Best Portable Ramps for Wheelchairs for Steps Under 80

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1. Transfer Emergency Evacuation Wheelchair Transferring

Transfer Emergency Evacuation Wheelchair Transferring

It's made of Polyester Fabric and it's reinforced with stitching at handles to help distribute the patients weight evenly. The belt is lightweight and has an extra fixed band to hold the patient safe. The transfer pad is easy to use and can be used for transferring a patient from a wheelchair to another chair. Transport board belt for medical transport, healthcare bed transferring, daily living and home care mobility devices, fit wheelchair users, elderly, and Bariatric patient are some of the things that are included. Also, note: Only one person can not move the patient.

Brand: Neppt

👤I was looking forward to getting this for my brother, so the team could lift him out of bed or a wheelchair. I was very disappointed to see how short this sling really is. The safety belt was not long enough to fit a child and it was not made to fit a patient's hip or waist. I'm sending it back. I need to remember to buy American made products because, China makes their products too small and/or chaotic to assemble, but at the same time, our younger generation at home needs to appreciate their factory positions more with less focus on how they're getting paid.

👤I have no lower body mobility or limited upper body mobility. My family loves this lift. I brought it to help them lift me out of the van. I weigh about 230 lbs. The lift has a belt that can be fastened across the legs, a belt that can be fastened at the waist, and sturdy straps to grab onto at the top and bottom of the lift.

👤I bought this for my mom. The handle broke when it was placed under her in the bed. It didn't break when she was in a wheelchair. It broke before I used it and the return window expired before my mom's visit. It was a great idea but didn't work for me. I would have to pay to fix the broken seam and re-enforce the rest of them.

👤My son uses a power wheelchair and I purchased a patient lift for him. It was the best decision we made to purchase this lift, as I used it this past March to travel to Indiana. We used it to get him from his power chair to the plane and back. We did the same thing on the return and the staff said it worked to lift him. He was able to keep under him during the plane ride because he felt very secure in it. If you're thinking of getting one, make sure you buy the best one.

👤The thread on one of the handles was missing. I sewed it with thick thread and it seems to hold up. It is necessary to check the straps each time to make sure they are not loose. It works well with 2 people.

👤Not strong enough to hold a senior.

👤Lift to help with stairs if you have a few strong people.

👤It has made my life so much easier and safer to move my disabled mom from a wheelchair to an exam table. The best invention of all time! My husband and I get the seat handles.

👤After our last trip mom could not walk again, the machine they used to lift her was too big and not practical, so we use a lifter to put her in her wheelchair.

👤Couldn't have moved my mother from her wheelchair to my SUV without the transfer chair. Two people can easily move the party. There are straps to hold her in this chair. Excellent product and would highly recommend it.

2. Aluminum Mobility Threshold Wheelchairs Scooters

Aluminum Mobility Threshold Wheelchairs Scooters

Quality of rubber material for outdoor use. Before placing indoors, please let the rubber smell go outside. It creates a smooth transition. It's great for wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, canes, and foot traffic. Some assembly is required. The maximum capacity is 600 lbs. All aluminum will not rust. All aluminum will not rust.

Brand: Silver Spring

👤It's a perfect solution for inside threshold. My husband was having trouble using his power wheelchair. Problem solved! The ramp is on a hinge, which makes it easy to adjust height. The ramp piece is made of hardwoods and we decided not to secure the bottom of the piece to protect it from scratches. Great value!

👤Our accessible van must be parked outside because my wife is in a wheelchair. There is a noticeable height difference between the garage floor and the driveway which made it difficult for her to use her wheelchair. This solved the problem completely and permanently, without interfering with the garage door.

👤This is fine for a 36 inch threshold. I slid it all the way down toward the side of the door that opens, and the gap on the hinge side of the door was not really needed. It was easy to install and did not interfere with my door closing. It is very sturdy and works well to push a wheelchair or use a mobility scooter.

👤We put this at the back door to let my scooter out onto the deck. I really like it. It was a breeze to install and make the transition from deck to house easy. Remove a few screws and it will go somewhere else. It makes closing the back door a little tighter, but that is an easy trade off for the ease of accessibility into the house.

👤Are you missing something? Photos did not match my version of the instructions. It was too late to return. The set of 2 is called the "RK Safety RK-RTR03" and it is a Rise Solid Rubber Power Wheelchair Scooter Threshold Ramp.

👤I needed a larger ramp and a wheelchair ramp to negotiate the sliding glass door that leads out to my deck. It wouldn't have worked the way it was designed. I can't understand why there is a hinge in this ramp. I had to drill 4 pilot holes through the hinges and insert sheet metal screws to make sure the ramps were stable. The 1.5" ramp was designed to be exactly the same height as the 1" ramp. Why did I have to modify them? They are poorly designed and must be eliminated with sheet metal screws. I had to install the sheet metal screws through the hinge in order to get the advertised height.

👤It was a must have for my mother in law to have this item. The fit was better than the one I gave it 5 stars for. It would have been perfect if it had a rubber/buffer piece with it.

👤The ramp is high quality. It's strong and can be used to hold the floor. I use mine with no screws. You can't beat the price of the others on the internet. Highly recommended. Customer service is great.

3. EZ ACCESS Transitions Lightweight Aluminum Wheelchairs

EZ ACCESS Transitions Lightweight Aluminum Wheelchairs

The Entry Ramp is a modular structure that is made of lightweight aluminum and has a slip resistant surface. The capacity is 700 lbs. Easy Installation: Add and remove interchangeable extensions as needed to accommodate thresholds from.75" to 2.25; a flap on the top of the ramp for additional adjustability. Threshold ramps for doors that are a little too high, semi permanent ramps and portable ramps for vehicles and temporary needs are some of the ways to make your living space easier and safer. Mobility solutions help you or a loved one regain confidence, freedom, and the ability to safely and independently access home or vehicle with less stress and more security. Access Anywhere offers an array of temporary, portable and permanent mobility solutions from toilet lifts to ramps to homecare products to walker, scooter, wheelchair and crutch accessories.

Brand: Ez-access

👤We couldn't put in a long ramp because there wasn't enough space on the sidewalk. The manual wheelchair was difficult to use because of a steep lip on the 1st ramp and it would get caught between the end of the 1st ramp and the beginning of the second ramp. I have to push up my mother who weighs 170 lbs. Can't help at all. The Easy-Access Transitions were the perfect solution for the beginning of the first ramp and between the two of them. The wheelchair goes up without much effort.

👤I liked the quality. It was all about that. This did not come with all the screws. Flat top screws should be the ones it had. The raised top wouldn't let the door close. I tried to get it back. It is not returnable. There is no place in the listing that says it can't be returned. The rep I spoke with at Amazon was very helpful. I hope the situation has been resolved. Time will tell. Again, I'll say it's not a good idea to buy this.

👤I needed help with groceries because I was a newly handicapped person. The ramp888-607-3166888-607-888-607-888-607-888-607-888-607-3166 is made to be easier to access from my kitchen and is888-607-888-607-888-607-888-607-888-607-888-607-888-607-888-607-3166 is made to be easier to access from my kitchen and is888-607-888-607-888-607-888-607-888-607-888-607-3166 is made to be easier to access from I bought a large basket for my scooter. I was happy to load the groceries into the basket. I drove up the ramp. The front wheel lifted up completely. The whole thing was balanced on the two tiny rollers behind the rear wheels. I couldn't back up or go forward. I was scared. I will have a custom ramp built. Shame on the manufacturer and Amazon for selling such dangerous equipment.

👤The ramp came up. I just put it in place. It is exactly what we needed. I screwed it to the door jam. It's perfect on our patio in the back. It doesn't affect the opening or closing of the slider. My wife uses a walker. She can now get out on her own. She likes it. I put a few strips of tape on it to make it more secure. The front door needs 4 inches to fit. The gradual slope is enough. It was perfect.

👤Assembly is the trick on this one. It's very difficult to assemble just one piece into the other and then insert a screw. The screw is hard to get all the way in. You have to force it in the rest of the way because you feel like this is the wrong screw for this hole. Keep working at it and it will go in. I might reinforce it with duct tape on the bottom if you want it to work well after that. It works well when it stays in place because we have duct tape to keep it from slipping, and it has no rubber underneath to keep it from slipping. If you only need one to get that wheelchair over the front door bump, then this is the easiest ramp to put together. It works. Don't be upset about how the screws won't screw in all the way and call customer service. I did. I was told to try harder. What do you think about the customer service? It's working well for my father's chair, I'm glad we have it.

4. Ruedamann Portable Aluminum Threshold Wheelchair

Ruedamann Portable Aluminum Threshold Wheelchair

The cable ramp can be used for a wide range of things, from parking lots, warehouses, concerts, hotels, stages, shopping malls, sports events, schools, communities, and construction places. The wheelchair ramp is lightweight and portable, made from slip-proof and water-resistant aluminum. Wheelchair ramps for doorways are attached to the edge of the door threshold. It's perfect for use indoors and outdoors. It can be used for manual wheelchairs. The threshold ramp has an anti-slip surface which has high traction and anti-skid ability. It's easy to tell where the ramp is in the dark with the yellow warning stickers on both sides. C. The top of the wheelchair ramp is made of humanized design. You can use screws to fix it. Recommended height is below 1.6. 600 lbs. of load-bearing. Before purchasing, please make sure that the product size is suitable for the place you want to use. The ramp is not suitable for use in high places.

Brand: Ruedamann

👤My son's wheelchair is not on this thing. You need to measure the inside of the door jam. If you are using it on that side. I placed mine outside, and it fit the outside door jam perfectly, but on the other side, it didn't fit inside the door jam. This is not a quality or advertisement issue, but just make sure you measure. It's good quality and price. I didn't have to put ours in the door plate because it works perfectly resting on the door plate.

👤I bought this ramp in hopes that it would make my life easier, but it wasn't. My plan was to use it to get my 50cc moped up and down a curb-sized ledge in front of my apartment. I thought that it would make it easier for me to do this multiple times a day. While using the ramp for the first time, I noticed a low noise and a scooter bottoming out on the ramp, causing two large marks on the grip tape. I don't think I'll be returning this thing. It is probably not worth the effort. I guess I will hold onto it. It might come in handy for something else one day. It was not all that expensive. I am usually not picky. I was not happy with this product.

👤It worked well. Definitely for a lower step. For no more than a 6in step. Maybe 4-5in.

👤Love it. It works perfectly when I use my mobility cart and have to enter our family room which is two inches lower than the rest of the house. Fast shipping and a fair price. The rough covering seems to come off easily. It works for what it was intended. I can apply a non-slip coating.

👤Sorry for a bad rating. It didn't work for me. A disabled family member couldn't get up or down the side of a curb that was no higher than 3 inches.

👤This frame works well. I have a 3 inch drive from my house to my patio. The ram on the Luggie scooter does not move when I go up or down. It is a great help.

👤A ramp for wheeled units into the house. If there is limited space, it's short. Light and strong. I used a 2x4 underneath the ramp at the door entry as I didn't put the ramp onto the threshold. I have a generator with wheels that I use to move things around in and out of the house.

👤Very happy with the purchase. A roommate in a wheelchair is needed for back door access.

👤Lamentablemente lo tuve, porque la longitud es demasiado corta para usarla.

👤No sirvi la rampa, pero no tienes ruedas utilizamos.

👤Perfecta para silla de ruedas.

5. Electriduct Threshold Doorway Wheelchair Handicap

Electriduct Threshold Doorway Wheelchair Handicap

The perfect rise is 30mm / 1.2" There are rubber ramps for door thresholds. Wheelchair access is ideal for homes and businesses. There is safety. Safe and Smooth Transition for Door Entry is a non-slip rubber surface. The dimensions are 40 inches wide, 12 inches deep, and 1.2 inches high. Quality of rubber material for outdoor use. Before placing indoors, please let the rubber smell go outside.

Brand: Electriduct

👤I am a chronic illness warrior electric wheelchair, walker, cane using zebra with many rare diseases and extreme pain so I compared many products when deciding on a threshold ramp from the garage to inside. I chose this for the 2.5 inch rise because it wasn't loud banging metal, rubber, or anything else. The product is made of rubber. I did not have to change it once. The ride is pretty jiggly on a severe pain day because of the ridges. The rubber is dusty and tires are not gripping it. If you know what I mean, it's not a super sticky rubber. The photo was taken after a few uses. It has been over a month now and it is dull and not shiny. I don't care if it's shiny or not. If I hit it at too much of an angle, my tires will slip at the start of the climb, as opposed to being lined up and going straight up ramp from the beginning. The rise is short. The ability to run cords through the bottom is another feature. I thought it would be lighter in weight since it was still heavy, but my mom was able to position it. Will update if there are any issues.

👤I am very happy with this ramp. I use it at my front door where I can't get my electric wheelchair over the brick entry. The ramp looks great at the front door. It looks like a door mat. I've used wood and aluminum ramps, but this is better. The electric wheelchair glides over it quietly. It allows me to get out of the house with my wheelchair and I am very grateful.

👤I bought a number of these to deal with a lip that runs the entire width of my garage. I used a circular saw to cut one of the ones I needed to get the garage width correct. I'm walking up and down the motorcycles every day. It's great to not have to worry about tripping and these are very nice. They are very heavy, which helps them stay in place.

👤I received a ramp. I thought the width was wide. It is in front of my den door. The room is used for storing items and it was difficult to get things out with a dolly. I adjusted the dirt level under the ramp to make it sit perfectly at the door. A ramp for moving heavy items. It's easy to wash the dirt. One of the best purchases I've ever made. Thanks a lot.

👤Very happy. - The ramp is very heavy. I bought it because I moved to a house with a flat curb and a low riding car. I was able to get my car into the driveway without hitting the ground. I had to cut it into two so that each tire would go up. I had to use a hand held circular saw and take it slow because the rubber wouldn't burn or stop the saw, being that it is a very tough product.

6. Portable Lightweight Plastic Curb Ramps

Portable Lightweight Plastic Curb Ramps

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: American business. If there is an issue, they will offer a guaranteed replacement or your money back. Their Florida based team is always around to help with customer care. There is a multi-tiered USAGE. The portable Curb Ramps can be used for a variety of purposes. Wheelchair, walker, lift, cart, motorcycle, bike, scooter, and handtruck can be accessed over curbs or elevated sidewalk. STURDY HARDWARE: The curb ramps for driveway are constructed from high quality materials. A strong type of material that is built to last is made of compound plastic material. Light weight: The kit consists of 2 piece heavy duty poly driveway ramps for low cars which are very easy to carry or transport from one place to another. It is suitable for curb, home garage, loading dock or house driveway use. The auto car ramps for low cars support up to 3.3 tons or 6600 lbs weight and are on a flat surface. Pre-formed hair. The outdoor threshold ramp set can be installed in high traffic areas using the integrated mounting holes at the bottom of the ramps. The textured surface of the tracks has increased traction. Pre-formed hair. The outdoor threshold ramp set can be installed in high traffic areas using the integrated mounting holes at the bottom of the ramps. The textured surface of the tracks has increased traction.

Brand: Pyle

👤Do not use a wheelchair.

👤I had to give a review when I registered this product. It was a bad idea. How can you review something you haven't used before? I gave it a middle of the road score and was contacted by Pyle to give him a review. I promised to do a review after using the ramps. They are not ordinary. My small Nissan XE and my daughters Honda Fit have all been used by them. All 3 abuses were taken by ramps with flying colors. They're a good deal, so definitely recommend this product. I'm ordering another set because they are a good deal. If you don't have a spotter, the ramps will be double wide and you'll have to take driving lessons or give up your license.

👤These are priced right and sturdy. I wish I'd noticed that they aren't tall enough to drive over the curb. I need to raise the boards up a bit. I use them to back up my travel trailer. My truck is also mine.

👤Needed a small ramp to get our golf cart on the porch. The price was the best. We put a board under them to raise them up. I wondered why there wasn't a choice of colors, now I get one yellow and one black.

👤The design is light weight and good value for money. I found some issues that are worth sharing after less than a month of use. 1. The tool is being used during use. When a car enters the ramp, the unit doesn't stay. 2. After 2 weeks of normal use, the hair line cracks. I found a corner broke off after a month. 3. The yellow one broke first. The black one has a small crack after 6 months of use. The yellow unit that broke earlier than the black one is a factory defect unit. There is a I would have rated it much better if it wasn't for the item's longevity.

👤I own a toy Hauler that I use to carry my Can Am Spyder and reverse trike. I have to back up the ramp to get to the ramp door and my trike is very low to the ground. The ramps are perfect for that part of the loading process. I was looking for something that was easy to carry. I need two sets to cover the 65" span between the front two wheels and the single rear drive wheel.

👤I need this to help me get into my house. The ramp is too narrow. My foot doesn't fit on the ramp.

👤I needed to put my large zero turn mower in our shed, and these ramps were what I needed. The ramps are compact and sturdy and don't take up much space in the shed.

👤These are nice and work for what I need, but I'm disappointed I only got one black and one yellow package. I had to go online and find another black ramp after my wife said "No" The ramps are great, but I would prefer to have both blocks the same color.

7. BISupply Portable Motorcycle Threshold Loading

BISupply Portable Motorcycle Threshold Loading

All aluminum will not rust. No matter how much money you make, overCOME any bank. The portable ramp shed is 70.5 cm x 69.2 cm and measures 28.25 x 28.25 x 4.5 inches. There are a number of variable applications. Use with your wheelchair, mower, wagon, dolly cart, hand trolley, motorcycle, or anything else with wheels to access a playground area, hospital, public and private parking lot, warehouse, and high traffic areas where curb access is required on a regular basis. It is easy to add 3.5 inches to your driveway's height with the door ramp; it is portable and not intended for permanent installation. The Curb bridge ramp is made from heavy-duty plastic that is hollow with internal ribbing to add strength, and the bottom rubber grips and high-traction non-slip raised top surface for maximum grip. There are package contents. The portable RV ramp is included in the package. There are package contents. The portable RV ramp is included in the package.

Brand: Bisupply

👤I needed to get my snowblower out of the garage. The garage has a footing that is several inches high. The door is several inches higher on that footer. It was difficult to get the snowblower over the humps and onto the patio. The ramp hooks on the bottom of the door and it clears the humps. I can easily return to the garage when I turn the ramp around after I'm done on the patio. It is easy to move around. It has held up to the weight of the snowblower. It's great for occasional use.

👤My dog is a senior and can't climb anymore. He is able to go in and out with no problem because of this ramp. I would suggest this ramp to anyone who needs help just up one step or two. It should have been months ago.

👤The step up from our driveway to our patio made it difficult for us to move mulch and soil to our garden. This ramp makes it easy to move items. When the weather turns cold, it will be helpful to move large potted plants to the garage.

👤Handles are wonderful. I got a portable Curb Ramp to help my disabled daughter get in a van. We needed something to make her 3-4 inches taller that was easy to step, and expensive. I came across this and it was perfect. We use a portable curb ramp daily.

👤I was led to believe that it was too short in length for a shed, but this is good for those who have a low short transition. I have to return it because it's only 27 inches.

👤I used this to get my powermac out of the shed. The wheels fit on the track. The step down from the shed is not as steep as it should be, but it works.

👤Twice I used it to get a loaded wheelchair out of the front door. Does the job.

👤Good product, but I love it in an apt. It was not possible to leave the ramp and carry it. Had to return it.

8. Vestil MRR 2310 Purpose Outdoor Capacity

Vestil MRR 2310 Purpose Outdoor Capacity

If the rubber ramp is too wide, you can cut it to the width you need, and the rest can be used as the doorstop to protect your threshold from damage. If your threshold is too high, you can purchase two threshold ramps to stack together for use. A high impact ramp is ideal for work environments. It's ideal for hoses, cables, or curbs. The non-skid surface allows for sure footing on inclines. Handle wheeled equipment with ease.

Brand: Vestil

👤This ramp is perfect for my dog. The drop outside was too low for him to go through the door on his own. There would be accidents in the house. He couldn't jump back up through the door if I put him outside. I don't have to clean up messes now that he can go in and out on this ramp. I like that it's heavy and that our dog doesn't move it out of place as she goes in and out.

👤Getting a hand truck up a small step, ledge, or door threshold is helpful, but it may not be tall enough for your needs. It's not tall enough to have the floor of a ReloCube or other "pods" style moving containers. It is strong, it can handle hundreds of pounds of weight, but it can flip if not well secured, since it has a curved lip on the back. The rounded bottom edge makes it difficult to roll items that don't have a lot of clearance. It comes with a nut and bolt in case you buy more than one to make a wider ramp. One of those things where if it fits your needs, it's excellent, but if not, it can be a bit cumbersome, and I was lucky to have the right length and thickness of wood to place it on top of the ramp for me. I would like to have a regular use for this.

👤The back door needed a ramp for my elderly dog to get to it. The threshold height is 4 and the width is 31. I was able to position the ramp so that it doesn't go across the entire threshold because it's only 23.5" wide. It is very strong and thick. The best option for the price was the super expense option. I would recommend opening outside since there is a strong rubber smell, but not everyone will think of that, so just an FYI.

👤Since the Covid lock down, I have lost a lot of strength in my upper body, and it's hard for me to get into the front door and patio. I bought 2 and they are perfect. It is easy to clean a sturdy building. Good price and quality.

👤This is for the patio door entry. It was difficult for him to navigate the high door entrance because of his arthritis. The ramp is heavy-duty and sturdy so that it doesn't blow away. It worked out perfectly, and he can now enter. It was what we needed.

👤I need to get my generator over the lip of the shed. I seem to be weather proof. Please open your box outside with a mask on because it is strong and toxic due to the rubber gas smell.

👤I bought two of these and bolted them together to use an extension to a ramp to move a heavy motorcycle into my shed. They don't kick out when you drive over them because they are heavy. Very sturdy and well constructed. Good product. Some reviewers complain of the smell. When they first come out of the box, there is an odor but after a day outside, it is no problem at all. It works as advertised and would be great for anyone who needs a curb ramp. It's weight rating makes it useful for a wide variety of tasks.

9. Heavy Duty Rubber Curb Ramp

Heavy Duty Rubber Curb Ramp

You can purchase now with a 60 day guarantee. The length and width are 4.3 and 18.8". Industrial grade recycled rubber has a lot of weight. There are pre-installed mounting holes for permanent installation. It can hold up to 20,000 lbs. New rubber emits an odor, place it outside until it goes away. New rubber emits an odor, place it outside until it goes away.

Brand: Electriduct

👤I bought this to help my dog get in and out of the house. There is a small drop from the door to the porch. It's heavy and nice. There was no sliding around. The dog was afraid of it the first couple of times, but realized its purpose after a few tries. I'm very pleased with the product. The price seems a bit high to me. I paid over 50 bucks but it seems built to last.

👤I ordered the 5".2 ramps hoping they wouldn't be much different than my 6 inch curb. I pulled them out of the box and set them where they needed to be. They matched right up to the curb. They didn't budge as I drove my trailer over them. These are very strong. I would buy them again.

👤I wanted to make it easier for my small dogs to get to our porch from our sliding door, so I kept searching for ramps that were rubber. I use one on each porch because it was half the cost. We have other ramps in the house and they know how to use them. I also walk on them.

👤These work perfectly. I used them to back up a camper through a gate in the back yard. It is not a joke when other reviewers say the ramps are smelly. We had them in the house for 20 minutes and it smelled like tires, along with anything within 10 feet of the ramps. The smell is so strong that it's almost unbearable. The garage smelled like a tire store after we moved them there. That seemed normal for the garage. Store them outside for a week. I brought them in after shipping, but don't do that again. You will regret it. They work well for the purpose.

👤The RV driveway has a 6 inch curb, and these help back it up. These have held up well the first few times I have used them. They backed over them. I left mine on the porch because I read people were complaining about the smell if you open them up inside the house. They are in the garage and I haven't smelled anything. I tried to find something like this at the local stores. I was happy to find these on Amazon. I will say that. I thought they were solid, but they aren't. The curb ramps have plastic underneath, but they are still heavy duty.

👤The smell that so many people complained about is not apparent after they were removed from the shipping container. I bought the 20,000 lbs ones for the extra weight as I expect the heavier ones to get knocked around less and not shift when my trailer is rolled over them. I have them sitting on pieces of OSB because the one I received was more than 5 inches in height.

👤I was able to afford a garage area for my cars when I moved into a new apartment. The parking area of the garage has a step up. My regular commuter car was not an issue for my pickup, but it was a problem when I pulled out. The curb ramps are the right height. They are quite heavy and this will prevent them from being pushed out from underneath the tires during climbing. Excellent product. It arrived earlier than expected.

10. Ruedamann Wheelchair Wheelchairs Threshold Thresholds

Ruedamann Wheelchair Wheelchairs Threshold Thresholds

Heavy equipment can climb steps with ease without causing damage to tires or other parts, thanks to the Widely UseRubber Curb Ramp. Large 10 ton capacity (22,000 lbs), not just limited to vehicles,forklifts,buses,mowers,wagons,fire truck, commercial vehicle,excavators,SUV,RV,trailer and other heavier equipment, is also great for bicycles,hand It's suitable for loading docks, parking lot,curbs,driveway,shed entrances. The wheelchair ramp has a H and a L and a W. The rubber threshold ramp makes it easy to transition from one doorway to another. The rubber ramp is more durable and solid than the other ramps. The curb ramp has a non slip design. It can be used safely even if it rains. The line by line design can improve traction. It can be used in both dry and wet conditions. Also, note: Don't use on smooth tiles. The wheelchair threshold ramp is made of natural rubber with a slight rubber smell. It is not harmful to the environment. It can be used indoors and outdoors. TheThreshold ramp can hold up to 1500 lbs. It's designed for scooters, two-wheelers, four-wheelers, manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, walkers. It is suitable for any doorways, entryways, driveway, curbs, roads, steps, stores, hotels, garage, parking lots, shopping centers, sheds, gardens, factories, barns and curves. If the rubber ramp is too wide, you can cut it to the width you need, and the rest can be used as the doorstop to protect your threshold from damage. If your threshold is too high, you can purchase two threshold ramps to stack together for use.

Brand: Ruedamann

👤Since the risers come in different heights, I was able to get one that made a perfect transition from my concrete walkway to my back porch. I don't have anyone in a wheelchair in the house, so I wheel my grocery buggy up the ramp so it doesn't hitch up at the end.

👤It works for what I paid for. I had to put a rug over the thin end because it warped. I got this for my father's house, and didn't want him to trip on it. It serves it's purpose even though it was warped on the ramp.

👤I can go through my door with my wheelchair.

👤I was on a knee scooter and this worked to get over my doorjam. I didn't worry about it slipping out from under the wheels even in the rain because it was very sturdy and durable.

👤It was perfect for my mom to be safe with her walker, and for all of us to not trip over our new door. It was very easy to cut to fit.

👤This is a ramp that I use to get the airplane into the hangar.

👤The patio door is used to reduce tripping hazard. Works well.

👤This ramp is very impressive. The problem of getting my scooter over the threshold was solved by it.

11. Genubi Industry Lightweight Threshold Motorcycle

Genubi Industry Lightweight Threshold Motorcycle

Access Anywhere offers an array of temporary, portable and permanent mobility solutions from toilet lifts to ramps to homecare products to walker, scooter, wheelchair and crutch accessories. It is important to check the dimensions before ordering to give access to a lowered car auto vehicle, SUV, van, mobile wheelchair, motorcycle, bike, scooter and hand truck over curbs or elevated sidewalk. High quality and resilience. The curb ramp is made from high quality materials. A strong type of material made of compound plastic is built to last. Flexible and convenient: The curb ramp is very easy to carry and transport from one place to another. It's suitable for curb, home garage, loading dock and house driveway. Large capital: The utility curb ramp can support up to 3 tons or 6000 lbs of weight and is on a flat surface. Pre-formed hair. The outdoor threshold car ramp set can be installed in high traffic areas using the integrated mounting holes at the bottom of each ramp.

Brand: Genubi Industry

👤I bought this to help my wobbly Yorkie get in and out of the house. I had to coat it with a spray. It is not perfect but it is better than nothing.

👤These items are very poor quality and are completely destroyed after being driven over many times to get into the garage. I don't have a large truck or a 4-door car. They can't handle the weight, despite what the description says. I immediately returned them.

👤The product is very strong. The base has a 90 angle from the backside. The curb I need it for is not 90. Are any? This leaves a gap that means this is not the right product for me. I blame myself for not thinking of this in advance because I can see that it's a right angle in the photo. This review is intended to help others think about this variable. I don't think it should be called a curb ramp. It would be fine for a small step or a 90 curb. If it fits the dimensions of the ramp you need, I would definitely recommend it. The item is worth more than 3, so I would give it a 3.5.

👤I use this ramp to get my motorcycle up and down the sidewalks and curbs around my house. The ramp is very strong. Great.

👤On the first use, it broke. Load was within spec.

👤I park my motorcycle in the backyard of my city home. There is a difference in height between the sidewalk outside the parking area and the space where I park the bike. The ramp has worked well for me. I have not had a problem with the ramp sliding or moving when I move the motorcycle in or out of the parking area, even though the sidewalk is a public sidewalk. I'm very pleased with the ramp.

👤Needed to get RV over a curb. Started with four and ended up ordering two more. We needed two extra ones for the width of the tires on our RV. It worked out great.

👤It gets my walker into the house.

👤I assumed it was a pair. It is lightweight and only one. Returned to buy a pair of ramps.

👤A small ramp was needed from the back door to the patio for our little dog who is suffering with arthritis. The ramp has made it easier for him to access the garden and to get back in while he looks after his legs. It was ideal for what we needed. Would recommend.

👤Drove on it once. It broke instantly.

👤The dog flap was installed to help the dog get in. Does the job. It is very durable as it is outside all the time.

👤Need to be sold in pairs.


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What are the best brands for portable ramps for wheelchairs for steps under 80?

Neppt, Silver Spring and Ez-access are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable ramps for wheelchairs for steps under 80. Find the detail in this article. Ruedamann, Electriduct and Pyle are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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