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1. EasyGo Products Inflatable Movie Screen

EasyGo Products Inflatable Movie Screen

Application areas. The projection screen can be used indoors or outdoors. There are many things like camping, backyard movie, home theater, large commercial activity center, performance entertainment center, even mini drive-in theater. The mega inflatable movie screen is easy to set up and it is convenient to use. A user manual with a step by step guide is included. The inflatable stakes, rope, tent, and air blower are included. There is a screen and a framework. The inflation fan and screen work well together. The canvas can be removed for easy cleaning. The outdoor movie screen is 96" wide and 58" tall. When it is plugged in, it blows up with air. The design is attractive. A mega outdoor movie screen kit includes an inflatable frame, a screen, a blower, ground stakes, tie-down strings and D rings. The stability of the screen is ensured by the tie-down. Travel-friendly: Have you ever wanted a big screen that is mobile? The inflatable cinema screen is easy to take. It's great for camping adventures, picnics, and outdoor birthday and wedding parties. Movie theater, just set up a mega inflatable movie screen and get in the mood for a great viewing experience. You can have a party while watching your favorite movies or sports. Let's start the party! Add to cart now!

Brand: Easygoproducts

👤This movie screen is good. It was difficult to get a good picture at night, but it looks better in person than in this picture, so if you want to see how big it is during the day, check out my pictures. I was going to cheap out and get a white sheet to hang on the back of my house, but then I decided on this blow up screen and it is amazing. It only took 43 seconds for my wife and I to blow it up. Everyone is jealous of the $125 Pansonite projector I got, it looks great and is easy to put together. On summer nights my wife and I watch movies and TV outside. Going to be great in the fall and spring. The fan noise is not loud, it has straps to push into the ground with stakes so it does not blow over, and we tried to patch it up, but the fan keeps blowing it up. Please let me know if my review helped you, have a great day!

👤Maybe the best purchase we have ever made. It is used for outdoor movie viewing. It's nice to pack up nicely. The bigger one might be too big. The nylon screen cannot see the wrinkling of the film. The base is a good design and you don't really need the ties to keep it from swaying. The screen snaps on and off for storage. It was flat in about a minute. It's easy to use and fun. This should be recommended to everyone.

👤I can't say enough about this screen. My boys wanted to watch a UFC fight at the graduation party. We looked online to see how to make a screen. We knew by the time we bought fabric, lumber, and other materials that it would be more expensive than the ready to go screen. It would take a long time to make it. I decided to buy an inflatable screen. It went up in a few minutes because it was fun to set up. I found that you can rent these screens, but the cost was almost what I paid for, and the company wanted to send someone to put it up and then take it down, so they only allowed a couple of hours use. This product is terrible.

👤We love this screen. It is very easy to tear down. We were able to hang the screen in our basement when the inflatable piece was not in use because it clips onto the black inflatable sides. It is amazing.

👤This screen is great. It is easy to set up and take down. The blower is quiet. This screen is very satisfied with it.

👤I used the 17' screen the first night after purchasing it. The setup was easy, but the fan was too small to keep the screen inflated, which was a problem. I started the movie by anchoring the screen. The screen would fold over just above the side anchor rings when the breeze picked up. I decided to buy another fan because I like the screen but it needs a bigger fan. There is no information on the size of the fan on the product information page. I have to play the guessing game with the new fan. It would be great to know the size fan that came with the screen. I haven't been able to find another fan to purchase since I can't find information on the fan size. I have not been able to use the screen because of the wind in Saudi Arabia. I have been demoted to two stars because I can't use the screen and I can't find a fan.

2. Mdbebbron 120 Inch Projection Screen

Mdbebbron 120 Inch Projection Screen

Everything you need to install accessories is included in the price of the service. They will give you free return and refund service, as well as lifetime warranty service. They are always online, so if you have any questions, please contact them. The compact one-piece is lightweight and folding. You can put the screen in a backpack or suitcase. It's ideal for home theater movie,office, education, conference room presentation, public display, outdoor movie and more. The Projection Screen are made of natural Polyester fabric that is anti-wrinkle and high in elasticity. The Projection Screen can be fastened with hooks, ropes, brackets, nails, and double side tape. The diagonal 120" screen format has a 104" x 58" viewing area.

Brand: Mdbebbron

👤I had to modify the way it was used because it was a good screen for my application. The rope is cheap and I wouldn't use it. The screen is good. I built a frame with 1 x 4 and a staple gun for $12. If I painted the wood white, it would be better.

👤We put hooks on 2x4 to weigh down the bottom and did a great job pulling the screen taught evenly. Works well.

👤The screen has a black edge with black grommets so that it can be mounted inside a frame or stretched out with string. The screen appears to have a lot of wrinkling. It becomes a smooth surface when you stretch it out in an even manner. I strung the screen inside of the frame from the pipe. It looks good.

👤The screen is perfect for our use. We bought it for outdoor movie nights, whether it was on the garage door, in the back yard, or inside the garage. It is easy to install and shows a great picture. I have attached pictures that show how well I can see the picture despite being surrounded by Christmas lights.

👤The screen was great. It took less than 10 minutes to set it up. I used hooks and rope and it was very easy to stretch into place. I don't have it against a wall, but it's still a great picture. You could watch it from the other side if you didn't mind it being reversed.

👤It's worth the money. When I received it, there were a few small problems, but once you pull the screen tight, you can't see them. My nail gun and spray paint were used to make a frame. It turned out great.

👤A successful outdoor movie night. Attached to my gazebo!

👤I love this screen. I used a sheet before. This is the best gift I have ever received.

👤The large screen can be put into a suitcase or bag. The screen comes with tape, hooks and cords to hang it. The screen is similar to a white micro-fibre cloth which is used to show a projector image.

👤Présentation de film extérieur par l'arrire.

👤I had a white wall so I thought this screen would improve the colors but it doesn't and even makes things appear blurry so this is only for people with a white wall.

3. Portable Projector Screen Stand Inch

Portable Projector Screen Stand Inch

The movie screen is designed for providing high-resolution images, enriched colors and supreme watching experience from different viewing positions. The projector screen with stand is ready for set up in a few minutes. If there is a wind, you can fix the scaffold on the ground. It's convenient to carry. The portable movie screen frame is made of lightweight but sturdy aluminum and can be easily transported to any location with a soft padded carrying bag. It was easy to put away in the car trunks. It's easy to travel with for family trips, camping, or backyard movie nights. The Projection Screen are made with natural Polyester fabric, which is fine workmanship, fiber flexibility, no curling and no wrinkling. The projector screen with stand is perfect for home theater, schools, offices, weddings, church, education, conference room presentation, public display, outdoor movie and other displays. The projector screen with stand is perfect for home theater, schools, offices, weddings, church, education, conference room presentation, public display, outdoor movie and other displays.

Brand: Hoin

👤I have a baby with me every single day. I am also taking care of her. We don't have time to go to a movie theater. We can't because we have a baby. I thought about bringing the movie screen into our house. We could watch it at home. This sounds crazy to me. I searched for a portable projector screen on Amazon. I didn't know which one to buy. I thought the price was a good deal. It is 100 inch too. We have a big yard and it works great in 16.9 HD 4K. We could just sit outside and watch the movie. We are going to try it out. We got a projector screen. The case was small when it arrived. They sent us the wrong one. It was a huge surprise when we got it all set up. This was what I wanted. It felt like the movie theater screen was at our house when we closed the lights. It has a big screen. It is very light and easy to set up. It's not hard to move around. It is good for a movie. You can get a big screen right here. You can make some popcorn and snacks. If the portable projector screen is used inside and you have a little kid, I would suggest you put something heavy that can hold the bottem so it won't tip or fall. If you put it outside, you also have the option of putting it inside the dirt.

👤I bought this screen for my husband. It is amazing. The picture is clear. The screen is made of stretch material and did not have any wrinkling after being stretched. We did not mount it with the stakes because it was a bit windy, but once we put it up, it was great, it blew over a bit, but once we put it up, it was great. Great purchase. The pieces were in a box with a carrying case and bags to hold the frame down. He came really fast. The picture was very clear and crisp.

👤I wanted to make some good memories for the grandkids during this summer, so I thought about outdoor movies. The projector set looked at the reviews and decided to take a shot. I set it up in under 10 minutes. I used bungee cords to set the legs in place on my deck, instead of buying the sandbags. We sat on the gazebo and watched the movie. Great purchase! I have another screen that is more difficult to assemble. Just as easy as it went up.

👤I thought the packaging was small. It is very easy to assemble. My 3 year old helped me put it together. The picture is clear and the screen is clean. The carrying bag is something I like the most about this screen. Instructions on the bag make it easy to fit everything inside. It's useful for someone who always loses instructions.

👤This projector screen is very nice, it is great to give the kid a view of an indoor or outdoor movie, it is easy to setup, it is lightweight, and it is good to clean and dry. We love it so much that we have family movies night every Friday and we can carry it everywhere.

4. Projector Screen 120 Inch Osoeri

Projector Screen 120 Inch Osoeri

Lifetime Tech Support by email, web chat, or Toll-Free phone call by Elite's Professional Service Team is included in the 2-year manufacturer warranty. Any purchases made by educational, non-profit, religious or government organizations are covered by the 3-year warranty. The projector screen is 120 inches wide and 104.3 inches long, and has 4K HD high-resolution images, bright enriched colors, and stunning visual experience. A projector screen with a wide viewing angle up to 160 will show a clear and bright picture from any orientation, no need to huddle in front of the screen with your friends. The material isrinkle-free and high absorbance. The screen for the projector is made of a smooth material that leaves no crease when folded or compressed. Light left by long-term folding can be easily removed with a steam iron. The portable projector screen is easy to set up, it comes with two ropes of 393.7 inches long enough for outdoor installation and 16 hooks for indoor wall mounting. Personal Exclusive Cinema The portable projector screen can be folded in a backpack to make it easy to carry out. You can enjoy your home theater everywhere, it's suits for home, backyard party, office, drive-in theater, exhibitions, and more. They also provide professional after-sales service.

Brand: Osoeri

👤It needs to look better around the screen. The delivery tone was awesome and this was well worth the money.

👤It's just a bed sheet with holes, but it's worth the money in the long run.

👤I used this screen for my projections. I used it as a projector. The screen looked white out on the viewing side and perfect color on the opposite side, so I was less than thrilled. The lights had to be off and a dark room was needed. The colors popped on both sides of the screen when I did that.

👤The price was right so I grabbed this. The screen was great when we put it up in the garage. It was left in the package for about a month prior to use, so it was not seen through or wrinkled. The quality was amazing, like I was watching a movie on my tv. We plan to hang it from our RV on camping trips.

👤Every time the screen hooks fell off the wall it took paint with it. The screen was working. It was frustrating waking up to a fallen screen. Returning it today.

👤It's the best deal out there for its size and quality.

👤I end up returning a projector screen cloth that was very cheap.

👤I only needed push pins to put it on the wall because I just got it out of the bag and hanging it up. It is easy to manage a light weight.

👤Arruga un poco, se transparente, pero no mucho.

👤The item arrived late and opened without all the parts, except the screen.

5. Projector Screen Stand Portable Projection

Projector Screen Stand Portable Projection

This projector screen with stand is equipped with a projector screen, storage bag, iron pipe, tethers, and professional customer service. The projector screen has a wide viewing angle. The projection screen is made of high-quality material. That supports Front and Rear projection. The projection screen can be set in 5 minutes. Several kinds of accessory are needed to set it up. The projection screen has a weight of 8 lbs. You can either hold it on one hand or put travel bags on your shoulders, it's easy to carry and set up. It was easy to put away in the car trunks. It's easy to travel with for family trips. Excellent quality aluminum ALLOY. The foldable projector screen with four feet base is stable. Plastic joints can be inserted into aluminum poles with a tight fit. It can be inserted in the hole of the bases when in the lawn, which can improve the stability. Application areas. The projection screen can be used indoors or outdoors. There are many things like camping, backyard movie, home theater, large commercial activity center, performance entertainment center, even mini drive-in theater. Please be careful when using the AUDIO projector screen in the wind, rain, and snow. A brand new projector screen can be washed or iron.

Brand: Aodiou

👤The price was reasonable, but my feet broke off on a windy night. My husband had to drill and cut off the broken spots. The screen was very clear. I have a new spandex screen that I bought a while ago.

👤I'm on the board of a community organization that needs a screen for presentations. I ordered this so that I could loan it whenever I needed it. Sometimes a community organization needs a screen, and our organization partners with them. It's what we needed. It is very light and has its own carrying bag. The assembly instructions are printed on the outside of the duffle in case you misplace them. It's easy to set up. The clothesline and ground anchors are not something we'll need much, but they are there in case we have an outdoor event. It comes with hooks in case you need to hang it, but that's not something we're apt to need. There was an angle/corner piece and an extra connector included. If you're going to use the loops on the top corner pieces for something other than hanging it or running the clothesline, you need to orient them in the same position. I'm guessing the top position is for hanging and the sides are for anchoring. I'm happy we won't have to use an old fashioned square screen for our upcoming events. Five stars.

👤The carry bag had paper instructions printed on it. It took less than 10 minutes to setup. It took 4 minutes to tear down. It's easy to fit back into the bag. I used this in an indoor situation and it seems sturdy for outdoor use as well. You would want to use the included tie lines and anchor in case of wind. I think this would stand up on a nice day. It seems very strong. There are extra pole and 90 degree connections. They looked like they were made of a light grade of plastic. A great screen for a game. Hope this helps!

👤I was looking for a screen that was lightweight and self-standing so I could use it with a projector to show movies with my grandsons. This one came with a soft carrying case for transport and storage. The assembly instructions were printed on the outside of the storage back and included on the instruction sheet, which was a welcome reprieve from the lack of assembly instructions in recent years. The actual required assembly for setting up the screen is part of the great assembly instructions. Even if the transport bag needed to be a little larger, there are many poles and small connection pieces included that could have been combined before reaching the consumer to simplify assembly. It took my son about 20 minutes to set up the screen, and he is good at assembling items. You would need to disassemble most pieces to fit back in the included storage bag. This assembly/disassembly adds a bit of a damper to the idea of a quick setup for a movie night. The screen is great. The included stakes keep it stable during use, and the size is great for viewing outdoors. We have already used the screen to watch movies with my grandson and my son, both of which had great picture when combined with our high-quality projector. The picture is brighter with this premium screen than it was with lower quality screens and sheets. I didn't notice visibility issues or wrinkling when the screen stretched onto the stand. I'm very happy with the upgrade from my previous setup and look forward to using it for many fun outdoor movies.

6. Projector Screen 120inch Portable Projection

Projector Screen 120inch Portable Projection

The 120-inch outdoor projector screen with stand is made of high-quality natural polyester fiber, thicker than other ordinary screens. The sharpness and brightness of the image are greatly improved by the foldable movie screen. The screen is soft and smooth, giving you more pleasure and less mold. Innovative design. The telescopic tripod structure makes it more convenient to use. Even in windy conditions, the upgraded projection screen will give you a great viewing experience. High-quality accessories. The telescopic design of the projection brackets is made of high-quality steel pipes, and the surface is rust-proof paint, so there is no need to worry about bending or rust. The eye nuts are matched with the buckle structure to make the support more stable. The user experience is further enhanced by the triangular structure and accessories. It is lightweight and portable. The projector screen with stand is easy to carry and pack, making it an excellent audio-visual experience for you and your family anywhere. It is a great gift for birthdays, holidays and anniversaries. The product has a projector screen, eye nut, cross bar, ground nail, and storage bags.

Brand: P-jing

👤The projector has been great. We did a lot of research and compared it to other similar products, but based on reviews we felt this one beat the others on paper, and hoped it would in performance as well. We used to love going to the movies as a family, and this has made it feel like we really never need to go anywhere to get that big screen feeling again! The picture quality is amazing and my husband is very picky about it. The set-up and take-down are both very easy to set up, and it comes with a convenient case for storage. We bought this thinking it would be used for movies in the backyard with our teenagers and their friends. It has become a fun family night accessory for movies and Nintendo switch game battles. If you have older kids and a movie or game fan, just sayin'. We are loving every second of it, because this just brought it all to a whole new level. Not investing in one of these sooner is our only regret.

👤In this age of Covid-19, when entertaining inside is not advisable, this works well to view audio-visual media with friends outside. There is a screen in the backyard. Add your laptop and projector.

👤The stands for the screen were poor. I tried to put it up myself. The weight of the screen made it difficult to extend the arms of the stands to their full height. The stand tipping over with the weight of the screen was the result of the last attempt to raise the stands. The plastic that was set in at the top of one of the stands was snapped between the two stands. The stand is useless after this because it was plastic holding the bolt. The plastic piece was going to fail at some point but it failed in the first attempt at assembly. It seemed that the bases on the stands could have helped prevent tipping. If you can assemble with more than one person, then the screen could be secured with anchor ropes to prevent it from tipping. I didn't get far enough to test that theory. The screen seemed to be of high quality. I would not recommend this product because of the stands.

👤Customer service by P-Jing is good. They were responsive to our issue, but the main problem is the quality of the top connector. It is made out of aluminum and should not be made of steel because of the pressure that is put on it. Unless you are going to handle it very delicately, don't buy this screen. It is designed to be an outdoor screen, so should stand up to some wind, be bumping by kids, or be moving around with out snapping. I should have returned the whole screen for a refund after the first time the top connector broke. They agreed to send a replacement part since I liked the screen. It took almost a month because it had to come from China. They were quick to give an update when I queried the status. The other side broke the very next time we used it. They should have made this part in a more durable material. Disappointing.

7. Projector Screen Stand Outdoor Tripods

Projector Screen Stand Outdoor Tripods

There is a projector screen with a stand and a package. The screen is 100” with a stand. The 100” portable projector screen with stand tripod is a perfect mobile projection solution for professional or personal projection needs, it has a big screen TV-beating 100" screen diagonal size with the standard 16:9 aspect ratio. It's ideal for backyards, pool decks, and recreation room installations, such as home theatre, wedding, games projection, school/ office presentation, outdoor movie nights. A sturdy base for this projector screen for outdoor movie use can be provided by the Unique 2 foldable tripod, which can be adjusted to accommodate various height settings. The place where no drilling is needed for mounting is perfect for the floor-standing tripod screen. The wind protection design of 5*ground stakes, 2*ropes, and 2*water bags are included to strengthen the screen on windy days so that you can enjoy the open-air cinema. There is a front/renaissance and brew free project. The projector screen outdoor is made of premium polyester and spandex material, which is Wrinkle-free and light-shielding that features 1.1 gain and soft light reflection, and a large viewing angle of 160 degrees provide very clear images in different viewing position. The portable design of the backyard projector screen with stand is easy to set up and tear down indoors and outdoors. It can be set up in 5 minutes with no tools required. The screen and stand can be folded into a carrying case, which takes little space and is easy to carry, making it a good choice for traveling and camping. They offer a 3 year warranty for the video projection screen. If you have a problem with the outdoor movie screen, missed parts, or received a broken item, please contact them and they will send you a new one for free. The projection screen is very versatile and can be used in many applications.

Brand: Mooka Family

👤I got this screen today and I love it! We have been projecting onto a white wall. The screen makes the picture clear. It is easy to set up and take down. It is very study without the water bags, but the water bags are very easy to fill up and use. I am looking forward to using the screen outdoors for college football and family movies. As we use it more, I will add more photos.

👤A light iron or a steamer would do the job because of the smallwrinkle in the fabric. It's great for a portable screen. Would recommend.

👤I'm happy with my order. I can't wait to use it. I will put them all together soon after the parts came in nice and undamaged. I'm satisfied with my order so far.

👤The portable screen is bright. I knew it was a 100" screen but didn't know how big it was. The screen is made of cloth. It was folded. You can't see any crease after mounted. It is bright and has a nice view. The projector can be out of the way if you project from the back. It's a handy feature for an outdoor party. It's easy to set up. There were no tools needed. One reviewer needed a friend to help set up. The weight or complication are not the reason for it. The legs are on tripods and the height can be adjusted between 20 and 25". It is quiet by itself. I use the water bags for added stability. Ropes and ground stakes will be used to secure it against the wind. It's as easy to take down. The carrying case has everything in it. If you need a large portable project screen, this is the purchase for you.

👤Simple design and easy to set up with picture instructions. I didn't put the vertical poles to keep the screen taut, so I built it wrong. It was folded in the packaging but when you turn off the lights and project on it you don't see them at all. I was impressed with that. I don't have to worry about making a crease when I store it. It comes with a case to hold everything.

👤I bought this because I wanted to use it as a backdrop for my TikTok videos, and it came in a nice secure box, but I'm going to purchase a projector so that I can watch movies with it. If I could order from this company again and again, I would use it more because it is so lightweight and easy to put together. It is worth it if you are thinking of buying it.

👤The screen was easy to put together. It took less than 10 minutes to setup. The stand is sturdy and the parts are well made. The screen is good. The picture is clear and vibrant. It has a portable bag to hold all the parts. I want the weather to warm up. I can have a movie night outside.

8. Projector Screen P JING Projection Movies

Projector Screen P JING Projection Movies

The diagonal 120" screen format has a 104" x 58" viewing area. 100% Wrinkle And High Absorbance Material The projection screen is made of thick and soft material to ensure it is Wrinkle free after being folded or compressed. Don't display all you want, just do it! It makes your life more enjoyable by displaying movies, games, photos, music, and games. Their projector screen can be used as a gift to your family, friends, lovers, and enhance relationship by sharing viewing experiences or talking about the plot in the movie night or some important occasion. The projector screen with a wide viewing angle up to 160 and 120 inch big size means you don't need to sit in front of the screen, just choose the most comfortable viewing posture to enjoy wonderful movie night. You will be able to unfold the screen and mount it in a matter of minutes, thanks to the 12 metal finished grommets which can be hung on a wall. The screen can be used indoors and outdoors. The projector screen has a viewing area of 104" x 58" and is available in a diagonal 120'' offering. They are professional customer service. Technical support for customers is provided by them. Questions about the foldable projection screen will be answered in 12 hours.

Brand: P-jing

👤The material is light and strong. If you have a strong projector, you can see clearly behind the screen, which is a bonus for clever projector placement. If the screen isn't taught, there will be a down side, but it's not noticeable in the grand scheme of things. The screen is great for what I need and it's great for the price. Cheers to the guys.

👤It works, but I wish I'd gotten the more expensive one. If you don't want to do rear projection, a backed screen is a good choice. It's a spandex material, so it stretches. A frame is needed for the wind in an outdoor setting. It does a decent job, but I wouldn't buy it again for my needs.

👤Wrinkles are not something to worry about. They come out in a few minutes. The 150" model is way bigger than you think. The frame is tall and wide. I am 5' 10". Its huge. It is supposed to be an outdoor screen for movies. I gave up trying to drape it flat. You can see in the image that is reversed that it does very well on the rear projection. I think I got a good price.

👤The 120 inch screen has a stretch which allows for a tight screen and it works well from behind, 5 stars.

👤My second grade classroom did not have a projector screen or a white board that was reflective, it was a mess. I put up some hooks so I can hang it when I need it, then unhook and gather to one side when I don't. It is affordable and practical. I would definitely recommend it.

👤The screen worked well for the movie. The material is stretchy and there is a fewwrinkle. The picture quality was unaffected because we could stretch most of the wrinkling out. The edges are clean. We used 1 1/2 inch pipe to build the frame. It is anchored by 3 foot high steel garden fence posts.

👤It wasn't what we expected. It's not a bad thing. It is a soft material and it is Wrinkle free. Hanging this is a pain in the rear. If you want to learn from our mistakes, find the middle of the projector screen at the top and staple or nail it. Pull taught enough from left to right so there is no sagging. You don't have to have access to both ends. The benefits in the end are better than being lazy and leaving at saggy, as you have seen in other reviews, because it is a tedious procedure. We decided to add wood trim around our screen to give it a more clean look, but we still have to repaint and caulk, but we love the cleaner look. Say goodbye to 3-4 hours of your life.

👤It was the best Christmas purchase. The screen is easy to set up and break down.

👤This product would work great in front of a solid surface, even though it didn't work for us because we hung it in front of a row of windows. The setup only takes a few minutes, and it is very easy to store in the bag included. The seller was amazing to deal with.

9. Elite Screens Master Outdoor Projector

Elite Screens Master Outdoor Projector

It is compatible with most of the projectors on the market. The Diagonal is 120 inches and the Aspect Ratio is 16. Overall Size: 88.9" H x 109.8" W x 36.7" Leg Size. The frame is silver. Projection on the front of the building. CineWhite is a projector screen material. 4K Ultra HD and Active 3D Projection Ready. 180 degree viewing angle and fully black backed projection. ISF is for Accurate color points, Dynamic Range and Color temperature. It is easy to clean with soap and water. Standard, short-throw and ultra- short-throw projectors are compatible. It's assembled in minutes without using tools. The lightweight aluminum square tube construction is easy to carry. The projector screen should not be left exposed to the elements for long periods of time. Store screen away indoors for maximum longevity. The frame is tensioned and has a flat projection. Includes: a frame with legs, a bag, a rigging cord, and support rings.

Brand: Elite Screens

👤Summary It's lightweight but sturdy and folds up quickly. The screen is noticeable but not distracts. I'm in love. I bought a projector to show movies in my backyard, but I was worried about what to do with the screen. I assumed that anything worthwhile would be too expensive and that I would have to put something together with a white tarp. It would have been a mistake. The whole unit is packed in a carrying case that is small enough to fit in a baby crib. The main frame is cleverly folded in 4 places to fit inside the carrying case. The screen snaps all along the frame, keeping it tightly stretched and adding strength to the frame. It takes about 10 minutes to setup and 10 minutes to fold up and put away, but it's much easier with two people. The frame is very lightweight and easy to move around in open spaces once it is put together. The screen is so big that closed-in spaces are a little tricker. I have an unused space near the door to my backyard where I can keep the screen between viewings, which is really useful. If you have to go up/down stairs to store it, you'll probably need two people to negotiate the angles. When I first purchased the screen, I thought I would need to set some things on the legs to keep it in place, but of course there's an out-of-the-box solution for that. The screen is secured to the ground with little holes in the legs. These work well, but make sure you have a hammer. There are more measures involving twine. I never had a problem with it. I'm happy with the quality of the screen. The screen must be folded up to fit into the carrying case. The screen is stretched across the frame. The screen was attached to the frame for a few weeks, but I still saw the crease. This didn't bother me at all because they never distracted from the movie I was watching. This screen is perfect for backyard movie nights because it is built for a very tight niche. It isn't appropriate for an indoor home theater arrangement, but it's lightweight and mobile, making it perfect for your backyard.

👤I put it up as soon as I got it. I wanted to make sure I didn't have any issues with the screen. The plan worked and the screen is clean. I was excited to get to the set up of my mini projector after it arrived the same day. I put the frame up on my own. I tried to snap in the screen, but needed assistance. It was a nice day and the screen is very taught, so it needs a bit of muscle. It was a snap once "muscle" was recruited. The quality of the screen and structure is great. You can see a screen on my deck at night. This came in time for the holidays. I can imagine myself enjoying a winter in Florida, watching movies in my hot tub. Highly recommended. So much fun!

10. Inflatable Outdoor Indoor Theater Projector

Inflatable Outdoor Indoor Theater Projector

The projector screen has a viewing area of 104" x 58" and is available in a diagonal 120'' offering. They are professional customer service. Technical support for customers is provided by them. Questions about the foldable projection screen will be answered in 12 hours. The white Projection Screen Size is 13 feet by 8 feet with an aspect ratio of 16. The stunning front and rear projection material accommodates placement of the projector behind or in front of the screen allowing for greater flexibility. Less than 5 minutes to setup, with the quietest and most powerful blower on the market. Everything is included in the box. The black frame can be wiped clean with any cloth while the white screen is held on by the Velcro and it's fully ready to be stored in a convenient included storage bag. Bring your family and friends together for an outdoor movie theater experience that will keep them entertained for hours.

Brand: Khomo Gear

👤Cost 1 is the good. It's big, inflates in a little over a minute, and has a stiff structure. 2. The screen stretches to form a projection area. 3. It is easy to clean. The screen can be cleaned by spraying it with a hose. It takes a long time to dry. 4. Don't recommend this, because deflating it will put the wet screen on the dirty muddy ground. Don't use it a lot because: 1. Half the light goes through this thing to allow for rear projection. My projector is barely enough for a no moon night. Wouldn't think any of the projectors are close enough to use a full screen. This one is not as bright as a real projector screen. 2. The wind is a problem. The screen is made of spandex and balloons, and it's easy to see why. It's a big parachute. A 15mph wind will most likely pull the stakes out of the ground. 3. I am very worried about mold unless it's really dry, because rain is not good for packing after use. 4. The bag is too small for one person to pack it in under 10 minutes. It's a frustrating job with only one person. The base tube has a vent in the middle that prevents easy folding and rolling from one side. It is necessary to fold and roll from both sides at the same time. They should put the vent at the end. 5. The fan needs continuous running. It is definitely heard 40' away. The movie volume will drown this out. 6. The white spandex screen is easy to clean. It takes hours for it to dry after being hosed off. 7. The black inflation tubes are the most likely cause of the stains on the screen. There are 8. The projector can be seen through the screen. The audience can see the projector if they are not sitting, because the base of the screen is off the ground. The projector needs to be on the ground. The higher the screen, the better. There are 9. Not very good with short cast projectors. The image is dancing on the screen. It was very annoying. Will need an absolutely still night or indoors if no one walks by the screen.

👤I was skeptical about the screen. I'm a nerd and have learned the hard way how to get what you pay for. Since it was only $200, I assumed that the quality would be flimsy, the screen would be small, and the blower would be loud. The screen is legit. It was well-built and looked great. I wouldn't plan on it lasting forever, but it exceeded my expectations, so I'm happy with it. I was a little worried that the screen would need a brighter projector than we have. We ran a projector that was bright enough to see about 15 minutes before dark. The picture was great when it was dark. Since the blower sits behind the screen, you don't notice it much. You have to sit further away from a screen this size so you need some speakers with a little kick. The chairs were 15 feet further back than we'd normally sit in. Unless you are in front of a computer or a small speaker, you're not going to be able to run this with it. You can either get a plug-in boombox or a heavy duty battery powered speaker, or both. We have a 150 watt Monster Rockin' Roller that would have done the trick if we had used it. You can get that speaker at Sam's Club for $120. The initial setup was a little difficult because you have to attach the screen to the frame. It was too difficult to light everything correctly, so we blew up the screen. We blew the frame up and then I used a ladder to attach the screen. We deflated it, folded it up, and put it in a tub. I don't recommend trying to fit it back in the bag it came in, it looks like a one-way ticket out. It's as large as was advertised. We tied it to weights on the driveway. It's like a giant sail catching wind and you need to do that. It was about the same size as our garage and about 6 feet taller than the top of it. I attached a picture of it with my son for comparison. It's legit and worth the money. A strong recommendation from a nerd.

11. Vamvo Outdoor Projector Foldable Portable

Vamvo Outdoor Projector Foldable Portable

Bring your family and friends together for an outdoor movie theater experience that will keep them entertained for hours. Vamvo outdoor movie projector screen comes with a foldable stand, which can be easily assembled and disassembled without any tools. You can set it up in less than 2 minutes if you unfold the stand and the elastic cord inside drives the stand to connect quickly. It is convenient and you will be able to get rid of the trouble when you use it. The 120-inch movie projector screen has a stand and a wide viewing angle. The Vamvo portable projector screen is your best friend. The movie screen is designed to provide clear, high-resolution images, rich colors, and an excellent viewing experience in different viewing positions. It will make you feel like you're in a movie theater even if you're alone or with friends. The projector screen is made of natural fabric. It is possible to eliminate wrinkled skin with an iron while cleaning up stains and dust with a damp cloth. Vamvo video projector screen is thicker than other regular screens and supports front and rear projection, which is more convenient for you to use and get rid of the annoyance of moving sight that affects the viewing experience. Vamvo portable movie screen with a very textured aluminum stand is lightweight and durable. The stand is lightweight and durable. The movie projector screen and the rust-free aluminum material make it strong enough to be used and resistant to bad weather outdoors. The Vamvo's matching carrying bag with the projector stand and stand's accessories is easy to carry with the foldable 120" projector screen. The Vamvo movie screen projector with stand is perfect for camping. You can carry the projection screen with one hand, and it will fit anywhere you want to go.

Brand: Vamvo

👤I bought a screen for "Movie Nights" in my backyard. I needed a large screen and a projection screen that was easy to setup and take down were some of my biggest concerns. This screen is what I needed. It's well made and set up in a few minutes. A bungee type rope inside the tubing keeps the parts together, while at the same time snapping the segments into place for easy setup. The box is the size of a briefcase and the screen is 100" Rope and stakes are included for windy days. The material on the screen allows for a good picture. It is easy to mount the screen into the frame if you use the hoops that hold the screen to the frame. Take down is quicker to disassemble and store the screen in its box. My guests enjoyed it. It was worth the price to me.

👤I wanted to bring this screen to fiends and family houses. I usually show movies to 3-14 people on weekends. The screen is Pro's: 1. Its portable. It is as light as a screen of this size will be. The bag is great to carry. 2. The set up is very easy. It becomes a screen when you unfold the sides for deployment. Make sure the bottom is pointed the right way, and don't lock the corner locks until after the screen is put on. Push the buttons when you unfold the screen. It took 5 minutes without the ropes. Take down is the same thing. I don't think you can find a way to fold the frame correctly, there is no way to know which side to press first. Just start folding and it will come back to its original position. It takes a little longer to deploy with one person as folding requires hitting buttons on 2 different sides at the same time. 3. The screen is great for projection. No one is going to tell you that the black level is bad. The black siding is good at absorbing overflow. I had to iron the screen because they were folding marks.

👤My daughter was going to see a movie on the projector screen that I bought. The poles were a little lighter gauge and strength than I had hoped for and I will be adding real camping stakes to supplement the small metal stakes provided. The screen is very good. Look for it to be used.

👤I love to watch the matches using the projector that I purchased recently. The clarity on the wall was not good. I tried using a white bed sheet. I decided to try this out as I don't like compromising with the quality of screen viewing during matches, and I could still see the reflection if there is a light falling on the screen. I was expecting it to be better but it wasn't. It feels like I am in a movie theater. The difference is that clarity has gone up a lot. I'm glad I took it. It comes with foldable rocks which are small. The cloth is of top quality. The light does not reflect. I am very happy with the purchase. I need a recliner to make my experience more theatrical. I would recommend it.


What is the best product for portable projector screen outdoor?

Portable projector screen outdoor products from Easygoproducts. In this article about portable projector screen outdoor you can see why people choose the product. Mdbebbron and Hoin are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable projector screen outdoor.

What are the best brands for portable projector screen outdoor?

Easygoproducts, Mdbebbron and Hoin are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable projector screen outdoor. Find the detail in this article. Osoeri, Aodiou and P-jing are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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