Best Portable Sound Machine Baby 2 Pack

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1. SNOOZ Go Portable Non Looping Bluetooth

SNOOZ Go Portable Non Looping Bluetooth

White noise, pink noise, and fan sound settings can be used to mask noise and help sleep for babies, kids, and adults. No looping recorded tracks: Sound is generated in real-time by a computer, not a recording on repeat, and soothing white noise is generated on the fly because of SNOOZ Go's proprietary algorithm. You can listen to music or podcasts in the day with the speaker mode. SNOOZ Go is lightweight and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and is travel-friendly. The SNOOZ Go has a high-Capacity Rechargeable battery that can last up to 20 hours on a single charge, and it has ausb-C cable so you can carry fewer chargers when traveling.

Brand: Snooz

👤This will keep you up at night if you pick up on looping noises. It is advertised as non-looping. There is a repeating noise every three seconds on all the tracks, it sounds like a double tap and is very faint but easily recognizable on every single noise selection, and once you hear it you will never unhear it. This is going to be thrown away along with my hopes and dreams. If you enjoy this product, you may pick up on the repeating noises.

👤There are high pitched noises in the fan. I took it on a trip a few weeks ago and I could not hear anything. I had to muffle it under a pillow to not hear the sound of the beeping. I didn't want to take up a lot of room in my luggage with my Snooz. I wish I hadn't bought it.

👤I have been in touch with customer service at Snooze since writing this review. They think the problem may be with my surge protectors from Belkin. I was willing to test their theory, even though I have no issue with any other electronic device. Their customer service is always A+. They sent me a machine with a hard wired charge cord. They think this will solve the problem. We will see. I will be happy if this works, it really is an amazing wee sound machine. I have two SNOOZ machines that I love. I immediately ordered one because I saw the travel size. This is a small, easy to use, nice and loud thing. The third one has made me cringe. All three died at the same time. They perform perfectly for a few months, then suddenly die of an electronic death. The machine emits a sad malfunctioning "bleep" when the power button is pushed. There is no fix for this. A bad design. A supposedly high end American product was manufactured in China. It was very disappointing. I will not be getting another one.

👤I own a big snooz. This is awesome and it's exactly what you're looking for. Sound consistentcy looks more expensive than it is, but it's neat addition if needed in a pinch. The only downside to the snooz is my complaont. The sounds it produces is more deep than the snooz big sibling. I had to go all the way to the right to get a more high pitched sound. I can't do that with this and the closest is a few tones deeper than my large one. There was a minor complaint. Yes. When you get used to a certain noise range, you can switch on the fly. Even though I can't hit the higher sound, this thing works so well that I prefer it to be more easily forgotten.

👤There is an underlying noise that other reviews have mentioned. I keep hearing a chirp sound while I write this review. The full size snooz is awesome. This one does not measure up. The charge is also an issue. I woke up to my snooz being dead a few times. Save money and get the travel case for the big snooz. I have owned this for two months and it has stopped working with the charging port plugged in. After two months of use, I can no longer use this device. If I could, it would be 0 stars.

2. Soothing Lullabies Newborns Relaxing Adjustable

Soothing Lullabies Newborns Relaxing Adjustable

Choose from 6 soothing sounds, which include Heartbeat, White Noise, Cradle, Ocean, and Summer Night; the volume setting allows you to mask unwanted background noise. It's portable and compact, and it's easy to fit into your purse, bag, or suitcase, so you can sleep with your baby wherever you go. soothing sounds that mimic the natural environment will help lull your baby to sleep faster and stay asleep longer. The timer can be plugged into a wall outlet or powered by 4 AA batteries, but not included. The box has a portable white noise machine, an AC adapter, and a quick-start guide. The box has a portable white noise machine, an AC adapter, and a quick-start guide.

Brand: Mybaby

👤I don't know how many people rate this. We bought it for the white noise to use for our newborn baby's naps and the only noise we've used on the machine is the white noise, but that's not the only thing. I don't want to write this and broadcast it to the world, but that's exactly what's happening. I didn't hear it for the first 3-4 days, then the next night while I was sleeping, I heard a weird computerized faint voice-like talking under the white noise, "Eheggs and pastrami" over and over. I didn't tell my wife about the strange phrases I heard for the next couple nights because I was afraid I would sound crazy, but the next day she asked if I heard the sound machine talking. I heard it again as we lay down to sleep. There is always a ringing, clanking or chiming in the background under the white noise, even though there is not always distinguishable words. It's more hilarious than it is frightening and there's a lot more sinister things it could be saying. That is pretty weird. I don't post reviews often. I had to do this one. I am going to record a video to see if the voices come through and if so I will add that. I hope that it will record and show us that it is talking to us. We can't be the only ones hearing it. Sounds machine talking to me. 1 star. If it wasn't for that, it wouldn't get much more than 3 stars. This doesn't sound like a big deal and would never have thought about it if it was for me, but when you've just spent 2 hours getting your baby to sleep and you want to turn it on or adjust the volume, it makes you cringe. There are big differences in volume on each click up or down. Bad sound quality over all is obvious. I would like to return it. I threw away the packaging after the first night because I thought it would do the job. I'm so happy. I might try again.

👤This is the fourth sound machine we have. The first two are great. The third, in silver, was not good with a sleeping toddler. I bought this new version and can only conclude that the designers don't have children. The new version has volume buttons that click loudly when you press them, which is not good for a sleeping baby. The white noise is either too quiet or loud without any inbetween, and there is a huge difference between the volume with each click. The sound quality is not as good as the old version. I hope I get a refund.

👤This seems to be a small sound machine. It has different sound options, which is cool. It has good volume controls. I can make it loud. I tried a few other products and they didn't allow me to get to a good volume. There is an option for a timer or continuous sound. Why are 3 stars? There is a weird electronic background to the white noise. It is so distractive. I can hear it through the baby monitor, but my phone won't pick it up so I can't share it with you all. Good volume control, various sounds to choose from, low profile design, light weight are some of the Pros. The noise with the white noise was terrible. I use this when my 7 month old needs sleep to drown out noises that might wake him and to signal to his brain that it is sleepy time. It works well for that purpose. He relaxes every time we turn on the background noise before we sleep. I found it hard to sleep when he lived in my room. It was disappointing to know that the sound comes from the baby monitor when I moved him to the nursery. I don't have the money to buy different sound machines when I have a 7 month old. It is a good value and I already own it. Do yourself a favor and find something else if you have more money. If you enjoy the value of this and repeating sounds, then go ahead and do it, my husband has always been an easy sleeper.

3. Portable White Noise Machine Sleeping

Portable White Noise Machine Sleeping

Allay is a multi-functional Sounds Machine that combines soothing music sounds, night light, timer, volume control and child safety lock to create a more relaxing bedroom environment and promote healthy, quality sleep for babies and kids. Choose from 17 soothing sounds, including 5 white noises, 2 fan sounds, and 10 nature sounds, to help your baby sleep better at night or during naps. 8 Night Lights: Allay has 8 soft night lights that will soothe and comfort your baby to sleep and also provide light for nighttime diaper changes or feedings. Allay is portable enough to fit in a diaper bag, or can be secured in a car seat or stroller, perfect to help soothe your baby to calm down and fall asleep. The battery life is great that you can take it with you on camping trips, travel and on-the-go.

Brand: Buffbee

👤When I saw the travel version of the white noise machine, I had to get it. I just returned from a mini vacation and it exceeded my expectations. I don't care what hotel you stay in, there's always that one noisy room. I was able to sleep because I focused on my sound and fell asleep. Being in a strange place, the nightlight was useful. A customer for life in me is what Buffbee has.

👤I bought a sound machine in November but the return window closed before I realized what a bad product it was. When the battery is low, it can cause a loud sound in the middle of the night, which can be very annoying to a sleeping baby. The product worked well for the first 2 months. We saw that it malfunction. Sometimes it would not be fully charged. The low battery sound wouldn't stop even after fully charging it. It was portable and had a light that was bright, but it was a shame because my husband and I really liked it. This one was definitely a waste of money and I am not sure if we got a bad one or not. Disappointed customer.

👤I ordered this for my baby because of its travel ability. A very cool product. It's better than the ones that are plugged in for nurseries and have a lot of sound options. We had issues after a couple uses and contacted their customer service and they were quick and efficient in their responses. I would consider purchasing additional sound machines for new parents if I were given the chance.

👤The noise machine is great for those who have trouble falling asleep. The one that sounds like the ocean is my favorite. It has volume and is rechargeable. It is a great product for the price.

👤The best sound machine so far. I had to return the other brand. My husband and I were put to sleep by the #1 white noise. I have not seen my husband sleep that well. It is portable, long lasting battery, and all the white noises are perfect. I have to say something. This product is worth every dime and penny.

👤When we have white noise, I buy this for my baby. I am very impressed with this machine. The volume of the sound settings is great. I was worried after reading reviews of other machines that they don't get loud enough, but this one is perfect and gets loud enough when needed! The light feature is an added bonus. I love that it is portable. I don't have to burn through batteries and it lasts a long time before I need to charge it.

👤Even if you don't use it, it holds a charge for 13 hours. I have not heard anyone complain about the beep. We use it to drown out the noise my boyfriend makes when he gets ready in the morning. Sometimes it is loud when it is turned on, but not as loud when we use it the day before.

4. Marpac White Noise Machine Portable

Marpac White Noise Machine Portable

There is an effective muzzle. The famous Marpac Sound is the soothing ambient sounds of rushing air, created by Marpac, the trusted leader in white noise machines. This light and portable design has a sound that has helped millions sleep for generations. The noises that are canceled out by the Rohm are used to improve sleep and concentration. There are three soothing sounds. Choose from bright white noise, deep white noise, or gentle surf, then set your volume anywhere from whisper-quiet to impressively robust. It's possible to take control of your sound environment, mask background noise and allow for better sleep, office privacy, and calming for sound-sensitive dogs with the help of Rohm. It is possible to compare and portable. The small size and 3.8 ounces of Rohm makes it easy to carry in a backpack or carry-on bag, and it comes with a lanyard for easy handling or hanging. It's simple to use - Rohm can operate all night long on a single charge, and comes with a convenient cable for charging. Let the noise-masking magic happen for a natural sleep aid, office privacy, baby soothing, and respite from noisy snorers and unfamiliar hotel rooms.

Brand: Marpac

👤The product was not functional when it arrived. After a few days, I tried to turn it on again, but only for a few days. It was wonderful when it worked. I liked the wave sounds. It was possible to go from low to high with a good range. I was impressed with the sound of the small portable. I was hoping to be able to take it with me when I travel, but alas that will not be the case. When I tried to return the product, I was given a full refund, but they told me to just throw it away. This shows me that I'm not the only one experiencing this issue. I was shocked and dismayed to discover that my product has China imprinted on the bottom with no markers characteristic of the Marpac products. I ordered the larger Dohm sound machine from Marpac and was able to confirm that there was a USA marker with initials and dating. I have had no issues with the Brand name product since purchasing it and will most likely purchase it again through them in the future. I encourage Amazon to stop selling these fake products as it makes me hesitant to trust their products.

👤I liked the idea of a sound machine. I use sound machines for sleeping and travel, so I bought this one. I have had it for a couple of days and I have noticed a weird high pitch melody coming from the machine. Every few seconds it happens. I kept turning the machine on and off to make sure it wasn't something else. The sound machine is definitely it. You can't un-hear it once you hear it. This will be returned.

👤It was great until the past two nights when it shut off and woke us up. I left it unplugged overnight when I charged it. I left it plugged into the wall after the first time it shut off randomly. It plays noise for a few hours, but shuts off when it wants. It's difficult to turn on and off, the button kind of sticks, so you have to press it down for a long time. I would have expected it to last longer as it is less than 5 months old.

👤I have three machines from the same company and this one is louder than all of them combined. I have thin walls in my apartment, so I need them to block out my neighbors, but three of them weren't doing the job, so I got this and put it on the window away from the others, which are spread out between my bed and the door. I have not slept well in a while. It is portable, charges quickly, and lasts for 12-hours on a single charge, all of which are bonuses. I think this is a good idea. I paid full price for this and am not being compensated to write a review.

👤We bought it. It has weird sounds in the background. Just skip it and try again. I thought I would give it a try. I regret it. It is small and cute. It's easy to take anywhere, but the weird noises make me want to throw it out the window.

5. Marpac Yogasleep Dreams Portable Machine

Marpac Yogasleep Dreams Portable Machine

The Hushh Compact Sound Machine and the Dohm are included. The Hushh effectively hides noises that can disturb sleep for adults, babies, and children. Set the volume after choosing from 3 soothing sounds: bright white noise, deep white noise, or gentle surf. The Dohm features their signature fan-based natural white noise and has 2 speed options for adjusting tone and volume to create a personalized sound environment that is excellently masking noise for better sleep. Hushh is just 3.8 ounces and can be found in a diaper bag or backpack and comes with a baby-safe clip that can be attached to virtually anything. Dohm is powered by a 6 foot 120V AC plug, just plug it in, flip the switch to high or low, and then rotate the cap and collar to find the best sound for you. It's simple to use and child safe. Hushh can operate for 6+ hours on a single charge, and comes with a convenient cable for charging. The interface is easy to use and operate with one hand, and the ability to lock at a desired setting and volume prevents younger hands from altering the sound or turning the unit off. The sound machine is only intended for portable use and must be turned off and unplugged every 14 days. The unit may experience impacts to performance if not turned off and unplugged.

Brand: Marpac

👤I was looking for a noise for our baby. I bought all of them for comparison. None of them have all the features you need. The perfect white noise should include a night light and a noise timer. Natural white noise is done very well by Yogasleep dohm. It's better than a baby needs. I would recommend it to adults. It is a great option if you want to schedule on/off. The yogasleep uses a manual on/off button, so the smart plug can fully automate the on/off schedule. The plug can turn it off and on at the same time, unlike other electronic options that require you to turn it on at night. I found a cheaper option that did more. I really liked the portable hush so I ordered it again. You can find the one I bought by checking my other reviews or searching for smart connect soother, since I can't mention the brand.

👤I use the larger one in my room. I can not sleep without it. I took the smaller one on vacation and the sound was just as soothing as the larger one. I would suggest it to every mom.

👤Don't buy it. We bought the portable sound machine three months ago.

6. MyBaby Soundspa Go Portable Machine

MyBaby Soundspa Go Portable Machine

Choose between Heartbeat, White Noise, Ocean, or Lullaby to create a peaceful sleep environment. The SoundSpa is battery-operated, cord-free, and requires 3AAA batteries. It's small and lightweight, and it fits in diaper bags, luggage, purses, and more. The sound machine has an integrated clip that allows quick accessibility and easy transport between strollers, bags, and car seats. The box has a Quick-Start Guide and a 90-Day Warranty. The box has a Quick-Start Guide and a 90-Day Warranty.

Brand: Mybaby

👤My child has always been sleepy. He would fall asleep at 8pm and wake up 2 hours later, then remain awake the rest of the night. Awake 22 hours a day, my wife and I couldn't function. I drank 25 cups of coffee a day to stay awake. I would carry around a jar of instant coffee in my waist and make 2 cups of coffee an hour just to function. My wife became a zombie. I once caught her eating a steak at 3am. There were no tears when I asked her what she was doing. She was crying. We decided we had had enough. We bought the MyBaby Soundspa on a wing. We tried everything to get our child to sleep. We read over 10,000 pages of literature on the subject of child sleep, spent over $30,000 on a child sleep psychologist, and sought out the guidance of religious leaders across the globe to find a solution. We met a shaman named "Forest Kevin" who cast a spell on our family. Forest Kevin was just a hobo who had camped out in the forest and was reading the back of a bottle of Spanish-language hair care products. We were so desperate that we would do anything. The answer to our prayers was the MyBaby Soundspa. The first night we tried it, we put it on the door of our son's bedroom and played the "Mozart" music. We waited in the kitchen for him to wake up, but he never did. He slept for 19 hours on the first night, and would sleep for an average of 15 hours over the next few months. For less than the price of a family meal, this Soundspa turned our lives around. The problem was not that our child wouldn't sleep, but that he would sleep too much. Sleeping 15 hours is great, but now that our child is older, it presents a lot of problems trying to get him up for school. We tried to get him off Soundspa, but the music is so ingrained in his body and soul that he cannot sleep without it. He tells us that he hears the song in his dreams when he hums the classical tune. He is going to write a full classical concert based on the Soundspa baby song. The title of the piece is "Sleepsounds from the 9th DImension". We are not sure what this means, but we are encouraging him to explore this passion and we think we might have the next Mozart living under our roof. My wife has stopped eating raw tuna at 3am in the morning, and I have reduced my coffee intake to 17 cups a day. We can't thank My Baby Soundspa enough.

👤It worked for a while, then stopped working. The battery compartment was hot enough to melt the plastic and batteries. They didn't seem to care about the device malfunctioning in this way and just offered me a coupon for their store.

👤My son sleeps with an expensive machine. I wanted something small and cheap so I wouldn't be upset if something happened. There are several sounds on this one, but we use the white noise setting. The volume settings are easy to use. You can hang it from anything, I like the clip. I put it on the floor because the speaker was on the front and there was no muffled sound. It takes batteries that are not included. I used it for three nights and it did not run out of juice. It's highly recommended for a back up travel noise machine.

7. ANJANK Portable Machine Night Sleeping Hanging Travel

ANJANK Portable Machine Night Sleeping Hanging Travel

2 fan sounds, 5 white noises, and 10 relaxing natural sounds are included in the MULTIPLE SOUND OPTIONS. Night light for infants. Provide you with a warm hue night light. It is perfect for night feedings, just enough light to see what is going on, but not enough to wake baby up. It's portable and easy to fit in your carry-on bag or diaper bag. You can hang it to your stroller, crib, or car seat if you need to. It can either play all night or turn off when you want it to. The best sleeping environment is created by 16-level volume adjustment. When you turn it on, it remembers the last sound and volume. It is easy to use and safe. You can charge it anywhere or on the go, without having to plug it in. The litte machine can work up to 12 hours when fully charged. There is a child-lock feature that you or your kids can't mess with.

Brand: Anjank

👤The sound machine has a low battery. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to wake our baby up after 40 minutes because the sound machine needs to be plugged in. There is no indicator to tell you how much charge is left. Plug it in every day, because it's the only way around this stupid flaw. I would suggest you purchase one of the other options with the same features.

👤I sleep with a white noise machine when I travel and at home. I used my iPad for travel, but speaker quality wasn't great. This product is great. It's small, great sound quality, and perfect for traveling. It works with the white noise and the night light for more time than one would sleep. I love it!

👤The machine is good for travel and easy to use, but I don't like the sound of the machine waking my newborn up. It would be more effective to just shut it down.

👤I bought this for my 3.5 month old to use while I work. I used at home and in the car. The white noise is perfect and he loves the lights fading in and out to different colors. It is nice to have a light weight witch with you.

👤There are 8 white noise selections and 8 natural sounds in this machine. One natural sound is listed as a drum sound, but it sounds like a train is rolling down the track. It's perfect for young children or for yourself. It is nice to have a portable machine that can help you sleep.

👤It was smaller than I expected and it made a lot of noise. My wife and I love sleeping with it. It helps us sleep. The light up feature is something we love.

👤This sound machine is awesome! It is small and has a soothing fan noise. I liked the lectrofan but didn't want to pay a lot. This one is very close to it.

👤I live in hotels for 4-5 days a week. The noisemaker is great. It has several different sounds. This machine is very good.

8. White Noise Machine Sleeping Relaxation

White Noise Machine Sleeping Relaxation

The quality of the food. Their portable small and light White Noise Machine, made by the same manufacturer as BOSE, provides you with the highest quality product to help you and your baby fall asleep easier, get deeper sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed with no distraction. It can be used to help you focus and inspire. There are 38 soundscapes. Ocean waves, fan sounds, birds, rainfall, and more are some of the sounds the noise maker can make. You can find a sample of the sound tracks on the internet. A phone jack and a dual-speaking phone. The sleep machine has an earphone jack out. There is a built in output charge up. The timer and memory function. The timer button can be used to set a timer for 30, 60 or 90 minutes. To play your favorite track, save it. Home and baby safety are covered by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Protect your baby's hearing. The rubber bottom is anti-slide. The sound machines are a great gift for adults.

Brand: Gamexcel

👤The sleep machine is very well made. The sound is great. It has a lot of sounds to choose from, the most I have found so far. There are no battery holders. It needs to be plugged in all the time. A power bank can power it up. I wouldn't mind carrying a power bank for about thirty bucks.

👤There is a good variety of sounds. Sounds are supposed to be non-looping. I really wanted a heavy rain or shower. The water sounds like it. Every 9.8 seconds there is a repeat of the sounds. The white noise was perfect. I have not tried any of the other recordings. Will try one at a time. If sounds were non-looping, it would be a perfect machine. There is a water sound that I like. The other one was repeating. I'm changing my rating to 5 stars because of the sound quality. Some sound machines have background noises. This one doesn't have any. Liddles are definitely looping so we have changed back to 4 stars. They end, then there is a break, and they start again. It should be non-looping. The sound quality is great.

👤The product produces a sound that is almost hypnotic. Very calm. It lulls you to sleep. You are still alert to the unusual sounds of your dog barking at an ant. Well made and delivered quickly. What more do you want?

👤You ask too soon for feedback. I quickly learned how to operate the machine after reviewing most sounds. I forgot the timer on the back. I start with a song. I was a musician so quickly that I could not sleep due to anticipation. I tried this twice. It made me sleepy, but it did relax me. I turned it off. I went to the first level of fans. I set the timer before I started. I fell asleep and woke up in the morning to find it turned off. I want to keep doing things. I know it helps me. Don't Think at Nught.

👤I can't sleep without some noise. In the summer I have the fan on. The fan is not practical and the weather has changed. The little machine is great. There are many sound options, good sound quality, and a small footprint on the nightstand. I can recommend this purchase.

👤I like the sound machine. It's a nice size, doesn't take a lot of space on the nightstand, and it has no light emitting from it. I like the beach waves and the water sounds very simple to use. The round knob makes it easy to turn on/off. If I had to make a negative comment, it would be the hours in the back for the timers. Its not rocket science, it is in order. I wrote the times next to the notch with a pen. 55+ eyes are not as good as they used to be.

👤Not all of them were happy with the sounds. Really wanted a rain sound. This did not meet the authentic rain sound.

9. Hatch Baby Machine Monitor Nightlight

Hatch Baby Machine Monitor Nightlight

Two-way Audio Monitor is a great way to check in. You can talk to your child from another room through your phone. It is safe and secure to keep your audio communications in your home. Extra gadgets are not necessary. There are requirements for the app in the App Store and the Play Store. Two-way Audio Monitor is a great way to check in. You can talk to your child from another room through your phone. It is safe and secure to keep your audio communications in your home. Extra gadgets are not necessary. There are requirements for the app in the App Store and the Play Store.

Brand: Hatch Baby

👤I am giving it a one star because of the cost and disappointment. The features that work well are worth $30-40. The most, not the least. There is a tax. I am sad to have to write this review because I had high hopes for this device. The color and sound programming is neat, but they are not available on the original model. The two way radio was so slow that it was useless, and the battery and clock are good additions. It had a slow time that made it. I couldn't hear my daughter's response immediately, so what is the point? My daughter got out of bed and screamed and woke up her brother, thinking I hadn't heard her. I couldn't respond until I saw the symbol spin in the circle. As you changed to low-brightness, the colors were not consistent. When I changed the brightness so that it wouldn't keep her up all night, the color would change. It was difficult to keep a stable color. If you use the sound machine function at the same time as the monitor function, you can't hear anything through it because it doesn't filter out the sound. I could barely hear my daughter because the white noise was so loud. Cheap baby monitors can tune out white noise. I think this product was released before it was ready. If they fix some of the problems, it will be amazing. My daughter got attached to it and we decided not to use it again. I've reached out to Hatch+ support a couple of times to see if these issues can be fixed, but I've gotten very helpful answers that missed the point. Did you turn down the sound machine to see if you could hear better? My recommendation is to buy a cheaper nightlight for your kid so they get attached to it and not a $95 one that doesn't perform the advertised functions well.

👤I bought this for the time to rise feature for my two year old who we are trying to train not to get up too early. I like the concept and features but for $90, this could do more. You can use preset profiles, but you can't change them. When I want, I should be able to create my own profiles. Rise, nap and sleep can be set. I want to randomly use a profile whenever I want, like when I am trying to train for two years, which color is for wake and which is for light. Each time, I set it up. The clock is bright and you can't turn it off. I cover it at night because it keeps my son up. A remote should be used near the device. I don't keep my phone with me when I'm in PJs. I have to go downstairs to get my phone to control it. There are buttons for volume and brightness on the machine, but they are hard to find on the back of the machine, and a pain in the middle of the night. Hatch is not to blame for my son not changing his behavior after a month. It is not a miracle worker. Hopefully, with more training, it helps. We have yet to see results. Why wasn't this a speaker with a bluetooth function? Come on! $90 should have allowed you to play your own music. I am going with something that costs less and features better for the next baby.

10. Hatch Baby Night Light Machine

Hatch Baby Night Light Machine

You can control Rest from your phone, it's a multi-functional device that combines nightlight, sound machine, and time-to-rise alert. You can change color, brightness, sound, and volume. Programs will be turned off and on based on the family's sleep schedule. Rest can be programmed to turn on automatically, can be adjusted via phone, or can be tapped on manually. Control via Hatch Baby Rest app. There is no need to disrupt a baby's sleep. Rest grows with your child's needs - providing soft light and white noise for midnight newborn feeding sessions, the comfort of a nightlight for a preschoolers, and a time-to-rise setting for your older child! The toddler lock feature keeps the toddler cool during the night. The ideal sleep environment for your child can be created. Sleep experts recommend preset sound and color combinations. There are requirements for the app in the Apple App Store and the Android Play Store. It is communicated through low energy devices. The ideal sleep environment for your child can be created. Sleep experts recommend preset sound and color combinations. There are requirements for the app in the Apple App Store and the Android Play Store. It is communicated through low energy devices.

Brand: Hatch Baby

👤This is my first ever review on Amazon, but I loved this product so much that I wanted to share my experience. I bought this because I wanted the "ok to wake" function. My 18 month old had been waking up between 5 and 6am for over 6 months, and I did nothing to help him sleep. We already had a cheap white noise machine, so when I first heard of this product, I wasn't sold on the price, thinking I didn't need it for the other features. I bought a cheaper product, but it was difficult to use, and poorly designed. If the Hatch Rest didn't work out, I would be able to return it. I had serious doubts about my 18 month old child's ability to understand and abide by the "ok to wake" concept. I was willing to give it a try despite my reservations because my mom needs a little time to herself in the morning. This product has an app and aBLE capability. I told my son that the light would turn green in the morning and he could get up for the day. My 18 month old can only say about 10 words, but he seems to comprehend a lot. He woke up at 5:30 the next morning. When I opened the app, I changed the wake up time to 5:35 and then went into his room and did a big wake up, because I wasn't going to let him cry for 30 minutes. I said, "look, your light is green, that means it's time to wake up!" I threw open the curtains and turned on the lights. He started sleeping later each day after I gradually set the clock back. I was able to set the clock to 7:30 after a week. I told him through the baby monitor talk function that his light wasn't green, and he laid down and slept until the light came on. If he wakes a few minutes early, he plays in his crib and waits for the light to come on. I am not sure if this worked, but it did. I feel like I have to spread the word. I bought a second one for my 3 year old because I loved this so much. He likes it. He plays in his room until his light comes on at 7:30 and then stays in his room to read or play during quiet time in the afternoon. He likes to choose a nightlight color and sound on the app. I can't say enough good things about this product.

👤My wife is returning the one we purchased. If you want to upgrade, set defaults, or do anything custom that requires the app, you need the app. Any time the app is launched, the app requires your location to be on and you can use your gps location. They don't mention that they are collecting a bunch of information on you and your child, and it's habits, unless you go looking. From their site: "We may ask you to provide us with certain information that can be used to contact or identify you." Your name, email address, child's name, child's gender, demographic information, password, postal address, and phone number are all personally identifiable information. We collect information when using our products and services, but not limited to, child's weight, feeding amount, child's sleep, etc.

11. Marpac Classic White Noise Machine

Marpac Classic White Noise Machine

The original sound machine. The Dohm Classic model features fan-based natural white noise that makes the ambient sounds of moving air. A custom sound experience is available. With two speed options for volume and tone, it is possible to mask background noise for better sleep for children, office privacy, and soothing sound-sensitive pets. Simply wipe the exterior with a damp cloth. For over 50 years, Yogasleep has been the gold standard in white noise machines. They stand behind each product and offer you a 101-night trial to try it, as well as a one-year limited warranty. Simply plug in, flip the switch to high or low, and you're good to go. Natural sleep aid, baby soothing, and respite from noisy snorers can be helped by the noise-masking magic. The design is classic. A simple design blends nicely into the surroundings. Also available in camo.

Brand: Marpac

👤I have four of them. I like them. I give them to my friends who have a new baby. I wanted an open office to drown out private conversations from a nearby kitchen that I didn't want to hear. My first baby was my second. When my second was born, we got a third. I could sleep through my husband's snoring. They're great. Until they start rattling. There's nothing more annoying than a rattle. I decided to remove the bottom of the worst offenders. It was covered in dust. I cleaned it with compressed air and put the smallest drop of silicone lubricant on the base of the shaft that the fan sits on. I turned it on and let it go for a minute. $50 saved and I'm in love again.

👤Not the same amount of power as my model. It's not as loud and it's not as loud as ahollow. The new model is only 18 watt and the old model is 40 watt. The box says the original model is beloved by generations, but it isn't made like the original. Why change a good thing? The model I bought for a back up is still going strong, but I bought it on a lighting deal. Sadly, it will be returned. So disappointed.

👤I have had one of these for a long time and it works great in my 4yo's room. When we were expecting our second child, we purchased a second one and it has been tempermental since we started using it. It would take a couple seconds to turn on, but that got worse, and I didn't think much of it. It takes up to 15 minutes to start a couple nights a week, but now it starts 80% of the time. I could live with that. The inconsistent sound the unit is producing after a few months of use has me upset. It sounds like the rotating parts inside are not spinning smoothly and it makes a loud chirp. It is very disruptive and makes it useless. The reviewers have mentioned the difference in the low mode volume in newer versions. We only use the high setting if I can corroborate those claims. I was disappointed with my second go-around with the dohm. I have to find an alternative. I stopped telling friends about this.

👤It was concerned. I got this for my daughter's room and I loved it. I had no issues with the first one I got, but this one has a strong plastic burning smell, and I would leave it on for a few hours. I haven't used this one very much since I bought it, but I wanted to use it more now that the summers are over. I initially thought it was new, but months later I think there is something wrong with it. I would like to get in touch with the manufacturer, but since I have purchased with Amazon I am hoping to get some help in the right direction. I don't want to have to buy another sound maker for my baby when she is due in December. I will ship out the one I have so someone can look at it.


What is the best product for portable sound machine baby 2 pack?

Portable sound machine baby 2 pack products from Snooz. In this article about portable sound machine baby 2 pack you can see why people choose the product. Mybaby and Buffbee are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable sound machine baby 2 pack.

What are the best brands for portable sound machine baby 2 pack?

Snooz, Mybaby and Buffbee are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable sound machine baby 2 pack. Find the detail in this article. Marpac, Mybaby and Anjank are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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