Best Portable Printer Wireless for Travel

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1. Workforce WF 110 Wireless Mobile Printer

Workforce WF 110 Wireless Mobile Printer

The 9600dpi produces exceptional printing detail. The printing system is designed to only be used with Genuine Cartridges. Non-genuine ink can cause damage not covered by the printer's warranty. You can choose from a variety of charging options, including via the AC power or theusb. The built-in battery is a small battery that can be used in a small package. The accessory battery can be used for even greater print volume. It's possible to print from iPad, iPhone, tablets, smartphones and laptops with the help of the Wireless Connection.

Brand: Epson

👤Windows 10 has been around since 2014, while the Inkjet printers have been around since the 1980s. How is it possible that a tech company can't provide a basic printer that prints a document from a Windows computer, in this golden age of technology? Absolutely, Epson? Is it too much to hope for that when I press print, that the document will come out of the printer without having to restart or install a new driver? I am not trying anything exotic like cloud printing a PowerPoint from my phone. A test page is being printed on my home network laptop. With all the money you make from the replacement ink, there should be a little budget to hire at least one developer who could track down the bugs and address some of the reliability issues. The printer has been a huge frustration. I wondered why the "Next" button was greyed out on the install until I realized I needed to click on the picture of the printer in the dialog. More than I wanted. I'm not a tech idiot. I know a lot about printers, drivers, networking, and software development so I think this is probably not a chair to keyboard interface problem. If it is, it is caused by the inability of Epson to make something usable. I don't accept the cheerful "we care so please contact support and we will work it out for you" suggestions that always gets posted as a response to the negative reviews by image management companies hired by tech companies to preserve sales of poorly executed products. I've already tried it and it's available on the web. Should I have to spend 4 hours on a weekend trying to get something as trivial as an inkjet printer to work? This is not complicated technology. It should work out of the box. This printer is a representation of the lack of respect thatEpson has for the user experience. I apologize for buying it.

👤The machine costs so much to run that it printed 24 pages max.

👤This printer is the worst I've ever owned. I regret buying it. I thought it would be great to have a small printer, but I didn't know how much sacrifice it would be. This one is a piece of garbage and should have been bought a bigger one. An hour into it. It still isn't working. This is the only printer I've ever purchased that has been plug and go. It can't print anything other than a blank page. They shook them after taking the cartridges out. That's not what you have reinstalled. I could have gone somewhere else to print. It is horrible.

👤The printer was like throwing money down the drain. I said it up and it printed with gaps. I cleaned the printer head and did other maintenance items after following the instructions. It is still prince terrible. I can't get one document to work with this printer. It was a waste of money. I plugged it in after my window had closed. I followed the instructions and cleaned the printer head. Correcting color. It still prints terrible. I can't get one document to work with this printer. It was a waste of money. I set it up after my window had closed. I threw my money away.

2. PRT Portable A4 Bluetooth Compatible

PRT Portable A4 Bluetooth Compatible

Great customer service doesn't work. Will you not be able to connect to your Mac or Windows laptop or PC? Are you not satisfied with Printout? They offer a detailed user manual in the package and uploaded some operation guide videos for the HPRT portable printer on the product page, you can solve the issues easily. Customer questions and answers and HiPrint have instruction video provided. SMALL AND PORTABLE The PRT MT800 portable A4 thermal printer travel printer is small enough to fit in a briefcase or backpack, and can be used for printing on the go. ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION The PRT MT800 is a black and white printer. The high resolution of 300dpi makes the print quality clearer. The clearer the print quality, the smoother the paper surface is. The company has high comparables. The PRT MT800 portable printer can be used with any computer and can be used with any phone. The only thing that the mac supports is theusb connection. LARGE CAPACITY TTERY The portable printer can print 70 sheets of glossy American letter paper and has a built-in battery that can last 26 hours when fully charged. The maximum paper width is 8.6 inches. INKLESS TECHNOLOGY The PRT MT800 portable printer has thermal transfer technology. Each thermal ribbon can print 45 sheets. The glossy surface of the paper makes it easier to print. Due to its small size, only page-by-page printing is supported.

Brand: Prt

👤Easy to use printer. You can take it with you and store it wherever you please.

👤Todo me agrado.

👤There is a problem with connecting and printing.

👤It works well. It's enough for my needs, but I wish the print quality was better. Maybe a new ribbon would help. I tried the suppliers glossy paper. The paper is slightly larger than regular 8.5x11 It is 13 inches long. I used regular bright printer paper and it made the printout better. If you need a crisp printout, you might want to consider something else.

👤I bought it for my son's business. He liked how small he was. And. That would be awesome.

3. HPRT Bluetooth Traveling Compatible Generation

HPRT Bluetooth Traveling Compatible Generation

PJ7 has 300dpi. Only the printer is included. The print quality on each document is more clear with high resolution. The SCANNER is not a MONOCHROME printer. The more glossy the paper is, the better the printing quality is. The HPRT portable travel printer is small enough to fit into a briefcase or packsack, especially when you are on the go. Print wherever you go. Buy glossy paper on Amazon to improve the printing effect. Not only does the HPRT MT800 portable printer support IOS, but it can also be used with Windows, Linux, laptop, and iPad, except for CHROMEBOOK. Also, note: The only connection that is supported on the mac is theusb connection. The mobile printer can be powered off for 26 hours when fully charged, and can print 70 sheets of US letter paper with a glossy surface. The max width of the paper is 216mm. The portable printer uses thermal transfer technology with no liquid-ink and can print 45 sheets with a piece of thermal ribbon inserted into the printer. It doesn't print multiple pages because of its compactness.

Brand: Hprt

👤It's too much for the amount of pages you can print.

👤Can't connect to my printer.

👤This portable printer has a ribbon for ink. The box is 14”x4”x 3.5” and weighs 3 lbs. The printer comes with a hardshell case, a power cable, a spare ribbon, and an instruction sheet. There is a second ribbon in the printer. The printer requires a connection. After you connect the printer to your device, you can use the HiPrint app on your phone or download the software from the manufacturer's website. I was sold on this printer because it was similar to my thermal label printers, which don't need ink. I thought this printer could be a great way to print documents. The printer takes ink in the form of expensive printer ribbons. Each ribbon lasts for 45 pages, and a package of 2 ribbons costs $22, which comes out to about 0.25/page. It was very bad! It would be cheaper to pay for pages at the local library or internet cafe when I am on the road than it is to use this printer. There is a lot of hassle in getting spare ribbons. I haven't been able to get this printer running since it requires a wireless connection and there are no instructions about how to put the printer into a mode that uses the internet. I tried pressing the one button on top in a variety of ways, but nothing turned on the pairing mode. This paperweight is very expensive.

👤I was skeptical when I ordered this portable printer. The product page said ink-less printer, so this was not just due to the small size of the portable device. I went even further into my skepticism after looking up what that meant. The ink is being replaced with a ribbon. The ribbon is something I thought would never be used in any form again, for anyone old enough to remember typewriters or electric typewriters. I ordered this more out of nostalgia because of the ribbon based modern printer's wi-fi capabilities. I have never thought about a ribbon style ink cartridge in over twenty five years. When I was in the early stages of grade school, my family's electric typewriter was still in use, and it was the last time I remember using ribbon based technology. I ordered this printer because of nostalgia. I started to read the instructions for the setup process after it arrived. I have been writing a novel and am using a device to store the book, an osCommerce device. I assumed that the printer would be designed for laptops or desktops and that I would use it for my tablets. I noticed that this was listed as compatible with all types of Iphones, but I didn't see any other brands listed on the box. I spent a lot of time trying to do unnecessary steps. I will save you time by saying that you don't have to setup anything if you are not tech savvy like me. I tried to add a device in the traditional way that I always did with a desktop. I assumed you did this even with the wireless connection. It took about forty five minutes of trial and error to find an app for the HPRT brand. The directions were too detailed and confusing and I needed to do nothing else. I downloaded the app and set it up in two minutes. It was linked up and printed. The first page was a bit faded but the second page was better. The fading was still acceptable but it led me to figure out the problem. This was a simple fix and I suspected it was correct. The only thing I had to do was tighten the ribbon. My common sense told me that because of the ribbon. With the ribbon tightened and the printer linked up to my device, I was good to go. This device seems to be geared for a glossy paper type. If you use a glossy paper, there will be no need to adjust the ribbon. This comes with a total of three ribbons. One is already installed and may need a slight adjustment from traveling all packaged up. This came fully charged, which was nice. I love the travel case that protects the printer with a good amount of padding. There is an inner sleeve for the two additional ribbons. The benefit of the ribbon system is that you can leave them in the case without worrying about excess ink leaking out. I recommend this portable travel printer to anyone who needs to print on the go or if they are away from a regular printer.

4. BENTSAI BT HH6105B3 Portable Handheld Variable

BENTSAI BT HH6105B3 Portable Handheld Variable

300dpi high resolution makes the print document more clear. 2. Variable code function is unique. The Variable Database Function is a novel feature of the BENTSAI Handheld Inkjet Printer. It can realize one item, one code, and one product information. 3. There is a variety of content. The Handheld Inkjet Printer can print a variety of contents, including text, numbers, barcodes, and more. The maximum length of single printing is 406mm, and the highest resolution of the printed picture is 476dpi. 4. Quality of portable handheld printer The portable inkjet printer has a 4.3-inch color touch screen, the image display is clear, touch sensitive and accurate, and it supports 23 languages. 5. Wide application The BENTSAI Handheld Printer can be printed on a variety of materials. The best printing effect is on smooth and straight objects.

Brand: Bentsai

5. Portable Travel Printer Rechargeable Campus,Compatible

Portable Travel Printer Rechargeable Campus%EF%BC%8CCompatible

INKLESS TECHNOLOGY The PRT MT800 portable printer has thermal transfer technology. Each thermal ribbon can print 45 sheets. The glossy surface of the paper makes it easier to print. Due to its small size, only page-by-page printing is supported. The function is available in the APP. The poooli printer APP is available in the apple store. The printer can be powered up for 26 hours with the battery. The A4 size of paper is 8.27 x 11.6 inches. A wireless connection, monochrome inkless technology, and portable for business and study.

Brand: Poooli

👤The printer requires a download of the A4 app. I tried to download the app, but it says it's not available in your country or region. This printer was expensive and I cannot use it. Please tell me what to do!

👤There is no app for sale at the store.

👤I travel for my job. Sometimes I need to print on the road. I have to trim the paper. I have a paper cutter and it's not a big deal for me. It explains the ad. Still is a product I needed for my job. It's a great setup for your phone.

👤This printer is portable, good for printing documents, it is based on carbon ribbon, so easy to setup, and the app is available so you can adjust the ribbon if it isn't printing right. Good battery backup.

👤I like that it is portable. I needed to do some printing in another country. It doesn't take letter size paper, that's what I don't like. I had to cut the paper to fit in the machine because it kept sticking and bending. The print quality was good.

👤Bonjour, conforme a mes attente, rapide a connecter, bonne qualité d'impression pour des documents en noir et blanc... A4 papier thermique acheter.

👤Couldn't get the printer to print.

👤L'appareil a commencer a clignoter rouge, j'ai enlever le ruban.

6. Instant Portable Wireless Bluetooth Connection

Instant Portable Wireless Bluetooth Connection

There are 100 sheets of HP sticky-backed photo paper in the box. Printing in portable form, you can print from your phone, or pack a mini printer in your pocket. You can connect a smart device to a wireless network to print photos. The battery is Rechargeable. The printer has a battery that can be charged on a single charge. Zink technology allows the phone printer to print with no ink, toners, or ribbons. Lifeproof prints are treated with a protective layer that protects them from tears, water damage, and smudges.

Brand: Zjx

👤It's cool. I'm not sure how to set it up. I downloaded the app. It's not connecting to my phone. I thought it came with eight photo printers. I guess it didn't come in. I don't know how I feel about it.

👤I have an Apple product and it works great. I would recommend it.

7. Epson WorkForce Wireless Printer Replenishment

Epson WorkForce Wireless Printer Replenishment

This printer is designed for use with onlyEpson ink and not third party ink, and it may not work properly or at all, see product description for more details. The world's lightest and smallest printer. Print from a variety of devices. The battery is easy to charge with a AC orusb accessory. The battery is rechargeable. Windows 8.x (64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit), Windows Vista (64-bit), Windows XPSP3 (32-bit) are some of the operating systems.

Brand: Epson

👤The printer is small, quiet, and fast. If you don't use your printer for a couple of weeks, you'll end up having a lot of trouble with the print heads. If you're lucky, you can dump half a new ink cartridge into a cleaning cycle and the printer will work again. If you're like me, the self-cleaning won't work and you've got a $200 paper-weight if you're out of warranty. If you use the printer in an area that's warm or dry, it's important to know this.

👤Wouldn't you know, well well, well well, well well, well I still have a printer. It's still running well. When I don't print anything for a while, the nozzles become clogged and need a cleaning, which is when I start printing again. I had to do 3 cleanings in a row to get the printer to pass the nozzle check. The nozzle check is a utility built into the printer to make sure the nozzles are spraying correctly. You get a grid of each color on a piece of paper to make sure it's printing right. The printheads are printing again after 3 cleanings and tons of ink. I am using Genuine ink tanks in this machine. This can be expensive. This is not the most economically engineered machine because of the annoying thing and the fact that the maintenance box requires replacement every so often. It's form factor and ability to print from its internal battery makes it a good travel companion. There is an update! You're probably wondering how my printer is doing all this time. Let me tell you something. It's nice and it's a conversation starter. I have to knock a star off of this device. Why? If you don't use it for a week or two, the print heads are too easy to use. I take this printer with me everywhere. I have a makeshift carry bag that I use to carry my Microsoft Surface. It's a great combination, but it's annoying when you notice your prints don't come out correctly, when you really need to print something. I have to clean the print heads on this printer at least once a week. If I don't use it for a while, I have to clean it. This consumes ink and runs down my box. I have never exposed the printer to high temperatures. There is a device underneath the printer that tells you not to operate or expose the printer to temperatures over 104 F. A quick call to technical support was useless. Printhead cleanings are considered part of regular maintenance and usage of the printer. It's annoying when you only get about 70 page yield with 5% coverage and no cleanings, even though a color and black tank costs nearly forty dollars. Ha! I still like the printer, but I no longer love it. The portable HP printer I used was a little bulkier but never had this flaw. You're thinking, "Well, this must be only yours, right?" I hit up someone that I know has one of these. They are going through the same thing. I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, but I think it's important that you fellow Amazon shoppers know that the heads are common. If you're trying to control your costs on mobile printing, I think you should know this. It's saved me a lot of trips to a nearby print shop and also made me less likely to fight for a computer at the college print lab. This thing is thirsty. I have learned to carry an extra set of ink and a box in my bag. The maintenance boxes are about seven smackers a piece, and as of today, no one will sell them to you. You're lucky if you want to pay for shipping on that. You can wait for a free shipping on ink offer and they will usually ship it free with your ink purchase. I've blown 2 maintenance boxes since I bought this printer in May. - Yes. I would warn you. You're probably wondering, "Hmm, what makes this printer so special?" I was wondering the same thing. I work full time and go to school at night, so I'm never home to print what I need to, but I sell products on the side in my spare time. One wouldn't think you need a printer until you have one, like this one. I've used Canon and HP before for mobile printing and although they were all "good", the Epson WF-100 really, really stands out. I don't always have a power outlet, so I wanted something portable and mobile. I've purchased the batteries for my Canon or HP printer before and it adds some bulk and an accessory to carry. The battery is built into the printer itself, which saves space and utility all in one. I was able to keep the printer in my bag. Extra room for a notebook, pens, chargers, and spare ink for the printer are included in the price of my AmazonBasics notebook bag, my MacBook Air, and my spare ink for the printer. The printer is very quiet. When running on battery power, the printer seems to go into "conservation" mode and prints a little slower, but quieter. It's not a speed demon but for a few pages, it's acceptable. It's pretty good when plugged into AC power. You get about 40 - 50 sheets of color or 70ish pages of black and white on a full charge. If you don't have a wall charger for your printer, it can and will charge from MicroUSB! It comes with a small MicroUSB cord in the box, but if you have a MicroUSB cellular or car charging device, it will charge when turned off. You can always find ways to keep this puppy charged up. I like that this printer has access to online printing cloud service like Apple AirPrint and EpsonConnect, which are available when connected to the internet, unlike another mobile printer. This is huge for me. They see each other if you want to print from your Apple device and you're on the internet. You can get print jobs from there if you use the cloud. If you like the cloud print service fromEpson, it will do it for you. You're more likely to have the printer in a stationary setting if it's connected to the internet and you're required to use it. In my opinion, it's still useful. I didn't test the "Direct" function of the "WiFi" you get. Who uses a competing printer that allows for wireless communication? Many laptops don't have a built in radio. The printer ink tanks are small. Don't let that fool you. I've printed nearly 35 pages on the first day of use and barely missed the ink tank. The printer will take some ink out but the rest is available for printing, so I'm sure a "full" cartridge will yield even more prints. I can't comment because I haven't run it down yet, but I'm pleasantly surprised. This printer, along with many other "Epson WorkForce" Series printers, uses a "Maintenance Box" or "Maintenance Tank" inside, which must be replaced every so often. This is a good thing and a bad thing. The printer will use this to store wasted ink for things like borderless prints and head cleanings. The printer used half of the maintenance tank during the initial process. This did seem alarming to me, but a call to the support team from the printer suggested this was only for the first time. The representative couldn't tell me how many ink cartridges would be needed to estimate tank life. If the tank runs out of life and you don't have a spare, the bad part is. The printer won't work. You will have to replace the ink maintenance tank. You can't just empty it and replace it with a new printer. The printer is scarred for life once it's estimated life has ended, thanks to a smart chip on the maintenance tank. There is a second maintenance box in the package. As of today's date, replacements are three bucks shy of ten on the website, but they are backordered. I've tried it and it's neat. Legal paper as well as photo paper are also included. Don't let the printer's size fool you. The little sucker can do a lot. The printer will shut itself off after a long time if you don't turn it off. When you shut the lid on the printer, it will sleep until you open it. The printer can't do automatic printing. I bought an extended warranty from SquareTrade because I worry that one day this machine could have a problem, but I'm comfortable for 3 years with peace of mind in case it does fail. The printer is wonderful. I can print reports and last minute papers at school without having to go to the "print center" or "library" to do it, because I have my own! The utility of this printer should not be overlooked. I wish this printer had a scanning head because I would be in heaven at this point. Way to go. You have a serious competitor to the other mobile printers on the market.

8. Canon TR150 Wireless Airprint Compatible

Canon TR150 Wireless Airprint Compatible

It's easy to print from your phone, iPad or Mac. Each and every time, for high quality results. The printer's portable design allows you to take your printing on the go. You can use the Mopria Print Service to print from your favorite device. Save up to five custom templates and then print them from the printer's display, without the need for cables or devices. Print up to 330 pages on a full charge. Simply connect a computer or compatible power source to keep the TR150 fully charged.

Brand: Canon

👤I love this printer. I had to leave quickly after the riots started. Taking my full size printer was not an option. I bought this printer because it was the latest version and it enabled me to keep my online business going despite being displaced out of my home. I have been using this printer daily for over a month now and there is still more than half ink left. This product is something I would recommend.

👤I used a Mac to set this up. The printer was hardwired using my own cable because Canon supplies ausb-c tousb-c cable. The printer was auto-added by MacOS and I clicked through System Preferences to "show printer webpage" to set up the admin password, which wasn't documented anywhere. It took a bit of searching to find out that the admin password is the printer's serial number, and you can change it once you are in. I wanted to make it so that I could bring my Mac and the printer with me wherever I go, and print without cables. I tried to connect to the printer's network using the wired connection, but I couldn't find a document that documented it. The password will be displayed and you can connect if you select the wireless direct printing option from the built-in menu. I bought the battery and found out it was optional. It self-discharges when left in wireless direct print mode. I need to charge it before I need it.

👤You need a printer or wi-fi. I can't print from my phone without being near a wi-fi network. This is not useful for me. I need to find a printer that uses a wireless technology. The drivers are not near a wi-fi. I bought this printer because I was told I could use my cellphone to print from it. Some of these people don't know anything about this printer. They answer questions with lies.

👤I am waiting for the thing to print. It's a pain to use, it took forever to set up. It doesn't like to find wi-fi signal. $200 is a waste of money. It's small, that's the good thing.

👤Highly recommend the portable printer. If space is an issue, you cannot beat this printer. Everything is in the box. The power cord has black and color ink. They referred to an online set up guide. Don't rush, it takes about 20 or so minutes to set up. The instructions on the printer are helpful. I was impressed by the portable, wireless printer that was just launched, and I felt it would be an improved model over the previous generation that was about 10 years old. It's wonderful, high print quality, good value, so glad we have a printer.

👤I highly recommend it for its affordable price, light weight, easy installation, and convenient way to print from your laptop and smart phone, all of which make it a great choice. I love this printer. I am thankful that I have one. It is necessary and useful.

9. HPRT MT800 Portable Thermal Printer

HPRT MT800 Portable Thermal Printer

There is a one-year limited hardware warranty. Ultra portable and compact. The size of HPRT portable travel printer is 2 times that of an Apple device to fit in a laptop briefcase, backpack, or luggage, and is especially good for emergency printing on the go or business traveling. The nature of being a portable printer, not a canon or color printer, makes the Black-and-White version of the MT800 a good choice. The print quality is decent with a strong black and waterproof text legibly in PDF or Word files by utilizing thermal transfer No-ink technology. The more glossy the paper surface is, the more clear the printing quality is. AirPrint is not supported on the printer currently. The HPRT MT800 portable printer is compatible with a variety of computers and mobile devices, including the iPad. Except for CHROMEBOOK. The only thing that is supported on the MAC is the wireless technology. The preferred connection is ausb It takes 5 minutes to setup the wireless Monochrome mobile printer, and you don't need a verification code to protect your privacy. Great customer service doesn't work. Will you not be able to connect to your Mac or Windows laptop or PC? Are you not satisfied with Printout? They offer a detailed user manual in the package and uploaded some operation guide videos for the HPRT portable printer on the product page, you can solve the issues easily. Customer questions and answers and HiPrint have instruction video provided.

Brand: Hprt

👤I was a little hesitant to buy it. I needed a small printer. This was a good decision. There are a couple of important facts. It works on my phone. It works on my iPad. It takes standard U.S. 8 1/2 X 11 printer paper and the A4 size. I had to download their app for my phone and iPad. That worked. It took a bit of fiddling to connect the printer to my systems. If you want to print a document from the document, you don't do it from the printer. You can do it from the printer app. It took some fiddling for me to successfully perform the search within the printer app. I was led to believe that the printer wouldn't be able to print from my iPad after reading the information on the Amazon website. It can and does so well. Which is a plus for me. I need to print a document far away from my desktop printer, but this printer will help me. I was surprised at how well it performs, how well it seems to be made, and at the quality of the print. I was surprised at how heavy it was. It's only half the weight of a brick, but it's similar to a brick. The printer has one big downside. You can't print from the file. You have to find the file you want to print from within the printer app. Sometimes that is impossible for me. The ability to search for a file within the app is limited. The printer is useless if I can't find the file I want. Every time you start the app, you have to ask for a code. Which is a burning sensation. It would be more useful if HPRT could fix that app so that you can print from the file.

👤Couldn't connect to any device at all. Customer service fixed my issue.

👤The app doesn't work. I was excited but upset and disappointed.

👤You have to type "hprt driver mt800" in the search box. You can pick the drivers you want from the drop-down list and it will install on your computer. The pages weren't completely clear initially, but after a few pages it will be clear. I haven't tried the capabilities from my phone.

👤The portable scanner has a lot of features. It is easy to carry around. It doesn't take a lot of space on my desk or drawer. It has a battery that can be charged through ausb c The interface was easy to install. I was able to download the app and then print the documents in a very short time. The ink drum is expensive. I use them when I really need them. The print was clear with no black areas. Very fast and efficient. This is what I needed. One of the most useful and versatile devices you can find. Love it.

👤Well. It is a cool printer for the road. My problem was that it was used. They try to sell used stuff as new. Will be coming back for a refund. If you look at the pictures, you will see the box is torn. There are scratches on the unit and on the packaging. No thanks, thanks but no thanks.

10. BENTSAI Portable Intelligent Languages Including

BENTSAI Portable Intelligent Languages Including

Great customer service doesn't work. Will you not be able to connect to your Mac or Windows laptop or PC? Are you not satisfied with Printout? They offer a detailed user manual in the package and uploaded some operation guide videos for the HPRT portable printer on the product page, you can solve the issues easily. Customer questions and answers and HiPrint have instruction video provided. The original high-definition Quick-Drying Ink Cartridge (Black) is used in the Handheld Inkjet Printer (BT-HH6105B2). Print is clear and strong. The Handheld Printer Ink Cartridge is different from the other Ink Cartridges. TheBT-HH6105B2 has a 4.3inch color touch screen, image display clearly, easy to operate, and support multiple languages. Products are certified through various quality certifications. The Handheld Inkjet Printer (BT-HH6105B2) can print a variety of contents, including text, numbers, symbols, barcodes, pictures, time, date, counter and so on. The maximum length of single printing is 406mm, and the highest resolution of the printed picture is 150px. The Handheld Inkjet Printer (BT-HH6105B2) can be printed on a variety of materials. It is important to note that. Printing in a straight position works best. There is no need to use an app to directly edit in the printer system or import the picture from theusb drive.

Brand: Bentsai

👤This is my second purchase of this printer. The first one has been perfect for about 8 mos. It made sense to buy a 2nd after finding so many uses. It saves time, energy and labor to print box labels. Program in the unit code and hit print. It's a little pricey. We were shocked at how long it lasted. We charge/use the battery on the fly. I feel like we got our money's worth, because thousands of boxes were printed on the first cartridge. It comes with a hard metal storage case and a lot of attachments so my vote is thumbs up.

👤Is there anyone who can teach me how to make a barcode readable? No quality at all. The barcode is readable if you show it live. I try to change all the times, but it is not readable. There is a Nothing at all. Is he doing his job? The owners don't have an answer for me. I need to print barcodes. Don't want any money back! Just need that, nothing more than that. I need to know how to get readable barcodes.

👤Every day at the office, we talk about 100 boxes printing on labels done sticking on the box information how many boxes and what inside and how much it costs to inject portable wireless printer. This printer has a large screen, lots of functions inside, and you can type text on it, and print it right away. If you need a special design for example logo, it is easy to save on ausb drive and upload directly into the printer in a beautifully made case with additional cables and rollers for the belt, you can set up on automatic press and print boxes on conveyor. Is it delaut a cartridge that has all the details listed in the manual, but it costs a lot, but when you save a labor time in your production 10 times faster, it's really great. The sprinter has a battery that lasts a whole week on one charge. Even on cheap cardboard or plastic, prints are invisible. There is a Everyone is waiting online to use that toy in our office.

👤I needed a new hand held printer for my business and I found one that was the most advanced I have ever seen. The device is rock solid out of the box. The buttons, ports, touch screen, app features, and ink cartridge are the best I have ever used, and it's not cheap. The software is updatable. The editor works perfectly for size and including width and height. Adding number sequence and bar code printing is very easy to do, and my hand scanner works perfectly with it, and I can actually see the bars faster than I used to. I have saved some of my prints onto it, without any external memory devices, because it has storage. It is possible to plug in a drive that will read images or text from the drive, and it will also load fast. It will print on any flat surface, no matter what surface it is. I was going to send images for the review, however, they weren't enough, so I included a video, boasting some of its features and showing the printer on some hard to print surfaces. The main point for me is that the printing is flawless. Every time, there was a perfect print, no partial bar lines, no fading of characters, and no bleed offs. This is a low maintenance device. Once the ink runs out, you can just replace the cartridge with a brand new one, and there's no need to buy a new print head. I have yet to run out of this cartridge, but it's the same as an xl one where it holds a lot of ink. The device is easy to get, always has the name brand, prices are good, and it's not worth the head ache if you don't use a refill. The touch screen is not a cheap screen, it is very high resolution, touch screen is high sensitive type, where it is the hard screen and not the cheap flat screen, where it is a joy to use. The computer has to be high powered because it takes less than a second to go from screen to screen, even when it is caching the print job. I like the option of pressing PRINT, and then the print head will send a new print to the printer. The flow is smooth and glides along with the rollers. I have never seen anything like this before. I can use the whole device without tiring my hand or arm. The designers of this device took their time, and I could not find a single thing that did not work to my satisfaction.

11. Portable Printer Wireless Compatible Printing Grayscale

Portable Printer Wireless Compatible Printing Grayscale

For a full list of supported phones, please be sure to visit their website or the Lifeprint Compatibility section below. It's compatible with the phone, laptop,desktop and tablets. The support paper type is 57.5mm. There is a thermal sticker on the paper. You can download the app from the Apple store or the Google play store. Eco-friendly printing machine uses inkless technology, no ink toners needed, saves energy and the world. Printing can be done anytime and anywhere with the build-in battery design.

Brand: Pooolitech

👤I needed this to make shipping labels. I only ship a few times a month so I needed something small, quick, inkless, inexpensive and could print from my phone. I am giving this 5 stars because it was a tall order to meet and it does work. I appreciated the paper that came with it. How is it difficult? It isn't the best at connecting to my phone. Don't give up, you have to mess with it a lot. I printed a test sheet after holding the button down. The app is not great. It works. To print postage, I have to buy it on eBay or Poshmark, save it to my phone's files, and then open the file in the app and crop, resizing, and turn the image to fit the full sheet. That sounds worse than it is. I used to leave space at the top of the sheet so it prints better. If you choose to print as text, then it prints darker. You can change the density of the color. I would buy it again because it is exactly what I want. I would still be cutting it down to size with a regular printer. I don't think it would be efficient for someone to run a small business. It is great for micro scale. Kids would love it.

👤I bought this to make address labels and the Poooli makes them, so this was perfect. 300dpi resolution is more than adequate for labels or receipts. It is simple to use. Would buy again.

👤It is small and perfect for printing labels. I sell things on eBay a lot, and this is what I needed.

👤The product is ok. I can not recommend it, it is not a great experience, and it is awkward with no instructions for use.

👤I returned the printer because I wanted to color it.

👤I was skeptical after reading about the issues but decided to go for it anyways. When I turn the printer on, it connects automatically. USPS labels from pirate ship are open in the poooli app and can be printed with no issues. Their label paper met my expectations. The illustrated instructions of how to load the paper show the roll going in the wrong way and I was a bit annoyed for about 20 seconds.

👤I almost returned because it connected to my phone but it wasn't printing, the instructions said to download the app but didn't say which one it was, it connected right away and worked perfect, I almost returned because it connected to my phone but it wasn't printing, the


What is the best product for portable printer wireless for travel?

Portable printer wireless for travel products from Epson. In this article about portable printer wireless for travel you can see why people choose the product. Prt and Hprt are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable printer wireless for travel.

What are the best brands for portable printer wireless for travel?

Epson, Prt and Hprt are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable printer wireless for travel. Find the detail in this article. Bentsai, Poooli and Zjx are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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