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1. Smartmak Steamer Remote Control Therapy

Smartmak Steamer Remote Control Therapy

The portable sauna is easy to use. Have a mobile beauty spa or want to move your sauna dome. Saving time and money is important. You can enjoy a full body sauna with a head cover, relax after working all day, and increase your time with your family by going to the spa outside. The sauna tent can be entered and exit without difficulty, the neckline can be adjusted, the temperature can be adjusted by the remote control, and anti-dry is reliable. The material is material. The portable sauna chair is suitable for picnic, beach, fishing or placed anywhere you want, it supports, and it has a double-sided zipper. The effect is to remove toxins through perspiration. The steam sauna can be used to massage health care, and it can be used for face benefits.

Brand: Smartmak

👤I was looking forward to my new sauna, however it did not get hot enough to stay warm. I was hoping that increasing the temperature to 9 would help, but it cracked the top of the steamer pot, so I was disappointed. Never order a product that has no reviews. It had a remote control with no battery.

👤I liked the idea of a steam sauna. It was easy to assemble, but not with written instructions. Make sure connections are secure. My major dislikes are now. The steamer pulls the hose apart. I used a twist tie to keep it secure. The "gate connection" is another disappointment. It's hard to connect but easy to disengage. Another Dislike is The Hood. Doesn't stay on. Great idea. Needs some adjustments. If you are over 6 feet, you will not be comfortable. It's not a bad purchase. I will use it a few more times before I make a decision.

👤There are no instructions on how to use the sauna.

👤It is easy to assemble and works well. I am happy I invested in purchasing. You don't need to go to the gym and sit in a sauna.

👤I have used it for a week, but I have no idea how to use it. Awesome. Already lost 6 lbs.

👤I love the set up, but it didn't come with my ReMote, can someone help me with that?

👤The lid broke. It was hard to assemble and collapsed on the first use.

👤The Tent is too small and hard to get in, the remote control is not working, and the chair is hard to get into. It isn't worth the price.

2. COSVALVE Personal Generator Lightweight Portable

COSVALVE Personal Generator Lightweight Portable

Enjoy a healthy life. Regular sweating helps to lose weight, improve skin tone, relieve joint pain, increase blood circulation, boost the immune and nervous system, reduce stress and fatigue, and improve overall health. The inside of the personal sauna has two-way zippers, which can be opened at any time. When doing a sauna, you can put out your hands to read. You need to assemble the brackets to match the size of the connecting tube to load it into the sauna tent. You can do it in a few minutes. The portable sauna for home has heating levels that can be adjusted between 1 and 30 minutes. The 2.6L capacity steam pot has anti-dry, anti-leakage, anti-explosion, automatic power cut protection, and anti-leakage protection. The safety power can be used anywhere. The home sauna takes about 8 minutes to warm up and it hits about 115F. The steam machine is easy to set up. Wait 8 to 10 minutes for the head hole to get hot and cover it with a towel. Make sure the back and seat are covered by placing a towel on the chair. 3 layers of insulation waterproof fabric are used to increase stability. Product size is 39.3'' x 31.5'' x 67'' and weight is 10.8 lbs. The package size is 29.1'' x 9.3'' x 12.8''. The package weight is over 13 feet. Keep a healthy life by using personal health care. The health benefits of using a personal sauna tent include weight loss, improved skin tone, and Relieves stiffness. And. Joint pain, increased bloods circulation, Promotes more sleep, reduces stress. Add your favorite essential oils to the steam generator. Don't add too much at first.

Brand: Cosvalve

👤The first time I turned it on, I could smell the fumes from the sauna and the heated lines from the reservoir. The FDA does not monitor aromatics from cheap China made saunas. The U.S. FDA doesn't watch the use of unknown chemicals in China's products. I would not recommend this product to anyone. If you end up using this sauna, I would buy food grade high heat hoses for the lines between the sauna and the reservoir. I used it twice after buying new hoses and it broke because the small electronics stopped working. I think it broke because it ran out of water, which I only used for 15 minutes, on high (9) and full of water. Something as simple as a high heat shut off switch is a no-brainer, but they wanted to cut costs so much they couldn't include it. They will likely suffer for a feature in the future.

👤Since the gym's steam room closed due to COVID, it is more than an acceptable substitute. I'm 6'1" and just fit. I've been using it daily. The steam gets hot enough to serve its purpose. I rated four stars instead of five because of two things. The frame should be put into the cloth enclosure first. I found it better to lay out the cloth enclosure first and then assemble the frame inside. I'm 205 pounds. The chair began ripping after a few uses. I purchased a ZIUQAB Folding Portable Chair for $13.99) which has held up well and additional has the advantage of sitting an inch or two lower, so I can actually get my head into the steam enclosure for a total steam room experience. There are two other notes. After about 6 weeks, the boiler started working intermittently. The seller arranged to ship a replacement boiler after I contacted them. The experience of purchasing Hoteel was miserable, and theCOSValve is a much better choice.

👤The assembly of this was difficult because of tolerance being off. I put clear tape around the ends of the metal tube to make it snug. The fabric is not smelly. Tubes made of aluminum will not rust. The steamer has a lot of features but the remote won't go through the fabric. Tubes are short so you might want to get longer ones. The steam coming out of the end is really, really hot and can be dangerous. I added a small space heater to balance out requirements, so that it wouldn't get in the way of the meltable connectors. You have to be less than five feet tall to stand up. I'm happy to have a steam/sauna in my basement.

👤I looked online for a sauna or steam room and this one was the number one contender. This was a big deal. It was literally! The price was $189 with a $20 off coupon, so it won in price. It was a steal for me. The mechanics all look the same, so I don't see much difference compared to other models. Some have thicker tent fabrics. Does it work? Yes! I turned it on for 70 minutes after filling it up. There was a quarter of water left in the tank. First use was good, but there was a draft. It holds the heat, but maybe the material could be thicker. I am used to the real things. I like smoking. I put a blanket over it to keep it warm. After about 30 minutes it gets cooking. It is not very bright. When you have a phone and playing music, who cares? The tray at the bottom of the tank is hot enough to burn you. I put the towels over the chair. When I am done, give a good wipe down and spray lysol. It has been great for 2 weeks. Set the time and heat before you go in because the remote doesn't work from the inside.

3. LTCCDSS Personal Portable Generator Protection

LTCCDSS Personal Portable Generator Protection

Health benefits include weight loss, improved skin tone, joint pain relief, increased blood circulation, enhanced immune system, reduced stress and fatigue, and increased overall energy levels. The warranty is for 24 months. All-round steam sauna, multi-stage temperature adjustment,intelligent timing and constant temperature,convenient hand-out zipper design. The structure of the pipe connection is made of wood. Strong and not easily altered. The sauna tent are made of high-density polyethylene materials and waterproof canvas, it has stronger waterproof and anti-seepage capabilities, and high-quality materials ensure that sauna tent have extremely high wear resistance,tear resistance and flexibility. The portable steam sauna has a high power sauna steamer pot that can reach a max temp. It is highly power efficient because of its 149F/65C temperature in no time. It's easy to use and control. It can be turned on/off by the remote control. It can be folded up for easy carrying and storage so that you can enjoy a sauna experience at any time and place. It can help you lose weight, improve skin tone, relieve pain, increase blood circulation, promote a more peaceful sleep, reduce stress, and increase energy levels. The parameters for your reference are Sauna tent sizes: 29.1329.1367inches (L*W*H) and 888-405-7720 They will reply to your questions within 24 hours if you send them an email.

Brand: Ltccdss

👤You can use a steam sauna in the privacy of your home. There is no need to drive. Once you know how to use it, it works great. The directions could be improved. I put the lid on the steamer like a crock pot, and the steam was escaping out of the top, which wasn't going into the sauna. The lid needs to stay on. The slots need to be twisted into the lid. I put a hook on the wall to keep it upright. Without a hook, it folds onto itself. The instructions say to wear clothes that don't burn you. I don't. The steam does not touch your skin when the box is under the chair. The sauna doesn't weigh much when standing up. You don't want to tip the box with hot water in it. Sitting in the sauna is a great place to relax, meditate, pray, problem solve, create big ideas, daydream or whatever. The time is unplugged. There are many benefits to using a sauna. I bought a home steam sauna. I wish I had done it sooner. I highly recommend it. Since using it, some tips have been added. One person suggested covering your hair with a towel. I use a knit cap in the sauna. - It is very light. I'm only 59 years old and I can move around easily in the tent. If you are a tall person, I suggest you use the sauna before you have a hot box of water in the tent. Stand up, get in, zip the tent and then sit and stand up. When you have a box of hot water, this will help you avoid unnecessary movement. The tent started to move when I used it. I was concerned that the water might leak out of the box. The hot water coming out of the box is not an issue when used properly. It's safe. Since I'm short, I added some yoga blocks to put my feet on while in the tent. It is more comfortable. I have a handkerchief in the tent that will clear your sinuses. I have a cloth to pat my face on. You sweat a lot! I've had people compliment me on how good my skin looks. It took her a long time to figure out why I looked better. She thought until she realized that I had the same hair style, clothes and makeup as her. She said she realized it was her complexion. The sauna made a huge difference in my complexion.

👤I use it after a workout and it is similar to a gym.

👤This is not a bad alternative. You'll start sweating in about 10 to 15 minutes if you prefer a cedar one. It has plenty of room, but you have to watch out for the small steamer that goes on the inside of the unit, it gets pretty hot. After two to three sessions, the steaming pot needs to be emptied. The only thing I didn't like about this was the location of the hose attachment. If you have enough room to put the sauna in front, you can leave the steaming pot in front, because it wouldn't fit on the side of the unit. It's well worth the price. I'm happy with the unit.

4. Smartmak Portable Foldable Therapy Without

Smartmak Portable Foldable Therapy Without

What you get is 1 The speaker is waterproof. 2. The charging cable has ausb port. 3. 3.5mm AUX cable. A quick start guide. It is risk-free to buy it with 18 months warranty and lifetime customer service. The sauna space design supports a true full body sauna, similar to a traditional wooden sauna, but more convenient and easy to use, do not need to install. Also, note: There is a sauna tent with a connecter to connect the steamer pot and a carry bag with random colors. The expanded size of the tent is 48.6” high. The package is 15.75” in length and 3.94” in width. It can be carried lightly and be more convenient. It can be stored when not in use. The double pockets allow you to free your hands, and the double-headed zip up gives you access without difficulty. The transparent window gives you an open view and can be opened directly to breathe fresh air.

Brand: Smartmak

👤I've been to 3 of them and this one is the best. I got rid of my first one because I needed a collapsible one. I got rid of the collapsible one that had the leg holes in for just your feet. I didn't like the leg holes that I was trying to watch TV out of. This one is the best. The way the door opens prevents the roof from collapsing. The window is great to watch TV and it collapses.

👤I love my second steam room tent. The last one I had. I had to get in. I felt like I was in a can. This unit is nice because it's already put together. It's not a problem to get in and out of a tent. The tent has just zippers that are outside. I'm 5'11 and I fit in it. I bought a handicap chair that is waterproof. It fits perfectly. I would order another one. Light weight! Too bad Co. didn't have this product 25 years ago. Thanks to my private steamroom, I don't go to my local YMCA anymore. I give 10 stars to the best.

👤It would be great if this had better insulation to keep the heat in. It lacks a layer of waterproof rabric like other steamrooms. It's good that size is good.

👤I was happy with their shipping because they originally told me the expected arrival date was close to 2 months away from the order date, but I received brown in 9 days. My mother is 4'7" and she loves praying. She says there's not enough room for her to stretch her feet inside the tent. The seller doesn't communicate with me, and the sawing isn't professional and there isn't a coat on them. I am satisfied because my mother is happy. Thank you seller!

👤I am not a very tall person, but barely fit inside this, and I have to be careful not to rip the fabric. I don't think this will last more than a few uses. I paid 75 for it.

👤It's easy to assemble but not easy to put away. Does not have a remote control. I returned the sauna tent because I couldn't find a steam fumigator that would fit it.

👤I wanted to replace my old one. I only needed a tent since the pot was ok. The tent was easy to set up and I was excited. Go and pop out. The tubing fit perfectly. Here is where things ended. I mean the way left. I'm 5'2” and had the hardest time getting in the thing. The tent doesn't heat up because the spout is facing down. I'm not sure if it's because of the spout or just the cheap material, but it didn't get hot enough to break a sweat. I had the idea to turn the spout up. That worked. I have to sit so I don't get burned. This was a great idea, but the tent is poorly constructed. Then there's the floor. My old tent didn't do that. The pockets for your phone or water are a joke. There is no way to get them without letting the steam out. My old unit has a zip that you could open to let your hands out. This isn't worth your time or effort. The tent isRefundable is the only good thing about this experience.

5. TOPQSC Portable Personal Relaxation Slimming

TOPQSC Portable Personal Relaxation Slimming

The model is designed with a storage bag, remote control, fumigation machine, stool, and complete supporting facilities. It is easy to set up, double-sided zipper allows easy entry and exit. The design is space-saving. The sauna tent is easy to carry. Can you feel really relaxed after 20-40 minutes of preheating? Multiple function. Timing setting function, anti-dry function, safety protection, explosion-proof protection are some of the things that are included. The steam sauna can be used to relax while reading, listening to music, playing on mobile phones, and watching movies. The water proof cotton material can effectively prevent steam penetration and make cleaning easier. The health benefits of using the family spa sauna tent include improving skin tone, relieving stiffness and joint pain, increasing circulation, promoting more sleep, reducing stress and increasing overall energy levels. The sauna room is portable and can be carried everywhere. They will be responsible for any operation problem.

Brand: Topqsc

👤This product does not come with a chair, I assumed that, and overlooked that it did not come with one. The sauna is very small in height and will not fit a standard sized or tall person. I had to get a small bucket, throw a sofa pillow on top of it and sit. I felt like I was being crowded. The worst part is that the steam coming out of the tube was burning my leg and I had to get towels to cover it. I was not comfortable by the way I sat and the steam that was directed at my leg. The only positive thing I can say about this product is that it steams very well, I came out of there drenched.

👤It was very easy to set up. Turn it on by filling it up. You can jump inside and enjoy the sauna. You'll be sweating in no time. My husband is a big guy and it was a little tight, but he still enjoys it. I have more space than him. It's fun to have a sauna at home.

👤The sweat it out aspect of this item made me like it a lot. I liked that I was fresh and free of toxins. There was a lot of sweat. The steam was allowed to move freely thanks to the hood. It was difficult to find a chair that would work. I used a stool. It wasn't bad. I didn't know that I couldn't stretch out my legs. At the end of 30 minutes, my knees were a little stiff.

👤Too small. I'm barely fit and it burned my legs because I was too close to the steam.

👤I love it! Does it get hot? I can't imagine how hot it gets on the highest setting. If you are a larger person like me, I suggest you to let it heat up for a few minutes before you sit in it. You can use a milk crate with the step stool I ordered. I love it!

👤It makes me sweat less. It's a great way to warm up before you work out. I sauna for 10 minutes before I work out and then do it again for 10 minutes.

👤Great steam! Great price! Excellent quality!

👤I found the right one and it was perfect for my size. The steaming works well. Simply love it. My daughter and mom will be receiving a gift.

6. SEAAN Portable Personal Lightweight Household

SEAAN Portable Personal Lightweight Household

The steam sauna can be used to massage health care, and it can be used for face benefits. The foldable sauna tent is easy to carry and store. Easy to set up, double-sided zip ties allow easy entry and exit. The waterproof cotton material can make cleaning easier. You can use it with your friends or family, and enjoy a full body sauna spa or only foot spa as you please. The health benefits of using the family spa sauna tent include weight loss, improving skin tone, relief of stiffness and joint pain, increasing blood circulation, promoting more sleep, reducing stress and increasing overall energy levels. It will burn calories when you sweat, burn the fat and make you sweat to lose weight. Also, note: There is no chair in the package.

Brand: Seaan

👤This sounded like an ideal Christmas gift. It was a big disappointment on Christmas morning. The first step of expanding the booth was as far away as we could get, but my wife was so excited, we began assembling it. The tent is not larger than a dog house. She had her knees up to her chin to cram herself in there. Unless you are buying for a child or a person under five foot tall, don't buy.

👤Picture #1 is after the set up and it gets hot fast. I used my yoga stool because it doesn't come with a chair. My entire body wouldn't fit on the stool. I bought a smaller stool at Walmart. You can see the differences in stool sizes. There is a new stool in the sauna. It works even though I'm lower to the ground and have to adjust my legs more. My body and hood fit.

👤I love this product. I only used it on level 5. It goes all the way to level 9. I sweat a lot, but I'm not uncomfortable. My bones and joints feel better after I leave. I think this gives me a lot of relief. I was able to assemble this product. It was easy to put up and get warm. I read the tips from other reviewers. I use distilled water before I go in. The tips were great. I put essential oils in the container, a little goes a long way. I feel better using this spa. I am impressed with the quality and sturdiness of the one that I have wanted for a long time. I was impressed by the amount of steam it generated. Well worth it!

👤The sauna came with no instructions. It might take a few to understand what goes with what if you are not mechanically inclined. It gets hot and I use mine a lot because they say to put water in before turning on because I ran out of water during a session and call myself refilling while it is still on. It cut off my energy. The screws on the plastic piece on the bottom of the lid fell out and I had to fix it. All in all it works. I use it 3-4 times a week. It is steam. I suggest that you wear a sauna suit so that you can see that you are sweating. I spray it with lysol and wipe it down because I don't move it a lot. Don't forget to dump the steam pot that the steam comes through in the sauna after each use, but make sure it cools down. I keep the sauna in the back of my chair so it won't burn your skin. After this steam sauna, I am so drained, but I sleep well. You will sleep like a baby.

👤Unfold, connect hoses, fill pot with water and press power. It says to start on level 5 and go up, but it's not really a good idea. If I want to sit for 20 minutes, I set the timer on 30 minutes. With my regular size folding camping chair, there's just enough room for me to change my leg positions if I need to. I sweat within the first few minutes of steam.

7. Portable Steamer Generator Control Included

Portable Steamer Generator Control Included

This personal sauna set includes a foldable chair, remote control, sauna tent, steam generator, connecting tube, carrying bag, and user manual. They hope that you will use the HMMFOX sauna and have an amazing experience. The sauna room has been enlarged and the windows have been designed to give you a better sauna experience. It is convenient to have remote control because there is a larger space for activities. You can change the temperature of the steamer at any time. The steam engine power is 1000W, which can fill the entire steam tent in a short time, allowing you to enjoy the sauna faster and better. The steam sauna has 9 heating levels. The sauna time can be set between 1-90 minutes and the water capacity is 2.6L. The steam boiler is made of high quality 304 steel, rust-proof and durable, and can be used safely for a long time, providing you with a good steam supply. It has functions of timing, temperature adjustment, anti-leakage, and automatic power-off protection for steam boilers without water. The full-body sauna allows you to enjoy the spa at home. The portable and foldable steam sauna tent is easy to assemble and store. The sauna tent uses high-quality insulation. The tent is waterproof. The portable sauna room has a foldable sauna chair. The chair load is 220 lbs. It's convenient to use at any time. You can use the portable steam sauna to relax when you get home from work. It can help you relieve stress and fatigue. The portable steam sauna is portable and can be used at home.

Brand: Steupoek

👤The customer service was amazing again after I had an issue with this order. I bought this because I didn't want to use the ones that have EMF. It takes 5 minutes to clean and put it away, but it gets realllly hot, and it gets my heart rate up to 150. I don't know how long it will last, I will update review if sent a replacement.

👤This thing works. If you can't afford a big sauna. This is easy to use and works for one person. In the winter, I have to have steam. I get nose bleeds that are so dry. This unit was reccommended by me.

8. TOPQSC Portable Personal Relaxation Slimming

TOPQSC Portable Personal Relaxation Slimming

There are special gifts. This is a perfect gift for a family member or friend. It's suitable as gifts for special days, such as birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving day, Christmas and so on. Add it to the cart. The steamer material is the inner container and the outer one. The expanded size is 80*80*98 cm and the power is 1000W. It is easy to set up, a double-sided zip ties it all together. The design is space-saving. The sauna tent is easy to carry. Can you feel really relaxed after 20-40 minutes? The temperature adjustment can be used to meet different needs. The cotton material can make cleaning easier. Timing setting function, anti-dry function, safety protection, and explosion-proof protection are included. The health benefits of using a sauna tent include improving skin tone, relief of joint pain, increasing blood circulation, promoting more sleep, and reducing stress. It is convenient to use the design. The sauna tent is easy to carry. Easy to set up, double-sided zip ties allow easy entry and exit. The steam sauna can be used to relax while reading, listening to music, playing on mobile phones, and watching movies.

Brand: Topqsc

👤I bought this sauna in my home and I am already in love with it, it didn't take me long to set it up, and I am glad I did.

👤It is very easy to assemble and does the job. I need a place to whine and a place to relax. It is a yes for me.

👤This portable sauna is very nice. Three times so far, I've used it. Very relaxing. It gets hot. My face is sweating. I received a small chair. Customer service found me a bigger chair. I ordered the bigger chair but it was the same small chair. The sauna works great.

👤The steamer machine didn't work when I assembled my sauna. Had to come back.

👤I sat in my sauna for 20 minutes and it was worth it. I felt like a new person when I got out. My husband and I work out together. I thought the chair wasn't going to hold my butt. It's worth it to get you one.

👤One steamer quit working. This one is better. I use it for my muscles. I own my own chair. They do tare easy, so be careful with it.

👤After a few uses, the heated up ripped in the seams.

9. Casulo Oversized Portable Personal Relaxation

Casulo Oversized Portable Personal Relaxation

It will burn calories when you sweat, burn the fat and make you sweat to lose weight. Also, note: There is no chair in the package. The personal steam sauna from the Casulo is an authentic sauna that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. The use of steam can help with skin and health. Reduces stress and gets more sleep. This is a great time to relax and listen to music. The portable steam sauna is a perfect gift for your family or friends. You can adjust time and temperature by yourself with remote control. The portable sauna has heating levels that can be adjusted. You can use your phone or read it with the zips that allow you to reach the remote control in the front pocket. The cabin is 31.5 x 31.5 x 40.55 inches. The people can be accommodated with a weight of about 100 kilogram and a height of 180 cm. There is more than enough space to rest and relax. It is not necessary to install, fold it into the bag and use it. The frame and steam sauna pot have explosion-proof, automatic power-off and anti-leakage features to ensure long-term use. The outer layer is made of Oxford cloth material. The model is designed with a storage bag, remote control, fumigation machine, stool, and complete supporting facilities.

Brand: Casulo

👤The sauna's transportability and ease of set up make it my favorite sauna. I put it in my living room. I disconnected the tube from the steamer and took the whole thing to the exercise room. There is no worry of the sauna collapsing because there are no rods to adjust it. The steam delivery is great. I turn it on and watch tv. I can fit my cell phone in the little pocket with the remote.

👤It worked well for the first 5 times it was used, but then it wouldn't turn back on, so I wouldn't recommend it if it was going to break down. It happened out of the blue.

👤Don't expect this item to replace a sauna. It was bought for my mother in law because she wanted it and we couldn't stand being in it for more than 10 minutes. It's next to you or under you, so it can be annoying if it steams into the tent. It's kind of uncomfortable. It's also uncomfortable sitting in that position. If you have a plan with it. It doesn't replace a sauna. Maybe try another company because this person shipped my item late and it didn't arrive on time. It was two days late.

👤The sauna is too small. I had a problem finding a place for my knees to sit on a small chair. Most of the benefits of the steam room can be felt without being comfortable.

👤I would have given that chair 5 stars, but it's not for plus size people. I bought this one because it was supposed to cater to the heavier person. That chair is not for people with short hair. I have to find a new chair to keep using it.

👤The sauna was easy to use. I did a lot of sweating when I used it for the first time. The metal frame punched a hole through the seam of the tent. The company works to resolve the issue in a timely manner after I contact them.

👤It's a great option for the money. The chair was small. I bought a small foldable captain/sports chair from Walmart and it works great.

👤Assembly was very easy. I like how I sweat in this. Happy! The chair is the only complaint I have.

10. ZONEMEL Portable Foldable Therapy Included

ZONEMEL Portable Foldable Therapy Included

The sauna room is portable and can be carried everywhere. They will be responsible for any operation problem. The sauna space design supports a true full body sauna, similar to a traditional wooden sauna, but more convenient and easy to use. You don't need a chair or a steam pot to enjoy the SPA, you just need a chair in the sauna tent. It can be used as a storage box, changing room,restroom, or at camp. The transparent window gives you an open view and can be opened directly to breathe fresh air. The tent expands to the size of 35.4" x 35.4"x70, providing a spacious room that comfortably fits one person. The double pockets allow you to free your hands, and the double-headed zip up gives you access without difficulty.

Brand: Zonemel

👤The tent was easy to build. If you have a second person hold the poles, it's easier to put together. There is a lot of leg space. You will probably need to replace the remote's batteries. I'm very pleased with the product so far. It's definitely worth the money. The steamer will leak if it is filled to the recommended level. Only fill up half way.

👤I've done a lot of research on portable saunas. The construction and matierals are high quality. It was easy to set up. I was doing it by myself and it was large. I ran it with a liter of water heated at a "13" and a sauana steamer, but the temp inside the tent was over 100 degrees, but it was in a cold room. If I heat the room and do a full power sauana, the internal temp could easily hit more than 100. I hope we can get up to 120. I will update.

👤I added the steam pot to it because it was easy to assemble. The temperature had to be close to 100.

👤This product was assembled in the east. I use it for pain relief and it makes me feel like a baby after the steam sets in and the intensity of the steamer is like an actual steam room.

👤This is a great purchase.

👤The tent is large enough to relax in and easy to install. It is very easy to dry out the tent with a fan. Very happy!

👤The extra money is worth it. Very large. I use steamers to heat.

👤Gutes Produkt, stabil und stark. Sehr leicht ist. Vllig dicht.

11. WILLOWYBE Portable Personal Detoxify Therapeutic

WILLOWYBE Portable Personal Detoxify Therapeutic

The transparent window gives you an open view and can be opened directly to breathe fresh air. The steam pot has a capacity of 2L in the saunas for home, and it is enough for you to use it for 60 minutes when filled with water, and it has 9 gear settings. The steam tent can be filled with steam in 10 minutes. You can set the heating time and temperature according to your needs with the remote control. The steam tent is made of high-quality thermal fabric to prevent heat loss and is easy to clean. The 23.6-inch external extension tube is non-deformable and strong enough to provide you with a stable supply of steam. The sauna experience can be had with the attached stool. portable You can make a portable steam sauna in a minute. The sauna tent has a high seal, sweat absorbent foot pads, a super comfortable chair, and remote control. A person with a weight of less than 250lb and a height of less than 6 feet. It is very easy to store and foldable. You can enjoy your sauna and spa in your own home. The steam sauna can help you relax, reduce stress, and speed up recovery from sports injuries. It makes your body feel better by releasing toxins from the pores. Adding essential oils, vinegar, and herbs will help you use it better. In the event of non-human damage, they will provide a one-year warranty on the steam sauna. If you have any questions after you purchase a steam sauna spa, please contact them and they will solve your problem as soon as possible. This is the best choice for thousands of white-collar working women because of high-quality products and attentive after-sales service.

Brand: Willowybe

👤It arrived yesterday. The first thing I smelled was intense. The material was off the smell. I ran the sauna to see if it would be less. I got inside for 15 minutes but it was not safe to be in a hot tent. If it doesn't go away, I'm sending it back. Purchase saunas or sauna blankets that have an extreme smell. The body can absorb these chemicals and they can be dangerous.

👤It arrived two days earlier. It was easy to setup the first time. It works well in my shower. It's easier to clean after use in the shower. I'm 6'1 and still fit in there. I used the default setting. I did not fall on the first 5 minutes. I had to come out after sweating for another 15 minutes. There is an update. WYLLOYBE sent me a replacement Sauna after I had a product defect. I called it WYLLOYBE 2.0. The new chair has a bigger zipper and a Wylloybe logo on it. The lager size and chair make it feel better. I own a treadmill at home. After using the treadmill, the sauna is very effective.

👤This is a great purchase. I am in love with it. Within 5 minutes, I started sweating. I feel great after it. I am relaxed and rejuvenated. The benefits of using a sauna are amazing.

👤I am updating this review because it was unfair. The instructions were not helpful and the chair was small. The Sauna has many great qualities. It's well made. They put a lot of thought into how the zip is accessible from inside the unit as well as outside. There are two pockets in the front where you can put your phone or remote. You can reach outside the unit for the phone or remote without having to let out too much steam. I was a bit rushed and the instructions were not adequate. The "fumigation unit" comes in two parts. The machine has a white plastic chamber that the steam comes out of. The instruction manual spent a lot of real estate on the fumigation machine and just a tiny strip of space on the portion that actually required assembly which is supposed to describe how to connect the fumigation machine and the hose to the tent. The picture is small and the wording is vague. It's hard to make out because it's so small. It was easy to put together once you got past that. The picture on the little white plastic chamber that the steam comes out of was the key for me. The picture should be included in the instruction manual to make sense. The chair is ridiculously small but the unit is sturdy and the manufacturer did put some thought into the tent. There are lots of reviews on how the device works. My review only focuses on the function and setup of the device. If you were wondering, this is a review. I have not received anything or been paid for this review. The sauna tent seems well made, but I'm not sure how the average adult can fit on it. 12 inches from the floor to the seat, which is about 1 foot high. The seat is about 2 inches wide. It seems sturdy and cute, but it's not going to help my knees with sitting that low. It is a nice unit if you are ok with sitting that low and on a small seat. The tent is well made and the price was great. I can't get over the chair.


What is the best product for portable sauna full body?

Portable sauna full body products from Smartmak. In this article about portable sauna full body you can see why people choose the product. Cosvalve and Ltccdss are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable sauna full body.

What are the best brands for portable sauna full body?

Smartmak, Cosvalve and Ltccdss are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable sauna full body. Find the detail in this article. Topqsc, Seaan and Steupoek are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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