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1. 【UPGRADE2 0】 Portable Wireless Handheld MUNBYN

%E3%80%90UPGRADE2 0%E3%80%91 Portable Wireless Handheld MUNBYN

Every new Doxie has a 1-year manufacturer warranty. You will get access to the best support in the scanning industry to help you organize, or just provide tips on the best ways to Scan your Paper. The portable scanner is easy to carry and hold 1.5 pens. The weight is 0.66 lbs. An apple. Carry a small bag. A pair of AA batteries are the power source. Scan up to A4 size. It's easy to Scan-- Handheld Scan. You can book pages in less than 5 seconds on 900dpi resolution. It is easy to use once you get used to it. The wand scanning will not damage old photos. ThePortable Scanner does not require a driver to use. You can connect the portable scanner to a computer through a cable to transfer scanned photos or documents. The highest 900dpi scans can convert pictures, documents, book pages, or other targets into digital files in high clarity. Thousands of scanned files can be stored on a Wand scanner with a 16GSD card. PDF files can be edited with the help of the software. In the "USER GUIDE" is the instructions for the OCR.

Brand: Munbyn

👤This is a review of the Magic wand portable scanning devices for documents, old pictures, receipts, 900DPI, and Scan A4 color page in 3 seconds. I have a scanner that I use to take pictures of my handwritten journals that contain the basis for many of my books. It doesn't take long to get up to speed with a portable scanning device. The little wand scanner is easy to use. Good quality scans are produced by it. The scans are clear when I use the medium resolution setting. I have noticed some important points. When scanning your document, lay it flat. I had to take all the pages out of each journal in order to lay them flat. The inside margin and sentences will be cut off if you try to use a scanning device. I couldn't find a way around this. The two markers on the scanner that mark the edges of the scanned area can be seen in the video. The instructions on the quick start guide say not to update the software during the installation and that the URL to download the free software is included with the scanner. There was a mini-CD with me. I was glad to find that link because I have no desire to do it. For whatever it is worth, I am running Windows 10 and that software integrated without any further configuration on my part. 2. You have to move the machine slowly. The red light comes on if you move too quickly. I have had to redo a number of pages. 3. If you are scanning pages that need to be in a particular order, you can download the images from the scanner at one time, just like I do with my journals. The scans are named like most scans. There is no way to change this. If you download some of them and then start scanning again, you will have to rename a bunch of them. I wish I had numbered my journal pages before I started, so I can tell when a page is missing and if I have them in the right order. If you are scanning a large project, you should have plenty of AA batteries on hand. I had to change the batteries after I scanned 50 pages. The first batteries I put in were not fully charged. I might be slow and that created the drain on the batteries, I did not test them before using. If I get a good feel for how many pages I can keep on scanning, I will update this review. I purchased this little scanner because I think it is a very useful tool. Highly recommended.

👤I had to go to YouTube to figure out how to calibrate. Better directions are needed. The product is great.

👤We can take it anywhere. The scans are stored to a chip. Very easy and flexible. It takes a little getting used to moving the wand at a constant rate, but after a while we got used to it.

2. CZUR Shine Ultra Pro Auto Flatten

CZUR Shine Ultra Pro Auto Flatten

Powerful, yet easy-to-use scanning software is part of a bundle. There are compatible systems. It's recommended that you use macOS 10 or later. The 24MP High-Quality Auto-Focus Camera has been upgraded to a resolution of 5696*4272, with a DPI of 440. Working with other companies, the perfect device for remote learning and web conference. A versatile scanner. The book page can be flattened by Shine Ultra Pro. PDF, Word, and EXCEL can be digitized. If a professional level is needed, CZUR Ultra Pro is recommended. The Shine Ultra Pro is portable and weighs only 2 lbs. The Tech Support Team is ready to help if you need it. If you have any problems, contact them.

Brand: Czur

👤The software that fixes page deformities and auto-crops is what you're paying for, not the device. Make sure you research the right scanner or you'll get how-tos with features that are camera-independent, because the features of CZUR's software varies wildly from model to model. TheUI doesn't scale properly, so any screen smaller than 1920x1080 is going to struggle, this ruled my old laptop out. The page detection is not very good. It only allows straight lines for the page gutter and L/R edges, and often doesn't detect those, forcing you to manually adjust. It doesn't handle distortion well. This thing works well if you're scanning single-page documents that are black and white. Keep looking if you want to preserve glossy photos. It's not worth it for the cost.

👤The machine used for a period of time, very good, books scans very good can automatically curved surface flattening, automatic left and right paging, greatly improve the efficiency of scanning books, simple operation, scanning out very clear, and fast.

👤What a great device. I really liked the packaging it came with, I am impressed with the design, look and feel of it. It looks like the top of the line. The manual said I could download the software from the website, so I didn't use the CD software. It was easy to find the file that fit my version of the operating system. The quality of the image is amazing. I can do a video as well. I am still learning the software and didn't get to try this part. I'm happy with this device. I can now live without paper.

3. Doxie Go SE Wi Fi Rechargeable

Doxie Go SE Wi Fi Rechargeable

Go Paperless. Go south. You can take and sync portable scanning with you wherever you go, without a computer. It's easy to go paperless with the included memory, integrated wi-fi, and included Mac, PC, and iPad apps. Scan full-color pages in just 8 seconds with your paper. Scan up to 400 pages per charge and store up to 8,000 pages. It's easy to tuckxie in your bag or drawer when you're done scanning because it's small and battery powered. Doxie gives you instant access to your scans wherever you are. Doxie's included Mac and PC apps allow you to sync scans to your desktop to organize and create searchable multi-page PDFs with award-winning ABBYY OCR technology. Save scans to your desktop, local apps, or favorite cloud services. You can save and share your scans on your mobile device with the Doxie's app. Every new Doxie has a 1-year manufacturer warranty. You will get access to the best support in the scanning industry to help you organize, or just provide tips on the best ways to Scan your Paper.

Brand: Doxie

👤We love this. You have to figure out the details. My wife wants to take all of our old photos. I got her this to help with that mission. I have 3 different types of scanning machines in my house, and the only way to get mass scanning images that are 8x10 or 888-282-0465 is through the Doxie Plus. I will address the issues I had now that I know what the positive is. I am a techi. I assume that this can be used without reading, but that is not the case. The documentation has built in memory but you can add more via the slot. I put the 64gb card in there. It wouldn't power on and stop blinking as it was supposed to. I found out that it only supports special cards. There is a lot of built in memory. I removed the card and it still works. I tried to find a Calibration PDF on their website, but couldn't find it. This is the sheet you use to calibrate it. Can you believe they make you buy it if you lose it? Another mistake in my opinion. I am letting you know that if you buy a used one, you need to make sure the calibration card is in there or you will have to buy another one if the calibration is ever needed again. The green light is when the scanner is turned on. If you press the button again, it will take you to Orange which is 600dpi. They don't have a sticker above the power button that tells you this, and they don't allow you to set a default setting. We did the scans at 600dpi because we were doing photos. 300dpi is fast for documents. You have to open the software to import the scanned photos after you have scanned them. When you click on the "Import" button in the top right corner, it doesn't complete the import process. You have to save the images to your local drive after you select them on the screen. I don't know why they don't allow you to just click the import and have the save process. It's only one step to save the photos. I still give this thing 5 stars. My wife is using the 7510 for larger pictures and ones already in the scrap book. The Doxie Plus is easy to use. This product is like everything to me. The people who design and package it and write the manual never actually use it so they don't know how to make simple and stupid mistakes. You will be glad you did, buy one. There was an amendment on May 19th, 2015: The Doxie allows for the use of up to 32 gigabytes of storage. It should be formatted in FAT32. They might put a sticker on customers to let them know that the max is 32GB. It might be easier and more effective to update the firmware to allow for larger cards since these are the norm in 2015. The saving process designed by Doxie is the most ideal after extensive scanning of photos and documents. We saved the photos as PDF's and scanned many of them. The photos were separated by age. I found my original thought to be a little misguided. The calibration card has to be the original one. It is not possible to print on a 8x11 sheet of paper. If your Calibration card is missing, you can contact them. I wanted to clarify the issues so I offered detailed and accurate reviews. I am sure you will be happy with the fact that this device is an awesome little scanning device.

4. Portable Scanners Documents Pictures MUNBYN

Portable Scanners Documents Pictures MUNBYN

1200dpi is 888-739-5110 Please note. Refer the instructional video to the image section before use. A portable scanner is a handheld flat scanning device that can be used for a variety of purposes. A portable scanning device can be used without connecting to any devices. Flat scanning can protect targets to the greatest extent. What will a portable scanner do for us?Portable scanning can help them to take photos and documents in different sizes and convert them into PDF and JPG formats. The portable scanner has a built-in function that allows it to transfer images to their computer or cell phone. How they use the portable scanning device. If you want to start the scanner, long-press the "SCAN" button for 2s. 2. Take some time to learn how to use a scanning machine. 3. Scan your target on a flat desk at a steady speed. 4. The result can be seen on the screen. 5. To transfer the images, connect your devices to the built-in wi-fi. There are some details of the portable scanning device. The length is 9.5 The weight was 0.44 lbs. A built-in WIFI, a preview screen, and auxiliary pulley are all functions. A small bag, a user manual, and a 16GB card were included. There are some advantages and tips. Within 5 seconds, the portable scanner can convert your paper targets into high quality files. 2. Thousands of scans will be stored on a 16GSD card. 3. Only for file transmission, the scanner is compatible with many systems.

Brand: Munbyn

👤The instructions and videos were not useful. After charging, the power wouldn't go on. Oliver from customer service sent me a new scanning device. First thing I would recommend is washing the white setTING. It works well. There is a learning curve to get a good image. The straightness of the paper is the most pressing problem and not the speed. It was easy to setup. The web address you use to view the scans is not in English. I was lost.

👤I want to share a bunch of family photos with my family. The small photos have a large area around them, but it's easy to adjust online. The pictures are large. I have been using it on a white tablecloth to make it look better. I have to keep resetting the resolution. For some reason, it tries to switch to low. It would be perfect for documents.

👤The item is easy to use. It's not easy to install, that's what they don't tell you. There was no user manual to tell you how to use the CD or software. If you try to download from the site, you will not be able to because the pcloud app is not available on computers where I want to move the documents I scanned. I can't find a manual online. I gave it 2 stars because it scans well, but I have to put the card in my phone to move the documents to the computer, which is a serious hassle. $120 mistake.

👤I have a lot of machines in my office. This is my first portable device. I was surprised that it is light. The buttons are easy to use, doing what they say on the screen. I don't need to upgrade my card to 32 because it has an amazing number of highest-resolution pics. The rollers help to roll the scanner. I was able to get a good picture. It feels like pushing a Hot Wheels car over a sheet of paper when I practice. My computer recognized the card as a disk immediately. It looks like a disk from a camera. The little scanner is pretty amazing.

👤Great device! I did a lot of research to figure out which would transfer scanned photos the fastest, and this one won out. It is the only one I could find that allows me to send photos to my iPad, which I love. It is small and portable. I can take it with me if necessary.

👤I wanted to be able to feed a document through the machine or connect it to a larger item. I wanted a hand held so I could take photos. The quality of the scans is not very good. The instructions are in Chinese. I figured out how to use it myself. I don't recommend this and will be sending it to someone else.

👤There is a learning curve and it can sometimes glitch out. It gives you scans with great resolution when you get used to the pace and it let's you know when it glitched so you can rescan things. My biggest complaint is that the card is upside down. It's odd to put something in with the contacts.

5. Brother DS 640 Compact Document Scanner

Brother DS 640 Compact Document Scanner

Print, Scan, and Copy from Virtually Anywhere With Your Smartphone, And Share Your Documents To Third-Party Software, Using The Hp Smart App - Hp's Best-In-Class Mobile Print App. Black and white and color documents can be scanned at blazing speed. The color scanning speed is the same as the black and white scanning speed. The Ultra Commuter is a small device that can fit in a bag, purse, or pocket. Even if there is no outlet available, the DS-640 mobile scanner is powered via a microusb 3.0 cable, which will allow you to use it even if there is no outlet available. Plug it into your computer and you are ready to use it. Brother's free iPrint& Scan desktop app can be used for scanning to multiple destinations like PC, network, cloud services, Email and OCR. TWAIN/WIA for PC/ICA for Mac/SANE drivers is supported. Automatic color detection/adjustment, image rotation (PC only), bleed through prevention/background removal, text enhancement, color drop to enhance scans are some of the things that can be done to maximize images and text. The software suite includes document management.

Brand: Brother

👤It came with a PDF editor. The license keys are on the bottom of the machine. I thought I would save you the pain by helping you figure out how to license the software. There are stickers on the bottom of the machine that hold the license key. You always have the keys, that's a great idea.

👤I bought this based on the overall rating, but then it arrived with dread, because of the bad reviews. I thought it was TINY when I opened the box. It was installed on my mac 10 years ago and was running in less than 15 minutes. After installing it on my laptop, it ran again in less than 15 minutes. I figured this out myself, I'm over 40 and not a techno- guy. I'm able to hit the "Start Scan" button and just start feeding in paper, even though I don't really know what they do. You feed in the next sheet after about 3-4 seconds. I could run character recognition on a multi-page PDF with Adobe, and then search through it, even though it was a little different from Mac to Windows. Why this way? I need to get the paperwork scanned and give it back to my clients, because they give me stacks of paperwork. In the old days, clients would bring documents to me or I would take them to the office. I would fill the file cabinet with all of them. I got a machine. We'd still have to run around with paper, but I'd use a scanning device. Now? House calls are very easy to make. There was no third party phone app. Scan on the spot, then head out. Love it.

👤I ordered this for a large project where I needed duplex scanning. I think the portable scanner is a good idea, it uses the same cable for connection and power to a computer, and it's portable. Small form factor. Scan time is only 4-5 seconds per page. The software was easy to use and helped organize everything as I scanned it. I ran into 2 setbacks while using it, but once I got the hang of it, I was fine. The option to choose paper size did not stay in place. I cut a pencil to hold it in place, which fully fixed my problem, but it would be nice if the slider had more resistance so it wouldn't move so quickly. If I tried to insert a page too quickly after scanning the machine would throw a paper jam error which I couldn't get cleared unless I unplugged and plugged it back in. This was the best product for what I needed and I was able to get it next day delivery, even though it was a bit expensive.

👤I bought this product to help my kids with their art projects. I read all of the reviews and it seemed like it had all the sact features I needed. There is no use guide for installation. It would be nice to have documentation on how to fix it when there are issues, because you just load the picture and hit the Scan button. The whole picture was never scanned by the scanner. It would stop the image from being seen. I scanned every single picture. The weight and type were streaky at the bottom. The image comes out the top after being pulled through. I took the picture when it stopped moving, and it felt like it was stuck inside the machine. I cleaned the glass and rollers after calibrating it three times. It took me a long time to send it back. I was not happy with the quality for the price. It's a shame. Guess I'm looking for another one.

6. Epson FastFoto FF 680W Wireless High Speed

Epson FastFoto FF 680W Wireless High Speed

A super chicken. The UBER COMPATIBLE is an example. All your old slides and negatives can be Handled by the device, it also connects to any type of computer with a Type-C port. Your home décor. The world's fastest personal photo scanner scans thousands of photos as fast as 1 photo per second at 300dpi and batches them up to 36 photos at a time. Scan Polaroid photos, panoramas, postcards and photos up to 8 x 10 in order to preserve your priceless photos. Share Stories for Future Generations is a program that allows you to add voice and text over your photos or create slideshows from your phone. New life to old photos can be brought about with the help of the Perfect Picture Imaging System. Single-step technology captures both the image and handwritten notes on the back of a photo in a single Scan. Flexible scanning offers a variety of format options for easy sharing, including 300dpi, 600dpi, and 1200dpi. The powerful document scanning includes the ScanSmart software with optical character recognition, which converts scanned images into readable text.

Brand: Epson

👤If you want to quickly scans tax documents, this unit is for you. It's useless for getting a good-quality photo Scan. I am a professional photo historian and graphic designer who scans and archives clients' photos for a living. I will only use the highest quality images to avoid compression artifacts. I can see compression damage in the scans when I choose the TIFF option in the driver. I should not be seeing artifacts because of the compression used in TIFF. Both platforms were compared and high-quality original photographic prints were scanned. The TIFF option gives me a smaller file but not higher quality, because it scans the file as a low-quality JPEG and then saves it as a TIFF file. I was told that the $700 scanning machine was made for speed, not quality, so I shouldn't expect good photo scans. I own a 10-year-old flatbed that has beautiful TIFFs. So does my Canon flatbed. This should not be used as a photographic scanning device.

👤The unit has the potential to be a great product, but has a serious flaw. I have scanned over 5,000 prints with it and found a bluish blob in the middle of the scans, which is visible on faces and white background. The first unit I had was replaced byEpson. The old one was ok for a while, but now is doing this as well. It's frustrating because it's unpredictable. The flatness of the photo is important, after extensive testing. The scanner hates cupped photos because they make it jam or not feed. They almost never have this problem when you get them to go through, possibly because they are pushing up closer to the glass. It seems like cave photos are more likely to have it. I can't say that the unit is to blame for poorly stored photos that aren't completely flat. If your photos aren't flat, you may want to flatten them first. This will be a problem for many people. I'm curious if anyone else is seeing the problem or has an explanation. The problem is not the daylights, it is the fact that I have cleaned them out. I can mostly echo the positive comments made. A very fast, clever unit with mostly goodUI software that also does a good job of enhancing photos with the exception of red eye which is pretty bad. The red eye feature misses red eyes or puts masks on the nose. It is easy to get dust lines on your scans if you don't clean every five rolls. It is very easy to clean. If you split the cost with other family members/ friends, it's cheaper than outsourcing, even if you have a lot of photos. When using the document scanning software, it's really great. I would like to hear more about the blob problem and if it is the problem, if there is an accessory to help flatten photos.

👤I bought this for a friend. She had a lot of photos and albums in her possession after her mother died. I brought my flatbed scanner to help her, but didn't realize the magnitude of the task at hand. I cleaned up less than 100 photographs on the first day, which was not a good solution for the amount of prints needed to be captured. I was looking for a document feeder and a scanning device before I left, and the FF-640 was one of the options I found. I ordered one after reading and watching reviews that mentioned the newer second-generation FF-680W, which seemed like a substantial upgrade. The FF-680W is an amazing scanning device. I had to manually place each photo on the scanner, tell my image editor to acquire a Scan, wait for the Scan to generate a low-resolution preview, crop and rotate the image, check image enhancements options, and then hit Scan and wait for a slower, full image. I had to save the image using the image editor, giving it a name and specifying the format and image options. The FF-680W can clean up about 20 prints at 600dpi in the time it takes my flatbed scanner to do the pre- Scan and Scan. It took me three minutes to capture and process one image with the flatbed, all of which required tedious manual steps. When I first started using the FF-680W, I used the option of saving both the original scans and the enhanced version in separate files, but the results of the enhancements were so good that I no longer bother with keeping only the enhanced images. I have only experienced one misfeed, and that was with a photo that was stuck into a heavy cardboard frame. I didn't think it would go through the scanner and be scanned with the flatbed, but I tried it anyways. If the paper path was more straight, the scanner would be able to take the place of a flatbed scanner. I like the option of automatically scanning the back of the photos for handwritten notes, but it's too sensitive. The only thing that was captured on some of the prints was a "Kodak" watermark on the back. I wish the software would handle this better, because the scans are easily identified and deleted. I've only used the software for photos and the scanner for a printed document, but I tested the ability to create a searchable PDF from a printed document and a form. The results were good, but not perfect, as is usually the case when doing OCR. The F-680W is fast, quiet, and high-quality. It deserves your consideration if it fits within your budget. To get the most out of it and avoid some frustration, I suggest watching the short videos on the website. I have been doing a lot of document scanning recently and it has been very good. This involved taking apart three-ring and spiral-bound manuals and scanning them into PDF's. The high scanning speed and simultaneous handling of both sides make it easy to work on such manuals. You can see the text behind the graphic images of the pages if you copy and paste it. It is very rare that the software misinterprets a character. The option for dropping empty pages is one of the features of the software, but it seems to be hit-and-miss on some documents, as this feature has worked well on some documents and not on others. When jams occur, the document scanning handles them very well. I had issues with a manual that hadn't been read yet, and the pages were sticking together where the holes had been punched. The scanner wouldn't work when it tried to feed the pages that were stuck together. Once the jam was cleared, the scanning could go on without a hitch, as long as the front of the scanner was tilted forward. Clicking on a "Scan more" button will add more pages after the scanned pages have been added. The ability to save the results in more than one format is missing. Once the document is saved, the scans from which the document is created are thrown away. I would like to be able to save a document as both a PDF and a Microsoft Word document, so that I can use it later. I discovered the "Text Enhancement" option under the Advanced Scan settings, but hadn't tried it yet. I am amazed by the difference that it makes when scanning documents. The text is clear and uniform, and the increased scanning time is a small price to pay for the quality improvement in the output. I scanned a 292-page technical manual at 600dpi with "Text Enhancement" set to "Standard" into a searchable PDF format, and the only thing that gives a clue that the document was produced from a Scan are the punch holes. It looks like a typeset.

7. Epson Workforce ES 200 Portable Sheet Fed

Epson Workforce ES 200 Portable Sheet Fed

Text enhancement, color drop, and prevention of background removal are some of the enhancements that can be made to scans. The software suite includes document management. Resolution: 600 It has the fastest scans in its class, up to 25 ppm/50 ipm. Scan 2-sided documents, receipts, business cards, plastic IDs and more. If you don't have an outlet, use AC power, or if you do have an outlet, use the power from your computer. A 20-page auto document feeders is used for quick batches of paper. Powerful software includes easy scanning with intuitive ScanSmart Software, preview, email, upload and more.

Brand: Epson

👤I posted a low review for people to read. This is not a good device for travel. Good. Works quickly. Good quality scans. The scanning app is small and doesn't need separate power. If the unit is not completely isolated and padded, it will ruin it, like it won't ever turn on again. Apparently, there's no case available. Unless you want a DOA unit, it must be packed with full padding. If you do that, it will work well as a single wire, very small form factor scanning solution on the go.

👤This is the worst scanner I have ever owned. The Scansnap was awesome and I owned it for a long time. I bought this scanner after reading many reviews that said it was better than the new Scansnap, and that the quality of the Scansnap had declined. Even when the paper is inserted as far as it will go, the scanner will not detect that a piece of paper is in the "adf". Agling ensues. The interface is difficult to use. The window will be open until the window is closed, and the window will pop up requesting that software associated with, but not required by, the scanner be updated on other accounts. I'm going to sell this paperweight on the internet. I'm going back to Scansnap.

👤I decided to try out this product because I've heard of the habit of dropping Mac support for fully functional products only a few years old. The small footprint and design are nice. The scans are clear and legible. I'm learning to work around the quirks of the Mac side of software. It's not as easy as ScanSnap Manager, but there are more options. The card-reader feature is really nice, something I couldn't do on the ScanSnaps. The good is that the document is scanned cleanly, even though the paper is pulled through so fast. The results are clear, but not professional. The software options don't seem to help. I would give up some of the fast scanning speed for documents that were straight. The pages shoot through the scanner fast and crooked if the paper guides are adjusted. The only way to get straight pages out of this thing is to use a 600dpi scanning device, but it will take you a long time to get a five page simplex document.

👤I bought this three years ago to use it for scanning receipts. It worked well for two years. One of the scanning apps for desktop, ScanSmart, is a little prettier and modern-looking, but the options and such are buried beneath more layers. Most reviews complain about the other one, the Epson Scan 2. It looks old and boring, but I didn't mind that because most of the scanning options are displayed front and center. The scanner worked great. It has a lot of variable DPI options, it can read various filetypes, and it scans very clean. It started producing strange results about 6 months ago, and I'm not sure what the cause is. Sometimes it leaves off part of the document in a strange crop, other times it makes a big black area on one side, and still other times it produces some truly wild results that are indecipherable. When I use duplex scanning, the second page is as accurate as I'm used to, so it seems like the top-side scanner is still fine, but something really odd is going on with the primary bottom scanner. I'm pretty disappointed, but I'm also confused. This scanner has been sitting on a desk for a long time. I only use it occasionally, and I don't travel with it. It had a pretty good job, all the things were considered, but it just started failing and it doesn't make sense to me. Oh well. I'm done with it. I had a printer that acted up as well. Their stuff isn't made to last.

8. Brother Compact ADS 1200 Professionals ADS1200

Brother Compact ADS 1200 Professionals ADS1200

Thousands of scanned files can be stored on a Wand scanner with a 16GSD card. PDF files can be edited with the help of the software. In the "USER GUIDE" is the instructions for the OCR. The design and speed of the scanning machines can affect the quality of the documents. The documents can be scanned in a single pass at up to 25 parts per million. There is a dedicated card slot and a 20 page capacity auto document feeder. Mass Storage Devices can be used to open a connected PC and Scan toUSB for file scanning and retrieval. You can use your laptop to power the ADS 1200. It's easy to use and save time. Scan documents to preset destinations with the push of a button. It's compatible with the way you work, so you can maximize your business process. Improve images and text. Scans can be enhanced with automatic color detection/adjustment, image rotation, text enhancement, and color drop. The software suite includes document management.

Brand: Brother

👤My job requires me to meet new clients remotely and collect volumes of sensitive documents. The Brother ADS-1200 allows me to get to work, meet clients, and throw a scanning device in my backpack. The feature that I use most is the direct tousb flash drive scanning feature, which eliminates the need to connect the unit to a computer or laptop. The Brother ADS-1200 has been able to quickly and easily scans 20 2-sided documents. I don't want to have to start all over if I try to scans more than 20 pages. I don't see why I need to upgrade to the newer model. The Brother ADS-1200 has done well and exceeded my expectations.

👤The instructions for installing this machine are vague and you have to find and download files. If you use a multi-page document, every page is put in a separate file. Really? This makes it hard to use the resulting scans. Is it possible to read a 10 page document and have to separate open each and every page? Who designed this? Idiots.

👤I needed a way to help a family member with a large file cabinet of documents. This looked to be the best option in its price class, and to say I'm impressed is an understatement. The software is up to date and works well. The ability to use a flash drive as a scanning device is something that works perfectly for me, and the default settings for it are to use a single PDF file, double-sided, and skipping. This will make my family member's life so much easier, I can't recommend it enough.

👤I read the reviews and wondered if I would be able to figure it out. The brother software wasn't obvious at first, but once I found it, I didn't have any problems. There are two softwares. 1 for receipt organization and 1 for scanning. Someone techy could figure it out if the receipt is updated. The scanning software was easy to use. Now to the machine. Wow! Scan both sides in one go. I sometimes forget to switch the lever from scanning business cards and documents, but other than that it's amazing. I was able to read the documents without hesitation. If you don't mind plugging into the computer, you will enjoy the little scanner you need. I've been taking it to work with me and scanning my stuff there as well. I feel prepared. It's just like 4 lbs and goes wherever you need it. I wanted it to be less expensive, but I figured it was worth it.

👤The download and operating instructions are not obvious or specific. I was able to download the driver to my Macbook Pro from the Brother website, but I was not able to get it to work on my Macbook Pro. I had to read the instructions several times. The link to download the driver for the 1200 was listed in Europe, not the US. Everything else was done the same way after download of the driver and app. I tested the product and it was legit. It was fast and precise. It's straight forward if you fiddle around with the settings. The instruction manual is useless. Don't read it, just go to the website.

9. Brother Wireless Portable ADS 1250W Professionals

Brother Wireless Portable ADS 1250W Professionals

Improve images and text. Scans can be enhanced with automatic color detection/adjustment, image rotation, text enhancement, and color drop. The software suite includes document management. Scan single and double-sided documents in a single pass at up to 25 parts per million. There is a dedicated card slot and a 20 page capacity auto document feeder. The Microusb 3.0 connection can be used to connect to a laptop or PC. Wireless scanning to PC, cloud apps, and mobile destinations. Scan immediately without installing software. Mass storage support via scanning to theusb allows you to open the drive on your PC and see the files. It's possible to use multiple "Scan to" destinations, such as Email, Mobile Devices, and a flash memory drive, to help improve your business processes. Text enhancement, color drop, and prevention of background removal are some of the enhancements that can be made to scans. The software suite includes document management. Resolution: 600

Brand: Brother

👤I got this because it was easy to use and install. I don't like when descriptions are misleading. "Use the Microusb 3.0 connection to a laptop or PC for easy device portability" doesn't it make sense that theusb would be included? It's not. Scan immediately without installing software. Yeah, no. Downloads are the first thing instructions tell you to do. The first thing that the software says is that the file was not decompressed. It's been downhill from there. This has not been easy to install. The piece of trash will be sent back.

👤I bought this scanner because of a recommendation. I wanted a small device. It is small. It is not wireless with Mac. I spent four hours trying to connect to the internet without success. I was able to connect with a cable that Brother doesn't supply. I contacted Brother tech support and was passed around by several technicians. The last tech who had control of my Mac was unable to set the machine up without the help of a control panel, so he suggested I return the machine for a Brother model with a control panel. I spent two hours on the line with Brother tech support, no success, and now I'll have to take the machine to the store to get it back.

👤The ScanSnap iX500 is a heavier duty unit that I use in the home/office setting, and I want to mention that before I get into this. The ScanSnap is the best document scanning device I have used in the last decade, so if you don't need portable, then you should definitely use it. The first one of these arrived new, with a DOA wi-fi antenna, as another caveat. It sucks to get a DOA product, and I spent more than a few minutes trying to figure it out. The Brother ADS-1250w is a portable document scanning device that performs minimally and is reliable. If your use case is scanning one or two pages at a time while on the road or in the cafe and you're not looking for high quality, then this is the machine for you. If you have non-trivial quality or performance requirements, I would recommend you to sacrifice some portable equipment and look at larger, less-portable machines. There is a lot of wasted time and effort if you try to use wi-fi to Scan larger documents on this device. I scanned a dozen pages and two of them just died, so I had to restart the whole machine. The ultra-portable form factor makes it possible for documents to get wrinkled/bent while being scanned, and you're going to be scanning the same page a few times. The Brother phone app that is required for scanning to phone kind of sucks on both platforms, and you will struggle with it on either platform, because whoever designed the workflow of the Brother app was the one who messed with it. It's tl;dr. The ultra-portable form factor is impressive, but this scanner isn't reliable. A very good machine. It's difficult to recommend this to someone who needs performance in a professional setting.

10. Document Portable Auto Feed Rechargeable PDSDK ST470PU VP

Document Portable Auto Feed Rechargeable PDSDK ST470PU VP

Text and PDF can be created with software included. It's convenient to slip it into a purse or briefcase so you can take your important documents and photos with you. Scan in color or black and white and save it as a PDF. When docked, the high-speed sensor scans paper automatically using its auto-feed feature while the scanner charges, providing more quality and ease of use, and an increased resolution of 1200dpi. Store your scans on a microSD card. Scan documents up to 125" long, choose the quality you want, it has a rechargeable battery and up to 400 scans per charge.

Brand: Vupoint Solutions

👤My first one was ordered in 2015, and it is still going strong. The second thing is to have one at another location. I use it to make a PDF of the notes. It is unique for these types of scans. If you leave the dock connected to the computer, you can put it in scanning mode. You save the single sheets to the mSD card and then use the PDF to print them. Then, press a button and your computer will recognize the card and give you access to the files. Nothing fancy here; but quite independent of any computer side software that I have ever used. Multiple page documents? The option to file explorer is added to the PDF exchange I use. Select all files, right click, and combine. One click, you have a multi-page PDF. The most trouble fee and useful unit I have owned is this one.

👤This is a great device. The little gizmo on our printer does the same job as the scanner. I have used this method to find handwritten county board minutes dating back to 1872 for the local historical society. I can take it to the court house and take it away. The scanned items come very nicely so that we can track the history of the county. I have used it for old photos and newspaper information. Works well. It is very easy to download the information. It's not sure how much it will hold. The battery life is great if you love it and it comes with an AC adapter. This is worth the money.

👤I was looking for a device that I could take with me on my trip to see my in-laws. I needed something that I could use to read the whole page, because most of their old photos are in those sticky albums. I called the help line because it wouldn't auto-feed, but it turned out it needed to be plugged into the wall. I would have had to sit on the floor to plug it in because the cord was so short. I went out on a limb and bought a quality 6 ftusb cord. You need to know how to use a computer program to cut individual pictures out of Wanda. The auto feed is fast. It took about 15 minutes to take the pictures. I can set my teenager up to use the auto scans to look at pictures while she watches.

👤I like it because I can get a quality Scan of sheets of paper, but still have the handheld flexibility if I can't use the feeder. Since my wand is dead, my cradle does not charge the device as I was told, so I pulled it out. I hope I didn't damage the battery.

👤I want to tell you how this scanner has changed my life. I used to have to take a picture of my handdrawn work and then use a big clunky printer to make it look better on the computer. I can use this beauty. I need a space saver because I travel a lot with my art. This fit the bill. It's perfect for when I need to take photos of my clients and give them to me, because it has a higherdpi than most flatbed scans. It was easy to set-up. It's easier to buy a micro SD card if you do. I used this with my PocketJet printer to keep everything working from the pocket of my backpack. I love it!

11. Canon ImageFORMULA Scan Tini Personal 9704B007

Canon ImageFORMULA Scan Tini Personal 9704B007

Scan your paper documents directly to the cloud or convert them into digital formats with a search option. It's portable and lightweight, to fit easily into a briefcase or bag, for use at home or on the road. Receipts, photos, business cards, and more are some of the different document types that he handles. Scans both sides of a document at the same time, in color, at up to 8 pages per minute. Broad compatibility: supports Windows and Mac. Powerful, yet easy-to-use scanning software is part of a bundle.

Brand: Canon

👤I am working perfectly on my Mac, but not by Apple's image capture app. I've used a lot of scanning tools. This is the first time that it won't be automatically recognized by the image capture app. I had to download the TWAIN driver from the Canon website. The CaptureOnTouch app works well for both text and images, even though it has an old-school look about it. I am happy to report that the scanner does not have a battery. A scanner should never have batteries. When flying commercially, a built-in battery cannot be put in your luggage. The entire product must be thrown in the trash when the built-in batteries don't take a charge after two or three years. Try to avoid anything with a replaceable battery. The scans are of excellent quality. I only use it for travel. This is still a good choice for someone who is tight on workspace.

👤The scanner is ok. The pages are often skewed since the feeder is short. It's less than ideal that you can try to unskew using their software. The bigger problem is that within two weeks, the scanner will report there is no paper in the scans. The machine doesn't register that the paper is there, even though the auto holder has it. It can Scan after a lot of manual adjustments to the machine, but now it's page by page and inefficient. Will be shopping for a new machine. If I had kept the packaging, I would have returned.

👤I loved the way this connected to the laptop. But could not save. There were error messages. So disappointing! Technical support could help. I won't have to come back.

👤I have tried several times and it won't work. They couldn't figure out what the issues were when they reached out to tech support.

👤The product is good. Outstanding. Have spoken to two business offices that use these. It won't work with Mac OS version 12 Monterey. Very disappointing. I had to return it after talking to Canon tech support. The tech doesn't know when Canon will have an updated driver compatible with the Monterey OS.

👤Needed a portable scanning device and other Canon products, so this was a no-brainer. The scanner is powered by the internet. It's in my computer bag.

👤I love the fact that it works and doesn't take up much space.

👤Scan is a great buy and makes pages sendable via computer. It's great for space-limited offices. It's important to treat it with care. The company sent 2 refurbished machines in a row, then a brand new one. Their service was efficient.

👤The product is very slow. It takes 10 to 15 seconds for a single page to be scanned and at this cost you can buy two printers which are portable but still work. The drivers and softwares are on a CD. People in this era use laptops with CD readers. If a consumer buys a 11000 portable scanner, he or she should assume that it is a very modern age laptop which is useless with. Amazon baits you into this by saying that you can't return the product and that you can only replace it with the same product. The total amount of money wasted.


What is the best product for portable scanner for photos?

Portable scanner for photos products from Munbyn. In this article about portable scanner for photos you can see why people choose the product. Czur and Doxie are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable scanner for photos.

What are the best brands for portable scanner for photos?

Munbyn, Czur and Doxie are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable scanner for photos. Find the detail in this article. Munbyn, Brother and Epson are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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