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1. ANJANK Portable Machine Night Sleeping Hanging Travel

ANJANK Portable Machine Night Sleeping Hanging Travel

2 fan sounds, 5 white noises, and 10 relaxing natural sounds are included in the MULTIPLE SOUND OPTIONS. Night light for infants. Provide you with a warm hue night light. It is perfect for night feedings, just enough light to see what is going on, but not enough to wake baby up. It's portable and easy to fit in your carry-on bag or diaper bag. You can hang it to your stroller, crib, or car seat if you need to. It can either play all night or turn off when you want it to. The best sleeping environment is created by 16-level volume adjustment. When you turn it on, it remembers the last sound and volume. It is easy to use and safe. You can charge it anywhere or on the go, without having to plug it in. The litte machine can work up to 12 hours when fully charged. There is a child-lock feature that you or your kids can't mess with.

Brand: Anjank

👤The sound machine has a low battery. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to wake our baby up after 40 minutes because the sound machine needs to be plugged in. There is no indicator to tell you how much charge is left. Plug it in every day, because it's the only way around this stupid flaw. I would suggest you purchase one of the other options with the same features.

👤I sleep with a white noise machine when I travel and at home. I used my iPad for travel, but speaker quality wasn't great. This product is great. It's small, great sound quality, and perfect for traveling. It works with the white noise and the night light for more time than one would sleep. I love it!

👤The machine is good for travel and easy to use, but I don't like the sound of the machine waking my newborn up. It would be more effective to just shut it down.

👤I bought this for my 3.5 month old to use while I work. I used at home and in the car. The white noise is perfect and he loves the lights fading in and out to different colors. It is nice to have a light weight witch with you.

👤There are 8 white noise selections and 8 natural sounds in this machine. One natural sound is listed as a drum sound, but it sounds like a train is rolling down the track. It's perfect for young children or for yourself. It is nice to have a portable machine that can help you sleep.

👤It was smaller than I expected and it made a lot of noise. My wife and I love sleeping with it. It helps us sleep. The light up feature is something we love.

👤This sound machine is awesome! It is small and has a soothing fan noise. I liked the lectrofan but didn't want to pay a lot. This one is very close to it.

👤I live in hotels for 4-5 days a week. The noisemaker is great. It has several different sounds. This machine is very good.

2. Easysleep Soothing Machines Function Relaxation

Easysleep Soothing Machines Function Relaxation

This special gift with big big love, will give you the most peace of mind, suitable for baby, kids. It is perfect for sleeping, feeding, or reading. This is a humanized bedside lamp with white noise for your family to use. You can set a timer for continuous play or auto-off. The machine has 32 levels of volume, which can easily be masked by the noise. It can be easily fitted into a handbag or suitcase, perfect for home, office or travel. The memory function will restore your previous sound and volume. From the date of purchase, the white noise machine will be covered by an 18-month warranty. The machine is powered by AC orusb, it is approved by a number of organizations, so there is no need to worry about accidents. Don't hesitate to contact them if you have a question.

Brand: Easysleep

👤The white noise machine is amazing. I like the warm night light. It can be set to play continuously, then I can play it all night and night. It has 32 levels of volume so it can be quite quiet or loud. I am really happy that I purchased this, it will help me fall asleep easier.

👤I really liked this, but then I had trouble sleeping. When on or off, this puts an out unsafe amount of EFM. After turning it off, the symptoms went away. Do not buy if you have sensitive skin.

👤The Skip Hop owl sound machines in my kids' rooms started to malfunction after a few years, so I bought a few of these to replace them. My kids found a sound that they really liked, and the volume was low enough to make them noise. The nightlight is too bright. I didn't worry about disrupting their sleep because their old sound machines had dimmable nightlights. I have to turn off the nightlights after the kids fall asleep. The buttons make a clicking noise when pressed. My daughter woke up early this morning and wanted to check out all the sounds, and the click-click-clicking woke me up across the hall. I would recommend one with soft-push buttons and a dimmable nightlight if it is for a child's room.

👤I have limited data for internet in the area I moved to. My husband and my baby would sleep before I played the rain sounds. The machine we bought didn't require data. It is small but it is great. The baby and us enjoy the different sounds. The volume can get very loud. When my husband snores, I turn it up. I like the night light because I have a baby and sometimes I have to get up in the middle of the night to get things. The machine is small but powerful. I waited a month to do the review because I wanted to see how well it worked.

👤This machine is white. I have been through 4 and this one has finally met my expectations. The others had cords or were not loud enough. This is loud enough to block out outside noise and my daughter is the lightest one in the room. It is small and easy to travel with. Some things would make this product better. There is a battery option for when there is no power, and different color options for the night light. Those would be a bonus.

👤This was used to make a sound machine and night light for our toddler. It works well and makes his bunk very comfortable. It's easy to find something that makes him fall asleep. Would recommend.

👤The sound machine is a blessing because it makes my wife sleep at night and she doesn't have to wake up in the morning. Our kitchen is close to our master-bedroom. It plugs into the wall and has a 4 hour timer, which means no batteries are needed, and my 6 month old is sleeping during the day, so I didn't mean to say I watch her while she sleeps. The little machine is great again.

3. Yogasleep Machine Wireless Speaker Privacy

Yogasleep Machine Wireless Speaker Privacy

You can use a wireless speaker to stream your favorite sleep soundtrack, or music from your phone. There are 30 non-looping sounds and a sleep timer. The sleep timer can be set to 45 minutes, 90 minutes, or 8 hours. For over 50 years, Yogasleep has been the gold standard for white noise machines. They offer a 101-night trial to try out each product, and they stand behind it with a one-year limited warranty. A warm night light is perfect for nighttime feedings and growing with your child. A streamlined unit combines sound machine, night light, and wireless speaker in one device. No batteries are required. The wall plug is not included.

Brand: Yogasleep

👤I like this machine. I can change the nightlight to a very low level. There are many different sound variations for white noise. I wish I had a baby so I could sleep with all the baby options. It has a built in speaker that can be used as a speaker for music, but you can't control the noise or light from your phone. We have a basic Marpac noise machine that allows us to program and control it from the app and we love that feature. I wish this one had it as well.

👤You have to hands down. This would be a great gift for someone who is restless. It's perfect for a nursery as well. The built in nightlight and device pairing capabilities are two major pluses. There are a lot of sounds to choose from and the audio quality is great. It doesn't come with a power adapter which some would see as a "downside." When purchasing new technology, we live in the year 2020 and that is expected. It will not be missed, give this one a try.

👤I bought two machines that have developed a weird sound that makes it impossible to sleep, and the other one has a weird sound that makes it impossible to sleep. It's worse than having nothing, that's what my partner and I have noticed. It's a shame because I really liked the small profile, loud volume, and soft white nightlight. My partner liked the sounds of yoga. I don't know what causes these blips, but it will drive you crazy. The last thing you want in a machine designed to give a soothing consistent sound is randomness introduced within the loop.

👤I bought this to replace a noise machine that I used to use to drown out the noise of the night. I take sleep very seriously and it's important to me to establish healthy habits to help achieve consistent sleep and wake times. I am very pleased with the sound options, which include different fan noise, white/brown/pink noise options, as well as lullabies and nature sounds. The fan noises are in order according to the pitch of the fan. I use the same sound every night and when I take naps it helps to set the mood and establish that it is time to sleep. If I wanted to use the speaker option, I would have to plug it in. It is easy to link my phone to listen to music while I am cleaning the house, as a speaker I used it a few times. The sound quality is not the best and the highest volume is not loud enough to project a large crowd or enjoy music while having a party, so this may not be the product for you. I use this for the fan noise and sometimes for the nightlight that gives a nice warm glow so you can still see around the room without being obtrusive and bright enough to disturb your sleep. If you want an affordable sound machine with a good range of sound options, this is great. You might want to look at other options if you want to use the speaker option.

4. Portable Machine Travel Soothing Sounds

Portable Machine Travel Soothing Sounds

The portable white noise machine is just 3.15 inch and can fit into your handbag or suitcase. It comes with a rope that can be adjusted to fit any stroller, car seat, diaper bag or crib. The sound machine for baby can be played continuously or auto-off timer. You can either set it for continuous play or a timer. It's perfect to help soothe your baby when he cries. 16 soothing sounds. Light. You can choose between heartbeat, white noise, ocean, bird or fan to create a peaceful sleep environment. You can take control of the sound environment, mask background noise and allow for better sleep for kids and babies. Light for nighttime diaper changes or feedings is gentle. The travel sound machine can run for up to 20 hours. The battery life is great and you can take it with you wherever you go, it supports all-night operation on a single fully charge. A good sleep is important for a baby. Every mom will love their sound machine for kids. If you own a white noise machine. It's not necessary to spend more time to lull them to sleep, it's not necessary to give mom more time to do things she likes.

Brand: Romanda

👤I bought this for my sister baby and they love it. She said it gets her baby to sleep. They love the night light.

👤The portable sound machine is amazing. It keeps my little one asleep in the crib or on the go and it catches my attention.

5. Machine Sleeping Portable Natural Soothing

Machine Sleeping Portable Natural Soothing

Birds, Sea waves, Rain, Clock, Heartbeat, Lullabies, and other realistic natural sounds are included in the sound machine, which helps soothe and relax your mind to get better quality sleep. Lullabies and Heartbeat can make your baby happy. Their portable sound machine with 3 auto-off timers can be set for 30 minutes, 60 minutes or continuous play. You can set the play mode to make your baby sleep quickly. You can set the volume level according to your needs with volume control. It is easy to carry in your baby bag, baby stroller. It's ideal for taking your baby for a walk or travel. You can hang the sleep machine on a crib or stroller. It is simple to use and comes with a convenient cable for charging which can be used to charge a laptop, power bank or wall charger. The baby white noise machine can play for the whole night on a single charge, thanks to the upgraded battery capacity. You get a baby sound machine, a hang rope and a manual. If you have a question, don't hesitate to contact them, they will solve it within 12 hours.

Brand: Vanlon

👤I can't get it to any other volume for the rest of my life. The selection of noise is ok. White noise is the only one I would use for sleep. I can't turn the volume down.

6. Portable White Noise Machine Sleeping

Portable White Noise Machine Sleeping

Allay is a multi-functional Sounds Machine that combines soothing music sounds, night light, timer, volume control and child safety lock to create a more relaxing bedroom environment and promote healthy, quality sleep for babies and kids. Choose from 17 soothing sounds, including 5 white noises, 2 fan sounds, and 10 nature sounds, to help your baby sleep better at night or during naps. 8 Night Lights: Allay has 8 soft night lights that will soothe and comfort your baby to sleep and also provide light for nighttime diaper changes or feedings. Allay is portable enough to fit in a diaper bag, or can be secured in a car seat or stroller, perfect to help soothe your baby to calm down and fall asleep. The battery life is great that you can take it with you on camping trips, travel and on-the-go.

Brand: Buffbee

👤When I saw the travel version of the white noise machine, I had to get it. I just returned from a mini vacation and it exceeded my expectations. I don't care what hotel you stay in, there's always that one noisy room. I was able to sleep because I focused on my sound and fell asleep. Being in a strange place, the nightlight was useful. A customer for life in me is what Buffbee has.

👤I bought a sound machine in November but the return window closed before I realized what a bad product it was. When the battery is low, it can cause a loud sound in the middle of the night, which can be very annoying to a sleeping baby. The product worked well for the first 2 months. We saw that it malfunction. Sometimes it would not be fully charged. The low battery sound wouldn't stop even after fully charging it. It was portable and had a light that was bright, but it was a shame because my husband and I really liked it. This one was definitely a waste of money and I am not sure if we got a bad one or not. Disappointed customer.

👤I ordered this for my baby because of its travel ability. A very cool product. It's better than the ones that are plugged in for nurseries and have a lot of sound options. We had issues after a couple uses and contacted their customer service and they were quick and efficient in their responses. I would consider purchasing additional sound machines for new parents if I were given the chance.

👤The noise machine is great for those who have trouble falling asleep. The one that sounds like the ocean is my favorite. It has volume and is rechargeable. It is a great product for the price.

👤The best sound machine so far. I had to return the other brand. My husband and I were put to sleep by the #1 white noise. I have not seen my husband sleep that well. It is portable, long lasting battery, and all the white noises are perfect. I have to say something. This product is worth every dime and penny.

👤When we have white noise, I buy this for my baby. I am very impressed with this machine. The volume of the sound settings is great. I was worried after reading reviews of other machines that they don't get loud enough, but this one is perfect and gets loud enough when needed! The light feature is an added bonus. I love that it is portable. I don't have to burn through batteries and it lasts a long time before I need to charge it.

👤Even if you don't use it, it holds a charge for 13 hours. I have not heard anyone complain about the beep. We use it to drown out the noise my boyfriend makes when he gets ready in the morning. Sometimes it is loud when it is turned on, but not as loud when we use it the day before.

7. Anescra Machine Soothing Rechargeable Portable

Anescra Machine Soothing Rechargeable Portable

There is a battery backup. Are you in trouble with a baby if the white noise machine stops playing after the power goes out? The white noise machine with a 1200mAh battery can help lull your baby to sleep for up to 20 hours. You can choose the ideal background to mask intrusion noises and create the perfect environment for work, study, sleep or an upset baby with 24 high-fidelity sounds. The night light is colorful. The light for your bedroom at midnight is not too harsh. There are 7 color light offerings that can be adjusted to suit your preferences. Easy set up and auto off timer. It is easy to set up and change settings even in darkness because no two functions share the same button. The white noise machine can be powered off for a quiet night of sleep with an auto-off timer. The sleeping therapeutic instrument is built with fireproof and odorless materials to ensure safe day-to-day use for your newborns, toddlers and children of all ages.

Brand: Anescra

👤It is travel friendly. Nothing is broken or stuck out in your bag. Can't get over it. The design is perfect and I need to be able to carry it with me. But, alas... The sounds are terrible. Terrible! Poor quality. I had to return it because the seller was harassing me. I will not change my review for money. Fix the product you sell instead?

👤My daughter likes it. She puts it on at night. It is easy to use. There are a lot of options. It also has a timer.

👤I bought this because I recently started a journey with an autoimmune disorder that causes damage to my ears. I was told a white noise machine would help me sleep at night. I liked this model because of the different lights that can work as both a night light and an aide in melatonin production for sleep, red light helps with sleep, blue helps you wake up. The sounds on this machine are very pleasant. The volume adjustments are perfect for my ears because Tinnitus makes noises that are more intense. I don't have to listen to the noises all night long because of the timer function. I love that this unit doesn't have to be plugged in, so I could take it anywhere I wanted. The only thing I would change is to have a timer for the unit to come on in the morning, so I could wake up to the sounds and light of the day. This is a great purchase.

👤Multiple colored light option that switches between colors is one of the functions. When all the other lights are turned off, my favorite use is the sunrise light, which is orange red and has a white noise. The sound volumes can be adjusted with time options of 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes. I learned that the sound machine helps newborn infants sleep faster if it's not loud. I like the white light because it is not bright and does not hurt my eyes, but it is enough for me to see the surroundings. Highly recommended.

👤We moved into a new apartment and discovered that it was the loudest place in the world, and I needed something to quiet the noise of my neighbors. I was skeptical that this would do anything, but it has been great. I only use the white noise and light function so I can't really comment on the other sounds, but this thing is surprisingly good at muffling noise. It's not entirely noise cancelling, but it does block out conversations and other random sounds that you would prefer not to wake up to in the morning. I've been using it for a while. I keep it on the charge so it doesn't die on me.

👤When my grandkids came to visit, the two we own weren't working well. It saved the day. It's loud enough to drown out all the noises in the house and it has a variety of soothing lights for the room. I chose the white noise setting for my room because I had 6 grandkids in it. There were no complaints about this machine. I am planning on purchasing another one, because I liked it better than the one I currently have in my bedroom. I ran it without a timer all night long and just shut it off in the morning, because there were so many choices on how to run it. You can't go wrong buying this machine. I was very happy to take a chance on this one.

8. Portable Machine Nightlight Soothing Stroller

Portable Machine Nightlight Soothing Stroller

nap time can happen any time with the on-the-go design. There are five soothing sounds including shushing and heartbeat. There are three nightlight glow levels for nighttime feeds. It is possible to adjust the rate. Attach-anywhere strap hooks on strollers, car seats, cribs. CONVENIENT: auto shut-off option. There is a portable sound machine with a Silicone strap and a charging cable. There is a portable sound machine with a Silicone strap and a charging cable.

Brand: Fridababy

👤The sound machines are very good. It doesn't feel cheap. The option to hang it was a big reason we bought it. It was easy to attach to anything we needed. It takes 2 hands to hand this before you have your LO in hand. The sound machine worked well at night time. You can't see the controls when it's dark. You can't tell what's power and volume with the build in light. Light. Also. They should make these different colors or even glow in the dark.

👤When we got the sound machine, I was very happy. The sound quality began to get funky within a week. We put our son to bed at night. The sound doesn't work right all the time. Half the time it doesn't sound like that and we set it to the shushing sound. It sounds like a robot. I don't know what's wrong with it. I was hoping it would last longer than it has. We have had it for almost 3 weeks. I am looking for something else to replace it.

👤I like this machine. I love it. I like the sound options. The sounds can be continuous or timer. The size is cute and portable. It can be wiped down easily. It can be used while charging, and it's not dependent on batteries. I like the levels of nightlight. I don't like how I can't see the buttons without looking at them. I've been to the ER with my baby twice in 24 hours. The device drowned out the sound of a patient in the room next to us. She slept like a baby while nurses and security guards tried to stop the maniac. If I could see the buttons, I would have gotten 5 stars.

👤I had a hard time taking my daughter anywhere because she only wanted to sleep in her crib with her loud white noise machine on. When I saw this portable one, I had to give it a try, and it was the best purchase I've made so far. I drape a thin swaddle cloth over her carrier and sleep when I see my daughter give me that vacant look. I just attach the speaker to the handle and point it out to her so she can hear it, and she's out cold. I don't use the light function yet. I'm glad it's there, she likes sleeping in dark places. The noise level is great because it's loud enough to drown out nearby conversation and I like how it has a timer, but so far I've just kept it on for a couple hours in the mall and it works for us. I can use it again quickly because it charges fast. Definitely a life saver. I recommend it to any mom who has a baby that needs a sound machine.

👤I will have a new sound machine by then. The other reviewers' comments about the buttons being hard to find in the dark are correct, though I was pleased with the sound machine when it arrived. You can't tell by feeling the button. It's not a big deal if you don't mess with it at night. I bought this for my baby, who is three days old. I was using the sound machine in my toddler's room while I waited for my new baby to arrive. He kept it in his room for 2 weeks. The machine wouldn't turn on when I put him to bed. I wondered if it became unplugged during the day and was dead, so I fiddled with the charge and it wasn't charging. I tried another outlet and it was still free. I tried a completely different brick. Is it a different cord? Still won't charge. The whole machine seems to be a dud. I'm getting a new one. If it happens again, I'd say this is a pretty faulty design and one shouldn't waste their time and money, but for now I'm willing to accept that I got a lemon and am unlucky. Will update after I receive the new one.

9. Portable Wlitqukk Sleeping Rechargeable Soothing

Portable Wlitqukk Sleeping Rechargeable Soothing

White noise, ocean wave, rain, birds, crickets, brook and Three Lullaby are some of the high quality noises. High quality sound can mask noises that can disturb sleep for adults, babies, and children. If you are a member of VINE VOICE, you will have the chance to get it for free, only 20 left. 50H LASTING: The build-in battery saves money by not having to purchase batteries, bulit-in rechargeable battery powered by ausb cord and only takes 1 hour to fully charge and will support the sleep sound machine to work up to 50 hours, no more trouble of wiring and frequent recharging. It is possible to conduct and portable. The portable size has a light weight of 5 ounces. This portable sound machine is portable and can be used in a diaper bag or backpack, it has a hanging rope that can be used for almost anything, it is perfect for home, office and travel use. The noise cancelling machine has a timer that can be turned off for a quiet night's sleep, and a volume that can be adjusted so you can get the sound just right. There is a professional service and awaram. This baby sound machine will make you fall in love with it. A great gift for your family and friends. If you have any questions about their product, they will do their best to help you. Their greatest happiness is your support.

Brand: Wlitqukk

👤I liked this product. I am sleeping better since I started using it. I am setting it up for 30 minutes. I have to hold it on my bed.

👤The sound machine is a good one, but it isn't loud enough to block out outside noise. I've had travel size devices that could reach higher volumes. This is a good choice if you just want a lower sound.

👤I have a hard time falling asleep and this little device helps.

👤These machines are called white noise. They remind me of the HoMedics sound machines, something that everyone used to have. They were expensive, but worth it. The company is still making high-quality products. The white noise machine is smaller than I usually see. There is no fancy light show or any other sounds. I enjoy these machines and don't have any sleep problems. There are nine sounds in this one: white sea waves, crickets, rain, forest birds, stream, and three different lullabies. This one is for a variety of people, but I think it would be good for adults. This doesn't have a user manual, but it is easy to operate. It can be plugged into an AC wall charger, computer, or battery pack. The entire unit is responsive. I did not have to press anything to get what I wanted. Some of the nature sounds are fun and realistic, but others are not. One of the lullabies sounded like a piece of music. There is no control over volume. It can be set to 15 to 60 minutes. This is a great choice if you want to be simple. The look is small and comes with a lanyard. The White Noise Sound Machine is a device that has a working voltage of DC5V. White noise 2. Sea Waves 3. Crickets are played. There was rain 5. The forest bird makes sounds. Listen to Sounds 7. FCC is made in China. The dimensions are 3.1” x 3.1” x 1.3”

👤I like the sound machine. It is very easy to operate. It has a charging cord. There are three lights at the bottom that show the power level. The first light is red. The power level is below 30%. The green light in the middle flashes when the red light is solid. The blue light on the right flashes if the red and green are both solid. The sound machine is 100% charged when the blue light turns solid. When the unit is unplugged, the power level lights go off. There are five control buttons, and they are clearly marked. I have created my own name for each of the control buttons to make it easier to understand. The sound machine has a round center button. Hold it for a short time to turn it on. A quick press will pause it. The machine will be turned off if there is a long hold. Next Sound/Decrease Volume is on the left. Press the left button to go to the next sound on the machine. To drop the volume, hold the left button down until the desired level is reached, then release it. When you've reached the lowest level, it sounds like it. The button on the right is Previous Sound. Press the right button to go to the previous sound on the machine. To raise the volume, hold the right button down until the desired volume is reached, then release it. When you reach the highest level, it sounds like it. There is an optional breathing light on the top button. The blue light can be used to help you fall asleep, as it emits a blue light that can be used to align your breathing with it. The optional timer is on the bottom button. If on, there are three choices: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 60 minutes. The sounds on my machine are different from the ones in the online description. The first, second, third, and fourth sounds are all on my machine. The sounds are clear and pleasant to listen to. The nylon loop wrist strap is optional and can be attached to the back of the sound machine. My niece has a baby with a lot of movement and this machine would be perfect for her to use when she is out and about. I think this portable sound machine is a good gift for anyone with young children or who has difficulty relaxing or sleeping, and it's currently listed for just under fifteen dollars.

10. Hatch Baby Machine Monitor Nightlight

Hatch Baby Machine Monitor Nightlight

Two-way Audio Monitor is a great way to check in. You can talk to your child from another room through your phone. It is safe and secure to keep your audio communications in your home. Extra gadgets are not necessary. There are requirements for the app in the App Store and the Play Store. Two-way Audio Monitor is a great way to check in. You can talk to your child from another room through your phone. It is safe and secure to keep your audio communications in your home. Extra gadgets are not necessary. There are requirements for the app in the App Store and the Play Store.

Brand: Hatch Baby

👤I am giving it a one star because of the cost and disappointment. The features that work well are worth $30-40. The most, not the least. There is a tax. I am sad to have to write this review because I had high hopes for this device. The color and sound programming is neat, but they are not available on the original model. The two way radio was so slow that it was useless, and the battery and clock are good additions. It had a slow time that made it. I couldn't hear my daughter's response immediately, so what is the point? My daughter got out of bed and screamed and woke up her brother, thinking I hadn't heard her. I couldn't respond until I saw the symbol spin in the circle. As you changed to low-brightness, the colors were not consistent. When I changed the brightness so that it wouldn't keep her up all night, the color would change. It was difficult to keep a stable color. If you use the sound machine function at the same time as the monitor function, you can't hear anything through it because it doesn't filter out the sound. I could barely hear my daughter because the white noise was so loud. Cheap baby monitors can tune out white noise. I think this product was released before it was ready. If they fix some of the problems, it will be amazing. My daughter got attached to it and we decided not to use it again. I've reached out to Hatch+ support a couple of times to see if these issues can be fixed, but I've gotten very helpful answers that missed the point. Did you turn down the sound machine to see if you could hear better? My recommendation is to buy a cheaper nightlight for your kid so they get attached to it and not a $95 one that doesn't perform the advertised functions well.

👤I bought this for the time to rise feature for my two year old who we are trying to train not to get up too early. I like the concept and features but for $90, this could do more. You can use preset profiles, but you can't change them. When I want, I should be able to create my own profiles. Rise, nap and sleep can be set. I want to randomly use a profile whenever I want, like when I am trying to train for two years, which color is for wake and which is for light. Each time, I set it up. The clock is bright and you can't turn it off. I cover it at night because it keeps my son up. A remote should be used near the device. I don't keep my phone with me when I'm in PJs. I have to go downstairs to get my phone to control it. There are buttons for volume and brightness on the machine, but they are hard to find on the back of the machine, and a pain in the middle of the night. Hatch is not to blame for my son not changing his behavior after a month. It is not a miracle worker. Hopefully, with more training, it helps. We have yet to see results. Why wasn't this a speaker with a bluetooth function? Come on! $90 should have allowed you to play your own music. I am going with something that costs less and features better for the next baby.

11. White Sleeping Portable Soothing Headphone

White Sleeping Portable Soothing Headphone

The White noise machine has 42 soothing sleep sounds, and there are more choices than others. The sound machine is high fidelity. Put the stressed adult in the ocean, rain, bird,thunderstorm, forest, and sleep. Put crying baby in mother's womb to sleep. Mozart accompanies kids who are afraid of the old man. There are four auto-off timer modes. The white noise machine can be used for sleeping babies and adults. The smart memory feature saves your previous selections without the need to reset them. The portable sound machine can be used for many things. A dual amplifier and volume control is included. The sleep sound machine has built-in dual speakers to provide you with a true stereo listening experience, as well as 15 different volume levels that allow you to set the perfect volume for yourself. You can use headphones to connect the baby sound machine, which will allow you to enjoy a private listening experience in a noisy environment and sleep well. Plug/ battery operated portable travel sleep machine. The portable white noise machine is easy to set up. The compact design is easy to carry into any luggage and can be held in one hand. The noise machine is suitable for home/office/travel, and can be powered by an accessory or 3 AA batteries. Block Background Noise and After-Sale Service2 channel stereo output and room-filling sound, excellently masking disruptive noise from loud neighbor/barking dogs/noisy hotel room/snoring partner/traffic noise. The noise machine is a natural sleep aid that helps babies and adults sleep better. The classic white/ gray appearance is more modern. Support 18 month warranty, 30 days free return, any issue just don't hesitate to contact them.

Brand: Mesqool

👤My daughters love this! This is a great place to sleep. I have two children in the same room at night. My 2 year old loves horses. I like that when I turn it back on she can hear the same song without having to listen to the other 14. I wrote the 15 lullabies down so I could get to their favorites quickly. If you don't know how many times to push the button, it can be hard to get to a particular one. Bird sounds, crickets, rain, waves, brook, thunderstorms, fan sounds, and white noise are just some of the sounds that can be heard. It is much smaller than I thought. I like that the cord is a decent length and that it is both DC andusb. My sister in law has one in each of her kids bedrooms and swears at them. I was pleasantly surprised that it was worth it. It beats using screens. I hope it holds out through a couple more kids because it will be getting daily use. I only had it for a couple days. It is helping them sleep but how long will it last? I will take it.

👤I am confused. The sound machine is billed as a non-looping sound machine, but that is not how it works. I put it on last night, no timer, white noise, and several times throughout the night, the sound faded away to zero, and then built louder again. Repeated many times. That is not a sleep aid. There is a For those who can't help but focus on sounds, this is not the one. It is going back.

👤I liked the unit and its performance. It has a good variety of sounds and control, there is a good choice of white noise. I like white noise but it also has some samples of lullabies that some may prefer. The sound quality is1-6556. You have an auto-off timer so it won't bother you when you sleep. It's good to take a short nap to get you in the mood. If you need to keep the white noise machine for a baby while you use your phone for something else, a dedicated device is better than keeping your phone on. The glossy finish leaves fingermarks easily. The devices are mostly stationary and that would not affect them.

👤I wanted a machine that could play music. This runs on a battery or AC. There is a wide choice of sounds. One thing to remember if using headphones or speaker in the jack is to make sure the sound on the machine is turned down. I had the sound up too high and the speaker didn't produce any sound. It was a mistake.

👤My toddler has been rough on my sound machine that only ran on batteries. I read the reviews on this one and decided to go for it because I can't fins the original in store anymore. Since my son was a newborn, I wanted one that had brahms lullaby, but this was the only one that had it. I enjoy the rain and storm sounds. The machine is perfect. It can be plugged in and run off batteries.


What is the best product for portable sound machine baby travel?

Portable sound machine baby travel products from Anjank. In this article about portable sound machine baby travel you can see why people choose the product. Easysleep and Yogasleep are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable sound machine baby travel.

What are the best brands for portable sound machine baby travel?

Anjank, Easysleep and Yogasleep are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable sound machine baby travel. Find the detail in this article. Romanda, Vanlon and Buffbee are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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