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1. Brother DS 640 Compact Document Scanner

Brother DS 640 Compact Document Scanner

Print, Scan, and Copy from Virtually Anywhere With Your Smartphone, And Share Your Documents To Third-Party Software, Using The Hp Smart App - Hp's Best-In-Class Mobile Print App. Black and white and color documents can be scanned at blazing speed. The color scanning speed is the same as the black and white scanning speed. The Ultra Commuter is a small device that can fit in a bag, purse, or pocket. Even if there is no outlet available, the DS-640 mobile scanner is powered via a microusb 3.0 cable, which will allow you to use it even if there is no outlet available. Plug it into your computer and you are ready to use it. Brother's free iPrint& Scan desktop app can be used for scanning to multiple destinations like PC, network, cloud services, Email and OCR. TWAIN/WIA for PC/ICA for Mac/SANE drivers is supported. Automatic color detection/adjustment, image rotation (PC only), bleed through prevention/background removal, text enhancement, color drop to enhance scans are some of the things that can be done to maximize images and text. The software suite includes document management.

Brand: Brother

👤It came with a PDF editor. The license keys are on the bottom of the machine. I thought I would save you the pain by helping you figure out how to license the software. There are stickers on the bottom of the machine that hold the license key. You always have the keys, that's a great idea.

👤I bought this based on the overall rating, but then it arrived with dread, because of the bad reviews. I thought it was TINY when I opened the box. It was installed on my mac 10 years ago and was running in less than 15 minutes. After installing it on my laptop, it ran again in less than 15 minutes. I figured this out myself, I'm over 40 and not a techno- guy. I'm able to hit the "Start Scan" button and just start feeding in paper, even though I don't really know what they do. You feed in the next sheet after about 3-4 seconds. I could run character recognition on a multi-page PDF with Adobe, and then search through it, even though it was a little different from Mac to Windows. Why this way? I need to get the paperwork scanned and give it back to my clients, because they give me stacks of paperwork. In the old days, clients would bring documents to me or I would take them to the office. I would fill the file cabinet with all of them. I got a machine. We'd still have to run around with paper, but I'd use a scanning device. Now? House calls are very easy to make. There was no third party phone app. Scan on the spot, then head out. Love it.

👤I ordered this for a large project where I needed duplex scanning. I think the portable scanner is a good idea, it uses the same cable for connection and power to a computer, and it's portable. Small form factor. Scan time is only 4-5 seconds per page. The software was easy to use and helped organize everything as I scanned it. I ran into 2 setbacks while using it, but once I got the hang of it, I was fine. The option to choose paper size did not stay in place. I cut a pencil to hold it in place, which fully fixed my problem, but it would be nice if the slider had more resistance so it wouldn't move so quickly. If I tried to insert a page too quickly after scanning the machine would throw a paper jam error which I couldn't get cleared unless I unplugged and plugged it back in. This was the best product for what I needed and I was able to get it next day delivery, even though it was a bit expensive.

👤I bought this product to help my kids with their art projects. I read all of the reviews and it seemed like it had all the sact features I needed. There is no use guide for installation. It would be nice to have documentation on how to fix it when there are issues, because you just load the picture and hit the Scan button. The whole picture was never scanned by the scanner. It would stop the image from being seen. I scanned every single picture. The weight and type were streaky at the bottom. The image comes out the top after being pulled through. I took the picture when it stopped moving, and it felt like it was stuck inside the machine. I cleaned the glass and rollers after calibrating it three times. It took me a long time to send it back. I was not happy with the quality for the price. It's a shame. Guess I'm looking for another one.

2. Portable Document Handheld Business Selection

Portable Document Handheld Business Selection

Business card type. No software installation is required. To use it directly, you need 2 AA batteries and a memory card. The green light is on if you press and hold "Scan" for 2 seconds. The green light will turn off automatically if you press the "Scan" key. The number on the display increases by one to show that the scans are complete. Store pictures within seconds, Scan them quickly, plug and play, no need to install any software. It's compatible with Windows 7 and above. It's lightweight and travel-friendly to store it in a Micro SD card. It is convenient to carry outside. You can save it in three different resolutions, 300dpi/ 600dpi/900dpi, which will show the picture and document in the clearest way. Pick your favorite resolution. The file format is all available, it has great storage capacity, and it supports a 32G Micro SD card. It's widely used in bank, insurance business, real estate agency, home, office, library or outdoors. It's suitable for travelers, travelers Scan your important files and save them immediately, no need to find a printing shop and keep it confidential.

Brand: Oninaa

👤I bought a scanning machine to take pictures from an old photo album. I was hoping it would be easy to do. It wasn't. Once you figure out all of the tricks, it wasn't hard. There were a lot of aborted attempts before that. If you want to change the way you are scanning, you should try only 4-5 photos at a time. The images are easy to use. Once you have scanned your images correctly, they are stored in a format that you can use immediately or use with photo software. Fast. You can quickly take a whole album of photos if you figure out the tricks. Useful for records. It can be used to take pictures. Cleaning. They provided a cleaning cloth because it's easy to grab a pencil and get smudges on the glass. Be careful. There is no short-term memory. It forgets some of its settings when you shut it off. The resolution was the big one for me. If you want the default setting, you have to re-select the resolution each time. There is a reminder on the side of the scanner. There is no long-term memory. The time and whiteness calibration are the settings that are forgotten when you replace the batteries. Calibration. All of my photos were scanned very dark. They tell you to use white paper to calibrate the whiteness level. It was too dark. I used an off-white colored paper to make the scans lighter. I changed the batteries. Need a steady hand. You need to be steady as you slide over the photo. If you tilt the wand one way or the other, the image will be distorted. It's easy for a photo to move while you are scanning it, so you need to secure the image. I used painter's tape. Speed. You need to do the same thing. Your image is destroyed if you move too fast. Poor battery life. I used rechargeable batteries for the first time and they sucked the life out of about 200 scans. If you don't use fresh, quality batteries, the device will be reset after every photo album. Poor batteries produce poor pictures.

👤I needed a way to get legal documents scanned during my meetings at coffee shops, and this is what I got. I have attached an example of a scanned side of the user manual that was created using low resolution (300dpi) in JPEG mode. The page is about half aMB. PDF mode only has the same image wrapped in an A4 paper size, and you get one file per scanned in either mode. If I want a PDF, it makes more sense to import a JPEG file into a program such as LibreOffice, which will allow me to export a multi-page PDF in any paper size I choose. I will probably never use the PDF scanning mode. There are two AA batteries and a MicroSD card. I used NiMH batteries and a generic card. I did not bother trying because the documentation suggests that larger cards are not supported. The card can be formatted in the device using a paper clip, and can also be used as a backup. The scanner has a miniusb jack, but a cable to connect to a standard computer full-size type ausb jack. This is plug-and-play on my Linux laptop, and upon connecting it to my computer, it shows up as a folder in the directory "DCIM/100MEDIA" that can be opened or copied using any ordinary method. Under Linux, the time has to be set on the scanner in UTC so its files are time stamped correctly. Setting the time on the scanner is easy and well documented, using a paper clip to enter and exit "time set" mode, using the "scan" button to page through year-month-day-hour-minute, and the JPEG/PDF button for "up" and The card is ordinary format and can be read directly by removing it from the scanner and putting it into a computer, with files accessible for opening and copying. Instructions are included for calibrating white balance, but my particular usage is almost exclusively black-and-white. The results from this small and portable device are much better than I expected. It solved my problem in a better way than any other alternative.

3. IRISCan Document Handheld Portable Scanner

IRISCan Document Handheld Portable Scanner

There are a lot of things included, including a portable scanning device, a cleaning cloth, a pouch, a quick start guide, and a 90-day warranty. It's especially convenient for sales reps and product marketers. The scanning speed is 1 Sec. For a B&W document. Scan a color document to PDF and JPEG. Save your scans onto the micros card. Scan up to 100 documents a day. Real time appearance of your scans to "instant result wife" apps. Real time appearing of your scans on PC, state-of-the-art OCR software suite read iris Pro and iris compressor Pro. Any paper document, PDF, or image file can be converted into an Office document. Take your old photos and convert them to digital files. Black and white photos can be scanned in as PDF or JPEG files. Attach your scanner to a computer using the included cable and card and you can view and transfer your files.

Brand: Iris Usa, Inc.

👤If you're going to use this for anything other than scanning a flat piece of paper, you should use your flatbed scanner. I scanned book pages, magazine articles, and anything else that had an image I wanted to capture. The device's configuration prevents it from being able to read the entire page. The image of a book page cannot be captured by the window, even if it was in one direction. I bought this item to enable single page scanning. The book can be strong-armed onto the flatbed scanner. The clarity is incomplete once the image is captured.

👤Does not work as expected. Books that will not work on a flatbed scanner were purchased to be scanned. Does not use a full margin to margin and top to bottom regardless of the way the scanner is used. Will not use a camera. The materials will not be scanned along the interface. The Instant Result software is not very good and it takes a long time to get it to put an image on the computer. The images are Skews no matter how carefully you roll the scanner.

👤The software and the scanner both work. It would have been useful to have a video on how to use the scanner. There is a learning curve when it comes to getting good reassurings. The inside edge of a book can be scanned with the design of the scanner. A larger roller would help with the travel. When you skew the scanner, you need a built in do over detection. A single side button is needed to show you are ready to start.

👤Two scanning machines were bought to test side by side for work. The IRISCan and the TaoTronics are used. Two sheets of paper were tested. The negative was printed on a black background and white text. The other plain has a white background and black text. The settings for both are what I need. PDF, 300dpi, black/white. One major issue stopped me from going further, so I did not test any other settings. There is a The negative was scanned with a rich dark black and white text. A plain paper with black text was scanned clearly but had a slight shade to it. The white background was not a bright white, but still clear white text. The paper was scanned with a bright white background and clear text. The dealbreaker was the IRISCan. I will be using this on many documents. Individual sheets of paper would do just fine for a map or book. The edge of the sheet gets stuck on the foot of the scanner as I try to pan the page. Attached is an image. The sheet stops where the foot sticks out. That messes up the whole thing. Even trying to put more weight on the other side, some pages still get stuck or the scans don't come out correctly. The IRISCan is being returned. At the time of this review, TaoTronics is $50 cheaper and does the job well enough without any problems. There is a I will update this review if there are more problems.

4. Document Portable Auto Feed Rechargeable PDSDK ST470PU VP

Document Portable Auto Feed Rechargeable PDSDK ST470PU VP

Text and PDF can be created with software included. It's convenient to slip it into a purse or briefcase so you can take your important documents and photos with you. Scan in color or black and white and save it as a PDF. When docked, the high-speed sensor scans paper automatically using its auto-feed feature while the scanner charges, providing more quality and ease of use, and an increased resolution of 1200dpi. Store your scans on a microSD card. Scan documents up to 125" long, choose the quality you want, it has a rechargeable battery and up to 400 scans per charge.

Brand: Vupoint Solutions

👤My first one was ordered in 2015, and it is still going strong. The second thing is to have one at another location. I use it to make a PDF of the notes. It is unique for these types of scans. If you leave the dock connected to the computer, you can put it in scanning mode. You save the single sheets to the mSD card and then use the PDF to print them. Then, press a button and your computer will recognize the card and give you access to the files. Nothing fancy here; but quite independent of any computer side software that I have ever used. Multiple page documents? The option to file explorer is added to the PDF exchange I use. Select all files, right click, and combine. One click, you have a multi-page PDF. The most trouble fee and useful unit I have owned is this one.

👤This is a great device. The little gizmo on our printer does the same job as the scanner. I have used this method to find handwritten county board minutes dating back to 1872 for the local historical society. I can take it to the court house and take it away. The scanned items come very nicely so that we can track the history of the county. I have used it for old photos and newspaper information. Works well. It is very easy to download the information. It's not sure how much it will hold. The battery life is great if you love it and it comes with an AC adapter. This is worth the money.

👤I was looking for a device that I could take with me on my trip to see my in-laws. I needed something that I could use to read the whole page, because most of their old photos are in those sticky albums. I called the help line because it wouldn't auto-feed, but it turned out it needed to be plugged into the wall. I would have had to sit on the floor to plug it in because the cord was so short. I went out on a limb and bought a quality 6 ftusb cord. You need to know how to use a computer program to cut individual pictures out of Wanda. The auto feed is fast. It took about 15 minutes to take the pictures. I can set my teenager up to use the auto scans to look at pictures while she watches.

👤I like it because I can get a quality Scan of sheets of paper, but still have the handheld flexibility if I can't use the feeder. Since my wand is dead, my cradle does not charge the device as I was told, so I pulled it out. I hope I didn't damage the battery.

👤I want to tell you how this scanner has changed my life. I used to have to take a picture of my handdrawn work and then use a big clunky printer to make it look better on the computer. I can use this beauty. I need a space saver because I travel a lot with my art. This fit the bill. It's perfect for when I need to take photos of my clients and give them to me, because it has a higherdpi than most flatbed scans. It was easy to set-up. It's easier to buy a micro SD card if you do. I used this with my PocketJet printer to keep everything working from the pocket of my backpack. I love it!

5. MUNBYN Portable Shockproof Resistant Pressure Proof

MUNBYN Portable Shockproof Resistant Pressure Proof

For sale is only the case. It's a perfect fit, it makes your scanner easy to carry around. It's ideal for fitting. The iScan/Vupoint solution has a magic wand. Guardian of On-the-go Scanner: Made from EVA material, it is capable of 1.5m shockproof/splash-proof/pressure-proof/scratch resistant. Ensure tragedy never happens to you. It is lightweight and easy to carry. There is a case only for travel and storage. The case is lightweight and compact with a mesh pocket for small accessories.

Brand: Munbyn

👤The case I ordered was large enough to hold the device, but the one they sent only had enough room for the device. I don't recommend buying this product unless you don't care what you get. The case I received was nice, but not what I ordered.

👤I had to go back to the Amazon page. The instructions on the Calibration Page were not correct. The lights did not flash as instructed. I was able to figure it out. It's not hard, but having to research "How To" made the process more difficult.

👤I would have liked a pouch in the lid and a bigger case to hold the cleaning cloth and theusb cord.

👤It makes work much easier because I love the Portuguese.

👤I need to carry my scanning device.

6. IRIScan Wireless Portable Color Scanner

IRIScan Wireless Portable Color Scanner

There are some advantages and tips. Within 5 seconds, the portable scanner can convert your paper targets into high quality files. 2. Thousands of scans will be stored on a 16GSD card. 3. Only for file transmission, the scanner is compatible with many systems. Very lightweight and battery-powered. It can be carried anywhere. It's ideal to read books, magazines and newspapers. The scanning resolutions are 300/600/900dpi. 2 seconds is the scanning speed. 3 seconds for a B&W document. For a color document. Scan to PDF and JPEG.

Brand: Iris Usa, Inc.

👤It's neat to see how easy it is to use this little thing. You're done if you slide the button over the image and then tap again. I've scanned various pieces of paper and they always work well. I think the scanned images are better than other portable scans I've used. There are a few things that are not perfect with the device. The battery life is not good. The main problem with the battery life is that the batteries are nearly full and the unit just shuts down. The original batteries that were included with the scanner were not working for 3 days. I was surprised that the batteries all showed "Good" but they wouldn't work in the scanner. I tried a new set of Duracell's, which only lasted for about 10 scans before not being able to work, and again the Duracell's showed "Good" on the battery charge. I use re-chargeable batteries, but they need to be fully charged the night before I use them. The batteries won't last long if you wait a day or two. The internal battery for the unit needs to be improved. I would be willing to sacrifice size and weight for a longer battery. The unit can't be powered from a computer's port. The way I use the scanner is to use a cable to connect it to a windows computer, but this doesn't work the way I would normally use it. Scan Direct is something that IRISCan uses and it allows the user to Scan directly to Windows paint and other applications. It does not allow the user to use a folder to store their images. While connected to a computer via ausb it does not all the scans save images to the memory card. When powered from a wall outlet, the scanner will work even if it's not on the box or materials. I plugged it into a wall outlet using the included cable and outlet accessory. The cable works well despite being slightly in the way. When you change the batteries, the time stamp settings are loose. You have to change the batteries everyday. The small watch battery could be put in to save the time stamp settings. The settings for image color, dpi, and file type have to be configured every time the machine is turned off. Black and white are my preferred scanning colors. I have to manually adjust the color of the scanner every time it is powered on again. I plan to keep this unit because it scans fast and well. I can deal with the flaws but I would like to see a better battery and the ability to save time stamp and scans in the future models.

👤The IriScan Book 3 was purchased from The carton of the product states that the box contains the software, but no CD or DVD came. There was an instruction to register the software. I downloaded the software, but it was necessary for me to purchase the software for an activation code. The software for running the scanner was a part of my purchase. I was asked for a "Product ID" which was not indicated in the box of the scanner, as I tried to register the downloaded/installed software. I am denied registration because I have all the serial number, item number, and ID. They have an email address. My email said that the mailbox is not monitored. What can IriScan do to help me? I don't think anyone should buy this product.

7. Doxie Go SE Intuitive Rechargeable

Doxie Go SE Intuitive Rechargeable

The white noise machine has passed a number of certifications. It is safe and can be used with confidence. The warranty period is 18 months. They will do their best to solve the problem if you have any questions about their products. Go Paperless. Go SE is simple to use and can be taken anywhere. Doxie is everything you want modern scanning to be. Doxie makes it easy to quickly and easily Scan documents at your desk or on the go. Scan full-color pages in just 8 seconds. tiny + battery poweredDoxie is small and portable with a rechargeable battery and included memory. Scan up to 400 pages per charge and store up to 8,000 pages. Doxie app syncs scans, sends directly to your favorite apps, and uses the award-winning ABBYY OCR technology to recognize the text in your document to create multi-page searchable PDFs. Every new Doxie has a 1-year manufacturer warranty. You will get access to the best support in the scanning industry to help you organize, or just provide tips on the best ways to Scan your Paper.

Brand: Doxie

👤We love this. You have to figure out the details. My wife wants to take all of our old photos. I got her this to help with that mission. I have 3 different types of scanning machines in my house, and the only way to get mass scanning images that are 8x10 or 888-282-0465 is through the Doxie Plus. I will address the issues I had now that I know what the positive is. I am a techi. I assume that this can be used without reading, but that is not the case. The documentation has built in memory but you can add more via the slot. I put the 64gb card in there. It wouldn't power on and stop blinking as it was supposed to. I found out that it only supports special cards. There is a lot of built in memory. I removed the card and it still works. I tried to find a Calibration PDF on their website, but couldn't find it. This is the sheet you use to calibrate it. Can you believe they make you buy it if you lose it? Another mistake in my opinion. I am letting you know that if you buy a used one, you need to make sure the calibration card is in there or you will have to buy another one if the calibration is ever needed again. The green light is when the scanner is turned on. If you press the button again, it will take you to Orange which is 600dpi. They don't have a sticker above the power button that tells you this, and they don't allow you to set a default setting. We did the scans at 600dpi because we were doing photos. 300dpi is fast for documents. You have to open the software to import the scanned photos after you have scanned them. When you click on the "Import" button in the top right corner, it doesn't complete the import process. You have to save the images to your local drive after you select them on the screen. I don't know why they don't allow you to just click the import and have the save process. It's only one step to save the photos. I still give this thing 5 stars. My wife is using the 7510 for larger pictures and ones already in the scrap book. The Doxie Plus is easy to use. This product is like everything to me. The people who design and package it and write the manual never actually use it so they don't know how to make simple and stupid mistakes. You will be glad you did, buy one. There was an amendment on May 19th, 2015: The Doxie allows for the use of up to 32 gigabytes of storage. It should be formatted in FAT32. They might put a sticker on customers to let them know that the max is 32GB. It might be easier and more effective to update the firmware to allow for larger cards since these are the norm in 2015. The saving process designed by Doxie is the most ideal after extensive scanning of photos and documents. We saved the photos as PDF's and scanned many of them. The photos were separated by age. I found my original thought to be a little misguided. The calibration card has to be the original one. It is not possible to print on a 8x11 sheet of paper. If your Calibration card is missing, you can contact them. I wanted to clarify the issues so I offered detailed and accurate reviews. I am sure you will be happy with the fact that this device is an awesome little scanning device.

8. Epson DS 70 Document Scanner

Epson DS 70 Document Scanner

Scan to PDF and JPEG. It's the lightest and smallest mobile single-sheet document scanning device. A single page can be scanned in as little as 5.5 seconds. Next-Business-Day Replacement has a 3-year limited warranty. Business/ID cards and receipts can be scanned up to 72" in size. Text and PDF can be created with software included.

Brand: Epson

👤I'm happy with this device. We needed to submit our work at the end of the day so we purchased it. There are a few things that are useful to know about this scanner. If you want to run the maintenance with a wet sheet, you need a scanning cover sheet. The black and white scanning is limited, and the setup is a bit of work, with no software installation disc included. If you plug in the scanner after you start the software, it won't work. - It is small and spacious, but it can't scans anything larger than a single 8 inch paper. Adding more pages with the software doesn't pose a problem for me. The document continues to be scanned no matter how long it is. This is useful. This is a perfect scanner for remote learning. If you use a pencil for your scanning, you need a clear cover sheet for it to work, and you might have trouble getting the software. Tech support is very helpful.

👤I can't say enough about that. Don't buy it! The Scansnap that I bought was not compatible with Windows 10. There is a It was a problem from the beginning. Installation was not as smooth as it should have been. I finally got it to work after repeated uninstalls and downloads. The actual scanning device. fuzzy letters on scanned documents are not consistent and the quality of scans is only fair. Trying to get a straight and square Scan is the most annoying problem. It's difficult to get the documents straight when you are only scanning receipts. The smallness and light weight of the scanner is great. The Scansnap was less than a quarter the size. The item is going back.

👤There are a lot of problems with this machine. There is a chance that it will be fixed in the future because most of them relate to the software. Some of the problems may be avoided by using alternate scanning software. The width of the scanning opening is too narrow for some of the letter/legal sheets that are out there. The majority of the sheets are okay. The ones on the wider side of the tolerances are too wide to fit. The major software issues. Sometimes the connection between the computer and the scanner will fail because of the quality of the cable. The software is unable to connect to the scanner. The easiest way to get the connection back is to restart the computer. Sometimes I was able to avoid that by killing the processes from task manager, but that doesn't work every time. If you were scanning multiple sheets, you would not be able to save any, so you would need to redo the whole process. This specific problem seems to be avoided by a goodusb connection. 2. Sometimes the software gets stuck in scanning mode even though the machine is not scanning. You lose everything that was scanned in a particular batches if you can't cancel the current scans. If you have to kill the process, you lose the whole batches as well. 3. The processing of the images is not stable. There's a good chance that the software will crash if you need to rotate multiple images after the scans. Even if it doesn't, you will see their placeholder, but any attempt to do anything with them will produce an error. The crush/corruption is still a possibility even though trying to rotate images in smaller sets seems to be more reliable. There are a lot of smaller annoyances. The template for the names of the files has a very short length limit, so if you try to replace it with something else, you won't be able to remove the original text.

9. VuPoint PDS ST442R VP Portable Scanner 1050DPI

VuPoint PDS ST442R VP Portable Scanner 1050DPI

Scan color and mono images. The resolution is 900/600/300dpi. You can save files in either PDF or JPG format. Transfer files via the internet with a microSD card up to 32 gigabytes. Driver-free for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac OS 10 or above.

Brand: Vupoint Solutions

👤Even with shaky hands and flimsy objects, Scans well. Sending files to a computer is versatile. The preview screen is small, but it gives a good idea of the image. The error light indicates if the image is likely to be unacceptable.

👤I'm not sure if it's a user error or the device, but copying pages from my book for school came out blurry.

👤Excellent product, very simple and efficient.

10. Portable Scanners Documents Pictures MUNBYN

Portable Scanners Documents Pictures MUNBYN

1200dpi is 888-739-5110 Please note. Refer the instructional video to the image section before use. A portable scanner is a handheld flat scanning device that can be used for a variety of purposes. A portable scanning device can be used without connecting to any devices. Flat scanning can protect targets to the greatest extent. What will a portable scanner do for us?Portable scanning can help them to take photos and documents in different sizes and convert them into PDF and JPG formats. The portable scanner has a built-in function that allows it to transfer images to their computer or cell phone. How they use the portable scanning device. If you want to start the scanner, long-press the "SCAN" button for 2s. 2. Take some time to learn how to use a scanning machine. 3. Scan your target on a flat desk at a steady speed. 4. The result can be seen on the screen. 5. To transfer the images, connect your devices to the built-in wi-fi. There are some details of the portable scanning device. The length is 9.5 The weight was 0.44 lbs. A built-in WIFI, a preview screen, and auxiliary pulley are all functions. A small bag, a user manual, and a 16GB card were included. There are some advantages and tips. Within 5 seconds, the portable scanner can convert your paper targets into high quality files. 2. Thousands of scans will be stored on a 16GSD card. 3. Only for file transmission, the scanner is compatible with many systems.

Brand: Munbyn

👤The instructions and videos were not useful. After charging, the power wouldn't go on. Oliver from customer service sent me a new scanning device. First thing I would recommend is washing the white setTING. It works well. There is a learning curve to get a good image. The straightness of the paper is the most pressing problem and not the speed. It was easy to setup. The web address you use to view the scans is not in English. I was lost.

👤I want to share a bunch of family photos with my family. The small photos have a large area around them, but it's easy to adjust online. The pictures are large. I have been using it on a white tablecloth to make it look better. I have to keep resetting the resolution. For some reason, it tries to switch to low. It would be perfect for documents.

👤The item is easy to use. It's not easy to install, that's what they don't tell you. There was no user manual to tell you how to use the CD or software. If you try to download from the site, you will not be able to because the pcloud app is not available on computers where I want to move the documents I scanned. I can't find a manual online. I gave it 2 stars because it scans well, but I have to put the card in my phone to move the documents to the computer, which is a serious hassle. $120 mistake.

👤I have a lot of machines in my office. This is my first portable device. I was surprised that it is light. The buttons are easy to use, doing what they say on the screen. I don't need to upgrade my card to 32 because it has an amazing number of highest-resolution pics. The rollers help to roll the scanner. I was able to get a good picture. It feels like pushing a Hot Wheels car over a sheet of paper when I practice. My computer recognized the card as a disk immediately. It looks like a disk from a camera. The little scanner is pretty amazing.

👤Great device! I did a lot of research to figure out which would transfer scanned photos the fastest, and this one won out. It is the only one I could find that allows me to send photos to my iPad, which I love. It is small and portable. I can take it with me if necessary.

👤I wanted to be able to feed a document through the machine or connect it to a larger item. I wanted a hand held so I could take photos. The quality of the scans is not very good. The instructions are in Chinese. I figured out how to use it myself. I don't recommend this and will be sending it to someone else.

👤There is a learning curve and it can sometimes glitch out. It gives you scans with great resolution when you get used to the pace and it let's you know when it glitched so you can rescan things. My biggest complaint is that the card is upside down. It's odd to put something in with the contacts.

11. VuPoint PDS ST442CRB VP Portable Scanner Burgundy

VuPoint PDS ST442CRB VP Portable Scanner Burgundy

Driver-free for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac OS 10 or above. Scan your photos into digital files. Scan with a high resolution. The resolution is low 300 / high 600. The scanning length is low 300 - 98" and high 600 - 45" The scanning width is 8.35.

Brand: Vupoint


What is the best product for portable scanner wand?

Portable scanner wand products from Brother. In this article about portable scanner wand you can see why people choose the product. Oninaa and Iris Usa, Inc. are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable scanner wand.

What are the best brands for portable scanner wand?

Brother, Oninaa and Iris Usa, Inc. are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable scanner wand. Find the detail in this article. Vupoint Solutions, Munbyn and Iris Usa, Inc. are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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