Best Portable Projector Stand

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1. GLEAM Universal Laptop Projector Adjustable

GLEAM Universal Laptop Projector Adjustable

The portable projector stand is attached to the installation manual. It is easy to use. You can install a computer in a few minutes. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee against manufacturer defects. Give them a chance to serve you and you will love the high-quality products and fantastic price. It is a risk-free purchase. It is possible to adjust the height. You can adjust its height from 24 inch to 40 inch. It can hold up to 120 lbs. when adjusted to the lowest height. Universal place of employment: It supports laptops, recorder, projector, music notes, books, sound media equipment. There is a viable framework. You can fold it up. The top tray is no longer in use. If you have a question, please email them.

Brand: Gleam

👤I had to write a review of a product that I didn't like very much. I bought a projector first. It was difficult to prop it up to reach the screen. I went looking for a table. The table is sturdy, has enough room on top for remotes, a small external speaker, and a roku, and it has a mat on the table to keep things from slipping. This table is a deal. I bought another one for my daughter because I love it so much.

👤The tripod's base is okay. The platform is what matters. The tripod has no screw to hold the platform top in place. If the platform moves or falls off, you will get broken equipment, and I don't recommend it. I don't call this a solution.

👤The design makes it useless. There is no way to connect the projector platform to the stick. It is a plastic stick that fits in a hole about an inch thick, held together by a single plastic screw, and very, very weak. The platform comes off when you pick it up. Sturdy enough to put my mini projector, but not so much when I put my laptop.

👤People are looking no further. The tripod stand is the best of its kind. You can put many items on top of it, far beyond a projector. Do you own a laptop? There is a spot for a priceless sculpture. Does your cat like the window ledge? It is very cheap and solid. The tripod does not tilt at its base, so it is superior. It is far more reliable for heavier items. I use it with a laptop and musical gear.

👤This works perfectly with my Z-100 telescope. I can use the scope while standing if I adjust the height. The stand is sturdy and easy to assemble, and I also have a projector that I use for outdoor movie nights. I think it will work well with that. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤I was not happy with the tripod I received. The collapsible frame is stuck inside the main frame, so I couldn't assemble yet. It is definitely not easy to assemble. I feel like I was sent a used product because of the signs of wear and tear. Few media have been attached as evidence. I will try to extend the frame and follow the instructions.

👤I use this for my mixing board. It is perfect. Easy assembly, sturdy, has a padded tray. I looked at other options, but they were more expensive. I don't think his is a professional musician, but I think he is a professional stand. It serves its purpose well and will do so for the rest of my time. I will use it for a projector to show movies for the kids. It will meet expectations if it is the right size for your application. I am very picky about shipping and products.

👤It seems like a sturdy stand. It goes to a good height for my projector and can be lowered for a laptop. I was unsure about its longevity but it has done well. I would like it to be slightly tilted for my projector. I don't think any of them do.

2. Projector Multifunctional Adjustable AMADA HOMEFURNISHING

Projector Multifunctional Adjustable AMADA HOMEFURNISHING

The package is easy to install, focus on the last picture. Installation steps are provided on page A+. The projector stand can be installed in a few minutes. Purchase their laptop tripod with no risk, any problems of their laptop tripod within 30 days will be provided, a replacement or refund will be provided. This tripod is a professional projector stand and can also be used as a portable workspace for your laptops, music book, tablets and so on. The laptop tripod stand allows you to use your projector or laptop for more than just entertainment. The projector tripod stand has a wide height range. The maximum height of the laptop tripod is 36in. The top tray can tilt in either direction to make it easier to fit your needs. The tray is 16inW x 11inL and has a raised edge for security concerns. Not only can a portable projector fit, but also a large or standard device, because this tripod stand can handle heavy loads up to 22 lbs. Try it as a tripod stand outside. The projector stand is made of sturdy metal and rubber, which will not endanger your property. The laptop stand tripod has a base with connecting bars that will keep it stable. The laptop tripod stand is easy to carry. It's convenient for storage and carrying around. The projector tripod stand is easy to set up.

Brand: Amada Homefurnishing

👤The table is flimsy even though it is screwed on. I was worried that my projector would fall off.

👤I don't know if it was faulty or how it is. I saw a few similar reviews. I should have listened to them. The cross bar is not welded at a 90 angle. It is not in a way where I can adjust it. One of my pictures shows the level is not straight. The cross bar is welded at an angle. The warped plastic tray made it worse. The base seemed sturdy. I liked the metal and rubber grips. Oh well. I returned the item and am looking for a different brand.

👤It is very cheap. Disappointing. A picture is deceptive. I bought a sturdy one for the same price. I am losing confidence in Amazon. More often, using Etsy.

👤Strong tripod, strong stray. The instructions were easy to follow. I had a brand that broke down on me, but this one won't be the same. I think buying is a good idea.

👤This product is a very sturdy and stable stand. I use it to hold my Dyson Tower Air Purifier in front of my treadmill in the garage so that I can get a steady breeze on me when I am outside. The stand held the Dyson Tower steady so that the air purifier blew the cool air where I needed it. The stand looks like it should cost more than what they are asking for. It is the best tripod stand I have ever used. There was nothing flimsy about this one. You can't go wrong!

👤I ordered this for my projector. It looks like what I thought it would be. It was delivered the same day I ordered it. I can't wait to watch a movie in the backyard this summer. I am happy!

👤The tripod is large. It was very sturdy when locked into place. There was no slipping. I use this for more than I thought I would. It is easy to move and hold well.

👤I knew it was a bad idea to go cheap on something like this, the first thing I noticed was the top tray was warped. The connection between the extension and the legs is shaky. Not as tall as I would have liked. Unless I try to fix it or return it, my disappointment will fade. Or just throw it away. Get something that is made right and last.

👤The stand worked out perfectly. It held my laptop securely. There is a small rim around the laptop to make sure it doesn't fall off. You can't lean on it while you're typing, but it's definitely secure. Thanks!

👤Compacts are good to hold a projector.

👤Utilisation et support laptop.

👤Excellent value for. The money does a good job.

👤Sturdy and light stand.

3. Projector Laptop Tripod Stand Adjustable

Projector Laptop Tripod Stand Adjustable

Backed by a limited warranty from Amazon. The laptop desk is rugged and works well as a portable laptop or notebook computer. The package includes a stand,tray,gooseneck phone holder,elastic band. The thin folding computer table can be used for a variety of tasks. The stand is perfect for home, on stage or in studio, indoor or outdoor use. The stand supports a lot of equipment. It can be used by many people. The laptop stand is durable and stable. The laptop tripod's tray is 15.06 x11.14 The design of the tripod provides great stability. Heavy-duty tripod brackets can quickly and easily adjust the height of the projector. The tray has raised support lips and sponge gasket to protect electronic equipment. The shelf and tray are held in place by knobs and elastic bands. The portable projector stand is attached to the installation manual. It is easy to use. You can install a computer in a few minutes. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee against manufacturer defects. Give them a chance to serve you and you will love the high-quality products and fantastic price. It is a risk-free purchase.

Brand: Liugast

👤I was looking forward to seeing this stand. I bought three from different companies and they proved worthless. Finally! The stand is sturdy. I like the phone holder because I always drop my phone. The holder can be contorted into many different positions. WIN! WIN!

👤This was an excellent price for a tripod that I use 3 times a week for a few hours at a time. I'm not sure how long it will last because I've used it for about 6 weeks. I use it to put my laptop on while I teach. I'm not sure if I would trust it if I had other people in the room. I'm the only one in the room when I use it. I attached my phone to the gooseneck and it seems sturdy. I don't leave my phone on it. If my computer fails, there is a backup to connect to. I use my mouse to operate my laptop, but I'm not sure if the unit is sturdy enough to put on a tray. If I was leaning on it with a mouse, it might wobble. I might invest in a more expensive tripod for the future now that I know I love using it. This is adequate for the time being and easy to dismantle and reassemble. The tray section is attached to the top pole and I put it in the travel bag.

👤I needed a tripod and this one looked ok. But looks can be deceiving. I couldn't use the item because it was broken. I ordered the same item after sending it back. There was a big mistake. The first time I used it, it broke. The item is flimsy and doesn't stand up well. I wouldn't trust a projector or laptop to be on this.

👤Even at max tightening of the knoc platform, it still wants to tilt and let stuff fall off.

👤I've been using it for two weeks. I prop my laptop up to play workout videos. I've been using the phone holder to video myself while I use my computer. I couldn't find any other product like this, and it does the job well for what I need. This is what I was looking for. I like that it has two features, one of which is that it can prop and hold your laptop, and the other is that the stand's height can be adjusted from tall to short. This is perfect if you're doing any demonstrations online, like as a teacher, or filming yourself while following along to something on the computer. I would give this product 5 stars, except for the minor cons I encountered. The first box didn't come with all the parts, so I had to order a new one. The box of parts came immediately after the replacement. For products mass produced like this, this was an annoyance. I guess I know that there can be errors. The phone holder is the only complaint with the second box. The screw and bolt weren't fit for the stand so it was wobbly. I didn't want to return it again. So. I did it myself by slipping a small piece of index paper between the screw and bolt to make it stand in its place. Not 100%. The fix did enough for me to keep and use it.

4. Projector Tripod Stand Adjustable Holder,Apply

Projector Tripod Stand Adjustable Holder%EF%BC%8CApply

All of their products are backed by a manufacturer's warranty. If you have any issues with their laptop stand, they will replace it for free. Projector stand come with non-slip mat and straps to fix product. The tripod structure at the bottom is thick and provides great stability. The support of the tray with a non-slip mat and elastic belts can help ensure the safety of the equipment and prevent it from falling. The tripod stand can quickly and easily adjust the height from 23'' to 63''. The tray measures 15.7 by 11.1 inches. You could use the computer while sitting or standing. The tray has raised support lips and sponge gasket. The laptop stand is durable. The DJ equipment holder is made of thicker material. The design of the tripod provides great stability. TheLaptop tripod stand is made from aluminum alloy. This universal projector tripod stand supports laptops, projectors, recorders, music notes, books, sound media DJ equipment, etc. The collapsible design of the computer stand makes it a short, compact size, it is lightweight, package include bag, folds completely for easy transportation, and it is perfect for home, on stage or in studio.

Brand: Four Uncles

👤It's a really nice tripod, easy to assemble, high quality materials, space saver, good for laptops, projectors and musicians.

👤There is an update. The review was three stars. I have received a number of emails from this seller. The actions of this seller have caused me to lower my rating. I bought this stand to use with my projector. The stand is usually extended to 48” to 52” The projector works on the stand. The stand is easy to assemble and extend but the knobs holding each section in place could have been a bit larger for better leverage when tightened. The legs aren't very stable. Even without the mast extended it is still easy for the legs to sway with a small amount of force. I put two bar chairs next to the stand as a precautionary measure. The bag is useless. It will fit most of the stand as long as you disassemble the mast and put it in the bag. The bag will not fit in the top of the stand. This stand works for me because I needed something that would raise my projector high. I'm still looking for something that's sturdy and fits my needs. This is likely going to the recycle bin once I find something better.

👤The straps that are supposed to hold the projector in place are cheap. I don't understand the case of it if it doesn't hold everything.

👤It's a nice little stand. The tray is only 15.9" wide, so make sure you read the schematic carefully. cheap foam that slides all over the place was included in the mat. I can't use my laptop without foam since the screw heads on the tray cause scratching. The problem will be solved if I cut a piece from an old yoga mat. I was going to return it, but Amazon gave me a $10 credit so I'm keeping it.

👤I got a sturdy stand that I was looking for. It's not very portable, especially with the flat top. The bag that comes with the stand only has the tripod, which is disappointing. It's easy to assemble, but most of it should have already been assembled. It wouldn't have had a big impact on the packaging. The section of the extension poles that are completelyremovable is frustrating because they can detach if you're not careful. I don't want to think about that when I raise the stand. I considered giving the stand a 4-star rating because of the issues with the case and poor engineering for the extension poles. I like how sturdy it feels.

👤It was as promised. It was packed well. It was quick to setup. The phone holder snake and the top tray/plate have just four screws to attach them. Sturdy for laptops and projectors. A quick release. It was quite well made. The projector is held in place by two elastic straps. The snake holds the phone well and is very convenient. It's perfect for backyard projectors. The top tray tilt can be adjusted forward or backward, but not side tilt. This product is very good.

5. Portable Projector Detachable Computer Adjusted

Portable Projector Detachable Computer Adjusted

If you have a question, please email them. The height of the laptop desk can be adjusted. The plate can be adjusted in a variety of ways. There are anti-skid pads and elastic tape on the dj laptop stand plate. The plate is fixed with elastic tape, no need to worry about equipment falling down. The design of the storage bag makes you feel more relaxed every time you go out and relax with the projector stand. The projector brackets are made of metal that is firm enough to hold a projector. The tripod has been designed to support the equipment. It is ok for laptops, DJ, CD writers, projectors, music displayers, books, sound media equipment, etc. If there is a problem during the installation or use, please feel free to contact them.

Brand: N\a

👤Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, many actors have been self taping for home shows, doing performances via platforms like Vimeo Studio 6, and attending callbacks via the internet. I was getting tired of putting my computer on a TV dinner stand with a bunch of crates and boxes on top. I decided to buy a tripod stand. Wow! What a change! I would have liked to have gotten this sooner. It is very easy to put together. And! The best part? If a casting director asks you to move your computer closer or push it back, you can pick it up and bring it closer to you. I used to use the crates and boxes, but they were always a bit of a hassle. So. Yes. It looks professional in my home studio. If you are an actor, get this! You will not regret it. :D It has a place to put your cell phone if you need it for something else. You may have been asked to use a side tray for water or a prop.

👤The stand is pretty good, but the ad said I should get a phone holder and a travel bag. They were not in the box. I stand for work. I don't want to have to send it back, just wish I had a phone number to call to find the items I am missing.

👤I've bought some from different brands. Some of the design is better than others. This one is more sturdy than the last one I bought, but for what I use it is not much of a factor. My drums are near the maracas and the other things. There is no problem there. I tested it with my Levovo T400 laptop and it was sturdy enough to type on, but the mouse extension was useless. I did not purchase it for that feature. The included bag is more functional than the bags that come with my other stands, so that's a plus. I have multiple stands in my rehearsal studio, an alternate studio and on my vehicle when I am performing live. This is my favorite of the three. If you are going to use a heavy projector, you should move to the next tier of stands. I don't know if this one will meet your needs. If you are a musician, this is a great place to store hand percussion instruments, or a place for other small tools and instruments.

👤It was difficult to assemble for myself. I had to get my dad to try to assemble it for me, but he didn't know the parts that came with it, and the instructions weren't clear. We spent 2 hours trying to figure out where the part goes. I don't know if the seller gave me parts that were unique, but my stand didn't stand up tall. I originally bought this for my projector in my living room, so we had to remove a piece that was supposed to make the stand taller. I had to compromise to have it stand up. I didn't want to go through the hassle of returning it and getting a return that is already cheap. The instruction guide needs to be fixed.

6. Adjustable Gooseneck Projector Detachable Equipment

Adjustable Gooseneck Projector Detachable Equipment

The Heavy-Duty tripod can quickly and easily adjust the height from 17.7 to 47.2 according to your needs, so you can use your laptop while sitting or standing. Pull the stand joints to adjust the stand height. The metal piece and the feet of the stand are not to be pulled. The tray can be easily tilted to provide a comfortable viewing angle. The laptop tripod is made of metal. The tripod structure at the bottom is reinforced and provides great stability. The elastic belt of the tray can be used to keep the equipment from falling. The Mult-Funcion Stand has a tray size of 15.06”x 11.14” and is suitable for performers, musicians, DJs, engineers, teachers and students. It is perfect for meeting rooms, classrooms, stages, home theaters indoor and outdoor. The portable projector stand is portable. The foldable design creates a short, compact size, so you can put it in a corner at will, without occupying your space, and the Detachable design makes the tripod easier to carry, and fits perfectly with the zip pocket provided. The package is easy to install, focus on the last picture. Installation steps are provided on page A+. The projector stand can be installed in a few minutes. Purchase their laptop tripod with no risk, any problems of their laptop tripod within 30 days will be provided, a replacement or refund will be provided.

Brand: Holdoor

👤The stands were easy to put together. The issue started with the plastic knobs that thread the screws. The second tier will not be loosened or tightened to hold it in place. The screws and plastic tubes are not reliable to hold a laptop or small mixer. I contacted the seller and they said that they would replace the unit, but that it would take 20 days or more to get the replacement because the company is in China. I can't wait any longer. We needed this for a seminar, but this wouldn't do it. The easiest way to fix the problem was to buy a HEX screw from a local hardware store. If you plan on using this for an expensive device like a laptop or similar, please be aware that it may not be suited unless you use good screws. The stand comes with a carry bag. All the company needs to do is replace their plastic knobs with metal or aluminum with better threads and have aluminum clamps. It would be worth it if it cost a few dollars more. This would fix the stand and last a long time. I could not give this 5 stars because of the defects.

👤I ordered a stand for a presentation. I put it together and got to the point of mounting the shelf to the pole after unpacking it. This required four bolts and four nuts. I went through all of the packaging again, and then a third time, and then a fourth time, but the hardware was nowhere to be found. The instructions say the "screws" and "caps" are included. I'm pretty sure they were in a small bag of parts that felt out of a box. The box had a tuck-in flap, which left a lot of gaps for things to fall out. The stand was shipped in the manufacturer's box, not the outer Amazon box, which could have caused the hardware to fall out on the way here. I have to go to the hardware store tomorrow to find bolts and nuts. I can use the stand for my presentation. I don't have time to return this stand or order another one, otherwise I would. It was very disappointing to have a product failure over a small bag of hardware. The carrying bag isn't much use because you have to detach the tray from the brackets to fit things into the bag, and that means undoing four bolts, so you have to carry a wrench and a screwdriver. The stand isn't strong. I had a laptop on the stand that was light in weight. A laptop was destroyed when a person stepped on the power cord and knocked the stand over. The good news is that the tripod is light, but the bad news is that it's top heavy, even with a laptop on the tray. It would be very heavy with a projector.

👤I have taken up art and Covid is doing all my classes on line, which is what I was looking for. This set up allows me to have my table freed up for my art materials, and put my laptop next to it for my classes without fear of spilling anything on it! The phone holder is easy to assemble and the height is flexible. I put a more flexible phone holder on my arm, so you can see that it's mine. The phone holder is fine, but I want to use it to show my art instructors what I'm doing during our class.

7. WinisKi Projector Adjustable Universal Portable

WinisKi Projector Adjustable Universal Portable

It is possible to adjust heights and stable. WinisKi projector stand made of extra thick aluminum metal to be more stable, Free Gifts for Sponge Gasket and Elastic Belt to protect equipment from slipping, and Height can be changed from 18.6 to 51.4 inch depends on your needs. Light weight and portable. The non-slip base makes it easier to carry in the outdoor, and the legs are perfect for adjusting to the ground. ALAPTOP STAND: MULTI-FUNCTION. The tripod stand bottom has Hook Design added to suspend heavy objects and increase stability. It is possible to have universal companybility. The projector tray is 14.9 by 11.2 inch and can be used by musicians, DJs, performers, engineers, teachers, and students. It is easy asSEMBLE andDURABLE. The laptop tripod comes with installation instructions, no extra tool to set up, set up time about 5 minutes, and a max load of 11 pounds.

Brand: Winiski

👤I use this as a laptop holder for exercise equipment that doesn't have a tablet holder built in. It feels stable when put together, but the instructions need more detail. Unlike photography tripods, the head does not rotation, so you are stuck with the legs. 1. The hole for the boat is visible if the round piece at the top of the rod is pushed down. 2. The narrow part of the mount should face away from the hand rocker crank and knob that moves the pole up and down. If you need this for a tablet, that part tips away from the crank. 3. The platform mount has a square hole in it. 4. The square bolt has to go through the square hole when the platform mount is tightened. 5. The screw that fixes the tripod needs to be snug, but not too tight. The rubber on the metal keeps the platform from rotating, and the knob on the tripod mount needs to be tight. 6. The legs should be extended before the pole for height. The laptop stands better than most out there because of the wide legs. If you find yourself using the pole for height, consider putting a weight on the hook to provide stability.

👤We use it for a projector. We've used it indoors and outdoors. This stand can be used in many different ways. The leg height adjustment is easy to do. The tilt on the platform is easy to adjust. I have put this on a table, on the floor, and on the ground, and it has performed exactly as I wanted it to. I wish I had bought this 4 years ago.

👤You will not regret the purchase. I would buy this again. It is easy to assemble and disassemble.

👤The item is sturdy and easy to set up. The bag that came with it was used to store the tripod. Sometimes I need to have the projector lower or higher depending on where I am projecting my work, and the stand that adjusts is very good for that.

👤I own a Dell laptop. The laptop is heavy. The table top is wobbly. A dove was taken off the stand by my laptop. It needs welding to make it stronger.

👤We love our projector but we don't have a TV in our bedroom so we use a tripod stand to hold it. This stand is much more convenient than the one we were using. It can be adjusted from 18.6 inches to 51.4 inches. The tray is large enough to hold most projectors. The tray is about 14.9 inches in diameter. I like that this tripod can be used as a laptop table, it even has a mouse tray. It comes with a mat. This is a great option for keeping my projector upright, it's perfect for the height and angle I need.

👤I needed a place to keep my laptop. We tried music stands, which was a bad idea. The stand is much more durable than a music stand. It protects my laptop. I think it will hold my computer just fine if there's a lot of roughhousing around it. It packs up small and is easy to put up.

8. AkTop Projector Universal Adjustable Equipment

AkTop Projector Universal Adjustable Equipment

The laptop tripod stand is easy to carry. It's convenient for storage and carrying around. The projector tripod stand is easy to set up. The device stand is compatible with 99% of tablets in the market and can be used by musicians, DJs, performers, engineers, teachers, and students. The height can be changed from 23" to 46" depending on your needs, and the tray can tilt between any angles. The portable projector stand is strong metal, which makes it transports easily, a collapsible design, which makes the tripod easier to carry, and a zip pocket, which makes the tripod fit perfectly with the zip pocket. The foldable DJ laptop stand can be used for many purposes. As a projector tripod mount, DJ laptop stand, music stand, stage stand, portable presentation stand, portable stand up desk, perfect for home, on stage or in studio, indoor or outdoor use. All AkTop products come with the installation instructions, installation simple and easy to use, set up a projector floor stand in a few minutes, in the process of receiving or using the product, if you encounter any problems, please feel free to contact them.

Brand: Aktop

👤The stand we ordered was for the projector. We do a movie night outside with our kids, but we had to put the projector up on a chair. It is a good quality projector that has a built-in prop to angle, but it does seem like we should be able to come up with a better system. The chair we were using was too tall. I have included a video so you can see the set up, I did shoot it in the dark while we were watching the movies so sorry, but you should be able to see the product in use doing exactly what it needs to do and doing it well! I wish I would have ordered it sooner.

👤This has been a shock. My partner is a school teacher who is used to moving throughout the day and has a hybrid schedule where he is mostly stationary, which has led to a lot of back pain. He is able to move around the house with ease since he bought this. We used it to hold a mini projector to watch a movie and it worked well. The carrying case is sturdy and we're thankful we bought it. The screws are a bit odd, but they are still sturdy and wonderful.

👤My husband uses this with his bike. He says he would give it a 4.85 because it feels light and makes him nervous. It is very sturdy and he has no problems with it.

👤This is a game-changer! I love it! This will hold my computer when I'm hired again to sing at senior centers, and I can use it for Zooming during the Pandemic. It is easy to use and pack easily. It can go low for sitting or high for standing. I'm very excited to have this.

👤It is a simple stand for holding a computer. I wanted something that would hold my laptop and give me flexibility for filming stand up videos. The stand has worked well for that. The extension features are easy to use. I don't think it will collapse on me. The plate on the top of the stand is flimsy and can cause a lot of jiggle in the video if you are filming yourself and need to type. I don't need to type a lot while I'm doing videos. I could add duct tape or another solution to help it stay stable. I'm not sure what they could have done differently. There is no room for a mouse in the large tray. I knew that when I bought my laptop, it had a touch pad, so I thought I would mention it. The foam in the tray helps keep the laptop secure, but it's cheap and will probably fall apart if it gets a lot of wear, but so far, so good. It's kind of nice to have. It would be fine if you took it out or used other padding. It is nicely made, sturdy and easy to adjust and move around. I'm happy with it.

9. Amazon Basics Multi Purpose Adjustable Workstation

Amazon Basics Multi Purpose Adjustable Workstation

A portable laptop stand is useful for working from home. It's great for at- home workers, DJs, musicians, and performers, and can hold a laptop, notebook, projector, DJ mixers, or similar equipment. A large flat platform is 16 by 12.6 inches. The height is adjusted from 36 to 55 inches. Backed by a limited warranty from Amazon.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤The platform was bent from shipping and I had to fix it with my tools. The stand is sturdy after this was done. It's difficult to use it for a projector as the pivot only tilts one axis. If the screen is tilted, you will have to live with it because there is no ability for roll adjustment. The yaw angle can be adjusted by rotating the stand. This is a laptop stand and not a projector stand.

👤I was hesitant about ordering this because the product page didn't explain the dimensions of the laptop stand. I was not disappointed. The base of the laptop stand is 17x15 inches, so it will fit most laptops, even those with a 17.3" screen size, while leaving a little space around the edges. It only comes with three separate parts, so it took me 3 minutes to assemble by myself. The stand is sturdy and easy to adjust. The knob on the top of the stand can be adjusted. The bottom knob can be used to extend the legs. * Even if you're tall or short, it will be the right height. This product is exactly what I needed and it fits my laptop perfectly. It's exactly what I was hoping for, and I'd rate it an easy 5 out of 5 stars.

👤I don't usually write these, but I was impressed by this stand. It took me a while to get it set up, but I could tell it was built to take on a lot of work. It is the best value for the buck. It should be called Amazon Premiums.

👤I want to like this desk because it is a great price and it is convenient. I had to give it a 1-star rating because it's not good. There is a ledge around the top to keep your laptop from falling off. This is around 3 sides and 3-4 inches outside. The space that you can place your wrists in is very narrow. My wrists became sore when I tried to use it. I got a piece of wood and cut it to fit inside the lip area. The only way I can use it is this.

👤The plastic around the tension knob was cracked in half when I took it out of the box. I wanted to stand during a presentation so I bought it. I didn't have to return it and get a new one. I used glue, tape, and a vice grip to hold my laptop in the middle of my meeting. I don't know if the box was dropped in handling, but I wouldn't recommend it.

👤I ordered two stands. One for my audio interface. The other was for holding my computer. They are great for live performances. I perform with them every week. They are easy to store. Everything can be changed. I have not had an issue with stability. The legs are very large. The lowest height is a bit too high. It is 36 inches. That is counter height. I was hoping for something that started in the 24” range. It works.

10. Mount Projector Rolling Adjustable Presentation

Mount Projector Rolling Adjustable Presentation

All AkTop products come with the installation instructions, installation simple and easy to use, set up a projector floor stand in a few minutes, in the process of receiving or using the product, if you encounter any problems, please feel free to contact them. TILE WORKSTATION: With two trays, you can mount more than one projector, laptop, or any combination of equipment and devices, saving you time and space. The tray can be adjusted to 57.5" with the top tray able to tilt up to 30 in both directions. It's easy to get easy portability. The portable design makes it easy to roll and maneuver the projector stand. You can adjust your station with 4 smooth-gliding omnidirectional casters and 2 locks built-in. Heavy-DUTY DURABLE: The frame of the projector stand, its wide base, and metal lips were all designed to hold heavy use and travel. The projector stand can hold up to 88 lbs. Even during the longest presentations, keep your media devices running cool. Their cooling vents are designed to keep your projector from overheating.

Brand: Mount-it!

👤I bought this to hold my projector, which weighed a bit more than the smaller mini projectors, and after realizing that my tripod tray that I bought wasn't going to cut it, I invested a bit more to get something more solid. The item arrived in a huge box, so I thought it would be put together already. I opened it and found a much smaller box with all the pieces. The instructions were not written by a well known company that loves meatballs, but by someone else. The top part was a bit odd, but I got most of it done within a few minutes. It's supposed to allow for tilt, but you have to hold it somewhat even while you screw the part in, and I didn't realize that you had to tighten the knob to get it to tilt. That is the only difficulty I had with this item. I'm very pleased with it and it seems very solid, even more than I had thought. A small monkey can swing off of this thing.

👤The rest of the review is long and I chose to buy it below. The price is 3.0 in the 2nd price tier. Would I buy it again knowing what I know? Maybe, but probably not. I would break my budget and go up to tier (c) because of it. The top criteria is stability, which is mostly meets with hiccups. There are design flaws that could easily be fixed, but they impose some stability issues which required me to adjust the feet after every use. Either the design needs closer tolerances or there needs to be top screws at the base's cross bar/leg bar attachment point. If you are inclined, metal shims can be used to make it more stable. I don't have to go through the pain of adjusting the height because the lower fixed shelf and top shelf are close enough to what I need. My opinion is that the "adjustable" part is when you choose the height. It's good enough for now. I guess I got what I paid for. Adding just a minimum of 4 additional screws would have made this much better. The frame is mild steel. The shelves seem to be 3/32" mild steel. The steel was easy to bend into/out of shape, which is what the bolts do during assembly, as this is required to overcome the loose part fit. I decided to buy this item because of the three price ranges: a) low end (30$+), b) mid level (70$+), and c) high end (180-250$) 2xbump up. I would be willing to use my least expensive portable projector if it were possible to guarantee that it wouldn't fall over and be broken. It should be within a budget. 3. It's nice to have a range of 24 to 42. On a flat or hard surface. Non-criteria 4. Storage footprint #1 means that it will be stable once set up. Someone walks by the image on the screen. The mechanical base footprint was either too small or there was a significant potential added mechanical instability due to its design, so I chose mostly tripods. The reviews seem to reflect those concerns, all of which have been dropped because my projector/laptop are at the risk of falling/breaking. Even though the tripod designs seemed ideal for my purpose, I had reservations about long term stability, so the majority of them were dubious choices for me. As the set height increases, the vertical moment arm with a weight at the end can quickly hit a tipping point. It's out of my price range. I would look at ULINE's H-9014 portable desk design, as well as the tripod design from the Rolands, on my short list. There are two main choices for the same design. The design seems to have three specific design/mechanical flaws, including the attachment point between cross bar and leg bar in base, and the ease of adjustment of vertical height. The metal is mid-weight mild steel and has a few tack points of welding. The fit of parts is loose and the cross bar to leg bars had a small gap when legs were placed into the U holder. To provide stability in the base, the screws need to be tightened to bend the mild steel against the leg bars. There is a gap between the top of the leg bars and the cross bar. You don't have to keep adjusting the feet to maintain 4 point contact on a flat surface if you use this slop. The good news is that even a small amount of tightening the cross bolts to near striping failure point will not be enough to prevent the leg bars from changing position over time. I'm thinking of getting some metal shims to help with the two mating surfaces. A design change to include two screws on the top would prevent the leg arms from pivoting up/down due to the gap in the mating surfaces. I can easily put 22mil metal between the cross bar and leg mounting surfaces once it is assembled. Attachment tolerances are proving insufficient at preventing up/down movement. I hope that adding shims between the surfaces will help with this. The instructions say to place the locking members at the same side of the leg bars as the locking wheel. The issue with the 4 rollers having alignment issues over time makes it difficult for one to have less weight on it, making just 2 locking wheels insufficient for the placement stability I was looking for. The design would have been better with 4 locking wheels. The unit was constantly at risk of being pivoted if any brushed up against it because one of the locking wheels had sufficient contact weight. I've used this 3 times and have had to adjust the wheels 4 times to keep it stable. Leaving the wheels unlocked has been more helpful than locking them. The wheels are hard plastic and tend to glide when locked. If I decide to keep using this, I would replace the caster with a neoprene one, and then take out the bottom cross bar/leg connection pivot/wobble. Applying the same principle to the cross bar and leg bars would fix a lot of sins with this design. There is a cross through a bolt. I'm not sure if the cross bolt does anything with regards to stability. The top 4 bolts provided the same amount of connection stability in both axes. The cross bolt was the only bolt in the original design, and the 4 top screws were added later to remove unacceptable wobble on the vertical pole. It makes sense that the higher the vertical pole is adjusted, the easier it would be for you to use your laptop at the end of your arm. Fit and finish can get knocked down by a lot if the base is not tight. The top plate was from the manf process and had wear from how the container was designed. The 4 point tack welding of the vertical pole to the mounting plate and the side arm is one of the knocks on fit and finish. The mechanical wear ability of this design would have been better if the pole and mounting plate had been welded completely. On fatigue crack in one weld point and the other three are likely to not be far behind vis-a-vis time/use basis. The pole is adjusted with bolts. You have to manually align the top pole as you raise and lower to make sure there are no holes in the inner pole. At the lowest setting the top bolt goes through the plastic end cap that is free to spin. Go through the whole procedure again if you want to adjust the pole height. I'll use a permanent silver ink marker to draw horizontal lines around the inner pole holes and the bolt holes in the center to make finding black easier. There is a lot of slop in between the outer and inner poles, so two bolts are needed to prevent pivot wobbling of the inner pole. This is ok for this price point, but it was another vote point when I was assembling that "adjustable" height. Not at every use. The directions are on the left, but I'm right handed, so put them on the right. This was above the fixed shelf. I switched them to the left after one use because they were hard to get to while the shelf was in use. If the unit was more easy to adjust, it would be less of a problem, but it would be a pain to adjust since you have to manually align everything using a flashlight. I won't be adjusting this often. There are two plastic shims that are slightly rounded to help connect the pole to the top plate. I pre-fitting these and attaching them with a bit of silicone before adding the top plate. I tried a temporary method of holding them in place while assembling and then cutting them off. I had to disassemble to get the cross through carriage bolts square end to seat better, but it didn't have the square holes that the pole does. The fit/finish or manf issue with both was that the hole within the pole was not square cut as needed and both needed plastic shims and carriage through bolts.

11. Plixio Adjustable Laptop Projector Stand

Plixio Adjustable Laptop Projector Stand

Use while standing or sitting. Plixio can be used as a projector tripod, portable stand up desk, podium, and portable table. It's a great outdoor projector stand. Easy transportation is the subject of a COLLAPSIBLE design. Each stand disassembles quickly. It is ideal for on-stage and on-the-go usage because of the collapsible design. The tripod legs fold down to fit into any work station. You can modify each stand to fit your needs. If you plan to use it while sitting or standing, you should adjust the stand height to fit your needs. TRAY LOCKS are adjusted to the perfect angle. The holding plate is 12” x 16” and it is a tripod style mount. The laptop tray has a lip around the edges to keep items in place, and it adjusts, tilts forward and back for viewing convenience. Holds up to 12 pounds. The projector stand is easy to travel with and can hold up to 12 pounds. Teachers, professors, DJs, musicians, engineers, performers and students can all find this stand to be a great one.

Brand: Plixio

👤This product is well built and solid. This was comforting since I was going to use a projector on my PC to give presentations. I was concerned about using a stand to place my projector. I am familiar with stands that looked like the Plixio stand. The stands wouldn't hold any serious weight. My fears were put to rest. I realized the stand was capable of more than I thought. It has a knob for adjusting angle. If you're worried that it won't hold that angle with a lot of weight on it, you can use some safety stop screws already in place to prevent the surface from moving to an angle. Excellent! I bought another one. I work as a videographer. I used a portable table to set up my station. Plixio stands are what I use now. I am able to set up a wireless mic receiver with an Audio Mixer and a TasCAM Recording Studio on one Plixio. I have a Surface Pro station and four Video Monitors. I have power strips, headphones, and other peripherals hanging from the stems of both stands. I have about $6K worth of equipment on two stands. They are rock solid even with all of this equipment on the stands. I think I could still mount more on them with absolute security. Thank you Plixio! I'll be buying another one.

👤My wife is doing a lot of video conference calls. She has been making due by sitting on a futon in our guest room and balancing her laptop on a chair, three reams of paper, and a lap desk, as this wasn't planned, thanks to the virus situation. It wasn't ideal. I needed to find something that met the first criteria. It is portable and easy to store. tall enough to stand up 3, but low enough to be used on a couch. Out of many options on Amazon, this one is the only one that is Sturdy, and it is the only one that1-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-6556 Most of the other models have a minimum height of over 30 inches. Others were short and had a max height around there so wouldn't be useful. This one is very good. If you need long bodies plugged into the side of the laptop, you may have a problem. The ridge around the outside keeps the laptop from falling off. I propped the laptop up in the back to see if a right angleusb adapter would solve the problem. I would rather have the ridge than just the laptop. It is sturdy, flexible and folds down and disassembles easily. This stand is recommended by me. The problem was solved by the right angle adapter.

👤I use this as a portable desk to hold my computer on stage as I update my theatrical lighting installation. Updating electrical circuiting information needs to be done live so that it can be input to the computerized lighting control system for the performance. I pick up and move. This is a very strong option for me. There is a lip on all sides. I have a slim, yet wide notebook with a 10-key number-pad and a keyboard. The pressure against the computer frame is too high if I need to use any of theusb connections. I have to hang the PC over the side and work on a slight slant to not damage the sockets. There is a small side open notch that is not compatible with my power connection. I bought a phone stand and drink-holder. I must always have coffee.


What is the best product for portable projector stand?

Portable projector stand products from Gleam. In this article about portable projector stand you can see why people choose the product. Amada Homefurnishing and Liugast are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable projector stand.

What are the best brands for portable projector stand?

Gleam, Amada Homefurnishing and Liugast are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable projector stand. Find the detail in this article. Four Uncles, N\a and Holdoor are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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