The 20WPD Fast Charging and 10800mAh Large Capacity power bank can support wireless charge 5W/ 7.5W/15W devices and 20WUSB-C output charge that can charge two devices at the same time. The battery pack can extend the life of the phones. HHETP friendly customer service, Magnetic portable charger 10800 mah, welcome guide, 18-month warranty, and a magnetic portable cable are what you get.

Brand: Hhetp

👤This portable power bank is really portable. I can't fully charge my phone before it runs out of power, even though it says it has 10800mAh capacity. Not even mention the idea of charging two devices. The wireless charging speed is very slow. I will return it since the description is a lie.

👤Don't buy an magnetic ring for your phone. If you shake it, it will fall. It will stay even if you shake it. I have this and four other wireless and it is large.

👤The product said it is a magnetic wireless charging device, but it is not strong enough to charge a phone. The phone's battery fell off when I moved it. I wouldn't recommend it because of the lack of magnetic power.

👤After a long time, it stops charging. Have to hit the button again. It charges slowly. To find a charging spot, you have to move it around.

👤The bank wouldn't charge my phone even after I charged it up. It's not very good.

👤The battery and charging works well. Doesn't stay attached to the phone. I have used other brands. If you intend to carry and charge your phone, you will not find a good overnight portable charger.

3. Portable Charger Ultra Compact Charging Compatible

Portable Charger Ultra Compact Charging Compatible

Plug your phone into the lightning connection to charge it. Attaches on phone easily, no need to take off the phone case, and no need for cable. When not in use, use a cap to protect the connector. It's compatible with any types of phones. 5000 mAh of power is the high capacity. The capacity is enough for emergency use when going out. The weight is about 150g and the length is 3.03". Just like a lipstick or lighter. It's very small to fit into your purse. It's necessary to have less space, so that you can carry everywhere. Fast-Charging Technology provides the fastest charge to any phone or tablet. Pass- Through Function allows you to charge your phone while you charge the power bank. Super Safety:Intelliegent controlling IC can prevent power bank overcharging.

Brand: Uneuior

👤You don't have to be stuck in one spot while charging your phone. The regular phone's charge is charged up with the charger.

👤It is not a fast charge nor does it hold a charge long, but it is nice and compact. I can use it at work.

👤It was a well received Christmas gift. It's great for traveling so your cell phone doesn't run out of power. It works well.

👤I was looking for a small, portable, portable charger that wouldn't take too much space in my purse or handbags and this is perfect! I don't have to worry about a cord being in the way or carrying a cord with me. It fits in my purse and is light in weight. Highly recommended!

👤It is small and can fit in the corner of my pocket book.

👤Producto, calidad, and sper rpida. Gracias!

👤The mine does not have to pay. It was Defected! Absolutely useless! Will not buy another one.

4. DEKSMO Wireless Charging Magnetic Portable Phones Battery

DEKSMO Wireless Charging Magnetic Portable Phones Battery

It has 8 built-in low-temperature ice cores, and it has a power bank that is close to your phone, automatic and fast location, and wireless charging. The direct Mag-Safe wireless chargers are used in the iphone12 series products. The Mag-Safe wireless charging function can be realized if you adhere the magnetic ring that is delivered with the phone to the back of the mobile charge. Compared with the previous generation 10000mAh power bank, it is 40% smaller in size and 35% lighter in weight. It can charge about 3 times for the phone, 1.5 times for the phone 12 and 1.5 times for the phone 20. The material built into your phone is meant to protect it from scratches during the charging process. The DEKSMO power bank has three functions. It can also charge two more phones. The maximum power of wireless charging is 15W, the maximum power of theusb output port is 22.5W, and the maximum power of theType-C output port is 20W. The DEKSMO magnetic power bank was developed through an R&D test. It cannot only realize fast charging but also ensure safety, including over charge protection, short circuit protection, high temperature protection, reset protection, and drop protection. The power bank has a screen at its bottom that can be used to monitor the power amount in real time and say goodbye to any anxiety you might have if you don't have power. The protective case of the mobile phone must be less than 0.12 inches in thickness to use the Mag-Safe wireless charging function. If the phone case is made of metal or glass, the wireless charging function may be affected. The magnetic mobile phone case is recommended.

Brand: Deksmo

👤It is a lot bigger than the picture shows. It is not as portable as they make it out to be.

👤I bought this battery pack because it claimed to have 15W wireless charging. The wireless charging power was measured using Ampere 4. I used a MagSafe case and bare to measure it. The charging power of Amperes 4 was about 6.70W. The test was repeated at different levels of phone battery. I didn't measure the charging speed when I bought this. The quality of the build and the strength of the magnet made it possible for me to stay connected to my phone.

👤This is a great portable charging option for those with the iPhone 12 or 13 series because of the mag-safe wireless charging feature. I love portable charging. It can support mag-safe wireless charging. Only the iPhone 12 and up have this feature. It can charge up to 3 devices at the same time, with two ports for wired charging and one for USB-A. Digital display of the remaining battery level for total accuracy. I was able to charge my two phones at the same time because of this little device. The mag-safe wireless charging works perfectly and it's much more convenient, faster, and safer than traditional wireless charging, which is slower and makes your phone cold. If you have an Apple device, such as an iPad or an Apple phone, this is a great portable charge. Hope my photos and video were useful. If they were, please click on the button below. Thank you!

👤They went out of their way to convince you that it is. The images were warped and sized to look like it would fit in the palm of my hand, but in reality it covers most of my hand, which is an adult male's average size. The entire space from the bottom of the phone to the edge of the camera has a 2ishmm buffer. It is almost twice as thick as what they intended you to believe and heavy enough to make typing uncomfortable. Huge disappointment.

👤Customer service was kind and I got a full refund.

👤The charging speed is normal or close to slow, and the magnetic force depends on the patch failing. The phone charges and heats up. The product does not match the price. I hoped other customers would pay attention to the heat problem.

👤It is a wireless power bank with a 10,000 mAh rating, which is way more than most. The weight and size of the unit are great. The initial charging of the unit out of the box was slow but it had to fill up a 10,000 mAh battery. The refill charges of the power bank were slower when I used it. You can see how much power is left in the power bank when you charge it, and you can see how much power is left when you charge your phone. I had no heat on the power bank or the phone, but the low temperature ice cores in the product description worked. The stick on iron ring is very convenient for attaching to phones that do not have Mag Safe charging. I haven't had a chance to rate the long term performance yet but I think it is worth it for the price and quality. Even if it only lasts a year or two, it is still less expensive than other units with less battery power.

5. Miady Portable Certified Lightning Compatible

Miady Portable Certified Lightning Compatible

You can charge your phone with original or Mfi-certificated cables if you have the appropriate ports. You can use the Lightning input port to charge the power pack with your Lighning cable. The portable phone charging is able to charge your phone at the highest possible speed of 18W. 20000mAh capacity is enough to top up an iPhone 11 for 5.2 times, a Samsung S20 for 4.0 times or a Pixel 3 XL for 4.6 times. The power bank comes with a Mfi certificated cable and a 18W plug. It needs only 5 hours to be fully charged. The battery pack charger is not only powerful but also stylish. They provide friendly customer support and back their products for 18 months. Please let them know if you have any questions.

Brand: Miady

👤I haven't had a chance to test the battery out yet. It charges my phone, that is good. The packaging came with a case, 18w wall charger, and lightning wire. The lightning port on the battery doesn't have a "snap" when plugging in like my phone. The blue lights stay on. If you are in a dark room, it can be bright. Don't look at it. It would be nice if the lights went off after a few seconds. The wall block and the battery get hot when they are charged. The led indicators don't work for me, it always shows 4 lights as if it was over 75%. It will show nothing when it's dead. When I charge the battery, it will go from 1 light to 4 lights. The battery is 13.86 ounces, the wire is 0.67 ounces, the wall charge is 1.66 ounces, and the case is 85g.

👤This item is great. It has a place for the plug in its own case. This was a great purchase for me to travel with. Thank you.

👤I wanted to be as satisfied with this purchase as everyone in my circle is with their Mophie powerbanks. This thing is next to worthless and I should have spent the extra money on it. It takes hours to fully charge my older iPhone 7s and once it is done, I will be able to charge my iPad to 70%. It is not worth anything, less than the time and effort to exchange it in the hopes that I will be satisfied and not receive another giant, heavy brick. It might be possible to make a river anchor with a chain. Buy a better unit. The Miady brand is not quality.

👤I'm wondering if my luck or electronic products sold by Amazon, made in China, are reliable. I used this portable charger to charge my phone because it's not convenient to charge from the electric outlet in my office. I needed it again today. It didn't work. Doesn't charge. I tried my mother-in-law's phone as well. I connected a regular cable to the electric outlet to see if it was a problem with my phone. No problem.

👤The product is not working. It doesn't hold a charge long enough to be a back up product.

👤It also includes a cable and wall charger that can be used to charge both the phone and the battery pack, as needed. Thecent case was included as well.

👤Hefty but portable. I can sustain a 100 mile ride on my e-bike with reliable support of my gps app.

6. 10000mAh Portable Charging Compatible Nintendo

10000mAh Portable Charging Compatible Nintendo

The Bestmars 10000mAh Power Bank has one of the Highest Charging Speed in the market for both charging and recharging, it is also 100% back-ward compatible, and is powered by the Avanced Quick Charge 3.0 &PD 3.0 Chipset. Plus 5s, iPad Mini/ Air, 4 3 2, S10 S9 S8 Plus, Note 9 and more. The 10000mAh Capacity Power Bank has a Grade A+ li-polymer battery cell inside, so it has enough capacity to provide 4 solid charges to an Apple device, or at least 2.5 charges to an iPad Mini. The power bank has built-in Apple (iOS) input ports, so you can charge it with either the charging cable or theusb-C cable, so only one cable is needed for carrying around. Ultra reliable grade A+ li-polymer cells and premium microchips ensure safety. Surge protection, termperature control and more advanced safeguards are provided by the 10-layer protection system. The Bestmars power bank, charging cable, protective pouch, and user manual are included.

Brand: Bestmars

👤I have had a power bank since June and I love it. It has power to charge my phone even though I haven't charged it in more than a week. I started at 41%. After being plugged in for half an hour, I'm at 90%. The pink one has a black mesh carrying case and a 2 foot charging cord for my phone. This power bank is very good. It's a bit heavy.

👤Wow! Its fastcharging! It charged my phone at 50% to 100% in an hour. It has around 4 hours on it, but it lost 1 dot of power.

👤It is not even a year since the charge is no longer charged. The cable was changed and still not working. It was good while it lasted. This is the reason I am a believer. I have had to trash several of the chargers I have bought because they didn't live up to their hype. This is the only one that charges fast, lasts longer than the other ones and is even faster than the direct one. I will be giving this to my friends for Christmas this year. It is easy on the eyes.

👤I bought this for traveling because I didn't want to have to use one cable to charge my phone and another to charge the battery backup. It works well. I don't have an easy way to charge my phone from my couch, so I use this to do so many times now. I bought it again because I loved it so much that I wouldn't survive a toddler throwing it on tile. The cord is short but I like it. I keep it with a tie. It is a great way to connect the phone to the battery.

👤I got the 10000mAh power charger a month ago and I was able to charge it. I didn't have to use it. After I charged the power bank, I worked quickly. It's small enough to fit in my backpack. Love the color as well.

👤This is a great charging device. I can charge two devices at the same time. It charges quickly and is small.

👤I had two that were stolen and I ordered a new one that was fully charged and ready to use. The best purchase I have ever made is how it can charge my phone back to completion. I bought the larger one.

👤This item was discovered by me. I have an older phone. The battery is low. I don't need to worry about finding a charging location when I'm not near my car. This is a charging station for both Iphone and android. It is easy to fit in my bag.

7. IWALK Portable Ultra Compact Attachable Compatible

IWALK Portable Ultra Compact Attachable Compatible

Plug the inner lightning cable into the built-in lightning cable and it will charge your phone. If you have a finger ring, you can use it as a mobile phone holder to prop up the phone for watching movies, videos at desired angle. You can put a power bank in your bag with small space required, and have a dust cover to protect it. 5000mAh is big enough to fully charge your phone, or charge it twice. You will get a power bank, a cable, and a dust cover. The phone sticker is 1x.

Brand: Iwalk

👤I didn't think this was a good product because it didn't stick on my phone. I realized it was because one side of the film wasn't removed. The product worked well once removed. Good charging power works well. The thickness is worth it because of the long charge. Been working well for a while.

👤I was skeptical after trying and returning two batteries. I am completely satisfied with its total charging capacity and ingenious attachment method. During my five hour hike, my phone wouldn't hold the charge and I had to use a mapping app. After the hike, my phone still shows a 100% charge and the charging port is still full. The back of the phone case has a connection to the charging port. It is a well designed and built product.

👤The item seems to work. Depending on which case you are using, it will stick to the back of the phone. On a rougher case, the extra sticker works well. The sticker stays on the battery and not on the phone. The battery can hold a charge for a long time. Several weeks. But probably longer.

👤This power bank is different. My favorite feature is the ring for your finger on the back. I prefer to hold the ring because it gives me access to the power bank 24/7. With the stick feature, you can charge your phone and bank at the same time, and have power all day. The pack is very user friendly. I like that the cord is tucked into the back. It feels good. This is a must have for power on the go. No more running to find a charging point.

👤The back of my older phone has something stuck to it. Plug in its phone and battery at the same time. I use my phone a lot. A new phone is a lot more expensive. If your battery is not lasting, get this!

👤I had high expectations for this one. It is so heavy. The part did not work on my case. Will return it.

👤I am not sure why it talks about sheerness. I think they meant the coating on the battery. The battery life is good for a small portable battery. It is still smaller than a portable battery. The quality was great for the price. Happy purchase! Customer service was excellent.

👤The product didn't come with a wall plug to make sure it fit properly for charging. Product information is included, but no information on how long the battery charge lasts.

8. Portable 10000mAh Odec Capacity External

Portable 10000mAh Odec Capacity External

The Power Bank has a portable battery charging station. 45 days money back, 2 years guarantee, and easy-to-reach support! The power bank has a generous 10000mAh battery with a maximum 2.4A charge and charging ports. Keep the other pack as a back-up. You can use the included Type C cable or MicroUSB cable to charge your power bank if you have dual inputs. The dual outputs allow you to charge two devices at the same time. One of the slimmest portable phone chargers on the market. It's small and easy to fit into your pocket or bag, perfect for the home, office, or taking on vacation. Features built-in safeguards to protect your devices against overcharging, overheating, and excessive current. Charge multiple devices at the same time. Reliable battery The battery pack made this charger safer. It is lighter and thinner, so you can carry it with you on an airplane. Two packs of 10000mAh Mobile Power Bank can be used for personal portable charging, but also can be shared with others. Two devices can be charged at the same time, the total charging power is up to 12W. 2 x Odec 10000mAh portable batteries, 1 x Micro-USB cable, and 1 x User Manual are what you get.

Brand: Unknown

👤If you're hesitant to buy these, just do it. I ordered these because our car charging system won't work and I have an old phone that doesn't hold a charge well. We were stuck on the side of the road with a flat in the middle of the night. That was not enjoyable. I ordered these hoping they wouldn't be in that situation again, and they are better than I thought, especially for the price. I have been using them every day since I got them, and I believe that they keep a charge a little longer than the wall charger, even though I can't be certain of that. I couldn't use my phone because it would take hours to charge it with an outlet, and it only charges in less than an hour. These charge quickly and can charge my phone twice. I would recommend them to everyone. They work so well that I don't even care if they are on the heavy side.

👤I use the black charger every day for my Nintendo Switch lite and my Motorola G Power. I think both charged very quickly. After an hour, my nintendo was fully deplete and it reached 90%. I didn't have the black battery fully charged but when I use it on my phone, it will reach 100% with 2 lights remaining on the black battery. I don't use the white battery, I leave it at the house for anyone in the family to use, and no one has yet. I'm confident that it will work. It is a bit heavy. It's a bit heavier than my phone. It's as long as yao ming's thumb. He's 7 feet tall. It's still a thumb. It's that short if you put your two thumbs together. I recommend buying a cable. I probably won't charge two devices at the same time, but it's still an option. I expect it to handle 2 devices, since it charges fast while using the device. The product is a good one, getting 2 for $20.

👤These won't keep a connection. It charges for about 2 minutes. If it charges, I have to plug it back in to get it to start. I left it plugged in the first time. I've tried many cables and the same thing has happened. Don't waste your money. The packs are nice, the charge cables are not. They don't work at all. I tried both on multiple devices and only got the type c to charge for 5 seconds on my phone. The packs are good. I keep them in my shop and car.

👤I liked this. For 4 months. Until one stopped working completely. It shows charged when plugged in. When you try to charge a phone with it, it doesn't light up or the ports don't work, it's dead. I was looking for an affordable portable charger brand and this was disappointing because it had a lot of great reviews.

👤It seems to charge the phone pretty quickly. There is plenty of charge to go from a low battery to full charge and you have plenty in the bank for more charging. They are a little heavy. I will take the extra weight for the amount of juice they hold. Glad they can use the included charger along with usBC. The cable they came with is annoying as they do take longer to charge through us.

9. Techsmarter 12000mAh Wireless Delivery Compatible

Techsmarter 12000mAh Wireless Delivery Compatible

The anti-slip cups hold on to your phone. The cups should be kept clean for strong hold. The power for all devices can be charged at the same time. Wireless fast charging is faster than a conventional charge. There is a rating of TS+. Fast Charge is the fastest way to charge new phones and tablets. Fast Charge the latest USB-C smartphones with the 18W port, it's the fastest port on the market. Charge most phones 6 times and tablets 2 times. All of the following phones are compatible with Universal Qi Compatibility: iPhone 12, 11, XS, X, XR, 8, S10, S9, S8, S7, S6, Note 20, 10, 9, and more.

Brand: Techsmarter

👤The most amazing battery pack. This is the best in the market, and I bought a few different kinds for my S10+. It is easy to attach and detach. Fast wireless charging. Fantastic engineering.

👤The little cups are a bonus. I can put it in my purse and have it charged. It has a fast charging port that makes it charge quickly. Highly recommended.

👤This is a great charging device! I have had my phone and headset charged multiple times. My case doesn't allow the cups to stick. The feature works on phones. A great product! I'm a happy customer.

👤I like the concept but the battery is not sticking. The battery is heavy and cumbersome.

👤The battery pack is good. The capacity is great, but it is too big for me. The wireless charger is slow, but it's worth it. I would buy again, but maybe without the suction.

👤Works several items at the same time. Some cases are too thick to charge. It appeared to charge our phones faster than our other portable charger. We might get a second one. It was used at ball tournaments.

👤I like it. It only works if I plug it in. It doesn't work on the two flip phones.

👤My wife doesn't want to give it back because it's so good, but this is wireless charging and it makes sense.

10. IWALK Portable Upgraded Ultra Compact Compatible

IWALK Portable Upgraded Ultra Compact Compatible

You can charge your phone with the lightning-connectivity built in. The mini emergency portable charger for iphones is 78g in weight, and is Ultra-Compact. It's enough to add almost 1.2 charge to an Apple product, or about 0.95 charge to an Apple product. Charge your phone while you replenish the power bank. You get a power bank, cable, and manual.

Brand: Iwalk

👤After using this product on my phone, it failed to charge my phone to 100 percent and died very quickly. I was not happy with the product. Not worth buying. I have bought a few things.

👤I have had this charger for less than two months and it won't charge my phone. Even though it is fully charged, the phone doesn't charge when I plug it into it. I was stranded one day when my phone died because I thought my phone's charging port had been dead for a month, but it was only working for a month. It stopped working after the 30-day return/refund window closed. I need a refund from this company. Don't buy this useless piece of plastic, a better use of your money would be to flush it down the nearest toilet.

👤It is an iPhone SE, which means it is very small. The phone is perfect for girls who have little space in their bags. We use small clutches at night. The extra cables don't need to be dealt with because this charger saves space. I was able to charge my phone three times but I was not using it. I was able to use it for the entire time, and charge it twice. The phone's charging port was stuck to the phone without falling. It was one of the things I was worried about. It has an extra layer of protection.

👤I just got this charger and I can't say how great it is. The size is large. It would be simpler if the charging part sticks out when not in use, instead of having a cap to cover and protect it- the cap gets in the way when it is not in use. It is kind of awkward. It seems strange that you have to use a type c charging cord to charge this, but why would an I-phone charging brick need to be charged with a type c cord? Why wouldn't it be an Apple product? I have nothing that uses a type c cord, so if I ever lose this type c charging cord for my phone, I can only use one of my regular cords, or even my regular phone cord, nope, I have to buy another cord. This should be changed to a cord port for the phone. I like the size of it and it seems to be charging my phone.

👤My cell phone wouldn't turn on for a few days because it wasn't fully charged, and my screen turned black because it had lost all power. I will have to replace my phone when it finally turns on. Would not recommend this product.

👤It is perfect to put in your purse or pocket when traveling without the cord. It charges my phone in a few minutes.

👤My son uses his phone all day long and he had a problem at the end of the day to communicate. He has power for almost 2 days with the use of this battery.

11. 20000mah Portable KONFULON External Capacity

20000mah Portable KONFULON External Capacity

Slim 20000 portable charger can charge 2 devices at the same time, sharing the power and fun with your friends, making the charging much more efficient. The battery pack is compatible with almost all types of cell phones, tablets, and vests. It is safer to use a power bank with a small capacity than it is to use one with a large capacity. The built-in UL certified battery cell ensures your safety, double safer than the Li-ion cell battery pack charger. Universal Compatibility and SmartLED Indicator: the portable charge is compatible with many phones and smaller devices. You don't need to guess whether to charge it or not because you have used the SmartLED Indicators. It is possible to match different models of charging cables to replenish the power of multiple products at the same time, effectively solving the possibility of mobile devices appearing in daily travel and work. The input port has no function.

Brand: Konfulon

👤After 8 hours, I still have more than 50% battery in my cell phones and flashlight.

👤The battery has a lot of advantages. It's not big but has a lot of power. I bought a heated vest and a 10,000 wah battery, but it only lasted 6 hours on low. I get 15 hours on low with this battery. The battery pouch is where it fits in the vest. I bought two of them to use.

👤It was bought for my daughter. She says it works. Sometimes it doesn't show the percentage.

👤It has a lot of power, but it's on the heavy and it's in my coat pocket. It's a lot of charge.

👤I own a phone. Does not charge fast. The phone reached 50% in 4 hours. If you ask me, I'll charge. Its trash.

👤Like the double charging inputs. You can use either type of cable.

👤It's the best for charging power and battery life. I travel with it.


What is the best product for portable phone charger iphone 12?

Portable phone charger iphone 12 products from Vanyust. In this article about portable phone charger iphone 12 you can see why people choose the product. Hhetp and Uneuior are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable phone charger iphone 12.

What are the best brands for portable phone charger iphone 12?

Vanyust, Hhetp and Uneuior are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable phone charger iphone 12. Find the detail in this article. Deksmo, Miady and Bestmars are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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