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1. Audio Technica AT LP60X BK Belt Drive Hi Fidelity Anti Resonance

Audio Technica AT LP60X BK Belt Drive Hi Fidelity Anti Resonance

The audio of vinyl is very high fidelity. Automatic belt drive turntable operation with 2 speeds. Anti resonance, die cast aluminum platter. The tone arm base and head shell have been revised. The noise in the signal chain is reduced by the AC/DC conversion handled by the ac adapter.

Brand: Audio-technica

👤I would highly recommend this turntable to anyone who is new to the hobby and doesn't want to spend a lot. It was a great upgrade to the suitcase turntable I had started out with. It is important to note that anyone who is not tech-oriented or new to the vinyl community cannot buy a record player alone. You need to buy a pair of speakers. If the speakers are passive, you will need to buy an amplifier and speaker wire. You have to buy the other things separately if you want to use the ATLP60 for speakers. I had to do a lot of research to find out what it was. I had a friend who collects vinyl who helped me figure it out. I hope this will help people buy their first turntable system.

👤The newer improved turntable from Audio Technia is an excellent value for the price. After watching a video on the internet, it was easy to set up. I had an issue with one record that started about 1 second in, but I think that record is faulty and not the player, as all my other records have played fine. The sound quality is excellent. The sound of vinyl is amazing. I used to own a turntable that I recommend to anyone looking to start their vinyl experience. It is the best starting point and will last for a long time. After a week of using this turntable for a few hours each day, I am finding that it is going out of sync way too often. When pressing start on auto, the tonearm will start in a song. If the turntable doesn't drop at the right position, you can re-sync it by pressing the stop button, holding the tonearm with your fingers and turning it. I had this happen to me once when I was transporting a record player. I think it moved a lot inside the car. It was an easy fix. I have to try a lot of different things as it isn't clear. I have been able to fix the sync issue twice. The review was for the first generation. The second generation LP60X has followed its way over. I don't want to go through the hassle of returning the unit only to find that there is a problem with the replacement unit. I will keep trying this method but if it gets too much hassle, I will look for another turntable from another brand. The exact same issues exist on this model after 1 STAR received a replacement turntable. The pre determined auto start tonearm position is determined by the width of the 180 gram vinyl, so if it is thicker it will cause it to start sooner. This is very disappointing. The tonearm's advertised purpose is lost if you manually start and lower it. The LP90X is not ready for prime time. I think Audio Technica is going to have a lot of angry customers. A full recall should be offered. I will be returning the mine and trying the newer one.

2. Decoration Gramophone Phonograph Turntable Bluetooth

Decoration Gramophone Phonograph Turntable Bluetooth

White fresh design suits better for modern home decoration, while vintage music experience brings you infinite beautiful memories of the old times. Vintage and fashion design: pure copper horn with aluminum alloy base, anti-oxidation plating on the surface, exquisite and elegant. There are two built-in 20W full range stereo speakers on the left and right, one silk treble speaker on the top, and one heavy bass speaker on the bottom. There are multi function plays. It supports adjusting the listening speeds and playing three sizes of records. A 3.5mm aux-in jack, a CD player tray, and built-in memory reader are included. You can use a range of applications in hotels, clubs, bars, yoga rooms, home or office decorations, or Christmas gifts. The item dimensions are 302mm x 354mm x 576mm and weight is about 10 kilogram.

Brand: Bandc

👤Don't be alarmed! There are a few different brands of the same one on Amazon. The sound quality was terrible when I bought the option for $219. The only difference is that it plays CDs. I was unable to replace the needle attachment because it was stuck to the stylus. If you want good quality vinyl sound, you should replace the needle that comes with the record player. It was easy to replace this one. This sounds better with the right needle. The modes sound 10 times better. The cheaper one did not have a base. This is a great centerpiece, a decent vinyl record player, and a great quality speaker to have in your home. It's great to get more loud and better quality when playing it. There is always a 1 second lag before I start playing any song. I'm not sure why this is. The cheaper model that I purchased was better. The sound quality is noticeably different, so don't be fooled by the similarity.

👤The amazing phonograph is a complete well-integrated system, including built-in artistically displayed speakers with clear, full and vibrant sound. It was more money than I wanted to spend, but worth every penny for someone who wants the victrola look without sacrificing sound quality and modern conveniences. Customer service is great, they know their product well and exceeded my expectations to make sure everything was right for me.

👤I like the sound quality. The base sound is great. Just perfect. It was worth every penny. The antique style looks great in my living room and I love it. It's a great recommendation for any music lover.

👤This record player was praised a lot. The quality is definitely worth the price and it stands out in my living room.

👤It doesn't play all the way to the end of the record. If you want to listen to this song you can't hear it on the record.

👤Beautiful all around! It stands out in my white room and I love it.

3. DIGITNOW Turntable Multi Function Bluetooth Converter

DIGITNOW Turntable Multi Function Bluetooth Converter

The leather suitcase Turntable has a record player, radio, mp3 player, and aBLE receiver. You can convert your vinyl records and radio program to mp3 from your flash/sd card, but not theusb card. The suitcase has a turntable and a full- channel radio. Headphone Jack is available for private listening. It's possible to connect other devices with aux inBluetooth. This is a good Thanksgiving or Christmas present. The warranty is for 12 months. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Digitnow

👤When I bought it, I was told it had a port at the back and a port at the front. We worked out what happened after the seller contacted me. Don't worry me... The first one had a few problems besides the hole at the back where theusb port was supposed to be, but the replacement one works well. It records very well to the flash card. I'm very pleased with this product and will recommend it to anyone who is looking for a portable record player like this one. The customer service was top notch and they even offered me a product in a different color because of the mislist. I apologize for the first review. I was upset that it didn't match the listing. I'm 100% happy with the fact that it has been fixed.

👤This seemed like a great way to get vinyl. I liked the suitcase design. I knew the built-in speakers would be bad, but that didn't matter. It was easy to record to a flash drive. I had to figure out what "Auto Stop" was and turned it off. The manual doesn't cover how to record. I couldn't find a way to set the bit rate. I wanted better quality. The mp3 recordings sound tinny and without depth because the bass doesn't pick up much at all. There was also noise. I tried it out for a short time and it turned on and off a few times. I didn't touch anything. The recording stopped in the middle and I had to restart it. I returned it because it wasn't what I wanted.

👤I own an extensive vinyl record collection. They've been gathering dust recently. I wanted to buy a new stereo system soon, so I sold my old one. I chose this two years later. I wanted something portable that was easy to put away because I have young ones living in my house. This system is great for money. I don't need a computer to convert to mp3. That's a big plus. I'm happy if I can just use a SD card to convert it, because it comes with editing software. It has a lock and arm lift. It is easy to set up. The speakers are the only downside to me. The built in speakers fail in that area. I was happy to hear that it has AUX out and I was able to hook it up to my sound bar using the supplied cable. If you're looking for something that's inexpensive and not cheap, this is it. Excellent quality at a great price. The pre recorded voice is also a plus.

👤I've collected tons of 45's and 33's over the course of 30 years. I own a Wurlitzer open top jukebox that can hold 100 45's and play them with a push of buttons. I've had good experience with this brand in the past, so it was no wonder that I wanted a retro suitcase looking recorder player that could play music from a computer, as well as play radio, and even have a built in gps device. I'm not sure if I can mention all of the features, but I will try to highlight why this is an amazing audio player. It has a built-in speaker on both sides of the suitcase, so you can listen to radio or stream from a device immediately. You can use the "play" button while in the radio station mode to check out all the stations and then use the next and previous buttons to navigate through them. It has a built-in mp3 player that you can use to play music from a thumb drive or a memory card. I was able to play music from a thumb drive. The control buttons allow you to pause or skip songs. The record player has a place to store it, and I love that it has an accessory for the 45's. I played both 33' and 45's because it has a switch to change the RPM. The volume control is a dial control, not a volume up/down button. The most amazing part about this player is that you can use it to play your favorite music and convert it to mp3 in digital form so you can listen to it on the go! This feature is worth getting this player for. 3.5mm audio output and 3.5mm aux are two nice designs. You can input. Even when not being used, this retro style suitcase will look great. Highly recommend this wonderful multi-audio player. Excellent!

4. VOKSUN Vintage Turntable Bluetooth Function

VOKSUN Vintage Turntable Bluetooth Function

A balanced combination of mid-century modern and retro charm is elegantly designed with distinctive craftsmanship. Perfect entry level record player, all-in-one turntable play at 3 speed for 7", 10" and12" vinyl records with 45rpm adaptor included. Premium sound quality helps you appreciate the warm and smooth sound of your vinyls. The speakers are in the box. Headphone jack and AM/FM are compatible with your streaming needs; Bluetooth receive function turns your record player into a wireless speaker; and AM/FM are compatible with your streaming needs. VOKSUN offer a 12 month worry free warranty and 24 hours customer service.

Brand: Voksun

👤I have never used vinyl before. I decided to do this because it looks beautiful, as well as 4 albums from Amazon. The box had some damage, but the player was not. I tried 4 new records and all of them had a wobble and sound distortion. I went to a record store to buy some older records in case the records I bought were warped during manufacturing or shipping. I realized that the piece between the arm and the plate was black, and that the scratching noise I heard was because it was all even. I was able to stop the scratching sound and make it look stable, but it doesn't look that way. I added pictures for reference. I'll update my review if my replacement is better. I could see that the replacement did not have the same defect. It plays well.

👤If possible, I would give 0 stars. It looks nice. That is all. My man cave has a great vinyl set up. I knew I was going to see a drop off in quality. I needed a desk top turntable with a jack to use my vinyl while I was at home. I was expecting the sound quality to be better than a stereo, but it was so bad I don't know how to describe it. Maybe it is the tone arm and needle rig. I might as well have been listening to AM radio in a 1982 station wagon because I put on a brand new 180g vinyl. I thought the speakers were just low quality. No big deal. I put my $400 pro headphones into it and it was worse because they pick up more static. I couldn't before. Absolutely no low end. We buy vinyl because of this. The sound is richer. I think the Jack is not good. Let me try a different route. I use the spark Amp as a practice amplifier. It was a mild improvement. It is difficult to set the knobs. It was beyond annoying that the setting changed with each record. It may be too complex. I own an amplifier for a bass and electric drum kit. There are a few knobs. It is made for bass. Nope. No better. After a long time, I went to my good stereo and put the phonoRCA into it, but it still was a total mess. Tinny is a complete understatement. You would get more bass tapping a pen. Really disappointed. It looks cool. For $89, forget it. I bought a Sony turntable before my set up. I plugged it in. The drop off from my good stuff is not noticeable. Going to this item is like going to a 1920's hand crank phonograph. I will have to use an amplifier for my idea.

👤This product is gorgeous. I like the look and all the features. The sound gets the job done, I think it could go higher. The player has a radio and headphones. The speakers are out of the way. Sorry, the video I'm posting is upside down. Hopefully you understand the concept.

5. DIGITNOW Turntable Speakers Supports Headphone

DIGITNOW Turntable Speakers Supports Headphone

Ausb record player is a device that can be used to connect to your PC via a cable. You can use the included software to record and convert your records. The stand-alone vinyl record player is stylish. Briefcase and suitcase designs are easy to carry and look stylish. Three speeds are set to play 33 1/3, 45 or 78rpm records. Dynamic full range stereo speakers are built in. The record player is connected to your home stereo. The tone arm has soft control.

Brand: Digitnow

👤I bought this player for an old man who has been isolated during Covid-19. He hasn't been able to listen to music or dance since March. He told me he had a collection of records, but no player. I gave him the player as a gift. He is 92 years old and it was easy to use. The sound quality is what you would expect from a player of this price range, but a speaker can also be added. He was able to listen to old memories, which was priceless, but he was so restricted that it was hard to hear them. It can play a variety of music. It's easy to switch speeds.

👤The record player is portable. The sound is great. You can connect to your computer or phone. It's perfect for a small space. I would recommend anyone who loves vinyl to do so.

👤It was nice for the price. I would like it to be a little bigger but it's a good size to store. It sounds good. My daughter is happy.

👤I believe in this product. I think brands other than Victrola can produce a decent vinyl player, because modern suitcase/briefcase style turntables have been prevelant enough in the past 10 years. Some people have had good experiences and some people have had bad experiences with this product. I am on the bad side. The product looked great out of the box. The faux leather material felt sturdy. The accents on each corner are made of metal. The sound is not bad. I was not expecting it to be as bad as I thought. I think the sound is appropriate for the vibe that people like. I noticed that it was scratching my record a few minutes after I used it. I know how to use a turntable and my vinyls are precious to me. The center rod cracked my vinyl in the middle. I decided to return the product. I understand that there is wear and tear when it comes to vinyls, but this was way too soon. I was disappointed with how it damaged my record. The arm lever stopped working when I removed my record from the turntable. Already! I had to remove the arm from the disk to save my vinyl. This product is disappointing.

👤The price is great. It's exactly what I wanted. My cat liked it too.

👤I was worried about getting a record player. This one looks good.

👤I bought this because I really love the 1974 Great Gatsby movie staring Mia Farrow and Robert Redford and I could only find the soundtrack on vinyl, but I didn't have a turntable. This one had good reviews, was inexpensive and seemed to be a good value for the money, I can connect it to my laptop to record the record to my computer and eventually add it to my iTunes library. I bought a Miles Davis record at a local record shop because I was anxious to try out my new toy and I wanted to hear what it sounded like. The sound quality is pretty good and the built in speakers are loud enough to be heard in my entire apartment, but I was surprised that it was so easy to use. I haven't tried the function yet to record records in mp3 format. It is easy to use, folds up easily, and has a handle for easy carrying and storage, which is great if I want to bring it with me to my place of business, because my apartment is very small and space is at a premium. I am turning into a vinyl lover because I need a turntable to listen to a certain movie soundtrack.

6. Victrola VSC 400SB CNV Bluetooth Turntable CustomStickers

Victrola VSC 400SB CNV Bluetooth Turntable CustomStickers

An auto-stop switch that stops spinning when the record is played is included. You can use a quick mode switch. It's great to use when you need to relax. Three speed belt-driven turntables. The suitcase record player has a premium sound quality and sits on sound isolating feet. It's perfect for your room. Take your suitcase anywhere, it's in a vintage suitcase with an easy carry handle, and it's a great choice for vinyl lovers. Through the turntable's built-in speakers, you can stream audio from your phone. Line input for non-Bluetooth devices like a CD player can be used to connect external speakers. You can connect your headphones to the jack for personal listening. Extra equipment is not required. Get it up and running. This affordable record player is ideal for beginners and vintage enthusiasts. An input select knob, power/volume knob, and an auto stop switch are all you need. A record player that makes you feel like you're in a movie, and a wide range of styles, patterns and colors to choose from, will make you feel like you're in a movie.

Brand: Victrola

👤A record player that doesn't scratch or skip my records is finally here! There is a new stylus and a new player. I have seen. I have a lot of portables. You can listen to the video if you check it out. It is being played through small speakers. You can use the stereo speakers built in, or it can connect to any speaker. Take a listen, you will love it. All record players are the same. The better you play, the better it will sound. It will sound better if a needle or stylus is broken into after a few hours.

👤Work stopped after less than 30 days.

👤The sound is good and very easy to set up, I covered the scratches with stickers. Like it!

👤My teenager liked this. Good sound and quality. It was only tested once.

👤The item didn't work out of the box. I am familiar with it from my clients house. I have not had a problem with that one. It might be better to order directly from the website.

👤Since you can connect to your own speakers, it doesn't really matter. A lot of enjoyable music has been brought into our house because of the compact, easy to use, and easy to use music system.

👤My granddaughter loved decorating her re off player.

👤This is not believable. I wouldn't put vinyl on it because it will ruin it. The tonearm weight tracking force is not adjusted and the cheap plastic stylus is a joke. Look at 1byOne.

7. Bluetooth Turntable Belt Driven Nostalgic Phonograph

Bluetooth Turntable Belt Driven Nostalgic Phonograph

A record player that makes you feel like you're in a movie, and a wide range of styles, patterns and colors to choose from, will make you feel like you're in a movie. The speaker has a larger power than most of the turntable speakers and it plays great bass and treble. You can hook up to an external speaker with the AUX in jacks. You can play your phone music with theBluetooth Record Player. You can record your favorite music from other device into theusb player and play it back on a turntable. To be quiet, use the headphones jack. 3 speed and arm lifter protects your vinyls from scratching White fresh design suits better for modern home decoration, while vintage music experience brings you infinite beautiful memories of the old times.

Brand: Udreamer

👤Buy it! I bought aVictrolaParker record player for around the same price as the one I bought from Kohls, which would skip the needle when my kids would jump or run around the living room, and did a side by side comparison. The player won on sound quality and function. It was easy to use, great quality, and came quickly. I can't speak to that because we have yet to use the device. I did not get paid to write this review. I was pleasantly surprised by this purchase and had to share it.

👤I didn't have anything to play the records on when my mom brought them over. I thought this one would fit in better with my decor than some others. It is small and light. I had it set up and playing in less than 5 minutes. It hooks up to my phone and has different speeds for different records. It's a type of wireless communication. I can also play music. There are inputs in the back. I might hook it up to more speakers. I wish the cord was a little longer, but nothing will fix it. It does its job and is great value.

👤I am very happy with this record player. I wanted a simple record player for our home office, I wasn't expecting the best sound, but I wanted a cheap one. When we first used this sound quality, I was pleasantly surprised. I had an issue with it when it was shipped, it had been shipped in its original box and Amazon left it in the rain during a storm. I contacted the seller and they were able to deal with the situation quickly.

👤This is a small machine. I use it as a dressing room in the spare bedroom. It fills the room nicely. I can't get the plugs in the back to work. That's disappointing.

👤I wanted to get an inexpensive record player to start off with, but I am more impressed with this one than I thought. The audio quality is better than I anticipated and I may use other speakers in the future. I am starting out with vinyl and I think it would be a great starter record player for anyone who likes listening to music.

👤Noce price, sound works great and loud, but not for someone who wants to jam out with their collection. Christmas records are easy to play. It has a nice quality and blends well with white and natural decor.

👤I was looking for a player that would fit on an Eket cube. This does a great job. It's really easy to use and it sounds good. It works with my phone.

👤I bought this for my sister as a Christmas gift, but I was a bit skeptical about buying this brand. It is very good quality for the price. It is cute. I like that you can connect to something. My sister is going to love this! The sound quality is very good.

8. Crosley T150B WH Bluetooth Turntable Variable

Crosley T150B WH Bluetooth Turntable Variable

The turntable has an upgraded Audio Grade Plinth and stereo speakers. You can stream your favorite music to the speakers with a built-in receiver. The built-in, switchable preamp allows you to pair with any component of your choice. A pitch control knob, aluminum tone arm, and RCA outputs allow you to take control of your listening experience. You can switch up the moving magnet cartridges with the standard 1/2" mount. The included components are t150b, platter, belt, speakers, speaker wires, 45rpm adapter, and user manual. corded electric is the power source type.

Brand: Crosley

👤I used to use a portable, suitcase record player, but it wasn't as good as it could have been. The sound on this Crosley is better than those $60 cheap record players, but equally beautiful. The cheaper record players have a replaceable pin. You get what you pay for.

👤The turntable arrived quickly and without any issues. It is nicely packaged. The set-up only took about 5 minutes and only required the turntable platter and speakers to be connected. At this point, I have played at least a dozen albums and a few 45s, and I am very happy with my purchase. The turntable arm is made of metal and can be adjusted. The Audio-Technica needle is easy to find and the replacement parts are easy to find. I purchased this set-up for my daughter's room because of the function. You can connect your phone to the base and use the speakers. The sound quality is similar to vinyl, and we have streamed it through. The turntable base has a built in speaker. There are jacks in the back that allow you to connect to another system, but I haven't tried it yet. It has pitch-control, which I have adjusted slightly, just based on my preference. The sound is good through the basic speakers. It gets loud enough to fill a large family room, and doesn't distort much at the highest volumes. I would include a dust-cover and RPM strobe for the pitch control if I could change anything. I would order it again, and I might get another to give as a gift.

👤I bought this combo along with a turntable that is all in one from Crosley. The other turntable is more of a record player with CD and other functions built-in. I left a review for it because it is more basic in terms of features. We like both set-ups after a couple of weeks of spinning our old vinyl, but the Patriarch fills a much different role for us. I bought this T150 in white because I had a chance to play with it before ordering, and I saw it on display at a store near my house. It uses the same needle and cartridge as my old turntable, the Audio Technica LP60. I had at least two or three replacement needles on hand for the Audio Technica, which was at least five years old. I paid the same for the combo, but I added a metal turntable platter and a better tonearm, and I did it alone. The turntable base is plastic, but the platter that spins the records is metal. I looked around to see if I could buy a turntable without the speakers, but it doesn't appear to be available. I played it with the speakers and it was really good. I connected the T150 base to the old LP60, and it blew me away. It is running through Edifier speakers, which are powered, and I can't believe I get the sound that I do for under $200 on the full set-up. The sound is warmer, and the tonearm can be adjusted for weight, and I like the white, as it matches the other components. I wish it had a dustcover, but it gets played a lot, and we don't store vinyl on it. I had a person come by my office who was into vinyl and turntables and he said the tonearm was similar to his brand, which is a Rega. I paid for the full system, but Rega starts hundreds of dollars ahead of me. He mentioned that I could swap out the needles for others, but with at least two replacements in the drawer, I think we'll keep our existing and I have no complaints at all. I would buy this again if it were available with a turntable.

9. Victrola Bluetooth Portable Suitcase Turntable

Victrola Bluetooth Portable Suitcase Turntable

Three speed belt-driven turntables. The suitcase record player has a premium sound quality and sits on sound isolating feet. It's perfect for your room. Take your suitcase anywhere, it's in a vintage suitcase with an easy carry handle, and it's a great choice for vinyl lovers. Through the turntable's built-in speakers, you can stream audio from your phone. Line input for non-Bluetooth devices like a CD player can be used to connect external speakers. You can connect your headphones to the jack for personal listening. Extra equipment is not required. Get it up and running. This affordable record player is ideal for beginners and vintage enthusiasts. An input select knob, power/volume knob, and an auto stop switch are all you need. A record player that makes you feel like you're in a movie, and a wide range of styles, patterns and colors to choose from, will make you feel like you're in a movie.

Brand: Victrola

👤It was in perfect condition. Some reviews list some common problems, but mine is just fine and I am very happy. Comes with two needles. A 36-second video is included. Listen to that audio quality!

👤Our son used his two times, and on the third time, it stopped working and smoked. He turned the power off after not falling asleep. After contacting the seller to request a return, the seller closed the request with a pat message saying that they were unable to process a cancellation because the purchase was in the final stages. They didn't address the issues presented, and one thought they could keep the money, even though they knew they had a bad product. They weren't right. The first and second players she received did not work according to another reviewer. The item arrived "intact" and Amazon cannot offer refunds through their claim process. We don't have a turntable or money, but we still have our family and home safe. I had to choose a star in order to give a review. I would not give a star to this product or the seller, as they must know by now that this product is faulty and catches on fire.

👤It started to sound crazy after about 10 hours of use. Loud comical noises... I have a lot of things in my home that turn, rotation, and have electric motors. None of them make noise. This sounds like every rotation. I found a small piece of plastic wedged into the turning mechanism after taking it apart. I was able to put it back together, but I had to learn how to put the belt back on. A repair for a small object. It works fine now, but still has a hassle of having to fix a new record player.

👤The sound quality is pretty good. Ships quickly. It is great to have volume. Future buyers should be careful with the tonearm. The life and lower feature should always be used. Before playing records, make sure you have a slip mat. A replacement needle is also present. Don't touch the groves of the records so they stay clean.

👤When there are negative reviews on Amazon, the item is reposted and the score is adjusted. They're making money so they don't care, so I wish they would fix it. Because of the heft of the arm a record player requires in order to have sufficient and tune-able weight on a record, record players are not usually made for travel use. If you don't put enough weight on the arm, you will skip. What can you do? You can ghetto rig it by taping a penny or quarter at the top of the tip. If it fixes it, you have a cheap record player. A record player. Don't get it. Get a real one. It might be worth it when it drops to $20, but not much more.

👤I was hoping to like this turntable. I should have remembered that with electronics, we get what we pay for. It was in a flimsy box and not an outer box for protection. The inside of the turntable was covered in cardboard. It looked like it was in a wood shop. I returned it after I packaged it back up. Audio Technica is a brand I have purchased that doesn't have the retro look I was hoping for, but the quality is what I was looking for. I wouldn't recommend this unit to anyone.

10. Victrola Navigator Bluetooth Encoding Turntable

Victrola Navigator Bluetooth Encoding Turntable

The 8-in-1 entertainment center has a turntable that plays your vinyls, a cassette player, a radio, and a headphones jack. Extra equipment is not required. Get it up and running. This record player is ideal for beginners and vintage enthusiasts alike because of its retro looks and modern technology. Three speed belt-driven turntables. The record player has premium sound quality with minimum vibrations. It's a great choice for vinyl lovers and it's perfect for your living room, bedroom or office. All the controls you need are included, including a volume knob, a radio, and a remote control. Extension of the sound by connecting external speakers or an amplifier via the RCA Line outputs. Plug your headphones into the jack for personal listening.

Brand: Victrola

👤I liked this player for the first 6 months. After 6 months, I played a couple of 45rpm records. The albums wouldn't play after I switched back to 33 1/3. I went back to 45's, but they wouldn't play either. I called customer service and it went straight to voice mail. They did not call back after I left a message. I received an email stating that a replacement would be sent within a month after I sent the unit back. The customer service phone outgoing message always says "We're receiving higher than normal call volume". They do everything they can to get you to go to the website, because they don't want to deal with you over the phone. You will find similar stories if you look at other vintage record players. I believe that since vinyl record players are not mass produced like they used to be, there isn't the expertise to build quality vinyl record players anymore. You will find comments like mine scattered throughout multiple reviews on Amazon for record players distributed from multiple manufacturers. The turntable would never stop turning when I was a kid. The same care is not put into manufacturing these types of devices, most likely because the demand for them is very niche and small. It's sad for those of us who still like vinyl. If the customer service was better, I would be more understanding. Unfortunately, these companies will sell you a record player and then hope that the until plays without a hitch until after the warranty period expires. If it does not, they make it hard for you to return it in the hopes that you will give up. I would never discourage anyone from buying a record player like this because I understand the love that people have for old vinyl records. My dad used to say that customer service was the key to these companies because they don't make them like they used to.

👤I was skeptical because reviews have not been great. I have had it for 3 months and it has worked well. Will update if something breaks. I can convert albums/cassette/CD to digital through the 8 functions tested and work great, I can do it on my PC or car. The radio stations work well with a single wire antenna. I got the white model and it looks amazing, I have not tried the auxiliary inputs, but the external output could be used for small speakers. It's possible to convert old media to digital without outsourcing, and it comes with 3 extra needles if needed. This was one of the best purchases I made on Amazon because of the nostalgic design and the fact that the power on/off and tuning/preset radio options must be done by hand. I'm using it almost every day.

👤I only had it for a week, but I was worried about the negative reviews of the all-in-one record players, so I took a chance with either of them. It's okay. If you're just a casual vinyl person, the speakers can get loud. Also! The big plus is that this one has a sound system that can play music, which is great if I ever want to add powered external speakers. Keep that in mind. The am/fm radio in my apartment building is clear and nice, even though it's in a three story building and I can't get a signal out with my phone to save my life sometimes. It works well and quickly. The Aviator will show up as a wooden music player. I played two discs on the player but it still works and reads clear, black and blue discs. I haven't tried the cassette player yet. I'll add this later when I get some cassettes. The big one. The player is a vinyl. It comes with a startup manual. It was easy to set it up. It plays at all speeds. I tried 33 1/3LP's, 45's, and 78's. It comes with a tonearm lift. You don't have to drop it. The platter doesn't skip and the needle reads clearly. The quality of the needle will be said to some people. Garbage made of ceramic! You should destroy your records. Yes, they probably do. I wanted something that worked and didn't destroy your records like Crosley's record players. It's good for casual vinyl players who just want to play some of their old records and new ones occasionally. It's not bad. The packaging was different. It was in a good way. The box with the record player in it was protected with foam braces and air bags. The platter was held stiff with a foam block pressed down to it and the tone arm was secured with a transport screw. I would recommend keeping these foam pieces for future use. A plastic cover was used to protect the needle. There are three extra replacement needles and a microfiber cloth. A remote with a manual. The remote did not have batteries. The remote was funny at first, but it got funnier as the volume went up or down without first going down and then going up in volume. The knob for the volume on the console is weird, it's molded with an arrow and a picture, but you might have to twist it around twice to turn it from 20 to 0 volume because, I don't know, oversight.

11. Crosley Cruiser Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable

Crosley Cruiser Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable

The noise in the signal chain is reduced by the AC/DC conversion handled by the ac adapter. The turntable is based on a favorite from the year. You can stream your music to the cruiser's speakers with a built-in receiver. The pitch control can be changed. The portable turntable plays three speeds: 33 1/3, 45 and 78rpm. Stereo speakers with dynamic range and outputs.

Brand: Crosley

👤I got this for my daughter for Easter and it was exactly what she wanted, but as far as function goes, it is not very useful. The record player has a lid. I initially thought the records were warped, but as you can see in the photo, there is not enough clearance between the opened lid and the vinyl. I am not sure if this is a good player or how it works with this style player.

👤I have the same issue as you, but I found the problem, and I feel stupid because I found what the problem was, if the door is left. I'll buy one more for my friends to enjoy.

👤There is a lot of hate for this product on the internet. You have people saying that it sounds terrible, and you have people saying that they need a turntable, speakers, and a million other things. Does the turntable have speakers? Yes, it does. Is there better turntables out there? Yes, definitely. I would spend hundreds of dollars on a turntable if I could. I am unable to do that. I think this is a good starting point for people who are interested in vinyl and just want to get started. I ordered diamond replacement needles since I read that they are better than the one that was installed. I thought there were some in the box, but they weren't. This is a steal for the price.

👤I bought this as a gift for my spouse, and I loved the look of the player. The reviews were mediocre, but since we were going to buy a nice one after moving, I wasn't as worried. I thought what I could lose at this price. I was wrong. The player is not ok. It's cute, but the good stops there, like the one I had when I was a kid. The sound is terrible. Adjusting the pitch didn't help. My records sounded like they were playing at the wrong speed. I was not expecting a $400 table. Would not recommend it.

👤After two days, stopped working. I tried to contact the seller but was told to go to Amazon. Trying to find a solution.

👤I returned the Crosley Cruiser and replaced it with the Audio Technica AT-LP 120. I wanted to give this a try, but I realized most of the reviews are correct, so I'm not sure if it's worth it. I recommend that you watch the video "Record Player: Crosley - Top 5 Reasons NOT to Buy!", as he goes into detail much more effectively than I can.

👤Music is a part of my life. Should I have bought it? No. Probably not. Is there better quality products out there? Yes, but this one works. It plays music. Does it sound good? It functions, but not exactly. It plays music. It is so cute. Come on. It is made to travel. What can you expect? I took mine for a couple of spins, and I am not disappointed. Worth the money for the product and appearance. I would say it is perfect if that is what appeals to you. Keep shopping if you are annoyed by the sound quality. Time will tell how long it will last. Why not purchase the extra warranty? What is a few more bucks? It is worth it.


What is the best product for portable record player white?

Portable record player white products from Audio-technica. In this article about portable record player white you can see why people choose the product. Bandc and Digitnow are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable record player white.

What are the best brands for portable record player white?

Audio-technica, Bandc and Digitnow are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable record player white. Find the detail in this article. Voksun, Digitnow and Victrola are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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