Best Portable Sink with Hot Water

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1. Hike Crew Portable Outdoor Camping

Hike Crew Portable Outdoor Camping

Go anywhere for toilet kits. A Multipurpose Station with a Large Pedestal Sink and 19L Water Tank is ideal for cleaning and other recreational activities. The Innovative Foot Pump Manually Shoots 180ml Fresh Water through the Faucet for Better Hygiene, Cleanliness, and EcofriendlyConserve. A 19L fresh water tank can hold more than 100 washes. Integrated SOAP Dispenser/Towel. HOLDER- Holds up to 6 Pints of Liquid Soap or Detergent; All-in-One Design Includes a towel rack, wash basin and carry handle. Food safe construction is made of high density material that is durable and long-term compatible. The water can be recycled. It's safe to wash hands, drink or even eat. The Versatile Basin holds up to a gallon of water for washing hands, soaking clothes, cleaning dishes, and much more.

Brand: Hike Crew

👤It serves its purpose. I opened a spa but was not allowed to install plumbing in my treatment room because I rent the building. I bought this sink and it works well, but not perfect. The bowl sits a little crooked because it doesn't match perfectly on the pedestal, which keeps a little pool of water from draining correctly. I tip it to drain a little. It is hard to pump water when the water is low. It is easy to fix with more filling up the reservoir. Still happy with it.

👤Next to the BBQ is where we put ours. It's a good idea to have a ready sink when eating outside. It's nice to wash up after gardening. We use a bucket to catch the dirty water and empty it on the lawn. The liquid soap is large.

👤It was convenient and productive to have a sink in my room as a massage therapist. The portable sink made washing my hands easy. I received it as a gift from my sister.

👤This is completely free from electricity and allows better water control. The water is off the grid. 2 weeks is the amount of hand washing and teeth brushing. It did not come with a grey water canister or a secondary threaded cap to fit different bottle sizes for grey water collection. jerry cans and sweet tea bottles.

👤This is one of the best outdoor sinks. I would change it if I were redesigning it. The soap dispenser's straw is too long and flimsy to fit under the basin. I tried to flush it with water and remove the straw, but it was too late. I had to replace the straw because it was stuck at the bottom of the basin. 2. A small child under 50 lbs might not be able to operate a water dispensers alone. 3. The waste water tube to my sink is so thick that it doesn't sit well with the campa potty I bought. I secured that end tube by jamming it in. I would have expected the company to have a variety of assembly adjustments. 4. My potty is on the left side, so I would put the towel hanger on the right side. Just my money. Otherwise it works well. No issues or leaks have been reported so far.

👤I wish it came with a holding tank for grey water and a cover to keep rain out of the drain. Pick those up yourself and you can build a station that will let people wash their hands outside before entering your home. Perfect for the flu. The paper-towel holder isn't very useful. A full-size roll holder would have been better.

👤This item is useful for me. I wash up a lot when I work outside. The sink is easy to use and clean. The foot pump is easy to use.

👤Our state requires hand washing for our small construction crew. This is great because we don't have a reliable water hook up. The crew is happy with the water pressure and built in soap dispensers, they just fill the tank daily.

2. Camplux Electric Heater Counter Gallon

Camplux Electric Heater Counter Gallon

The tank has a 6-year warranty. The small water heater has a glass-lined tank with good insulation and freezing mode can prevent the water tank from freezing, ensure a long service life. It is easy to install and use the on demand water heater. Plug in the power supply (120V/12A) and it can be used normally, if you connect the water pipe after filling the water tank. OverHEAT PROTECTION. The electric hot water heater will shut down if the water temperature in the under sink is over 203F. Protect your family's safety. AJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE The temperature levels for the water heater are range from 68F to 140F. The thermal efficiency is up to 99%. The hot water is CONVENIENT. You don't need to wait for hot water at the sink, you can get on-demand hot water. There is a one-year warranty for parts and 24 hours customer service. There is a one-year warranty for parts and 24 hours customer service.

Brand: Camplux

👤I noticed that the inlet and outlet threads were not sticking to the ground as I was removing the plastic protection caps. I continued to install the unit. After flowing through it for the first time, I noticed that the water was brown. The water ran clear before the unit was installed, so it was obvious that the source of the problem was the unit. I closed the valves and noticed a leak from the cover. I had to reverse my entire installation, repackage, and return all the supplies I bought separately, because I didn't know how this was leaking from the cover. It was a waste of time. I can not comment on the heat because I didn't get a chance to plug in the unit. The product comes with good mounting hardware. If you want, you can mount this on the wall. You can either use screws designed for concrete or use a brackets. If you want to buy the unit, you will need the following: 1/2” FIP x 1/2” FIP Hose (Outlet to Faucet), 1/2” FIP x 1/2” Compression, and 1/3 in. The relief valve is connected to the schedule 40 male adapter. I am not sure if I just received a bad unit or not, but after wasting my time and experiencing the poor quality, I prefer to use another brand. It is a good value for a reason. The relief valve is not shown in some of the product photos. If it gets too hot or pressurized, you have to think about where you want to put it. It has to follow the code. Finding an extra drain besides your faucet sink or bath/shower is going to be difficult if you have a standard residential bathroom. The relief valve drain location is important for your family's safety. The amount of power this thing is designed to draw is suitable for most house holds. It still has room for things like lights and small items. I chose the unit because of this.

👤This was installed quickly and does not have a power cord attached to it.

👤I didn't have a lot of room under my kitchen sink. It's easy to install as it has a 120 watt plug. I bought some braided hose at Hime Depot. It has a nice dial on the front to adjust the water temperature, so make sure to fill it with water before you plug it in. I used to have to run the hot water for a few minutes to get hot water at my kitchen sink, but now I get instant hit water. I only do a few dishes at a time and this works great. I have had it for a month now and no problems.

👤Both of these had the same problem. The ports are made of steel and come out of the box in bad shape. Look at the picture. I took a steel brush to see if the rust was superficial. On the left is the before. You can see that it's more than that. The teflon tape and goop wouldn't last long.

3. Stiebel Eltron 233219 Mini Tank Electric

Stiebel Eltron 233219 Mini Tank Electric

Their heater is built to last for many years, with a 100% money back guarantee. They offer a 100% money back guarantee if you don't like the product. Plugs into standard outlet. T and P valves were included. Wall-mounted with a piece of equipment. The tank is glass-lined. The tank has a 6-year warranty. The tank has a 6-year warranty.

Brand: Stiebel Eltron

👤It was supposed to be a glass lined tank, but it rusted through in two spots at the mid point tank seam and now is just above the bottom radius. The first hole was shut down but the second leak flooded my kitchen. The tank was purchased 10 months ago and it is supposed to have a 6 year warranty. Will call them tomorrow to see if they are a good company. One month is all it takes for the warranty to end. Most glass lined tanks last at least 30 years. I have been in the industry for over 40 years. They made it very simple and painless after the update. If I don't ship the return water heater to them, they want the old one shipped back and asked for a CC number. It appears as though they are a good company that serves warranty very well.

👤I installed a small gas water heater in the crawl space under the floor of our master bathroom to give us 2 1/2 gallons of hot water in 10 seconds instead of waiting a couple of minutes for the hot water from our gas water heater to travel the distance as it had done for 28 years. I connected it to the hot water line. If you cut the hot water line, you should install a one-quarter turn shut off valve just ahead of the heater so that you don't have to shut off the water in the whole house. You can use braided flex water heater hoses to connect to the tank if you buy and install 1/2” to 1/2” brass fittings on the nipples. We have hot water in our bathroom sink and shower. Why did I wait so long?

👤I did a lot of research before buying this water heater. I wanted it under the sink. I looked at the 1 star reviews and compared them to the 5 star reviews. Since our kitchen was being renovated, I had this installed. It was heavier than expected and I wanted a good supply of hot water. Quality materials inside are what I equate to the weight. The design was nice. It is a good looking product. It has worked well. The thermostat control on top is very easy to use. I keep ours at 120 degrees. I get hot water in about 2 seconds, it's mostly determined by the length of the cable from the heater to the tap. I'm pretty sure I'll pay for this in a year or so, because I had to run the sink every time I wanted hot water. I like it. Time will tell if it lasts and if it doesn't leak. I'm going to put a water tray under it. The presssure relief line has to be run to the outside. I am glad the plumbing guy did this.

👤There is a small heating unit under my kitchen sink. I replaced my previous Bosch after it failed and started leaking near the front access cover, making a big mess. The Bosch is made in China, no wonder it failed. The label on the unit says that the other one is made in Germany. The newer design of the SHC 2.5 is still slightly older than the 4 gallon model. The 2.5 gallon has the fastest recovery time because it has a smaller water volume to heat up. I'm happy I found a quality model that works.

4. Aufee Tankless Bathroom Indicator Dual Use

Aufee Tankless Bathroom Indicator Dual Use

Every piece goes through strict tests to make sure it is safe. The electricity and water lines are designed to run separately to avoid harm to scale build up. No pollution, no exhaust gas, and a safe heater are some of the benefits. The water flow regulating valve or tap switch can be used to adjust the temperature. Caution will be used by those who mind. It is a high efficient water heater with a small size that can produce hot water very quickly. For more convenient, use the indicator light. Simple operation to adjust water temperature. No pollution, no exhaust gas, and a safe and hardy heating system. It is easy to install and it is stylish. It is ideal for kitchen, bar, school, hospital, community and hair, and it can be used to change the cold water into hot water.

Brand: Aufee

👤I bought this unit to use as a pre-heater. The water is heated up to 30 degrees above the ambient water temp. The water flow rate affects this. The rate of a water saver shower head is 1.8gpm. Not a lot of water. Flow more through the heating element. It won't heat it very well. If my water comes in at 60, it will heat up at its most efficient flow at a temp of 90. There is only hot water on the shower faucet. My wife would freeze in 90 degree water. She likes water that is 105 degrees. There are many complaints about kicking breakers. It makes sense to use a 40 Amp breaker. There will be no issues if the 12 gauge wire is properly installed. The support I received was great. Does what I wanted it to do.

👤If the water lines are warm in the bathroom or kitchen, this may work. It doesn't work on a stand alone sink like mine. The water inlet was raised to 58 on a 50 degree day. I only wanted it to be warm to wash my hands. I had 10/2 wire on the 40 Amp breaker. F.Y.I. If you are going to install on warm water, use this fitting with rubber o-ring no thread tape to stop leaks.

👤I never got the water to be hot after I connected it to my washing machine. I have tried resetting it and everything that it said in the handbook. I will not recommend purchasing this model.

👤I bought one for the kitchen and one for the bathroom sink. Neither worked for more than a week. I wouldn't buy them again because they were hard to get tight enough to stop leaking. With or without thread tape.

👤I put this in my wet bar. It works well for a wet bar. It does well with a steady stream, but can't heat a fast flow of water.

👤Installation was easy, but it consumes too much power for one sink, and they don't make those as far as I know, so I wouldn't give it a one-star.

👤The unit won't keep the water hot long enough to wash your hands.

👤I was surprised to see that it works with the circuit breaker. The tank is close to my faucet. It would take a long time for me to get hot water. I get hot water immediately with this device.

5. Hike Crew Portable Cleaning Showering

Hike Crew Portable Cleaning Showering

The best way to avoid gas leaking is to not Twine the plug between the gas regulator and the gas inlet pipe. The propane tankless water heater will catch on fire. Before an operation, check gas leaks. The portable outdoor shower and cooker allows you to heat and distribute water for showering, washing dishes, and other chores. The shower head has a simple water temperature knob control and a powerful one. While Faucet Attachment Mounts to Handle for Steady Hands-Free Water Stream. The system makes it easy to pump and heat in any environment with an AC/DC Adapter for Wall Outlet or Generator. Automatic 142F safety shutoff keeps adults, kids, and pets safe from accidental spills, burns, and accidents. Heater promises stress-free convenience for users who want to stay clean. But Pack Light! All-in-one set arrives with all the necessary accessories in a protective carry case for storage. Propane tank is not included.

Brand: Hike Crew

👤We use it on road trip camping adventures. The hose, pump, shower head, and facet clip are all made with poor quality materials and feel like they could break at any time. The biggest complaint is that the battery doesn't charge, we have plugged it in for 35 hours, but it still doesn't charge fully. The first item we returned was a replacement. The power supply was bad. The replacement item was charged up for 10 hours. We did a test and it shut down after two minutes. It doesn't turn back on. We will return the unit and ask for a refund. It seems like the power suppl and battery are not designed to run this unit. Do not buy this product. The Mt Heater option is something I will be looking at. We sent the unit back to the company to fix the non start problems. They said they found that we needed to bring the wall charging unit with us to plug it in and reset it. The unit will not always restart if there is water in the system. When we are camping, we don't know what a wall charge will do.

👤This unit is not good for making hot water. I had to pay $50 for the shipping. This is a poor company that doesn't buy from them.

👤The shower unit is small. There is no showers in the National Park Campground. There is a portable changing room, a privacy tent, a toilet, and a camp shower in the pictures. The Flame King has one pound of propane canisters. A large tote is used to catch grey water. There were modifications, including the addition of the ID vinyl tube on the pump inlet hose. I was able to kick the bucket and go straight down to the river because of this extended pump hose length. The manual says not to do that in saltwater. Any water with silt may damage the unit. It worked in the fresh mountain river water. The pump worked well. The unit must be on a flat surface. An E8 error code will cause the propane burner to not ignite, meaning no hot water until the unit is placed on a level surface.

👤The joints that connect to water are made of plastic. I wanted to like it a lot. The quality wasn't there because it leaked everywhere. If the pieces were metal, this would have been a 5 star. There are a couple out there that are a lot cheaper and have better reviews.

👤The lack of shower makes it hard for ladies to go camping. We have a shower tent and a shower machine. The ladies' camping problem was taken care of. I have a portable table with a shower machine on it in a shower tent, which is great for camping, beach, backyards, BBQ, Party and more. Both items purchased from Amazon are easy to use. Warm water can be found in any place. The water temperature can change too much. There is a There is a solution. I was able to get over the problem by circulating the bucket of water with the shower head submerged in it. The whole bucket became warm in a few minutes. Small, but still big enough for camping equipment. You need more space in your car to take this. The carrying case should cover the 21"L x12"W x 13"H dimensions of the package.

6. EcoSmart ECO 11 Modulating Technology

EcoSmart ECO 11 Modulating Technology

The pump is activated when you need it. Continuously monitored water temperature and controlled flow rates ensure efficiency and consistent performance within 1 degree of selected temperature. EcoSmart tankless electric water heaters are smaller than traditional tank heaters and can be installed on the wall or at the point of use. EcoSmart tankless electric water heaters are 99% thermal energy efficient and only heat water when called, unlike a tank heater that maintains water temperature even when not used. The Department of Energy says you can save up to 50% on water heating costs. Refer to the Sizing Map. It requires a double polebreaker and a 13 kilo watt electric water heater to provide hot water for a bathroom, small sink, office breakroom and other point-of-use or low-flow applications. Lifetime warranty on electronics, exchanger and element, as well as certifications, are included. Lifetime warranty on electronics, exchanger and element, as well as certifications, are included.

Brand: Ecosmart

👤After 16 months, my unit started tripping. There were a number of things I was asked to check by customer support. The wire size is important. I replaced the breaker. Still failed. I followed the steps again after they sent a guide. I can ignore the guide and get inside the unit if I don't tear off the label. I opened the unit and took the voltages across the heater elements, which were correct, and did an ohm test on each of the heater elements. The elements were not in spec. The support staff told me that. When I opened the unit, I found that one of the heating elements was cold. It was not warm. I had seen something using the unit. The water wouldn't heat up if it was higher than 112. I assumed it was the temperature of the incoming water that made it get the water. I didn't have a problem with that since it's too hot to take a shower. I let the support know what I found. He asked me to call and he would send out a new unit. I got a message from him in the meeting. I never received a call back after I left a message with all my contact info. Send another email. I was asked to check the elements for damage. I did that. They looked fine. This is taking a lot of time. Taking out the elements, turning off the water, etc. No leaks after. I sent a few emails requesting a new unit, but have not heard back. This has been going on for a while. This was a bad purchase. When it caused issues with my home, they weren't honoring the warranty. I wouldn't recommend buying this unit.

👤The product was ordered in August. It arrived on September 1st. Had a plumbing job done in late September. It worked well until late January. There was water dripping from the bottom of the unit. A steady stream of water comes from the leak. The unit had to be removed. I had to contact EcoSmart. February 19th was the last day of contact with EcoSmart. You can sit on hold for an hour at a time and not get a response.

👤The Eco 11 and aquapure pre-filter were purchased by me. It's more than five years old and still going strong. We have a 1500 sf house with a single bath/shower and a dishwasher. We don't run anything at the same time as the shower so I can't say how it would work for multitasking, but it works great for our purpose. I replace the pre-filter as needed and haven't had any problems with the heater. We have a hard well-water with a high level of iron, but I have a pre-filter that cleans the water. The water comes out of the ground at 50F and I set the control to generate 112F, so we have to run the water for a short time for the plumbing wall. I was able to replace an electric 40-Gal heater that took up half of a 3' x 6' closet with a unit that is about the size of a shoe box. We had to pull #6 AWG wire since this runs on a 60 Amp breaker, but that was my only complaint. I'm back on this page to check prices for another workshop, so I thought I'd add a review.

7. Tankless GASLAND Outdoors Overheating Protection

Tankless GASLAND Outdoors Overheating Protection

High quality. The coil is made from SUS 304. The design of the electric immersion heater makes it easy to distribute. CSA approved Gasland is safe as per Canadian and US standards. The family safety is ensured by flame failure device, anti-freezing protection and heating protection. Water pressure can be decreased between 3.6-110PSI. The anti-freezing drain plug can discharge the residual water to avoid freezing in cold areas. The water temperature is protected over 167 F. Shut off the gas supply when there is a fire. The lightweight portable design is easy to carry. It can bring a hot shower for you when you are camping. You can wash your pets with this water heating device. Hang it by placing it on the back of the gas water heater. It takes a few minutes to install. You can follow the instructions. Get instant endless hot water easily wherever you are with the maximum power output of 41,000Btu/Hr. It's not necessary to preheat before using a water heater. The water flows with your temperature when you turn on the tap. Just 3.6 PSI of water pressure is needed to start up. 1.58 gallons per minute of hot water. The heat and water flow can be adjusted. The structure has 11.5% energy saving technology. The propane water heater exchanger and main burner have been desinged to decrease gas consumption and burning noise. You will save money when you use a tankless water heater. Excellent Customer Service is offered by professional team. You can contact them from Monday to Friday if you have a question. Excellent Customer Service is offered by professional team. You can contact them from Monday to Friday if you have a question.

Brand: Gasland

👤I own an off-grid cabin in East Texas. I have a 5 gallon water jug, a Shurflow 255-313 12v water pump, a 30 gallon horse trough, and a shower curtain. The Surflow water pump and the heater are outstanding. The shower handel has an on/off switch. When you turn on the shower, the pump starts. You have a hot water supply within a few seconds. When you turn the shower switch off, the pump stops working. The knobs on the front of the heater allow you to adjust the water temperature. I can get three quick showers. The installation was easy and the parts were in the package. The instructions don't clearly state that there is a knob on the heater. There's a knob in the center of the heater that can be either blue or red. The amount of flame and fuel used to heat the water is determined by the winter mode and summer mode. During the winter, choose the blue snowflake. This feature turns the burner on hot water, I am guessing it's designed for heating very cold water. The burner will run at a lower level if the red sun is selected during the summer. I am very pleased with the purchase and I would recommend it to anyone.

👤In November of last year we purchased our first BE158 outdoor water heating system. The first one lost its display after purchase, but we thought it was not the end of the world. We didn't use the first as often as we should have. We went back to the original after the second failed, but it died shortly after. The inside of the unit looks like it was on fire with tall yellow flames and black soot because the burners have broken. I thought the support team would follow through, as they continued to ask me to send more information on the units, and a video of their operation. I have to call them to get the latest on the relationship, and I can tell we are not enjoying it anymore. The original unit was out of the 1-year warranty for 2 weeks. The repair to the other was approved and I had to send it to them. We are on December 31st with no hot water and no progress in the battle. Yesterday, I called again and requested an update on the repair or replacement of the unit, but all I received were excuses for the broken promises and no specific answers as to when I would hear an answer. It sounds like they want this problem to go away. I told them that if they didn't respond by this morning, I would write a review of my experience and post it on the internet. I requested a replacement unit for my husband. I could have hot water again. "Yours will be fixed only." Our home is being built and we are living in a fifth wheel. I should receive a Gaszon brand by Friday. It's one thing to learn that a warranty isn't really peace of mind with unethical companies, but it's another thing to be strung along and go without this basic convenience for over a month due to what I believe is straight up dishonestly.

8. Electric Tankless Instant Bathroom Kitchen

Electric Tankless Instant Bathroom Kitchen

It is easy to use if the water cover the water trough heater minimum line. Plug into a sockets and heat it up. The tests of each of the MUFUN immersion heaters were done. If you have a problem with the product, please contact them, they will try their best to help you. Their first priority is your satisfaction. Those who are cautious will buy with caution. The heating power of this product is constant, the temperature is adjusted by the water flow regulating valve or the tap switch, the high temperature of the water flow is low, and the low temperature of the water flow is high. The outdoor water temperature is low, and the water flow should not be large, which is suitable for daily washing. Caution will be used by those who mind. The heating of the product is adjusted by the water flow regulating valve or the faucet switch. Large water flow means low temperature and small water flow means high temperature. With 3000W heating system, the electric water heater provides instant, consistent and endless hot water, no waiting for preheat or terrible temp up & down, perfect companion for sinks. It's time to get rid of those toys. The hot water heater adjusts power input based on the temp and flowing rate. You still get ideal temperature, which means a comfortable experience, and simple operation. It is recommended that the product be washed in the winter for hand washing, dish washing, face washing and other scenes. Save up to 45% on your electric cost, water saving, no pollution, and no exhaust gas with the safe heater. The water flow regulating valve or the faucet switch can be used to adjust the heating of the product. Large water flow means low temperature and small water flow means high temperature. It is recommended that the product be washed in the winter. Every piece goes through strict tests to make sure it is safe. The electricity and water lines are designed to run separately to avoid harm to scale build up. No pollution, no exhaust gas, and a safe heater are some of the benefits. The water flow regulating valve or tap switch can be used to adjust the temperature. Caution will be used by those who mind.

Brand: Antilog

👤I did not know that I had to run a separate line from the house's fuse box in order to get 32 Amps. That's okay. I found an electrician that will run away for $200 and set it up.

👤I have only used the water heater for six months. A loud noise was heard while running hot water. There was a part of the water heater that had melted. Beware!

👤The water couldn't get hot enough to do anything. I had to take it out since it did nothing. I don't recommend this product.

👤I installed this in July 2020 and it is not working now. I can't believe it. I can't find tech support to help me. Who makes XINYE?

👤Our government was leaking so much that it cracked trying to take it off the wall. Save money.

👤The temperature at the tap was 55 to 57 degrees Celsius. The unit led lights indicated that. The unit works according to the manufacturer. I bought the unit after reading all of the 1 star complaints. That's correct. I was expecting the unit to work as the poorly presented specifications said. It is safe for me. It would not leak due to poor quality. It was as good as I have seen it for 50 years. The Chinese manufacturers have surpassed the American ones in a lot of areas. They make the tesla cars too.

👤The product did not work after a month. It's been another month since the refund was paid. It should be a zero star.

👤No good. Don't try to install this unit in a hurry.

9. Westbrass D271H 12 Velosah Instant Dispenser

Westbrass D271H 12 Velosah Instant Dispenser

Automatic tank protection. In case of accidental dry startup, the automated water heater has a self-resetting thermal fuse. Cold water usage cannot be modified with the Velosah 1-Handle hot water dispenser faucet kit. The faucet is 9-1/4 in. The overall height is 4 inches. The handle assembly has an auto-off lever for your safety. 100 cups of instant hot water is delivered per hour in the tank. Plugs into standard 115V wall outlet and uses 1300W. All mounting materials are included in the kit. In. The Shok Blok Filter Protection Valve protects the faucet from shocks. A little over 1/2 in. The Santoprene hose outlet is to the tank. If you use a water filter, make sure to install between the water supply and heating tank. Use a silicone seal for installation. All mounting materials are included in the kit. In. The Shok Blok Filter Protection Valve protects the faucet from shocks. A little over 1/2 in. The Santoprene hose outlet is to the tank. If you use a water filter, make sure to install between the water supply and heating tank. Use a silicone seal for installation.

Brand: Westbrass

👤The tank is a great concept, but the product I was sent was beat up, missing hardware, and included 2 sets of conflicting instructions. Many of the random fittings included are not compatible with the ones on the faucet, tank, or filter included. I don't have the correct fitting to finish install. The instructions came in two versions, one with the tank and one that was printed off and put in the box. They are both different in their steps and pictures. References and hardware that I received were not in line with what I received. The instructions were inconsistent and the pieces included in the puzzle didn't get used in the final product.

👤The Westbrass kit did not have all of the plumbing parts needed for the installation. The directions were clear and I followed 888-349-8884 I had to go to the plumbing supply store to complete what was needed and that cost me an extra $57. An experienced and well-equipped plumbing professional would have had a hard time making the installation and would have had to go back to the shop to find the right components. It took most of the day to complete the task because of the difficulties encountered. I had a hard time with the installation and it could have been better. It would have cost me a lot of money if I had a professional install my plumbing. The system worked well and we are happy with the performance of the instant how water dispensers for our kitchen.

👤This was bought on warehouse deals, which were much cheaper than full price. It works well, it was about two months now. A bowl of ramen will get hotter from the water. It's hot. It spits out water randomly. If I buy a full price one, I might try another brand.

👤Don't buy this product! If you have already purchased it, then return it. The product was installed by the contractor that was remodeling our kitchen. The product worked well for a while, but then started emitting steam from the faucet. We reset the device and it worked again for a couple of days and then started emitting steam again. We did it three times. I reached out to Westbrass but they didn't respond to my requests for assistance after we passed Amazon's return window. In September, I contacted Amazon Customer Service and they put me on a call with Rose from Westbrass. Rose is not very responsive and her job description seems to be to prevent customers from filing a warranty claim. She determined that my contractor broke the device. The product did work for a while, but I'm not sure how you break an under sink hot water tank. I had a second look at it. He said it was hooked up correctly. I let Rose know that the new plumbing man said something and she replied with a rude response. You can buy this product from a company other than Westbrass.

10. 3 2GPM Outdoor Tankless Heater Propane

3 2GPM Outdoor Tankless Heater Propane

Caution and care are needed. The air valve is usually set up before the theater opens. If the smell was green or blue, the air valve wouldn't need to be adjusted. If you want the foliage to be green or blue, turn the lever. They offer a 1-year warranty service for the entire heater and stove. Safety, more protection. The tankless water heater propane has over- heating, anti-Frozen Protection, and Led Indicator. The customer requires a response within 24 hours. The complete and full parts are clearly labeled. 1.1m is 3.6inch. The water hose is 1.5m and the gas hose is 4.9%. There are more applications. The Lpg Tankless Water Heater is perfect for outdoor shower, portable pet shower in yard, beach bathing box, camping, hunting cabins, boats, kid pools, or just around your house. Water Heater Tankless Propane Without AC Power, 2PCS D Cell Batteries, Easy to Install, Gas Supply: Liquid Propane Gas, and Water Temperature: 50-140 degrees. Water Heater Tankless Propane Without AC Power, 2PCS D Cell Batteries, Easy to Install, Gas Supply: Liquid Propane Gas, and Water Temperature: 50-140 degrees.

Brand: Gateenon

👤For two reasons, I gave this 4 stars instead of 5. The packing material fell apart when the box was opened. The Styrofoam was the worst I have ever seen. There is no way to stop the water flow at the hand piece. I will have to buy a replacement hand shower with a shutoff button because the water runs constantly. The package should have included this. The good news is that it works. The following steps are performed by me. First, turn on the water source, then turn on the propane, and then set the water flow rate to 50% and the temp to 50%. The power switch should be on the bottom. You should start clicking. The burner will light up. To shut it down, turn the power switch to "off" and turn off the propane and water. It would be great to have the water turn off button so you can save water while you lather up and wash.

👤I am using it on a bus conversion. I use the electric 7 gal tank heater as a supplemental source of water pressure. When I run this, I have to adjust the temperature dial to get it to max out around 112f. I will only get around 80f if I dial it down. It is a good buy and product, but not going to be ideal pressure in the winter, so I guess it is the same or worse on cheaper models.

👤Before you think about it. I followed all the instructions but when I used it for the first time, something inside the unit started to shoot out a flame. I had to use the water to put out the fire.

👤The unit needs to be fully hooked up in order to do anything. I turned the water on and thought it was broken. There was no display read out.

👤No pude instalar por lo tanto lo tuve, causandome grandes perjuicios tanto economicos y de tiempo.

👤The accessories are made of plastic.

👤It works great and is easy to install. Great package! To supply it, I had to buy regular plumbing parts.

11. Electric Tankless Instant Display Bathroom

Electric Tankless Instant Display Bathroom

There is a notice before purchase. The water temperature won't be very hot because it's just 3kw, so it can't be used to wash hair, or wash hands, or cook, or do laundry. Don't buy if it doesn't meet your requirements. Simple operation. You can enjoy hot water without waiting. The third picture shows the water flow and water temp. SAFE USE: Safe heating, electricity saving, water saving, no pollution, no exhaust gas, and a digital temperature display. All current and voltage power problems are tested before leaving the factory to make sure they are safe. High quality material. The mini design is made of brass and the tankless water heater is portable. When the inlet water temperature is low, the outgoing water is not ice, but no heat is felt, and when the inlet water temperature is high, the outgoing water is hotter. Don't buy if you have high temperature requirements. When the inlet water temperature is low, the outgoing water is not ice, but no heat is felt, and when the inlet water temperature is high, the outgoing water is hotter. Don't buy if you have high temperature requirements.

Brand: Garosa

👤It would not be a good idea to wash dishes because it would make barely Warm water. The intake output chart is off. The hot water on is barely warm enough to say body temperature, and it is not turning on the cold. I cried in the shower because it was so cold. I can't afford to drive next town over to return through theUPS or I don't have a printer. It is better than showering at 62 so is still a blessing, but I am disabled and need water temps that is on the advertised chart. I was barely able to afford this one, which costs less than most on Amazon, and I am on SSI. You get what you pay for. I thought I would be getting hot water, but it was warm for a few minutes.

👤The British threads are really weird. Adding a bunch of thread tape to seal things up isn't much help. It was odd to have British pipe threads with an American electrical plug. In the winter time, I use this to pre heat my incoming water to my water heater. The thing does what I want it to, and I can enjoy a nice hot shower when the water temp is too hot for the tankless to keep up. The British pipe threads give this a 3 star rating, so if you want to run heavier wiring you should use the outlet it's on.

👤The screen spins but never heats.

👤I am working on converting my cargo van to a camper van. I was looking for a hot water solution and thought this unit would work. I didn't know it was shipping from China. I'm used to longer lead times, but was surprised when it was deliveered in a few weeks. I would give this a start. Everything went bad when the unit was installed. Really bad. The water would never heat to temperature even though it was running and following the instructions. The power surge would cause my inverter to trip. So took it out and tried to get it back. I was surprised that they would accept my return, but shipping had to be pre-paid. The USPS office told me it would cost almost $50 to ship it. That was more than what I paid for. Very disappointed. The product didn't work and the return policy was terrible, but it's not like I'm out a lot of money. Unless you are a very confident electrician, you should stay away from this unit. It's better to spend the extra money to buy something domestically with phone support and a proper return policy.

👤The simplicity of installation is what the one star is for. It really doesn't work much if you don't do anything else. The chill off of the water is knocked off for about 10 to 15 seconds.

👤The amount of heating water is very small.

👤I am waiting for two more undercounter heaters. I credit Amazon for the consistent acceptance of the units. The concept for instant hot water is amazing and I think we'll get one that will last longer than 3-4 weeks.


What is the best product for portable sink with hot water?

Portable sink with hot water products from Hike Crew. In this article about portable sink with hot water you can see why people choose the product. Camplux and Stiebel Eltron are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable sink with hot water.

What are the best brands for portable sink with hot water?

Hike Crew, Camplux and Stiebel Eltron are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable sink with hot water. Find the detail in this article. Aufee, Ecosmart and Gasland are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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